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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  August 24, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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>> this is fox5 local news at ten. right now at ten, a fox5 exclusive. we were pushing our six-week old in a stroller who thankfully was asleep. it didn't stop thieves from robbing these d.c. couple at knife point . hear their story and see the surveillance video police are hoping will help catch the robbers. plus a virginia teen missing for weeks is found dead
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tonight, how a notorious gang is connected to his disappearance. and a monumental mistake on a memorial. raised tonight tribute meant to honor veterans in virginia is just plain wrong what the county is doing to make it right. the news at ten starts right now. we begin tonight with a fox5 exclusive. a d.c. couple is sharing their frightening or deal after they say they were robbed at knife point. the alleged attack happened in the middle of the day while they were pushing their six-week old baby in a stroller. lauren demarco is live in northwest a story you'll only see here on fox5. lauren. >>reporter: sarah, shawn, this is busy 14th street corridor, some of the top rest trantsz in d.c. right here lining this street. well this couple with their newborn baby boy had just finished brunch. they were walk ing to their car which was parked on corcoran street , a side street right here off of fourth. this was the middle of the day on
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past saturday when they were approached by two men and they were robbed at gun point. we spoke with them exclusively tonight. it was violent and necessity threatened us with deadly force. it was by far the most terrifying thing i've ever experienced because we are new parents and we had our son with us. >> the family who we aren't naming again had just been finished brunch heading to their car when those ss suspects came up demanding their wallet and bag. there were two armed men who approached and one of them was caught on video by a nearby surveillance camera along with a dark sedan that police are calling a vehicle of interest. d.c. police pushing out this video. they want you to take a very good look at it. the couple, they are stunned. they were fearing for their lives so they replied with the suspects. they were not hurt fortunately. they were able to explain to us how it all played out
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people who live and dine in the area they were shocked and disturbed to hear how bold these suspects were. this guy came right up to you you and bumped into him and what, reached into your pocket? >> yes. i looked down and he pulled out a box cutter. and as he was doing that another guy had come into the front to me with the stroller and i saw a knife in his hand as well and they both just crowded us in. they said give me your purse give me your purse. i said i don't have one. i just have my diaper bang and they reached underneath the stroller, grabbed the diaper bag and took off. >> i think most people around here feel safe so it's very scary. lots of people are walk ing on the streets stow to have something like that happen in the middle of the day is a little disturbing. >> and another look at that one suspect caught on camera it's not the most clear image, but police are hoping that somebody will recognize this gian give them a a call. there is also
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case. live along 14th street, lauren demarco, fox5 local news. >> in alexandria, police say a teenager who went missing weeks ago was murdered. investigators believe it is gang related. my gul car reowes body was found in a field in prince william county . lindsay watts is live in arld where correspond reoh lived with his mother. what's the latest. >>reporter: police still do not know who killed my july correspond reoh. at this point three people have been arrested in connection with his disis persons but none of them was charged with his murder. this is where he he was last seen three weeks ago to the town. korea's mother tells us her son had been fishing in a small pond where they live. a neighbor witnessed a group of men come up and attack him and then drag him away. initially policeol
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reoh did not have any ties to gang. but more recently they learned he did not have gang associations. police have been searching for him. they have been combing this area where he lives and last seen. turns out, though, that his body was discovered about 30 miles away from here in prince william county. a viewer snapped some photos of the police activity where the body was discovered in noaksville. investigators say they got a tip that led them here and then they came out and searched with cadaver dogs. prince billion young adult mails detectiveses aren't saying where the victim died or where exactly where he killed. again, no ar rests in this murder yet, but three suspects are facing lesser charges in the case, 20 year old jose vincent sos a, 18 year oldie natured oh and a female juvenile. they were arrested last week and charged with abduction and gang participation . fox5 did speak
