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tv   Fox 5 News 5  FOX  August 24, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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the boy was asking for food because he was hungry but it didn't take the neighbor very long to realize there was something else going on here. the neighbor told police that this boy appeared to be dirty. this boy also appeared to be injured. we want you to take a look at this. these are mug shots. these are mug shots that have been released today by the prince william county police. these are walter flores-chiquillo and barbara ramirez del cid. they are the boy's parents. tonight they're both behind bars charged with felony child abuse of their own 10-year-old son. prince william county police tell fox5 that they searched that couple's residence on le master drive here in nokesville. police tell us they found evidence that the couple would force this 10-year-old boy to kneel on sharp objects. police say they also found evidence that for extended periods of time, this child was forced to burn his own hands on a hot stove. why would they do something like this?
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fox5 the parents believe this was a form of punishment. >> our investigation revealed that the parents actually would take his hands and burn them on a hot stove or cause him to kneel on sharp objects as what they believe to be forms of punishment for that child. >> reporter: now, what we can tell you about this victim tonight, this 10-year-old boy who suffered this abuse, that boy right now we're told is safe. he was taken into protective custody by child services. he did have to be taken to a hospital, though, to treat these injuries that he has. as for his parents, the two that are right now in individual jail cells charged with felony child abuse, well, police tell us they are expecting more charges are going to be filed in this case. we're live in nokesville tonight, prince william county, tom fitzgerald, fox5 local
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>> ♪ >> fox5 was the first on the scene for two early morning fbi raids in prince george's county. and now we're told those two cases are connected. federal authorities arrested 12 people in connection with conspiracy to commit bank fraud and wire fraud. but we're also learning that dog fighting may have been part of that investigation. the first raid happened at devon hill drive in fort washington. the second in temple hills. take a look here. this is exclusive video that you're looking at. this was the scene as dogs were removed from one home in temple hills and that's where we find fox5's matt ackland with more on this. hey, matt. >> reporter: hey, sarah. yeah, neighbors say early this morning many of them woke up to a loud boom. this was as officials were trying to get into this house behind me. you were talking about the dogs. take a look back there. you can see kennels. you can even see a carrier down here below. they not only took into possession or took away from the house these dogs but we
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a pickup truck with so much evidence. take a look: we counted at least three dogs, placed in a trailer taken away by the american society for the prevention of cruelty to animals. >> this is -- this is crazy. it's just crazy. >> reporter: off camera this neighbor told us he believes dog fights were happening inside the home. he says on the weekends, parking on the street was nearly impossible. >> i mean, they bought them dogs out of here left and right. >> reporter: we watched as the fbi removed items from the basement of the home. first, these large boards. then this huge rolled up carpet followed by this item, one expert we talked with says it could be a catch pole used to put around dogs' necks to protect a person from being bitten. meanwhile a next door neighbor told us off camera she didn't see any signs of trouble next
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door. >> i just know it was a nice couple with a child, that's it. >> reporter: agents carried several boxes sealed with red evidence tape from the home. the contents inside unknown. back out live we should tell you we saw a lot of agents through these windows as they were collecting all of that evidence. we should also point out we asked the fbi about these dogs and asked them if they were a part of the investigation. they really wouldn't comment on that but there is another agency that did tell us that they are looking into whether alleged dog fighting was part of this investigation. for now, we're live in prince george's county, matt ackland, fox5 local news. >> ♪ >> you got to listen. >> hm? >> more body cam video out of baltimore and this time it's prompting state prosecutors to either dismiss or delay about a dozen more cases. >> as his body worn camera activated, the officer who
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searching the general area. he finds the packet. >> thes are videos that were released last night reviewed publically by baltimore police today. this is of drugs that were found at the scene of an arrest. it follows two other incidents earlier this year when body cam videos led to charges being dropped. the public defender's office says it appears to show officers planting evidence. baltimore's police commissioner firing back. he believes there's nothing questionable about what his officers did. >> the officer seeing all the news of late self reported through this chain of command that there was a moment during his recovery of the evidence that his camera was not on. in response, the state's attorney's office made the decision to drop this case and quickly drop dozens of other cases involving these three police officers. i firmly disagree with this decision. >> so far 43 criminal cases involving the officers and these videos have been dropped. >> ♪ >> new tonight we are
