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tv   Good Day DC  FOX  August 24, 2017 9:00am-11:00am EDT

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♪ straight ahead tropical storm harvey picking up speed in the gulf of mexico. millions of people in the path of the heavy rain and high winds. now, parts of texas are bracing for the worst. this is the spirit we need to overcome our challenges. >> a new tone from president trump. the commander in chief sending a totally different message one day after the controversial rally in arizona but he still defiant when it comes to funding for a border wall and says he's willing to shut down the government to get it done. a white nationalist who helped organize those rallies in charlottesville that left a woman dead is now underrr
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it comes as the city prepares for what could be another heated meeting. we'll have the very latest. ♪ and later, a dream come true for somebody in massachusetts. a single winning ticket worth more than $700 million sold outside of boston. but don't despair, dmv or tear up your tickets just yet. there's still big money up for grab. good day at 9a starts now. ♪ great news if you live in chicopee massachusetts. right outside of spring feel. state capitol of massachusetts. they thought the winning ticket was in boston the lottery did about face and said sorry, everybody, getting your hopes up outside of boston. >> the people in that town,ing. >> move the 90 miles west. >> someone did win the million dollars at the original place. >> somebody wouldn't it in virginia too. >> i know. >> one in maryland. >> stelle little bit of hope. i'll take million dollars. would you not take a million dollars. >> i would take
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on the powerball number. [ laughter ] >> which is what we hear erin got. she struck it rich overnight. coffee on you this morning. we'll share last night's winning numbers in just a minute. >> also ahead there's no crying in baseball unless you're a dodgers film and your name is rich hill. taking a no hitter into extra innings before giving off walk off homerun. brutal. we'll have reaction from the team coming up little bit later. >> do you feel a little bit bad aspire rats fan or know? >> no. [ laughter ] >> i wondered. take it. >> but it was -- we'll talk about it later it was crazy to have a no hitter through nine innings. >> not be able to win the game. >> i know. that is crazy. >> have the game continue. >> but stranger things have happened i guess. >> life is hard sometimes. first at 9:00 let's get right to that breaking news. out of fort washington, maryland, we're just hours ago a big fbi operation took place. fox5 was first on the scene this morning. annie yu there right now. annie, what can you tell us? >> reporter: hey,
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it's obvious something big is going down out here at 8600 block of devon hills drive. they just finished agents and evidence techs just finished up the raid inside the home right now behind me you can see that their laser focused or they were at -- just before you came to me on this chrysler. they were taking photographs. searching the vehicle. taking things out into their evidence bags and so on. so that's what they're working on now. here's what the fbi is telling me. so this is what we know for sure. at 6:00 o'clock this morning, agents came out here to serve some type of warrant at this home. they took one person into custody and fbi agents are not elaborating beyond that. it's unclear if this person is a man or woman. why investigators took what they took them in for. so it's still a lot of questions. but we've been keeping watch for about three hours now and agents have been going in and out of this home. this is video that we shot earlier, and there are nearly a dozen agents and evidence techs out here. we also saw short
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bringing out some evidence boxes a lot of cardboard boxes and big crate on wheels but it's unclear if that's part of the evidence or if it's, you know, their machine or equipment so it's hard to tell on that. but needless to say a bunch of stuff being brought out. again, their attention right now was on this gray chrysler they took a lot of photographs. unclear who this car belongs to. but clearly part of the investigation no doubt as they did search and empty out the vehicle. so we'll be keeping watch out here guys and bring you the very latest but for now we'll send it back in to you in the studio. >> annie thanks much the other big story south texas preparing for tropical storm harvey. the storm continuing to gain strength drifts into the gulf of mexico toward the texas shore line and forecasters say it will likely become a hurricane. the concern all of the rain up to 20-inches of rain could fall in some areas. that would be like 16 feet of snowfalling in one storm. governor of texas already declared a state of emergency for 30 counties on or near the coast and some
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seek higher ground. for more on the storm first check on our forecast mike thomas joins us now. mike you're among the camp that believes this will be hurricane want blows me away right now when we look updated radar the storm is basically the size of gulf of mexico right now. >> it's very big storm it's over extremely warm waters so that is why it's kind of rapidly developing. wouldn't surprise me if it's hurricane faster than their saying it would be. maybe even before this day is done here. there's tropical tracker. you can see all that red there it's a big storm. it's powerful storm. the water temperature underneath it right now, mid to upper 80s. that's how warm the gulf of mc company gets this time of year. that red you see along the texas coastline are hurricane war warnings. the light blue hurricane watches which do extend up to houston big storm texas is get getting y here's the timeline as the national hurricane center seize it right now by 1:00 a.m. still tropical storm but strong one at 70 miles an hour. it becomes a hurricane just before land fall. wouldn't surprise me if they up great and it's hurricane faster than that. big story with it, again,
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but it's going to be the rains just because of how warm the gulf of mexico is it will pick up a lot of that moisture throw it into texas that zone of white anywhere you see the yellow is . zone of white models putting down more than a foot of rain which is steve mentioned is like equivalent to 10 feet plus of snow. just to give you an idea here of how much that actually is. because when you think a foot of water you may not think it's that much. but it is a ton. we'll talk more about harvey coming up latest item hur outside right here in d.c. 73 with thin clouds out there. winds out of the north and each at 12 miles an hour. satellite/radar all quiet for now. i don't know what the heck happens at the end there but that's owl yes an issue with the satellite. i don't degrees. a couple of clouds today. showers possible off to the west maybe here in d.c. we pop a late evening shower most of the day just pleasant. that's the latest in the weather department. maureen send it over to you. >> mike, thank you. big developments overnight one of the far right extremist who's helped organize the rallies in charlottesville has turned himself in to police. christopher cantwell is h
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he is a white nationalist accused of pepper spraying someone a day before the deadly charlottesville pro t. cantwell calls the use of the pepper spray self defense he's facing felony charges. >> one of the organizers in participants of the charlottesville rallies is now behind bars. chris cantwell turned himself in to virginia police wednesday. charge width two counts of illegal use of tear gas and one count of malicious bodily injury. cantwell insists he only pepper sprayed a count protester in self-defense. the far right blogger was prominently featured in advice news documentary about white prem mass sifts neo-nazis and other extremist groups he talk about wanting to create a white enhno state and trying to make himself more violent he posted a youtube video crying over his out staning warrants. >> i don't think it's wise for me to be, you know, going -- going anywhere. we have done everything in our power. we have used every peaceful and lawful means by which could redress
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>> meanwhile in charlottesville, the debate over confederate statues sparked by the rally reaches a new level. city officials have covered monuments of robert e lee and stop wall jackson in black tarps. the order was given as charlottesville is seeking state approval tore most statues it's also seen as acknowledgment of the woman killed while protesting the white nationalist rally. >> the whole city is if mourning and traumatized. >> idea of covering up confederate statue social security getting mixed response. >> i'm not going to stop in my efforts to try to get it removed, but i'm glad city council will recognize that it had to be addressed. >> hearing to determine whether the confederate statue which is come down is set for sept september 1st. the city will also hold another meeting tonight to give city residents a chance to talk with officials about that rally and the response. it's being called a community recovery town hall. wisdom, back to you. >> thank you very much, maureen. time right now is 9:08. meanwhile the diocese of arlington says it is reached out to a maryland family to set up private meeting bet
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bishop michael burr bitch and a priest once a member of the kkk father william aitcheson burned a cross on the family's law lawn in 1977 when he was a kkk leader in prince george's county. philip and barbara butler are waiting for a personal apology from aitcheson and for $23,000 that he was ordered to pay them in restitution. earlier this morning, darryl davis author of the book clandestine relationings joined us in studio he reached out to aitcheson parents after he was convinced all those years ago offering to help their son. now, davis credited with getting dons says of former white supremacists to renounce their past and give up hate tread. he had advice for how father aitcheson could help the butlers heal. >> i would say he should meet with them and talk with them and bring closure to this, and if there's anything that he owes them, then, you know, make them whole. >> um-hmm. >> but dialogue is the key, and that's where it needs to start.
