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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  August 23, 2017 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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>> ahead at 7:00 emotions running high after president campaign rally in phoenix and clashes between police and protesters officers hit with rocks and bottles using tier gas to disperse the crowd. >> and then espn facing huge backlash after pulling this broadcaster from announcing a uva game. his name is robert lee. and the sports network decided that it's too much for the virginia crowd to handle following violence in charlottesville. this morning there's overwhelming criticism again the sports network. we'll share their reasoning and get your 'rx. >> surprising new details about a local police who used to be i'm allison seymour. >> i'm seif al-islam gadhafi. >> if are you just waking up, hires a live look outside for you. that shot keeps getting prettier.
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>> the day may get prettier. let's check in with michael thomas and erin como standing by. >> steve, allison, good morning, we're dealing with cloud out there could pop a shower. humid today. >> full details coming up. >> right now, mike, we have volume building 270 to spur and demascus overturned vehicle sky fox on the it have a few moments. >> the president campaign style rally started as peaceful protests and turned unruly when demonstrators were meant with trump supporters they had to use tier goose clear the area and police made several arrests no one was injured. >> as for president trump's 90 minute speech. he covered a long range of forecast. >> the president mostly focused
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time bashing media while depending mark on char charlottesville. >> it was aeye laept end to protest. ago visit out in the streets of phoenix some showing bottles and rocks at police who tried to disperse crowds. it went on for hours. >> he needs to straighten it up or get out. >> it is rather incredible. is sin credible j all this adds president trump held free wheeling campaign style rallied in the phoenix convention center drawing thousands of supporters and going after former target including news media. >> it's time to biss pose the president defended earlier comments in the aftermath of violence in charlottesville and following up
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earlier in the day to u.s. border with mexico he once again promised to crackdown on. >> we have toy close down our government we're bulling that wall. >> he did not mention names but he went after john mccain and jeff flake. >> nobody wants me with to talk about your other senator who is weak on borders and weak on crime. i won't talk about him. >> the president did come back to that familiar campaign theme that fires up supporters and angers many of his cri critics. >> we will make america great again. thank you arizona. god bless you. >> the president also hinted at responsible pardon of joe aaism o to see it in a racial profiling case. >> we should have
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you know what i'll mack a prediction i think he'll be just fine okay. but, but, i won't do it tonight because i don't want to cause any controversy. is that okay? all right. >> no word on what we can expect announcement on that from the president. allison. >> holly, thank you. meantime north carolina protesters called for removal of silent sam a on federate memorial since 193. university officials say they don't have authority to take down the confederate statue. >> let's get to another story that has the country talking while finding out about it versus a decision in the charlottesville business. >> your fire this morning pull a caster from call a football game all because of
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name. >> was he on board with decision. >> well it's the people in charm of broadcast team and him as well. there's a little twist and turn in this story as we learn more about it. well this is a story that has a lot of people as we head said talking this morning. what in a name. this is sports castser we've been talking about. espn sportscaster david lee. he's been resoo assigned not david lee i'm sorry robert lee he's been reassigned and no longer calling uva against william and mary september 2 because of the controversy surrounding federal statute of robert decision was made for his taivcy and they as the tramingic event were charlottesville were unfolding
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simply because of coincidence in name. at that moment it felt right to all parties. it's ashame this is topic of conversation an we regret who calls play-by-play for football game has become an issue. the backlash to this decision has been overwhelming against espn. we've been showing comments that you have been posting online at the bottom of your screen. as you can see many people are outraged with this decision. few more comments on our facebook page "fox5" facebook page. he air writes espn do too much no longer you're losing customers he they go over board and shouldn't be involving themselves in politics. this is victor. i hope this is more to it this would be a fine of spine instanty porched in them then they helped him. >> they said he would
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another game. i don't know if it was his decision maybe he did it with to hut his name out. there we want to hear from you as well. they had a conversation. people in charm of broadcast ago signments had a kvrjs with him and apparently he decided okay, fine i'll do another game and not this game. seems to me though that if you did not mention this -- how many times did you watch a game and worried about who was calling it. >> coye careless. ft. game is good it could be all of us calling game and people will watch the game. >> right right. >> there's c level acc football game. same night, florida state alabama. >> you may have heard those. >> william and mary game. >> if this was florida state and alabama all of us could be in the booth and they'll still have high ratings because it's florida state and alabama. basically espn took and issue not an issue and blue it up and all these people are responding
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because there is no issue here. his name is robert lee. when you agree with this or not. >> joker on twitter. >> like they do anyway. >> and espn clearly blew this. it was not an issue and probably would got have been an issue. now it is and now people are talking about it. >> all right. >> thanks, wiz. >> topic for sure. >> anyway hello. >> hello. >> weather is a talker. >> weather is pretty good talker. we got better weather on the way here. clouds for now maybe a shower and we got gorgeous weather moving in end of week. satellite and radar out there sun poking through in spots as erin showed you highways along 66 having trouble with sunshine. most of us clouds this morning with couple showers through central virginia and light and moving quickly. those of you that
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they're like 30 minutes and moving on. warm, humid, 78 annapolis and quabts co77 and 68 degrees. fooler drier care one more day here and georgous warm arrives the rest of days and watch for isolated nornlz. >> looking good. let's see how roads are this morning. better than yesterday hopefully. >> 7:09 and not better that yesterday. cop juston 35. better view than hov lanes blocked. you can see traffic is moving getter in the main lane and hov a ten minute delay. i guess you can say that's improved. virginia 66 is super stacked from 234 making way over towards the beltway. it's about a 45 minute dis display. i want to see if we can pull sky fox. they're in des mask us now. we don't have the view now they're overturned vehicle wood field and maybe streets. that's causing problems. we'll bring
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soon as we get it started out. 270 south bound west montgomery on the a 15 minute delay urbana to bement way. you will hit stop and go traffic through gaithersburg and rockville and 95 to george aavenue a 15 minute delay. aside from volume increase on beltway all metro rail lines on time. that's news s back to you guys. >> new this morning navy 7 fleet under new command after military branch decided to dismiss admiral mccoy. there were two deadly collisions involving navy trips. one crasheded near sing more. pod questions were found in flood con partments on ship. they do not blame him for accidents but they don't
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they trust him to plan the meeting was to take place cairo. again it's no clear reason as to why. recently egypt foreign minister will discuss the middle east peace process with u.s. officials. >> breaking at 7:11 deadly bombing in yemen kills dozens near a hotel in aenai there's dozens of silliveians dead several hurt yes, ma'am ep is engulfed in war since 2014. united nations has 10,000 people killed and 3 million displaced during the past three years. let's get to exclusive details after i story "fox5" was first to bring you virginia priest that revealed past at kkk leader. >> court documents show he once threatened to skill coretta scott king and now target of terror are speaking out. >> annie yu is in fairfax this morning. annie. >> steve
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william match inson since then can tell you he stepped away from public ministry tractor-trailer st. here owe the great excuse me here in fairfax virginia. daily mass just wrapped up and they have another one at 9 a.m. this morning. we're told he joined the church in 93 and no accusations of racism or bigotry were made against him throughout his time here at this church. now we have made several attempts to speak with father ach inson about past life as leader of kkk lodge at umd and have not heard back. we did learn more disturbing details from one of the african-american families targeted by father william ach inson 40 years ago dwoxt the couple says they suffered hateful acts including cross burning on their front lawn and after all these years they told marina marraco they're not sure they can
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for what happened and they tell her that they're still owed several damages from ach inson. we understand later today around 1:00 they will be speaking more about this we hope to learn more. mean while the actions did not stop there and we obtained fbi documents from the late and he made threats to coretta scott king widow of dr. martin luther king jr. threatened her if she spoke at an event at university of maryland. africa or death by lynching take a pit. we spoke to a member of the naacp who remembers this but despite hateful actions he can only for i give him. >> i commend him for acknowledging his past. if we cannot forgive people
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we're good he's trying to do to good. he was in hiding. he should not hide. he needs to come out and let his experience be known. now again father aitcheson no longer serving at the s st. leo the great church in fairfax, virginia. catholic church issued a statement calling it very sad and disturbing incident. we also again hope to hear from family later today. that's the latest from fairfax annie yu "fox5 local news". >> all right any thank you so much. time running out to check out the district's three corps flowers as stinky as they may be. . >> well, people who live in this delap i dated building have until noon to get out or face a court order. lawyers are trying to extend the deadline