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to correspond reoh's mother two weeks ago after he went missing we tried to reach her tonight but we weren't able to get in touch with her. for now prince william county police detectives are investigating this case. we've reached out to them asking which gang was involved here. they haven't provided us with that information yet. obviously ms13 has been a big one here in fairfax county as well as montgomery county, but at this point investigators aren't saying for sure which gang was involved. they do anticipate to have more information in the day s ahead as this case moves forward. we're live in alexandria, lindsay watts, fox5 local news. this is crazy. it's just crazy. i mean they bought them dofgs out of here left and right. somebody is going to be in trouble with this county because it's pot right. those are animals. those are just like human beings. >> now to a story you saw first right here on fox5. the fbi raided two homes miles apart in prince george's county. tonight we've learned the
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connected. agents arrested 12 people on charges of conspiracy to commit bank and wire fraud. that's not all the agents took away from the homes in fort washington and temple hills. fox5 got exclusive video of agents removing several dogs and also equipment that experts say is used for dog fighting. hurricane harvey is intensifying and it could be a disis aster for the texas coast. weather experts warn that the storm could strengthen as it gets closer with winds whipping 25 miles an hour residents are urged to evacuate. it could dump 35 inches of rain. it is expected to make landfall tomorrow. we were talking about h this earlier, they certainly don't need any more rain. they certainly had their share down there. >> that's right. that part of the country has been saturated this year with thun storms and inland flooding. so this is a triple threat coming toward them . not only are
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a category three and we haven't had a category three since 2005 hit the coast. then it's the rain, the storm surge which is that kind of push of water rapidly rice rg tied that can really do a lot of inland flooding and the other problem is it looks like harvey is really going to hang out down in that area maybe through tuesday of next week president the pattern is very ominous and devastating flooding is likely near the texas coast. there you see it in motion. we have been noticing that the hurricane hunters are flying into it relentless ily. winds close to the center of 89 miles per hour keeping it at category one at the last update. we'll get a new update right before 11:00 but needless to say they're worried in the corpus christi area. all the red areas you see in the middle texas coast are areases that are under a hurricane warning. it will be going downhill very quickly tomorrow. harvey will likely make
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or saturday morning and then it stalls in that area bringing them so much rain focusing locally. we have a couple of hours around tonight. just want to give you an idea of what's going oner hoo. we have a little disturbance that's track ing through pennsylvania that will bring us some clouds. you you can see these moving through loudon county. i think they'll be gone by imaginer and we should be able to get back to seeing a nice mix of sun and clouds and you know what, those cool temperatures are going to be hanging around. so a nice finish to this work week. we'll talk more about the weekend, the track of harvey as well as everything else you you need to know to get caught up to for a fantastic weather week. >> zc police tonight are looking for the gunman who shot a young boy in the feet today. it happened in the 6300 block of georgia avenue. the boy was alert when crews rushed him to the hospital. also in the district a construction worker fell ate stories to his death. it happened this afternoon the at a construction site along nf street
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word on how the victim fell. zc police are investigating. a virginia couple is behind bars tonight accused of torturing their ten year old son. barbara del seed of noaksville are being held without bond, charged with felony child abuse. police say their son went to a neighbor's tuesday asking for food. the neighbor told police the boy was dirty and injured. an investigation revealed that the boys' parents would place the child's hands on a hot stove or make him neil on sharp objects as forms of punishment. the child was taken to the hospital and is now in protective cuss guy. >> a local memorial meant to honor veterans is covered with all kinds of mistakes. there are calls for the county to make it right. kristin leone is work ing this story tonight. that's right, a memorial with careless mistakes and some factualerrors. coming ul we we'll show you you what one man discovered recently at
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stafford county dedication to the service men and women. plus , t tension between president trump and congress despite from the recent jabses from the president towards gop leaders.