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down and talk with them and also as priest, he is responsible for his flock. and talk to his flock about it. because there are people in his flock who may have the same ideas in their mind that he had back then. >> um-hmm. >> and having been on both sides of the fence, he is no -- he is the best candidate to address it. >> i know there are some that have said that he should give up the priesthood at this point. davis disagrees says he has more power being hold on to that knock as he calls it and being able to preach to them to his congregation and say, look, this is what's wrong. this is what you should not be doing. >> it might be complicated but did he talk about how he converts these people? >> one of things we just were able to touch on at the end he put his information out there which is available e has his own website. we have that information on our website, too, if anybody has family member or somebody they know who has gone down the wrong path. >> right. >> darryl always wanting to talk to people. he's talk to hundreds and
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hate through white supremacy and he's been able to convert many of them. >> fascinating. >> he should hold seminars. >> he's reworking his book. he'll have a new version of the book which came out 20 years ago. he's updating it of course with the current climate today. that will be coming out in a few months. >> all right. good stuff. we talked about the powerball right off the top it literally has to be on everyone's mine in the country i think. somebody did wake up a billion dollar richer this morning before taxes of course. silly. silly taxes that take away half your winnings. it's not any of us though. we must say that because wisdom is still here. we know it. i don't think the rest of us were in massachusetts any time lately. >> no. >> $758 million the largest single winning ticket ever sold. the winning powerball ticket sold in chicopee massachusetts that is outside of springfield, massachusetts. the massachusetts lottery originally said it was sold in waterdown near boston it turns out that was not the case just one winning ticket had all those winning numbers on it. again the largest
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prize ever. now, the good news is as holly said don't throw your tickets away if you didn't win the jackpots. 40 tickets across the country had every number except the powerball that includes one in maryland, one in virginia each one worth $1 million and i mean are you willing going snub a million dollars. >> no. >> i don't think so. >> not hardly. >> i'll take four dollars back. i'll take two dollars back. the winning numbers if you play your own and you know what they are, six, seven, 16, 23, 26 and the powerball number is four. >> now remember you pick between 169 all those winning numbers were 26 or lower. >> those are numbers i would pick on my own. >> i always see those. >> you play birthdays. >> who is the person who your powerball was like five or thee you match all the other ones. >> i know. >> a million is nice though. >> i'll take can any of it. we'll all be playing against next time. >> right. >> when it gets big. >> resets to just 40 million. nobody wants to play
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only $40 million. >> $40 million! >> it's 9:12. president trump's fight with congress over funding for border wall could lead to government shut down. we'll have more on that back and forth and the president's more subdued tone just one day after that rally in arizona. >> later he wouldn't stand for the national anthem and scores of fans are taking a stand for him. coming up we'll have more on the nfl protest in support of colin kaepernick. 9:13 is the time. back in a moment. n a moment.
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♪ we are back at 9:16. president trump sending shock waves through the nation now people are asking will the immigration debate lead to a government shut down? big question right. the president taking hard line stance on the border wall with the deadline weeks away now it may complicate efforts to keep the government operating. holly has more on the escalating tension. >> constant contention. >> always. >> constant tension. you're right. we have certainly seen, of course, spending stan offs in washington before. that's nothing new. this time the president has been very specific, either fund a border wall to mexico or he'll block the congressional spending deal. what will it take for the president to get on the same page as congress? and will his plan border wall lead to a government shut down in coming
9:17 am
weeks? >> believe me, we have to close down our government, we're building that wall. >> the president with a clear threat just as his relationship with republican senate majority leader mitch mcconnell may be at and all-time low. here the problem f congress doesn't ink a new spending plan by september theirth, there could be a government shut down with the predictable blame game to follow. the president's threat to link any deal to border wall funding is a risky game that others in the gop are not thrilled about to say nothing of democrats. >> i don't think it's in our interest to do so. while we work on doing what we actually said we would do what we've done already in the house and we need to do which is to control our borders. i don't think you have to choose between the two. >> this is the spirit we need to overcome our challenges. >> that was the president yesterday in reno. offering a more measured tone. but as everything comes down to the wire here in washington, the question remains, how far will he push an issue that early on helped define his campaign for the white house.
9:18 am
political base. >> now the president is tweeting about this this morning and not surprisingly he is naming names. take look. the president has i requested that manage mitch m and paul r tie the debt sealing legislation into the popular va bill which just passed for easy approval. they didn't do it so now we have a big deal with dems holding them up as usual on debt sealing approval. could have been so easy. now a mess. >> okay. >> constant contention as i said in the beginning. >> calling out the two biggest republicans. >> right. >> who you need to have your legislation to help -- >> in congress. >> to make your jenn today happen. >> thank you, holly. >> you're welcome. >> 9:18 is the time. coming up a lot of people wanted to go vegan after what the health but a lot of people are doing it all wrong. later dr. ro will join us live with what you need to know to swear off meat. >> first allison
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>> steve, new details about that diplomat a attack in cuba. a legal vick four for tiger woods belabored say vaughn. british broadcaster gets a surprise co-host and maybe the cutest one in tv history. we've got a check of what else is making headlines next. when only the best will do... tempur-pedic delivers. tempur material provides up to twice as much pressure relieving power, so you wake up feeling like a champion. through september 17th, save up to $500 on select adjustable sets. tempur-pedic sleep is power.
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be a powerful force. nature valley ♪ 9:21. allison is back with a check of
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headlines this morning. good morning, my friend. >> good morning to you. first up, a mystery in havana, cuba. u.s. diplomats reportedly suffered serious injuries while working and living in havana including nerve damage and traumatic brain injuries. the incidents started in late 2016. the united states is inves investigating whether the diplomats were the targets of sonic or acoustic att attacks. cuba denied any involvement in the episodes in retaliation the trump administration expelled two cuban officials in washington. more divers are joining the search of the flood the uss john mccain the remains of at least five of the ten missing sailors have been identified and two of them hit really close to home. one of the ten missing victims was from gaithersburg maryland. another one was from michigan but moved to norfolk, virginia as a teenager just three hours up the road or so. the sailors went missing after the uss john mccain collided with an oil tanker over the weekend
9:23 am
update now on the celebrity nude photo leak naked pictures of tiger woods and lindsay vaughn have been removed from the website. this comes after they threatened to take legal action to have them taken down. according to tmz the nude pictures hacked from vaughn's cell phone were taken years ago while vaughn and woods were dating. photos of miley cyrus, krysten stewart and others were also published on that website on tuesday. well, amazon gets kless closer to world -- going org organic. online row trailer got a approve f federal trade commission to buy wholefoods. $13.7 billion deal will give amazon prime hold over the u.s. grocery markets as well as more than 465 brick and mortar wholefoods where it could showcase products and get packages ready for home del delivery. all right. finally, a tv news anchor got up staged by a budding star in britain. take look. a toddler named iris took over the itv
9:24 am
turning it into a her personal jungle gym. anchor allister stewart was covering a story about cow's milk allergies tether and little iris along with her mother and brother guests on the show due to their allergy issues. despite distracts the segment did go on. and he closed the show by giving iris, i don't think we'll see it, but a high five. now, i think that's adorable but i'm interested to hear what wis tom martin has to say about t this. >> we'll find out in just a few minutes. >> oh, he's not there. >> i was -- i said my kids are probably jealous because every time they were in here i gave them the speech and the look. do not get -- right. go ahead iris. do your thing. >> kudos to the presenter for keeping it together. roll along witness punch. >> why do i feel like the little boy, well, i behaved. >> exactly. >> exactly. >> were i be cheek key. >> thank you allison. >> thanks lot. veteran radio dee jay exposing the truth about the
9:25 am
music industry dark side in tell all book. paul porter is joining us live. the dog days of summer not weather wise. wee check in with mike for sneak peek at the weekend forecast and how you can celebrate national dog day. that is so cute. you're not bad looking either, mike. wisdom? >> all right. fresh at 10a taylor swift's rep potation. we'll talk about that blank space that was the singer social media pages are filled with details about her new album. we'll have the very latest as fans wait with baited breath. not to be out done kate perry out with new video of her hit swish swish. we'll show it to you as well. plus fans take a stand for colin kaepernick more on those nfl rallies trying to find him a job and little bit later, we although time is money but given the option which one would you rather have? time or money? right now the time is 9:25. we'll be back in a moment. ♪
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♪ come on over, wisdom. >> seriously. >> it's okay. you can sit near him. >> i'm always the buffer between you two to begin with. >> right. >> now it's giving me a complex. >> all right. there's no crying in baseball. we learned that from the movies just this one time you have to cut the dodgers fans and dodgers players a little bit of a break. here's the deal. la dodgers pitcher rich hill pitched a heck of a game. he had a perfect game into the ninth inning error broke up the perfect game he still had no hitter going.