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>> welcome back this morning. good day started. sat late and radar. today is is the day of transition. what was hot and humid august weather to what will be fall preview. today is in between day. 92 reagan and dulles 91. normal high this time of year dropping 86. we'll continue to fall all the way through december here. we're slowly and steadily headed to fall. once ahead so long to heat and humidity. heat gone today and humidity sticks around one more day as we get a cold front through the region and tomorrow will feel much drier and comfortable
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temperatures in lower 80s. satellites and radar that sharp line of cloud from state college to clarksburg into lower portions of west virginia there that's cold front. that's going to slide through later on this afternoon. ahead of it we could kick up isolated shower and maybe southern maryland through northern neck of virginia and even shore popping a thundertorm. once the cold front gets through look back to ohio and indiana. everything is clear back there and that weather is headed our way. temps outside 78 washington and 71 gaithersburg and fred frederick 73 and dulles 74 and mannasas 71. humid out there and one more day once you get the front through though. high pressure moves in eye drier air take over adds wells and pleasant conditions as we head to middle -- end of week into weekend. 82, more pleasant tomorrow, zip trip here we come. low temperatures that morning starting in 60s
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weekend looks fantastic. lots of sunshine highs in the upper 70s. all right let's check the forecast and sarah is back with traffic. looks great erin. >> we have problems and look at metro alerts. i don't have any. that's a good sign. >> we start you off with good news moving over to roads we have a lot of usual cong congestion. 50 inbound 202 to 95 slow outer loop slow 95 over to georgia avenue 15 minute delay and 95 icc down to beltway slow to inner loop and then also keep in mind new crash westbound dulles toll road crash after rest inparkway two right lanes blocked. give yourself time on the dulles toll road. tracking a crash involving overturned vehicle in demascus wood field main street. crews out there. northbound 95 delays fredericksburg to stafford getting aquia harbor. 30 extra minutes now things open up and slow to dale city. stretcofof 95 has usual de
7:20 am
395 such better shape than yesterday. we had hov lanes blocked and right now all lanes hov and main lanes on ten minute delay to 14 street bridge back to you guys. >> it's 7:20 now look at these incredible pictures out of hagerstown maryland. firefighters battled three alarm fire last night at apartment complex near hagerstown. believed it was lightning strike that started that blaze. maryland state fire marshall said 74 people lived in the con mex and thankfully no, i injuries. >> residents of lynn hill condominiums in temple hills have until noon today to pack it up and move it out. >> fire officials gave them 24 hours to vacant after d deeming building unsafe to live n anjali hemphill has been following story she was there yesterday and back today as residents start to pack up and leave. good morning. >> good morning, guys, not a lot of of activity so far. it is early in the morning. we have noticed nroyers like these on some of the residents
7:21 am
these on some of the residents' cars here in the parking lot and obviously from other nearby apartment com complexes that know residents here are scrambling for you to have a place. meanwhile noon surprise cutoff and she said she would be out -- after that the county says a court order to physically remove anyone who is still here after that noon deadline. now, those words did not go over well with many of the residents here who are extremely upset. they were only given 24 hours to uproot their life and find a place to live. however it's been years of problems and mismanagement that led to this point. "fox5" cameras went inside buildings with inspokt tores yesterday and it was pretty clear the buildings are in complete disrepair. sometimes unsanitary and unsafe. precedent did try to help chip in and get the place fixed up. after they were given that notice on friday. however the county says it was not enough and safety is priority. fi
7:22 am
don't wore at this time. social services is now placing residents in hotels for the next 7 days and then it's going to be up to the residents to find new place to live. meanwhile, guys, i told you attorneys for lynn hill condos are trying to get a cord ort this morning and trying to buy residents here more time. and that court order could be filed as early as 9:00 this morning and however it's unclear how much more time they'll be able to get for resident scrambling to get out by noon. temple hills. anjali hemphill. "fox5 local news". >> heartbreaking thank you very much. parents of teenagers with cellphone having trouble to getting them to respond to your text or calls. >> there's a new app for you and talk about how reply asap works
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>> parents maybe you can relate to this. you text kids and then you get to reply. so then you wonder, did they get it? >> is this thing on? >> playing around in the acting skills? >> are they safe and then the question why don't you text me back. >> what is going on. >> one dad said he was not going to let her teenager get away with it he came one app to fight back reply asap app or asap app. parents can use it to lock their kids phones if they don't reply to texts from mom
7:26 am
and dad right away. if your child forgets to respond the app will lock their phone and takeover the screen and sound alarm that forces teen to respond f they want to regain access. this app should have been named annoying i'll say it. >> effective. >> or annoying. >> it will notify parents if their child has seen the message. >> it could be asap with two p's and then it's asap app. >> and/or you could do wisdom martin parentinging just take the phone away. >> i was joking sometimes kids get -- if it's emergency i say that's fine to use it. other than that -- >> if you set the rules. >> parents take the phone. take the phone then. >> i'm done. >> how would you have liked that as teenager. >> would have driven me cr crazy. >> anyway. >> i was saying teacher [ sound ]. >> i would say this i never had a cellphone period. until 16.
7:27 am
>> i suffered. thank you. steve. >> i just needed to get in touch with them. >> i was the kid in the corner everybody had flip phones. >> who is winning. >> winning. >> 38 degrees outside. feels like 80 though. mostly cloudy and isolated sprinkle out there. nt so much in sister. south towards culpeper sprinkles around. that's all i see on radar at this point. planner today we'll keep clouds and chance of showers in the forecast. early afternoon more sunshine comes back late. temperatures in mid 80s. >> that's a check of forecast erin is back with traffic. >> it's jam cam time. >> 7:27 and unfortunately 66 has been loser or winner depends how you look at it all morning long. look on eastbound side bumper to bumper sutly trod 234 to betway i'll let you know what pops up and overturned vehicle in demascus as we continue.
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♪ beautiful song for beautiful day. nice mild temperatures, 78 degrees going up a little bit to the low 80s. i believe mike is saying going to be really gorgeous day but the real great day comes tomorrow and then into the weekend. mike will be along shortly with all the great details. we like it when the details are great. not a lot of rain today. thaw good stuff. welcome back to fox5 news morning. check this out. wouldn't it look even better if you were a powerball winner. the whole nation has powerball fever the jackpot keeps on growing. it is now at $700 million for tonight's drawing. it's rolled over 20 times since mid june. got a feeling somebody will win tonight or several people. we'll see though. second largest
7:31 am
the history of the united states. in anticipation with tonight's d.c. lottery will celebrate with games, trivia at the lottery store in union station g luck, everybody. steve over to you. >> good luck. 7:31 right now. let's talk politics right now the morning briefing the bread going on attack in phoenix lashing out a lot of subjects border security, immigration and the media. >> the most sacred duty of government is to protect the lives of its citizens and that includes securing our borders and enforcing our immigration laws. [ applause ] >> just like they don't want to report that i spoke out forcefully against hatred, bigotry and violence. >> tensions high outside the convention center. thousands of protesters gathered. police at one point had to use tear gas to calm things down. let's talk about the messages though. joining us now republican strategist philip
7:32 am
also the get out the vote director for president george w. bush's 2004 campaign. veteran of the several presidential campaigns. good to see you as always ph philip. >> good morning. >> what did you think last night when you watched everything unfolding? >> everybody -- you know, look at my twitter feed and look at all the journalists. >> that's problem in itself right there. >> hundreds of journalists i follow everybody apple tick about everything and trump was being trump last night. i don't know why people are surprised at this. i in the saying right or wrong. i'm saying he doesn't change that's who he is. he can real it back sometimes like did he two nights ago in his speech about afghanistan. that's who he is. you have someone moo gave a very effective speech about afghanistan. you get to the rally in front of whole bunch of people a completely different ballgame. i rhett this recently that there are probably 33% of the voting population that loves trump
7:33 am
33% of the population absolutely hates him probably around the dmv. part of that crowd then there's 33% that just fluctuates up and down depending on what he does different points in time. so last night he was speaking to the 33% in his mine of what he was looking at and the crowd -- he was riled up that's his crowd. he was excited to talk to them, that's who he is. >> for those who are in his base, they love to see that part of him and they like to see the unfiltered part of the president as you said for those who don't like him it just kyle amps whatever their concerns are and dislike there. but the message itself is the message loft when it comes to the campaign style rallies. is there a way to communicate. >> if i'm directing candidate i usually say speak to one or two themes, right? he went through a lot. i'll take one. the media he went after the media last night. and he kind of related it back to charlottesville and what happened. i did some research a couple days ago on this. according to southern poverty law center the most
7:34 am
