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tv   Fox 5 News 5  FOX  August 25, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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those flyers on your screen. some read and i quote this psi you got trump, this one said, even rbg, backs the band build the wall. in case you're wondering it references the society justice on supreme court. on the flyers there's also a logo there that says dc counter resistance after becoming aware of this, council member brandon todd of ward 4 put out this statement, saying in part i want you to know this is not something we will tolerate in ward 4 or the district of columbia, a all residents, regardless of race, color, creed, religious affiliation or sexual preference deserve to feel safe and respected in their community. some there's we spoke to are not only horrified but also repullsed they say, that someone or a group of people would be spreading such hate >> this is disgusting people take the time to even
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that kind of garbage much left post it anywhere for others to see it >> i don't understand it at all. it's mystifying, it's disgusting, something we have to continually fight. . >> reporter: north carolina takoma residents say they pride themselves on inclusion, acceptance and diversity and those are the qualities that they stand for and believe in. now, these flyers are also being investigated by dc police. of course, if you happen to see or hear anything suspicious in your area, you're asked to call 911. for now, live in takoma, krysten leon, fox 5 local news we have breaking news we need to tell you about, this is skyfox live over the scene right now, a search is on for a man who went canoeing this afternoon in burke virginia. rescuers are searching the water at this point. you can see other folks on you there as well.
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police are telling us three people were in the canoe when it tipped over. two of the people in that canoe were rescued by workers in the area, a third man is still missing. unclear right now how long this search will continue. but we will keep you updated as again we have a missing canoeist in burke virginia. fox 5 prince george's county funeral plans for a 6-year-old girl murdered in her home. nadira will be remembered on wednesday, a viewing at 9:00, public funeral service at 11:00. nadira and her two young cousinses were found dead last friday in their bed. 25-year-old antonio williams confessed to the killing, he's beg held without bond on murder charges. this is the second time in three weeks. same scenario as last timely once he shattered the
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able to walk right in. >> it didn't make me feel good my house had been targeted twice. i figured he got mostly everything he wanted when he was there the first time. >> it's very troubling, and it's disgusting and i think it's a testament to the lack of training that the police are receiving. >> there is an internal investigation underway tonight after a dc homeowner complained to a police commander about video of officers investigating a burglary inside his southeast hottest. the homeowner is upset because his officers investigating the burglary, they made comments about what they thought was his sexual orientation, and he said they even were dancing inside his home. his home was broken into twice in southeast wrench. matt ackland joins us live from the district with more on this story. matt? >> reporter: sarah, police released a statement this afternoon saying this internal investigation is still underway, they're also saying that behavior of these o
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not proper and they have taken action against them. i want to set this up for you. this is first home video inside the victim's home. you can see the two police officers who have come in to investigate the break-in. >> this is video inside clarence williams house as dc police investigate the second break inat his home recently. they read off a list of eyewitness stolen in the first burglary followed by a judge about his sexual orientation >> reporter: second later a female officer is caught on home video dancing in the middle of the crime scene. >> i believe if they were receiving the proper training, things like this wouldn't happen and they wouldn't do things like this in the midst of a crime scene. >> reporter: this began earlier in the day, while clarence was away at
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watch. the suspect smashes the glass with an i went. enters the apartment and then leaves with many valuables. the alarm went off, police responded. but never checked the back door. >> they came, knocked on the door. talked to a few people that were outside, and then left. and my house sat open for eight hours. >> reporter: this is not the first time it's happened. clarence said this is the second time and he believes it's by the same person. so recent that plywood is still in place where the sliding glass door sent down here, more plywood to the basement window. also, the camera above here, captured it all. >> reporter: finally when a neighbor spotted the door, they called police and police came out again, that's when the male and female police officer laughed, danced and made a judgment about the homeowner. >> they were going through the