9:29 am
what? he had no hitter after nine innings. exempt for one little fact. his team didn't score a run. >> oh my gosh. >> it went into extra innings and bottom of the tenth inning the first batter the first hit úhe gives up of the game is the first run he gives up of the game. and because the game was in pittsburgh, he gets the loss. he throws a no hitter through nine innings. loses the no hitter. loses the game. obviously pirates announcers excited in the background. >> yeah. >> aww. >> asked about it afterward hill said he's quote looking forward to tomorrow. that's just -- it's tough for them but at the same time, you got to find a way to win the game. let's face it dodgers they have the best record in the majors. they'll be just fine but for rich hill you got to feel for the guy. >> he needs therapy. >> got to feel for the you go. >> he'll need it. >> that leaves a scar. >> like pretty much all professional athletes have to have -- baseball players have to have that short memory. got get back out. >> all right. it might start to feel
9:30 am
fall. but we're still marking the dog days of summer this morning and that's because national dog day is this weekend. so to celebrate mike thomas is giving us the forecast with some adorable and adoptable puppies. >> yes. yes. it's my second favorite day of the year after bring your dog to work day. but we have some adorable puppies here all of which can be adopted by the way. all from lucky dog animal rescue, and tell us a little bit more about that. we have stephanie rivera here as well emily handling all the dogs. guys thank you for coming in today. >> of course. thanks for having us. >> tell us a little bit. first let's intro these. who are these fine looking dogs. >> sure. this is can dance here in the middle much she's about three years old. she's a lab shepherd mix and then the two little on either side are prim over here and p posh. they are litter mates they're both sisters and they are about three and a half months old. >> super well behaved for three and a half months. they are puppies. they're having lot fun here. >> yes. >> i'll tell you what. ias
9:31 am
organization. you don't actually have a physical building you can go to adoptees dogs. you're a volunteer service. >> all of our dogs are living in foster homes and all of those foster families are volunteers. so we have an mazing group of people that take in our dogs and help them until they get adopted. some of our dogs also live at doggie daycare facilities we have wonderful daycare facilities at wagon time, board hound and the rough house. that help by keeping some of our dogs there as well. >> fantastic. >> yeah. >> if i'm someone who has time and extra room and i want to volunteer, do you have events coming up or how can i volunteer my services. >> we have lots and lots of students to volunteer depending on how much time you have to give. fodders are always needed the more fosters we have the more dogs and lives we can save. we can also use you as a volunteer handler at our adoption event we have a huge adoption event weekend coming up saturday we'll be in shirlington at a huge event even called wagons and whiskers a street style
9:32 am
adoptable dogs. we can use volunteers for that. on sunday we'll be at the pet company in rockville. let's say i'm watching at home i want to take one of these cute fellows here. what's the process like. >> i'm sure many people are thinking that they're so precious. >> i know. >> so in order to adopt from lucky dog you visit our website at lucky dog animal we have an application that you'll fill out you'll be in touch with one of our adoption coordinators they'll a quick conversation just to find out were you're looking for and help you make the best possible ma match. >> um-hmm. >> then we do a landlord check if they're renting arc vet check if they have any animals and last step to complete a home visit sounds really lengthy and long but we can usually get it done in the week by the weeknd you're ready to adopt your dog. >> that's good on your half, too. if you're going to adopt a dog we want to make sure they're going to good homes. >> yes. >> families are ready for that. >> exactly if folks want to take a look where can they find you? >> on all of the different social forums. and, yeah, visit our website at lucky dog
9:33 am
>> he can't length. thank you so much for coming in today. we hope you all find great great homes. they're making themselves right at home here. [ laughter ] >> all right. i think we'll do little bit of weather real quick. we do have some things happening in the world of weather. aww i'm going to miss you guys. thanks for coming in. hopefully they all get great great homes here. quick look at tropical tracker because we want to talk about harvey down in texas not yet in texas within the gulf of mexico. it's about to cause trouble in texas a strength they know storms winds of 65 -- yeah it looks like 65 miles an hour. i'm sorry. it's going to continue to track its way towards the texas coastline. hurricane warnings already up. states of emergency already up and that's because of how much rain they are expecting. look at this. anywhere you see the yellow 7-inches plus much the white, a foot plus of rain expected. they're going to have massive flooding issues so we do have to watch out there. locally now err in the mid atlantic humidity taking a break. good amount of sunshine we're not necessarily until clear for showers yet. i'll mention that in just a second.
9:34 am
many much our suburbs still holding on to 60s most headed for the 70 and 80s radar all quiet right now but take look at future cast. we roll on through the afternoon could pop a shower or two over the mountain out to the west. which if they have enough strength may make it into the dc and baltimore region during the overnight. that's at midnight there. good news most of today is dry. tomorrow is beautiful as well. zip trip fredericksburg here we come. it will be beautiful weekend gorgeous as well. all right. guys, that's the latest weather forecast. get some last pets in here. and maureen, i'll zen it over to you now. adopt! >> please adopt! >> mike, thank you. our next guest is a radio tv veteran who has over 40 years of experience in the music business. his name is paul porter he's held numerous positions at some of the nation's top rated radio stations including ten years it's a pros gram director, consultant and on air talent for bet. porter is now exposing the truth about the music industry's dark side in a new tell all book called "blackout" the book chronicles his successes, his failures filled with the secrets about the music
9:35 am
and this morning we're learning more about the book and his journey as music industry veteran and the special event he's most to go night. author and found of rap we ha paul porter joins us now live. good morning to you. >> good morning. how are you. >> you're stale staying busy. >> you read that prompter well. >> it was supposed to be secret. supposed to roll off the tongue. you know about this. >> i know but -- >> had you sausage is made. behind the camera and for you behind the mike and the music business. book is called blackyacht. what's the significance of that title? >> blackyacht in you look at the definition it's temporary loss of consciousness. and i think the industry and, you know, we hear and see things over the years, and it just gets worse and worse in terms of content, and this is just my story. music was so much for me for a long time. i mean i grew up learning things from music. and i felt differently 15, 20 years ago hearing some of the content that kids have to absorb now. >> right. >> i wanted to tell the
9:36 am
my ups and downs, taking paoli and doing certain things and how the business really works. >> are you saying it's a concerted effort what we're hearing now on the radio. back in the day we were hearing music that had meaning. you know with lyrics that had meaning. >> yeah. >> now we're hearing like mum mel rap. you can't understand what they're saying. is it a concerted effort on someone's part to do this? >> well, i mean, it's a couple of companies that run everything. so if you have four decision makers and you get weak people in radio that don't want to pick content, well, you get drug themed, sex themes, drug themes, sex themes. and i don't think that's fair. like you said we went through lear sifts and hiphop to the lyric klee challenged. mum pell wrap rap. >> no offense to those who like it for me we went marvin gay talking about what's going on to now i couldn't tell you what is they're talking about. >> there was balance you got to hear stories of all different things. but now it's the same
9:37 am
>> is this book for someone who is trying to break into the music industry or is it -- what is it exactly. >> i think it's a book for young people, old people, understand the industry. it deals on all different levels. tv, film, and it deals how music changes culture. because hiphop now is the number one culture in america. so it's just not, you know, the title blackout sometime people think is a black book. but it's not. music is for everybody. >> that's right. everyone can pick this up and really learn about what's happening. so if i'm understanding this right, this book is more of -- it doesn't just chronicle the journey of music. you're thinking this chronicles society in our evolution. >> and culture a lot of culture and how things have changed but you know the industry full of capitalism. like america is. so it's up to us to sort of sort out content and try to figure out what, you know, choices you want to make. and there's more choices now.
