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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  August 24, 2017 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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>> ♪ >> a big development following that white supremacist rally in charlottesville. one of the organizers turned himself in to police. >> high security at a prince george's county condo building. all is quiet right now but those residents ordered to evacuate due to unsafe living conditions will return in the coming days. >> so much making news this morning. we have it covered for you. first the question everybody is probably waking up with was i the one with the winning powerball ticket. >> did i win it all. unless you bought your ticket in watertown, massachusetts, sadly the answer is no. and i hate to be the bearer of bad news. so, let's get up and get ready to go to work. >> unless you're one of the 1 million-dollar winners. >> you still got to go to work probably. >> just one winning number matched the $758 million jackpot sold at handy variety in boston
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grand prize won b by a single lottery tickets. winning numbers six, seven, 16, 23, 26, powerball number was four. >> all right. also good news. 40 tickets nationwide were 1 million-dollar winners maryland and virginia each have one $1 million winner. >> now you know you didn't win the big money. if you didn't buy your ticket there but you better get your day started anyway. here's a live look outside. the whether it will be great. no need to be in any sort of funk 'cause you didn't win. >> we'll start with weather. >> weather is going to be pretty good today especially d.c. baltimore just a few passing clouds. off to the west though i-81 and the mountains maybe a passing shower this afternoon. hey, erin, how is traffic. >> right now we have some problems on the roads including the icc westbound by muncaster mill road. a truck off the road on its side. frederick maryland 15 southbond a crash by mount zion road.
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lanes blocked. delays developing. we'll take a look i was skyfox with that crash. >> big developments overnight of the one of the far right extremists who helped organize the rallies in charlottesville turned himself in to police. >> maureen umeh joins us with the latest. >> good morning allison and steve. christopher cant well is a white nationalist accused of pepper spraying someone a day before the charlottesville protest. cant well calls it self-defense. now he's facing felony charges. one of the organizers and participants of the charlottesville rallies is now behind bars. chris cant well turned himself in to virginia police wednesday charged with two counts of illegal use of tear gas and one count of malicious bodily injure. cant well insists he only pepper sprayed a counterprotester in self-defense. the far right blogger was featured in a vice news documentary about white supremacist neo n nazis and extremist groups. he talked about trying to make himself more
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cant well posted a youtube video crying over his outstanding warrants. >> i don't think it's wise for me to be, you know, going -- going anywhere. we have done everything in our power. we have used every peaceful and lawful means by which to redress our grievances. >> in charlottesville the debate over confederate statues sparked by the rally reaches a new level. city officials covered monuments of robert e. lee and stonewall jackson in black tarps. the order was given as charlottesville is seeking state app approval to remove the statues. >> whole city is in mourning. the whoa city is traumatized. >> the idea of covering up confederate statues is getting a mixed response. >> i'm not going to stop in my efforts to try to get it removed. i'm glad city council recognized it needed to be addressed. >> a hearing to determine whether the statues can come down is set for september 1st. steve. >> the diocese of arlington
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maryland family to set up a private meeting between them bishop mic michael burbage and a priest who was a member of the kkk. philip and barbara butler say they're waiting for a personal apology from the priest and for $23,000 he was ordered to pay them in restitution. >> this morning police and fire officials are blocking the entrance to the lynnhill condos in temple hills after the building was deemed unsafe to live in. >> all residents were forced to vacate while crews make repairs to get that building back up to code. annie yu in temple hills with the latest for us. good morning, annie. >> reporter: good morning, steve and allison. yeah, management says they're working swiftly to make those repairs so that it follows the code, but no word on the time line. residents remaining hopeful but very -- tensions are high here because, you know, we've been following this story for days now and residents say that they were given very short notice, b
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chief says it had to be done. these units here at the lynnhill condominiums were just unfit, unsafe for residents. and if you look, as you mentioned, yeah, they're pretty serious about blocking folks off the property here. they actually brought in a fencing company and closed up all the gaps around the property, even to the far back and we actually have additional cruisers here now keeping watch. we had an officer here overnight but three more officers have showed up to keep watch of this property. we're told residents can come back starting at 10:00 to retrieve some of their belongings. that will go on until 7:00 tonight but you must have proper i.d. now, yesterday was the deadline for all 100 or so folks to leave. social services were here trying to help residents find a place to stay for the next few nights until at least a long term residence can be secured. many obviously not being happy with being pushed out on such short notice, their lives uprooted. some are staying in hotels, some with friends and family. we even spoke to a
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weren't sure about where they would be able to stay. one lady told us perhaps her car. management and the residents here they have battled it out over the living conditions and it all came to ahead last year when management failed to pay $1 million in bills to the utility tow company and since tn the power and water has been on and off for months. residents have complained about the horrible conditions. here you see some video of holes in ceilings, you've got standing water, mice, rats and flies, some even complain about strong odor coming from the hallways, conditions so bad that the chief, ben barksdale he made in call to evacuate all residents. as you can imagine, tensions are running high. we spoke to a few residents. take a listen. >> tomorrow when i come back and gather the rest of my belongings. >> reporter: will you have somewhere to sleep tomorrow night? >> if the hotel allows us to stay there i guess we'll stay there until i can find a place. >> i understand what they had to do. i mean for the safety issue. >> reporter: yes. >> that's understandable but get your humanity in itnd
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give us a little more time to get out of here. we want to go. we're going to comply. you want us to be out we're going to go out but give us a little more time, okay. that's all we ask. >> reporter: again, from 10:00 to 7:00 today as long as you bring your proof of residency you will be allowed back in to retrieve your belongings. that's the latest from temple hills annie yu fox5 local news. >> ♪ >> south texas right now preparing for what is now tropical storm harvey. the storm continuing to gain strength as it drifts in the gulf towards the texas shore line. forecasters predict it could become a hurricane. as harvey makes landfall up to 20-inches of rain could fall in some areas. the governor of texas already declared a state of emergency for 30 counties on or near the coast and some residents have been told to seek higher ground and mike, you're forecasting thoughts hurricane, yes, hurricane no. >> hurricane yes. most of the models say it's
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weak category one hurricane strength. again the major story is going to be the rain. there's going to be a lot of flooding down there. >> slow moving. >> it's going to get stuck. it's almost going to sit over the houston area for about three straight days. >> my goodness. >> tremendous amounts of rain on the way. >> down there trying to play baseball. they had that in miami when they were there. >> they will be fine today and they fly back tomorrow. they fly back tonight and they have the game home tomorrow. let's take a look at the weather around the regionally we'll talk more on harvey coming up. hurricane warnings have been issued for most of the coastline. humidity taking a break locally. you can feel it as you step outside this morning, it feels fantastic. we'll have a pretty good day here on your thursday afternoon. temperatures 71 degrees now in d.c., feeling good. 64 in gaithersburg. good morning quantico, 70. 69 now in fredericksburg where we'll be for zip trip tomorrow morning. can't wait for that. 66 degrees in leonardtown as they start their day. high thin clouds out there this morning.
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quick to burn off once we get the sun in the sky. we'll turn mostly sunny here in d.c. baltimore. we'll mention out to the west i-81 corridor those who live out in the mountains elkins west virginia maybe a passing shower. it will be brief, it will be quick. here locally again i think we keep it dry, high of 82 degrees. >> all right. thank you so much. nice temperatures mike. >> not bad. >> all righty. hi, erin. >> hey, good morning. 7:09 keeping a close eye on the roads and skyfox has made it to location, this is 15 as you make your way out in frederick, maryland. traffic moving along a little better as skyfox zooms out. westerly dwe were dealing with h by that mount zion road. traffic moving at speed. crash cleared. let's show you a look at our cameras. this is the inner loop crash at dulles toll road. left lanes, left shoulder blocked. right lane getting by. seeing a big slowdown from well before seven. about a 20 minute delay there. as we move over and show you a look at our maps, first this
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after muncaster mill road. good news though is all metro rail lines are on time. back to you guys. >> 7:09. new this morning more divers now joining the search of the flooded u.s.s. john mccain. the remains of at least five of the 10 missing sailors have been identified. the navy says a body found at sea by malaysian forces though is not one of the u.s. navy sailors. the crash hitting very close to home. one of the 10 victims was from gaithersburg, maryland. electronics technician second class kevin bushel is one of the 10 sailors still missing and believed to have been killed in that collision. also among them petty officer third class kenneth smith grew up in michigan but moved to norfolk as a teen. the sailors went missing after the u.s.s. mccain collided with an oil tanker on monday. >> 7:10 right now. overnight in saint louis missouri a car drove into a crowd of protesters then stopped and accelerated again. the crowd had gathered to protest the deadly police shooting of a transgender woman. three people suffered
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injuries. >> white house reportedly ready top send guidance to the pentagon on banning transgender service members to the military. the "wall street journal" saying the president will six months to nondeployable refers to anyone unable to take part in training or serve on a ship for months. the pentagon will be ordered to stop paying for transgender medical treatments. the president sent shock waivers through the nation and now people are asking will the immigration debate lead to a government shutdown. >> president taking a hard line stance on his border wall and with the deadline just weeks away it may complicate efforts to keep the government operating. holly morris joins us in studio with more on the escalating tension from washington. >> just keeps rising day by day. it seems as if. we've certainly seen spending standoffs in washington before but this time the president has been very specific. either fund a border wall to mexico, or he'll block the
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congressional spending deal: what will it take for the president to get on the same page as congress and will his planned border wall lead to a government shutdown in coming weeks. >> believe me we have to close down our government we're building that wall. >> the president with a clear threat, just as his relationship with the republican senate majority leader mitch mcconnell may be at an all time low. here's the problem. if congress doesn't ink a new spending plan by september 30th there could be a government shutdown with the predictable blame game to follow. the president's threat to link any deal to border wall funding is a risky gamble that others in the gop are not thrilled about to say nothing of democrats. >> not only is it in our interest to do so while we work on doing what we actually said we would do, what we've done already in the house and we need to do which is to control our borders. i don't think you have to choose between the two. >> this is the spirit we need to every come our challenges. >> that was the president yesterday in reno offerin
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but as everything comes down to the wire here in washington, the question remains, how far will he push an issue that early on helped define his campaign for the white house and remains important for his political base. meanwhile the mouse white the white houseis trying to setg between the president and mitch mcconnell when congress returns next month. cliche but only time will tell. >> have to wait and see. holly thank you. it has been months since that deadly fair accident in ohio. so, what is the state of maryland, maryland state fare doing to keep people safe this year as we're just hours away now from opening night in one of the counties. >> all right. plus supporters of quarterback colin kaepernick held a rally outside of nfl headquarters last night in new york city demanding he be signed by the start of the regular season. more on that coming up next. i see wisdom standing by. it is 7:13.