civil rights group out there they estimate between five and 8,000 neo-nazis or natzis impa advertisers that's united states. there are 308 million citizens in the united states. thaw stuff is bad. i mean of course you have to be hero status and say nats cease are bad. of course they're bad. the point is you're talking about less than .0005 8% of the entire population is are these crazy people but that's all the media talks about. >> right. >> so trump -- >> which is understandable. >> the 66% the trump supporters and ones in the middle are like, yeah, i get that. like this is not -- this is a random group of horrible people and we're spending all of our time on that. >> but isn't part of that if you don't effectively communicate that and you get a messa
7:35 am
open how quickly one line, one statement can reverberate. ? don't you try to get that across to your clients make sure you don't get that line in there and open that crack in that window? >> yes. that's conventional wisdom. that's conventional strategy. this is not conventional. trying to argue it doesn't get anywhere it's not going to change. trump is who he is. sometimes that resonates with that group of people that fluctuate with him. it always resonates with his supporters it will never resonate with the people that will never respond to him. >> that creates challenges for the people who have to work him and closest to him as part of the administration. let me ask you some questions that came up last night. when it comes to politics now the question about the wall and him making the statement that he's willing to shut the government down. >> sure. >> in order to get that wall built. this is a government that controlled by his own party. how does that message resonate. >> especially with the changes in the white house pivot it will be trump against congress. not trump against the democrats. not trump gets the republicans. trump gets all of them. i think the a
7:36 am
you look at some of the polling i've seen lately, it is actually like congress is less popular than trump right now overall. >> less popular than the president for long time. >> for a long time. trump knows that is an angle to go in and he's going to use it if the pulpit to get what he wants. he has not fulfilled his one huge campaign promise, you know, for the last two years or three years, that he's going to build the wall. and so now i think he's digging in. >> does that resonate witness other gop lawmakers. this is -- party versus the president that's kind of fragile ground there. >> i totally agree. bill clinton did it beautifully. he was a master at it and triangulating if you remember back in those days 20 years ago. trump has got to figure out his team has to figure out how to best suit this and make it work. >> last question for you philip. your most recent wall working with one member of his administration the secretary of education. >> yeah. >> on the digital platform, we have never seen digital platform like we're seeing witness president and twitter and you mentio
7:37 am
>> that's right. >> sadder more effective way for him to manage that if you tell him if you're advising him keep doing what you're doing. >> he's going to do what he wants to do. general kelly is the greatest influence he can have but he's got to let trauma be trump in some areas. that's probably twitter. and then try to control who comes in and out of the white house in other areas. he has to pick his battles. i don't know, i mean, he is -- that's his bully pulpit that's what he's going to use, and it doesn't matter what anybody says. of course, i would probably let's calm that down a little stay on message trump is going to do way wants to do. >> all you can do is vice him at that point. >> that's right. >> philip, strategist and adviser on four presidential campaigns. thanks for joining us this morning. >> thank you. >> 7:37. let's turn things over to mike thomas. almost said tucker. tucker enjoying time off. >> enjoying vacation. well deserved here. checking cloud cover outside while he's out and about. off to the north today i believe. he's dealing with better wea weather. let's get to it. satellite/radar dealing with cloud cover out there but sunshine mixing in in spots we won't be dealing with clouds all
7:38 am
and west once that crosses we will be in the clear for the rest of the afternoon and then through tomorrow and friday and saturday and sunday all look fan tase tick. 78 now warm and humid out there to start the day in washington. 77 for quantico. 75 in fredericksburg. dulles 74. gaithersburg 71. good morning frederick, married, 73 degrees at this hour. two-day forecast looks like this. 85 still humid today. we'll leave pop up shower in the forecast through the morning and early afternoon hours. we're in the clear once the front gets through. more sunshine beautiful low humidity, 82 degrees much that's weather. erin is back with morning with traffic. how is it looking, erin. >> we're taking a look at problems. 270 we do have delays picking up local and main lanes by westmont avenue. want to switch it over to our maps because we have a crash on southbound 270 right now. it's after montgomery avenue so what you were looking at was the delay starting to build. basically from urbana down through montgomery county getting to the spur you're in for about 25 minute delay. that crash blocking the shoulder adding to the slow downs. let me get out of the
7:39 am
outer loop slows 20 minute slow down 95 to georgia avenue. and then as you make your way out in the district buses dealing with delays as well as traffic constitution avenue northwest. there's a crash blocking two lanes at seventh street northwest. so metro bus letting you know if you travel on the bus route along that location buses to archive foggy bottom may experience delays in addition to the regular morning rush slowing down. westbound side of the freeway on the case bridge right lane blocked you can see 695 both directions coming from the 11th street bridge and 14th street backing up to and from the third street tunnel. southbound and northbound 295 dealing with slow traffic north of the 11th street bridge. watch out for that one. 295 crash near east capitol street northbound that's adding to that delay. metro on time. back to you allison. >> thanks erin. another southwest flash sail airfare starting at $40.1 way. details next. first though if you would like to see the famous stinky corpse flowers at the us botanic garden in d.c. you've
7:40 am
erin i know you said no but i know you want tom this is live look. two out of three have already bloomed. the plants give off an awful smell for several hours after they bloom, some say it's similar to rotting flesh. have a good afternoon and go and check them out.
7:41 am
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♪ all right. today is the big day for samsung cell
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will today unveil the galaxy note eight and the device is being build as the biggest fastest highest performing smart phone in the market. now some of the expected features a 6.4-inch screen so it's a large phone. faster processor, dual camera, 256 gigs of internal storage. that's a lot, and it's rumor the note eight will be available for pre orders this week. we'll find out a little bit more later today. al. >> all new at 7:00, 48 train delays could affect supply of pringles and french fries. no need to worry yet but service problems at 48 railroad csx might endanger again the pringles but mcdonald's french fries now i'm getting panicky. either items that rely on coocooking oil the x factor. >> oil train not the potato train. >> that's the x factor. delays prompted kellogg and mckie d's to start shipping oil by truck. it appears to be the new csx business model the ceo is running trains on tighter schedule.
7:44 am
there. you know what i mean? >> all we need to know is mcdonald's going to have our fries? >> fair enough. >> right. >> wal*mart and google teaming up to create voice activated shopping experience. retailer says it's working with google to offer hundreds of thousands of items for voice shopping through google assistant. the service will be available in late september. wal*mart is google's biggest retail partnership likely attempt to keep with amazon powered echo device. >> if you're looking for cheap flight check out southwest airline. the airline is having huge sale on plane tickets with some flights costing four dollars. the tickets are available for major airports like ft. lauderdale and atlanta the sale ends tomorrow. >> all right. britney fans getting in on the couldn't federal statue debate. a petition they want you to s sign. >> going to be britt britt statues. that would be so awesome. update on bad boys three. the fox beat is next. >> the funny thing the statues don't sing either. >> oh,
7:45 am
>> the statues also provide shade.
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>> guess what's coming up at 9:00 o'clock. awesomeness. >> awesomeness and then some. caricature as well. big show coming up on good day d.c. who do we have first. >> sean niece wilson you know you love her song i love that smile is still the jam. she'll be here performing live in the loft before big show tonight. >> and who else, al? >> actor john corbett is live on the show. >> very cool.
7:48 am
will be joining us, and kevin has an interview with robert -- >> say it. >> pattinson the hollywood hotty. >> there it is. >> robert pattinson. >> okay. we'll dish all the celebrity dirt with real housewives star porsha williams. >> robert pattinson is completely different roll this time around and kevin says he nail it. >> he's a good actor. >> dark but really good movie. >> no vampire teeth this time. >> as opposed to the light he hearted vampire flick we know him for. >> vampires and werewolves. >> yeah. >> beautiful day not receiptly beaut fuel day. a dry day coming up. >> what's not beautiful about it, mike. >> are we here. >> there could be a shower are two. it's a little humid. >> you like the summertime weather it will feel good for you. passing cold front may bring a couple of showers here and there. a couple around culpeper at this hour. moat of us are dry. better we got much better weather coming up as we head into the day tomorrow. still warm this afternoon. highs right where they should be middle 80s. little humid today as well. humidity values will be dropping as we head through the second half of the day. much better weather coming into thursday, friday,
7:49 am
sunday. near perfection. spit it out one of thee days. with highs only in the 70s for this weekend believe it or not fall preview moving into the d.c. region. even some windows open weather coming our way with those overnight lows tipping back into the 60s, 50s over the mountains to the north and west maybe a few isolated 40s out there. so, yeah, fall is just around the corner. 78 degrees in washington. 76 in richmond. you can kind of clearly see where that cold front s look at pittsburgh falling back into the mid 60s this morning. columbus comfortable in the 50s. 58 degrees in detroit this morning as well some of that cooler air heading our way over the next couple of days. >> satellite/radar showing some clouds out there this morning. not too many. sunshine breaking out north and west of town. there are the showers i mentioned down towards the culpeper area. just light. they'll be brad of rather brief here in d.c. have to keep our guard up into the late morning, errly afternoon as we too could pop an isolated brief sprinkle around the region. there's future cast. this is much more than just a brief sprinkle around 9:30am.
