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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  WTTG  September 1, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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>> right now at 10:00 a. cracking down on atv riders how maryland police plan to keep illegal activity off the streets. >> it's very concerning and alarming and something has to be done. >> two shootings in the same area in the middle of the day. residents are fed up and are questionnd manneding change. plus students and fans
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to end an long time tradition at a local high school and it didn't stop people from wearing native american head dresses at today's football game. news at 10 starts right now. we gib tonight with harvey the storm is on the move and expected to make an aexperience in our area this weekend. >> which means it will be a rainy start to the holiday weekend. here's a live look outside where we're feeling cooler temperatures. let's go to gwen to see what's ahead for the next knew days, gwen. >> remnants of harvey is spinning with heavy rainfall over the ohio valley tonight. starting to spread rain to mid atlantic and we're definitely in the path. we're into a bid of dry spot most of the day today and we avoided it and now it's changing and you see the rain moving in. it's definitely going to continue into the overnight hours and expect your saturday to definitely be a soggy one. and speaking of the cooler temperatures tony you're absolutely right. 64 degrees iingt
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high today only into the 70s should be in the 80s and feeling a little like fall across the area and for tomorrow as well marginal hivk of severe weather with areas east of d.c. could see storms popping up as mavshy makes its way through and dealing with a frontal system so a combination of things to expect. we have a rain soaked saturday for you. however the weekend is not a washout. you can expect sunshine by the time we get to sunday and take a look at difference in temperatures. there's a warm up on the way as well. temperatures will be on the rise in the 7 day forecasts. i'll have all the details a little later. back to you, tope. >> now to the latest on harvey a chemical plant in the houston area caught fire ag again. floodwaters knocked out the refrigeration system needed to keep containers of per oxide from catching fire. meanwhile, houston's mayor is urging residents to evacuate
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workers plan to open up reservoirs to ease flooding but it will send a wall of water into these neighborhoods over the next couple weeks and presidet trump asked congress to approve 8 billion for recovery efforts. >> prince george county police are sgeering up this holiday weekend. they'll be targeting atv and dirt bike ride werz more on the plan to make the street safer, lauren. >> hey, there shawn, tonight we spoke with prince george county police corporal tyler hunter about a new tool that police are using pretty similar to spike sticks or those stop six they use in the police chase. this is made specifically for the off road vehicles. we talked with them with t thaten how atv and dirt bike riders are b
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and bigger problem and they tore through the national hash harbor. that's which things went to a new level for us. there were people on the sidewalks and very populated area. these bikes were on the sidewalk and were causing danger. we have been receiveing a flood of information where the bikes are stored and who is operating them and getting community support which is encouraging to us. >> it's a problem across the area and the packs of riders hitting streets in d.c. and virginia as well. and the effort this weekend will inolve 50 prince george county police officers and 20 fr 25 maryland state troopers. they'll have air support from oath actions and working off surveillance and tips trying to identify riders and track them down at their homes before they hit the streets and there's also a new technology. strips that can be use philadelphia riders
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over. specific strip the spike imbedded in the tar is hall owe instead of popping tire or causing a very rapid deflation it imbeds in the tire and it basically let's the air out of the tire very slowly at a controlled rate which is louz the vehicle to come to a slower more controlled stop. >> and police are also asking for help from members of the public. if are you out and see a pack of riders and it's safe to do so take out the phone get a video or picture and is send to police and they can use all the help they can get. live in palmer park, lauren demarco, "fox5 local news". >> we turn to the district n now. police are investigating two shootings that happened about a mile away from each other this afternoon the first shooting happened an castia road south eat. a teenage boy was hit and expected to recover. a short time later a gunman
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minnesota avenue northeast. the victim was taken to a hospital for treatment and witnesses tell police the suspect had a gun with extended clip. right now it's unclear if the shootings are related. also in the district funeral services were held for 17-year-old jamari saidner she was killed last month when a stray bullet struck her days before she was set to start college in florida. saidner was snot a car as she drove along saratoga in northeast. peter news ham described her death as one of the most tragic things he's seen and one that hits close to home because jamara's mother is on the police force. just here as i police department to support our agent who lost her daughter and their family. >> one person is in custody tonight now but he denies being shooter. chief newsham expects more arrests and promising to find the people responsibilities for saidner's death.