9:38 am
know then through this book because you do also talk about your struggles. the ups and the downs. you've gone through just about everything. have persevered. >> that's why i said i blacked out. you know, i mean, when i was working at bet i got -- i was staying at hotel george first weekend i get i get an envelope with 20,000 in cash. it was from karen klein who was the, you know, the independent promotion person who was welcoming me to town because i was programming 66 million ho homes. >> wow. >> but that's hard turning down money. cash money. but i made some additions as life went on and i sort of chronicle it and talk about what folks can do. >> of course, you've got a project tonight. talk about what's happening tonight. >> yeah. i'm doing a busboys and poets in high yates from 6:00 to 8:00. we're doing a book signing, a panel discussion and a taping for book tv on
9:39 am
air in about week. >> we got the information on the screen give me the website one more time. >> blackout the that's where you get it. >> i heard you actually had sign it. >> i sign every book. i know it's available on amazon and the other places, but blackout the i sign it and put some messages in there. >> i think it's grating great reviews. go out and get this. insightful information in the book. >> thank you. >> paul porter thank you so much for your time. my pleasure. >> nice meeting you. >> back over to you guys. >> 9:39 is the time. iron man star robert downey, jr. has warning for fans. don't fall for a exam using my name. plus, before disney yanks its library from netflix, millennial favorite is making its debut. kevin mccarthy is back when you catch beauty and the beast next. ♪ ♪♪
9:40 am
9:41 am
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9:42 am
>> 9:00 from is the time. iron man, well, coming to some fans rescue, plus you can catch the new action life action beauty and beast on net flick. kevin mccarthy. >> having some issues with his mike. >> fixing his microphone. i thought we were close up of wisdom. i was fixing my mike. minutia i was recording another second next door. >> it's all good, kevin. >> it's fine. >> i had to explain to the audience why that happened. >> it's supposed to be all on me it ended up being on everybody. you did have t
9:43 am
>> he's not bitter that you took time away from his close up at all. >> yeah. >> what did i step into? [ laughter ] >> let's couldn't. you mentioned i were man. we'll have another avenger on our show jeremy renner will joining us live around 10:30 for new movie wind river which we're very excited to talk to him about. i am wearing captain america socks. >> nice. >> find out if he's upset i'm not wearing hawk eye socks. >> are their hawk eye socks. >> i don't know. i need to find out. >> i don't think there are hawk eye socks. >> i don't know. going out on a limb. >> if he's as popular as captain america i don't think so. >> i won open the interview with that. he might cancel. >> exactly. robert downey jr. is in the news he took to sweater yesterday to warn his audience and social media followers about scam artists an interesting post he posted quote derr rest fans it has come to my attention one or more exam artists have taken to impersonating me online and asking some of you via private message or chat for donations for various causes. just wanted to let you know that if you
9:44 am
chat platform claiming to be me, they are lying. i will never ever communicate via private chat platforms and i would never ever ask individual fans for money for any reason. any communication from me will originate from my public verified social media pages and all fundraising is done via broad public campaigns. i think interesting if you look at his facebook page where he also posted this, people were responding back saying, this happened to me. imagine get message from someone you think is ryan reynolds or, you know, rob downey, jr. >> can i ask the obvious question. why you giving money to a celebrity? >> i don't know. what i'm saying -- what he's saying is -- >> i think it's incredibly disturbing that somebody would pose as someone else for any reason and try to ex tour money from people, but i don't understand why somebody would want to give money to somebody whose already making $40 million year. >> the person impersonating robert downey jr. saying this is going to a good cause. >> good cause they support. >> cancer research whatever it will b
9:45 am
because robert downey, jr., a lot of the avengers cast and big super hero actors they do a lot of charity work. >> she support causes. >> yeah. there are these videos you can join me at the avengers premier if you donate this and we'll pick you to come to this and i'll bet you the person saying i'm robbed downey, jr., i want to donate money to, you know, lls or whatever it is, and the person is like, okay. they have no idea. so he's telling you look out. make sure it's avert tide page. and avert tide video that he tweets out not an individual person. >> good advice. >> it's like common sense but some people really believe it. >> common sense isn't always so common. >> yeah. coming up next, obviously beauty and the beast this is big film for disney. it made $1.2 billion this year at the box office. it's the highest grossing film of 2017. so far coming to netflix on september 19th, and that's not really the story of. the story disney is pulling all
9:46 am
next year. >> they're putting them back in the vault? >> no, no new york city. [ laughter ] >> they're going to create their own streaming service. >> i know. >> yeah. bob i goer the ceo the head of disney announced this a couple weeks ago that disney will be pulling their films from net netflix. so it is interest to go me to see a story about beauty and the beast coming to netflix on september 19th obviously they have some type of contract through the end of next year. >> i will tell you i have netflix. i never, i never use it. i fine i cannot find anything i want to watch. this will drive me to netflix beauty and beast. netflix may have to find some other way to real in people because, they've got thousand one movies. i can never find anything i want to watch. >> i don't want netflix for movies much it's better for television shows. i think by the time beauty and beast has gotten to netflix either has seen it in theaters and/or dvd or blu-ray. >> i just saw it last week on the plane. >> which would be really be when i see it. >> a month before netflix got it. >> you found
9:47 am
regardless. in my pin netflix is making their money on strangers things, orange is the new black. >> makes sense. >> i don't want netflix for movies they're all old. >> you subscribe to netflix you want to watch it over and over you have kids that want to sight you know the any disney movie is going to be there it could be a sell. >> through the end of next year and that denny will have their own platform. >> we'll ask jeremy renner if he had any robert downey, jr. impersonators ask him for money coming at 10:30. >> that's the reason scam artists exist. >> bauer their successful. exactly. >> all right. listen 9:47. if you've watched what the health and thought i'm definitely going to go vegan, there's good chance that you actually might be doing it wrong. so coming up next dr. ro will join us live with advice for anyone that's wandering to make the switch from meat. ♪ ♪♪
9:48 am
9:49 am
9:50 am
♪ over the last few weeks you've probably heard a lot about the netflix documentary what the health. if you watch fox5 you may have seen a few stories about it. if you have watched it, it may have inspired to you want to try a vegan lifestyle but critics
9:51 am
warning. you actually might be doing it wrong. one of them nutrition coach and lose your final 15 author dr. ro friend to the loft she joins us now with more on the movie and what you need to know if you really are making that switch to a plant based diet. good to see you. >> it's always great to see you. >> cool channeling yellow. >> i know. >> we are bright and sunshine knee today. here's the thing. i don't want people that are watching because i got a couple tweets earlier in the week we're not vilifying what the health. >> no. >> there are points to be made in the movie that are g her some that perhaps are not. but it is inspiring people to change if they want and, you need to do so with caution. >> you do. there's so many people who are really inspired to jump on the vegan band wagon. but without all of the facts. they don't have the knowledge to do it correctly. >> right. >> the reason -- >> it can be good for you. >> absolutely. you can listen you can absolutely be healthy on a vegan diet but the truth is, you don't have to be vegan to be healthy.
9:52 am
what's the game plan? because that's what we're trying to give people this morning. >> if you want to be vegan, first we shall talk about the fact there are three types of vegetarians. >> okay. >> right. first you have the vegetarian that eats vegetables, fruits, grains, beans, nuts and seeds. >> okay. >> add togethers and that you've got the ovo vegetarian. >> ovo vegetarian. take it away the eggs and admitting and dairy you've the the lactose vegetarian. >> the first kind of vegetarian is really vegan. it's the same thing. >> truly vegan. we've been talking about vegetarianism for ages. and so truly vegan means just eating these things here. so you've got your fruits and vegetables and your grains and your nuts and your seeds but here's the problem. there are some nutrients you really do need to supplement because you get, um, less of the effect of for e
9:53 am
gets bound in mineral that gets bound if the food that it comes from. because there are two types of iron. naheme that comes from plan sources and heme that comes from animal sources. the problem it's readily absorbable and available to the body to be absorbed and to be used. >> okay. give me an idea of a davey began food. >> yeah. so you start with -- you can even start with smoothie lost people start breakfast with smoothie or juice they add protein to and then you'll some fruit, vegetables. you can v you know, case so can be made with vegan cheese. >> it's carne meat. >> you're right. >> use tofu. >> good point. well yeah because that's what vegans do. they would use tofu. natural bean occurred. >> they call it
9:54 am
the other thing is so many people do substitute meat anna logs for, um, the meat. >> right. >> but if you're going to do a meat analog, why are you a vegetarian? >> right. >> we're not -- we're not discounting people that want to be vegetarians today. >> not at all. >> just telling you how to do it. >> here's the thing. if you don't have any real meat in your diet, then you do need to supplement, right. >> yeah. do you need to supplement because your stores, your body stores of iron, calcium and minerals it's very important. not only to bone health but to energy and to other more serious health problems. >> right. so and dee fish see you don't want to call into deficiency of these nutrients. so what you want to do if you are vegan you definitely want to supplement calcium, iron, vitamin b12, and sing. >> okay. i also want peel people to know if they start to transition to vegan what are they going to experience body wise. >> first of all you're not going to lose weight because you become vegan
9:55 am
automatically makes you slim what you do have to do is control portions just like everybody else. you want to also remove the sugar. now most vegans that i know don't do a lot of added sugar but there are scores of people out there who do. they think well it's not meat. it's okay. >> right. >> and so it isn't. you still want to eight a healthy diet made of variety of foods of all these things you see here. and the reason s it's because there's no single food that will give you all of the nutrition that you need in its proper quantities to sustain live and to help you function normally. >> but your body systems are going to work the same? are you going to feel more tired, less tired like in the beginning. >> ? that's a very individual thing. >> excuse me. it. > depends on whatever your body chemistry is whatever your lifestyle is and what the other things are that do you. there's some vegetarians i've seen that smoke. so does that help? not so much. >> right. >> the point you've got to take care of yourself but in doing so, on a vegan diet, just know that you need to supplement these nutrients. calcium, iron, zinc,
9:56 am
b12. add that to your diet. >> and then eat a variety of foods. definitely eat your seeds. definitely include your nuts for protein. and if we're talking about, you know, suring up the way that you get those nutrients just know that you cannot rely on greens necessarily for your iron because when do you, that form of iron isn't real readily available. one of tricks to help you -- hur wee going to. >> add vitamin c. so if you have a spinach salad throw in in red bell pepper or structure berries. if you're having greens or nice lean steak. >> i'm kidding listen if you want to check it out yourself what the health is streaming on netflix now, and i would say if you really do want to transition, talk with your doctor. make sure you come up with good game plan. >> or your munition tryst. >> that could be dr. ro. she's ours. back over to you guys. >> thank you. ladies in yellow this morning coming up on the 10a jeremy renner new movie
9:57 am
kevin loved it have a chance to talk with him next hour. lyrist cross runway model will be here. >> it's national waffle day. we're getting our eats on. back after this. ♪ ♪♪ this is the moment. the moment you could put yourself in the driver's seat of a new mercedes-benz. come to mgm national harbor and enter the choose your ride giveaway. the more you play, the more chances you earn to win your share of $350,000 in prizes including a new mercedes-benz convertible, sedan or suv. so get a move on. join m life rewards and enter the choose your ride giveaway for a chance at your share of $350,000 in prizes and freeplay®. this is monumental.