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assumptions about what my sexuality might be. >> reporter: police issued statement saying, in part their behavior is not representative of in inclusive environment we work tirelessly on a daily basis. >> we did ask for an on camera interview from police today, they denied the request. we should tell you that the female officer in that video after hearing about this went over to clarence and personally apologized. she said over and over, she was sorry for what had happened. we also, he asked us to hide the identity of these officer, he said he doesn't want them terminated or get in trouble with the community around there because they have been out to help but he wants this to stand as an example so other officers will learn from this, so it won't happen again. in the district, matt ackland, fox 5 local news. to marylan
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police are trying to track down a man suspected of the car jacking someone in takoma park, around 1:00 a.m. in the 6800 block of new hampshire avenue. victim was sitting in his car when approached by a man who demanded his car keys. the victim initially refused but the suspect threatened to shoot him. car stolen is a 2006 silver chrysler 300 with maryland tags. the license plate number on your screen, 7 c z 5589. if you spot the car, please call police. man is in custody for allegedly firing shots at a car in prince george's county county. jonathan boy kin in fairfax is accused of firing at a vehicle may have been moving too slow. this happened near suitland parkway, the driver wasn't hurt but her car was damaged. he's facing first and second degree attempted murder as well as assaults gulf coast is bracing for hurricane harvey. let's take a live
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galveston texas where the category 3 storm is expected to make land fall in a matter of hours, we'll have a live report to see how the preparations are going and find how the this storm could impact us here in the dc region. later on, maryland governor larry hogan weighs in on a push by some is to change the state flag. why the governor said it's not going to happen. things are stormy to the south, it's the office here, we got plenty of sunshine and a great weekend ahead with some comfortable conditions. i'll have that forecast coming up and of course, that all important seven-day in just a bit. stay with us, we'll be back after the break. after the break.
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. gulf coast of the texas is bracing for hurricane harvey. has now been upgraded to a category 3 as it barrels towards the coast. when it makes land full it will be the country's first category 3 hurricane in more than a decade. winds estimated to reach more than 120 miles an hour, but the main concern is flooding up to three feet of rain that's expected to pound the state. weather models are showing the path will reach from core piss christy to new orleans >> there are at least 20 refine res al the gulf coast that could be impacted. gas prices in the dc
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go up anywhere from ten to.30. there's a state of emergency declared that both texas and louisiana, people there are being urged to head north >> let's get to lauren blanchard joining us from galveston texas where the evacuations have gun. lauren, what's the latest situation down there? . >> reporter: >> we'll check in a bit. is gwen standing by? tell us, we see the impact of the storm, we see what's moving through there, the video. what are you seeing from your end >> that storm, as we know this afternoon did intensify to a category 3. the problem is there are many, many facets of this thing that will cause issue, the storm surge, the flooding, we've got the winds and we have the threat of tornados. of everything is coming together. but let's take a look and we're going to go show you if we can pull up that -- the picture that you have of
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and i'll just set up my maps. you can see that the eye of the storm is starting to move it's way a clot closer as far as land is concerned. and that is the big issue. it is expected to make land fall tonight and into this evening and the problem with this is that it's going to end up actually stalling out and sticking around the next few days. it could come back out to sea and reintensify. that's what they're worried about then go backing as a result. we'll see hugh must know gunshot amounts of rainfall. a lot of devastation that could totally destroy buildings, in no time. bridges could be totally flooded with the storm surge and the amount of water expected through the area. houston itself just a couple of feet of water ends up getting into a lot of difficulty. you can imagine with these numbers what we're looking at is a possibility in terms of the amount rainfall, which could be anywhere up to ten to 15 to 20 to 30