7:50 am
not too confident that this will actually happen. we head into the afternoon more clouds move into the region ahead of the frontal. front clears we clear it out and get rather beautiful through the next couple of days. here's 55 accu weather seven day forecast. 82 tomorrow with more sunshine. 80 friday gets better into the weeknd with the highs dropping into the upper 70s. that's weather. erin is back with traffic this morning. >> a bunch of new issues. >> oh, boy. >> oh, boy. >> exciting. >> so excited. unfortunately we have an outer loop crash at bw parkway delays back to 450 so you can see the outer loop there really start to go back up once you get off 50 tee if you continue on through cheverly inside the beltway backed up if you continue on the outer loop you're backed up. so that's not so great. gw parkway northbound new crash blocking the right lane near spout run parkway. because of that, northbound delays building back to the memorial bridge. southbound side typical volume constitution avenue northwest two right lanes blocked at seventh street northwest. metro bus is experiencing delays to archives and foggy bottom because of that crash. traffic slowing as well if
7:51 am
on the freeway case bridge there's a crash on the westbound side right lane blocked. heavy traffic across the 14th street bridge inbound 11th street bridge jammed. 295 north southbound are bound and southbound with slow downs. southbound rubberneck delay and volume about a ten minute slow down from 50 down to pennsylvania avenue. metro is on time. so that's cool. back to you guys. we're just two days away from our next zip trip this friday august 25th. mike thomas and i will be in fredericksburg, virginia on friday morning. >> might be too much hotness for fredericksburg. >> then you have to add maureen umeh into the mix and now we're going over the top. >> all right. >> all right? >> good luck, fredericksburg. >> maureen, mike, myself will be in fredericksburg, virginia from 6:00 until 11am. if you are not familiar with that and you're in fredericksburg you are it is the corner of william street and prince edward street downtown fredericksburg come see us all starring at 6:00 a.m. this friday m
7:52 am
come see you. >> awesome. don't forget tischer auto group of laurel and fox5 giving away a one year lease on new 2018 acura tlx at the zip trip finale friday september 1st. we'll all be there at national harbor that day to enter go to now. through august 27th click on the contest link and register to be selected as one of the five finalists. now, finalists must attend the zip trip finale in person and one lucky winner will go home with lease on new beautiful car. okay. you have to be 18 or older to end. get ready to ride. complete rules online entry available at >> i can't believe we're a weekend away from a week and a half away from the final zip trip. >> i'll there be. >> we'll all there be. >> we're all going to be there. >> big party at national harbor. it should be fun. >> good morning to you guys. lots to get through this morning. first off one of my favorite action film of all time is bad boys two. got sad news yesterday
7:53 am
again, this keeps happening they keep saying they'll do one then they're not going to do one. a director involved in bad boys three named joe kearn hasn't who exited the film in march. now martin lawrence is speaking out about the possibility or the not so possibility of a third one saying "i don't think we'll get one, not the way everything is turning out" he told this to entertainment weekly. >> cryptic. >> will is off doing another movie and i don't think it's going to happen. i mean it seemed like it was going in positive direction but this scene on the bridge one of my favorite action scenes of all time. if you haven't seen bad boys two definitely recommend that. moving on now, a britney spears fan has taken to for a very interesting petition. have you seen this? >> i have not seen this. > check this out. britney spears fan started a petition to replace -- to quote replace confederate statues in new orleans statues louisiana hero britney spears. the actual petition gives few examples saying her charitable work and giving back to
7:54 am
in 2006 britney spears foundation raised $585,000 for charity and donate add large portion of it to hurricane katrina relief programs. it went on to list more things the star has done for the state that's a petition that's happening right now for britney spears if you want to check that one out. >> okay. >> in other britney spears news this is something i thought was breaking news. britney spears posted a work out video to her twitter. >> saw one recently. >> has ton of views much this is posted yesterday with the song playing in the background, she looks amazing obviously. >> she looks amazing. >> 542nd video and my wife saw her in vegas. one of the best shows she's ever been to. even though she doesn't sing the performance much it, the dancing she said was pretty amazing. so running out time here. but quickly what do you think of a joker origin story. >> love it. >> we've obviously seen many of these origin stories in the making. the batman universe but now they're saying joker origin story ll
7:55 am
i know we have footage -- i don't know if we have the footage of heath ledger playing the joker from the dark knight from christopher nolan's film. here's the thing though. >> yeah. >> the director that latched on according to deadline todd phillips the director of the hangover trilogy and road trip and old school. >> so it would be funny? >> i don't know. i like todd phillips. >> he is the joker. >> he did war dogs as well. >> he has the jokes as do you. >> martin scorcese is producing. interesting combination right there. >> how do they work together? >> i don't know. send us your thoughts. >> i thought war dogs was effective. >> war dogs was good but it wasn't like -- i don't know. >> it wasn't like funny. i mean it had its moments but it wasn't a comedy. >> i like todd phillips, hangover one. >> we've seen comedy make that great turn into dramatics. it's fine. >> hangover has some of the best cinematographer i've seen in films. let's do it. >> thoughts. interested about todd phillips. >> my thought it will make money. 7:55. hi, mike thomas. >> am i
7:56 am
going to do that? >> i'm interested in joker back story. >> i kind of wish heath ledger was so good i kind of wish -- >> ledger was the greatest. >> he wants the danny divito penguin back story. >> yeah. >> satellite/radar out there this morning, cloud cover maybe a couple of showers hitting the ground around the cull per perry john off to the south. that's cold front that sharp area of clouds you see coming through garrett county maryland down through west virginia as well once it reaches our area we'll be in the clear out ahead of it we could pop a shower and keep mostly cloudy skies through the first half of the day. things get noticeably better tomorrow. sunshine is back. low humidity. friday zip trip fredericksburg here we come. it will be beautiful we'll keep that beautiful weather going right into the weekend. >> all right much that's weather. erin is back this morning with things getting busy on the roads. >> right, erin not just great news. outer loop as you approach bw parkway a crash blocking several lanes right now. actually it looks like traffic completely stopped with just the right lane squeezing by this is why delays are oh heavy as you pass from bw parkway t
7:57 am
look road where we're dealing with big scene. i'd avoid the outer loop. we'll keep you updated and that big crash scene. let's switch to our maps quickly we have a metro delay. disable train at east falls church. silver line to wiehle reston east. we'll keep you in the know about that crash on the outer loop as well. back to you allison and steve. >> ahead at 8:00 o'clock business big business with no grand of brand names. >> we'll take a look at the new trend in marking that means lower prices for consumers. back in a moment. look no further than chevrolet. this is a fast car. i feel like i left my soul back there. wow. this has power! what a nice car. go for thrilling drives and deals today at the chevy summer drive. now through august 14th, get 20% below msrp
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that's over fifty-three hundred dollars on this chevy malibu. find new roads at your local chevy dealer. ♪ ♪ hey, is this our turn? honey...our turn? yeah, we go left right here. (woman vo) great adventures are still out there.