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of charleston, south carolina. an active shooter and hostage situation at a restaurant has come to an end with the gunman being shot and killed by police. police say a dishwasher who had been fired shot and killed a chef and held hostages for hours inside a restaurant that's called virginia's. this is in the downtown area of charleston which is very popular with tourists.sts. walked out of the kitchen, told diners there was a new boss in town and ordered them to leave. charleston's mayor says the incident was not an act of terrorism or a hate crime. >> i went out to see what was going on and i saw a cook coming by and he was very visibly shaken and i said what happened. he said the boss man was shot. i said you work there he said yes. he said the boss man was shot and then he went away and then i saw them all behind like a big, um, green suv vehicle with guns. they came by, they broke the front door down, went in with dogs, machine guns, s.w.a.t. came and that was the last i saw of that. eventually i saw
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did carry a body out. i couldn't see who it was. >> all of the hostages were released without being hurt. no word on the gunman's identity or the other employee who was killed. >> ♪ >> we head down south. hurricane harvey is intensifying and it could be a disaster for the texas coast. weather experts warn the storm could strengthen. people who live there are being urged to evacuate low lying areas as others prepare to prevent flooding. that storm is expected to make landfall tomorrow. >> let's bring in sue palka for a closer look at this storm and our forecast. >> hi, sarah, jim. this is a terrifying situation for the coast of texas and even new orleans not off the hook. here's why. there is an awful lot of warm water in the gulf of mexico and harvey is expected to rapidly intensify. it's a category one hurricane. an outer band has already hit texas. all that of concentrated area is what will be
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the texas coast about this time tomorrow. it's expected to make landfall as a category three which would be the first time since 2005 that we've had a major hurricane hit the u.s. and i wanted to just show you that the hurricane hunters are flying into it and they recently found some wind speeds of 97 miles an hour. so, once again, a sign that this storm is indeed strengthening. they'll continue to investigate it. it is moving north-northwest at 10 miles per hour. you can see the hurricane warning in red on the texas coast is looking like this is going to be coming ashore somewhere near corpus christi late tomorrow night or saturday morning but the big problem with harvey is what you can see right here, it sits and spins over texas. it may still be over the texas area next wednesday and that would be a disaster in terms of the huge amount of rain it would be able to produce. so, that is one aspect of this very scary storm. and now some estimates saying 20-inches or more. there could even be as much as 35-inches of rain in some regions
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even over toward lake charles, toward corpus christi, some of that really heavy rain even if you're not in the most intense part could be over a foot of rain. that's just the rain aspect. there will also be an awful a lot of storm surge especially northeast of where it comes ashore could be as high as five to 8 feet. we're watching what happens with harvey. we may see some rain from that but not until next weekend because it will be stuck down there for a long time. our own weather beautiful day today. don't be surprised if a few showers drop out of these clouds. this is an upper level disturbance that's going to move by tonight. it's going to keep us cooler aloft. you may see clouds starting to push across 81 and a hit or miss shower spotty can't be ruled out tonight. more on our local forecast coming up a lit -- coming up a little later. sarah and jim. >> a gruesome discovery in a field in prince william county. >> police have identified the remains found. lindsey. >> sarah and jim, this is another gang related murder in
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the 18-year-old victim was last seen fishing in this pond near where he lives. now his family has learned that his body was discovered in a field miles away from here. i've been talking to investigators about this case and we will have the very latest details for you up next. sarah. >> then a construction worker dies after falling eight stories to the ground. the investigation into the work-related fall is next. >> and making metro safer. president trump approving a new metro safety commission but there's a catch that some say defeats the entire purpose. we're back after this. >> ♪ >> ♪♪
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>> ♪ >> we've got some breaking news out of fairfax county. police say an alexandria teenager who went missing three weeks ago is the victim of a gang related murder. >> 18-year-old miguel careros body was found in alexandria. lindsey fill us in. >> reporter: jim and sarah, i'll start by saying that he lived in some apartments not too far from where we are here in the mount vernon section of alexandria. he lived with his mom there and his mother says three weeks ago today her son was fishing in this pond when she saw a group of men attack him. that was the last time she saw him alive. now police are saying he was murdered likely by gang