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said and done. so, if we can maybe pick up on my maps now, i'll show you something couple other things as well with this. here's a look at this spin of it. we're going to end up, could you take max 3 for me and we'll show the track. this is a look at the track that we're talking about in terms of lands fall. it will make land fall as category 3. but you can see that little turn that's there in it, almost looks like a loop. that's one of the things that is really concerning for us, because as i said, it's going to -- looks like it will go out, get energy and come back and not only that, it will stall and that just mean as prolonged period of devastating rainfall and flooding. i'll have a little bit later, back to you. >> meanwhile, let's go back down to texas and see if we can check in with lauren now. lauren it's pretty stormy down there, can you hear us? >> reporter: yeah, i got you. sarah and jim, i'm
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galveston along the sea coast i want. of we're getting sheets of wind and rain coming through, we're in a little bit of a lull. we've been watching the storm slowly move in. that's really the dangerous part about this storm is it is so slow moving when it does actually hit land fall a little bit later on we're taking about 1:00 a.m., it's expected to stall and dump water all over. when there's about a foot sea storm surge, that's when people get knocked off their feet. start to see car start to drift. we're expecting to see between six and 12 feet storm surges in corpus christy and here in galveston between five and eight feet. it could be a deadly situation, lots of destruction, people really need to be safe. back to you, sarah and jim >> we appreciate it. it goes without saying, stay save and we will keep an eye on this throughout the weekend on fox 5. he was a super hero that stole the
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he saved the day. we have an amazing update. a tiger can you be found in an unusual spot. how federal authorities say it made its way into the u.s. president trump preparing for his first major national disaster in office. his message for those in the storm's path. >> if you have a story idea, please call the fox 5 tip line, we get a lot storys from you, please give us a call the number . or e-mail us to fox 5 tips at w
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intensive. overseas at least 20 are dead after an attack at a mosque in afghanistan.
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militants stormed the mosque could be bell. a suicide bomber killed a security guard and threw explosive into the building, isis in afghanistan is claiming responsible. for the first time north korea is threatening australia and the u.k. if they take part in ongoing military exercises alongside the u.s., the announcement was made on state tv. he warned country will face a miserable end if they join in what they call playing with fire. the drills started monday and go through the owned of the mo the use of snapchat helped police in pennsylvania bust the scene of an alleged sexual assault. authorities were alerted to mason when someone saw his post of an unconscious girl in his room. the pleas found the victim in his bedroom bruised and covered with blood. he was charged with assault and a judge will decide bail. surveillance video showing the moments burglars broken into a jewelry shop in unite
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kingdom. they knocked a hole with a sledge harmer. at least eight men were involved. video shows three men outside the store watching hours before it was carried out. police say of those thieves got away with at least 2.3 million dollar or this of jewelry. customs and border parole agents find things. it was a tiger cub and how it was smuggled in from mexico. >> reporter: tigers at the stations that now oftening to help and take in his latest smuggle tiger cub >> should the officials require, we would be willing to provide sanctuary for cub >> it could wind up here >> it could. >> reporter: the cub rescued by u.s. customs they spotted him laying on the floor on the front passenger side of a car. that stopped near san diego. the suspected smuggler an 18-year-old man from the city of paris. at
5:22 pm
just a cat. later, when he's booked, he confesses to buying this tiger cub for $300 from man he says was walking a full size tiger on a leash through the streets of mexico. >> we see a little bit of everything, not so much tiger cubs but we see people bringing in birds. different types of other animals, snake, lizards, smuggling of something living. this is no small issue. >> reporter: as tigers are endangered speeds and that means they're protected under federal law. >> reporter: tigers do not make good pets. >> that's how these two big cats wound up here in northern la county. pets that started out as cute little cuddly cubs, look at the size. and not even two years old. >> a baby tiger arrives everybody brings children and they take pictures. and very shortly. that very same tiger after a few months, is looking at their kids like they're lunch, the neighborhood now sayset