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>> stafford police tonight are looking for the vanned als, the vanned als who damaged this memorial right here. we're going to show this to you. in fact, they splashed white paint in this confederate in a cemetery. the vanned als threw the paint on the base of the monument. it has since been re moved. a beautiful he memorial in stafford county that's supposed to t pay tribute to our fallen war heros. turns out has some of the facts wrong a local man is hoping the county will make this right. fox5's kristin leone is live now with a closer look at this he memorial kristin, what happen here? >> sarah and shawn, first of all i want to say this is just messed
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this case. i do want to show you a closer look of this beautiful memorial here. it's tucked away at the backpacker ring lot of the stafford county courthouse. i don't know how well you can see, but there is a spinning marble globe on one side and then tucked away on the other side are the names, ranges and contributionses of stafford county's fallen war heros. as one residents recently discovered at this he memorial site, they're wrong. at the stafford county armed services he memorial every brick has its own story. he's taking a bridge and he's killed deering taking a bridge. jason belt likes to come by and pay his respects to our war heros past and present. you'll notice at the top it says stafford county honors residents who gave their lives. the objection to the form problem, he though, jason says is some of the names and ranks engraved on
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listed as a private about a week ago he was here reflecting and relating to what this particular war hero must have endured when he noticed something odd about h brick dedicated to him. must el man is a very common stafford county name. however, that's not how you spell it. so he started doing some research on his own and turns out, he says, that wasn't the only mistake made. and it wasn't morris must el man. it was norris must he el man. and so we got his first name and his last name spelled wrong. out of the 66 bricks you you see here paid for by the county jason says 55 of them are inaccurate. when he brought this up to stafford county officials. >> they said that those names came from an eagle scout project and nobody checked them. >> we called the county to see if, in frak,
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information came from. utave not heard back from them. still jason sayses the county owes it to not only the war heros, but to the community, too. give these heros the respect that they've already earned. >> just to put it in a little more per perspective for you, it has taken the county five years to complete this memorial. the county also has acknowledged that they did make a mistake on their end and they put out a statement online to the public saying that this will be fixed. now, as far as where they originally got their information from, we did reach out to county leaders today and so far we have not heard back. for now report ing live in stafford county tonight, kristin leone, fox5 local news. >> the white house tonight is down playing tensions between president trump and republican leadership. during today's briefing reporters asked press secretary sarah huk bisanders about the reports, the president was
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majority mitchel mcconnell. she told everybody the president and congress is just fine. i think the relationships are fine . certainly there are going to be some policy differences, but there are also a lot of shared goals and that's what we're focused on. we're disappointed that obamacare they failed to get it repealed and replaced but at the same time president trump has worked with leader mcconnell to reach out to other members and to work on those shared goals. sarah huk bisanders also reiterated president trump is committed to get his border wall built. >> president trump's transgender military ban is beginning to take shape. soon jim mattis will be given the chance to decide whether transgender troops who are already serving in the military will be allude to remain. a memo leaked to the wall street journal says the president is ordering the military to not allow more trans
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he said in a tweet last month, the president oashedded an end for medical serving to those currently serving. president trump's plan gives six monthses to fully implement the ban. >> a local fire department went above and beyond for a virginia family. straight ahead tonight how they helped make the family 's home more accessible for that little boy right there in the wheelchair. here's a look at what's ahead tomorrow at fox5 news morning. we are zip tripping to fredericksburg, virginia. we're going to be there from six to 11 a.m. they're be at herk camp park. that's at the corner of williams street in downtown fredericksburg. >> attention whole food shoppers . amazon plans to use its deep pockets to make big changes at the grocery store once it completes it's nearly 14 billion-dollar takeover next week. the tech giant will cut prices on fruit, eggs, salmon and beef. their idea
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back the customers who left because of the high prices and who used to call whole foods whole paycheck. amazon eventually hopes to give prime members other savings and benefits. stay with us, we'll be right back.
