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tv   Good Day DC  FOX  August 31, 2017 9:00am-11:00am EDT

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♪ straight ahead, breaking news. explosions overnight at a chemical plant underwater. >> i'm scared for my babies. >> it's the latest danger to texas still reeling from hurricane harvey. the flood waters still rising in part of the region. while those around the clock rescues continue. had a chaps to drive around little bit to see some of the damage to, see some of the flooding. >> hometown hero everything is bigger in texas and for jj watt that means raising the goal he set for his social media fundraising challenge. how much houston texas stars have raised for the flood ravaged city. ♪
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later, remembering the people's princess 20 years later. good day at 9a starts now. ♪ that switches it up a little bit. doesn't it. >> it does. 9:01. got you guys going. hopefully it gets you guys going at home as well. it's a minute past the hour. thanks for being with us for good day at 9a. happy to be here on this thursday morning. >> absolutely. okay. also ahead this morning plea from local shelters why they want you to adopt now. how it could help the pets and animals abandon during the floods in housto. bob barnard will join us live with that story. look at that face. oh, my gosh. hi, puppy. >> hi. >> take them home. >> clear the shelter. >> he's climbing up saying i'm here. i'll come to you. >> puppies. >> my goness. so sweet. >> they are sweet. look how it calmed us all down. >> i know. they do so
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hopefully you find some nace your home and heart. remnants of harvey are pushing east and could get here just in time for the holiday weekend unfortunately. coming up later, tucker will be back to let us know if labor day will be a big old wash out. >> hopefully it can hold off a little bit at least rain overnight. nothing else. >> all right. first this morning at 9:00, though, harvey impact on hou houston. the storm has now been downgrade to do tropical depression like we said earlier it's moving east but the coast is far from clear in texas. flood waters still at historic highs and the door to door searches for people lost or stranded continues. right now the death toll stands at 31 but officials say that could climb as crews make their way into neighborhoods virtually wiped off the map. meanwhile a new danger overnight two chemicals -- explosions at a chemical plant underwater. vice-president mike pence will travel to texas to visit people impacted by the storm and pledge the governments help in rebuilding. but the trip comes as the storms price tag surges experts n
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$100 billion. >> that cleanup won't only be costly but a messy one and a dangerous one. fox's doug luzader begins our coverage down in houston. >> reporter: another flow till la of rescue boats this time in port arthur another communities to the east suddenly coming unthe storm's path. >> i'm scared for my babies. >> why? >> they scared. because they ain't never been through nothing like this. >> reporter: some of these communities were cut off because of rising waters and rescue crews struggled to reach those stranded. northeast of houston another crisis is brewing. a report of explosions at chemical plant in crosby. this was expected to happen because chemicals there are no longer being refrigerated. residents nearby had been evacuated. >> back houston area shelters are now housing more than 30,000 people and as the death toll continues to rise, residents in flooded neighborhoods still have to make wrenching decisions
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a team of firefighters finally convince add woman and her elderly mother to evacuate. they said goodbye to their neighbors who still won't budge. >> here's what you hope for in situation like this. we've of course seen this in other tragedies that we've seen across the country. when you see the images that are so dramatic and you see the elderly people being rescued and you see the people clinging to their pets are on the boats, that's when people's hearts open and they pour out and they help. >> absolutely. >> there are so many thousands of people who will be staying in hotels for maybe 30 days and then find a place to live. some people won't even have that hospital shouldn't to do that and find a place to live you hope the giving and that spirit of cooperation that you see right now doesn't just stop when the waters recede and everybody says okay the storm has moved on. >> right. >> that's really when it gets challenging for lot of these people. we've seen it all in various challenges across the country. it doesn't go away. >> the challenge too. some people i don't know what you call it disaster fatigue is my money
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are most in need? i think in this instance put away those doubts. please donate whatever you can. in this area maybe we feel like we're too far removed but i know there are local places collecting things and taking money. if you do want to give something, in fact i think on this show we'll let you know how you can donate money and through various things and our zip trip tomorrow i know we're planning maybe to do something with that as well but, yes, please open up your hearts because the need is so intense. you've got family down there. i'm curious to know how are they doing? have you been able to talk to them. >> i talked to my cousin who lives in katy texas one of the suburbs they're neighborhood is still flooded she's still in the house. no damage to them personally, but the house, you know, there's some water around the house. they can't get out of the neighborhood. so there's lot of that going on. you're talking about also i have family members able to get out on the front end. so you're talking about school. people got to go back to school. schools are messed up. their homes are messed up they can't get back to their homes. it's a massive mess. so there's a lot of work as you guys have been saying that needs
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coverage dies down. >> let's get back down to the houston area and check back in with doug luzader. the conversation we've just been having here from covering events like this in the past, you know, just reminding people just because the waters are receding or we're seeing sunlight doesn't mean this is over. a lot of people giving right now but you don't want that giving to stop just because now we're starting to see more daylight, more sunshine, and less water. >> reporter: this is going to be something we'll be talking about like katrina for years and years. i mean fema has acknowledged that they will be here for years and this is a process that continues even today and in fact if you look over here to your left, you'll see there's a vehicle right there and some boats. there's kind of a line of boats ready to get into the water here to go back into this neighborhood and this is obvious al flooded neighborhood behind me but still a lot of folks that are in their homes. and we saw this play out yesterday. there were boats going in and out here. trying to convince people to leave, and in some instances
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to get people to leave their homes and either go to a shelter or stay with families. a lot of people want to wait this out. now, the good news for them is these flood waters are coming down somewhat, but, you know, it's pretty slow process right now. >> emotions running high obviously patience running thin the longer this goes on, doug. we saw those lines of volunteers in houston of people that want to help. from your take now, having been down there for the entire week, are you seeing a change in the attitude of people at all? are people still willing to help as much as in the past? is the tiredness the fatigue factor setting in? what are you sensing from the people both those trying to help and those who need the help? >> reporter: you know, steve, i think the fact that the sun came out has made a difference to everyone. i mean just the fact that we went through day after day of just non-stop rain. just began to wear on folks. so we're almost looking at a different city right now. but they still have a lot of work ahead of them obviously. the other good news aspect here is that the power outages were
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relatively limited at least in this part of texas in the houston area, and that has certainly made things. easier for folks. the fact that a lot of homes still have electricity and water service and so on much that's what can really make the aftermath of a hurricane miserable, but when you start talking about 30,000 people plus in shelters, i mean a lot of those people may not have homes to go back to and that's why we talk about this being a lo long-term multi-year process to finally get houston back on its feet, but that process, you know, is beginning now. >> right. the situation is there the question now is how you'll deal with it the best. doug as always appreciate your coverage. thanks for joining us once again. >> reporter: thanks, steve. >> you got it. >> think about this a lot -- you remember katrina. >> um-hmm. >> everybody remembers katrina. >> who can forget. 12 years ago right around now. some of those people ended up in houston. when you have something and widespread and massive like this their affected once again. they got out of katrina moved to houston now years later, 12
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years later, you know, it's sad but just like you guys have been saying, hopefully the efforts to help them recover go on and on because they need places to go after this done. >> this is where the planning the communication everything has to be super tight right now it's one thing to get out of your house to find that temporary shelter but then when it reality sinks in the house isn't there any more,. >> i need to rebuild my life. >> mud left behind. >> you need strong leadership we'll get you where you need to be. >> insurance. yeah. >> talking about leadership, starts at the very top and vice-president mike pence he's weighing in as well the trump administration pledging federal support for storm survivors. vice-president pence heading to texas today. he's going meet with victims and tour harvey's devastation. while president trump's visit to texas focused on the responders the white house says vice-president mike pence's trip will focus on survivors. >> also he had hemoglobin down to the corpus christie area today. we'll hear more from them throughout date. >> the weather around here because we might be impacted by some of that rain nothing of course
