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tv   Fox 5 News Edge 6  FOX  August 22, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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exclusive. thank you for joining us, i'm tony perkins and i'm shawn yancy. we've learned more about the virginia priest who revealed his racist past as a rm toker member of the include cluks clan. fox5's kristin leone has been looking into his past. what did you find out. >>reporter: the did i ease of arlington says believe it or not , father william aitcheson who you see here wasn't forced to speak out or step down in this case. in light of the all of the recent hate and turmoil he felt his dark past was something he needed to share with the public. keep in mind here, father aitcheson wasn't just a member of the queue cluks clan, he was one of the local leaders. he committed many hate ful crimes. forty years ago william aitcheson was the leader of a local maryland chapter of the can you cluks clan, the exawlted sigh c
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specific. this particular head of the queue clocks plan he had also planned on fire bombing northwestern high school. according to fbi documents we obtained during the late 1970s police say he burned crosses in front of several homes of african-american families around prince george's county. he even made numerous threats to correspond receipt a scott king, the widow of the late dr. martin luther king, jr. one of those cryptic letters seen here reads, quote, africa a or death by lynching. take your pick. we're told he even planned to bomb the local chapter of the prince george's county naacp. author jackson says he vividly remembers being evacuated present the building that night during the meeting we got a call from the fbi that we had to evacuate the building because of there was going to be an attempt to fire bomb the building that we were in. those who know aitcso
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man he is today. today he's known by many as father h sop, a leader of a catholic church, a priest at saint leo the great at fairfax, virginia. he just felt guilty, that's all. today we also learned aitcheson became or dwaind at the die ease of reno in 1988 and later came to saint leo the great in 1993. but rather than harbor any hate or resentment to the man who threatened the widow of doctor martin luther king, jr., blow up the naacp building and burn crosses for those african-american families jackson says as a catholic himself all he could do is forgive. something touched him, touched his heart and made him come forward. forgive the man for bearing his own cross for 40 years and now seeking redemption . those
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men, who came out of the lifestyle came forward and trying to start a new life i think we should reach out and forgive them. we do want to reiterate here that the diseases accident take this news lightly, either. he posted on layer website saying and i quote while father aitcheson's past with the can you cluks clan is sad and deeply troubling, i pray that in our current political and social climate his message will reach those who support hate and division and inspire them to a conversion of hear the. our lord is ready to help them begin a new gurney one where they will find piece, love and mercy. today we also reached out to the disease in reno, nevada about qualifications for becoming a priest and so far we have yet to hear back. in the studio tonight, kristin leone, fox5 local news. >> twenty-four hours to get out prince george's county officials inspected the line hill
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minute yoms again today as fox5 cameras were rolling. they found the buildings have too many safety issues to remain open. the 24 hour dead liep is too short and they have nowhere to go. fox5's matt ackland is live there with the story. >>reporter: hi, tone initial you're right. a lot of residents here simply don't know where they're going to be, especially for the long term. there are a lot of services here . if you take a look hyped me, you can see prince george's county county public safety vehicle. also the american red cross, police officers, a lot of people already today since that order was issued have been back ing uploading vans here and heading out. but there's a lot of people that haven't decided what they're going to do yet. tomorrow the deadline at noon, but there is also a team of lawyers that is going to a judge tomorrow hoping to get that deadline extended. it was an order that didn't go over well with some residents and they shouted at the fire chief who announced it.
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what is that going to do for me because if they send me to this hotel for seven days, after the seven days they're not helping us. we understand your frustration. >> no, you don't understand. >> fox5 went inside as inspector s took a close look at safety issues even after some repairs were made by management, violations found were just still too many. this is rather extreme. we don't see this. this is what we call a penetration. this is a fire compartment and that's where a place where fire can get out of the compartment and you can see there's wood ferg strips so the fire would move through those strips in either direction above the ceiling in this hallway. the main concern from residents where will i go? many worry social services will fail them with long term housing. dawn worries her car will likely be her new home. this is my place right here. this ill with be my place, me, my dogs and my cat will live here. officials say they simply have no other choice , the safety of the residents is the number one priority andha
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order to move out will be enforced. those who are not out by tomorrow at noon, the county will seek a court order to have them removed. back out live now you could see why so many people have to move out of here. take a look at this building, most of the units are boarded up. but yet if you pan over a little bit , there was just a gentleman that was standing out there, so there are still people living tonight. there are assistance -- there is assistance being offered, in fact, at the i ever son mall which is not too far away present here. there is a church in the lower level of i ever son mall. they're going to have people helping folks not only find temporary housing, but also some permanent housing because it's no telling how long they'll have to leave from here. this building could be sold. this might be the last time that they're here at least for the next 12, 24 hours. noon tomorrow is the deadline and they have to be out. live in