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initially fairfax county police said they did not think that he had any gang ties but with further investigation they found that he was associated with gang activity. police still aren't saying which gang. ms-13 obviously has been the big one in fairfax and montgomery counties. his body was found earlier this week about 30 miles away from here in prince william county. we'll show you some photos now. these were taken by a viewer as police recovered the body. this was in the nokesville area. you can see it looks like a large field, some farmland there. i asked prince william county police the manner of deaths death,how they think the victim died. they're not saying anything about that for now. they tell me they have not raid any arrests in the murder. there have been three suspects under arrest for lesser charges in this case. 20-year-old josé vincent sosa, 18-year-old edwin moreno and a female juvenile were arrested last week charged with
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abduction and gang participation. police have not confirmed at this point whether they think those three are believed to be involved in this killing. it's prince william county police are now handling this investigation. i just talked to a sergeant over there. they say they expect to release more information about this in the days ahead. for now we're live in alexandria, lindsey watts fox5 local news. >> new tonight, one person is dead after an accident at a construction site in northeast. this happened around 2:00 p.m. along n street. police say a construction worker fell eight stories to the ground. the person died at the scene and that accident is under investigation. >> there is a newspaper independent oversight group that will be enforcing safety at wmata. >> there is no requirement for members of the commission to have backgrounds in railroad safety. >> try to wrap our minds around that.
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wamu transportation reporter martin dicaro joining us with why this is kind of a big deal. >> reporter: that's right. let's remember how we got here. the string of safety lapses in 2015 including the l'enfant plaza smoke fiasco which claimed the life of carol glover of alexandria. it was determined that the current oversight body at the time was not and sufficient. so it took years to create a new metro safety commission. at least we have the legislation now. now the commission itself has to be put together and the legislature that president trump signed into law again years in the making does not require the commission members to be rail safety experts. now, i spoke to a number of current experts and former government officials about this and there are split opinins about whether this will really mat if you have say a transit agency expert or someone who is an expert in public finance also on this all important oversight board that's being put together. really what it comes down to is whe
5:17 pm
will be safety. so, even if their background is in something other than the mechanics of rail safety, as long as this commission and it is set up to deal with primarily and only safety at metro, the commission could be effective. it has a lot more enforcement authority than past oversight bodies have had at metro and that's been the key. making metro a compelling metro to follow safety rules that they have repeatedly not complied with in the past. >> all right, now one thing we know is that on monday martin there's a big meeting that involves metro. p>> yes. >> a lot of local dignitaries are getting together. what's the deal? what's happening there. >> yeah, we talked about safety. funding is so important. metro says it needs an extra $500 million a year over the next decade to maintain and expand the system. former transportation secretary ray la hood will be meeting with governors mcauliffe and hogan and muriel bowser to try to get the three jurisdictions on the same page about how to get this extra funding for metro. will it be a gas t
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be a regional sales tax? will it be up to the individual jurisdictions to make up their own minds about how to find the money. washington post reported today there's another disagreement about how to do this. it blew up in a behind closed door meeting yesterday. i spoke to ray la hood today. it was brought in by governor mcauliffe to deal with this issue. he said in so many words right now there is no consensus on how to fund metro's needs for the next decade. taxes are unpopular. jurisdictions don't want one regional solution. stuck on all of them to abide by. but even if the three main jurisdictions have their own disagreements between them within each of the jurisdictions there are disagreements. i'll give you one short example. in maryland some believe that the issue could be handled with existing funding, just give metro a larger percentage of already existing transportation funds. governor hogan is not hot for that idea. an alternative would
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prince george's county and montgomery counties to tax themselves by increasing their local sales tax. also, not a popular idea. we're not that far away from beginning of the legislative sessions even though we would rather not think of january right now but there's no consensus on this issue today. >> all right, martin dicaro busy downtown d.c. >> for sure. >> thanks for talking with us. appreciate it. we need to get you to some breaking news right now. take a look at the map on your screen. you can see where this is in d.c. we have a juvenile male shot. this happened right before 5 o'clock this afternoon. so about 20 minutes ago a little more than that. this is the 6300 block of georgia avenue northwest. what we're being told right now by police is that the victim is conscious and is breathing. we don't have any details on a suspect but of course we'll continue to follow this story and update you as we get more information. >> coming up on the 5:00 a huge drug bust. about million bucks worth of marijuana found inside of a vacant
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we'll tell who tipped off the police. >> meet the most envied woman in the world tonight. the winner of the $759 million lottery reveals how she chose her lucky numbers.