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>> police in louisiana are look ing for this woman who had no shame in h stealing a bunch of boost. surveillance video right here showing the woman grabbing bottles also and stuff ing them literally anywhere she had room to put them. unfortunately for her the camera got a crystal clear view of her little shopping spree. for many kids learning to ride a bike is a passage of sorts. but imagine if you had to do it without arms . five-year old ar i is able to ride her bike thanks to a special device. it
10:24 pm
to steer with her shoulders. she is also able to color and write with her feet. her famil ies says. q. s offered to fit her with prosthetic arms, but she said, no. >> i love her spirit. i can do it without those arms. >> the fairfax county county fire department went above and beyond their call of duty and it was all for a little boy named tyler who was confined t a wheelchair. the department built tyler this ramp at his house. the custom made ramp go es from their house. tyler can now go outside and explore without any barriers. good to see them come together. >> i love that. up next, fox5 news at 10:30, hey jim lokay, hello shawn yancy. state prosecutors are dismissing or delaying about a dozen more cases after a video out of baltimore tonight. some college students descring a the lot of coffee to help them. but
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helping them make better grades we'll have the age old answer coming up for you. if i'm the example it doesn't help with the grades. did a lot late night coffee. glad that part of my life is over. now we continue to a settled pattern. all eyes on texas very worried about hurricane harvey. we'll be getting a latest update and a new forecast from the national hurricane center. all that coming up as the ten:30 news is next. next.
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>> this is fox5 local news at ten. thirty. a local teen acre missing for three weeks is found dead in prince william county. and tonight police believe the death is gang related. and
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now learning about the salors involved in the collision of the uss john s mccain. plus what's next for transgender people in the military. tonight the white house is closer to providing new guidance. your news starts now and welcome to the 10:30 here. police are saying a local teenager who went missing weeks ago was murdered and investigate os believe it is gang related. fox5's lindsay watts who is live out at alexandria tonight. >>reporter: sarah and jim this is where 18 year old my quill korea was last seen near where he lives. his mother said he was fishing in in pond when a group of men came up and attacked him. today we learned that his body was discovered about 30 miles away in prince william county. this comes after a long search by investigators. correspond reoh did have gang dies but they're not saying what led up to the murder. three people have
10:30 pm
disappearance, but at this point none of them are charged in his death. a d.c. couple says they were robbed at knife point in the middle of the day. this all happened as the couple pushed their six-week old baby in a stroller. lauren demarco live in northwest with the story. >>reporter: sarah, jim, let me set the scene. thises was saturday around noon here on the busy 14th corridor. the couple had just finished brunch with their newborn baby boy. they were walking to a side street, corcoran street to get to their car and that's when two men approached with their nies. they made off with the couple's wallet and sky per bag which had the woman's purse inside of it. that's because the complied with them. fortunately they were not hurt. police release video of one of the suspects. they're asking anyone who recognizes him and a vehicle of interest, a dark sedan to give them a call. hurricane have
10:31 pm
and it could be a disis aster with winds whipping 125 miles an hour. others have board up their windows. they've sandbag ged their homes as they prepare to face a live threaten ing storm. harvey expected to make landfall tomorrow. speaking of the weather here as we take a live look outside, p 5-degrees and absolutely beautiful here thank fully. it sure is, sarah, jim. we've got a very settled weather the pattern and we're keeping a very close eye on the texas coast. very worried about the situation there. we'll have a new up date from the national hurricane center in the next half hour and we'll share that with you. meanwhile we have some clouds passing by and a couple of spotty showers. if you're out tonight and get caught under one of these very brief light showers they're not going to last all day orm. i think they'll be gone by morning but some of the clouds will linger and we'll he ' have a mix of clouds and sun during the day on friday and if there is anything left it will
10:32 pm
spotty. we think this little disturbance in the upper atmosphere will be gone certainly by the noon hour east of the city. september-like weekend. we're going to have temperatures topping out in the upper 60s more typical what he we might see in the middle part of september, if not the late part of september and a gorgeous weekends definitely on tap. harvey as you know is headed to the texas coast. right now it's about 275 miles southeast of corpus christie and they're not only worried about a tremendous amount of rainfall, 25 to 30 inches in some spots, but a category three hurricane epo tensionally and also it may stall over that area for a number of days. we may see a little of harvey's rain coming in our direction next weekend. but for tonight we're going on go for 68-degrees, just a couple showers, some passing clouds. during the day tomorrow a mix of showers and sun. light winds out of the north. it should be a very comfortable end to the workweek. make your plans accordingly. we'll talk more about the weekend and much more in just a few minutes.