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8:00 am
>> developing overnight the president big campaign style rally in phoenix ended with violence clashes between police and protesters. and espn now involved in a charlottesville violence. how? out reach is growin this morning following the sports network's controversial decision to reassign a sportscaster because of his name. >> plus fox5 digs up exclusive information in a story we've been leading the way on. surprising details about local priest who admits he used to be a leader in the kkk. >> let's take
8:01 am
really pretty day. you may see a pop up shower here and there. overall not too bad. mike thomas is is lear for tucker today. let's get right to the dwelling story. the president's fiery rally in phoenix reaches a boiling point as protesters clash with police. thousands of demonstrators marched outside where president trump was speaking turned violent when the rally ended police had to use pepper spray and tear gas to disperse the crowd. four people were arrested. meantime, inside president trump set a combative tone during the campaign style rally he was on the offensive addressing his plans for immigration and border patrol accusing democrats of p putting american security at risk for not supporting the wall. the president even said quote if we have to close down our government, we're building that wall. president trump then lashed out at the media and defended his response to the violence in charlottesville. >> i mean truly dishonest people in the media and the fake media
8:02 am
they don't report the facts. just like they don't want to report that i spoke out forcefully against hatred, bigotry and violence and strongly condemned the neo- neo-nazis, the white vest mists and the kkk. >> the proceed vowed to dismantle the affordable care act we know as obamacare and toll the crowd that they were just one vote away from repeal. two minutes after the hour let's get to our other top story. espn involved in the fallout from the charlottesville violence. >> sports network under fire for its decision to pull a certain sportscaster from calling the upcoming uva football game. his name robert lee. he was supposed to call the uva william and mary game on september 2nd in charlottesville opening weekend in the acc but lee has been reassigned out of concern his name might offend people at the game during the broadcast. espn released a statement they made the decision with rob
8:03 am
even a topic of conversation and we regret who calls play by play for football game has become an issue". >> reaction to espn's decision has been overwhelmingly critical of the sports network. our own fox5 d.c. facebook and also on twitter. let's take look right now. so john dupont tweeted, pulling down statues, erasing history espn removes announcer because of his name. burning books next. >> let's check out another viewer right here. espn should be ashamed for this decision. >> writes so much for judging people on the content of their character. now they're being pulled and judged based on their name. yikes. >> this post just so we're clear, this is robert lee the play by play guy at espn on the left and the older guy on the right is robert e. lee. >> all right. >> keep your comments coming we want to see more and more of them. of course we'll be talking about this on good day today. let's get to exclusive detail in oh story
8:04 am
was to bring you was first to bring you the virginia priest who revealed his past as kkk leader. >> he threatened to kill the widow of martin luther king, jr. core at the time rah scott king. >> annie yu live in fairfax with the latest for you this morning. annie? >> reporter: well steve and allison, father william a son voluntarily stepped away from his public minute tree here at the saint leo the great church behind me in fairfax, virginia. we understand that he did this after exposing his past as a leader of the kkk. we did track down a family one of the african-american families in maryland that say that they are one of the families that were targeted by the priest 40 years ago and the couple says that they suffered his hateful acts including a cross burning on their front lawn and the couple says they are still owed civil damages from at chin son hoping this
8:05 am
step to getting closure but do admit after all these years they're not sure if they can forgive him for what did he. they did not want to be identified, however they will be sharing more details publicly later today. meantime, i want to show you these fbi documents on your screen much these are what fox5 object stained from the late 1970 that is tell us a little more. father at chin son burned crosses in front of several homes of african-american families in prince george's county and made threats to coretta scott king. threatening to kill her if she spoke at an event at the university of maryland. now one of those cryptic letters that you see on your screen said, africa or death by lynching take your pick. we spoke to a member of the prince george's naac who vividly remembers these threats. take listen. >> he shouldn't hide. i think he needs to come out and let his experience be known. because there's a lot of people especially young people who recruited into
8:06 am
and the ku klux klan at young age. they don't know any better. unless somebody reaches out to them and proves to them that's the wrong way of life, then they continue to feel that's good -- that's the proper thing to do. i commend him for coming out publicly. >> reporter: now fox5 has made several a dements to speak with father at chin son. we're still waiting to hear back. meanwhile again later today possibly around 1:00 o'clock or so the family is due to make public statement and share more details. we'll be sure to be there and give you the latest on that. we'll continue to follow this story. that's the very latest here from fairfax v-v annie yu fox5 local news. >> annie, thanks very much. happening right -- well, are we going to get to mike thomas? let's get to mike thomas. i jump the gun. >> happening now is weather. >> happening now is weather. you're right on time as always, steve. >> what's up? >> what's up is the sun is up. >> so are we going to see much rain today. >> i'll get quicker on those. no, we're not going t
8:07 am
let's go to it. heat and humidity kicking it out. finally getting rid of it. >> bye-bye. >> some like it this time of year. but yeah it will be feeling more like mid september than mid to late august here as we head into the weekend but today still warm and humid feel. 78 degrees warm start in washington. 77 annapolis and leonardtown, quantico, 77 lucky number. i'll be playing there one powerball tonight. 76 in dulles. >> you are. me, too, then. >> no. you can't take my number. >> increase the odds. >> lucky mike is playing the number i'm playing the same number, too. >> lucky mike still working here so lucky mike -- >> look how lucky you are. >> not lucky with the lottery yet. satellite/radar lots of clouds out there. maybe a couple of showers hitting the ground in central virginia most of us are dry. most of us won't see anything. a couple will. 85 degrees your daytime high. clouds through the morning by late afternoon early evening clearing them out more sunshine should be beautiful evening tonight. >> all righty. >> i think you can play 77. >> you can't not at all. >> i don't thi i
8:08 am
high. >> maybe they changed it but you didn't used to be able to. >> seven and seven. >> maybe i'm thinking of mega millions. >> can you do 27s. >> you can do 27s. i'll do 27s. >> all sevens. >> we're doing all sevens erin. >> don't try to steal our numbers. >> i might have to get one, too, we can split it equally. >> true. >> we gave our secret away. you gave your secret away. i stole it. >> lots of seven. >> our co-worker who used to do the lottery for all of us is now gone. somebody needs to take this o over. >> numbers between one and 69. >> we need to get an office pool. >> yes, we do. >> we have a better chance of winning with self tickets. i'm sure these people sitting on the beltway wish they were not sitting in traffic. crash did move over to the shoulder at bw parkway outer loop delays from 50 on through. we're seeing really slow-moving traffic. give yourself at least 20 extra minutes to get from 50 to bw parkway on the outer loop. good news again just left shoulder left lane blocked much better than the right lane that was crawling by earlier. as we switch this over from that view to a look at our maps we'll show what else you're up against including metro
8:09 am
east falls church. gw parkway northbound crash blocking the right lane near spout run parkway. delays picking up across the gw parkway northbound side. watch out for that. 66 eastbound very slow through arlington as you try to get to the key bridge from rosland into georgetown you have that normal morning congestion as well. and then constitution avenue northwest a crash at seventh street causing slow downs. we got you covered this morning. if you have any questions the erin fox5 d.c. on twitter. a lot of typical morning volume 270 southbound as well into r rockville. back to you guys. >> erin thanks fort heads up. nine minutes past the hour right now. residents of the lynn hill condominiums in temple hills packing up and moving out as we speak. >> fire officials gave them until noon today to vacate the building. their home after deeming it up safe to live in. fox5's anjali hemphill joins us now as residents begin to pick up and leave. anjali, there were yesterday at the at the same time, too, just an unfortunate out come. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it
8:10 am
residents here extremely upset that they were only given 24 hours a day to, get all of their stuff out to move. it is now four hours from the cut off time. not a lot of activity in the parking lot so far. we've seen some people moving stuff in and out. but not a ton. you can see though prince george's county police standing by here to make sure everything goes smoothly as again noon is the official cut off for the 100 or so residents that live within these two buildings here of lynn hill condominiums to get up and get out. after that, the county says they will get a court order to remove anyone who is still here after r and last -- yesterday the word doctors not go over well. that decision did not go over well with many of the residents who are left here. very upset they were only given this 24 hour window to basically uproot their entire life and find another place to live. however, as we've been reporting it's been a number of years of problems and mismanagement that has led to this point. fox5 cameras were inside
8:11 am
the buildings here while inspectors were going through and it was clear the buildings are in disrepair. they are unsanitary and even unsafe. the fire alarms don't even work at this time. residents did try to help chip in and fix up and clean up the place when they got that warning on friday that this decision may be coming down, yesterday, but the county says they did not do enough. right now social services is placing residents in hotels for the next seven days, but then it will be up to them to find a new place to live. meanwhile, we're told that lawyers here for the condos are trying to get this deadline extended. they're expected to file a motion in court this morning around 9:00 o'clock to see if they can extend that deadline, but it's unclear exactly how long they're look to go extent it. that's the latest here in temple hills. anjali hemphill, fox5 local n news. >> 11 past the hour. still to come major changes to the us seventh fleet after the deadly collision near singapore. >> bill
8:12 am
is delayed for several months. we'll explain after the break. it's 8:11 on wednesday.
8:13 am
8:14 am
>> al, 8:14. you know what that means. >> cuteness. >> you know it. >> it's cuteness time. >> favorite time of the day. we have -- [ laughter ] >> yes. >> we have my baby animal spirit animal. >> right. >> all this love and happiness. >> i love this name. this is d
8:15 am
>> aww. >> beautiful smile. >> beautiful name and beautiful smile as well. she's only two years old. love the hairstyle as well. >> i love her, too. >> she's got big adorable spiel there. dream loves to watch fox5 every morning with her mother. >> hi, dream. >> i'll bet you she got that beautiful smile from mom. >> i bet she did. before heading off to daycare. dream we hope you have a wonderful time at daycare. >> frame that picture she always cease that. >> my gosh, that is so cute. >> you want to keep that smile for life. >> i say to you i'm so happy right now. remember how i said it. that's how inside that's how i feel. >> exactly. [ laughter ] >> it's my internal me. >> let's all feed off of her smile right now as well. >> beautiful baby girl. >> one of those photos you'd see on the wall in toys r us or something. >> exactly. >> total model. >> dream you're looking good. keep that smile up. to send us your picture go to fox5 d.c. facebook page and put your photo under dream'. >> whoev
8:16 am
melted the hartwright there. can we get ice cream today. smile. yup. >> you cannot say no to that face. >> that's right. >> keep it up, dream. all right. look at that weather, or rather yesterday 90s were in place. reagan national 92. bwin2. mid 80 today's. say goodbye to the 90s we don't have any on the seven day. 78 degrees in d.c. richmond 78 as well. pittsburgh falling falling back into the 60's. columbus 50s. cooler and drier air on the way as we head into that. satellite/radar not too much going on. maybe down through central portions of virginia seeing little bit of shower activity but for now in d.c. we're dry. just had some clouds mixed with clear skies out there to start the day here. 85 your daytime high. clear the clouds out later on this evening and it's all good from there. thursday, friday, saturday, sunday all beautiful. lower 80s upper 70s for daytime highs. >> feeling more like fall than august. >> beautiful like dream. >> beautiful like -- dream even more beautiful than the weather
8:17 am
thou >> um-hmm. that's true. >> more beautiful than traffic? >> i would say -- >> way more beautiful than traffic. >> dream is a dream. >> dream was dreamy. we need to make that into a meme when you're hoping for the best. >> that's right. she was so sweet. >> okay. moving on to traffic it's not so sweet. i always feel bad when we get those fun segments take look at the beltway. we need some music to go along with this one. left shoulder is blocked by a crash on the outer loop at b bw parkway. inner loop delays from branch avenue to the wilson bridge. let's show you what else you are up against this morning. including metro delays. normal service resumed on the silver line after disable train at east falls church. we're just dealing with some residual delays as things good back to normal out there. aside from that gw parkway northbound crash blocks the right lane near spout run. 66 jammed up through arlington and falls church. memorial bridge, key bridge dealing with inbound delays and we also have some 14th street bridge delays as usual.