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south but tucker barnes is here to tell us all about it. tuck, good morning. >> good morning, allison. thank you very much. yeah, in fact by late friday and early saturday it look like we'll have showers some leftovers of harvey will be moving on through but again we're not looking at the floflooding rains like they've d down in texas. feeling more like august. back in the mid 80s today. haven't done that in a couple of days. in fact yesterday upper 70s it felt pretty good. warmer today with little more humidity up ahead of our next front. 72 now at reagan national both dulles up in baltimore bwi marshall reporting temperatures in the low 70s as well. lots of sunshine early. more in the ray of cloudiness this afternoon. combination of the sort of beginnings of the harvey leftovers and a cold front which is up in upstate new york here. open it up for you you'll be able to see that. see the light rain showers in upstate new york that will drop down into our region and some of the cloud cover with harvey will give us mostly cloudy skies later this afternoon there might be a few showers particularly north and west of washington late this aft
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evening as that cold front comes through it will be cooler tomorrow. the other weather feature there harvey still spinning around down in northeast louisiana still very heavy rain into parts of mississippi at this hour. louisiana, even florida dealing with some flooding rains early this morning. 85 for us. look for late day shower. coming up we'll talk weekend forecast of course holiday and we got a new storm irma potentially to be major hurricane as well, guys. >> thanks, tuck. >> 9:11 is the time right now. vice-president mike pence heads to texas. president trump is still focused on the nation's tax code as he lays out his new tax plan. congress is also feeling pressure from the white house before they get back to work next week. melanie alnwick live right now on capitol hill with more on the task ahead for lawmakers. mel? >> reporter: good morning. you know we are coming down to the final quarter of the year and president trump is till looking for legislative win and so now he's pinning his hopes on his campaign promises of tack
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putting pressure on congress to make it happen. >> this is our once in a generation opportunity to deliver real tax reform for every day hard-working americans and i am fully committed to working with congress to get this job done and i don't want to be disappointed by congress, do you understand me? >> reporter: the president unveiled his plan for tax reform at a manufacturing plant in springfield, missouri, saying it will bring back main street and promising the biggest tax cut ever. the plan has grand ideas but mew specifics. here's some of the broad str strokes. they want taxes to be simple, fair and easy to understand. create more jobs and higher wages. they are hoping for tax relief for middle class families and a lower corporate tax rate. now this is very controversial but president trump says it will lead to pay increases for workers. but there are more pressing matters for congress. relief f
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funfunding the national flood insurance program which expires september 30th. the federal government might have to borough up to $30 billion to pay out flood insurance claims. other things for members of the congress as soon as they get back here next week, raising the debt limit and keeping the government funded through the next fiscal year as far as tax reform goes, a new fox news poll shows that 49% of registered voters say it is very important to them but nearly 80% believe it won't happen this year. live on capitol hill, melanie alnwick, fox5 local news. mel, thank you very much. 9:13 right now. let's talk about spending money but for a good cause. we know dc loves to dine out and today enjoying that great meal might also help harvey victims recover. so we'll tell you some of the restaurants taking part coming up a little bit later on. first though local shelters are bracing for influx of pets from the houston area after harvey. so they need to make some room. coming up next, our bob barnard will join us live with a message from the
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only ones impacted by hurricane harvey. it also takes a toll on our four legged friends, and some of the ones lost abandoned or flooded out during the storm in houston are on their way to d.c. now, the humane rescue alliance needs our help to make room for them. for details fox5's bob barnard joins us live at one of their adoption centers. with that face. bob, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, allison. this is tank and he's one of the dogs here that is available for adoption right now. he loves his treats he loves to be petted. i will tell you that max and erika scherzer of the washington nationals will paying it possible are to you to adopt dog or a cat for free this weekend. normally costs something like -- up $250. so they're making it possible. the need is here because they want to clear out the shelter to make room for the pets that are coming up from houston. all right. tank i'll give you one more treat. joining us live is dav
9:18 am
with the humane rescue alliane here in washington and you have stella as well. >> stella. >> stelle lay is available and so is tank, right. >> absolutely. first of all devastation in the texas area is just heartbreaking. we want to do our part here in d.c. and max and erika, erika is on our board want to do their part as well to help get homes for those animals in houston but all the animals here we have to move into loving homes now that's the immediate need. so people need to come to our shelter this weekend between thursday and sunday, and adopt animals, dogs and cats, so we can make space for houston animals, and then hold physical in few days after that several days we'll be ready to -- those animals will be ready to top as well. >> this shelter ogle thorpe street northeast washington and also you have new york avenue. >> right. >> you have maybe 100 pets like stella and tank that are available. >> we have probably 100 dogs at both of our locations and probably 60 cats. dogs and cats are coming from houston. so we need to make space for all
9:19 am
>> reporter: that's the point. they're coming this weekend maybe a second wave. those pets are not going to be ready. the ones coming from texas maybe louisiana not right off the bat. >> for many days. if not maybe week or so. but right now the immediate need to adopt existing animals here in d.c. so we can make space for those animals as many as possible. we're expecting the first shipment this weekend and we expect the numbers to get bigger and bigger as more and more come up from the devastated areas. >> and tank we expect he's four-year-old male, right. >> yes. >> and someone came in today and thanks again to max and erika scherzer making it available and said i want to take this dog home today, is that possible? did kit be done that quickly? >> all the dogs and cats are spayed or neutered they have micro chips, fuelly vaccinated and they've had wonderful checkups. they're ready to go. same day. make sure that full family needs to come because especially children under 12 we need to make sure they're compatible witness animals. so if you're going to adopt bring your whole family so they can meet the animal and we
9:20 am
everything work out wonderful. >> reporter: david smith from the humane rescue alliance here in washington, guys. help make room for the -- this is glee, help make room for the wayward pets from hurricane harvey by adopting one of ours here in washington. guys? >> okay. so bob, glee is just nine months old. you can get a rescue of all ages here. look at that beautiful face. look at stella. so let me ask, though, if you're interested i know that the scherzers took care of the adoption fee. >> here's glee. >> but what do you have to do? what do you have to be prepared for when you come and fall in love with an adoptable dog or cat? >> what do you have to do? >> as far as the process. >> what do you have to do -- you know the fees are being taken care of but you as -- you mentioned briefly what do you have to do if you are the adopter to come here. >> fill out some paper work. we need to -- for dogs you need to pay $15 for dog license. lic. so fill out paper work.
9:21 am
your whole family and your compatible pet take them home. >> have your whole family come with to you make sure your introduction to the dog or cat goes well and there's a bonding that's gun and they're yours. >> we had some excuses here in studio about the long process. thank you for putting those excuses to bed. we appreciate you bob and good to see you. [ laughter ] >> come on in. >> you bet. >> all righty. okay. so there you go. and thank to you the scherzers. that's awesome. >> the people that lost the dogs during the hurricane, okay, if they truly was a lot of dog sent out to find new home if you know that's your dog can you be reunited why you have to have the micro chip i guess. >> that's a good question. >> so they know the dog. >> that's harsh. >> i would imagine if the true owner was found then they would reunite. >> great reason to micro chip. >> absolutely. >> so you know that's your dog. >> goodness. >> or pet. >> thanks al. 9:21. tributes continue to go pour in royal family marking 20 years sin the death of diana. coming up a little later we'll
9:22 am
legacy of so-called people's princess. >> first, erin what are you working on. >> the mayor of charlottesville says he's sorry for statement he made after those violent racist rallies. target taking trade's joe with own line of wine. we'll tell you how much a bottle will set you back. purple and prince go hand in hand but parentsly it wasn't his favorite color. we'll tell was was when we check what else is making headlines next. ♪
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♪♪ the moments that connect us don't happen overnight. they happen one morning at a time, and one cup at a time. folgers, the best part of wakin' up.
