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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  August 25, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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>> right now sure cape harvey has strengthened into a category store monster storm. texas it getting pounded and it will only get worse. >> a march against hate after a picture surfaced of nazis in northern virginia today and north korea conducted more weapons tests and local officers are are under investigation because of this surveillance vid
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your news starts right now. and we're going to begin tonight with breaking news. hurricane harvey strengthened into a monster category four storm and pounding texas. this is gal veston tonight the drenching rain coming down and those winds kicking up the sure. . in fact moments ago president trump signed emergency disaster declaration allowing for increased federal assistance. >> texas will need it too. flooding will be a major problem as the storm slows down and stalls and makes land fall. hey, gwen. >> this storm is indeed a monster. we'll see major damage for parts of texas as a result of it. in fact this hour as we speak we can see the eye wall moving on to shore. it will be a short matter of time before it makes full land fall. and right now tropical st storm-force winds are reaching out many
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center and rain bands extremely wide stretching to louisiana and lots of convexion here as well with very, very power full winds. >> here's a look at rain stretching through to louisiana. florida not out of the clear, evenlyer. we and seeing this storm slow down as sarah did mention. and that's going to be a big issue. let's take a look at the visability satellite track. it was not there but the track for you here we go. as it -- you take a look and you see it will come into shore. then it's going to stall out and spin. and it's going to actually stick arounds to middle of next week producing awful lot of rainfall. second issue it's expected to come a little more out back off the coast and get intensified again from the warm waters of the ocean and gulf and then hit back on land again. it's a one-two punch as a result of that. copious amounts of rainfall we're speaking about in upwards of 20 to 30" and locally could even see up to 40" of
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storm surge is another big factor here anywhere from 6 to 12 feet is very, very possible. lots of warnings and watches in effect. a lot of tornado warnings and watches as well and downed trees and power lines have begun as well as power out outages. so this storm is really going to pack quite a punch putting a lot of people in danger h here. and once again the rainfall from the storm will last well into the middle of next week. i'll have more details coming up in a bit as we get a new update coming in from the national hurricane center, back to you. >> meanwhile people in texas are bracing for the worst right now. the eye wall of that monster hurricane is come ago shore at this hour. fox's lauren plan. ard is reporting from gal ofeston. >> life threaten and catastrophic how they're describing hurricane harvey reaching well beyond hurricane stat sglis would stress this say serious storm. >> a monster as seen from space. >> we're predict
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event. >> i'm worried about the flooding. >> last minute evacuations have been taking place all across the gulf coast. >> i figure we have the kids. not worm the risk. >> our house is three miles from the water. like a 14 football of water will come in they said and we couldn't risk it. >> with hurricane force winds moving in beyond the pote potentially life-threatening gusts and storm surge, it is possibility of days and days of heavy rain and record flooding causing major concerns all along the gulf coast from texas to louisiana. it will linger days over te texas. >> amount of rainfall is unprecedented when you look at 50" of rain officials are warning harvey may leave parts of texas uninhabitable for weeks or months. >> it could reemerge over the gulf and reintensify and affect the larger part of the coast. >> at this point major power outages are report
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texas particularly in the corpus christi area. in gal of ofes ton texas, lauren blanchard, fox news.. >> and we're following several developing stories at this hour. just about an hour ago we learned another controversial figure in the trump administration resigned. sebastian gorka was top counter terrorism under trump. he was also aligned with chief strategist steve bannon. gorka use wod work at bribart news. >> the white house announced president trump pardoned georgia. paio of arizona. he got in trouble for doing his job. he was convicted of mcdonald's for intentionally disobeying a yj ace order. he put an end to traffic stops that targeted incident. he is worthy of presidential pardon. he told the press he appreciates it an
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discuss the case more next week. >> also tonight president trump app announced he wants to indefinitely extend a ban that bars transgender people from joining military. he gave james mattis six months to come up with a policy on how to deal with active duty transgender service members there's 7,000 serving right now. under the president's directive no action will be taken against them. >> north korea shot three short range missile which all failed. both south korea and u.s. are analyzing launch. you may recall in july, north korea successfully launched a pair of intercontinental missiles that analysts said could reach the u.s. once perfected. >> people in arlen ton in a specific neighborhood stood together guess an 'vent to commorate george rockwell.