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shooting down the steps into the columbia heights metro station is in jail thanks to vigilant members of the community. montgomery county police arrested caesar he morales in silver spring. he was wanted in d.c. for shooting at a man. when they arrived they say he took off running to a nearby parking garage and another witness told police morales was hiding under a parked car officers found and arrested him. he's expected to be extradited back to the district. >> principal of maryland high school ended school sports tradition starting tonight students will no longer be able to wear traditional native american head dress because they find it offe offensive. >> they should be able to hold on to their time honored tradition. live in frederick at school's first football game with the story, lindsay. the high school has always had a connection to the native
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in the area the words written across the field here the students body refers to itself as the describe and longstanding tradition elected member of the senior class wears i head dress during games elected chief. last year's chief gat us photos of himself wearing the head dress. for some this is all about school spirit. according to the school administration some people have taken offense. we'll take you into tonight's game. some students some community members decided to wear their own head dresses in protest. people young and hold and principal nancy doll would not speak us to despite the pevrts to contact her and assistant principal talked off camera saying sat school heard from numerous students alumni and community members that object to the head dress and find it offensive and insensitive. the students and former students we talked to told us they believe it's over reaction and they're really dispointed
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tradition has to come to an end. the student elected chief this year decided not to wear the head dress tonight even though he still has it and we spoke to him and a few others about how they're feeling. i understand how people can be owe fenlded everything we do is to represent lingdor high school and that's it i don't believe we show anything offensive. i believeble everything we do is in the name of the high school and in the name of school spirit. oom a fraud and i feel like we always respected nate of american culture. >> do you know students that have taken issue with the head dress. >> a couple students in lingor i do know, two or three. >> we caught up with that student later she was 123409 wearing the head draesz she was told to take it off. the principal would not speak with us tonight and r
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statement says in part i truly respect the history of the school community and deep sense of pride. we will not take away from it however there are times when change is necessary. and she went on to say that actions that create device everyness are unwarranted at school event. something interesting, a student african-american student approached me and said she doesn't understand why if the head dress is banned why students are still allowed to wear confederate flags on their clothing and i did talk to assistant principal about this and she says those concerns were heard and something under consideration. so that could be something that is next to go here. something that is next on the ban list. we're live in frederick. lindsey watts, "fox5 local news". >> thank you, lindsay. >> still ahead tonight another chance for immigrants affected by the president travel ban. >> hundreds were stuck at parents when he first signed that ban. how they can now enter the country legally. >> plus guest driver's license today is not exactly as ex
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used to be. we'll tell you why many of them blame their parents.