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♪ purple reign ♪ >> seems surrounding us. >> right. 9:24 right now. >> i like what did you there, steve. >> you like that. >> dressed all in purple and down in the newsroom with the other stories making headline. >> we have a check of headlines this morning. we begin in the district the woman who admitted to throwing a cup of urine at a metro bus driver expected to make first court appearance today. opal brown turned herself in to metro transit police in facebook post brown wrote the bus operator was rude and she hated metro. the incident happened saturday along the x2 bus route in northeast. military flu bombers and fighter jets over south korea overnight in a show of force against the north. this comes just hours after the military carried out a successful missile defense test off the coast of hawaii. now in response response to another ballistic bunch by north korea. they call the test a quote key milestone after test from the same war ship failed
9:26 am
charlottesville mayor michael, apologized to city council and residents for some of his actions and words during that that deadly white nationalist al. he admits some of his actions over stepped the bounds of his role as mayor. one person was killed during the rally when a car plowed into a group of protesters against the event. move over trader joe's. two buck chuck there's a new bottle in town beginning september. target brand -- brand new line of inexpensive wine. i'm so excited i'm getting my words confused. five dollars a bottle. can you believe it? it's going to be found at shelves at over 1,000 national locations. the retail super store has already been selling beer and wine the debut of its california roots label marks target's first exclusive alcohol line i guess for research purposes i'll have to try that out. and finally, purple shame. despite a song purple reign singer principal's favorite color was actually orange. now that's according to his
9:27 am
prince often wore purple on stage even an official shade of purple hair dye named after the singer. believe it or not orange was the number one love in his are a. there you have it. ♪ >> i love watching these old videos, though. >> now at the man is dead now he is estranged sister wants to come out, look at me, his favorite color wasn't purple. >> it was orange. >> give me break. >> he can't defend himself. >> give me a break. >> give me break. purple reign, raining a drought. that's what it is. [ laughter ] >> maybe we'll have to go to target and that new wine and look into this. >> i will always go to wisdom as my prince expert. >> i'm just saying. he never said purple was his favorite color. purple just repped royalty. >> the essence of prince. >> i'm just saying. >> breaking it down at 9:27. >> next segment for lazy moms that's because reality star monique volumes will join us to share five remedies you can every day house hold items. >> the remnants of hurricane harvey could rainut
9:28 am
tucker barnes coming back with a check of the seven day next. allison? >> why would she feel the need to weigh in on it? >> exactly. like who asked you? >> exactly. >> fresh at 10a, everything is bigger in texas and how many town hero jj watts learned that applies to people hearts. coming up how he's brazing the bar when it comes to social meimmediate fundraisers. the director of tailor swift's new video has a message for her critics and why he says look what you made me do singer is victim sexism. double standard much she's a victim taylor swift? okay. throw back thursday at the box office. kevin will join us live with a look at what old school movie trailers are still some of the most popular and later, a special life performance by singer allie x. right now it's 9:28. we'll be right back. is is tika talking about prince. >> that's his sister. >> i'm over it. >> the orange one. how does that sound? >> i don't
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we believe... that cozy should never be costly. ♪ >> hey, hey, hey, summer is almost over. that means so is our 2017 zip trip season. this friday, september 1st, we'll be live at the national harbor for the grand finale. guess who us off at 6am. >> tucker. >> tucker? >> that's right. great guess. then what happens after that you? want to take a guess what happens after that? >> the whole gang starts to come through. >> there you go. the entire gang will be there. the entire
9:32 am
in on the fun. we'll be there until 11am. come on down and join us. >> when you say the entire. >> the entire building is going. [ laughter ] >> zip trip finale will also include someone driving off a brand new car. tischer auto group of laurel and fox5 giving one year lease on new 2018 acura tlx. here's the list of lucky finalists that could go home with new set of wheels. tanya stand back. robin beam, villain so ya may bin, debra day, demetrius hasn't a bay. they rhymed. we'll announce the winner tomorrow from national harbor during the ten hour. >> they'll all be out there with us. >> thank you everyone for entering. we got a ton of entrants. >> how exciting. new car smell. >> exciting for to us finish out the summer season of sip trips at national harbor. steven strasburg getting it done on both sides. he threw a complete game shut out last night his second
9:33 am
the mound, give the guy a bat and knows how to hit as well. hit second homerun of the se season. nats within four to zero strausburg first shut down since 2013. >> that's impressive. >> here's the homerun. >> two in one season. >> it lands in the bleachers. >> pitchers have two in their whole career. >> he's looking at it that's right, i just did that. >> gonzalez gone good i'd be running around throwing my hands up. >> then again somebody would get mad and throw the ball at you an big fight and then people be talking about owe you showed me up. you know how these cry babies do. >> silly baseball. >> stand like tucker is doing. >> unbothered. >> unbothered act like you've been here before. >> right. >> hello. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> yeah. real quick on the nats. just rest all the starters until like the 20th. >> let's just -- don't even let them play. >> talker's theory. >> all of them? >> all of them. don't get anybody hurt. >> nobody gets hurt. >> that's exactly what they don't want to do. i'm sure. >> we got
9:34 am
series this year. they're champions. they want to keep going. >> 72 in washington. hey, let's see. around here we'll be in the mid 80s later today feeling hike summer this afternoon with a cold front that will be knocking on our door late this afternoon. there's life look at your satellite/radar. we're in great shape early got some sunshine out there, and just a few fair weather -- a few high clouds you can see them streaming in from the west believe it or not that's the beginnings of what's left of harvey which is off to our south and west and harvey will be player in our forecast later friday and during the day on i don't, n fact i can physical you we're not going to get the kind of rains they got in texas or even we're not even considered with flooding rains around here a period of showers looks like overnight friday into the first half of saturday. as the remnants of harvey move on through. focus for today that cold front up into parts of new york and pennsylvania. that's going to drop down into our region late this afternoon and this evening. you know what it might kick off a few stray showers just north of d.c. and then we'll get some cooler air in here for the day tomorrow.
9:35 am
don't think we'll be a whole lot above 70 so much cooler air. it will feel like fall by tomorrow and tomorrow afternoon with clouds around. a couple showers later this afternoon see if that develops but we'll throw it out there. this is irma. very very strong. already developing an eye. this will be hurricane i think at the next advisory. did have maximum winds of 70 miles an hour forecast to become major hurricane that's impressive and look a little bit down the road by this weekend places like the leeward wind ward islands and puerto rico look out watch this next week it could be very strong hurricane and perhaps threatening parts of the united states. so irma will be carefully watched again noted an immediate threat to any land areas it's still well out to sea. there's your seven day. 85 today. hey, zip trip tomorrow morning national harbor we're looking good. yeah, we are. we're looking good and dry. 71 for our final zip trip there's your rain showers with harvey's remnants on saturday. high temperature 70 degrees. hey, maureen and
9:36 am
favorite housewife. she doesn't think it but i watch that show. >> he does watch. i'm telling you he does. >> we're all a fan. >> i'm so glad ya'll watch she needs no introduction much she's the newest cast member of the hit bravo show real housewives of potomac. being a reality star isn't monique samuels only gig she's also a wife to six time pro bowler chris samuels and mother of two children. >> that's me. >> i got to read off this prompter her experience as mother an wife that helped her to launch her blog called not for lazy moms and her sight is full of holistic approaches to every day bump and prices and also you're keeping you look so snatch the. >> right. >> seriously. is this how we show up to do home remedies? >> yeah. >> you know what that's -- >> i got get my stuff together. >> so funny. when i name the website that i'm building called not for lazy moms, i did it because i realized as a mom, you cannot be lazy.
9:37 am
>> yeah. >> this website is really for everyone. and one of things that i've learned and most of the things that i've learned was while being a mom, and you know, we all look for different remedies that can help our children, that can help us so we can better perform and these are some of my favorite you can find in most people's pantries. in we can start off with coconut oil one of my favorites. >> it's in everything. >> huge press lately like the catch all you can use it on every aspect. your skin. >> everything. >> your hair. >> cuticles and elbows. >> yes. >> you know one of my favorite things make up remover. >> oh. >> really. >> the best make up remover i've ever used. >> really. >> it gets everything off without burning your eyes. >> right. >> and it's amazing. and my other favorite use was for preventing diaper rash. >> that's good one. >> yeah. because not everybody wipes your babies as good as you. so a lot of times i would just have my babysitter whomever go ahead and put coconut oil after they used the restroom so they would be nice and fresh. >> that's a new one. i hadn't heard diaper rash. i had an experience with my son.