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>> that is not good al. >> no. >> inner loop crash at the dulles toll road as you can see and it is not looking so good so we're going to enlist erin to help us out to try to work ourselves around that situation but that's the big jam-up right now at 7:16. >> that wins the jam cam right now. >> early candidate for jam cam. >> i think so, too. >> early contender. >> all righty. >> i'm going to start you a off with the big story story which is harvey. folks in texas getting ready for harvey. still a tropical storm at this hour. winds of 45 miles an hour. that shade of red you see along the texas coastline right here, that is a hurricane warning that was just issued this morning. and as steve mentioned earlier state of emergency already declared for portions of texas because they are expecting just massive amounts of rainfall. again, as far as hurricane strengths goes 85 miles an
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texas has certainly seen worst. it's going to be the rain and harvey does have some major flooding risks with it. this area of white i've kind of upgraded our scale here that's where the models are putting out more than a foot of rain. this is the european model right around the houston area. that's a lot of rain and even over the course of three, four days, that's going to cause some major flooding issues. so, texas is of course getting ready for that. 71 degrees outside in d.c. right now. most of our suburbs have fallen back into the 60's, even some 50's out there. cumberland 55, martinsburg 58. 59 in winchester. satellite and radar shows it's all quiet outside for now. could we kick up a few showers? yes, possibly especially over the mountains to the west. look at futurecast through the afternoon. there you go. few showers kicking up around the 3 o'clock hour. i don't think they'll be this widespread. small kind of springlike almost showers that kind of just pass by real quick. even here in d.c. as we get into the overnight hours as this piece of energy swings across maybe we see a brief sprinkle or two. don't think it's a major concern for the
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82 degrees just a few passing clouds out there. again, any showers this afternoon should hold west of town. then maybe tonight a passing shower may cross the district especially during the late evening hours. 66 degrees though that's going to feel good. open those windows, turn the ac off. enjoy it while we got it. good weather for zip trip in fredericksburg and the weekend looks fantastic as well. that's weather. jam cam not yet but we had an early contender there, erin. >> yeah not yet. the inner loop is winning just past the crash scene the right lane getting by p left lane still blocked. about a 30 minute delay from well before seven from 66 to the dulles toll road we're in for those big delays right there. factor in that extra time. the icc right lane still blocked. they have crews working to get a truck that flipped over onto its side off the road out of the way. this is again after muncaster mill road. left lane is getting by. eastbound side very quiet as you can see. as we switch over for a look
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northbound 95 blocking the shoulder 610 a garrisonville road. not terrible delays. back to 17 up through that that point as you get north of the aquia harbor factor in about 20 extra minutes because of congestion. let's see if we can forward our maps and show you what else you're dealing with. for the rest of your thursday morning commute you can see the inner loop jams just a bit from the springfield interchange. then once you approach 66 through that point at the dulles toll road, again it's about a 30 minute slowdown because of that crash that's packing up traffic onto 66 eastbound as you try to get to the inner loop and we're seeing big delays on 66 by sudley road. outer loop typical delays in college park. 95 to georgia avenue. about a 15 minute slowdown and stop-and-go traffic the entire stretch of 270 southbound. not terrible right now just about a 20 minute delay total from 70 all the way down to the spur. that's a closer look at that outer loop delay in college park and 95 the icc to the inner loop we are seeing about a five minute slowdown. not terrible. same story bw parkway both directions. all metro right now. we'll let you know if that
7:20 am
anything else pops up that would be a better jam cam than the inner loop. back to you guys. >> i'm going to hope that that doesn't happen. the maryland state fair opens tonight and it comes just a month after that deadly fair accident that happened in ohio. organizers in maryland say they're doing all they can to assure everybody stays safe. all of the rides have been inspected and will continue to be inspected throughout the duration of the fair. maryland's fair does include a similar ride to the one that killed man in ohio. while officials say it was built by the same manufacturer, the ride in maryland is much newer. >> this accident made our industry aware of an issue that maybe before we weren't aas a wear as we should have been. >> organizers for maryland's fair say they have 10 inspectors who will be checking the rides daily. he wouldn't stand for the national anthem. supporters taking a stand against the national football league on behalf of colin kaepernick. >> hundreds turned out in new york city yesterday in support of the still unsigned quarterback and made demands that the nfl take
7:21 am
wisdom is in studio now with that and a new rally in the works for the skins opening day. >> so the back story on this is that there was a rally, a massive rally in front of nfl headquarters. several backers including the naacp held signs chanting i'm with cap. now, the demonstrations stems from the backlash kaepernick received for kneeling instead of standing for the national anthem before games last season. now his refusal to stand was his way of shedding light on the growing number of unarmed black men killed by police. his former team the san francisco 49ers declined to resign him after last season. he's been a free agent actually he opted out of his contract in the spring. so, the 49ers did say they were going to -- general manager john lynch said he was going to cut him. his unemployment has experts saying kaepernick is better than a lot of quarterbacks in the league but he's still on the sidelines. supporters say they want a meeting with the commissioner to discuss why kaepernick hasn't been
7:22 am
team. >> we are here because we believe colin kaepernick deserves a job. we also believe that the national football league has been complicit in the os ostracizing colin kaepernick. >> there is a white supremacist wing of the white house that is operating in washington, d.c. and they are trying to silence voices of resistance so when we stand up for kaepernick we're standing up for ourselves. >> now, as we we just mentioned he caused controversy last season when he needle during --kneeled during the national anthem. >> the commissioner says my personal we don't live in a perfect society. we believe strongly in patriotism in the nfl. i personally believe very strongly in that. i think it's important to have respect for our
7:23 am
our flag for the people who make our country better for law enforcement and for our military who are out fighting for our freedoms and our ideas. meanwhile the group black lives matter says they plan to hold rallies outside of football stadium this season to encourage an nfl boycott. they'll begin in our area with a planned rally at fedex field on redskins opening day which is september 10th. >> let me ask you this. i know that it's not a joke but the joke is the nfl holds the greatest power in the world and they can do what they want. >> they have a lot of power. >> but the league doesn't sign players, teams sign players. >> right. >> so, is it possible that the nfl front office where these people are protesting can be keeping colin kaepernick from signing with a team when 32 teams have the option to sign him. >> here's what i think -- 'cause you can't force owners, you can't force roger goodell to make any decisions in regards to who you sign as a football player. you can't force them to do that. what i think they're doing is trying to get attention to this and maybe hopefully get into thefl
7:24 am
little bit and get more attention to this. roger goodell does have the power to meet with owners and say -- intervene on somebody's behalf. he could do that meet with all the owners and say, look, this is an issue, maybe we need to do this or do that but as far as forcing roger goodell to make them sign a specific player, whether it's kaepernick or anybody else that just doesn't happen and you're right the nfl has a tremendous amount of power. so, they pretty much can do whatever they want with no consequence unless you start digging in their pockets which is ratings, you know, and then that's a whole -- and sales and all that kind of stuff. that gets their attention. otherwise, it kind of falls on deaf ears when you're starting with roger goodell and the owners. >> thanks wisdom. >> yup. >> coming up we're going to talk to a man that many say got hundreds of people to leave the klan including the arlington priest at the center of a new controversy. >> that's coming up at 7: 30. in the meantime it's 7:24 right now. we will be right
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>> 7:27. and it is our time for our jam cam and look at that parking lot on the inner loop from before 66 through mclean as you get to the dulles toll road because of a crash. we're seeing conditions like this bumper to bumper traffic. it's at least a 35 minute delay right now to get from before 66 through the dulles toll road. so leave early, have some patience. exit ramp to dulles toll road looking good. it's the inner loop that is jamming up like
7:28 am
asides from that all metro so ao rail times on time. keep it to fox5.