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>> tepings between united states and russia arees li lightsing tonight. diplomatic offices in d.c. and new york to close. the move is in response tots kremlin cutting number of u.s. dip nats russia. russian officials are not happy. . >> we will have a tough response tots things that come totally out of the blue to hurt us and driven soley by the desire to spoil relation. >> earlier today smoke was pouring from the chimney of the consolate in san fran francisco. firefighters responded and associated press reports when firefighters knocked on the front door staffers told them not to worry that people inside were burning papers in
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a fireplace. some immigrants who were stuck at airports when president trump signed first travel ban will get a chance to eptser legally as a court waiingd in. a settlement was made after a detainee in new york as part of a travel ban. the government must noyvr people wrongly blocked from enterserring u.s. and help them reapply for vees as and supreme court will take the latest version of the travel ban next month. >> america is greatest nation the greatest people in the world. >> they will have a lot of issues to grapple with and a lot of complicated prac practicalitys of how the ban will work on the ground and they'll have to try to make sure that they don't add to the confusion and instead clarify what is consti constitutional. >> the justices will consider how much powder a president has over immigration. national security concerns and any role religion may have played in his executive order. >> and new tonight, hospital ahas agreed to a 6
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settlement over defective tacata air bag inflator and join other auto makers that reached similar settlements and covered owners of more than 16 million honda cars with inflators and hond day is agreeing to take additional action to help field up recall repairs. >> and less than a week after a passenger through urine on a metro bus driver the driver's union is now asking police or asking for escort and police escort on the x 2 bus line to deal with unsafe working conditions. >> the drivers held a protest today at the minnesota avenue station to air their grievances and the demonstration comes after a woman threw a cup of urine on a bus driver in the district. metro is calling today's protest an unauthorized labor action and bus riders union says it's sure response to increasing number of attacks on their drivers. >> what happened the other
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is straw that broke the ca camel's back. no one should have to operate a city public bus under those conditions. >> you see all those officers and all these supervisors stand around instead of them threating me people why don't you get on the damn bus and ride with them so they're safe. that's the answer to this. >> 8-year-old opal brown is being charged with mcdonald's assault for the attack and she's ordered to stay away from the x 2 bus line and she has not been banned from the entire transit system. >> and well, it's getting late and you might be tired. [ yawn ]. >> i mean some of you may be doing that, yawning, right? you know it's contagious, right? researchers think they know why. >> and times are apparently changing when it comes to teenagers getting their driver's licenses and why many say they're not that excited about it
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>> you have ever wondered why yawning in so con taijious. >>y, tony i have. >> the reasons we resip indicate yawnz is hard wired into our brains it's part of trait that drives us to imitate other words and actions reserveers say it's hard to resist yawn when you see someone yawn and urge to yawn gets stronger when you're told not to do it. >> okay. very interesting. >> we'll see how that works out we're experiment in a minute. >> getting a driver's license is not as exciting as it used to be but researchers found at least one in fourteen agars these days still don't get a license aft
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from high school. the study found teens described getting their licenses as "something to be nagged into by their parents." >> uh-huh. well, you know, also it fits with the trend of teens hang around the house longer, staying with mom and dad. like you said earlier they have uber. >> i'm comfortable with it. it's like you can go drive yourself over there. but if kids are not ready for it i would rather until you wait until you're ready. >> i'm not crazy about seeing a 16-year-old out there driving. >> me either. >> hey, tony. >> i can resist. i can resists. >> because it was not a real yawn. >> all right. one company is replacing its real estate agents with ro robots. >> tell me about the roof. >> roof was updated in 2004. >> okay this is rex the robot. she has the answers to 75 questions. the developers at rex realty believe she was enhance showings and make selling homes on less expensive t
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of typical 5 to 6% traditional agents usually charge. one seller interested in saving cash is giving rex the robot a try. >> it gives the facts. it allows people to look at what's interested to them instead of read a big piece of paper. as you can imagine not everyone is a fan. some say robots will never replace a real agent because people wants large transactions like buying a home to be handled by a human. >> not a robot. >> and take a look at this art of sand callle reaching new heights me germ next 19 sculptors of the massive 55 foot sand castle. how do you get up that high. you can't stand on it it would come crashing down. >> crane. >> scaffolding. >> i don't know
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officially proclaimed the group record holders for doing it look how intricate that is. how do you get the sand to not move. >> maybe they started at the top and worked their way down. >> that makes sense. like had a big pile of stuff. >> cool. >> hope it doesn't rain on that sand castle. with it will rain here. it's already starting to rain here. >> is it already? >> yes, it is. it's moving in fairly rapidly some of you are seeing the rainfall and saturday willing your soggy, sog question day. be prepared. a live look outside right now and things are calm we have chilly conditions out there as well. temperatures are other side of story. it's feeling like fall already. this is remnants of what was hurricane havrny. it is dumping a lo
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ohio valley and moving its way right towards mid atlantic. you can see what is happening here we're seeing rain continuing across the area there's a bit of light activity going on. parts of central virginia anticipating seeing much more heavy rainfall through this and across southern maryland tonight into tomorrow. tomorrow is not 10 0% was washout. but a few breaks here and there and don't hold your breath for a lot. we'll still see this rain that will impact us until we get into sunday. here's a look what we're anticipating anywhere from half inch to inch and a half of rain fan overall. could see heavier amounts to the south and that's because there's a chance of seeing thunderstorms pop up there. we have a marginal risk right here to the east and across areas southeast of seeing storms. if that happens we'll see heavier amounts of train fall.