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the tiger. >> reporter: now being treated at the san diego zoo but chances are it could wind up like these other smuggled cats living in captivity. >> tigers are not pets may be the under statement of the century. just a thought. get a cat. a dog. >> i love how the guy was trying to say, it's just a cat. >>. a check of your top stories including the latest on a weather rescue that is happening right now in fairfax county. one man who is in a canoe is still missing. . governor larry hogan is weighing in on a push by some to change the design of a state flag. the question is why. >> we got wonderful news to share. do you remember kaheem? he helped save date in dc on fox 5 at the time. he was battling leukemia. super kaheem, as we knew him took on bad guys as thousands cheered him on and we learned
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. this is fox 5 local news at 5:00. a look at these even immigrant flyers popping up in the district. flyers were found in the takoma park neighborhood in northwest. today, dc council member brandon todd wrote a letter reassuring them he's not only in constant contact with dc police about the issue but vowels to take
5:28 pm
>> something you may notice a lot of police activity. capitol heights metro station, apparently the west entrance was shutdown because police got a report of a gunman in the area, they searched the area, found a gun but didn't find a gunman. there were no shots fired. in virginia the search continues foreman who went canoeing in burke. skyfox over the scene as rescuers look through the water, three people in the canoe when it tipped over. two people in that co-knew were rescued by workers but a third man is still missing. of unclear right now how long rescuers will keep searching. we now know the identity of a construction worker who died on the job in the district yesterday. he is jose rivera of germantown town, standing on the roof of a building under category 3 repairs, investigators say fell eight stories to his death, police are still investigating. in arlington, a woman inside of a ride
5:29 pm
mail passenger exposed his genitals and began to fondle himself. when the woman asked the driver to stop the male passenger took off. police officers searched the area but weren't able to find him. a virginia woman is under arrest for allegedly stealing a charred bus from her employer and leading state troopers on high speed chase, the company reported that bus in woodbridge tuesday. police say 24-year-old was behind the wheel and was ignoring her bus route. troopers tried to make a traffic stop along i95 but kosa took off leading police on a chase. later arrestd in maryland. and a distracted driver is facing serious charges after rear ending a maryland state trooper on the beltway. it happened on the inner loop near 450. driver is charged with using a hand-held phone while driving. in light of a recent peg with nearly 50,000 signatures, governor larry hogan
5:30 pm
interest in changing the flag. a conservative media outlet read maryland claimed the flag was under attack. hogan set record straight today. saying the banner will never be changed under his leadership. not only is the maryland state flag a symbol of unity and pride it is also the most beautiful and most recognized. maryland said the petition was intended to send a message that the discussion of symbols should not go too far. president trump using twitter to prison his new chief of staff this comes as the administration prepares to handle the first natural disaster crisis. fox in washington with the latest. >> reporter: with hurricane harvey set to be the first category 3 hurricane to hit the united states that 12 years, it can also present the first trump administration test of handling a natural disaster. president trump tweeting high praise for his new chief of staff saying john kelly is doing a quote, fan
5:31 pm
remarks piling more than praise for the retired four-star general following the endorsement at his golf club earlier this month >> i think that general kelly has brought a tremendous something very special to the office. >> reporter: kelly joined in late july during an already tumultuous season, north korea threatening to attack and more recently criticism over mr. trump's handling of the charlotte project the president is bracing for his first natural disaster characterize as hurricane harvey barrels closer into the golf coast. >> closely monitoring harvey and here to assist >> the time is get out is now, understanding your life is far more important than property. >> reporter: one of the several challenges as the white house continues to put pressure on lawmakers to make better progress on the president's agenda and raise the debt ceiling before the government defaults on loan next month >>
5:32 pm
aggressive and big fall agenda set we got to focus on we're going to need the senate and the house to come together and actually get something done. >> reporter: the administration's decision to name kelly as chief of staff means the department of homeland security is without permanent leader. yet the white house has confidence in the acting secretary. >> at the white house, doug mckel way fox news. coast of texas is bracing as the category 3 hurricane harvey barrels in to make land fall >> it will be the first category to hit the u.s. more than a decade. the combination of strong winds, surge and rain had create some devastating additionsly harvey is expected to make landfall near corpse christy later on and follow a path towards new orleans, winds are estimated to reach 120 miles an hour, the main concern is flooding with up to three feet of rain expected to pound the state.