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10:00 am
♪ the must see moments only on your number one good day at 10a. our red hot celebrity dish new details about taylor swift's reputation. rival katie perry release as clap back video to bad blood. plus, we have your sneak peek of this is us season two. >> talk about hot. jeremy renner is live at 10a. he stars in one of kevin's favorite movies. year they talk all about it at
10:01 am
10:30. from the real runway to project runway. super plus sized model lyrist cross is here live in the loft to dish about the show and other projects in her future. >> okay. dmv, let's do this in three, 21. roll it. the 10a starts now. ♪ >> ♪ who let the dogs out ♪ >> who let the waffles out is my question. >> oh my gosh don't let them back in. >> all right. so here's your goal today, chef. in the next how far, we need all of this heated up. because this looks amazing right now. we have waffles with chicken and bacon and strawberries and -- >> and vegan. >> another see began one. >> national waffle day. come on. >> i love it. all right. we'll dive in little bit later on and talk more about waffles and -- >> um-hmm. >> are though legos. >> they're actually the frozen waffles, yes. >> i'm a big fan of that. >> exactly we got something quick for the kids. >> i'm in the fan of those. but i just realized
10:02 am
>> we got something quick for the kids. >> not going to say no to it that's for sure. chef, thank you. we'll see in you little bit. no problem. >> so yummy. >> ♪ i do love the chicken and waffles, though. i like that idea the spin on it with the sandwich, too. >> oh yeah. >> throw a chicken in between and making a waffle sandwich out of it good stuff. >> going to be good day did. thanks for being with us so happy you're along. it is also national dog day today. mike thomas has been playing with some puppies saturday i guess officially getting early start we wanted to see your pictures and as always you are responding. so thank you so much for sending in the pictures of your four legged fur babies. we love them so very much. we want to keep seeing more throughout the show today. so hash tag fox5 dog day. i like that dog spirit. so cute. my dog would never keep the hat on. some dogs are hat dogs or not hat dogs. >> i agree. they're all super cute and we appreciate it. keep sending them in and we'll keep showing them throughout the morning. >> before we check what's trending allison is a back
10:03 am
this morning. al. >> hey, mo first up breaking news that fox5 was first to bring you this morning. fbi agents at a home in fort washington, mary, and a big operation is underway. we are told the feds conducted a raid in the 8600 block of devon hills drive around 6:00 this morning. one person was taken into custody. and several boxes of evidence were removed from that home. south texas preparing for what is now tropical storm harvey. the storm continues to gain strength as it drifts in the gulf of mexico towards the texas shore line and forecasters predict it could become a hurricane. up to 20-inches of rain could fall in some areas. the governor of the texas has already declared a state of emergency for 30 counties on or near the coast. a white nationalist whose police say pepper sprayed someone day before the said deadly august11th protest in charlottesville has turned himself in. christopher cantwell said he used the pepper spray in self defense on the university of
10:04 am
he faces three felony charges including using tear gas illegally. >> he was literally breathing down my neck. my skin crawled. it was one of those moments where you wish you can hit pause and ask everyone watching, well, what would you do? do you stay calm, keep smiling and carry on as if he weren't repeatedly invading your space? or do you turn, look him in the eye and say, loudly and clearly, back up, you creep! get away from me. >> i'm sure you recognize the voice along with the video th there. that is hillary rodham clinton describing a what happened in an excerpt from her new book. now in that clip she's talking about her debate with now president donald trump when he seemingly lurked behind her while she spoke. that excerpt was featured on msnbc morning joe. what happened the book will be released next month. and finally, let's end on
10:05 am
whether you love it or hate it depacito is back but with brand new and amazing twist. check it out. >> is that spanish for rubber ducky. >> ♪ >> sesame street okay let's face it ernie did his own take on the song depacito it's called he will patito we learned means ducky in spanish he sings with row ceta about the rubber ducky being his friend. now many of you relate to bert look at old bert. okay. right before the song kicked off he goes -- he's made rubber. >> oh, no. not this song again. >> yes, bert. but it's even more special because ernie is singing along with row ceta. >> i think he was just keeping it real and then when he realized that ernie had something special, i think bert warmed up do it eventually. >> better late than never. >> now i know. >> super cute. >> the little voice is so cut
10:06 am
stuck in my head today. we'll take it. >> thanks allison. >> let's check what's trending right now. five minutes past the hour. first up the major powerball mistake because it's wiping ticket for the $758 million powerball jackpot was not sold where first reported in massachusetts. no, it was sold closer to d.c. 80 miles closer. >> still sold in massachusetts but in different shower. chicopee massachusetts where that winning ticket was sold lottery originally said it was in watertown a suburb of boston. that was not right. but again it was sold in massachusetts outside of springfield just one winning tick had all five numbers and the for you ball that means it will be the largest prize ever claimed by one person. just because you didn't hit it big don't throw your tickets away because 40 tickets matched all the numbers except the powerball and that includes one in maryland and one in have a have each is good for $1 million. so we will have a couple of millionaires here in the maryland and virginia area. >> you know what's amazing to me, how much greater it is to hit
10:07 am
numbers. >> right. >> 40 times the numbers hit five but then only one hit six. >> that's where they get you. >> that's where they get you. >> when you add in the powerball number number four only one person had that winning tick. >> still don't know who they are yet. >> all right. next up, hundreds of people turned out in new york yesterday in support of colin kaepernick. now he is the still unsigned quarterback and these people the protesters made demands that the nfl take action at the rally in front of the nfl headquarters several backers including the naacp held signs and chanted, i'm with cap. the demonstrations stems from the backlash kaepernick received for kneeling instead of standing for the anthem before games last season. his refuse al to stand was his way of shedding light on the growing number of unarmed black men killed by police. his former team the 49ers declined to resign him after he opted out of the crack. he opted out of the
10:08 am
agent ever since. many nfl experts say kaepernick is better than lot of quarterbacks in the league but he's still on the side line. some critics are saying that he's being black balled by the league. supporters say they want meeting with nfl commissioner roger goodell to discuss why kaepernick hasn't been signed to an nfl team just yet. >> there's -- obviously so many issues at play here and hard to tell, you know, without the nfl coming out and saying it or somebody finding station or lead e-mails the slowing in cahoots with all 32 teams and that no individual team the league doesn't assign where a player plays. >> right. >> but i will say this. and this i put on the teams. this is training camp. this is the opportunity for a player to make an nfl team. there are teams four, five quarterbacks deep right now where three quarterbacks are not going to make the team. >> right. >> you'll have lot, f your reason for not signing him simply a distraction, you'll have lot less distraction in the preseason than you are if you bring him on board in the regular season. so f
10:09 am
not bring him on board, give him a chance to prove if he's got the goods or not. that's ridiculous. >> right. >> it's insanity. and we talk about this earlier in the morning. >> then at least you can if he can play or can't play. >> right. if you bring him on the reason season and cut him. without giving him a chance you're back back in the same controversy. this is training camp put him on the field and see if we can play or not. >> if he can't play then you cut him and nobody brings up the other issue any more. >> the other thing is you have all these bum quarterbacks let's keep it real there are a bunch of bums in the nfl playing quarterback miami signed one of them for $10 million for one year. he's a bum. he hadn't done half of what kaepernick has done. >> guess what? >> there's two bums playing behind that bum. >> absolutely. they'll be on roster. >> they are going to be on roster which is my point. this whole nonsense about him not kneeling. nfl has had people in the league who have been drunk driving and two players i can think off of s
10:10 am
killed people in drunk driving accidents and have been in the nfl multiple years and nobody is batted an eye. other issues as well. >> keep it real ray lewis had his issue glass ray lewis. >> he's like a hero. >> and had the nerve to talk about colin kaepernick at that. >> michael vick got back in the league. >> exactly. >> had the nerve to talk smack too. >> don't get on a high horse and trying to act like him kneeling down making a political statement is all of a sudden it's horrific thing you've had killers in the league, you've had people who have drunk driving people -- i mean it's insane. >> multiple wife abusers, girlfriends abuser. >> yeah. let's not be blinded by the fact that we're going to have dozens of people taking a knee before the national anthem every single game, every single of them still on the roster. >> there you go. >> let us know what you think. #gooddaydc. meanwhile we've all heard the phrase, time is money, but think about this. would you rather get more paid vacation time or simply just get a raise? new study asked hundreds
10:11 am
that question and 41% said they would refer more time away from the office. vacation however isn't all rest and relaxation because more than 25% of those surveyed say their company expects them to work while they're away. one third of employees say they feel guilty when submitting a vacation request. so what do you guys think? would you choose vaca or pay d day. >> vaca. >> vaca. >> vaca. >> is that even question. >> yeah. vaca disconnect vaca. >> yeah. no, no. >> no vaca checking e-mails and checking in with the office. vaca disconnect. >> a real vaca. >> do you ever feel guilty summit ago vacation request. >> oh, no. >> people don't like to take vacation. you are in more productive person when you get that chance to recharge yourself. when you come back and you're more excited. exactly. >> i think -- i don't feel guilty but i do check to see who else might be on vacation and that play noose what days. >> do you, really. >> i real dollar. >> really? >> really not just because you think they're watching right now or because -- [ laughter ] >> it doesn't
10:12 am
my vacation gets denied any way. [ laughter ] >> i'm here every christmas, thanksgiving. you name it. >> oh oaks. you'll go for more? >> more pay. >> more vacation time. >> god, yes, in a heartbeat. keep the money. please. >> i agree. jeremy renner reunited with avengers co-star elizabeth olson for the new sun dance murder drama wind river. he'll join us live to talk about it. >> first though the blank space that was taylor swift's social media pages that maureen loved so much filled with major news. new music coming tonight. new album out in november and the final chapter in her snake trilogy. >> is it really? we'll have all the details maureen so you can enjoy joy it i can harley wait. >> let me know what time so i can plan my day around it. we'll set it up.