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one of the models wants to bring this in and have ta and diminish by the middle part of the day. here's a look at this particular model and we'll show where this will be headed to. here we are 4:00 in the morning starts to fill in quite a bit and we're here until 2, 3 in the afternoon and tomorrow night once again still rain lingering through and doesn't seem to get out much until we get torlly afternoon hours of sunday. sunday a brighter day once the sim pushes out we'll have a warm front moving north and that is trigger for seeing possibly storms. ridge of high pressure building in and sunday much improved. sew he lingering wrap around showers by the time we get to sunday morning and after that things improve. irma category three hurricane smiping its way to sea. right now hard to predict what will happen with it. it's about 10 to 12 days off whether or not we'll see anything in terms of maybe the coastal u.s. still questions with that but we're watching close limit
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meanti 85. it is going to be fantastic. let's have a look at "fox5" accuweather 7-day forecast for you and things are rm whating up by the time we get to monday and mrept i of sunshine. couldn't can for a better labor day. mother nature is ready for a day off. >> i'm ready for one too. >> it's friday, right? >> yes. >> thank you, gwen. >> all right. >> team of university maryland bioengineering students is among best and brightest and they took home a prize sponsored by nih. goal is come up with a new design to help advanced technology and improve people's health. maryland team tackled alzheimer's and used a system of artificial intelligence to develop brain waves to detect alzheimer's years he from the disease strikes being. >> a machine learning algorithm once we eptser data set of patient that measures the brain waves we'll be able to classify as someone having alzheimer's or
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the characteristics and patterns of brain waves. the maryland team won 20,000 and they hope a pat sent in the future and they hope it's part of routine testing for adults 50 and older. congratulations to them. absolutely. >> coming up tonight at 10:30 a fox 5 rewind to the crime 13erb8. >> we'll see you baulk here tonight at 11. good night, everybody. rybody.
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local lives cut way too short. their murders remain a mystery to this day. fox 5 rewinds to these crimes in hopes of helping to find their killers. local lives cut way too short. "fox5" rewind to these crimes in hopes of finding their killers. i'm sarah simmons in the "fox 5 news" room. we've reported several ch chilling crimes over the years that today still remain
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so still searching for justice. the police stumped and cold flooded killers still on the streets. and over the next 307 minutes paul wagner highlights a few of the most notorious in recent years and we begin with the july 4 tradition 7 years ago that ended with one gunshot and ultimately ended life of 6 6 years john pernell we're serving for justice in d.c. and the clues left behind. >> vernon wise was in the yard of nelson place only a few minutes when the memories come roaring back. >> it's hard to relive stuff like that when you relive stuff like that. >> he says it all happened in a blink of eye three gunman entered while two others jumped the fence. >> which they put the gun in my face and told me t
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scientist to figure that out. like i said from what i've been through already before i'm going to coon rate. >> john pernell did not the retired officer decided he would fight back. >> he knew guns he was pro protective service officer he knew how to handle a gun. do you think he was thinking at the time that he could stop the robbery by doing what he was doing? >> to me all his instincts and job training and last conversation we had all kicked in. it all kicked in and when i see him go into action and do what he he did i can only think about our last conversation. john pernell took a shot to the head and fatal blow. >> gunman had a 45 automatic it
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>> the gunman didn't get much. $50, a phone and credit cards. >> the gunman got away in black chevy malibu and 0 minutes after the robbery a black chevy malibu was set on fire in the 1,000 block of yuk way after capitol heights boulevard. to this date no direct link was established between the car fire and robbery. >> over the years, two different detectives have investigated the case without turning up any real promising leads. >> npd interviewed numerous individuals that we believe may have had information or know the involvement of some others. we've done that and again to date we have not received information. >> i way you praise that you have gotten close to having people of interest in this case. >>