5:33 pm
state of emergency declared in both texas and louisiana, it does governor is urging coastal residents to head north. >> this will lead to what was described earlier in our conference call, as record flooding at multiple locations ranging all the way from the corpse christy area all the way up to the houston area. >> storm models are showing harvey stalling once it make landfall. it could head inland then come back towards the warm coast line, heightning concerns of hitting same area twice. officials say the task force is ready to be deployed to texas within hours of receiving orders from fema. maryland search and rescue is one of 28 units across the u.s. some of texas's most vulnerable residents are being taken to safety ahead of hurricane harvey. driscoll children's hospital in corpus christy is evacuating babies in the unit
5:34 pm
cook children's hospital in fort worth for the time being. brave hurricane hunters flew a plane right into the eye of hurricane harvey. they hope the footage will provide valuable insight that could save lives in texas. harvey is expected to be again the strongest storm to hit the u.s. in more than a decade. we always see images like this and really isn't smart. someone surfing riding the waves brought on by hurricane harvey. looks like he was about the only one out there. so i'm sure we'll have more stories like this coming up unfortunately. going to go concerns about the money, what's behind the financial fears and how you can best protect your cash >> there's a new site to see in the district. story behind a brand new mural in northeast. we're gearing up for this weekend's big fight between floyd may weather and conner mag greg or >> il
5:35 pm
on the forecasting as far as hurricane harvey. and a look at what we can expect. i'll have details and we'll be back after the break. offter thereak. of
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takoma. we've been talking about talking so much about heavy hurricane harvey. >> we're so fortunate. it is absolutely nice. my morning colleagues were talking about almost seems fall-like. >> a little bit. >> kind of refreshing here. >> yeah, not so humid >> turn the air conditioning off a little bit. >> exactly. you know the weekend is just going to shape up to be beautiful. i hope you do get out and enjoy it. because we're going to take this while it lasts across our
5:39 pm
and things are very different down by the gulf coast as we know but we're fortunate that we are not dealing with any storms or any active weather whatsoever as far as this weekend is concerned. great shot outside right now, skies are looking good. we've got some fairly clear skies on the way once we get to tonight. temperature-wise, let's see where we stand right now, 80 degrees in the nation's capitol, 79 at baltimore, 77 at annapolis, that's the same for leonardtown. 79 at fredericksburg. 78 at dulles this hour. and 70 at winchester. winds have been fairly light. not much happening satellite and radar, just a few clouds, but not to be too concerned with, a little bit of moisture earlier but other than that, things were actually just downright pleasant and that will stay into the weekend. down to the south, hurricane harvey getting ready to make landfall and rain bands extending all the way through into parts of louisiana, also parts
5:40 pm
see some of that rain as well to the south and this will cause catastrophe situations through the entire area, we've been talking about this, if you take a look at the intensity you can see the eye well-defined and the problem with this is that it looks like it's going to slow down. that's going to be a big issue for everybody, because with very little movement it just mean as lot more rainfall and a lot more dangerous conditions, let's talk about those dangerous conditions. storm surge rainfall and wind. definitely, so much to the point we could see buildings destroyed, structures damaged. storm surge could be anywhere from 60 to 12 feet the that's possible. 15 to 30 inches of rainfall. higher amounts locally which could be in excess of 35 inches, we could see anywhere to about maybe 40 inches of rainfall in some areas with the system, which is really going to cause a lot of issues and it may strengthen before it makes landfall and
5:41 pm
very little movement. that's the other part of the problem. if it stalls out and just sort of sits there, which is what the models are showing, it look like it will dies a lot more damage because it actual doesn't do anything but just continue to rain on the area and cause devastating conditions. the other issue is it looks like it's going to be moving its way a little bit more out to sea, gaining more strength from the warmer waters and pushing its way to land, we hope that doesn't happy. landfall looks like it will be north of corpus christy. definitely very devastating conditions here with lot of warnings and watches. here ap look at some potential rainfall numbers, as i said, we're talking, i was from up to 30 inches very possibly but locally they could see even 40 inches in some of the areas. we've got tornado warnings and watches, flood warnings and watches, tropical storm winds force that's going to batter the entire coastline area, we're definitely going to stay on top of this,
5:42 pm
a bit of north easterly flow, plenty of sunshine. nice. 77 on saturday, sunshine be nice sunday. 76 degrees, let's take a look at your fox 5 accu-weather seven-day forecast. things staying calm for us. tuesday, wednesday, we're looking at a little bit of rain, that rain nothing to do with hurricane harvey at all. there's going to be a low pressure system that will develop off the southeast coast and could bring us wet weather, other than that, things aren't looking too bad. >> all right. thank you, gwen. we're just one day away from possibly the most anticipated fight in years. are you ready to rumble? by the way, it's copyrighted. got to take that back. may weather will take on connor mcgregor. >> how are you?