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a brief ceremony took place earlier today. liver where the nazi absolute and then it anti-nazi rally happened. tell us what went down. ar after this is dominion hills shopping center off wilson boulevard. neonazi group were standing behind us right there in these parking spaces just in property of businesses here and that's where i did absolute and local historian telling us that was in commemeration of founder of american nazi party. this is video of part of neonazi gatheringing noon. you can see 7 people holding the nral and holding hands up in slew. the group has come to the dominion hills shopping center to mark the death of george rockwell. he was shot to death on this day in 1967 at the shopping center. in the video you can see the nazi group brought a wreath to mark the spot. i spoke with work her at a nearby says saying watching
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>> we always see these things on internet and you know you see all these crazy things happening around the world to witness something like that it was different. it was definitely different. it was a little spooky and crazy to see something like that. >> god bless america♪ my home sweet home♪ >> this evening dozens of neighbors gathered in the exact spot with the nazis were earlier to deannounce their hateful beliefs and waved at passing wards. one woman in the crowd said she's repulsed by the display of nazi group. she had family killed in the halocaust. organizer said she wanted people to feel love and inclusiveness in this spot not hatred shown by nazi group. >> america went to turp free the people, free the jews. i can't understand that this is
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that these people are coming out and snowing nazi flag. >> it's a diverse community where people of all different background are included and this is -- was really af affirming to me to know that that was not just a fantasy that i had. >> and i want to mention just as we were getting ready for our report, a group of nazi sympathizers showed up here in this same spot and they did a nazi salute before running off and it's important to note that the group against the nazis was much, much bigger than either of these nazi groups. live in arlington. evan lambert. "fox5 local news". >> now to fairfax county. drivers recovred a body in burke lake part where canoeist went missing. 70-year-old james pythe of clifton. three were in the canoe
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it tipped over and adult and child were rescued and pythe went into the water daen not reer is pass it. they found his body 6 p.m. >> a d.c. man called the police after his home was broken into twice in three weeks. and now the officers that responded are under investigation. because of what they were seen doing on the homeowner surveillance video. that story next. >> lauren. >> well, sarah, a really interesting concept that involves living where you work literally. you may be thinking no thanks. but this is really appealing to some people. we'll show you new building in alexandria that is making it all possible. as we head to break tonight great news. do you remember this little boy right here kaheem 5-year-old maryland boy that had leukemia. make a wish foundation granted his wish to be a superhero and save the day in d.c. right here on "fox5". super kaheem not only took on the bad guys and won he also defeated cancer. make a wish
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posted this picture on the facebook page of happy, he healthy cancer free kaheem congratulations
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back with the latest own hurricane harvey. these are live image from gal ofes stone text texas it's dark out now the calm before the storm it's expected to make lands fall novrj corpus christie and it's expected to dump up to 5" of rain. this is the most powerful hurricane to hit the u.s. in a dozen years. texas and the force is ready to be deployed within hours of femor a maryland search and rescue is one of 28 units across u.s. >> typically a task forceful tavtion fork will -- is capable of being sex sufficient 10 to 14 days. they take all equipment with them
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anything from the community to which they're responding and obviously it's usually disaster situation. so they have the food, medical attention, we have k-9 search and rescue. >> right now search and rescue teams from eight states are staplinged in san antonio to help out with the response efforts. commuters here in the d.c. area could feel affects of harvey at the gas pump. there are at least 20 oil refineries along the gulf coast directly affected by the storm. that means gas prices in the d.c. area could yump 10 to 30 cents. >> also in the districts a burglar caught on camera targeting the same d.c. house twice within three weeks. and this happened on wood crest drive in southeast. and tonight the homeowner is upset because officers investigated the burglary and they can be heard making comments about his sexual orientation and even dancing inside the home. "fox5" matt ackland has