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local. >> president trump is in arizona tonight for a campaign-style recall yivment before he heads to phoenix, he he toured the us border patrol operations center in hmm a. during that visit he he was expected to renew his push for a southern border wall fox5's political reporter ronica cleary is live tonight at the white house with the president's visit to the border center. ronica. >>reporter: hi, shawn. you know the president, he's using h this trip for of course a hand ful of reasons. he wants to look ahead to the future of his immigration policy, but he also wants to' this as an opportunity to highlight what he feels are accomplishments since he started in the white house. now, take a look at these numbers. these are statistics from the white house that they want to highlight in light of this trip they say that there's been a 47 percent decrease in illegal border cross attempts over the same period last year. the president has called for ten now new ice officers
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border patrol agents and ice has removed over 2700 criminal gang members during 2017. that's more than they removed in all of 2016. now, in light of this there's a report that came out today by mack catchy. in that report it says that some members of the administration are work ing to encourage the president to actually protect dreamers under doca. in exchange for some legislation that would help fund the border wall, would help fund detention facilities and other immigration enforcement tools. when you think about this possible exchange or even talk of one you do have to think back on how the president feels about doca. i'll tell you you you as much as he said on the trail that he iso posed to it there are sometimes where you might wonder if he's more flexible. i've got some sound for you. one is actually from last august where the president really takes a hard stance. but then from february he seems to be much more compassionate. take a listen. we will
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pawment's two illegal executive amnesia ticketed events. doca is a very, very subject for me. for me it's one of the most difficult subjects i have. >> i spoke with ira medical manassas. he's with the federation for american immigration reform. this organization they are strongly opposed to doca. they believe it is unconscious substitution at. i asked him how he feels about this unconstitutional speculation. he doesn't want to get out too far and give an opinion on something where we really don't know what will potentially happen. when it comes to a potential exchange where doca could be on the table in exchange for border wall fund ing what does he think about that in light of the fact that his group is so opposed to doca i'm sure that there is all kinds of conversations taking place. it certainly would have to be something more
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wall. the wall is a very, very small part of what is needed to deal with the problem of illegal immigration. what's more important in our view is re moving the incentives for people to come across the border illegally in the first place. some might think that an exchange like this if it were to happen would be supported by democrats since doca was a major component of obama's legislation situate. here's a tweet from nancy pelosi really slamming the on i. she say as it's reprehensible to use children as bargaining chips. maybe the president pulling back on some of his immigration policy in an effort to make gains and wins on others. weigh in, use the #5@6:30. i'll be back for the pulse of the people. you don't want to is in it the. reporting live at the white house, ronica cleary. >> still ahead, a mystery in maryland. the searc
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an american flag with a fallen soldier with its rightful owner another celebrity nude photo scandal. how the hackers were able to steal their sensitive photos. hey, tony and shawn we have strong winds guing up to 3t feel like close to 100-degrees in some spots. we may not be off the hook with strong or potentially strong thunderstorms . and the big changes behind the next front. fox5 news at six will be right back.
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>> tonight, fox 35 is helping unravel a history mystery in maryland. a fox5 viewer found the flag of a fallen world war ii veteran and asked for our help in getting it back to the war hero's family. tom fitzgerald has that story from pasedena. >>reporter: good evening, we're in pasedena, maryland
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this is the flag, the world war ii veteran's flag that was found in a dumpster very much like that one here in in maryland. now, this happened on saturday. theresa jones was driving by, she saw the wood on the side of this box. come in and meet her because we want to hear this story. this turned out to be something very unexpected. theresa, thanks for talking to us. >> you're welcome, tom. you're going down the road, you see this box, what do you think? what do you do. >> i was in high car and i pulled over because i saw something unusual by a dumpster and i got out of my car and i looked at it. it was on its back and i lift it over and i said, this is a flag. it's not only a flag, it's a flag of a world war ii veteran corporal loose is tip it. you was born in the early 20s. >> yes, he was passed away it looks like in the beginning of the 2000s. what are you trying to d
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>> i want to give it back to the original family. i'm pretty sure they miss it. i don't know t they have grandchildren probably trying to find it. it would be very nice to give it back to them. tree a, a lot of people would have driven by, saw this and kept driving by. why did you stop? why did you think that a this was something of note, something that was important? >> i don't know. i guess maybe esp. i'm always looking for treasurers. it was just an odd box. it was just something that i thought -- i just felt like i should look at. >> a treasurer of a different kind. this is some family's treasurer that might not even know that it's out there to be gotten. >> exactly. >> if you do know someone in the tip in family who lived in the certify vern a park area we want to get this flag back to them. go to our facebook page, fox5
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this family and this flag. tom fitzgerald, fox5 news. >> coming up tonight, some instagram users aren't too happy with treasury secretary steve ma knew san's wife. why an instagram post has her coming under fire tonight. before we head to the break, shopping is going to the dogs. there at this. this is video of a german shepherd at a california grocery store pushing the shopping cart on his two back legs. someone saw the pup and his owner and caught it on camera. the dog's owner seemed to be enjoying having the help. >> i wonder p if he does the dishes. no word yet on how many dog treats he had.