10:33 pm
the navy has identified two sal ors killed on the navy ship the uss john mccain. nine others are still missing. two of the salors missing are from maryland. they are information systems technician second class timothy equal also, jr. and electronics technician second class kevin bushel. the navy suspended itself he ' ' search and rescue efforts after 80 hours of searching. it included id with an oil tanker near singapore. the navy is still looking into what led to that clietion collision. a white naturalist is still in jail tonight. christopher can't well made an appearance in court by a video monitor today. can't well says he used pepper spray in self defense on the uva campus. he's been charged with three felonies including using ter benghazi legally. a hearing is set for october. >> you may remember this video where protestors t
10:34 pm
bronze statue on a confederate statue during a rally in north carolina. last night you someone in that same spot decid ed to put up a heart. take a look and you'll see it right there. look a little closer. not clear on made the heart, but that heart since been removed. new video out tonight, a baltimore police is prompting state prosecutors to dismiss or delay about a dozen more cases. these are the videos of a drug arrest. bawlt p more police reviewed them publicly today explaining their officers' actions. it follows two other incidents this year where body ram camera. planting evidence, but the policing commissioner kevin davis is firing back saying there's nothing questionable about his officers' actions. the officer he seeing the news self reported that there was a moment during his recovery of the evidence that his camera was
10:35 pm
response, the state's attorney's office made the decision to drop this case and quickly drop dozen s of other cases involving these three police officers. i firmly disagree with this decision. so far 43 criminal cases involving the officers in the videos have been dropped. >> a month ago president trump tweeted about his transgender military ban and now that plan is beginning to take shape. noon defense secretary jim mattis will be the given the chance to decide whether trans gender troops who are already serving will be allude to stay or not. jim mattis will be given authority to decide whether transgender troops will continue to serving the million ry will be ordered to stop admitting transgender individuals into the military, consider deploar built of current transgender individuals and stop spending on medical treatments and surgeon rivment transgender troops like the
10:36 pm
's jennifer long who train as a descril sergeant and deployed three times to iraq were disappointed. i've haded that experience being on hormones, being deployed to afghanistan having to do a top- level high secretary job and being able to do that job with distinction and honorment the ban on transgender troops was lifted under president obama last year. there are between 1300 and 1600 transgender troops serving on active duty. secretary mattis said he believes the number is much l smaller. the study estimates the military could spend up to eight and a half million dollars a year on hormone treatments. only a small portion of would see medical treatments that would affect their deplor built according to the center. an advocacy group has pushed back on what it describes as spoation engineering in the armed forces
10:37 pm
serve in the mill trivment it is not just another equal opportunity employer. the american legion said the decision should be left to commanders. any requirement that disables an able bodied person in our armed services should be proven on the adverse effect of readiness and nothing else. mtv has invited trans gender individuals to attend the music awards this weekend. the defense department has provided guidance to the army and navy which are review ing the individual requests. at the pentagon, jennifer griffin, fox news. >> next week means the start of a new school year for some local students and they are ready to meet their teacher. can you imagine your teacher showing up to your house? it happened. it's a good thing as he introduce themselves outside of the classroom. hungering down for harvey as the golf koafs prepares for the hurricane iv
10:38 pm
to brace themselves for the possibility of higher gas prices . refine i irys are shutting down as the hurricane closes in. home sales falling t their lowest level of the year in july. fewer homes are being listed right now which isn't giving house hunters a lot to choose from. a 30 year fixed rate mortgage dropping to the lowest level of the year it's now whoeverrerring around 36 percent. according to a new survey present careerbuilder, around eight in ten workers currently living paycheck to paycheck to make ends meet. that's up from last year. i guess we need to keep playing power ball. that's business, i'm neil cavuto. uto.