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>> ♪ >> this weather so nice it just makes you want to dance. >> doesn't it, jim? i can handle this. not the dancing, maybe perhaps but i can handle this weather. low humidity, nice and warm, just perfect day out there, sue. >> it's totally perfect. i'm taking a pass on the dancing, too, sarah. >> makes three of us. >> all three of us. glad we have something we agree on and we agree this is just a delightful day. there are a few clouds out there right now and we cannot rule out a shower a little bit later. our temperature though right now 82. we've been as high as 84 degrees today. lots of places in the 70's. hagerstown 76 degrees right now. manassas 79. we told you it would be a september preview and definitely feels like it with that nice low humidity. but you're going to see on the evening forecast i'm going to
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incl shower in some areas. it will be very spotty but 7 o'clock temperature 80 degrees, just cloudy i think. by 9 o'clock there could be a couple showers coming through especially western communities, 75 degrees and by 11 o'clock, maybe still a spotty shower, 72. so, where is that shower coming from and is it anything we need to be worried about? not at all. a lot of times when we have a nice cool air mass like this that is descended over the area there's a second little piece of energy trailing behind it and this is an upper level disturbance. you can see the clouds with it coming out of pennsylvania. while we're still generally not seeing a lot of that, we expect that to work its way into our area a little bit later and it's dropping a few showers up through pennsylvania, again no big deal but as i put it all in motion, it is a bit more vigorous up through western pennsylvania and it will slowly spin its way closer to us over the evening hours. so, i'm going to show you our futurecast because it wants to bring a couple of these again very spotty showers into places like cumberland maybe west of hagerstown around 10 o'clock or so tonight. you might see a few of tho
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virginia and the potomac high lands about 10 o'clock and maybe just maybe they hold together as they cross 95 although i think futurecast might be overdoing that a little bit but just wanted you to know that it may be out there and also some of the clouds may linger for friday morning. but i think we'll break those clouds up as we go through the day and we're going to call for a partly sunny day friday. overnight low temperatures once again on the comfortable side. we're going to head for 66 degrees tonight and the look at all the 50's again in the suburbs, so it's going to be a comfortable cool night, again some passing clouds and can't rule out a quick shower. you know, next weekend is labor day and maybe you're thinking about taking in the beaches this weekend. just wanted to let you know it's a great time to head to the beaches. it is a little on the cool side so take a jacket. saturday 77 degrees. sunday 76. water temperature of almost as warm as the air temperature but we will see an east wind developing coming off the ocean, maybe gusting at times to 15 or 20 so it's going to have a little bit of a cool feel to it but still great time to get dow
5:26 pm
last of our beach weekends although, hey, you can still do it in september, too. that's a look at your forecast. we'll have much more with the seven day and another update on harvey a bit later. jim and sarah. >> ♪ >> hey, look any day we can start a story with abba i'm for it. >> massachusetts woman nearly a billion dollars richer today. the winning ticket for that $758 million powerball jackpot was sold at this pride market in chicopee massachusetts. it's a suburb in boston -- further west of boston. they mixed it up. they said watertown which is a suburb of boston but it was not watertown, it was a mistake. >> yeah. >> the winning numbers were -- no the that you care now but they were six, seven, 16, 23, 26 and the powerball number was four. the owner of the gas station says the store plans to give its payout to charity. >> we're very happy for them and we
5:27 pm
properly also because there's a lot of needs in this -- in our area. >> all right a-the first time people have won at pride gas stations over the last year. the chain sold one $10 million ticket, four response 1 million-dollar tickets and ttwo. >> play at the pride stations. >> that's the place to go. >> the question everyone wants to know. who is it. >> normally we have to wait. her name is mavis wanczyk. she wanted to retire in 12 years. today she got the check -- that $758 million that's the annuity. >> that's before taxes. >> that was not the lump sum but she ended up with 344 million after taxes. state lottery officials say they won the largest single ticket powerball prize in history because it was all her. she picked the numbers herself. she discovered