10:13 am
meta appetite control... it's your glass of willpower that helps keep cravings... ...far, far away. feel less hungry with the natural fiber in clinically... ...proven meta appetite control. from metamucil. unlike ordinary diapers, pampers stay up to three times drier, so babies can sleep soundly all night. pampers.
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countless patients. countless ailments. countless hours. and guess what? you can handle it all. be a leader in your field
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from strayer university. a nursing program created by and for nurses. let's get it, nurses. ♪ >> it's time for got day celebrity dish. >> all right. the wait is almost over for maureen umeh and all the taylor swift fans out there. [ laughter ] >> oh, my gosh. >> because the pop star is set to release new music tonight. >> swift posted announcement her social media pages yesterday. no word on what that first single will be. while the album doesn't come out until notify, swift also teased fans with a first look at the cover. it's called reputation and it shows the singer in black and white covered in news
10:16 am
>> but it looks like every word is taylor or swift. >> oh really. >> the headlines you need to know, steve. >> i don't know if there were hidden messages in the news print. >> i'm sure they're trying to decipher them as we speak. the singer song writer posted a new individual 83 to her page the third and final in her snake series. like we told you yesterday fans suspect the singer is trying to reclaim the snake emoji which became away for people to troll her after her her feuds with calvin harris and came kardashian. internet shoes point to the title of the album and the cover as proof the singer is calling attention to all the media hype that surrounds her on daily basis. see? >> yes. >> deciphered. >> who cares? >> all right then. >> i'm so tired of all these snakes on this social media! >> i'm so tired of all these taylor swift stories. any way -- >> seriously. >> let's wait until the song comes out and let it speak for itself. >> do we know what time it drops. >> chris, do you know. >> crickets please. >> i hope when i'm
10:17 am
>> they're talking to me. sorry. >> okay. >> i'm sorry what was the question. >> the question do we know what time taylor swift is coming out tonight. release time. >> i heard it was going to be close to midnight. >> everyone will be talking about it on friday. >> gotcha. >> everyone. >> we will be bringing it to you in the dish tomorrow. >> absolutely. >> okay. >> maureen stand staying real late. >> she's getting up early heading to fredericksburg for the zip trip. >> whatever she puts out i'll be jamming all the way to it. >> yes. road trip. >> hey. >> while tailor was busy doing that, her former rival katie perry had news of her own she's got new video. perry released video for swish swish yesterday and some wonder if the timing of either announcement was coincidence. perry's new video being compared to taylor's bad blood video. both have a number of cameos from random celebrities many are speculating perry's dog was meant to be a distract about taylor swift. >> let me ask you this. you
10:18 am
dish. >> diss and the dish. >> if this is in fact a distract against tailor swift that does that mean all the people doing cameos will be thrown into the mix as anti t swift. >> that's the way it goes in the hiphop world. >> that's the way it works. you've chosen a team. >> exactly. >> in that video they're team. >> there you go. that's team katie now. >> team katie. >> up a knowledge because all the people in the video -- >> if you believe any of this -- >> i think they're in cahoots, right. >> totally. >> totally. >> we were talking to young kevin about this earlier who wouldn't believe they both could come out at the same time. >> mind blown. >> mind blown that taylor swift would nnounce an album the same day katie perry announces a video, what if when this album comes out there's a distract for the katie perry video in this song? >> ooh. now maybe that will enlist some other cameos. >> you know what -- >> we can only home. >> we're running out of celebrities. >> we'll ramp up the feud. >> this dish is filling
10:19 am
okay. while -- let's move on. >> please. >> yeah. why prolong the inevitable sobbing until the second season premier of this is us when you can get a head start today. nbc released first look at the drama new season and it's pretty on brand making you cry in public, check. the glorious sterling kay brown check. mill low, looking way too good in that jean jack. double check, wis. in the clip now randall and rebecca have a tough conversation about adoption which of course results in flashback to the day she adopted him. so grab a hankie and take look. >> beth is struggling with the adoption. >> i thought she was on board. >> yeah. i did, too. >> how did you guys decide with me? >> there was nothing to decide the moment we saw you -- you knew? that's a hell of a story. one of my favorites
10:20 am
>> i know you guys didn't have perfect marriage. you just lost a child. and you both just wanted me. right away just like that? >> it's complicated. >> something people say when they don't want to tell the truth. >> i don't think we'll get to the flash -- there we go. are we plash flashing back much this is the tear jerker part. you know what as even though we're flashing back we'll see the younger mandy moore. i don't think they found way to convincely age mandy moore. >> i was going to say. >> the older version of her, but you know hey at least they got two more seasons to figure it out. >> okay. >> now i want to see it. >> i know. >> right. >> let's watch this. >> don't let the dish be done now. we're actually pulled into this clip. >> let it roll. >> leaving it on a cliff hangar. >> it's quite effective. >> no. >> good day
10:21 am
toying with emotions. >> i know. >> we want to see the baby. >> there's baby. >> celebrity cliff hangar. oh wow. >> thanks, guys. >> that was good one today. >> watch tomorrow see how this all ends. >> i know, right. 1,021st time. coming up the local model making major -- >> sorry about that. >> strides one of the models new season of project runway if we're sharing more of your doggie pictures as we mark national dog day early getting a head start let's show some,, what good dog. >> getting pose on. >> just posing. likeness other things. >> this is double trouble right here. >> the girls are trying to look good. they must have a treat. >> hello. hello. aww.
10:22 am
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♪ >> breaking news right now. we are going to check in right now from prince george's county. yet another fbi involved raid this morning. number two. this one involving animal rescue workers. fox5 once again first on the scene annie yu is there in saint claire drive in temple hills. what's going on annie. >> reporter: guys we're still trying to figure out exactly what this investigation is about. but i can tell you the presence alone indicates it is quite serious. it's a major investigation. we've got fbi taking the lead on this. we've also got prince george's county police on scene as well as the
10:25 am
me at one point this morning the prince georges animal shelter was also out here. take look. we've got dogs loaded up in this big trailer that's attached this big rig. wee got a dozen or so aspca folks on the scene here. fbi agents going in and out of this home at the 2400 block of saint claire drive in temple hills. police officers here sort of maneuvering the traffic around. but according to neighbors, multiple dogs being brought out here since 6:00 o'clock this morning one lady told me she saw seven dogs being brought out. we actually got some video of some dogs loaded up in the truck before they shut the doors. but we saw dogs of all sizes, and we saw different types of mixes. some able to walk were brought out here. some not able to walk according to neighbors. so we're still trying to sort this out. now neighbors say they perhaps think that this might be some sort of dog rink but that has not been confirmed.
10:26 am
that has not been confirm. it could be a hoarding situ situation. aspca could not confirm any of those details with me but we have multiple calls out obviously to figure out exactly what is going on. we also got word from the human rescue alliance and they do tell us they have been briefed that they're staff has have been briefed what's going on out here, but they have left it up to the fbi to handle this investigation. so we have multiple people involved here. multiple agencies working this scene. so we'll continue to watch this and bring you the very latest. for now we'll send it back in to you. >> a couple questions fbi does investigate dog crimes just like they would investigate human crimes. but you were at earlier site it was also part of fbi investigation. are these two related? they are not far from each other. >> reporter: we did ask about that, steve, because you're right. we're just miles away from where we were and i was thinking am i going to see the same agents here because they had just wrapped up over there. but no, we're told that right now that has
10:27 am
determined. they couldn't elaborate on that. you know, whether this is linked. so obviously that's something on our minds, steve, as well our viewers. we'll be sure to continue to see if perhaps that incident in fort washington is any way connected to that, new york city this case out here. but the situation in fort washington that wrapped up maybe five minutes before we got the call about this. so that's why we thought, huh could it be related. but we're looking into that. >> annie, about how many dogs did you see come out and be put in that trailer? >> reporter: so i saw dozens of cages of crates in the truck. but neighbors tell me before we got here that for the past four hours they saw multiple dogs being brought out here. again one woman said she was out here for about an hour and saw about seven dogs being brought out here. we caught some video of some sad little faces, some furry friends in there, but, you know, we don't know the exact number of animals that were brought out here. >> all right.