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for students in fairfax county, the school year starts next monday. you know, back in the day when you were in school you were waiting for that envelope to know who your teacher is going to be. the teachers at couple brun elementary are just as anxious to meet their students and they have decided not to wait for the first day. they spent this morning traveling to their students' homes to introduce themselves and our photo journal isabella went along. hi. how are you. >> i'm good. i know the kids are really, really excited. can't wait to foond out who my teacher is. i think when we get out of the car they're waiting for us and they're excited and it allows me to know who is going to be in m
10:43 pm
again to start that relationship right away. >> often students are anxious about meeting their new teacher they're worried about what the new school year would bring. this way the teachers go out and meet their students at their home rather than at the school for the first time. it helps them make that connection and build that relationship for the start of the school year. >> are you excited in. >> i love to meet them face to face. i think it's very important with some of our special friends to have that face-to-face meeting to let them know that all is well and that when they walk in the door meet their classroom teacher and myself that they know that there is -- there are many here to spouter support them. the parents love it. we've been doing it for seven years and it's just a really nice way to reach out to the families and let them know that w
10:44 pm
that we're willing to he that, you know, two and a two and a half hours of your day to come out and greet them. >> we'll see you you later. >> bye. >> that's cute. a little bracelet. and the note says, a picture. is that her? >> gold star. a gold star. she helps to eastern some gold stars maybe. very cute. everybody seems really excited, very positive and happy. so i think it will be good. >> i love that. they're obviously enthusiasmic about it the parents know who their kids are going to be learning from every day. it helps any anxiety that might exist before they go to the first day of school. so it's a good thing. >> i think so, too. we used to work the morning shift. we worked the morning shift
10:45 pm
you drink coffee, it's important but is the extra help to stay a wake doing more harm than good. the impact it could have on you if you drink too much of it. i don't want to know. after the break. break.
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iml scientists like t ruin all the fun, don't they. bad news for coffee lovers. a new study of dripping too much coffee may have a bad effect on your brain the more coffee students drank the lower gpa. students who didn't drink had a 3.43 and with every additional cup the average gpa -- >> this is ridiculous. itself he ' going
10:49 pm
drets of a point. >> i'm going to keep on drinking . researchers say there is no exact link as to why this happened that way. >> that was a great study. anyway, we're going to keep on drinking the coffee. thinking of what to name your baby parents. a recent trend shows they have more names to chose from because gender neutral monikers are all the rage. charlotte for girls or jack for boys. now trending names include, quincy, recommend i, winter, ellis, independent go, sasha and ray. i like i think just about all of them. winter and independent go is different i had not heard those, but the other ones i like. >> how many game of thrones baby themes. >> winter. >> i like the name
10:50 pm
>> oh, yeah? >> i've heard rumors much that's my new granddaughter. he's one month old already. >> happy about our beautiful weather. >> i'm worried about texas, though. we just got the latest update from the hurricane center . the intensity has not changed and they're not backing off on their forecast of hurricane harvey becoming a category three and by this time tomorrow night things are going down in a big way. it's near corpus christi now. did you see a beautiful picture like this around sunset. and there has been a little bit of cloud cover and a couple of showers passing on through and as omar said the sigh is doing so many cool things at sunset. you you get a lot of work out of the sunlight with those clouds passing on by and it's dlitful. the clouds are dropping a few showers, not every where,
10:51 pm
we're tracking a few coming across loudon county. this is a disturbance in the upper atmosphere that's going on by. you might hear about a minute or two of rain later tonight. culpeper you're getting a couple of those showers as well and especially towards the hagerstown area this line getting a little bit longer. you can see it stretches from pennsylvania to boons br on each these are also moving east. i'll put them in motion. some brief heavy rain there and we're keeping the showers in the forecast for the next couple of hours. in the morning it should be dry but i think we'll have some clouds around. we'll take you through the futurecast and a it wants to keep a few showers around two in the morning. they keep on moving we should be able to get a dry start out of the day. nothing that will be a big deal. more sun than clouds through the day. look at these temperatures, though, more tip l california of what we might find around here in september and a look at these evening temperatures. pittsburgh is 59 right