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>> 7:30. problem on the inner loop on the dulles toll road that doesn't look like it's changings much at all. >> sadly no. >> check back in with erin in a couple of minutes and get you an update. hopefully we can get you a work around if that's part of your commute this morning. lot of folks waking up hoping they're multi million. take a look at our top stories. somebody is a multi millionaire. $758 million richer. if you live in the dmv didn't travel to massachusetts sadly it's probably not us. single ticket was sold in massachusetts. it hit the powerball jackpot. now it is a large
7:31 am
ever won by a single lottery ticket. six other tickets won $2 million. 34 more are worth a million dollars. the winning numbers get your tickets. zero six, zero seven, 16, 23, 26, and powerball was zero four. >> i had one of those six numbers. gets me nothing. today begins the long road repairs at lynn hall condo condominium. they were forced to evacuate with one day notice. the condo building closed off by police while crews fix the deplorable conditions and get that building up to code. not yet clear when residents will be able to get back there. annie is out there this morning and she said residents with an id can go back in daytime hours today and retrieve belonging. >> white supremacist who pepper sprayed someone a day before the deadly august11th protest in charlottesville has turned himself in. christopher cantwell is his name he used the pepper spray in self
7:32 am
virginia campus. he faces three felony charges including using tear gas illegally. >> 7:31 right now. arlington priest admission to a white supremacist past came as no surprise to one local musician author and speaker. >> before william aitcheson renowned his kkk past and joined the priesthood he was convict evidence burning a cross outside of a maryland home in college park. darrell davis reach out to his parents offering to help sh their son all these years later davis is still at it. he's credited with getting dozens of former white supreme mists to renounce their past and give up their hatred. he's the subject of an inned pend documentary. he is currently updating his book clandestine relations and he is joining us now talk about his life's work. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> good morning. what a dangerous work you've chosen to take on. >> well, you know, i haven't found it too dangerous every now and then i have a couple encounter thursday a little n nass, too but for most part, it's been a pretty, um, pretty calm
7:33 am
on both sides have learned something my side and their side. >> always starts with conversation. >> absolutely. >> talking. i want to talk -- talk about the big picture in a minute the focus right now this week has been on this priest. i know you reached out to his family some 40 years ago and you wrote about this in your book. what was your experience with him and his family? >> well, i knew about him. i remember as teenager when he threatened coretta scott king, and he had plotted to bomb ft. meade. i think it was the nsa headquarters over there. so i was aware of him and then when i started interviewing clan leaders and clan members, he was a part of that group. so i interviewed some of his colleagues and they talked -- in fact they brought him up because i was interviewing a guy who was, um, who was imprisoned for trying to bomb a synagogue up in baltimore, and he was friends with bill aitcheson
7:34 am
aitcheson is the name of the priest now and he told me about bill aitcheson. i reached out to him, and i contacted his folks here in montgomery county, and they said they would pass the message along to him but doubted he would contact me and did he not. >> did you know that he was priest all these years? did you know what happened to him? >> no, i did not know he was a priest. i had heard that he had moved away and little later on somebody else told me he had turned his life around. they didn't quite say what he had done, but they said he had turned his life around. >> so now, he has basically come forward. he rewrote this confession full. what's your advice for him now, the couple still clearly scarred by the events that happened to them cross burned on their lawn 40 years ago or what have you. what is your advice? they say they're still waiting for an apology. what would you say if you could talk to him? >> i would say he should meet with them and talk with them and
7:35 am
there's anything that he owes them, then, you know, make them whole. >> um-hmm. >> but dialogue is the key, and that's where it needs to start. he needs to sit down and talk with them and also as a priest, he is responsible for his flock, and talk to his flock about it. because there are people in his flock who may have the same ideas in their mind that he had back then. >> um-hmm. >> and having been on both sides of the fence, he is no -- he is the best candidate to address it. >> so he stepped away from his role temporarily at least as priest. we don't know what will happen next for him but you're saying it would be better for him to maintain a role where he can have an audience to be open about this and talk more about what he had done to his flock. >> absolute. i don't think he should leave the priesthood. you know, i mean in christianity we are forgiven, and he has committed a sin
7:36 am
humanity, against god, but he has turned his life around. so take that turning around and set an example for others to turn their lives around. >> you've talked with many people hundreds. you believe that you've helped to turn around hundreds of people, maybe 200 people. >> indirectly, yes, absolutely. >> so i guess my main question when we look at these events and the hate and the eyes and running over and killing of heather heyer in charlot charlottesville. in your opinion, then, people can be changed? >> yes, people can be changed. let's be clear about the charlottesville incident. that was not absolutely not about protesting to take down the robert e lee statue. >> what was it about. >> it was about what those particular people that was about starting a race war. i can tell you why. i know some of those people, all right. in the confederacy during the civil war there were blacks and there were jews
7:37 am
on the side of the confederacy. >> absolutely. >> okay. and today there are some blacks some and jews who have joined confederate organizations like sons of confederate veterans, et cetera. >> um-hmm. >> who want to up hold the heritage of the confederacy z now these people who were down there marching with tiki torch and all this business, they claim to be decedents of the confederacy. why not invite their jewish and black counterparts to march with them to preserve the legacy of the confederacy? instead they did not do that. they chose to march by themselves shouting antisemitic and anti black epithets as they marred so that tells you it wasn't about the statue. furthermore, some of their ancestor doctors lose their lives in the civil war. none of those people that we saw marching down there were old enough to know any of those ancestors. right? >> right. >> but they are old enough to know their father. >> this is
7:38 am
supremacy. >> absolutely. they're old enough to know their fathers and grandfather and great grand grandfathers who fot against who, the nazis in germany. some of them lost their lives or lost a limb through shrapnel or whatever. so why would they honor their great great ancestors who they did not know. >> right. >> and diss a vo their closer ancestors by marching alongside of nazis? >> i know we have to wait up, but when you said race war -- >> y. >> you know, this -- >> that's what they call it. >> if you're paying attention, and he is special physical you're a member of minority community, that is in the back of your head. how big can this thing get? in your opinion, instead of going the negative way how do we stop this before it gets bigger? are we seeing it being stopped with these counter protests? >> no. >> what do we do? >> no. counter protests are not the answer. the answer is, you know you want to counter this invite the leader who's are organizing these things to come to a table and have
7:39 am
>> if they don't want to listen, darryl. >> then you recruit other people tolls come to the table. >> speaking of listening, darryl. some people will listen. people have listen to me and renounced their ideology. >> we have 15 seconds. if somebody knows something they're white supremacist or they have those thoughts you're the master of getting them to turn around. contact me at my website daryl >> all right. >> thank you very much for joining us. >> keep up your mission much we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> 7:39. we'll be right back. ♪
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amazon is a step closer to owning wholefoods the federal trade commission gave amazon the green light to buy the grocery chain. it is a nearly $14 billion deal. now the purchase gifts amazon a foot hold in a $700 billion u.s. grocery market as well as more than 465 bic and mortars where they can do more than just sell groceries. they can showcase amazon products, get packages ready for home delivery, maybe more pick up locations, al. the wholefoods world at their fingertips. >> gone are the days of me as child going to the co-ops. [ laughter ] oh, man they made it big business. >> long gone. long gone. all right. sorry, glut. from the ashes of the failed galaxy note seven comes the galaxy note eight. like a phoenix rising steve. the note eight is packed with the latest technology. it also has 6.3-inch
7:43 am
it's the largest ever on galaxy note phone. pre orders begin today and lauren simonetti letting us know they started a $900. in samsung to apple. apple will intro due its newest phones this will happen on self 12th, iphone eight and iphone ss and plus. iphone eight expected to have a host of new features including facial recognition technology. they should go on sale around the 22nd. >> so we're in basically samsung or iphone you'll pay about a thousand bucks for your phone. >> let's think of it as a computer that can make phone calls. >> that's exactly what they want to you think of. >> okay. every of years.u buy a couple- >> sports fans look forward whole new reason to grill as summer winds down. tailgating, tailgating institute of america estimates americans spend $35 billion on food and beverages just for tailgating tg now the last year that webber grill did a survey
7:44 am
that 44% of fans think it's not really even so important to have ticket to the game. you just want to tailgate. tailgating dates back to the civil war believe it or not. in 1861, as bizarre as it sounds, people packed picnics and wine to watch the battle of bull run we talked about when we did the 150th anniversary out there a few years back. super weird. >> super weird but a lot of super weird things in our history, al. >> you got that right. >> still ahead new katie perry video out overnight featuring several cameos. we'll take look. kevin will geek out over that. >> this video is absurd. kind of funny. >> i haven't seen it yet. >> all right. plus robert downey, jr. is warning his fans about a scam artist. the fox beat is next. lots of good cameos, you're right.
7:45 am
you've worked hard. busted tail. and impressed the boss. maybe, it's time to be your own.
7:46 am
with strayer university's mba program today. let's get it, america.