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>> never came one viable suspects. we've never come one a viable suspect at this time no. anything the type of person he was he did not deserve to die like that. he deserved to die in bed advanced age surrounded by his children and his grandchildren and. >> yolando joingleson and iana pernell finish be each other's sentences. >> tell me about your dad. >> outgoing, zany, loud, that was biggest sgrip tore. loud, funny. >> never met a stranger. i remember we would go out to eat and in restaurants and he would talk to people and afterwards we were asking how do you know them. i don't know them [ laughter ]. >> very social. >> he lived nelson place southeast where he and his friends would talk about everything from the redskins
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to musi. ♪ ♪ that's john dancing yolanda at her wedding you could not wipe the smile off his face. he worked for deades in the reef center and he was retired sometime when those gunmen walked into the yard. >> on one handy feel a sense of pride because you know, he wanted to help his neighbors. he didn't want anybody to be hurt. he was brave. there's a piece of me that wishes he did not. that he had complied like everyone else. >> but knowing him and who he was that was not something he was going to take lying down. >> you set up this memorial after john died hu? >> yes. >> what did you put here? redskins hat. >> he had a redskins
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we had a little statue right here. time has clearly taken a toll on the tribute to john but certainly not his memory. words can't taken. there's a 25,000 reward for information in this case. please call police if you have details to help them solve this case. >> now to a baffling murder mystery in fairfax county a man sitting inside his home watching tv shot dead. paul wagner has details after this short break.
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we have new information in the mysterious death of johan de leede. the fairfax county man w >> we have new information on mystioious death of johan
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searching for a suspect and a motive. he was found shot in his home. paul wagner has more. >> one johan delalay was shot he was in his living rooming face ago way from the window that looked out on a deck in the back of his house watching tv. >> we believe somebody approached in this general vicinity possibly on his back and using some kind of firearm firing into the window and kulinging mr. delada. >> he had his back to the window he may not have known what hit him. >> he was inside oym not necessarily sure he was sitting it's possible he could have seen somebody outside and possible he didn't. we may never know that. >> gunfire was loud. two rapid fire bursts heard by witnesses living along the home near the river gunman
10:41 pm
escaping into the night in the minutes following no one reported seeing boats on river or anyone running from the scene and most per flexing question loomed large especially in days to come. >> motive was the biggest things we look into it's very difficult when dealing with someone who was retired 20 years who spends most of his time here notice backyard and is also involved in the community. >> and if the police were m mistfied johan's family was stunned beyond belief. >> that's an under statement. we are shocked. this is surreal. we don't understand we don't have any idea who or why anyone would wanted to do this to johan. >> in only the second interview susie delala said her father in law had no en enemies and this fish vicious murder left them frightened and confused and she would only agree to a telephone
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>> we thought about it. with guidance from police they're having us dig into our memory to see if there's anything, anywhere we could remember but nothing in a y year, nothing. i spoke to his wife to see if she's done anything going through notebooks. computers, phones. seeing in there's any issue or contact he made have had with somebody and as of right now it appears nothing is here. >> johandelaylay is father avenue four and grand foreman of eight retired 24 years. >> he was like no other really was and you any that from the moment you met him. he was so kind he waswide wise and knowledgeable. susie remembers her father in law as tremendous listener who always offered sound advice. she was so generous with time and his home but most of all