9:38 am
years ago, and he got his first diaper rash. i took and used a cloth diaper and i put coconut oil on him every like ten minutes. i just kept lubing him up win 30 minutes he was getting relief already. >> aww. >> yeah it's amazing. >> all right. >> yeah. you can use it as a detox. >> let's get through these. >> the next. coconut oil. onion this is my favorite. >> what do you do with that. >> what i'm going to do with this i'm going to slice it. >> and start crying. >> i'll slice it in half but the reason i want to show people how paper plate if you have an infant and they're congested, you don't want to put 56 vaporub on them or any other product you can slice an onion sit it next to their -- wherever they're sleeping in their crib why five to ten minutes they'll be breathing clearly. >> really? >> get it. >> my kids sleep peacefully. it does make the room smell. >> yeah. >> but after that i'll take a pot of coffee brew it totally kills the smell. >> i like that it really works. >> a pot of coffee to kill it. >> how do you get the smell off ur
9:39 am
stay on my hands. when i slice. >> that's probably good one, t too. >> add that one. that one is from -- that one is free. >> what's next. >> one thing in our cabinets probiotics especially when the kids are sick. whenever you want to cleanse yourself you always want to start with the colon. when my kids are not feeling well did you take your probiotic lately let's get your system flush out and use it every day digestive enzyme which helps you break down your food properly so you can get the nutrients from your food. >> pill form or gummies? how do you give it to them. >> i have the kid version of this like chewable and my husband and i take these capitols. we take it after every meal or with every meal. >> really. >> it really does work and it helps. >> okay. all right. >> i have to get that. >> it's really helpful. >> another one -- my ultimate and. >> so popular. >> i love love apple cidar vinegar it has so many benefits i can't even begin to list them all but one of my favorites using it as toner on my skin. it helps to break
9:40 am
acne and also helps when you drink a little shot of it normally i do a tablespoon and full glass of water. but i'll just like do a little pour if you ya'll want to try it. >> i'll try it. what does it do? it. >> helps you, um, alkalize your body. so you want to boost your body's ph. best time to drink a little apple cidar vinegar and water before you go to bed, 30 minutes before you go to bed and when you first wake up in the mor morning. >> cheers. >> oh, lord. >> you got to get used to it. >> it does work. it actually burns belly fat. it burns -- >> hang on now. [ laughter ] >> it does. it's such a goodie tox. so, i'm sorry if ya'll have to use the bathroom after you leave here. >> oh, look, it's real body function. everybody poops. >> it's so good. last but not least. >> the tabasco. >> this is a quick trick. if you get that little itch in your throat you feel like you're about to get sick if you take a tablespoon of tabasco sauce it sounds spicy and hot if you can do it, chug it down, do it again in a few hours it will totally kill that cold i
9:41 am
>> that i'm going to try i constantly feel -- i don't and if it's a cold or allergies. >> always have something happening here. >> yup. that will definitely help. >> belly fat. >> belly fat bye-bye. >> it's really good. monique told us how to do it. >> thank you for joining us. you'll stick around. >> i'm definitely going to stick around. >> we're going to dish. >> i'm loving this. mommy remedies everyone is use. >> my sight launches in objection. >> okay. >> so we'll have a lot of contributors. other moms sharing different tips. >> in october. >> learning from each other. >> and not for maizy moms. >> not for lazy coming to you soon. >> monique psalm jumps not only potomac housewives. she's a blogger too. >> don't think you can chuck that vinegar and get out of the 10:00 o'clock hour today. [ laughter ] >> sit here with wisdom and i. >> that's right. >> don't get off that easy. thanks monique for coming in. see more from her next hour, t too. >> 91:41 the end of summer means we can look back at the official songs of the summer. kevin mccarthy is back with that list coming up next. next.
9:42 am
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♪ hey, throw back thursday. last week of summer also. >> no. >> no? >> no you dope like that. how about this? this morning we're looking back at the song of the summer of 2017. kevin joins us now. >> i like this. >> with that list.
9:45 am
>> good to know. really good intro. >> well, you know, kevin, you know. four years -- >> don't try it. >> four and a half years of college. >> i love you wis dollar even though you -- 4.5. >> actually five. carry on, kevin good i love you even though you thought big pun was still alive on the air. >> must we revisit that. >> we do. 11 of the best rappers of all time and you think he's still alive. >> kevin a hating right now because i miss repped some words in the prompter. >> he sure did. >> that's what it was. that's all it was. >> the problem bundy is so irrelevant i miss communicated and just didn't register with me. >> because -- >> i understand. >> disrespectly capital punish many twins. >> we're family you're not supposed to air dirty laundry. >> that's now how you start the day. it's how you finish. >> dead in the middle of italy, little did we know riddle to men who didn't do diddly. >> and hard to say. >> capitol punish. >> that was awful and the best line was i don't want to be player no more. >> that's good song
9:46 am
top ten songs of the summer according to spotify this is the united states list. >> okay. >> there's global list which had 786 million streams since ju june 21st. let's do it. >> ten to one in the us list. here's number ten. red bone by child less bambino. i would say this made famous because of get out. >> i agree. like get out had the song playing when we first meet daniel and his character and he's like shake taking a shower. gret song if you haven't heard it. >> he's also daniel -- donald glover. he's also playing in the new star wars movie. >> little altar ego. >> go ahead. >> next. >> number nine here we go. ♪ >> i do like that one. >> i never heard this one. >> are you kidding me? >> you want to get on me about big dee and you haven't heard this. >> i'm confused dj cal lid and dj cal lid is the producer. >> dj casual announce he's cal lid every three seconds of the song. >> dj
9:47 am
>> number eight. >> bank account. by 21 savage. >> ♪ >> these steve's favorite song. >> sadly i know this. >> steve, go, buddy, go. >> steve, bust rhyme. >> all right, all right. >> number seven. i don't know this one either. >> congratulations by post malone. >> ♪ >> you know this one, al? >> yeah come on ya'll. come on, come on. most popular song of the summer. >> i know my music i don't know this song. >> next one. >> dj cal lid i'm the one with justin beiber. >> okay. you know the beiber song. >> yeah. nobody is playing it. [ laughter ] >> next. >> ♪ >> great song. this is a great song. >> i'm tired of it. >> i was getting a little worried until i saw this one. definitely the song of the summer for me. number five here. humble kendrick lamar. >> okay. ♪ >> just went viral. great song. >> when he did this life at vma's the whole crowd sang th
9:48 am
>> left stroke just went viral. >> best song of that album was dna. if you haven't heard dna. >> bumping that now. playing the now. >> video with don cheadle. >> that was creepy. >> number four. >> unforgettable. >> this is a jam right here. ♪ >> the shoulder. video shot op location in ug uganda. >> allison knows. >> look at you with knowledge. >> i know way too much. >> number three. >> i like this song. dj cal lid and rihanna. >> ugh. >> i like this song. ♪ >> steve this right up there with the one you don't like. >> zula --,. >> little uzi bert. >> how do you pronoun it xo, xo. tour lifle3 that's the name of the song. explain the title to me. >> i can't. i just know it's kind of the jam the lyrics are terrible but it's the jam. >> ♪ >> number one is actually -- >> a lot of he's a real fan of the rock genre and the rock
9:49 am
really is you shall listen to none. listen to the metal version of that song. >> i like that. >> all my friends are dead push me to the edge. >> i know the song. i want to hear the metal version. >> check it out. >> number one is actually steve chenevey's favorite song of all. >> without a doubt. >> he actually thinks this is better than every beatles song ever written. >> that is true. >> depacito. >> my ring tone. >> by the way the louie fonzie video $3.4 billion. >> flag on the play. where is bruno mars on this? >> i know. where is 24-carat magic. >> spotify. >> where is -- what was bruno mars summer hit song. >> the one with the straw strawberries. >> that was earlier this year. >> the one i like. >> is that summer? >> look. 24-carat magic should have been on it. >> that's what i like. >> that's what i like. >> is versachi is okay. >> at least there wasn't a ed sheeran song on the
9:50 am
>> where is ed sheeran. >> u.s. list. global list is a lot different. >> because he was artist of the year in different country. >> ♪ >> i hate this song. >> now this is the latest song from chalid. >> i don't know klalid. you will. >> we'll be right back. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪♪ victory. it happens at the wall. and after eight hours of glorious sleep. the beautyrest black hybrid provides personalized back support. available exclusively at mattress firm.
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♪ 20 years ago princess diana was killed. just saw some of the memorials there in london marking the anniversary of the princess' death 20 years ago. while her life was royalty it was also of course filled with heartbreak and passion for helping those in need. let's get back on her life and legacy from fox's kitty logan. >> she was perfect. she was a chris tow cat tick. she was young enough. she hadn't a proper boyfriend all of that was working in her favor and the fairy tale happened. >> when diana became a mother it was truly one of
9:54 am
things of her life and she always yearned to be mother. the fairy tale started to fade. she felt very lonely in her marriage to charles. she was suspicious that charles and camilla parker bowles were cheating behind her back. >> later we learned that diana battled bulemia, depression and had swiss idol -- suicide thoughts suffered behind closed doors in the public eye she made it her mission to help ot others she dedicated herself to charities including land mind clearance and controversial issues like hiv aids. she had this empathy because of her up bringing she can walk into a room and immediately see the person who most lost and who needed help. >> she was connecting with people in a way no royal ever had in history. >> the princess of wales officially ended her marriage to prince charles in august 1996. a year later, on august 31st, 1997, diana was killed in a car accident in france. along with
9:55 am
fayed. it said she was being chased by paparazzi her driver who was speeding away from them was drunk at the wheel. now 20 years later, her sons are opening up about that fate tull night. >> the people that chased her through -- into the tunnel were the same people that were taking photographs of her while she was still dying on the back seat of the car. >> diana foss' funeral sparked an unprecedented outpouring of grief and emotion with tens of thousands lining the streets and mountains of nurse piled up outside both buckingham and can't sing ton palaces. >> 2.5 billion people around the world saw that funeral. she was a global super star. a global icon and for generation x it was our jfk moment. >> after diana's death the royals were forever changed. diaa's legacy scene through a queen more accessible and less distant than in the past. also through her sons william and harry following in their mother's footsteps. >> i wouldn't let it break me
9:56 am
wanted her to be proud of the person i would become. >> reporter: william and harry have chosen to dedicate new garden called the white garden at kensington palace to mark the all of a sudden of their mother's passing. in london, kitty logan fox news. >> always interesting to hear william and harry on their thoughts on their mom. >> they never talk about it before. you wondered what they thought and how they copied and how they kept their exposure and i've watched like a couple of those specials now because, um, i just for some reason i know some people just don't really, you know, they feel like it's royalty, it's very disconnected from what's really going on in the world, but just as family, just hearing the men now speak and what i assumed diana was as mom i think she would be so super proud of how they turn o out. >> for sure. for years, people around the world captivated by the princess and who she was and how different she was from england was used to and now for 20 years people captivated by the what happened and the
9:57 am
just continues. >> toshy she was only 36 years old. >> that's what i said she would be 56 now. >> still relatively young. >> exactly. >> grandmother. oh, goodness. >> yeah. >> glad to see those boys doing very well. >> my goodness. having kids of their own. >> men, not boys. >> all right. much more to come here on g good day at 10a. jj watt super star football player with the big big heart. making a difference note donations for hurricane harvey victims continuing pouring in. we'll tell was he's doing and how it's all shaping up. >> i love how he keeps getting more more excited as the numbers keep going up. he's mean mugging harvey in that picture. >> he sure is. allie x will join us with chat with us and a performance coming up on the 10a as well. wis dollar will try a fish burger. >> yeah. >> better their hurry up and go to break because that's news to me. >> they're good. they're real good. good.