7:47 am
♪ welcome back. it is 7:47. we are looking ahead to good day d.c. >> a lot of great stuff coming dawn. actor jerry ru run he join us in studio before. good guy. he'll join us again once again live this morning he has a new movie cold wind rivers it's one of kevin's favorites so far this year. maryland super model will make a big splash or she is already lear sift on the new season of project runway and she is joining us in studio. >> all right. our good friend dr. ro stops by in the good day kitchen. nutritionist will explain why so many people choosing to vegan might be doing it all wrong. >> doing it wrong. wait until you see who else is stopping by. let's just say the show will go to the dogs
7:48 am
>> can't pick up what you're putting down, al. >> let me just say -- >> go into detail. >> national dog day is on the weekend. >> we're talking puppies. >> on saturday. we're starting early. >> fantastic. i love it. >> yes. so cute. hi, york keys. >> i can't wait. >> i know. is sid coming in. >> i wish. we'll be in fredericksburg tomorrow. >> sid is going to fredericksburg. >> no, no, no. >> oh, i wish. >> that would be fantastic. >> it would be chaotic. >> sid would be. let sid stay home. what's up weather wise? >> back at last. guess what jetter pretty quiet today. no worries at all. >> okay. >> one area it's not very quite, though, down in the gulf. there's tropical storm harvey updated as of just a few minutes ago. winds up to 60 miles an hour. so up 15 miles an hour. it is gaining 70 it's becoming more organized and, yes, it is expected to become hurricane here before it reaches the texas coastline that's why they've updated this area red here which is a hurricane warning out for those in texas. if you happen to be traveling down south keep your eye on this much it's going to sit and spin for few days under
7:49 am
kind of, see how it back tracked there on the track. that's just kind of an occasion this weekend will kind of sit here and dump lots of rain again expected to make landfall as category one hurricane sometime during the early morning hours of saturday. so plenty to watch down there. i mentioned the rainfall anywhere you see this white here where the models possible al foot plus of rain it does include the steve houston. getting ready for massive flooding problems down that way. here in dc locally good morning. we're waking up to wonderful temperatures. 71 degrees in washington. low humidity. gaithersburg in the 60s. dulles 67. check out these temperatures out to the west feeling good in winchester 61. martinsburg in the 50s as cumberland maryland. hagerstown right there as well with temperature of 60 degrees. fredericksburg we'll see you tomorrow morning. temperatures just as pleasant as they are this morning in the 60s. all right. high satellite/radar it didn't disappear that fast but we are expecting clouds to dissipate that we have outside this morning. and we'll get into some good amount of sunshine this afternoon with a few passing clouds from time to time. now there's one e
7:50 am
live out to the west front royal, hagerstown, la veil there cumberland maryland as well maybe showers this afternoon there's future cast shows two. very hit and miss. anything pretty light and moving across pretty quickly here in d.c. if we see anything it's probably a late evening kind of thing. so again daytime hours today should be just fine. should be beautiful partly cloudy 82 degrees. again watch those showers possible to the west. here in d.c. if we see anything it would be later on tonight. 66 degrees. your overnight low. passing showers possible but we'll keep humidity out of the forecast. not just today or tomorrow but all the way through the weekend as well. highs on saturday in the 80s and sunday most of us stay in the low 70s. going to be beautiful weekend in the d.c. region. that's a check of the forecast. erin is back with traffic. hey, erin. >> 7:50. a lot of delays you need to be aware much take a look at this crash it's the outer loop at van dorn street right lane and left lane getting by center lane block causing big delay oughted outer loop side of thing. hov lanes
7:51 am
moving along better on the inner loop parked for long time this morning at the dulles toll road. but you're still back up from well before 66 through that area so if you're headed out mclean watch out for that. getting word from people on twitter and taking a look you can see 66 eastbound from 50 to the beltway, it had been bumper to bumper because of that delay now that they've cleared that crash i'm hoping these delays on 66 eastbound will start to move along a little bit better as well. westbound icc just outside the beltway top side of maryland after mill caster mill road a truck on its side crews working to get that lifted and cleared but the right lane is blocked. traffic heavier on the left two lanes as the morning rush continues. we'll switch it for look at our maps show was else you're dealing with this morning. south capitol street southeast closed with a big crash scene between atlantic street and mlk, jr., avenue because of that right next to 295 we're seeing huge delays. give your zest extra time metro buses dealing with delays as well all metro rail lines on time. that's your traffic. back to you guys. >> ♪
7:52 am
steve is drumming to the fox beat today. >> it's contagious. >> here's what's happening recently allison has been dancing to the good day d.c. tv music. >> i love it when the beat drops. >> steve has become -- >> opening up your senses. >> jaw bottom now. >> we're very artsy. >> robert downey, jr. beat owd a message to his fans warning against scam artists f you go to his facebook page you can actually see people responding saying they've had this happen to them. he said dearest fans it has come to my attention one or more exam artists have town at a impersonating me online and asking some of you private messages or chats for donations or for various causes. >> my goodness. >> wanted to let you know -- all know if you end counter someone on chat platform claiming to be me they are lying. i will never ever communicate via private chat platforms and i would never ask individual fans for money for any reason. >> come on. >> any communication from me will originate from my public verified social media pages and
7:53 am
broad public campaigns. >> i'm it's interesting because this happens a lot an lot of people who are responding to him on facebook are saying this has happened to me from people claiming to be ryan reynolds or other actors. >> right. >> asking for money. >> despicable. >> and donations he wanted to put this message out. it got like 30,000 favorites on twitter. hopefully people will be able to know that unless you hear from him from those verified platforms, it's not robert downey, jr. >> right. >> and/or probably any other actor that's claiming to ask you specifically for money. so very interesting. all right. katie perry we mentioned this earlier in the 6:00 a.m. hour released a brand new video in the exact same day taylor swift said she was releasing a brand new album coming out november 10th. katie perry's new video star-studded, molly shannon, nicky minaj. terry cruz and some others a child from stranger thing. take a look at this. >> eye gouging blow out of the season, bill. >> do the tigers have a chance, rich? >> ♪
7:54 am
boo! ♪ >> this is new video it's available on her youtube channel katie perry vivo. again we had a discussion 6:00 a.m. hour i'm fascinated by the timing of everything so two days ago taylor swift obviously started teasing us with these snake photos on her instagram which then led up to an album release date which is her new album reputation coming out november 10th. if we have the photo that was the tease come two days ago from taylor swift. three days ago katie perry started teasing her video which you just saw. this is all happening at the exact same time. >> crazy. >> apparently, swish swish is allegedly a taylor swift diss song which is not been completely confirmed. >> it's swish swish fish. >> right. >> yeah. >> and that's what she says. >> so i just find it fascinating that everything is timed o
7:55 am
beautifully. >> to keep the rivalry alive. >> this is money. this is money for the people that they work for. >> i'm thinking they're best friends and they do not hate each other. >> right. >> just my opinion and that. >> let me just also say -- >> marketing genius move for year now. >> real fast beauty and the beast is officially coming to netflix on september 19th. you'll be able to stream the film which is fascinating considering disney is pulling all of their films from netflix next year. >> right. >> i'm interested to see -- obviously they still have release schedule this movie c coming to netflix september 19th but it only will be there for a certain time before disney officially pulls off their films from netflix. we'll have more on that coming up later on. i know they're wrapping me up much that is all for the fox beat today. >> okay. >> i was going to say the kid whose winning out all of that is the backpack kid. >> i like that guy. >> i actually like that song. i'm sorry. i think it's a good song. >> it's a good song. i like the song it's a dance song. >> new taylor swift song drops today off her new album reputation. the new
7:56 am
>> thank you, kev. >> thanks guys. >> let's say hello to today's facebook fan of the day. it is miss gale she's on the right side of the screen. because the young lady on the other side of the screen is her daughter tamika. hello to both of you. actually tamika who said i think mom should be fan of the day. >> awesome. i love it. >> she submitted miss gale. her mom is caring, outgoing, such a loving woman and to tam mecca started watching fox5 because of her mom. so thank you miss gale for that. >> miss gale starts her day with fox5 every morning and she's getting ready to celebrate her birthday this sunday. so happy birthday in advance from all of us here at fox5 news morning. >> sounds like it will be great weekend too, mike. >> going to be absolutely gorgeous weekend. tomorrow as well we're headed to fredericksburg tomorrow morning for zip trip. i'm going to be there. steve is going to be there and so a maureen. hope you come out in droves we can't wait to see you. 82 degrees your daytime high today. watch out for few showers off to the west. we keep it dry until the late evening hours we have passing shower here in dc as well. thers
7:57 am
looks absolutely gorgeous. that's the weather. erin is back with traffic. >> i can't tell you how excited i am that tomorrow is friday. >> it will be great. >> feels like it took all week to get there. >> friday eve. >> we have an outer loop crash at van dorn street it's in the process of clearing but the center lane blocked try to use caution. we have crew members out of that vehicle there cleaning up the cones. so, again, allow extra time. inner loop since earlier crash cleared by the dulles toll road. look how much nicer things are looking. keep you update the on those delays as they dissipate. >> allison and steve. >> a question that has the newsroom talking this morning. if you had the choice would you choose more vacation days or a big pay raise? right? so we've got the results of a new nationwide study. i guess erin just said raise in the back. >> front office upstairs. >> vacation for everybody. coming up. >> we'll fine out. ♪ ♪♪
7:58 am
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this is fox5 news morning. 8:00 o'clock. good morning thanks for joining us this morning. >> it is 8:00 a.m. thursday august 24, 2017. here's what's on the fox5 news morning menu. first up major developments in charlottesville. one of the organizers. white supremacist rally turned himself into police overnight. >> new details about president donald trump's transgender military ban. when the pentagon can expect to put into place new guidelines from the white house. >> and we have a
8:01 am
but not in the dmv. one ticket with all of the matching numbers on the 758 mill $.7 million powerball jackpot. we will tell where you that ticket was sold. first though live look outside. we need tone joy the beauty since we can enjoy those millions of dollars. it is a really pretty day out there. 71 degrees. going to be nice and mild today. >> we'll start first eight at with breaking news coming out of fort washington, maryland. big law enforcement operation took place there this morning. >> fbi agents were on the scene and fox5's annie yu was there. annie, what can you tell us? what's happening now? >> reporter: so steve and allison, right now they're still very limited information, but what we do know for sure, the fbi agents were out here to serve some type of warrant around 6:00 o'clock this morning. they do confirm they took one person into custody. but aren't elaborating beyond that. us side this home at 8616 devon hill drive we have two agents inside investigating