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>> i'm less than a mile away from where mr. delalay was. police fwot a major clue. two witnesses heard a vehicle turning corner here and travel at high rate of speed down this straight away. one witness heard the vehicle but the second witness looked out a window and described seeing a large dark colored pickup truck with lights off. detectives believe witnesses heard the truck six to ten minutes after the callible that vehicle may have been involved well this. >> they have investigated this case the last year but have taken a closer look at one of his passions getting a bike trail built along gunton road. >> that was his community effort to have the trail put in. it's now under construction. so maybe that might have something to do with this
10:44 pm
case. we're not sure. >> detectives are looking to ul cellphone numbers pinging off cellphone towers in the week before the hearing when someone may have cased house and also looking at the numbers coming from same toys the night of murder. it allows us to see the cellphones used in this area at that time given that day and maybe day before and allows us to see if somebody was out here that we need to investigate or speak to. >> so now with a year gone by and no suspects or motive in sight they are hoping new attention to the case will generate fresh leads. >> we need that particularly that johan's wife needs to have closure on thvrment we need to understand why. it won't bring him back but we need to understand why. >> because it's such a mystery. >> it's such a mist reand something beyond our comprehension
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>> still ahead he worked with animals and boy did he love them. why would someone murder this 30-year-old man. the search tore take bennett's after the break. >>
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a recent murder in prince george's county has left
10:48 pm
ators with a mystery: who killed tae bennett, a man renowned for his ability to work with animals. detectives know there were witnesses to the april 4th >> who killed tay bennett renowned ability to work with animals. there were witnesses to the april 4 murder so far no one admitted to being there. tae bennett work with animals at the hugh main rescue alliance lasted 7 years before someone took his life. in that time the 1-year-old became a ledge end. he was magical with animals. you're born with what he has. you cannot teach what he has that's tvrnlts ae with lizard on shoulder and here he is with a snake. the story everyone lovers to tell is is the day he time the cockatoo. >> the time o
10:49 pm
a bird that escaped and he walked in the room and the bird landed on his head and the animals know a about person. the animals know a real pe person. ♪ lisa lafontaine is president and ceo of hugh main rescue alliance and she hired tae and deeply feels his loss. >> evry organization like hours needs buoyant positive person who can kind of rally us all and bring us up and keep perspective on why we're here and know when to put an arm around somebody on crack a joke. tae was our person. >> it's now been more than three months since the staff at alliance is shelter on new york avenue has seep a smiling face. instead of working with res okay dogs april 4 tae bennett was found shot to death on the driveway of
10:50 pm
lombard on landover. >> call we got was check on welfare. i believe someone going to work noticed mr. bennett lying in the driveway and thought he needed medical attention and called police. >> it was after 5:00 in the morning and detectives think he may have been laying there an hour or more. witnesses told police they heard an argument. >> we don't have a lot of information what occurred that night. we did a neighborhood canvas and people remember hearing gunshot over the night. nobody called. they could kind of hear people outside laughing and joking and we don't know what the conversation turned hostile and it is very brief and elevated voices people yelling and single gunshot and people scheme and heard sound of engines revving and people leaving the area. >> >> at least two. >> and lieutenant james mccareery says tae bennett grew up in the neighborhood and was sitting with friends in front of this house when the argument broke out
10:51 pm
but so far no one who was with tea that night let police know they were there as well. >> he had a passion nor animals and passion for animal rescue and dedicated his life to that. we're hoping once people help that they'll be inspired and come forward. >> tae bennett ability to calm animals left colleagues in aww and death left a huge void here. his birth known as tae day they dedicate aid park in his honor. >> when he was a boy ta e's mom said he would only eat part of super and would take the rest outside. >> it took a month or two to realize he was actually throwing food -- giving food to dogs. >> we talked to rebecca from her home in south carolina. >> i can't accept that someone shot him lining that and left him there and don't nobody know nothing. >> and now all anyone has is memories. >> so this is a
10:52 pm