8:18 am
crash moved over to the shoulder at seventh street northwest. we're seeing residual delays. earlier metro bus delays as well. case bridge still dealing with a crash out there on the westbound side. 695 in both directions stack up and look at that atypical northbound delay on 295. there's a crash near east capitol street. 50 inbound dealing with bail out traffic as folks try to get away from the outer loop delay. heavy from the beltway to 295. bless you steve chenevey and back to you. >> thank you very much, erin. my apologies. the navy's seventh fleet is now under new command after the decision to dismiss advice admiral joseph i was coin. naval officials lost confidence in his ability following to deadly collisions involving naval ships the most recent just days ago when the uss john s. mccain collided with a tanker near singapore. >> it happened several times since the first of this year, collisions in two instances which have cost of the lives of our sailors. it's just unacceptable, and we'll g
8:19 am
>> navy ships worldwide will have temporary suspended operations to review team work, safety and sea man ship on board all 277 vessels. >> let's go to the kansas city missouri area at least one person is dead intent flooding a man in his 50's died when his car hydroplaned into rushing water. more than a dozen others left stranded in their cars. look at this family on the roof of their home. national weather service says up to 9-inches of water fell in some areas. out to the west coast now. washington state residents returning home this morning after being forced to evacuate due to large brush fire. crews were able to get this fast-moving blaze under control not before it burned 400 acres and destroyed four homes. celebrities are fighting back after another nude photo leak hackers targeted christian stew war, miley cyrus, tiger woods and kathy mcphee naked pictures are believed to have been grabbed from their phones and posted on website. many of the victims said they're taking legal action to have those photos taken down. aud
8:20 am
assault charges back to 2018. cosby's new team of lawyers requested the delay so that they can have more time to prepare. legal team includes tom messerau the attorney who won an acquittal in michael jackson's child molestation case. still ahead, heart warming interaction that you've got to see between a 91-year-old woman and a police officer. >> young boy kicked out classroom for his hair. this morning his mom vowing not to cut it without a fight. it's 8:20. ♪ . ♪♪
8:21 am
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>> live look outside as we take grand at reagan national air airport. 78 degrees and humid already at 8:23. two hours ago it was 75 degrees. so we haven't really moved the needle too much in the temperature department. >> um-hmm. >> but definitely waking up to some heat early this wednesday morning. >> enjoy it. it will be winter before you know it. okay. i'm done. tech text boy back in the news now interesting story folks are talking about it recently sent home this young boy was because of his long hair. the school district policy states to boys are only allowed to have hair that fits above the eyes so no -- nothing long in the front above the ears and the neck his mother offered to rap her son's hair in a bun on a daily basis but the school said no. although she was aware of the policy on long
8:24 am
exceptions like religious or cultural reasons. despite the rule she says she will not cut her son's hair. >> never had a haircut. it's just kind of part of his identity. i don't believe that short hair should be required in order to get an education. i will not cut his hair. >> hair is really pretty. but i guess i mean there are all kinds of concerns, you know. with long hair on everybody, though. mom says she's going to fight this rule. you looked at it it's like -- period. it's public school, though. >> it's public school but it is in the dress code. >> interesting. >> she'll fight the dress code and she see where it goes. >> hmm. okay. i understand. i feel like there's lot -- a lot in that. we might see that case. do you know what i mean all the way. we'll see. >> depends how far she wants to take it. >> okay. >> right now, though, we don't even know if she'll send the child to school or home school. super heroes tend to save the day athi
8:25 am
oregon propelled down the building and spent time with the pictures taking pictures and playing game. the distract helpful for the parents as it is for the children. all right. check out this heart-warming moment. dash cam video shows a police officer in austin, minnesota, dancing with a 92-year-old wo woman. first of all, she looks amazing. 92. okay. >> moving like that. >> sergeant kim she was driving last week she noticed the woman dancing in her apartment building's parking lot. so she pulled over. she turned up her radio and she joined in. >> that's sweet. >> okay. so maybe that's the secret to long fifty three 80. >> keep moving. >> you feel like dancing, pull your car over in parking lot in safe spot and you get out and dance. >> dance like nobody is watching. >> i love it. >> good for her. >> 8:25. >> keep grooving. >> grandma has got moves. >> she's 92. she looks amazing. >> she looks great and she's moving great. that's important. >> yes. >> stay happy. absolutely. >> storm
8:26 am
things calm to start. down towards culpeper just to the east they're blowing up a little shower maybe a brief downpour there. that's about all we have on satellite/radar early this morning. today's planner keep the risk of showers in the forecast until at least 11, 12:00 o'clock. 81 degrees by 2:00 o'clock temperatures peeking front comes through start to clear thing out temperatures will start to drop. you'll notice humidity start to drop as well. here we go through the next few days. today 86 down to 82 tomorrow. friday looks fantastic. 80 degrees and then guess what, 70s moving in for the weekend. have that seven day forecast coming up for you in about ten minutes or so. that's a check of the forecast. erin coma has traffic. >> hey, right now we do have big delays lingering on the outer loop from well before 50 to bw parkway crash block the shoulder and left lane. unfortunately, average speeds under 10 miles an hour. gw parkway as we take a look at our maps dealing with slow downs northbound because of a crash blocking the right lane near spout run parkway. southbound delays from ins
8:27 am
alexandria and arlington as w well. 66 inbound really jams up through arlington right there you can see that red line metro silver line back to being on time. we got you covered this morning if anything else pops up. keep it to fox5 news morning. we'll be right back. ♪
8:28 am
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8:30 am
78 degrees. >> i can handle the mug. >> for august it's not too bad. >> all the time. check out our stop stories 8:30 this morning thousands of protesters clashed with police overnight outside of a rally for the president in phoenix, arizona. what started as peaceful demonstration turned chaotic when protesters started throwing bottles and rock at police. officers used tear gas to disperse the crowds. >> espn coming under fire for its decision to pull this sportscaster from calling an upcoming football game because e was supposed to call the university of virginia/william and mary game in charlottesville on september 2nd. but he's been reassigned in a statement espn said it reached the decision with robert adding it is quote a shame that this is even a topic of conversation. >> how about this topic of conversation? getting rich in hurry the powerball jackpot the second highest jackpot in history. tonight's drawing estimated $700 million. the jackpot has rolled over with no w
8:31 am
june. in anticipation for tonight'ing drawing d.c. lottery will celebrate with games, trivia and give aways at the lottery store at union station. >> all right. >> ♪ at least you can get in on the party, right. all knew 8:00 most of us do lot of shopping but a brand names don't matter to you that could help you safe big time money. >> like a lot of money. fox5 guru steve noviello takes us through the growing trend of brand less names and how we can save money in the meantime. hi, steve. >> good morning. that's got news it's not about not buying the brand name it's about the brand name not really being as important as it once was and seeing that in everything from luxury to leisure wear. nowhere is it more evident than in women's high end handbags for the last few years, you've seen all of them with the heavy logos and initials and everything. that's hard to knock off because people look closely they think, that's not the real deal. but now we've seen all of that get eliminated so you can buy stuff that's similar size,
8:32 am
for far fewer dollars. for example this right here might look like that fancy louie whitton sat chet for 1600 bucks we got this 1h and m for less than 40 bucks. this bag right here inspired by stella mc carty's design for $900. sarah selling this very similar bag for less than 100 bucks a little on the higher end side. this is take on the khloe bag that's about thousand dollars very popular right now. we got this one at nordstrom, 275 bucks. again they're all the same shape, size and style and color but price point is a whole lot less. moving ton things for around the house and food. brand less is the brand new website launched just last month where everything they sell is three bucks and nothing has a bunch of fancy markets. we're talking about products that are non gmo sometimes organic, fair trade, kosher, gluten free, no sugar added all of that stuff you pay a big premium for in wholefoods and high-end grocery stores. but what they h
8:33 am
eliminated what they call the brand tax. there's not a whole lot of overhead and waste and marketing. they say they stand on the merits of the product itself and if you look at it it looks rather generic. whole bunch of different categories here. household cleaners, home and office. food and beverage they do it very inexpensively. now there are shipping charges so check that out. the company also partners with feeding america to provide food for those in need, and finally, especially in the days of millennials and social media. folks are more interested in promoting their brand than somebody else's brand. so the days of, you know, shirts that say abercrombie and fitch across them are gone. it's all about plane clothes right now. so why spend a fortune four plane stuff at department stores when you can go right to the source these are from website called blank they sell blank stuff. these are clothes that are maybe meant for screen printing but you can buy them and wear them this is actual wrl i get a lot