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>> this is video inside clarence williams house as d.c. police investigate the second break in at his home recently. they read off a list of items stolen in the first burglary followed by a judgment about his sexual orientation. >> mac book or mac bro'. >> dolce glasses. >> he's -- >> second later a female officer is caught on home video dancing in the middle of the crime scene. >> i believe if they were receiving proper training things like this would not happen and they would not do things like this in midst of crime scene. >> this all began earlier in the day while clarence was away at work watch the suspect smashes the glass with object and enters the apartment and then leaves with many va valuables. the alarm went off. police responded and but never checked the backdoor. >> they came, knocked on the door. ta
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and then left. and my house sat open for eight hours. >> this is not the first time it has happened recently in fact, clarence said this is second time and he believes it's by the same person. so recent that plywood is in place where the sliding glass door is and down here more fly wood not basement window also the camera above here captured it all. >> finally when a neighbor spotted the broken door that neighbor called police and police came out again. that is when the male and female police officer laughed, danced and made a judgment about the homeowner. >> so they were going through the list of things stolen and making asums about what my sexuality might be. >> police issued this statement saying in part, their behavior is not representative of the inclusive environment we worked tirelesstoly to uphold on a daily basis for residents
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matt ackland, "fox5 local news". >> we did ask for on camera interview with police take. they denied that request. female officer in that video drove to clarence's home to apologize in person and he told us he does not want the officers terminated and he hopes the incident serves as a lesson to others. do you ever feel like you live at work? well now if you want to, you can do it. it may sound awful to some of you, me included, but it is appealing to startups, small business owners and people who well hate to drive to work every day. they like to telecommute. that's the idea the whole thinking behind this eloft complex in alexandria. lauren demarco joins us to explain. hey, lauren. >> imagine you have a few free moments in middle of workday. that would be plenty of time. you take a few steps then you can maybe sit down and relax at home for a bit. maybe throw in a load of laundry all
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back to take the next call write the next email or hold face to face meeting with employees other complaints. eloft community in alexandria with targeting people who want to live where they work. >> coworking lounge is set up where you would have breakout spaces that are enclosed so you can have private meeting or you have open spaces as well where you can collaborate with your co-workers and get some work done as well. >> along with tens of thousands of square feet of community work space and rooms they can use their apartment as their home office or both. it's ideal for entrepreneurs, small business owners and he growing remortgage woke force. they describe unique revolutionary real is state and startup culture. it's residential and commercial. business owners that live there can take advantage of a tax benefit. >> there's an opportunity
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written off with taxes. most people are starting to telework with the movement of technical. office buildings themselves are becoming obsolete this is wave of the future. the eot lost are ford avenue in alexandria and complex opened 7 months ago and is already 50% occupied and the one bedroom units available right now run about 1900 a month. and apparently this is new trebd. everyone wants to work from home these day and this is just taking that idea to a whole new level. >> lauren, we were trying to figure out that kitchen space is shared space everybody who lives there uses that same space. >> you can do what you want with it. if you own that or are renting that unit then you can be using it for your employees for your co-workers as a break room or that's your part you use that to you know eat and then maybe separately have work space. you do whatever you want with it that's the whole thing. >> okay. all right. i can see advantage for young mi
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live there. >> thanks, lauren. >> wave of the future. >> how the popular app snap chat helped lead to arrest of sexual assault suspect and wild surprise in a pretty unusual spot. how federal authorities say this tiger cub made its way into the u.s.. we'll be right back.
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[vo] one moment can change a life. intelligent technology can help protect it.