5:43 pm
a fight that everybody >> everybody is hype about this fight. dawa we wanted to do was kind of displace some of may weather's training style. we're going to do a little something nice and cool for you >> this is unprecedented. you have seen that, conner mcgregor never boxed a day in his life. . >> we're going to go see how that works. you know, i'm going to with the money team, sure thing as a boxer. >> show me what we're talking about. of the mint work >> we're going to do what's called a stat combination. a lot of times, old school, mint work you'll see the guys call out one, two, three, if you call out ten point combination, that's too many, so they will name the combination. and they will run a series of combinations together. that's what we're going to do.
5:44 pm
>> i just don't want you to >> i just want to steer clear in case. >> there's more. wow. there he goes. of jabbing, she ducks. look at that >> we got this -- wow. that's -- that's -- that's for sure. all right. >> a lot of jabs. >> a lot of everything. >> wow. >> she's wearing you out. >>
5:45 pm
declaring erica the winner. >> that was about seven to eight combinations all tied together. when you see may weather doing that, that's what he's doing, running the ball seven to eight combinations in a row. we didn't stop. >> you just kept going >> just kept going >> how are you feeling? i know -- i just want to know how long have you been doing this, you look like you know what you're doing >> i've been at it about a year and a half. >> you know be it's it takes some time, but, you know, this is what -- this is the result of, you know, learning the proper technique, you know what i mean? once you get the proper technique and start to learn the combinations you can start doing these combinations really fast >> you mentioned, i'm thinking about -- by the way tell us about the boot camp you're doing >> tomorrow, great. of great segway, tomorrow we're doing back to school boot camp collecting school supplies for free work-out. you know, everybody is
5:46 pm
invited. hard training club is in adams morgan, 1726 cal ram ma road. >> thank you very much >> erica, nice meeting you. that is it. we'll send it back over to sarah who's ready to rumble. >> it's a great work-out >> it is. >> we should do some of that later, jim >> you've been waiting for that. >> thanks. some people shied away from pay the nearly $100 pay per view fee, no worries, people can catch the fight if they head to buffalo wild wings they will be able to that, the sports bar will show the event in about half of the restaurants across the country. if you have a buffalo wild wings in your neighborhood, call ahead. financial fears are growing, what's behind the trend and what you need to know to best protect your hard earned cash. and later, a brand new mural is popping up in one dc neighborhood, the sto
5:47 pm
it and details of how it came together when we come back. we come back.
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sglafrjsing for the. bracing for the storm. it is upgraded to a category 3 storm. it's expected to make landfall late tonight. mayor have been through this before many times, their official position is they're prepared, they're not panicking, but anybody who has not been through something like that before, you can't imagine what it's like to prepare for a storm of this magnitude >> this is like 20,000 people stranded on cruise ships,
5:51 pm
waiting for something to happen. >> serious stuff here. of course, we'll continue to follow it. >> all right, a new study shows financial anxiety is sweeping the nation now >> here's fox's business network hillary vaughn with some people to move past the biggest money concerns. ♪ ♪. financial concerns are rising among americans. according to a northwestern mutual study. 85% are suffering from financial anxiety. there are three main concerns causing that uneasy ness, thoughts of never being able to retire, constantly living paycheck to paycheck and living in debt forever >> the important thing is to take the right kind of action so you can start to alleviate the fear, we've got to assess where we are versus where you want to be and truly start working a plan. >> building a financial safety net is also a concern, 69% of americans have less than $1,000 of savis.