9:58 am
9:59 am
10:00 am
10:01 am
>> the must see moments this thursday only on good day at 1 10a. we're serving up a red hot celebrity dish. jamie foxx plans a massive event for those in need. john legend gets personal. plus the director of t swift's new video comes to her defense. the real housewives of potomac monique samuels joins us for the dish. ♪ don't miss this d.c. rising pop star allie x is here and will perform live in the loft. plus, on this throw back thursday kevin takes us back in time to the '80s and '90's for very unique list that's very relevant today. hmm. i wonder what steve and wisdom think? we'll find out. let's do this d.c. in
10:02 am
two, one. roll it the 10a starts now. ♪ now, wait a minute. what are we doing wisdom? we weighing in on something here. >> we are weighing in on something. we just got drafted. i don't know what why weighing in on. >> don't worry about it. >> how is it different from any day. >> break down the rules and we'll go as we go as we say. i don't know. thanks for being here for the 10a today. [ laughter ] >> steve alongside wisdom, maureen, allison. holly is enjoying the day off. great to see everybody. first up at 10:00 o'clock before we debt to the fun stuff let's hit with news first of all and get you caught up with the latest on harvey and houston good news the storm downgrade to do tropical depression and it is moving east. that's good news for houston. the bad news is, all those people east of houston now are still getting hit with the floods. door to door searches in houston for people lost or stranded continues. the death toll standing at 31 right now. but as crews make their way into neighborhoods that were underwater, that number certainly could climb. some
10:03 am
virtually wiped off the map. in the meantime new danger overnight explosions at two chemical -- at a chemical plant two explosions underwater today the vice-president will be in texas visiting people impacted by the storm and vice-president pledges the governments help in rebuilding texas but the trip comes as the storm's price tag surges. experts now say cleanup costs could top $100 billion. d.c. native is sharing her story of survival and the kindness of others during the storm. mickey tally was born and raised in d.c. she now lives in hou houston. she was in her ground floor apartment when water started coming in under the walls. she says the coast guard did come to her apartment but at the time they were only helping pregnant women and elderly and the children. so mickey posted a message to facebook. she was asking for help. and that's when her neighbor came to her aid. last night vick tee spoke to -- vicky spoke to -- mickey spoke
10:04 am
with fox5 and that neighbor via skype. here it is. >> the water got to about waist high over night -- overnight. but, before i got out of there, it was -- my boots were swimming in the water. >> um, things were looking a little bit better where i was. so i basically said an our father, head a hail marry and headed down to the place she was living to see if we can get her out thereof. >> that neighbor was eventually able to get mickey out through a gate in the back of her apartment. literally neighbors helping neighbors in need. >> a lot of that going on in houston. >> i imagine. >> support for the victims of harvey pouring in. many celebrities are also stepping up and donating including pro football player jj watt. now the devastation hits close to home for watt he plays for the houston texans of the watt started online fundraising page earlier this week his initial goal was $500,000. that goal was passed within a matter of hours. his new goal is
10:05 am
that goal is almost met. with nearly $9.5 million already raised. talk show host ellen degeneres donated $1 million to watt's fundraiser. >> if you're look ago way you can help out local restaurants are guessing you the chance today. they are on the screen and a list we'll see short of places donating 5% of today's proceeds to houston relief. we're t talking about jalio, the nine court 30, tryst and ben chili's bowl. d.c. braugh will give 100% of tasting proceeds to houston relief efforts. folks coming together. >> um-hmm. 10:0 fight five right now. before we check what's trending erin como is back with a check what's making had he lines this morning from our newsroom. good morning, are rin. >> good morning allison and all of you as well. we begin in prince george's county. fire marshals are investigating an attack at a maryland liquor store involving a
10:06 am
cocktail. police say 22-year-old kevin edwards of laurel slammed the make shift fire bomb filled with gasoline on the grounds of the calvert ton liquors late sunday night. it burst into flames and burned two employees inside. detectives are investigating a motive and edwards remains in jail held without bond. reaction is pouring to president trump's plan he says will revitalize the economy. the president unveiled his plan for tax reform in missouri. he says it will quote bring back main street and promising the biggest tax cut ever. included ideas like creating more jobs and higher wages and tax relief for middle class families. as well as a lower corporate tax rate. however democrats are saying no tax cuts should go to the top 1% of err interns. looks like lot row won't be striking twice at least at one massachusetts lottery machine. officials have retired the machine that printed out the winning ticket for this month's massive jackpot prize. the machine is now at the state's lottery
10:07 am
while officials figure out a way to preserve that machine. first time dads they're getting older. listen to this recent study. it says that new dads are three and a half years older than when they were in the 70s going from 27 to 31 years old. researchers found the number of newborns whose fathers are over 40 has more than doubled over the past four decades. they say the trend is not surprising since more women are waiting to have children later in life. and finally, i love this last story we can talk about it. organic doritos. but those are two words you never thought you'd hear, right pepsico is making them in 11 other chips with natural ingredients. they're sold under the simply line and include lays tow tease tow and cheetos all my favorite stuff all part of push by the company to build a healthier reputation. i don't know, though, because i'm in the sure you can make dorito quite the same without all the cheese products on it. >> idol let me put a period on this right now. >> speak wis
10:08 am
i don't want to eat healthy junk. don't give me coke zero. get a coke if you want a coke. >> if you want torotto, get dorito tow. keep your organic stuff to yourself. >> i'll think of you when i'm eating my cheetos. >> don't you get that orange on your hands. >> then don't eat them. fine something else. >> if you can a delicious dorito without the orange perservative. >> oreos slims. tastes the same. >> don't tell that story maureen that oreo slim and all that garbage doesn't taste the same. like i said go or don't go. >> same with mack crone knee and cheese you get the velveeta cheese and like it organic stuff doesn't compare. >> i don't eat the box mac and cheese. now i draw the line. >> what? >> wait did you say you don't eat the box? >> well, you know -- >> boxed mac and cheese. >> erin, you know, you lived in nashville for several years. the box is -- >> the homemade is better,. >> that's what i'm talking about. >> frank's
10:09 am
mac and cheese i still have a soft spot for it. >> it seals like it should go without saying now experts want it to be chris cal clear. don't pick a plastic surgeon based on your instagram feed. new medical studies shows more than four of five top instagram posts of plastic related hash tags come from providers not eligible for membership in the american society of aesthetic plastic surgery. 11.5 million posts they came from one fourth came from physicians in other specialties and 5% from non physicians doing plastic surgery at dentist office, spas and hair salons. so the moral of the story if you want a nip and tuck make sure it's legit because that could be ugly. >> we've heard those horror stories. >> that seems like common sense if you're going to mess with your body you better do the research. >> do it right. >> you know the saying the children are our future. well now that millennials are all grown and apparently they
10:10 am
industries because of their preferences and some of the businesses on this kill list include, ready for it, homeownership. millennials don't have the money or want to delay purchase ago home until later in life. also, killing beer. they prefer wine or spirits. napkins, no napkins. millennials say paper towels will do just fine. cereal no more cereal. it's not a convenient breakfast. oh, and, um, in the sporting world, no golf. the younger generation just not interested in the grand old game of golf. let's add to the list. how about chain restaurants unfortunately we've seen them disappear over the years. millennials apparently prefer to cook or grab a quick park bite. bars of soap forget about it covered in germs. go with liquid soap as well. everyone loves a diamond except millennials non traditional engagement ring to the huge rock. forget the gyms. don't need the gm any more because we could have boutique class centric centers instead. yoga studi
10:11 am
pilates may be on the way out by now. >> finally your fabric softener, no need for that. millennials don't know what fabric softener is. don't use it. [ laughter ] >> why are we talkin about millennials like that was aliens. >> like 12 years old. >> here's the common trend with that. i find when i look at that list i've seen this list before all of those things cost more money than what we were used to. >> yeah. >> the studies that millennials spend more time at home before they move out. >> exactly. >> a bar of soap, steve. >> no, i'm saying buying liquid soap costs more than the bar of soap. >> oh okay. >> go into the yoga class costs more than your mop gym membership. >> they're not buying homes. it's a trade off. >> they're living at home not buying homes spending their money on fru-fru things. >> you can do all these studies. i think a jenn x person and not -- we all don't fit into the same thing. >> those irritate me. >> now i'm on the wisdom martin -- the studies about the illusive millennial. okay. some young people i'm sure want to buy a home thas
10:12 am