8:02 am
have a third agent out here doing some paper work in his c car. so fbi tells me that they'll be out here for a few more hours. again, agents did take someone into custody just a short time ago. they remain here on the scene. a couple of hours later, there he goes the third agent driving off but we don't know who this person is. and exactly what they're looking for. but, again, fbi agents out here around 6:00 o'clock this morning to serve some type of warrant and took someone into custody, and we'll be out here keeping watch and bring you the very latest. back to you all in the studio. at 02:00 more breaking news this morning. detectives are investigate a deadly shooting in annapolis around 10:30 last night. officers found a 24-year-old person andre williams suffering from gunshot wounds. 1800 block of bowman drive. now williams was taken to the hospital where he later died. anyone with information is asked to call police. one of the
8:03 am
supremacist who helped organize the rallies in charlottesville turned himself in to police. >> maureen joins us with the latest. >> christopher cantwell a white nationalist accused pepper spraying someone a day before the deadly charlottesville protests. he is charged with two counts of illegal use of tear gas and one count of malicious bodily injury. the far right blog we are prominently featured in advice news documentary about white vest mists neo-nazis and other extremist groups he talk about wanting to create a whiteth know state and trying to make himself for violent and post youtube video crying over his outstanding warrants. >> everything hats that's happening i don't think it's wise for me to be, you know, going -- going anywhere. we have done everything in our power. we have used every peaceful and lawful means by which to redress our grievances. >> meanwhile in charlottesville the debate over a confederate statue spark bite rally reaches a new level. city officials covered monuments of robert e. lee and
8:04 am
jackson in black tarps the order was given as charlottesville is seeking state approval tore most statues altogether. it's also seen as an acknowledgment of the woman killed while protesting the white nationalist rally the idea of covering up confederate statue social security getting mixed lee response. hearing to determine whether the statue can come down is set for september 1st. steve and allison? >> heavy security around lynn hall condos this morning. residents of temple hills -- that building forced to veigh wait with one day notice. after the fire march seemed deemed it unsafe to live there. residents are allowed to re-enter the facility today to pack up the rest of their belongings as long as they present a photo id proving they live that. it is not clear if residents will or when they will be able to return home for good. scary moments in the district when a child had to be rescued from a save. d.c. fire and ems says a woman and her child were in cell phone store on pennsylvania avenue in southeast when the child wandered off and somehow got locked into the store's safe. it took fire crews less than ten
8:05 am
safely. 8:05. let's get to mike thomas with check of the forecast. >> hey, guys, good morning. >> good morning. big story is harvey up to 60 miles an hour winds. that's still less than hurricane strength. about 15 more miles to go we'll be at category one. expected to make landfall as category one. >> this morning, this afternoon, tomorrow. >> later tomorrow. i know you mention the nats are playing downtown in houston tonight. they'll be just fine for that but they've got to get out of that quickly before the rains hit. there's the latest. winds of 16 miles an hour moving north northwest at 10 miles an hour. you can see it is expected to make landfall as category one as i mention earlier. hurricane warnings out for the coastline there. all right. temperatures outside right now it's much quieter here. pleasant as well. 73 degrees in washington. gaithersburg comfy 64 degrees. frederick, married. 68 for dulles. manassas 69 and fredericksburg where we'll be tomorrow morning, steve and i -- >> yes are to the zip trip. ca
8:06 am
>> looks fantastic weather wise for your friday in fredericksburg. >> all right. washington few clouds out there early this morning. no showers yet. off to the west, i81 corridor and the mountains may see a passing shower. here in d.c. keep it dry through the afternoon f we do see any showers they'll hold off until later this evening. but again most of the day just absolutely gorgeous. highs today about 82 degrees. this great weather will hang on as we head through your fry daring your saturday, your sunday. if you have weekend plans, guess what? you got the perfect weekend for it. not too hot, not too cold just pleasant, dry, beautiful we'll take look at that and your seven day forecast and look a little bit more at harvey coming up in just a few more minutes. >> thank you very much that's a lot. >> yeah, it is. got to breathe now. >> thank you very much, mike. hey, erin. >> i do have improvements on the roads so that's good news. crash cleared on the inner loop out by the dulles toll road. big delays starting to dissipate only about 15 minute delay from before 66 through the dulles toll road. so as you head no mclean you're getting to be in better shape. we still have big crash but they are
8:07 am
this is westbound icc outside the top side of the beltway after muncaster mill road. this truck rather crashed and what it's its side in the trees that. you can see the tow truck getting it up right getting ready to tow it out of the way. right lane still block. we'll let when you know that crash officially clears because keep it to the left and watch for delays there. we'll switch it over to our maps. more good news taking place in the district. earlier crash south capitol street southeast that -- it was shut down reopened between mlk, jr. avenue and that area. so again residual delays left but at least traffic is getting by. 295 right now northbound dealing with a lot of heavy volume from the beltway to lavatory road. 295 southbound we earlier disable bus still blocking it right lane near burroughs avenue that's adding to the mix of delays coming down from 50. they now extend back to riverdale park well before 50 and 50 inbound 202 to 295 is sluggish new york avenue past bladensburg road. good news metro rail lines still on time. back to you guys. more divers are
8:08 am
mccain. the remains of at least five of the ten missing sailors have been identified now. the us navy says a body found at sea by malaysian forces is not one of the sailors. meanwhile, the crash is hitting close to home. >> one of the ten victims was from gaithersburg, maryland. electronics technician second class kevin bush shell one of the ten sailors still missing. believed to have been killed in that collision. also, among the missing a man from virginia petty officer third class kenneth smith who grew up in michigan in us early years and moved to norfolk as a teenager sailors went missing after the ship collided with an oil tanker on monday. the group black lives matter will hold a rally at fed ex field for opening day of the skins game on september 10th the group plans to rally at stadiums nationwide throughout the nfl season in support of the colin kaepernick he has not been signed by any team after last year's controversy kneeling during the national anthem. hundreds of supporters rallied outside
8:09 am
new york. calling for policy changes to protect nfl players who are socially active. the white house is reportedly ready to said guidance to the pentagon on banning transgender service members from the military. the wall street journal says the president will tell the pentagon it has six months to implement the ban which means no new transgender admissions and removal of any current transgender service member who is considered non-deployable. non-deployable refers to anyone unable to serve in war zone, take part in training or serve on ship for months. new rules go into order for the pentagon to stop paying for transgender medical treatments. still to come, a push for more office perks. if you have the choice, would you pick more vacation time or a higher paycheck? >> good question, right? and take look at this sonogram. what do you see? a pennsylvania couple thinks it see assign from above. more on their story after the break. to we see it? ♪ ♪♪
8:10 am
8:11 am
8:12 am
>> 8:12 breaking news concerning that winning powerball ticket not sold where we thought it was. sold in maryland instead? >> another m. >> oh okay. still the other m straight. >> we told you all morning it was sold in massachusetts but it was but the massachusetts lottery now says they gave out the wrong winning store. the jackpot ticket was sold in cjecka pee, massachusetts, not water town as we and everyone else
8:13 am
it's their bad. but, you know, nobody here won. so whatevers. >> cjecka pee outside of springfield massachusetts more to the western part of the state 30 minutes from heart for, connecticut. we're hearing all the news crews packed up their trucks and high tailed it to chick a pee 80 miles away. a lot of high tailing. one ticket match those numbers to get the $758 million jackpot largest grand prize ever won by one single ticket. >> if i could talk to the one person who wouldn't, i would say don't let anybody know who you are in the media. just get your thing together and do your thing. >> some states you don't have choice. >> really? >> um-hmm. >> can't you send your representative? >> no, some states you can't protect yourself. i don't know what massachusetts is. but there are more states -- >> that you have to -- >> i won,. >> than those that protect your privacy. >> seems unsafe. >> i agree. >> downward spiral. >> i would want to control that aspect of it myself. >> yeah. right. okay. >> if i could talk to that person i would s
8:14 am
[ laughter ] >> i thought i new people in chick a pee. >> yeah. >> about to have a whole lot more friends up there. >> lots of cousins. >> searching facebook. we may not have won the regular lottery but every day we win our own little lottery. >> we sure do. >> look at this beautiful face. >> fox5 first five. >> taliya is so beautiful. >> this is taliya it's a big week for her. guess what. >> what? >> she's celebrating her very first birthday. >> awesome. she turned one yesterday. >> what cutie patutie. >> happy number one taliya. >> that's right. >> number one in our hearts today. >> um-hmm hum. >> mom says taliya enjoys walks, get this, blowing bubbles. >> okay. >> and watching of course fox5 every day with her family. >> it didn't say looking adorable. clearly she enjoys that every day. >> of course she does. >> yeah. and everybody around her does. >> and everybody around her. >> taliya, we love it. keep looking beautiful. happy first birthday. to us your your child's picture go to our facebook page fox5 d.c. and leave your picture below taliya
8:15 am
let's do little weather here. let's take look what's going on outside. quick look at the headlines plenty of thursday sunshine coming later this afternoon although some off to the north and west breaking out rather quickly starting to burn these clouds off. comfortably warm temperatures this afternoon. humidity out of here enjoy the dry feeling weather weekend looking fantastic as well. one little exception today i have to mention out to the west could see showers and here in d.c. we can get a couple not till the late evening hours. 73 degrees your current number in d.c. 60 in pittsburgh. 57 at detroit. 55 in columbus, ohio. satellite/radar clear for now. a lot lake ripples in the pond a ripple come through the mountains later on today. >> how poetic. >> i try. every now and then i pull out the artsy stuff. >> every now i get -- >> here's a look at the future cast. 11:30 this morning not too much going on there we are at 3:00 o'clock this after newspaper see the mountains with the few showers popping up. they'll try and move across again d.c. later ton 90 that's the midnight hour. most of us should be in bed by then it won't matter then it's gone for tomorrow and beautiful fort zip trip.