10:28 am
for us this morning. thanks annie. >> 10:27 right now. good day at 10a headed your way next. stay with us. ♪ ♪ ♪ happiness is powerful flea and tick protection from nexgard. nexgard kills fleas and ticks all month long. and it comes in an easy-to-give tasty chew. and that makes dogs and owners happy. no wonder vets love it too. reported side effects include vomiting, itching, diarrhea, lethargy and lack of appetite. see your vet for more information on flea and tick protection
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nexgard. the vet's #1 choice.
10:30 am
>> look at you. >> this place man. what it took fro
10:31 am
>> i'm not going to stand here and tell you. >> clip from the new movie wind river. it's a thriller about a u.s. fish and wildlife agent who teams up with an fbi agent to solve a murder on the wind river indian reservation in wyoming. jeremy renner stars at corey lambert you know him of course from his academy award nominated rolls in the hurt locker and the town or maybe his role as hawk eye in avengers. this new movie reunion with his one of fill low marvel heroes. >> this morning jeremy renner joins us live from los angeles. more on the sun dance hit want else he's working on. jeremy, i saw this film. blue me away. talk about obviously getting into the mindset of this role. it's very intense film for you. i can't imagine you went home at the end of the day feeling happy. it's a very tough movie to work on. does it take an effect on in you your real life as you go home? >> um, not really. not really. it was -- it
10:32 am
it affected me in the sense i'm not going going home jumping up and down it was an mazing day. a lot of times i'd go home and have a meal and, we were altogether all the time it was almost like a camp. we were enjoying every moment, every scene and every part of this story telling process, and a lot of the people think that was difficult was not so much difficult for me being in the landscape and those sort of things. those were all fun and easy for me being on snow mobile. >> you know, this is -- more difficult for everybody else. >> it's going to be difficult frameable to watch. i've been reading a lot of reviews about it. it's an emotional, um, tough story to tell. why do you think this is such an important movie to be made because it is based partly on true things that have happened, and how do you convince people to go spend, you know, two hours to be emotionally rung out at the movie theat
10:33 am
>> well, i mean, it's hard -- never say this is movie that will kick you in the gut or. i know that it's waited. i know that it moves. it has a nice pace to it. i know that it will make you think something and make you feel something. i don't know what. but the story serves up and allows the audience to walk away with they want to walk away with. it can go very very deep in its thinking and in its themes or it could just be a thriller for somebody. and all those things are fine. but it is a majestic thing to watch with taylor and ben did dp on the movie very beautiful film and it drives and moves. i don't think it's something that you can sit and think about. you just go and see it. >> jeremy, i know -- go and see it. this is in
10:34 am
>> i know you're a father in real life. i follow you on epp is it a gram. it's amazing -- i just love watching your live on instagram. it's very fun to watch that. i am curious as an actor as an actor as somebody playing a father in movie, is that -- do you have to go there as how you would feel? it's a very interesting story line. do you go there as father yourself when you play roll like this? i'm sure there's a lot of that for sure are. yeah. there's a lot more me in corey than there is in other characters i played but it's hard to -- you just want to get to the truth. you just want to help tell the story and the fastest and most efficient way to the truth the most -- in the most complex way. that's apply job, and sometimes i have to pull upon my own truths and some are just of the environment and --
10:35 am
lose you. >> keep it interesting. >> before we go speaking of your job, i know you recently got hurt on the job breaking both arms there. >> yeah. >> of all things, not filming avengers but on a comedy. so a, how are you doing and can you quickly talk to the other projects avengers and the co comedy? >> yeah. the movie just wrapped up on that just finish it and, um, pretty much all healed up. feeling pretty good. >> good. >> outside eighty six here and there. but doing all right. hanging in there. >> and then currently shooting avengers and infinity war that will take us probable fool january i'm assuming. we'll finish up avengers three and four. >> we got to let you go. felt rooster brothers i love them and don't get mad at me i'm wearing captain america socks today. i apologize i'll get hawk eye ones next. please don't hate me for that. [ laughter ] >> all good. team captain is all right with me, too.
10:36 am
>> hey, maureen, back over to you. >> take care. thank you guys. one size does not fit all in project runway is proving it by using models of all shapes and sizes for the first time time ever, and this morning one of those models breaking barriers is live in the loft. here she is in all of her glory. this is lyrist cross friend to the show. she's been here before joining us live next to dish all about project runway and what she's been up to. white right now it's ten alcohol 36. back after this.
10:37 am
10:38 am
10:39 am
welcome to season 16 of project runway. >> it's our sweet 16. >> can you believe this? my gosh. >> this season you will be working with models of all sizes. these girls, they have curves and butts and hips and all kinds of good stuff. >> whoo! >> go. did you ever think you'd find yourself in boxing ring? the coldest place in manhattan. >> on top of the empire state building. >> i have breakfast sandwiches for everyone. >> a clip from season 16 of project runway. the competition is switching things up a bit this season. for the first time ever, the show is embracing mod did he say of all body types inch rahing from size zero all the way to 22. and our neck guest happens to be one of the models featured this season she's super and plus size model who has walk the runways for top designers and graced so many mag seeps covers from american vogue to essence, british cosmo, vibe, we're talking about dmv
10:40 am
cross who's now walking the catwalk as a contestant on season 16 of hit reality show. first episode of the new season kick off last week and it's already gaining major buzz and this morning she joins us live to talk all about it. what's coming up in the season. good morning to you. >> good morning. thank you for having me back. >> absolutely. episode airs tonight. we'll see you again in action. >> tonight on lifetime. >> what does it mean to you as a plus size model to be, um, in the main stream on project runway for them to have the season switched up like this? >> well we're making history. >> um-hmm. >> and i -- these are the moments that you dream about to actually be involved with it is even better. and just the response that i've been getting from women and young girls worldwide and even men as well. they're just so happy to see change. >> right. >> the revolution is being televised it's on project runway does we're seeing it play out we're watching you just so beautiful. throughout your career i know like we're seeing plus size models. what does plus size mea y
10:41 am
look like a real life woman you see every day. >> yes. >> i think we need torque, what i'd like to see happen people to change their perception of what models are and what, you know, what beauty is. >> i think that is what project runway is trying to do. because they included us this season and i hear that it's going to continue to be like this, they are taking the world at its own rains and just saying look we'll be the change that we want to see. >> absolutely they are showing that, you know, they have different body shapes. we have pair shape, hour glass. we have apple shape. we have all types of different shapes and sizes. not only for the plus size models but also for the straight size as well. >> absolutely. >> on the show. we're showing that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. >> absolutely you're on project runway as we said you've done so much before. give me a break. you've seen in you videos, in print ads we've seen in all sorts of campaigns you've steadily been working. >> i have. i have but you know what,
10:42 am
african-american model sometimes we don't get the same media exposure i'm thankful that project runway does have me on this season to give me -- i mean you can't guy this type of exposure. >> no. at all and to be able to be seen by zac and nina, heidi klum, and to work with tim gun on daily basis is just -- it's a dream come true. >> for those of who watch the show what we're watching how it really plays out do you have any insider secrets you can give us what's really going on behind the scenes? >> i'm being nosey right now. want to know. want to know. >> i'll give you one little thing. >> okay. >> when they say the designers have a day to make a garment it's not even a full 24 hours. >> wow. >> so definitely applaud these designers when you see what they -- when they're able to come up with something that's just over the top and amazing. >> right. >> when they have great craftmanship. look. they probably had anywhere like eight to ten hours. >> wowed to that. >> so someone out there watching you saying o
10:43 am
she's living my dream i want to be able to do what she's doing. what advice would you give to tomorrow. >> first i would tell them come to my model boot camp which is live avenue working model boot camp you can almost find out all of that information on my website which is limit. and i give quality information there but i would just say you have to have a dream create a plan and stick to it. >> right. >> this is not something that happened for me overnight. this something that's been a process and i'm continuing to be that cat of nine lives. >> right. >> if there's a first step what would that be for someone interested? besides going to your boot camp. do they need to take pictures on their own. >> should they have them professionally done. you hear that when one people start the process. >> your first step is to research. google. google is your friend. research models in the field you want to work in. what is required for that type of modeling. google, google, google. research is your friend. >> right. >> don't go anything anything blindl
10:44 am
how to ski, you wouldn't just -- >> hop on the slopes and say let's go. >> you would find an expert. maybe watch some things on youtube. you would really get into it and fine out the particulars of being the best what you want to do. >> project runway you guys are done shooting or still shooting? >> project runway is still shooting. so -- >> we don't know whose wouldn't. >> i can't say. >> that's all i can say. i don't know who won. you don't know if i make it to the end. or anything. you just have to tune in every week. >> you wouldn't. >> liris cross. i'm detecting something. you won. >> i don't know. the show is still taping you just don't know. >> we'll leave it. running to night project runway thursdays at 9:00 on lifetime. of course you are already watching. please continued to supporting our dmv very own liris cross. >> and my book. >> please order the book make the world my runway get it at my website lir
10:45 am
my ever day live and giving you the metaphorical way of how you can implement certain things that models do in your every day live to make the world your runway. >> and make it as beautiful as she is. >> thank you. >> lovlovely lady, thank you vey much. >> thank you very much. come back. like i said this is your home. the loft as well. >> i appreciate it. >> steve, over to you. >> wait, did you actually sleep at the empire state building. >> i did not sleep. that is just for the designers. >> okay. >> whoo! >> i've been to the top of the empire state building. it's beautiful. >> that's awesome. look at the book the sidewalk is her runway. no doubt about it. >> thanks for coming in. she had great advice if i want to start messing around in the kitchen i'll go to an expert like the chef whose going to -- we're actually combining two -- not even two national days. national day an national month. we're putting them altogether just like you would do with, say, a sandwich. >> waffle sandwich. a grilled cheese waffle sandwich. >> this is what i like. i toss it up and he knox it out of the
10:46 am
>> back after this. s.