like some young people like liquid and some young people know what a fabric softener is. >> i agree with that. that one seemed a little weird. >> that's what i'm talking about. >> they don't do laundry. mom just, this does not smell right. if you watch the yoga parades my time you're near a yoga studio spending hundreds of dollars a month. not paying hundreds of dollars for yoga thing. a lot of older women doing yoga. i'm hess tan. i feel like it's a whole marking thing like okay now let's let them do that. trying to market toward the millennials. >> give me a break. >> what they're trying to say they're allocating they are funds to things like that and not the home buying process and not the moving out. >> i say you can't put -- you can never put anybody in the same. come on. you cannot have him. wh i
10:13 am
i share. three hours day. >> he'll be back tomorrow at 6:00. >> they always come back all allison. i never completely disagree with you. this is why we get along so well. nostalgia is in disney is dominant. that's lesson learned from throw back movie trailers much that's what everybody is watching these. >> even the millennials. >> throw them all in basket together. >> kevin mccarthy's world they are. kev will join us next. >> jamie foxx greg back to his home state of texas the director of taylor swift's new video has a message for the hater glass video everybody loves. >> right. and later on lady gaga proving that you can be friends with an ex. >> i already told you that. i can tell you this is a bad idea. any way moving on. celebrity dish next. ♪
10:14 am
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and switching has never been easier. get out of you contract with up to a $500 credit to help cover your early termination fee. go to ♪ you got to wave when you hear this song. >> oh okay. which way we going. >> come back the other way. >> wait wait wait monique is over here waving with us. >> yeah. >> all right. look it's time for the good day celebrity dish and the reason we're playing that song that's about charity much this is about charity as well jamie foxx is giving back to his home state of texas donating $25,000 and he's host telethon september 12th for hurricane relief. >> also september
10:17 am
a telethon we're doing we'll give you more details we can raise as much money as we can for everybody down there. >> all right that telethon reportedly hosting simultaneous until los angeles, new york and nashville and features rapper big bun, recent witherspoon and blake sheldon are said to host in nashville with fox in la along with houston native hillary duff potentially according to tmz major network are running this show. >> bun b. >> that is wrong. >> it's bun b. >> again. again. the same thing this morning. >> same thing. i'm going to leave that out next time. >> he's so upset. >> plus you know, we're in the presence of what could have been rap royalty. >> right here. >> please don't make that mistake. >> you drop a few bars? >> every now and then. >> every now and then. okay. every now and then. any way -- >> so -- please show wisdom up he's got one verse everyone comes in here he drops. >> my gosh y
10:18 am
down on him at the end of this segment at the end, please. >> ♪ >> here we go. here we go. >> what's that? ut-oh. >> oh yeah. >> you know what let's get through this. we don't have time. >> cut the music. >> good for you jamie foxx, texan good for you. >> love it all. through thick and thin john legend will be wife christie teigen's support system he's such a sweetie. grammy and oscar winning singer opened up about the challenges of going through invitro fertilization to cosmopolitan magazine. legend said the challenge street then they are bond he explain the couple is trying for another child after welcoming 16 month old daughter luna who is so precious. the father of one said "if you can make it through having child, you know you can make it through anything". >> um-hmm. >> he can were all a test to that. >> yes. >> between the three of us i think we have like nine kids. >> too many. >> too many. >> that's all. >> three, three, two. >> oh,
10:19 am
>> that's a lot of work. >> it is. >> i mean who didn't think john legend was nice and sweet husband. >> i know. i love seeing them two together. >> i would be surprised if she was like he wasn't really as nice as we thought. >> yeah. here's the other thing you got a lot of stuff going on in their both of their worlds as well. you have got a lot of stuff going on too. >> it's no joke. >> family first. >> that's easy. >> have you seen the taylor swift video. >> i saw a little bit of it on e. >> how do you like the new -- old taylor is dead. >> my god this is so hilarious. [ laughter ] >> there she is. she's coming up from the ground. >> oh, my god. >> she's a zombie. >> is this over kill. >> monique. >> it's very creative. we'll go with that. >> i'm not mad at her. >> whether you like her not she's breaking records left and right with that new music video. she's being targeted more and more once again being called out map nip pew la tiff some are coming to her defense calling out her character is total
10:20 am
defenseless. look at what you made me do. if you're -- listen. listen right here. >> look what you made me do, what you made me do. look what you just made me do. any way, the director of the video joseph cahn tweeted in i planned something as man i'm genius if taylor as woman plans something she's map nip pew la tiff. double standard this is wrong. i don't know. it just feels like i would love to scene her come out all the all of a sudden and bad blood with more up lifting positive anthem. this one is kind of like now you made me change i'm like i'm walking a round like a bad girl. >> this is media play, don't you. >> i think that's definitely -- it's doing its purpose. like everybody is talking about it. >> there you go. paying attention it's working. >> listen, this is her stick. this is why i said i can get with her bau
10:21 am
stick. manipulative. i can't do it. just move on. >> just move on. >> don't tweet me because i'm going to still say it. >> she's doing what she got to do. how about this? this is a great discussion. ladies washington do you think about this one? lady gaga and her ex taylor kenny still good friends? even though the singer has moved on with her agent christian corino. word on the street that lady gaga and talk or text every single day and immediate meet up when they're in the same city but nothing romantic happens. >> time out. >> every day they text? >> that's weird. >> i'm sure they're just fri friends. [ laughter ] chicago fire actor was spotted friday at lady gaga's world tore at quigley field. history here they broke off their engage in many july 2016 after five years ago. allison and monique, is this a good idea or bad idea. >> i think every day is way too much. they just broke up. it's not that long ago. so there m
10:22 am
>> she's dating somebody else. >> yeah, he better watch it. >> exactly. that was my point exactly. he better watch his back. >> yeah. >> no. >> there's no way. there's no way. >> i think taylor is still hung up on lady gaga and he's texting her every day and she's humoring as she moves on. >> the guy -- >> he'll get hurt. >> you mean the guy is trying to pretend like he's her friend because he's working an angle. >> i think he thinks they're really friends but he's still heart broken. >> are you going to decide with me or allison. >> i'll be right in the middle exactly where i'm at and say that it's both happening. he's probably want to go back with her but her entertaining it is giving him a green light. >> that's true. she might want to, you know, check that. or just get with him. >> wow. >> make a decision. >> or spend your time watching the real housewives of potomac with the lovely monique samuels. all the ladies. thank you for spending time with us today. thank you so much. >> we'll be watching. >> i was m. >> thank you guys. 10:22. coming up later special life performance by singer
10:23 am
>> labor day weekend could be a bit of a wash out at least part of it maybe the early part of it. tucker is back with an early look at the holiday forecast next. it's 10:23. ♪ . ♪♪ fios is not cable. we're a 100% fiber optic network. and with the new fios gigabit connection... you get our fastest... internet ever. with download speeds up to 940 megs - 20 times faster than most people have. switch to fios gigabit connection with tv and phone for $79.99 a month online for the first year. plus hbo for one year and multi-room dvr service for two years, all with a two-year agreement. and switching has never been easier. get out of your contract with up to a $500 credit to help cover your early termination fee. go to
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10:26 am
period of rain. it's not harvey wash out material. >> okay. that's fair. good to know. much of our weekend will be nice, sunday and monday should be good. let's get to it. 76 in washington. mild start to the day. where you going maureen you leaving me. >> i got to go. got work to do in the loft. >> the whole idea you were going to hang out with me. >> smoking mirrors my friend. >> 36 in quantico. hey, sunny and bright out there right now clouds moving in. some of that's harvey the harvey leftovers and then we've got cold front off to the north and west. when the front gets in later today, we will gradually turn mostly cloudy there might be a few showers. see the showers in upstate new york that's a cold front. so today warm, mid 80s. and a late day shower possible then cooler tomorrow. harvey still causing lots of issues you havely still raining hard and heavy down into louisiana, arkansas, parts of in order still deal with some flooding rains as well real quick loca want to show you that's irma. it's been developing eye an eye the last couple of hours likely to become hurricane and
10:27 am
hurricane over the next couple of days. leeward wind ward islands on the lookout by the weekend puerto rico we'll have to keep close eye on the track of this storm as we get into next week as it could be a player in some places in the united states by the end of next week. today 85, tomorrow 71. those showers on saturday are remnants of harvey. i don't think that's a wash out but some clouds around and some cool temps as well on saturday. better, sunday and monday that's the latest. back to you. >> tuck, thanks very much. it's throw thursday and this morning we'll go throw back at box office coming up next kevin will share some of the most searched movie trailers from the 80s and the 90s, safe to say disney is on to something and why all of a sudden people are logging at more movie trailers from the 80s and the 90's. any guesses. >> every movie -- >> real makes. >> reboots. >> you're all right.