8:16 am
today. a couple of passing clouds a shower possible out to the west. 80 tomorrow. fredericksburg going to be beautiful. hope to see you tomorrow morning. weekend fantastic. you go got weekend plans you got good weekend for it. >> one of our regular viewers tweeted me and said their family member lives in chick a pee and plays the lowry regularly. >> come on. >> maybe you'll have a chance to talk in person. >> we'll be best friends. >> good morning, erin. >> i'm not going ask them to share but if you want to share you know where to find us. >> right? >> that's awesome. >> so exciting. i think it's exciting to see who wins. i'm with you guys. if i won, i would just keep it on the low. >> we're happy. >> figure it out. taking look northbound five crash at the beltway this is causing delays back to coventry way. watch for that as you try to get to the beltway on five. left lane block. as we switch it over this is a look at the icc westbound. just outside the beltway in maryland after muncaster mill road that box truck that had been flipped on its side they got up
8:17 am
to right rape block in the meantime. left lane getting by but with rubberneck delay and little bit of a backup leading toward muncaster mill road. we'll switch it over right now and show what else you're dealing with on the maps. outer loop new crash left merge lane block at new hampshire avenue adding to the delays towards georgia avenue. we're also seeing inner loop delays coming from 95 southbound. little heavier traffic there as you get to the beltway. 50 inbound slow from 202 to 295 and from riverdale park 295 southbound all the way down is slow and taking a look at our virginia drive times things improving 39521 minute ride it's a little slow to the 14th street bridge from the beltway. just under an hour from 234 prince william parkway to the beltway on 66. inner loop looks pretty good right now. since that early dulles toll road crash cleared the inner loop at the dulles toll road inner loop through mclean so much more pleasant. maryland drive times yellow across the board sluggish 270 southbound. urbana to the beltway same story as we talk about that 95 southbound delay and outer loop as well. back to you guys. >> all righty,
8:18 am
>> staying on top of social media circuit to show was stories are soaring this morning. >> wisdom and holly are here with a look at the stories climbing the trending latter today. let's start with you, wis. >> let's talk about money. because i got question for everybody in the studio. we've all heard the phrase time is money, right. >> right. >> think about this. would you rather have more paid vacation time or just a raise? don't answer just yet. because let me tell you about -- think about it. >> i'll think about it. really think about it. >> i want everybody in here to think about that. because there's a new study that asked hundreds of american workers which one they would rather have and 41% said they would prefer more time away from the office, vacation is not just about relaxation at this point more than 25% of those surveyed said their company expects hem to work while they're away. >> um-um. >> one third of the employees feel guilty when submitting a vacation request. that does not apply to me. >> nor i. >> so back to the original question. would you rather have more paid vacation time or just get a raise? >> i mean it depends how m
8:19 am
each. >> i want my paid vacation time. >> all things equal i would take the vacation time. >> vacation time? >> me too. >> vacation time holdly. >> didn't have to think two seconds about it. vacation time hands down because time off is priceless. >> you got that right. >> mike thomas? >> money. >> of course. >> he's young. give him time. he's young. >> right, right. he's a young man. what about you in the studio. >> i'll take both. >> what about you? austin. >> you got to claim it austin on the camera? >> he wants a raise, too. >> you notice how these young people wander more money? >> they'll learn. >> they'll learn. >> as you get older you do want more time. >> absolutely. in all things. >> in all things you want more time. >> holly what do you have. >> mike has been waking up at 3:00 a.m. for year. >> exactly. >> exactly. >> 25 plus years of waking up in the mill of the nightie want more time off. okay. so we are talking about the celebration of the miracle live literally for a couple in pennsylvania. take look at this. they believe look closely that they saw the image of jesus on their sonogram pictu
8:20 am
they're not particularly religious after complications with their first two children, they say it was comforting to see higher power was watching over their unborn baby. they welcomed their new baby girl brie ella into the world on tuesday. and they say she's doing just fine. >> what do you think? >> i can't see it yet. i need to refocus. >> on the left.the left. talking about here. >> right here. it went away. this is the couple. they're other children. right here. the baby is here. see the big head? >> yeah. >> i see that. >> here's jesus right here. >> oh! >> wow! >> jesus. >> yeah. >> and baby. >> my goodness. i just got chill bump. >> this is what i will contend. >> yeah. >> deacon martin i think you'll be on the same page as me. i think we see jesus in every sonogram picture because the miracle of life is just that. >> there you go. amen. amen. >> wow! >> i don't see it in that picture. >> i do now. >> right here. actually i see, you know, jesus, i'm
8:21 am
clearly a head and then a body of someone looking directly at the baby. look if i had had problem and i saw that picture. >> i'd feel better about it. >> i would feel better about it too. >> 8:20. new room takeover that you've got to see. we'll show you what happened when a toddler wandered on to the anchor desk in uk where all fun things with kids and anchors happen. remember the last one. >> call him the cats meow. no powerball jackpot but a pair of really cute little kitties have inherited quite the big bank account. the details right after the break. >> they chose the money. >> exactly. ♪
8:22 am
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8:24 am
a pair of new york aristocat i made that up. >> fancy. >> they are fan so cats, steve. just they inherited quite a chunk of change. their owner recently passed away and she left her cats troy and tiger $300,000. the woman wanted to make sure that they were taken care of. >> your pets are your family, and, um, leaving money behind so that they can be taken care of is a beautifully humane gesture and i think that, um, it's real lesson for the rest of us. >> the owner didn't have any human children. the two furry felines are now living with the woman's former health aid and i'll just say having adopted a puppy the family didn't want after the elderly dad
8:25 am
wonderful thing. i don't think, you know, you can do what she wants with her money. animals are expensive. >> leave it in trust and make sure they're taken care of. >> right. maybe the rest goes to the person. but her estate was like 300 million -- $3 million. >> makes her feel better. >> they're taken care of. >> that's peace. >> who are we to judge, right. >> how about this? >> joining me mom lucy and her children george and right at the front of my desk the delicious iris who will do we have a she chooses to do over the next couple of minutes. >> absolutely. she did. imagine that. you leave them on the run with the freedom to do what they want and they do what they want. they're kids. [ laughter ] >> iris, you're so silly. the tv news anchor up staged by abutting star in iris taking over theism tv news set turning it her own personal play space. alexander stewart was covering a story about cow's milk allergy z at the time. despite the distractions the
8:26 am
listening to what they had to show about milk allergies when you can watch auris crawl around on the desk. >> my children if they're watching this they're super jealous because they would have gotten the face. [ laughter ] >> twitching face. because the kids -- i mean they grew up on the show. >> mom might have given the f face. high five. >> we missed it. gave her high five. it was kind of cute. >> kids make everything better. >> they do. i love when you watch the hole whole video he was trying to be so serious at points. but he couldn't help but crack a smile. >> yeah. >> adorable. >> all right. guys. satellite/radar out there this morning. we had a few clouds coming by early but they're starting to break up and we're getting more sunshine breaking out today. temperatures very comfortable. 60s off to the north and west. even some 50s earlier this morning. one remains cumberland 59. martinsburg 62. 73 degrees here in washington. dew points have fallen back into the 50s which means very very comfortable air out there this morning. it will be a nice day. by 11:00 o'clock
8:27 am
mid 70s just a few clouds out there. 2:00 o'clock same deal, 79. 5:00 o'clock 80s. low to mid 80s. shower possible out to the west along the i81 corridor in portions west during the afternoon and then here in d.c. yes we could pop a shower but not till later this evening. that's weather. erin is back with traffic. how is it looking erin? >> we do have new crashes and some additional problems this is look at branch avenue things getting back to normal. they zoomed the camera back to the beltway looking good there but what we're dealing with a s five northbound just before the beltway a crash and as we take look at our maps big delays on the dulles toll road eastbound right now. there's a crash after reston parkway single right lane getting by so factor in time there. as you make your way tour the beltway. keep it to fox5 news morning. we'll be back in just a few minutes. got you cover this thursday morning. ♪ ing. ♪♪
8:28 am
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>> 8:30. as we take look at reagan national airport. why go anywhere with the weather we're going to have having over the next few days much it will be absolutely perfect in the nation' caps toll and the surrounding areas. let's get to headline 8:30. white nationalist who pepper sprayed somebody a day before the deadly august11th protest in charlottesville now turned himself in. christopher cantwell used the pepper spray in self-defense on the university of virginia campus. he faces three felony charges including using tear gas illegally. also, we'll fine out more details about the death of a young woman found buried in the sand in ocean city last month. police will reveal the finings of their investigation at a news
8:31 am