5:28 pm
left work when her coworker told her the winning numbers. >> the numbers were random like maybe with our birthdays, maybe one from here, one from there. i just -- whatever could work and then, you know, we -- there's a thing between me and my mom and my stepfather and i have a friend, we all go out to dinner on a friday night and we all play keno and our number is four. so, i just happened to choose and it worked -- it worked to my advantage. >> if you bought a pure ball ticket don't throw it away. 40 tickets matched all the numbers except the powerball. there's one in gaithersburg, lorton. if you have one of those tickets that's a million bucks. >> that's not bad. i like the fact that she said -- 'cause a lot of people are like i'm still going to work. she was like no, i already called my bosses. >> sorry. >> coming up, mystery in havana, cuba. >> this is unprecedented. we have not seen this type of activity take place before. >> thi
5:29 pm
u.s. diplomats and canadian counterparts suffering serious injuries. they're calling it an acoustic attack. ronica. >> reporter: a new report suggests the white house is making moves on executing that transgender ban in the military. we'll tell you all about it and speak to one transgender individual who served while in the closet coming up after the break. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 local news at 5:00. >> more headlines at 5:30. the search is under way for this missing teen from southeast d.c. the 16-year-old dela in. nte ringo. he's without his medication. his family is that very concerned for his welfare. again if you know anything, if
5:33 pm
a call. >> police have made an arrest in the arlington shooting that happened yesterday morning around the 1000 block of south frederick street of the after leaving the scene 24-year-old nicholas nicholls was found later that night at another incident that police were dispatched to. nicholls has been charged with several felonies. officers say he and the victim knew each other. the 26-year-old who was shot is recovering tonight. we're also learning more about the death of a texas woman found on a beach in ocean city. police say they believe ashley o'connor voluntarily sat in a hole in the sand. the 30-year-old was found dead on the beach back on july 31st. medical examiner says she died from suffocation and there was alcohol in her system. her death was ruled accidental. according to investigators o'connor was walking on the beach when she sat in a 3 feet deep hole and it suddenly collapsed. one month since president trump unexpectedly tweeted his
5:34 pm
transgender individuals from the military. >> things remain unchanged since the tweet. now reports are surfacing with details about what in ban might look like. >> let's check in with ronica cleary. she's live with more on this. hey, ronica. >> reporter: jim and sarah, when the president first posted those tweets many pointed to the fact that he can't change the official policy of the military by just posting a few tweets but now that reporting has come out from the "wall street journal," we have reason to believe that the white house is making official moves and taking official steps to make that transgender ban a reality. take a look at some of the highlights from the report. now, according to the report, once this memo is passed over to the pentagon they would have six months to execute the ban and they would stop admitting transgender individuals. they would need to consider ability before removing transgender individuals, meaning ability on whether or not they would
5:35 pm
serve and deploy and then finally the pentagon would stop paying for -- >> apparently we're having trouble with ronica cleary's audio. we'll try to get back with her in a bit. let's move on to the next story we have been covering. the navy has identified one sailor that was killed and nine others who are still missing from the u.s.s. john mccain. i don't believe this is the right video that we're showing. but two of the sailors missing are from maryland. >> and they are 23-year-old information systems technician second class timothy echols and kevin bushel. the navy suspended search and rescues after more than 80 hours of searching thousands of miles of open sea. they went missing after their destroyer collided with a oil tanker near singapore. meanwhile, at least 16 americans working for the u.s. government in cuba have suffered hearing loss attributed to an acoustic attack. that's the word from the state department tonight. this is the first time the government has disclosed an
5:36 pm