5:52 pm
ram see solutions financial expert chris hogan said to reverse the paycheck to paycheck, focus on where your money is going >> what is your budge? what does it take for you to live on and we have to identify the money leaks. of and by money leaks, i mean the eating out, the grocery shopping or unnecessary purchases. identifying those things will allow you to start to implement controls to protect yourself as well as budget >> many people look at the lottery of something that could solve their financial troubles. >> we spent in the u.s. 73.8 billion dollars last year on lottery. that's more than movies, sport ticket, books, entertainment. i mean, 73.8 billion dollars. i think it's one of those things where i'm concerned that most people are spending money they need on necessarities on powerball tickets and that's dangerous. you need to be able to feed your kids and take care of your expenses, you want to stay in control. >> hogan said if you want to make millions you'll have better luck from investigating and saving diligently. after all, it's your cash.
5:53 pm
i find the irony, what are we spending? powerball >> and what did he just say? don't do it, you're not going to win. >> there you have it. >> that's good advice. >> back after this.
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if you don't understand have plans, here is something you got to see. a spectacular mural is on display in the facade of penn center. it's 3rd street northeast. the mural is titled 28 blocks tells the story behind the creation and carving of the lincoln memorial. artist gar ron baker created this >> he
5:57 pm
construction of the lincoln memorial, but the men who did the labor to get this done. these were immigrants from italy. and freedman from the united states, who did this work to create probably the most iconic memorial in washington, dc. >> look at the detail on that. the mural is 60 by 160 feet. it was hand painted on 156 individuals sections of parachute cloth. a special glue was used and a final coat was painted on the mural to protect it from graffiti >> are you feeling blue? how about a glass of wine, jim? little bit of your -- >> that box wine is good, jim >> it has a tap because it keeps it fresh. spanish wine maker selling blue colorado wine. first launched in spain but set to be available in october. company claims it's sweeter and easier to drin
5:58 pm
of it was initially fined thousands by the government because blue was not legally a won color. now it reads, 99% wine and 1% grape. >> that's all for us tonight at 5:00. lauren and shawn standing by for news at 6:00. hi, guys. >> starts right now. ♪ ♪. this is it fox 5 local news at 6:00. >> right now at 6:00, hurricane harvey. picking up speed and strength >> it's a hurricane that's going to prove more dangerous than many hurricane >> classified as a category 3 storm. then, hate and hostility spread in a local community. we'll show you the flyers found that's caught the attention of both residents and city leaders. and what's now being done about th
5:59 pm
officers are under investigation how they handle add crime scene. the news at 6:00 starts right now. the governor of texas is asking president trump for disaster declaration ahead of hurricane harvey hitting his state >> take a look at this, this is that category 3 hurricane expected to hit maximum sustaineded winds of 150 miles per hour. the storm could make landfall as early as tonight and devastating rains could dump up to 35 inches in some areas. >> officials say residents need to take evacuation orders seriously. >> i have issued a request for a presidential disaster declaration amajor disaster declaration issued to the president moments ago. this, of course, will trigger the assistance or additional help and stands
6:00 pm
government, the state of texas is asking for, we can obviously tell already at this stage, this is going to be a very major disaster. >> the national hurricane center said the storm could stall over the area for days. >> let's check in with gwen to find out the latest only storm. >> this storm could stall out and that is is big issue if it does. not only are we talking devastating rainfalls, storm surge is another issue as well as the winds, all the flooding, take a look, you can see the eye of the storm now, coming a little bit closer to shore. let me just zoom in here a little bit. there it is, very well defined. the track is seems to be taking it a little bit more to the north of corpus christy. that is something that's going to be watched as well. of we'll have to see how that does end up developing. here's a look at the track right now. it's currently situated about 60 miles east southeast of corpus christy a m


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