the medical examiner determined that 30-year-old ashley o'connor suffocated in a hole in the s sand. her body discover the next morning on the beach. it is still unclear how she got into that hole, though, in the first place. today begins the long road to repairs at lynn hall conned dough miniums. residents of the building forced to vacate after day's national after the fire mal shall deemed the entire building unsafe. it's closed off by police while crews try to fix the conditions and get that building up to code. could take while. not clear when or if residents will be able to return home. and finally, we do have a winner of the powerball. one single ticket was sold initially thought to be in water up to, massachusetts but then the lottery said no, no, no, no, no, it was not in watertown. 85 miles west of the water tops down outside of amhurst. the powerball ticket $756 million jackpot -- amhurst college is there but springfield massachusetts is the area. the
8:32 am
largest grand prize ever won by a single ticket winning numbers if you play your own numbers you know what they are, six, seven, 16, 23, 26 and the powerball number was number four. >> all right. >> don congratulations chickapee, watertown, boston. >> no more watertown. no more boston. just chickapee. >> it's just not here is what i'm saying. >> somebody who lives in chickapee springfield or was passing through at the right time to get that ticket. >> we did have million dollars winners. >> one each in maryland and virginia. >> d.c. gang rebranded itself. instead of fighting it's about fashion. check it was the first lgbt gang in the united states. they used to hang ought around chinatown and gallery place. >> now they're off the streets and having a new mission. they have opened their own clothing store in anacostia. fox5's lindsay watts has this amazing story. i've been stabbed ten times. i've been shot. >> reporter: now the subject of this
8:33 am
it was a brutal d.c. street gang made up of lbt youth. >> all of the news back then for like robbing and fighting. >> reporter: star bennett helped start check it youfs years ago. >> like dressers and jumpers and shorts. >> reporter: now she's helped transform it. >> entrepreneur we got a store we selling clothes we doing t this. that's good good look for us. >> reporter: the clothing store got off the ground this summer thanks to long time d.c. activist roane moten. >> we're struggling but we're getting there. >> star reached out to him after she went to jail for assault and her sister nearly lost her legs in a shooting. >> i was 14 when i got shot. i was like sitting on my mom's porch and i didn't know where i got shot. >> this is not what we going to do. >> check it is the only documented and known gay gang in america. >> reporter: they rebranded check it from gang to a fashion line. >> bam! diamonds are a girls
8:34 am
>> we do everything and we press. this is our pressing machine. >> reporter: they sell clothing in the store and on the web. but it hasn't been a success story overnight. >> like they've come a long way. they still need a lot of sup support. i mean like even with this building they got the store some people coming buy clothes but not the support you would think. we get more support from outside d.c. than in d.c. >> reporter: the documentary has helped get the word out. big named producers were involved in the film. which showed not only the violent street fights but the struggles behind them. >> some of us came from homes that was tore up and mothers and fathers on drugs and we all had to stick together and come together and be family for somebody else. >> reporter: as their business takes hold, that family mentality is still here. just with a different objective. >> now you say check it. check it doing good. they have documentary and stuff like that. our name came from bad to good. >> lindsay watts, thank you so much. i
8:35 am
store. i'm so excited. okay. bravo. if you want more information on the check it store and they're also online, you want to order clothes, we have all the information that you need on our website. i'm going to put it on my facebook and put it on your facebook. >> great turn around. >> and twitter and instagram. i love that story. >> 8:35. i'm loving the forecast, too. mike thomas has that for us. >> forecast is good i'm smiling ear to ear because puppies just arrived. we'll have more on those coming up i was just showered in puppy kisses. i can't wait to show you the dogs coming up 9:00 o'clock. we're watch harvey nobody is smiling in texas that red is a hurricane warning that went up. storm under going a period of rapid development here. winds have already increased to 60 miles an hour. still below hurricane strength but expected to be one within the next 24 hours or so here we are friday 1:00 a.m. 70 miles an hour. saturday is your landfall day and guess what it's just going to sit and spin here all weekend long that is going to bring a lot of rain to eastern portions of texas. so much
8:36 am
issued states of emergency for ports portions of the region over a foot plus that zone of white there you see, that's a foot plus of rain again to give you equivalent of what that is, kind of we talk a lot here of know in the mid atlantic so 12-inches of rain is 120-inches of snow typically. so that gives you an idea. 73 outside in d.c. it's calm and quiet. mostly cloudy to start. we're starting to see more and more shun poking through. things generally quite around the region although we could pop shower later on today. it's going to be kind of like a little ripple that comes through the atmosphere that could kick up showers over the mountains unlucky enough here in d.c. we can see one sliding across late evening hours. afternoon pleasant as well temperatures in the suburbs 70s to lower 80s around the region. going to be an absolutely beautiful day. fox5 accu weather seven day forecast let's get to it. 82 degrees today. 80 tomorrow for zip trip friday looks pleasant especially in the morning hope to see you out in fredericksburg weekend looks fantastic as well outdoor plans should get off without a hitch and have beautiful weekend to enjoy. all right. check of the
8:37 am
erin i'm going for more puppy kisses. >> the puppies are so cute. >> the best. >> they're the best. >> i want to nuzzle them. really really cute. can't wait for to you see on good day. northbound five crash at the beltway. beltway itself looks good. watch for delays leading towards the beltway. as we forward things along this morning we do have other slow downs left over delays let's take look at our maps on the inner loop this morning. we had earlier crash by the dulles toll rod. new crash eastbound dulles toll road after res stop parkway single right lane getting by. backed up from well before 28 make your way tour the beltway or 28 for that matter just be mindful you'll going to hit a lot of very backed up traffic. taking a look right now 295 northbound crash near lavatory road as well. coming off the bottom side of the beltway a crash and through oxon hill the inner loop slows from after branch avenue to across the wilson bridge. eleventh street bridge very slow third street tunnel backing up and the outer loop left merge lane block at new new hampshire avenue. all
8:38 am
this morning much that's cool. back to you guys. >> very cool. still ahead this money the national park service gearing up to celebrate birthday number 101. we'll tell you how you can get in on all the fun. >> first though a smart phone study that may leave you feeling a little squeamish. the details after the break. br.
8:39 am
8:40 am
most of us are guilty of constantly checking our smart phones.
8:41 am
americans look at their devices average of 47 times a day. >> 47 times a day. i tell myself i need to look at this less. >> exactly. >> but i keep looking at. new study may have you twice before picking yours up. researchers at the university of arizona found more than 17,000 bacteria genes on the phones of high school students. ten times more bacteria than the dreaded toilet seat which ends unin comparison study when it comes to bacteria. >> i thought it was going to be worse or more specific bacteria. >> yeah. >> we know we don't need to take it any more dough tail. >> let's leave it right there. >> clean your phone sanitize it more often. >> how do you do that without like getting the screen damaged? >> get the little wipe things. >> oh, right. buy me some. >> okay. fine. yesterday it was snacks. today it's wipe things. you understand how i fund our friendship here. >> very sim by yacht tick. >> beautiful union. she takes, you give. >> that's right. [ laughter ] it. >> works out quite well that w way. >> we're working on ours. >> there you go. >> still working.
8:42 am
>> little high five? >> eh. >> keep on working. >> all right. let's get to business here. good day d.c. all over the big local stories including an early morning fbi raid in maryland. fox5 is on the scene getting the details. we will have life report at 9a. >> also developing new details in the local priest who admits that he used to be in the kkk. plus he's been in the radio and tv business for over 40 years and this morning he is dishing the darker side of the music business. paul porter is live in the loft at 9:30. >> maureen, hit to good day control. >> you know what time it is. time for the good day guest list. take it away. >> all right. actor and hunky hung jeremy renner will join us live he stars new movie wind river which is one of kevin's favorites so far. at least this year. >> plus maryland super model lear rift cross makes a splash on the new season of the project runway. she's going to be in studio with glaus nutritionist and friend to the show dr. ro stops by the go
8:43 am
many people doiing to vegan are doing it all wrong. >> we're celebrating national dog day just a little bit early. >> aww. >> actually creating our own. send us your pictures using the hash tag fox5 dog day and just say the show will go to the dogs in just little bit. >> that pun is very necessary whenever we talk dogs here. >> i'll be dog gone. >> that's right. good day dc always working for you. bringing you the best guests, your number one -- >> hold on. >> you want my hand to fall off? >> let's do this. no look, one, two, three. >> oh, my gosh. >> we're number one believe it or not. >> you want my hand to fall off. >> this show moments away. >> are they paying homage us. >> we're being mocked. >> it's a mock. >> let's do the -- >> i can't. >> never fails. >> we're number one. >> allison and steve. allison and steve. >> all right. >> wisdom and maureen, thank you very much. >> you want my hand to fall off? >> just go. we'll work on us. >> all right. 8:43 right now.