10:52 pm
64, new york, 73, boston 66- degrees and in our area we've got a lot of 60s. winchester you're down to 61. dulles, 65, martinsburg, 67, gaithersburg 65 and fredericksburg 65. overnight low temperatures will range from the mid 50ss to the mid 60s in our area. another comfortable night. here is the very latest on hurricane harvey winds are still at 89 miles an hour. the hurricane warnings are expanded across the texas coast and this is expected to make landfall late tomorrow night as a category three somewhere near corpus christi. it's still a three on saturday morning and then it weakens to a wop, a category one hurricane still saturday night after it's been inland this long. the bad news is it's still hanging around texas and the you louisiana coast sunday and monday as it sawls stalls in that area so the rainfall is going to be jaw jumping and the flood potential disaster. people are getting out of the
10:53 pm
rain possible. i've seen some estimates as high as 35 inches if it stalls long enough. for us, we're quiet. tomorrow the humidity stays suppressed south we're going to have a very nice kay, a mix of sun and clouds. eighty-one for d.c. upper 730s, mid 70s for some of the suburban areas. look at these bulletful days coming. dry ons tuesday, maybe a shower on wednesday. if we see any of harvey's rains it might be next weekend. we'll have another check of the hurricane harvey track and find out what the hurricane hunters are finding inside of it. bryce harper is not in the starting lineup tonight for the nats still recovering from a bone bruise suffered on august 12. but he will be in the starting lineup next tuesday. yes, great in news. the figurine will be given out to the first 25 fan nts building. nats
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facial the astros. speaking of hats, when in houston best look ing fans in baseball right there much that's right. pay droa severino. he could throw to the catcher, but he can't throw to first. anthony rendone scores on therror, matt weed ers hustling he will score on the next play. steven strasburg wouldn't need any more than that . great defense here. six- four-three for a sad person using a score card while watching the nightly news. the nats lead currently three to one . connor mack gregor is an and surround matchup. it de serves ' an absurd. it's called the money belt. it's made of one point 5-milligrams of 24-carat gold, 3,036,306 sky mondz, 1606 satisfy
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and it's all a cock dial liter ment the price tag is price less much the estimated $300 million the two fighters will get after the fight's paper view convenient new is tallied up. when it's all said and done i'm going to be a little bit sad . you should have left me where i was. because this man is not on my level. he's not -- contact nel oh got bombs. all those guys are going in the hall of fame. but one thing about me , i got a grand i chin. remember this, the same way you you give it you have to be able to take the it. i like that floyd has the billion clinton point without pointing down. one dapper fan that will be root ing mack gregor his son connor jack was
10:56 pm
three person. looking a three month mob boss. he knows better than to bet on his dad. i mean he's adorable. >> it's an adorable picture. if he knows how to make book he knows not to put money on connor mack gregor. >> i love that pick your t. >> fox5 news at 11 is next. >> i want to know how much that suit cost for that bitty baby. >> too much. >> thanks, jim, thanks, sar actioner thanks brody. coming up tonight at 11 a new memorial in virginia honors world war ii veterans. problem is there are dozens of names misspelled, even factual area rs on. the attorney who discovered the mistakes tells us how he figured it out. today is national waffle day. stick around for h one. that's jeremy right there from wicked waffle. hi, jeremy. >> he's here to help us celebrate with some delicious waffles. i'm in the same room with him, if you you guy
10:57 pm
smell how good it smells in here . we're going to show you who you to cook them up at home next at 11.
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>> this is fox 35 local news at 11. right now at 11 police say this is one of the thieves who targeted a couple out for a walk with their baby. tonight the victims are talking only to fox5 . he was violent and they threatened us with deadly force a new world war two memorial filled with factualerrors and misspellings. how an attorney discovered the mistakes. plus, mills are bracing for hurricane harvey. the fbi busted a dozen people in a local raid and the changes amazon is planning at whole foods. your news starts right now. we're going to begin tonight with some breaking news, sky fox is live over the scene over the potomac river where


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