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>> snap khap chat app helped save or rescue a victim during alleged sexual assault. mason allen posted something and noticed unconscious girl and called police and they found the victim bruised and bloody in bedroom. mellon is now charge was sexual assault. tiger cubs can be cute and cuddly. but not so much when they roll through a u.s. checkpoints in the passenger seat. take a look at tiger cub was spotted by u.s. customs agents in a car at the audi messa entry point in san diego
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the 18-year-old tried to tell officer it was a cat. he bought it in tijuana and was trying to smuggle it in as a pet. it starts cute but novelty leads off in a matter of months. >> baby tying area rivz and everybody brings children and they all take pictures and very shortly that very same tiger after a few months is looking at kids like they're lunch and the neighborhood now says get rid of the tiger. tigers do not make good pets. >> well said. tigers are endangered and therefore protected under federal law the cub is being cared for in the san diego zoo safari park where he's probably safest that point. >> who really thought he could pass off tiger as a cat. >> he's a really big cat, big boned he looks just like a tiger come on now. >> all right. >> up next "fox 5 news" at 10:30. >> hey, jim. >> we're learning people at home may not be aware of the term friday news
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about the tension between u.s. and vez with with trump administration happeneding down new sanctions and as kids head back to school reminder of buses and people on the roads. >> gwen. >> keeping a close eye on hurricane harvey which is starting now to move closer to making land fall. it's not that far away. coming up exactly what spot we think will get hit fuvt. we'll have the details coming up after the break
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>> right now at 10:30. hurricane harvey setting sights on texas and getting stronger. >> it's a hurricane at this point to prove more dangerous than many hurricanes. >> tonight last minute preparations as residents brace for impact. >> plus indefinite ban on transgender people trying to join the military. what about the people already certaining their country. >>
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doors for a new school year and parents open unwallets. we're breaking down the cost and how you can save cash. the 10:30 starts now. off the top arlington neighborhood rallies against salute to neonazi liter. members commorateed the death of founder of american nazi party. evan lambert is live in arlington with more. >> reporter: ar after, whim, a group of neighbors in arlington same spot held a rally. they had 100 people or so here to protest the display from the nazi group. earlier this afternoon doing nazi salute and frib outta apparently to the founder and death of founder of of american nazi party george rockwell. they were commemorating that according to local historian. that group that was against the nazi display, they far out out numbered that nazi group. >> and president trump announcing this evening the
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wants to indefinitely extend a ban on transgender people from joining military and president ordered defense secretary james mattis to decide to deal with those serving now. he gave matition six months to come up with a policy to deal with those serving. >> hurricane havrny close to making land fall in texas and areas of corpus christi. expected to take a direct hit any moment packing winds of 130 miles an hour and dump three feet of rain over the coming days. this is the most fewer full hurricane to hit the united states in a dozen years. >> let's get an update on all things hurricane and forecast-wise with gwen talbert, hi there. >> keeping a close eye on t this. you're absolutely right, jim, not far off from making official land fall. let's take a look it's battering the coastal area here. and the eye wall definitely moving its way on a really defined eye in this storm system here as well. you can see it right here and as
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closer look to it, you'll see that this is actually getting ready to make landfall before too long and the area is rock port. right there. that is exactly where the center of this will hit. and so we're watching it very closely. very intense storm and devastating storm with plenty of rainfall, floods, storm surge and winds that have already caused a lot of power outages and downed trees an power lines, rain bands extending down to parts of louisiana and florida is also not out of the clear with this because over the last few days as this continues to sit here and spin we'll see even more rainfall trep induce amounts. not only that it anded this storm system will move the way back out into the water. gain a little more intensity and then once again make landfall a second time. so we're talking a one-two punch here over the next few days for this entire area. once again it's a category four storm. and getting ready to make landfall
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mraepttive rainfall and you could see locally 40" of rainfall and overall we're talking 25" plus for the immediate area and 12 to 18" more to the north. i'll have more with an update a little later back to you. >> and back here locally funeral plans are set for a six-year-old girl murdered a week ago in clinton home. nadira withers will be remembered in going home service and viewing will begin 9 a.m. followedly public funeral service 11 a.m. nadira and two young cousins were found dead in theirs beds brook jane drive saturday and 25-year-old antonio williams confessed to their killing and is held bought bound on murder charges. >> already tense situation with oil rich venezuela is now flaring up. >> issuing new sanctions on venezuela to stop the expansion towards dicta dictatorsh.