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these are your top stories a billioning in prince george's county and have ordered all
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tomorrow. while investigating the lined hill condominiums fox5 found horrible conditions, including \hole\wholes in the ceiling, an abandoned toilet and a strong odor in the hallways. residents have also complained of myself, rats and flies. the government of missouri. williams was convicted of stab bing a newspaper reported to death during a burglary in 1998 his attorney says the dna evidence found on the murder weapon matched another unknown person but not williams. he was scheduled to be executed tonight . there's been another nude celebrity leak, kristin stuart, miley eye products were targeted by others who posted the naked pictures. the pictures are believe to be grabbed from higher phones. they are blasting steve me me nush yab's
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the hashtag that referenced her designer scarf. an instagram replied glad we could pay for your little get away. not making as much money as her and her husband. me nush and's wife will reimburse the government for her travel expenses. george clooney is combating hate groups donating money going to the southern poverty law center. the premier nonprofit offerings that monday ors the activities of domestic hate groups and other extremists. it is currently tracking 16 groups in the us. bei bei the national disa panda turned two today. a panned dangerous deliveries friendly ice cake. happy birthday. that's an old picture of bei bei. where is wr is today's picture. the birthday
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>> that went fast. >> i understand we're under a potential panda watch at the zoo >> i heard that. nothing is confirmed. you don't know until you know. >> we are looking forward to a very refreshing change in air mass. i don't know about you you guys but it can't get here soon enough. it is really hot and humid. today was really bad and while our high temperature got to about 92-degrees the haze made it so bad. we may see them a little later tonight and we're going to have watch radar closely. many other areas close to 90-degrees as well. factor in the humidity and you know the deal. it feels like 98 here, 104 annapolis, 100 for stephens ville. ninety-six in the lots of other places, hagerstown, frederick, you feel like 97-degrees. what we have to much what, tho
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big blow up of thunderstorms that we're seeing through pittsburgh via our visible picture. and you also note that there are no clouds in our area that could change later tonight no showers, no storms now. but we go up toward northwestern maryland and into the cumberland region, western pennsylvania, some severe storms up there a long the interest take it 68 correspond disor and they're moving toward the east. we we've had some widespread severe thunderstorm watches up there and some warnings that you could see. a little bit of it just dropped for garret county. the bulk of the severe activity is going to be more to our north today but we can't rule it out here and thres arrested on an outstanding the marginal risk and there is the isolated risk that we could see something strong and severe. here's why, we have all the strong air, the breeze that you're noticing out of the south pushed through this frontal boundary that is going to come through the day tomorrow and it will approach later tonight. as it does so we could see some late night stormgs
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south during the morning tomorrow we could have some morning showers and still maybe an afternoon thunderstorm near the front. so that would be maybe charlottesville or south of the 66 corridor over toward fredericksburg, maybe toward salsbury area. you may have a chance for a thunderstorm tomorrow. let's check futurecast. that's important to see because we're not seeing anything now. by midnight could there be one or two stronger storms up through northern sections of maryland, maybe north of interstate 70 that is definitely possible. the good news we'll miss the mass heating you but there could illst be a little bit of heat left. a few more showers maybe around 1:00 and they begin to develop with the strongerren ian het that will still be lingering south of the front. it could gross southern maryland over to salsbury by six, 7:00 and then it's clearing on out. the jet extreme is going to bring in a refreshing change. we'll bring on the mid 80s. after that it
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lots of 70s on the way. eighty-five tomorrow, 82 on thursday and then it's a run of 70s to take us through the weekend of gorgeous refreshing change, almost a little cool, right? especially at night we'll have low 60s so you can give the ac a break. by next monday we're still dry, 78 and tuesday 82. after what has been a wet august it looks like we're really going to do some serious drying out and be able to to enjoy the refreshing change with our windows on. i'm going to end s it become over to shawn and tony. >> still ahead, how about busted a move with a pretty adorable partner. q. we've got the dance officer off that was caught on camera.
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>> final eye tonight we have a heart warming moment caught on camera. take a look at this, dash camera footage shows a police officer in austin, minute sos a dancing with a 92 year old woman. the sergeant was driving when he noticed milli dancing in her apartment building parking lot, pulled over and they turned up the radio. i love it. i wish we could hear the music. stay here, 5@6:30 is coming up right after the break.
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>> the commander in chief chang ing his plans and re committing the us to a war in afghanistan. the president playing laying out goals for victory. now he's taking the message out on the road. this is the big story we're talking about tonight at 630:president trump is all set to speak at a campaign style rally. it comes one kay after his speech on a us strategy in afghanistan. this is also since the race-filled violence that broke out in charlottesville many weeks ago. many supporters are expected in feen is. what i've noticed so far is the description, his campaign style recall yivment this is being


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