10:28 am
10:29 am
10:30 am
>> throw back thursday. all right. this morning we're taking you back in time to the box office. >> here's the reason why. youtube is out with new -- kev? >> i'm just kidding. >> come on in. >> i'm joking. >> come on in. >> you killed the bit. >> we were going to have big set up for kevin and we were going to give him his shine. he just creeped in on our moment wis. >> yes, did he and ruin it. >> all you did was hurt yourself, kev. >> i did. >> here's the deal. ten most watched movie trailers from the '80s and from th
10:31 am
90's. i think it's part nost nostalgid part of the fact all these new movies out and people want to say what was the original like. is that getting to it in nutshell. this is from may 2016 to may 2016. >> youtube released this list of the top most viewed trailers of the movies from the 80s and '90's you can obviously tell a lot of these are being viewed because of all the reboots and the remakes. >> these classic trailers are getting thousands upon thousands of views a day depending on which ones you're looking at we're into the 80' first we'll go through the top ten to five. ten to six then we'll actually show you five to one. coming in number ten the outsiders classic movie. no question whatsoever. >> big cast there. scar face was number nine. >> yup. >> i really hope -- i know there's talks of remake for that please don't do that. >> ryan depalma, al pacino. >> leave that alone. >> leave that one alone. blade runner number eight i know the sequel is co coming out in objection one of the most anticipated films of the year. >> okay. eat absolute follow question
10:32 am
i love the first one. >> number seven evil dead classic. horror film. obviously being watched by a lot of people. number six is return the jedi. >> star wars even though i think that's the worst of those three in the trail ology. all right. number five, my neighbor tutoro. >> what is that. >> i don't know this film as well. a lot of film fans love this director he's a big-time film maker japanese animation. he's done spirit and away princess -- i don't particularly notice this film i know it's very popular film. i got tweets this morning from our viewers saying how dare you not know what this movie s i just haven't seen it that's number five most trailer. >> now we know. >> on the '80s on youtube. number four the empire strikes back. of course obvious. the trailer is actually great because again when -- back when that movie came out, when we got to reveal that darth vader was luke's father, no one knew that was coming and this was a great trailer. >>
10:33 am
you don't remember this back in that early of the era in the 80s there was obviously no youtube new york computer, you literally saw the trailer at the theater. >> i missed that. kept you going back to the movies to see what else was going to be coming up. i miss not knowing that there's a sequel in the works for certain movie that i loved. i'd go to movie. oh my god they're making a sequel to terminator that's really cool. >> for the business, wisdom would say you got to go to the movie because they just showed the empire trailer. i got to see this. i can't just go on youtube. >> this movie it coming out next week the trailer got 197 million views. >> instantly. >> 197 million views in 24 hours. >> what are the top three. top three '80s the shining, this trailer is a classic if you watched this trailer basically what happens in the trailer is the just has the shot of elevator and the credits are scrolling and then at the end of the trailer we won't show you blood starts coming out of the elevator. >> attention grabber. >> one of scariest films of all time. little mermaid good not as scary but still it's a g
10:34 am
little mermaid number two many that's because there's talks of obviously making a live action film of this movie. i'm interested to see how they pull that off with all water. number one is ghostbuster. >> another remake. >> ghostbusters. this is clearly makes sense because ghostbuster has remake last year. >> yeah. >> and i think people were just curious about what the original trailer looked like. the new film didn't do as well obviously but this is a classic trailer and this is the number one most watched youtube video from the '80s and from the movies. >> i know you love ghostbusters kev. when you watch the original ghostbusters now, the effects and everything else, does it -- i love it. >> does it seem old to you now though. >> no. >> it doesn't. >> no. >> few years back. flipping around tv war games came on with matthew broderick. >> love war games. >> good movie now when you watch it you're just like -- >> yeah. >> it's so dated. >> there are some films that hold up the shining for example even though not a lot of special effects it still ho holds. >> get to the '90's. ten to six real fast.
10:35 am
danny boil. matilda. home alone one my all time favorites mccauley culkin. basic instinct. >> good movie. >> american pie number six. all right. let's go to number five. this is the most trailer from the '90's. the blair witch project m got so much buzz off the trailer. >> it did. >> that's the movie the trailer created the movie and the buzz itself. >> therapy trying to figure out if this was real or not. people need to look at this. >> when i saw the film for the first time before i had any kind of internet i thought when what i was watching was real footage. >> exactly. >> because of the way it was -- >> when you saw this i have to find out more. >> it looks real. number four, the empire strikes -- i'm sorry -- beauty and the beast. another disney. >> clearly they made this one because the new one was the highest grossing film of 2017 over a billion dollars. so people wanted to back and see the original beauty and the beast trailer which is why that's probably the most searched.