10:47 am
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♪ >> if you're a frequent viewer of good day dc you know we love our national days here and celebrating national dog day all morning even though national dog day isn't until saturday but we've been is he broughting early we want to see your pictures of the doing. we figured while we do that early let's celebrate an actual holiday too, too, which is waffle day. if you've never not yet had your breakfast we can help you out. here to show us ways to celebrate sweet and savory friend of the show mark bailey back with us this morning. good to see you chef. >> thank you for having me. >> we have breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert waffles and i should say as we tease, we are combining national waffle day with national sandwich month in august. >> boom. got them both. >> double duty. >> quick tip for wisdom. krups waffle maker he said he didn't have one. it's $50 at wal*mart. every house needs a waffle ma maker. i'm a breakfast guru. no home is complete without a waffleak
10:50 am
more. here's the cool thing. you brought with us waffles for every occasion right here. >> yeah. >> let's start with the breakfast waffles and i will point this out we'll learn along the way not just the different fillings, different types of waffles themselves. >> differ types much this is what i call a sun butter waffle. i use sun butter which is, you know, alternate for peanut butter. >> okay. >> if you have allergies or what have you it's frozen waffles guys you don't have to go the whole belgium waffle way. do you care super simple in the morning load it up with your if any writ fruit, strawberry and ba nan narks good slatter of peanut butter or sun butter. you're good to go. protein with your peanut butter. >> you have the fruits and protein from the peanut butter. >> everybody th thinks of waffls as unhealthy. let's take it to lunch. >> go right from there to cheese and bacon knee goodness. >> good grilled cheese. you can interchange it with bread easily you can make all kinds of sandwich with your waffle. we got grilled cheese with bacon of course, who doesn't love bacon
10:51 am
belgium waffles throw them in the pan with good old cheese and good bacon grill them the same way you would bread and good to go. >> you'll use the shredded cheese for that. >> monterey jack i mix you had up whole bunch. >> any particular you make the waffle itself. >> i kept it savory so add a little extra, um, sugar or syrup into your batter. >> that gives it extra sweetness in the waffle itself. >> uh-huh. people like sweet salt it works well with the cheese and bacon giving you the salt and the waffle giving you the suite. you won't use syrup on this or you might. who knows. >> throw it on top. >> i'm a huge chicken and waffles fan. >> my gosh. >> i've seen it done so many different ways it's all good. >> it's all good. it's preference and you're actual going the sandwich route. >> i'm going sandwich route and going with protein waffles. i like to work out and have is extra protein. >> if you can get a protein shake you can under change that witness milk you use for the batter. extra protein in there. >> that's great tip. >> exactly. you got the
10:52 am
protein too. healthy way to spin fried chicken. >> i'm loving everything i'm hearing so far. >> i go with panko bread crumbs. get good tenderloins and good to go. >> what are you going to use for sauce with that. >> that's syrup, sorry. i love it. >> that's all right. no apology necessary i love syrup with my chicken and waffles. >> that gives us a little more energy. you have protein and you have the sugar. >> exactly. last but certainly not least -- dessert. >> this is my cereal waffles. >> load up that. this is cereal waffles basically what everybody is like cereal waffles. when you have good bowl of cereal and you love the milk it tastes on the taste of the cereal. you steep your milk in your favorite cereal whatever it may be let it soak for while. basically strain the milk use the milk for the batter. >> you already have the favor from the cereal. in the milling. >> that goes into your waffles. >> that goes into the waffle. >> exactly the waffle will taste like cereal itself, your favorite cereal. >> that's awesome tip. >> top them with ice cream. ice
10:53 am
then put sprinkle little of your serial on top of there. >> i'll take that. throw it oh and. >> you got yourself a great ice cream sandwich again nice and fun for the kids. simple and easy. >> is there any type to making the perfect waffle what we need to get wisdom for the holidays this year. >> you need a waffle iron. let it heat up really really well. >> that was my question. >> if you don't sometimes it sticks kind of like how mine was earlier. but no you want to get always good waffle maker as well. interchangeable plates like this one you can really simple. >> what i think is fascinating one of the first things you said you can essentially use the waffle separate substitute for bread. >> yeah. >> it's a great vehicle for creativeness when it comes to switching out our san witches for waffles. >> nissan witch can have waffle in place of the bread in my opinion. >> i love it i love the way the chef also because as we know from your previous appearances here you do enjoy a good work out from time to time. >> yeah. when off cookbook you are forced to stay in the gym. >> if you look up the cookbook he's in boxers and that's pretty much it.
10:54 am
your website. congratulations. >> ding ding ding. >> because of that, we like to think at least you're include something healthy tips for us as well which you're doing here. >> there really. >> chef, always great to see you. >> thank you very much. >> thank you very much. i'll dig into the ice cream and you guys can have all the rest. >> definitely. >> thanks for the tips. >> the best waffle tips i've ever heard. >> i'm telling you. >> come on. >> good job. they were great. >> we'll be over shortly. don't you worry. >> exactly. >> in the meantime we ask you for your tweets you've been sending them in. we talked about so much today. let's see where you chimed in. >> mostly the dog days of summer. >> there you go. >> so cute. >> good morning to you, too. >> national dog day saturday we're celebrating it today. look at tank. tank is such a good dog name. >> that is great name. >> i love that. >> check out this little cutie. >> posers like the perfect picture dog. >> look at this one. >> little pampered pooch. dallas. >> um-hmm. >> old doggie. >> hello. >> hi. hello. >> who, me? >> look at that. like a catalog shoot
10:55 am
>> yes. totally. >> look at this guy. >> ridley. >> beach days. >> sleepy doggie. >> that's how i feel. >> me too right now. >> going to lay down. >> aww. >> he a waffle, too. licking his lips. give me a waffle. give me a waffle. >> these are so cute. >> mr. mikey. >> yes. >> we got our mr. mike over here. >> griffin that's another good dog name. good strong name. >> this guy taking his owner for walk. >> right. victorious. >> that's strong name. looks like a strong dog. all righty. thank you for the picks. we are going to keep showing them. tomorrow is the actual day or actually saturday s keep it coming. keep them coming. shout out your four legged friends. >> okay. we are one day i was forty three our next trip zip trip we'll be in fredericksburg, virginia. fox5 will be live there at the her camp park from six to 11 at the corner of william and prince edwards streets in downtown fredericksburg i'm going to be there along with steve and mike. so please come on out and say hello and hey don't forget tischer auto group
10:56 am
fox5 we're giving away one year lease on new 2018 acura tlxx. zip trip finale friday, september 1 at national harbor. to enter go to now through august 27th click on the couldn't testify link and register to be one of the five finalists. you have to andy at the zip trip finale in person. one lucky viewer had go home a winner. got to be 18 or older to enter. for complete rules go to >> that's a mouthful. if you want to win that car it's worth it. >> why are we doing weather on this couch when their waffles to be eaten. >> walk and talk. >> come on. >> yes yes yes. >> weather looking pretty good here locally today. maybe a shower or two later on out towards the west mountains. nice day today. fredericksburg will be gorgeous tomorrow. come out and see us. >> this is the slowest i've ever eaten a waffle. >> that's so good. >> i don't know which one. >> wisdom out on shoot. he didn't bail out on the show. he had work to do. >> he's working. >> exactly. >> we're eating. he's working
10:57 am
maker. >> exactly. >> oh, my goodness. >> we'll see you from fredericksburg, virginia, tomorrow morning. come say hi. >> happy birthday, mom. >> aww. >> happy birthday, mom. ♪ ♪ happiness is powerful flea and tick protection from nexgard. nexgard kills fleas and ticks all month long. and it comes in an easy-to-give tasty chew. and that makes dogs and owners happy. no wonder vets love it too. reported side effects include vomiting, itching, diarrhea, lethargy and lack of appetite. see your vet for more information on flea and tick protection you and your dog will love. nexgard. the vet's #1 choice.
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it's "the wendy williams show." now, here's wendy! >> wendy: thank you, thank you. thank you. >> thank you for watching. say


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