8:44 am
celebrate the great outdoors a look at what the national park service is doing to mark its 101 birthday. >> football fires firing up the barbecue at record rates. we're going to look at the business of tailgating coming up next. ♪ . ♪ he's asleep. finally. those powerful lungs have fallen silent. you lay there, with just the odd twitch or sniffle. and in this moment of bliss you think... oh, i should turn the lights off.
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♪ >> all right. on the left you can see the radar when it comes to tropical storm harvey. on the right, a live
8:47 am
galveston texas some people out there strolling on the beach as the waves are kicking up a little bit. landfall expected at sometime in the next 24 hours. we'll likely be a hurricane by the time it hits the texas co coast. all right. >> in the meantime mike thomas is busy with a storm full of dog geese right now. >> i don't want to do the weather any more. >> hi, guys. hi. >> guys they're all adoptable at lucky dog animal rescue. we'll talk to you guys coming up during good day d.c. we thank you for joining us. i've had ear to ear grin on my face since you guys made it in this morning. so happy to have you again we'll talk to them coming up during good day d.c. stay tuned for that national dog day is coming up. what better way to celebrate adopting a pet if you're able to do. humidity taking a break local here. harvey not just hurricane hurricane warnings are out for the texas coastline. we'll hit that more coming up at the very start of good day d.c. for you. satellite/radar here locally not showing too much just high thin clouds out there which are quickly burning off. breaking out into sunshine north and west of town. we'll have a good
8:48 am
today. however we're not out of the woods for couple of showers just yet. off to the north and west of town mountains of west virginia comer land, hagerstown you could pop isolated shower later on this afternoon. here in d.c. in baltimore even we can see one but not until really later on this evening and during the overnight hours would be our best chances of that. i'll show you future cast in just a second. let me start you with temperatures. 73 degrees here in washington. gorgeous start at the day. 64 gaithersburg as well as frederick and west minster dulles 68 degrees. 70 degrees for manassas. 69 for culpeper. fredericksburg is 70 degrees. all right. let's take look at that future -- dew points first because guess what air mass change. near 70 yesterday. now in the 50's very dry air taken over. a couple stragglers hanging in the 60s quantico, freder fredericksburg, they too will be dropping. it will feel really pleasant this afternoon here's future cast sunny and bright lunch time hour. showers few and far between some showers still over the i81 corridor. watch as it tries to move across
8:49 am
8:30 p.m. watch out front royal hagerstown, charlottesville shower activity here in d.c. we may get night during the overnight hours after midnight here in washington. couple of sprinkles don't be shocked if you wake up tomorrow morning to maybe a few raindrops on your windshield. in fredericksburg, by the time we get to those morning hours should be beautiful for zip trip on friday morning. can't wait to see you in fredericksburg. saturday, sunday look fantastic. if you're planning your weekend. next chance of rain any showers at all not really until tuesday night. all right. that's a check of the forecast. allison and steve i'll send it back to you. >> feel like football weather the first day of fall less than month away when you think about football you think about firing up that grill because it's not just for the dog days of summer. oh, no, this morning we're taking a look at the business of tailgating. as summer winds down and father weather begins sports fans everywhere look forward to whole new reason to barbecue. >> grilling season is now extending more into that nfl season. it gets to the thanksgiving time and then the holiday time. so this time of
8:50 am
when it comes to food and barbecue. >> and while nfl stadiums may have different rules, and parking can range from five to $75 a game, the tailgating institute of america estimates americans spend $35 billion on food and beverages alone for tailgating every year. 2015 webber grill watch survey says only 44% of fans think it's important to even have a ticket to the game. food is what's on everybody's mine. steinber say it's the most important peace of the tailgating puzzle. when planning experts say small bites make for better overall experience. >> when tailgating you don't want huge meals for people that, you know v huge plate you want to make more interactive and more fun. >> the bites are small the portions can be quite large. >> so good. >> grocery stores actually say they sell a lot more of the larger packs so that's one of things that tailgating bring to the table in terms of the retail side. >> in its survey webber found 60% of tailgators say click beverages are a must have
8:51 am
68% say a cooler is also crucial. some retailers like can'ted wine maker the drop designed their product with tailgators in mine. >> cans of wine are even morrell vent these days especially at events like tale gates. people instead of wanting to reach into the cooler for beer might be looking for wine. >> don't forget nfl preseason kicks off this sunday right here on fox. well the dmv has well over a dozen national parks and this friday they celebrate their 101 birthday. they'll share the celebration with us by offering free admission to all national parks across the country. joining us this morning to talk about all the fun is national park have to offer and how you can celebrate on the big birthday is ranger jenny of the national park service specifically the national capitol region. good morning. >> hey, good morning allison. >> happy 101 is the birthday coming
8:52 am
>> we're so excited tomorrow you can come out and celebrate the 101 birthday of the national park service all across d.c. little known to d.c. residents there are about 700 pieces of national parkland in the district. 14 national parks in this immediate area to get out and celebrate. and joining me and you can come meet him tomorrow yourself my friend pokie the turtle. pokie is an eastern box turtle. we're up here in rock creek park at the nature center and planetarium. you can come meet pokie tom tomorrow. >> awesome. hey, pokie. want to talk about some of the stan outs here in the area, but first, ranger jenny, can we talk about what the park service is doing to honor this milestone birthday? >> that's great question. last year the national park service of course celebrated our 100th birthday. through our centennial we wanted to introduce a whole new generation of americans to their national parks and raise awareness about the national park system, and the little known nationalar
8:53 am
creek here in d.c. or belmont paul where you can learn about the struggle for women suffer ratch in this country to all sorts of parks across the country. civil rights sites like new civil rights like pull man and in atlanta as well. so lots of great places to get out and explore some of these little known sites. so this year for the 101 birthday we want to introduce those new park lovers to a deeper experience in park sort of 101 like you'd have english 101 we're doing parks 101 this year. >> love it. >> this week was great. we celebrated the eclipse, right, science 101 in national parks. citizen scientists from around the country celebrated, and looked up in wonder at the eclipse. and behind me, is the only planetarium in all 417 national parks across the country. so come learn more about the solar system and astronomy with the rangers here in rock creek park. >> i love it you talk about our local
8:54 am
is this right, you have 300 million visitors in all of the parks last year? >> it's amazing how many people come to enjoy our spectacular national parks and learn about our heritage, and in addition to those 300 plus million visitors in 2016, we saw a 10% increase in visitation at some of these smaller parks, historic sites, that people may not have been as familiar with. >> right. okay. so you're celebrating the parks are free tomorrow when do you that. you're asking possible to find their park and also to share their experiences in a high coo. i have snagged a high coo to share. to encourage people. >> i love it. >> here we go for autumn. autumn waits the wind belows the mind leaves falling softly. i know. >> oh allison, i love it. thanks for sharing. >> i stole that one from someone else but just -- yeah, n
8:55 am
plan your visit you're asking folks to share. happy birthday to you. congratulations and good luck on the next 101 years. what a treasure. >> thank you. we look forward to having people come find your park tomorrow. >> all righty. ranger jenny. thank you. thank you to the sweet turtle. the turtle is my spirit animal. slow and steady. >> i also know you're very creative you can have done your own high coo. the syllables and 17 -- it's too much. >> it doesn't flow off the top of your head. >> no. >> i get it all right. before we head to break right now we want to invite you tomorrow morning to come to our second to the last zip trip of the season. meaning if you have not made it to a zip trip you have two more options. one being tomorrow went hope to see you fredericksburg, vir virginia. yes, that's right we're packing up the crew and studio and he heading down south to her camp park from downtown fredericksburg from 6:00 to 11am it's the corner of williams street and prince edward street. mike and i will be there, maureen will be there and
8:56 am
right now it's 8:55. back in just 30 seconds. >> ♪ i always like to wait for the music. >> i like this part. >> hello. >> hello. >> we want to say hello to our facebook fan of the year. it's miss gale she's the right on the right the lovely lady on the left is her gauther tamika. >> they started watching fox5 because of her mommy. gale starts her day with
8:57 am
every morning and she's getting ready to celebrate her birthday this sunday. so happy early birthday to you miss gale. >> happy birthday! >> happy birthday to you. >> let's get a final check on weather and traffic this mor morning. >> let's do ladies first. >> such a gentleman. >> yes he is. i would never get that treatment from tucker. [ laughter ] >> we're just seeing some congestion on the beltway inner loop by dulles toll road left over and outer loop by new hampshire avenue. so metro is on time pretty quiet thursday morning. we're almost out of time. maybe laid late shower general daal is very nice. see you on good day. >> pup he's on good day. >> palms are itching i think i'm the million dollar winner in maryland. >> no, i'm not. >> i did win the powerball number. >> four? >> four bucks. >> that's four bucks. >> um-hmm. ♪
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
♪ straight ahead tropical storm harvey picking up speed in the gulf of mexico. millions of people in the path of the heavy rain and high winds. now, parts of texas are bracing for the worst. this is the spirit we need to overcome our challenges. >> a new tone from president trump. the commander in chief sending a totally different message one day after the controversial rally in arizona but he still defiant when it comes to funding for a border wall and says he's willing to shut down the government to get it done. a white nationalist who helped organize those rallies in charlottesville that left a woman dead is now underrr


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