affected. the attacks caused a variety ing unexplained hearing loss, u.s. officials believe the symptoms came from some sort of covert sonic device. so far though they haven't found that kind of device. in retaliation the trump administration has expelled two cuban officials in washington. the president's latest retweet has social media users scratching their heads. after an early morning twitter tirade aimed at the media the president targeted former president obama. he retweeted a meme. thousands flock to like the retweets others pointed out the irony of the apparent jab. we're back after this. >> ♪ >> ♪♪
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>> ♪ >> an unoccupied home in georgia the scene of a major drug bust. agents got a tip to search the home where they found 1250 pounds of marijuana. that is a street value of at least a million bucks. they're hoping the bust will put a dent in pot sales in that area of georgia for a little while. >> to be just a stash how the like they were storing it there between moving it from one place to the other. we weren't expecting that much at all. >> police did arrest a 30-year-old in connection to that drug bust. >> a white nationalist who police say pepper sprayed someone a day before the deadly protest in charlottesville remains in jail tonight. christopher cantwell made an appearance in court via video monitor today. he said he used the pepper spray in self-defense on the-dee he's been charged with three felonies including using tear gas illegally. he has been denied bail and is considered a flight risk. his hearing is set for october. >> you may remember this video right here. protesters toppled a bronze statue of
5:41 pm
soldier during a rally against racism in durham last week. ne put up a heart in its place. here it is. still not clear who made the heart or installed it on top of what's left of the monument. however, it has since been removed. for kids in fairfax county, school year starts next monday and i remember these days. you wait for that letter in the mail that tells you who your teacher is going to be. >> i know, i loved that. sometimes i didn't, though. >> you dreaded it because you knew who you wanted and who you didn't. >> the teachers at cove run elementary are just as anxious to meet their students and they have decided not to wait. >> in fact they spent this morning traveling to their students' homes to introduce themselves. photojournalist doug wilks went along for the ride. [laughter] >> hi. >> hi. >> how are you? >> i'm good. >> i know the kids are really, really excited, that's the buzz in the community. can't wait to find out who my teacher is. so, i think that when we get out of the car they're waiting for us and they're excited and then it allows
5:42 pm
who -- who is going to be in my class and again, just to start that relationship right away. >> and then we'll be, you know, in a classroom this afternoon. >> often students are anxious about meeting their new teacher, they're worried about what the new school year will bring, who their teacher is. so, this way the teachers go out and meet their students at their home rather than here at the school for the first time. so, it helps them just make that connection and build in relationship for the start of the school year. >> are you excited? >> yes. [laughter] >> i love to meet them face to face. i think it's very important with some of our special friends to have that face-to-face meeting to let them know that all is well and that when they walk in the door, meet their classroom teacher and myself, that they -- they know that there is -- there are many people here to support them. [laughter] >> the parents love it. we've been doing it for seven years and it's just a really nice way to reach out
5:43 pm
families and let them know that we care and that we're willing to take two and a half hours out of our day to come out and greet them. >> oh, very sweet. >> thank you. >> we'll see you later. >> take care. >> bye. >> that's cute. >> a little bracelet. >> wear that today. >> that's right. >> and the note says, just a picture. >> oh, it's of her. gold star. a gold star. >> a gold star. >> she hopes to earn some gold stars maybe. [laughter] >> very cute. >> sweet. >> everybody seems really excited. >> very positive and happy so i think it will be good. >> i love that little girl. hope she was hoping to maybe gain some gold stars. >> that's right. >> i think she was giving it for the teachers. what an amazing effort that they come to the house. >> i know. >> i love teachers. >> we always had to go to the school and it was posted on a bo
5:44 pm