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following latest developments. >> high tensions between the u.s. and venezuela now escalating even further. >> it's strong message for the people of venezuela. >> president trump ordering new financial sanctions on the south american nation friday. the country with world's largest oil supply. the white house says sanctions are blocking government with access to u.s. debt and equity markets and takes aim at regime at venezuela president nicholas madura. >> the medura regime showed hostility to rule of law and democratic institutions and venezuela people. >> white house sent cou courageing venezuela lead others to distance themselves from what the u.s. is now calling a dictatorship in venezuela and responsible for ongoing economic crisis and months of deadly political violence. >> disorder demonstrates more clearly than ever that the united states will not
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an ill legitimate dictatorship to take hold in western hemisphere at the expense of its people. >> but venezuela government is now accusing u.s. of trying to promote a humanitarian crisis with venezuela military calling the sanctions a violation of the human rights of the venezuela people. >> the ve ian people are free and principles of international law have to be respected by any government and especially by the united states of america. >> meantime the u.s. insists the sanctions are not aimed at changing leadership and says the u.s. has no plans to take hill military action nxts no, laura engel. fox news. >> in light of new petition with 50,000 signatures to keep maryland flag as is governor hogan says he has no interest in changing it. no state lawmakers proposed a change and conservative media outlet claimed maryland flag was under attack and called petition a
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preemtive message to government the discussion of symbols should not go to far and the batcher will never be changed her any leadership in facebook he said not only is maryland state flag unity and pride most beautiful and recognizable state flag in america. >> well it's back to school time. that means big spending for parents. >> still ahead we breakdown cost of new school year for the calm before the storm for drivers. national average for regular unleded gas is $2.35 and that price could drive higher quickly with hurricane harvey expect stod damage gas rings along the gulf coast and weaver seen reduction off-line ahead this storm. that's so far. lots of people already stocking up on extra fuel in case there's short amounts as well. meantime order from long lasting factory goods falling by the biggest amount in three years and demand for commercial air that
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reason why and none of that impacting stock prices dow up 0 points hoping to break a two leak losing streak and sometimes grass is greener on own side according to new survey from the marketing firm gfk nearly 1 in 3 people now knew their own work and own yard work on a daily or weekly basis. that's business. i'm neal cabuta. a.
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>> nationwide kids are getting ready to go back to school while their parents open their wallets. fox business network lauren simonetti takes a look
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much american parents will spend by the time the school bell rings. school days school days dear old golden rule days parents are ditching baiminging suits for back packs hitting schools in droves for back to school sales. >> 91% of parents are stressed about back to school shopping in particular spending as it relates to back to school clothing and back to school supplies and even back to school tech nothing. >> national at retail federation says it reaches 86 billion this year more than 10% increase from last year. with ever changing tech in classroom 45% of parents surveyed say they plan on buying a laptop for their students. >> parties and students have a lot of things to worry ab about. so it's really nice these days we have all these great technology openings that families can adopt and especially for kids who are so used to digital and digital devices. i think if you're in the market for these types of items you
10:42 pm
the state back to school sales tax holiday period. in the state is actually offering o one. >> as little ones get bigger so do price tags and upwards of 1,000. >> this is significant amount of money and more so for the college kids because they need beaten bag chairs and com comforters and shower accessories and whole lot more than crayons and paper clips and magic markers. >> so make sure everything checked off at back to school lists experts say online is the way to go. >> amazon winning every race. it will win the back to school race. a lot of families just buy everything on amazon and be done with it. >> even though experts say it's best to ab head of the game not all shoppers are early birds 21% wait until the last week or two before school starts to stock up on supplies. in new york, lauren simonetti, fox business. >> and students go back to skal and police are remindsing drives to obey school bus laws. happens this time of year. montgomery country telling drivers they'll bka
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camera if they put kids lives in sdaivrpinger regardless of how many lanes there are are all cars stop until the bus red lights turn off only time they don't have to stop is on set is direction of the bus on a street that is divided by a median. >> all right. so when you pick out your wine usually choices involve red, white. >> and how about blue? >> blue wrooin and where you can find it next.