8:34 am
are nice and plane for just leisure wear. we're talking three, four, five dollars for a t-shirt. ten bucks for sweatshirt. again, the best look and the best trend without spending all of that money. links to all of these ways to save right now on your station website and of course when you come see me online facebo me steve. >> i feel like inner millennial is just now coming out i've been doing this for years. i never understood, steve, why we pay so much to promote some other company. i like the idea of the blank clothing and i'm glad that's taking off. >> the guys at my grim we want to sell you t-shirt so you can wear and promote the gym. i said you should pay me. >> if i'm on vacation and i like the place i'll buy it as souvenir i had great time at such and such a place. but as far as just corporate branding -- >> people don't realize you're advertising for these places when you check in every time that's why they encourage you to do it. >> you know it. you know it. all right. steve, thanks very much. >> thanks, steve. >> good to see you. >> good to see you guys
8:35 am
>> i like those hasn't bags. whole minimal lift thing right now. i love it. >> i can't tell handbag. i'm not -- >> i know. >> i'm not the target audience nor the target spotter when it comes to what's legit and what's not. >> those bags are cute. i like that stella mccartney. is it a knock off. >> there are some people will say that's a knock off. >> get a whole different style. any way, i like it. okay. hi, mike. >> go with what you like. >> i totally agree. knock off or not, if it gets the job done it gets the job done. right? 78 degrees outside washington. 78 in richmond. off to the north and west i have cooler air. 65 this morning in pittsburgh. 57 in columbus, ohio, that cooler air working its way into our region. slow and steady. still a warm and kind of a humid day. but second half of the day you'll start to notice changes as cooler drier air work its way in. shower around the culpeper area today. all i can really find on the radar just north locust dale as well light drizzle there moving off to the east. pretty slowly but it's getting there. storm tracker
8:36 am
satellite thrown over top. mostly cloudy conditions. we saw the live shot. clouds and sunshine here in d.c. keep those conditions around through the first half of the day. second half things get better. things get brighter then that brightness sticks around as we head through the end of the week. cold front hanging out around the region we have the warm and humid conditions in place as we head through the day high pressure will build in more and more. any time this year high pressure builds in from the north and west that brings cooler and some drier air into the forecast. can't rule out shower or two for people later on today. but most of us will stay dry. 85 degrees your daytime high right about where we should are for this time of year. tomorrow below normal temps move in and take over. below form nor the next five to seven days absolutely gorgeous sunshine 82 degrees for a high on thursday. all right. that's your weather forecast. erin is moving back in to tell you about your traffic. >> and new problems more problems on-going problems. >> always problems. >> always problems on the roads. 95 southbound at fairfax county parkway we have a crash blocking the right shoulder. part of
8:37 am
can see the off ramp to fairfax county parkway still moving. just watch for these atypical delays from the beltway on down. also, delays continue even though earlier crash almost cleared just the left shoulder still blocked by one vehicle outer loop at bw parkway delays extend back to before 50. 50 fibbed bail out traffic very backed up from the beltway to 295. we'll switch it over to our maps right now. aside from those crashes you can see the backups we have a new one in southeast in the dis district. minnesota avenue near 23rd street so watch for that. you can see a lot of congestion in that area 295 northbound is also backed up from earlier crash east capitol street. more traffic in just a few. >> 8:37 right now. erin, thank you so much. >> still ahead, less may be more when it comes to your friend groups. the new research proving that popularity can hurt in you the long run. >> it was a sight to be seen with protection but despite all the eclipse warnings hospitals are now being flooded with people wanting to get their eyes checked. 8:37. ♪ 8:37. ♪♪
8:38 am
8:39 am
hi, we are turketarians. you know people think that all turkey tastes alike. (both) wrong! true turketarians swear by butterball. we like to say, (both) "what is this? thanksgiving?" (both laughing) get it? butterball. the choice of turketarians.
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♪ i really wish we had cam ran allison will we play that song. >> we did not. >> every time -- i get to keep my integrity another day. >> we always say we're going to show one of these al dancing behind the scenes. >> that's jam. >> great tune. >> no doubt about it. >> matches the day, right. >> um-hmm. all righty. well, it is 8:40 right now. experts w
8:41 am
eyes. i mean that's what we said, right? when you were viewing the total solar eclipse. >> don't look into the sun. >> don't do it. >> despite those warnings people did. and doctors now say they're seeing up tick in patients with complaints of headaches, and other eye related issues. health experts are seeing the highest numbers of cases along the path of totality and the symptoms might take couple of days to show up. here some warning signings to look. sensitivity to light, eye pain, blurry vision in one or both eyes and, yes, a number of people said they had headaches as well. hopefully, you listened. >> let me tell you something. >> to the doctor's orders and used the glasses. >> mike was the one in the path of totality amongst the three of us. i can imagine when it's dark for that moment you're like, okay. what's the harm? i can look up at the moon or look up -- >> sure. >> and there you go. >> all right. make sure you look away. >> mike you're okay. no eye pain,. >> mike is fine. being popular isn't all it's cracked up. steve, see this isha
8:42 am
you. >> yeah. >> new study found having a few close friends may actually be better than having many. researchers followed more than 150 teenagers and young adults for a decade and found those who focused on fewer friends were less socially anxious. socially anxious. that sounds like a bad name. >> it does. >> less socially anxious. higher self-esteem, fewer symptoms of depression which is serious by the mid 20. >> i said on good day first of all i totally believe this study because when you get into your 20s and you have to make, upping, adult decisions. >> like bridesmaids. >> it always helps -- >> not just that. if you need somebody to confide in -- owe okay. >> to talk to. >> like job issues. >> any live issues. >> real stuff. >> right. those trends that made you popular are they going to be there for you you are need real friends that are always going to listen to you and have your b back. >> absolutely. >> curious with people -- the pore lar are the measure is now social media. what are you going to do then when you have problem. >> you just have to make sure like these are
8:43 am
who do you have -- who can you reach out and touch. >> try to force real friendships along the way. >> who can you touch when you need a dollar for the snack machine? >> just take them, al. >> thank you. >> my gosh, when are you going to open these. >> check in with maureen and holly before she bleeds me of any more money. >> i know right. >> seriously. >> all right. >> routine we play. >> and we're here and we watch and we love it. >> love you both. listen good day d.c. all over the big local stories including surprising new details about a local priest who admits he used to be part of the kkk. we're live. developing now, espn facing huge backlash after pulling a host because of his name. hundreds, hundreds of comments already on our fox5 facebook page. reaction and reasoning at 9a. plus parents, a warning from cyber expert experts the apps you don't want on your teen's phone. >> okay. hal holly you know what i'm tights. time to put up the good day guest list. star-studded today. really every day. she was niece wilson remember one of her hits "i love your smile" she's life in the loft.
8:44 am
that surely will make you smile. >> actor john corbett loved him, aiden, sex and the city, remember. >> um-hmm. >> he's live to tell us about his latest project. also, life, youtube star hang green. >> and kevin has interview with hollywood hotty robert patt pattinson. >> oh, my gosh. hamilton fans in the dc region, listen up. we told you it was sold out yesterday, right. >> right. >> we'll tell you something different today, maybe, i don't know i think we got good news for you on good day. >> we sure do. your number one good day d.c. two hours of it just moments away. who can hardly wait. >> may i say ladies you look amazing? >> thank you. we coordinated. >> i love it. >> thank you. >> this right here, yes, okay. >> thank you. >> two snaps. [ laughter ] >> 8:44 right now. coming up we'll take different spin on a couple of things including a holiday classic, a christmas story. it will now be a live product. >> okay. >> do you think that your child will make the perfect raffle fee for the live production? we have all the details what is
8:45 am
>> how exciting. i love it. tropical storm season is in full force unfortunately. but there's brand new book to teach children all about flash floods. fox news senior meteorologist janice dean will join us live with all the details. ♪ ♪♪
8:46 am
8:47 am
where's gary? 'saved money on motorcycle insurance with geico. goin' up the country. later, gary' i have a motorcycle! wonderful. ♪ ♪ ♪ i'm goin' up the country, baby don't you wanna go? ♪ ♪ i'm goin' up the country, baby don't you wanna go? ♪ geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides. ♪ some clouds out there this morning as we get this wednesday morning start. 8:47 right now.