>> kind of impersonal. >> right. >> you figure maybe their parents were new to the town don't really know the teachers that well, you have the personal connection. >> so sweet. >> and that means a lot to the kids i think. >> absolutely. >> happy school year everybody. i can't believe it's time to go back to school. >> it's time. >> we've already loaded the bus stop forecast into the weather maps. >> getting it ready to go. >> yeah, yeah, it's that time of year again but for this -- this evening, we have just a gorgeous wonderful time of it. you can enjoy a nice walk, maybe a day at the pool, evening at the pool, right? although i will say this. w're watching a little system coming out of pennsylvania that might spread some clouds and maybe a spotty shower in our direction later tonight. we'll get to that in a moment. our really big weather story, though, which we talked about earlier in this broadcast is hurricane harvey in the gulf of mexico set to likely make a landfall now near corpus christi, texas, as early as tomorrow night but certainly going downhill during the day tomorrow and it's really gotten stronger. has winds of 85 miles an hour and i just wanted to show you that our hurricane hunters have been flying through it coming out of i guess
5:45 pm
tampa area. most recently found a gust and the beginning of an eye starting to show up of 86 miles per hour and so you can see how valuable that information is as they fly into the center of the storm and sample the environment and it helps them to not only get a more accurate forecast but really pinpoint where exactly this thing is going to be heading. as it moves north and northwest at 10 miles an hour, it's likely going to be coming ashore very close to brownsville or corpus christi and unfortunately it looks to be a category three hurricane with winds of 125 miles an hour which would be the first time since 2005 we've had a major hurricane make landfall. the other big part of this story, it just sits down here and spins. it could still be down here monday and tuesday and that's a huge amount of rain that will be falling on them. we'll talk more about hurricane harvey may be doing to texas in terms of rain coming up in our 6 o'clock newscast. today we hit 84 degrees here locally. dulles 81. bwi 82. nice low humidity day. feels great out there and our current temperature
5:46 pm
82 degrees. hagerstown 76. winchester 78. frederick -- fredericksburg 80 and also frederick at 79. so, beautiful evening and we are again letting you know there could be a passing shower north and west. better chance is west of d.c. this is the disturbance we're tracking and what it will do is just kind of reinforce the cool area aloft but it creates some clouds and as this vigorous little short wave or piece of energy comes on by, again, we could see a couple of showers here and there later on tonight. we're still going to be on the cool side dropping to 66 here in the district. mid-50's north and west so a cool start tomorrow but that humidity will still be suppressed down to the south and a nice day ahead for us with a mix of clouds and sun. we'll certainly probably have some clouds in the morning as the disturbance is continuing to move on by our area but temperature-wise, we're going to be in great shape. as early as 8:00 a.m. it's only 67 with some clouds around. by noon we brighten up to partly sunny, 77. by 5 o'clock, we're still dry, 81 degrees. tomorrow
5:47 pm
temperature i think will be 81 here in the district but low to mid 70's in some spots to our north and west and as the weekend goes on, high pressure will give us a bit of a taste of fall as it moves off the coast a little bit of an east wind develops and we're staying in the 70's with some passing clouds. upper 70's at that. your fox5 accuweather 7-day forecast let me show you that we're expecting no big heat waves, that's for sure. the warmest temperature i have on this seven-day forecast is 81 degrees. maybe we get to 82 sometime next week and in terms of rain from harvey this is not what you're seeing here. maybe a shower possible on wednesday. but we'll have to watch to see if we get some of that rain sometime next weekend, labor day weekend not exactly what we want to see but a lottery mains to be questioned with that and we'll continue to track its progress unfortunately which could be disastrous flooding for the texas coast. that is your seven day, to. jim and sarah back to you. >> sue thanks. tight end jordan read practiced for the second straight day today at redskins park. >> that's a big deal
5:48 pm
the pro bowler suit up this sunday against the bengals. brody logan has more. >> jordan read was in action to practice but will he be in action this sunday? jay gruden not giving away too much and yes, the biggest fight of the weekend is just two days away. i'm going to tell you about how absurd this belt is. it's an absurd fight. we need to learn about the belt coming up. >> ♪ >> ♪♪
5:49 pm
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>> ♪ >> today redskins tight end jordan read way a full participant at practice for the second straight day. jay gruden ace he'll wait to see how read looks on sunday. the redskins have been
5:52 pm