10:36 am
number three, the lion king. >> okay. >> there's a live action remake in the work right now. john nav before he is directing that film he directed the jungle book live action remake. huge cast a lot of people coming back for the roles. donald glover will be in the movie as well. i'm very very excited about the live action version of this movie i think it will be big. and number two from the '90's toy story. live action that? >> i don't think so. i don't know how you could live action toys. >> three of these. >> three of these. >> three of these so far working on fourth one right now. obviously tom hanks, tim allen, huge movie. >> i remember when i was a kid my dad wouldn't let me see it i was nine or ten high to see this and he saw heat. which is one of the greatest movies of all time. >> you made up for that later. >> number one on the list from the '90's. >> titanic. second highest grossing film of all time over $2 billion the worldwide box office. this film and avatar the two highest
10:37 am
made by the same film maker james cameron. can you imagine having that much -- >> he's done well for himself. >> i do think it's cool f with is that one still being watched. >> there's no sequel on that one much it's a classic. what's kind of cool now from the nerdy film making kind of way once you've seen these movies so many times to go back and see how they promoted the movies and what scenes they put in. >> best trailer. >> face off. when it starts on travolta, spins around and ends on nick cape cage. >> not the best movie ever. >> best trailer. if you seen face off it's amazing. >> john woo it's a classic. >> back in the days. >> doves hi flying at the end. come on, man. >> ah. >> it's awesome. >> eh. >> we'll hand off to maureen and allison right now and send it back over to you guys. >> and the controversy continues. all right. no controversy here on this side because our next guest she is aa up next a special life performance for singer allie x. you haven't heard of her you will now. she's performing. 10:37 is the time. back after this. ♪
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10:40 am
♪ all right. move over lady gaga because there's a new extraordinary pop song stress on the scene. her name is allie x. she's a toronto born la based singer song writer who's radio ready. so much so her first single catch was endorsed by, yup, katie perry via twitter and now allie x is hitting the road in
10:41 am
coalition two. tonight she'll be performing the song bird music house at northwest and she stopped by the lost to dish all about it first to perform her latest single "paper love" please welcome allie x. take it away. ♪ >> i believe, i believe in the things you do. you believe, you believe it too. when i hear about you... ♪
10:42 am
♪ ♪ paper love ♪ ♪
10:43 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
10:44 am
[ applause ] allie x. whoo! welcome to the loft. allie x we've got your name. what's your name. >> jungle george. >> jungle george. good to meet you. i love your sound much haunting. >> thank you. >> and you write from a place of experience talking about your trials and tribulations. why is that an important theme in your music? >> um, it's just real life i guess and music is therapeutic for me. so i'm just letting out the dark stuff. so it doesn't stay inside. >> how do you describe your
10:45 am
it but i love to hear how you describe your sound. >> i've come up with a genre i'd say electronic dee tuned treatment pop. that's what i call it. >> yeah now you're promoting the new album this is your second? >> the first one was an ep and this is my full length collection two. >> was the journey like in making a full collection. >> it was hard. took me two years. i wrote so many songs and they were good but they just weren't it, you know. finally, the end of 2016 the summer of 2016 i feel like i found the sound. it was actually when i wrote this song and i understood where to go. >> it sounds like the music speaks to you and sort of tells you this is where you need to go or -- >> yeah. >> describe that for me i'm not a musician i'm if as nayed about how musicians come to their art. >> it's one thing to write another song it's another thing to find a sound an vibe at least for me i also know i found something when i can visualize it if it makes sense. that's what happened. >> and you're getting
10:46 am
over katie perry tweeting about you what was that like when she -- gave her stamp of approval on your sound and your music. >> it was surreal. >> it was really, yes. >> currently obsessed with the song catch by allie x. that's a huge endorsement. you are performing. >> yes. i'm popping to night at the the song bird. it's sol out but, um, i think there's some light competition going on where you can get tickets today. >> kudos to you for being sold out. that's huge. >> thank you where do you go from here after the tour is over what happens next. >> writing back to the studio. >> i write for other artists. >> she is a prolific writer for other artists. you're keeping busy. we like to see out front shining and give us this beautiful sun f i'm a singer i would love to have your voice the just -- it's sweet. there's something about you that's just -- it's, i like it. that's all i can say. >> thank you. >> i love the song "paper love" how can people get a hold of your music. >> i mean, streaming is so impoan
10:47 am
so you can stream it, save it, share it and if you want to buy just google allie x you'll find my site. >> all right. information is there on the screen. allie x eighty one good george thank you both for the buehl full sound. appreciate it. >> back to you guys on the co couch. >> very cool. >> um-hmm. >> singing that all day. >> very catchy, too. love it. >> i love it. >> hit it mo. [ laughter ] >> sounds good. 10:47 right now. coming up new kind of burger joint even vegetarians or maybe pescetarians can love. erin is in the kitchen cooking up a fish burger with the team from fish scale next. >> she's going to throw them all in the same category now. >> yes. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
10:48 am
ors. and an excellent source of calcium. enjoy cheese dippers by the laughing cow. z2fwbz z16fz y2fwby y16fy
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>> ♪ come on steve. come on in. come on in while we expand our palates with this next segment you've heard of hamburger, turkey burgers, veggie burgers have you heard of a fish burger. >> no. if not erin como is in the kitchen learning all about them this morning in our segment with learning something new cooking with como. >> i'm excited f
10:51 am
fish burger just one of things you can order a new burger join opening this week and it's called fish scale fitting name it's newest edition to dc shaw neighborhood before they cut the ribbon tomorrow chef brandon williams joins us live in the good day lost to whip up interesting cuisine for us. brandon i love the story behind how you got this concept started because your mom is a pescetarian and she wanted a burger to eat. >> she was. >> she was, yes, yes, yes. >> back on the bacon. >> yes. the whole impetus behind fish scale the couldn't influence of book my sister gave me natural cures and my mom became a pescetarian around the same time i w wanted something she could health that was health full. when she went out the options for fish as you know. >> you can get that casual version of fish. >> exactly. the difference between wild and farm raised i wanted to give her wild caught fish and i came with this at a family cook out to placate her and meat eaters they -- >> they loved it. >> they ate it up. she almost didn't get one
10:52 am
>> you had a successful stand at the farmers mark after that. >> she encouraged epp crapped me to do that. i couldn't keep up with the demand. so -- i love it your first restaurant is opening and we're excited for you. this is wild caught -- what type of fish is it. >> sheep's head out of north carolina. so what we do, we would get the fish in fresh on daily basis, then i would filet it now i have help at the farmers mark it was just like me. >> it was eighty one-man operation. >> and my mom and shysters and my dad watching me. >> it became family thing? >> they would watch and i would do everything. >> tell me the difference for everyone watching at home i buy farm raised fish at the grocery. what's the difference? >> the main difference is just that, um, wild catfish is its natural habitat so conversely like for salmon. sock eye salmon they feed on planning tan and crust stations and that's what turns their flesh red and that's where all your good omega three come from. farm raised salmon. >> it's all grain, right. >> all grain and the fact tha
10:53 am
restricted area it's more fatty because they can move around. and the fact that omega threes benefits from your body isn't the same f you're doing to eat good fish, good so this is a healthy better. >> it's better. it's good for you. it tastes better. >> i'm impressed with your knife skills getting that filleted. >> thank you. >> you put it threw a grinder and make the patti that is look just like this. no filler. all fish. >> it's all fish. we take the skin off. >> it looks great. >> we grind it ourselves. no fowler. 100% fish. >> you grill it. >> this right here amber jack we got that in. this is amber jack we grill it on hardwood grill courtesy of my wood connect. >> smells great. >> yeah. premium fire wood, dc. he does red oak well we grill them up we have condiments i make in house. >> you can top your burger with. >> right. i'm dying tory this red one. >> we use local organic fish peppers and cayenne pepper. >> all organic and all wild caught fish. >> yes, yes, yes. >> can i try or p
10:54 am
fire. >> yup. >> okay. >> hmm. >> it's good, right. >> that is so good. >> natural heat. >> it definitely has bite to it. >> it's not two as zen year it comes and goes. that pepper food and i love spicy food it's not so hot you go the to grab a glass of water but with the bread and fish it tones it down. >> this is cucumber tomato relish to help you cool down. i recommended those two go together good i'll try little bit of think. >> that's fresh tasting. >> we have the pesto. which like you say basil olive oil, pine nuts, parmesan cheese, garlic. >> homemade basil is really easy to make. fresh basil and fresh pesto so much better than anything you buy at the store. good people do different iterations but i don't mess with it. basil is the best. >> let's plate one of these off. tomorrow you open in shaw. what's your location so everyone can try your brand new store. >> 637 florida
10:55 am
lord and savior gees? christ without him i wouldn't have the restaurant. that is an important invest to thank. >> yes, it is. >> i'm really excited to visit in you shaw you have a rotating menu. so you can come out and try the wonderful fish burgers they're healthy. they're all wild caught all organic sides. all right. we got that mated up i'll take a bite of this. >> okay. don't hurt yourself. >> wisdom wants do try some, too. i heard him begging. >> wisdom it's all organic. >> let me tell you something like i said earlier if that ain't a fried catfish,. >> fried catfish. >> no offense. i'm a southern guy. >> this is really really good. >> you know the grill. >> i can grill a catfish. >> you're no more surgeon than my mother. she's from north carolina. >> that's true. >> hey, you need to come on over here, man. >> which fish make the best burgers and which fish would you never even try? >> well like this amber jack i love it but golden tile fish i like golden. feeds on crustaceans has that shellfish shrimp flave. >> extra flavor. >> all of them i
10:56 am
ma hee, ma hee. the sheep head. the wahoo. >> okay. >> rock fish. >> your menu is always changing. >> you might come in monday, it's like you said rock fish tile. you come in on thursday it's sheep's head and wahoo. >> you got to come back and visit a lot. >> come back and visit a lot. yes, yes, yes. >> try it erin. >> i did. it's really good. >> i have question. >> how does it compare to the phil o fish. [ laughter ] >> different planes. >> you don't need tartar sauce with this one. [ laughter ] >> there you go. >> i like that. >> imagine -- >> we got to go. >> hey, zip trip 2017 almost over. friday we'll be at the national harbor. >> tomorrow. >> the grand finale. tucker barnes starts us off. >> tomorrow. >> then allison and them all her cousins and them they'll come out from the fox5 morning team they'll be there 11:00 o'clock in the morning. we're also giving away a car. from tischer
10:57 am
a lease. a lease. >> giving away a lease. >> one-year lease. >> see you on good day. >> we'll be there tomorrow. >> bye everybody. now at havertys furniture, our labor day sale is on. fill your home with well-crafted pieces at affordable prices.
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>> live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." >> wendy: how you doin? we won't judge, but we're judging. it's going to be juicy. [ applause ] >> now here's wendy! [ applause ] >> wendy: say hello to my co-host, my studio audience. yeah! [ applause ]


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