8:48 am
yes, my friend. >> how long until the weekend? >> two days. i consider it two because we're already up. does that make sense. >> that makes sense. >> wednesday has started. >> plus friday is a party down in fredericksburg any way. >> oh, that's right. it doesn't even count as work day. that's right. >> one more day. >> um-hmm. >> we're here. >> we'll shorten the week however we can. >> hi, mike. >> hi, guys. pretty good weather you saw the live shot. clouds rolled in we'll have them for the rest of the morning and into the earl afternoon once we get this cold front passing through we'll kick the clouds out and few showers out there will kick out as well. future cast getting aggressive i'll show in you a minute. still warm today, little how mid as well. again as long as we're out ahead of this front we'll keep the humidity coming in from the south once we get it through we got really nice weather ahead. late week is close to perfection as you can get for august. in fact it will be feeling more like mid september by the time we get to the weekend. hey, windows open weather on the way, too. overnight lows back into the low 60s in the city that means 50s for the suburbs maybe even 40s in the mountains cooler weather on the way at least cooler starts. 78 degre
8:49 am
out there right now. feels like 80. winds out of the north and west at eight we have a change in wind direction coming that's going do bring in drier air. temps again 78 in d.c. but look at gaithersburg at 74. 77 for quantico. leonard, nap miss this morning 79 degrees this hour at fredericksburg and again out ahead of this front we shall get into the low to mid 80s this afternoon before that cooler and drier air starts to make its way into our region. here's satellite/radar. you see the showers i'm talking about down to the south. if he cuss in on this these this is what future cast is blowing newspaper heavier showers as it makes its way across southern maryland that sharper cloud deck you kind of see out here towards western maryland, west virginia that's the cold front itself once that gets through here. we'll be in the clear in fact we'll check out the weather back through ohio indiana through michigan today it's clear and dry there's nothing going on that's moving in as we head towards tomorrow. here's 11:30 am on future cast showing you that rain shower activity that moved across southern maryland we'll keep showers in the forecast for the early afternoon as well once
8:50 am
the clear here d.c., baltimore, north and west. late evening just about everybody is in the clear as we again get cooler air into the region. 85 your daytime high today. can't rule out an isolated pop up storm south and east today with that front still moving through check out the weather coming our way. 82 tomorrow, zip trip friday fredericksburg looks fantastic. i'll there be, steve will be there and maureen umeh will be there as well we'll have a graft. saturday and sunday temperatures into the 70s for a high. absolutely gorgeous weekend. that's a check of the weather. steve and allison i'll send it back to you. >> thank you very much. well fox is looking to make a new child star with its open call to find the new raffle fee. it's for the live production of a christmas story. nationwide casting call is under way to find the lead character. you can submit your child digitally until tuesday. maya rudolph has been played to play raffle fee's mom it airs december 17th. >> with crazy weather we've had yesterday d.c. area no stranger
8:51 am
to flash floods. that makes new book for kids extremely timely it's called freddie the frog caster. and the flash flood. it's the latest in the freddie series from janice dean who's the senior meteorologist at fox news channel and janice joins us this morning from new york. we love it. good morning to you. >> aww thank you steve and allison much it's wonderful to be your program this morning thank you for promote freddie the frog caster and the flash flood. >> i love it. tell us all about it. what do kids find when they open the pages? >> beautiful illustrations. this is my fifth book i'm so proud to announce. russ cox has done the amazing illustrations yet again freddie comes to life in the pages of freddie the frog caster and the flash flood. i wanted to two things with these books. i wanted to entertain children but i also wanted to educate them. and you know flash flooding you mentioned in the dc area we've got a lot -- we've had a lot of rain across the mid atlantic and the northeast this year. flooding affects anyplace on earth that gets rainfall.
8:52 am
many folks, and you know, i just wanted to make sure that parents and teachers and kids what to do in advance of a potential weather situation like flash flooding and floods unfortunately take more lives than tornadoes, than hurricanes, than lightning each and of year a dangerous situation there are steps that we can take with our kids to make sure that they are prepared. >> that's the key i think that you just said right there with our kids janice because even when you look at the book there are children's books and then there are books to help children and just based on the amount of words in this book i guess if i could, f i could reduce it to that this is not like a three words a page book for kids to read. i'm assuming this is more a book for parents to read to or with their children? >> absolutely. listen, you know, the great thing is it's beautiful book so kids below the age of six can appreciate the beautiful colors, and they love frogs. freddie the
8:53 am
crocker, polly wog begins are here for this book it is an educational tool if i wasn't meteorologist, i don't know if i could explain to my widths why things happen. why does a flash flood happen? what can we do to protect our kids? i think if we get involved as parents and teachers and talk to our kids about potential weather situations, it takes the scare out of something that could be, upping, very dangerous, potentially, you know, life-threatening. so that's my mape goal to get kids and parents together. get a preparation plan. know what your evacuation plan is if there's a flood situation. know who to call if your kids are at school and they can't get home because of a potential weather situation. all proactive. that's what i want to do and especially as a meteorologist that's my main goal is to make sure people know what to do and where to go in advance of a system. >> well, we look forward to it. it makes me wish my kids were young enough to take part in it. one day
8:54 am
grandmother, so i'll be checking out freddie the frog caster. i love that so much. janice, thank you. >> thank you. thank you, d.c. thank you so much for having me. >> you got it always good to see you. 8:54 right now. let's continue to move on where we'll be in two days from now. our next zip trip will be friday august 25th that's this friday and we will be live in fredericksburg, virginia. we'll be at her camp park right downtown at the corner of williams street and prince edward street. downtown fredericksburg, mike thomas and i will be there. maureen umeh will be there to join us as well and most importantly we hope to see you there. >> absolutely. and don't forget, tischer auto group of laurel and fox5 giving away a one year lease on a new 2018 acura tlx at our zip trip finale not this week but after that the finale on friday, september 1st at national harbor. to enter go to now through august 27th click on the contest link and register to be selected as one of five finalists. finalists must attend the zip trip finale
8:55 am
lucky viewer will go home a winner. you must be 18 or older to en enter. complete rules online entry or available at time right now 8:55. we're back in just 30 seconds. ♪ >> well almost two years after pizza rat made people lose their minds in new york city proved to be false tv has pizza squirrel as far as we know is legit. >> and much cuter. >> fox5 viewer zen us these pictures of the squirr
8:56 am
a piece of cheese pizza by the georgia avenue metro station in pet worth. >> get it squirrely. >> snapped a few photos before pizza squirrel was ready to scurry away with the slice. i hope it's real and i hope the squirrel enjoyed its pizza. >> it looks real to me. >> fur on the tail makes all the difference as far as i'm concerned. >> it really does make a difference. >> sorry rats. >> unfortunately -- >> tree kitties. time to say hello to our facebook fan of the day. we have the but familiarly from damascus, married. mom, heather, sad, russell, daughters emily and little summer. >> aww. >> nominated by heather who says they all love fox5. thanks guys. we real dollar appreciate it we hope everybody has a fabulous day. for your fan chance to be the fan of the day post your picture below this one. >> super cute. >> love it. >> i like the color coordination. >> yes. me, too. >> well done all around. >> final check on weather and traffic before good day. >> ladies first go ahead erin. >> the beltway still heavy outer loop by bw
8:57 am
crash. all metro rail lines on time and we're seeing delays southbound 95 by fairfax county parkway from a crash. so that's what i got cook. how about you? >> i got clouds cooking out there. satellite/radar. maybe a shower or two to the south. details on this and the seven day forecast. september like air coming our way. we'll talk about that in good day d.c. >> awesome. >> very good. >> lots to talk about and lots of celebs. got a pack show for you coming up in just a couple of minutes. i'm excited. >> we'll see you on the other side of the break with good day coming up next. ♪
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
♪ straight ahead, president trump taking the stage in phoenix defending his respone at the violence in charlottesville. >> it's time to expose the crooked media deceptions. >> outside protests take a turn after clashes between the president's critics and supporters. we'll have more of what the president said in his speech and the hints he's dropped about a possible controversy al pardon. >> he burn crosses and even threatened to kill coretta scott king. we have new details about the virginia priest who reveals his troubled past as a kkk leader. one of the family also he target asked speaking out and we'll have the full report coming up. political correctness run rampant? espn pulling a play by play announcer from football game in have a is because he shares the same name with an infamous confederate general. now the sports network is under fire on social media. and later -- >> ♪ powerball


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