outscored 44 to 20 thus far and coach gruden puts some of the blame on the offense not having their full compliment of weapons. >> you don't get the entire week of practice like you would normally. you usually you only do like one day or two days getting ready for a team in less carded periods. that's no excuse. we should perform better than we have in the first two games offensively especially. we still have very critical about our scheme, about the techniques we're using and about the run concepts we're calling and we just got to get better at it with the coaching. we've done some good things out here but has to transform and carry over the game. >> no one really plays in fame e up in four. part of the nfl preseason double-header at 1:00 and skins and bengals kick off at 4:00. saturday night's floyd mayweather connor mcgregor is an absurd match up. it deserves an absurd tit
5:53 pm
boxing title. it's called the money belt. it is made of 1.5 kilograms of 24 karat gold. 3,360 diamonds 600 sapphires 160 emeralds and crocodile leather yes all that green is real crocodile. the price tag is officially priceless. but whatever it is, it pails in comparison to the estimated $300 million the two fighters will split. little bit more going mayweather after the fight's pay per view revenue is tallied up. >> when it's all said and done i'm going to feel a little bit sad because you should have all kept your mouth shut. you should have left me over from that game where i'm from where we bounce heads off of the canvas and drill them into the floor. you should have left me where i was because this man is not on my level. >> backyard got bombs. shane mosley had bombs and all those guys are going in the hall of fame. but one thing about me
5:54 pm
grainy chin but remember this, the same way you give it, you have to be able to take it. >> i just love mcgregor's accent. they say you can't judge a man until you've walked a mile in his baseball pants. this is jesus aguilar. notice the large grain he calls legs. brewers first baseman wanted to see how large those legs are. he experimented by having zach davies and ar cia hop into aguilar's pants. these are grown men. that is one pair of a man's pants and two men standing in them. >> okay, well, we know obviously they're very stretchy pants too. >> yes, baseball pants are stretchy. >> those guys are pretty thin. >> they're petite men. >> those
5:55 pm
>> don't knock it. up next we'll show you where two girls are bringing gender equality to the game of football. >> ♪
5:56 pm
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>> a pair of high school football players turning heads this season in south dakota. two girls made the cut for this year's football team. freshman jessica lang rock and trinity stuart have been practicing with the team all summer long but they say they don't want any special treatment because of their gender. and their coaches and teammates agree. >> there's no reason to take it easy on them. they're just another person out there. hit them as hard as you hit anyone else so. >> first time i got laid out in practice, i actually thought it would be a lot worse than it was. it wasn't so bad. i mean, it is hurts obviously but with the pads and the helmet and the protection it doesn't hurt as bad. >> they both know they may not get a whole lot of playing time their first year on the team.
5:59 pm
do it next year. we've covered stories like this in the past and they're kickers and punters. they're in it to win it. >> that does it for us here at 5:00. >> shawn and lauren next. >> this is fox5 local news at 6:00. >> right in you at 6:00 a virginia couple is under arrest accused of abusing their 10-year-old son. what prompted the little boy to leave home and ask for help. and fox5 was first on the scene as fbi agents raided two homes in prince george's county. what neighbors think was going on at one of the homes. >> i had a pipe dream and my pipe dream has finally come true. >> meet america's newest multimillionaire. how the powerball jackpot winner plans to spend all of her new cash. fox5 news at 6:00 starts right now. >> ♪ >> and we begin with breaking news out of the district. a boy has been shot in
6:00 pm
of georgia avenue. it happened just before 5 o'clock this evening. we're told the victim was conscious and breathing. we know he's a juvenile but police have not released his exact age or what may have led to the shooting. >> now to a story you saw first on fox5. the fbi raided two homes just miles apart this morning in prince george's county. >> fox5 was first on the scene for both of the raids. we now know the cases are connected. police arrested 12 people. >> the details of why the fbi raided those homes is still unclear but some neighbors speculate it may have something to do with dog fighting. fox5's matt ackland is live tonight in temple hills with the latest. matt. >> reporter: hi, shawn. we have confirmation that authorities are looking into bank and wire fraud when it comes to both of these raids today. and also what we are hearing is that it could be connected to some kind of dog fighting. i want you to take a look behind me here. you see these dog kennels there. we believe


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