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>> sometimes all you want to do is kickback and enjoy a class of wine. >> well there's a new wine out there and it's a spanish wine and now selling blue colored wine spanish be maker just to me that seems like drinking toilet bowl cleaner
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>> studies said blue foods and drinks are more un unapptizing than most. i can imagine. >> on the web site the wipe is swaeder and easier to drink and the company was finds thousands of dollars in the spanish government because blew was not legally approved wine color it no longer liables it as wine in reads 99% wine and 1% grain that gets them around the whole thing. >> all about the labeling there. >> yeah. >> toilet bowl cleaner yeah scrubbing bubbles brand bur dea ux. >> this goes down -- this is cool dog in pink ride was driving a little too fast in long beach new jersey when a police officer pulled the pooch over. i'll guess maybe staged? but instead of writing her a ticket decided to give out a souvenir magnet and the police departme
10:48 pm
post these photos online. >> one of those self driving cars. >> okay that was weird one. i thought blew wayne was strange dog in pink. >> pink car. >> dog drinking that blew whine in the pink cad sglak that was a song. >> yeah, absolutely. >> let's talk busy night for you. >> really busy night and thank goodness calm weather here. not so for friends in texas. as you know, hurricane harvey is just pushing real impact. actually getting ready to make landfall any time now. that has been the story of hour. intensified today to category four hurricane and extremely huge monsterous storm and as i said here we are very fortunate things are calm and skies are actually quite nice. but take a look at this storm system. you can see the eye. pretty well defined right here as it starts to move on land. and then it starts to get a little raggedy
10:49 pm
to the left side and zoom in a bit if you can see that. this storm really has been just causing a lot of issues along the coast for most of the day and tropical storm forts winds extending far out from sender. speaking of septemberer this is where it hits, rockport dead on right here. just to the north of corpus christi which forecasters for most of the day said they anticipated because track started to shift more north that it was going to be a little northeast of corpus christi and absolutely that's exactly what is happening, not long before this entire thing this eye is on shore and then we can officially say we had land fall of the system as category four hurricane unbelievable. take a look at rain bands extending all the way up to louisiana. over the next few days it's really going to be a soaker here. let me tell you with the storm surge and heavy rainfall and flooding right through into the middle of next week i want to say that florida is not out of the clear with possibly getting
10:50 pm
lot of convexion in here. and they had a lot of tornado warnings and watches and a lot of you know flood advisories obviously throughout the entire area. so right now, here we are. packing winds of 10 miles an hour as cat dory four can go up sustained to 156 i want to tell you and take a look at path of this. it will actually stall out here and that's not good. that means it continues to bash that entire region with rainfall flooding and winds and then anticipated to move a little out towards the water and get a little more intensified and make landfall a second time. so right into the middle of next week we have plenty to deal with here as far as their concern and we can see amounts locally up to 40" of rainfall and we're also talking areas where we get 25 plus, twelve to 18 with storm surge and flooding and as i said a lot of watches and warnings through this entire area. and unfortunately they have a lot to deal with and talking about damage to homes and as well as the storm surge up to 12 feet possible.