tae's colleagues made for his children. and it has all of their favorite stories about his time with us here at work. >> the animals of d.c. especially 1201 new york avenue was lucky to have you on our side the hole you made in our family will never be entirely filled. rest easy tae we really, really miss you. julie anna. >> what we learned about tay bennett that about says it all. >> she owned a popular d.c. restaurant. one night she wept out dancing and the next day, found murdered in her bedroom. it's a cold case that has d.c. stumped. when we return who killed noria
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[music] we're back with one of d.c.'s most chilling unsolved crimes, the 2009 murder of u street >> back with one of d.c.'s chilling most
10:55 pm
the 38-year-old described as free spirit by those that knew her found strangled to death inside her northwest department it's a case that puzzled investigators and her family it's now been seven long years since carlos discovered body of his sister inside her apartment a shop that left him with swirl of emotions grief on top of anger and how could someone do this to nori. >> there's times i want to wake up and call her i want to hear her voice. have a drink and we always went out and had whine together and you can't and there's nothing you can do. ooh his sister was killed carlos struggled with emotions an
10:56 pm
street and moved to houston and didn't last. something was pulling him back. >> in a sense i didn't want to give up but need aid break. it didn't work hi to get back to d.c. >> he reopened kobes on connecticut avenue and kept calling police and prosecutors what's being done to close the case. any updates where are we and any developments and it sort of kind of went the same way the last 7 years. >> halloween night 2009, saturday, nuria maya worked the night shift before lea leaving. she nlt whated to dance. the salsa queen of d.c. wanted to dance. she went to rumba cafe why he was dating own other. before heading to russia house and bravo bravo where she met
10:57 pm
but didn't stay long. and took a cab home. that's nuri walking into the lobby 2:0 in the morning. she stops briefly to talk with someone at the front desk before checking mail and walking down the hallway. when sunday goes by carlos heads to the apartment monday morning. and by monday afternoon he feels something is terribly wrong. that's carlos and younger sister blanca checking in. >> when he they made it into her apartment they found her in bed wrapped in a comforter dressed in underwear and clearly murder when homicide investigators arrived and began to examine the body they found something chilling something that shook the veteran investigators. they discovered all of her fingernails were cut off. apparently an attempt to keep police from getting any dna. >> to
10:58 pm
to see and really understand there's something that can do that. that's unique. >> what happened in those first couple days. >> the first couple days we were able to definitely conduct numerous interviews and we did not arrive at the point of developing a true suspect in the case. so even today we're hoping someone will come forward with any information relative to what happened. >> the woodner apartment complex is huge and protected by cameras on front and side doors and despite that investigators were unable to come up with suspect in part because so many people were wearing halloween costumes and as investigation progressed detectives were able to pole the wicked plan to cover interrogatories. they discovered dna profile that so far was used to
10:59 pm
number of people out. >> a lot of friends who new my sister who were male have been tested also have been eliminated. >> everyone that i know has given their dna willingly. so far no match was found an a match when made carlos believes will be someone his sister knew. >> oh, yeah, oh, yeah. >> carlos and younger sister han or nuri by running this eaty in cleveland park. where every september ninth her birthday they invite friends in to celebrate her life. since this story aired de detective left the country to get dna on last person of interest connected with nuri. dna came back negative and the case remains wide open. if you have information about all the cold cases we featured please contact your local police department.
11:00 pm
rewind to the crime the search for justice. may their families find closure. >> this is "fox5 local news at 11". >> right now at 11 get ready for rain remnants of harvey headed this way. houp of the weekend will be a washout. >> plus a massive crackdown on illegal atv ryeers and how police are would being on the roads and sky to keep you safe. >> and is it offensive or school spirit? hear from both sides on the controversy surrounding a friday night football tradition. your news starts now. >> we begin tonight with breaking news. two people snot northeast d.c. >> it happened less than an hour ago police found victims 400 block eastern avenue and tonight's gunfire


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