10:51 pm
areas that just will be uninhabitable for weeks and months ahead. and here at home, things calm. temperatures 60s and 70s now and we're headed to nice weekend it will be mild ridge of high pressure builds in and saturday and sunday both days into upper 70s and low 80s and great day both days to go to beaches if you decide. here's a look at "fox5" accuweather 7-day forecast. things are look going for us we're calling it a little taste of fallal mowing as it gets a little cooler and overall we at least got a great weekend. we check in now with brody and the world of sports. >> after years of trying to ledge late fun out of sports professional leagues are finally letting their players have some fun. the nfl are allowing touchdown celebration this season. and starting today, major league baseball celebrating player's weekend and when player's he wear special nicknames with jer -- jerseys with special nicknames blue eye, triple aunt and various nats players. there's players w
10:52 pm
for nats. got to love the hair for aunt right there teasing it out aly little about the. yeah, a.j. coal going with a.j. and karma for having zero fun or creativity would not get the win today. the met chincatine big hit there. 9th inning. addlynn going by donny. i am the walrus. cuts the lead to two. the nats left bases loaded. show up donny later in the upping they lose 4-2. tonight the southern maryland blue crabs hosted fox fall fan fest and because everyone else declined they asked me to throw out the first pitch. thank you to hunter and teammates for the all star team getting ready here throwing back and forthwith the little ones. i'm man of the people i guess. and i threw one. it was over the plate. just inside. i did not peg anyone or hit the mascots
10:53 pm
done. and no one was injured in the throwing of this pitch. so i guess it's okay. >> to the spec tackle of the weekend we're 24 hours away from mayweather mcgregor two wraiing ing in today. mayweather short of 154 and mcgregor 15 he plans to be closer to 170 pounds on fight night with thousands country men cheering on and him talking trash number his underwear. >> oh, my gosh. >> -- fight for you. it comes down to two competitors. fans could not fight four. 49 times i went out there it was one-on-one. >> stomp my into the that ring i will not go anywhere other than center of that ring let's see who could take it he's twitch ago way i see him unafraid. we'll see tomorrow. >> and again, he's not a boxer. >> not a boxer.
10:54 pm
one man who never lost as a boxer and another man not a boxer. go rent the great white hype if you don't wanted to spends $100 peterburg as irish terri coklin the same thing. >> got to love his conf confidence. >> we're back after ter
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a knew mural honoring workers that built some nation's most iconic moments. photo journalist mike of courseoff went to check it out. >> i think this is just amazing
10:58 pm
are. >> this magnificent mural is called 28 blocks. 28 blocks represents 28 huge marble blocks that were brought in to washington to construct lincoln memorial. >> this mural begins with a quote by frederick douglass about ernest ntion, working hard which is foundation of what we are as americans. p these were immigrants from italy and freedman from the united states who did this work to create probably the most iconic memorial in washington d.c. >> i thought from the florida avenue across going across the bypass it's a really good view if there. >> 50,000 people aday can see this muriel by riding up and down the red line between rhode island avenue and noma and also our visitors
10:59 pm
on amtrak or mark or can see at the from the strain stations. >> with all the controversy taking down confederate statues this is amazing statement. this is homage to what it takes to be parts of the history of this country. and what it takes to build. these things don't magically appear on the mall. it's a lot of hard work and lot of craftsmanship and department of general services wanted to honor that. >> it makes me tier up it's amazing i love. it. >> and that is news at 10:30 we have a busy night on final five i'll see you 11:30 with that. sarah and shawn with news at 11 2340u now. >> right now hurricane harvey has strengthened into a category 4 monster storm and texas is getting pounded
11:00 pm
it only gets worse. >> also ahead a march against hate tonight after this picture surfaced of nazis in northern virginia today. >> plus, north korea conducted more weapons test and local officers are under investigation because this surveillance video. your news starts right now. >> we continue to follow breaking news in texas where hurricane harvey is category four monster slamming into the coast. this is live look at gal ofes ton getting hit with fierce reigns and wind. president trump signed emergency disaster declaration asking for assistant. >> flooding will be a major problem. lawn blanchard in live in galveston. are you in the calm before the storm there? >> yeah hey shawn sarah things are really heating up here in galft


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