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tv   Good Day DC  FOX  September 5, 2017 9:00am-11:00am EDT

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♪ straight ahead, another hurricane gaining steam in the atlantic. irma all already a category five storm now on collision course with the caribbean much the big question now, will it hit the united states? decision day for daca. i'm melanie alnwick outside the white house with the latest on the president's decision. back to work and back to school. that means some of the most crowded roads we've seen since summer begin and tomorrow could be even worse. we'll tell you why. and later, a former first lady gets in formation. we'll show you michelle obama's birthday shout out to beyonce' and tell you how queen b used her special day to give back to her hometown
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♪ ♪♪ >> i'm just letting her go. >> okay. >> rack it back up to nine right now. it's 9:00 o'clock ornithes tuesday, september 5th. glad you're with us this morning for another dave good day on this back to school back to work day. >> indeed also ahead this morning, back to back bombshells. yesterday it was that baby announcement from the duke and duchess. this time prince march harri' girlfriend is opening up about her royal romance. what meghan markelle is saying in the new issue of vanity fair coming up a little later. looking beautiful. >> making quite an interesting couple. >> harry and meghan? >> i think this is all -- >> it's love. >> like appearances part. >> between -- going out to the, w did she go the other day? some kind of sporting event with him and she was cheering him on. i wonder if that part is or connect traited not the love
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do not put negative energy in this reeling ship. erin are you with me. >> 100% with you. >> she's hoping to get an invitation. to me that was negative part that's not going to happen. >> how -- >> you're not going to the wedding. >> how do you know? >> that part. they'll get married probably. >> you don't know. you got connections like that? >> you never know. give a shout out to the universe to have them come on the show. >> oh, please. >> okay. >> oh, man. >> first at 9:02. it is calm weather for the morning commute. but tonight it could be a different story. we'll check in with tucker the birthday boy for details in just a minute. >> first though at 9:00 hurricane irma that's what we've been talking about all morning. the now category five storm still churning in the atlantic and inching closer to the caribbean storm has maximum sustained winds of around 175 miles per hour. and the us national hurricane center says it could get even more powerful. now the storm now gearing toward the caribbean and
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advisers of course have been issued in puerto rico and british and up s virgin islands and otter toes across the west inn wes today. we'll have more on storm preps here in the united states coming up. first though let's get over to tucker barnes right now many more on the storms and first check of our forecast locally as well. tuck? >> wisdom, thank you very much. let's get started. we'll start with irma and just show you another look here. unfortunately, storm firing on all cylinders you mentioned 175 miles an hour winds flying hurricane hunter through it this morning they found wind gusts above the surface at over 215 miles an hour so that is incredibly powerful hurricane. and official gust to 186. so this is about as strong as hurricanes get in the atlantic basin. we'll see if it doesn't add a few more miles per hour. bottom line it's very very dangerous hurricane. warnings now for the leeward island, put tow recon still on track here to get into at least very close to, into our around south florida by this weekend
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think mike has got more on the preparations taking place this storm not showing any signs of weakening if anything it should maintain its intensity over the next couple of days and be a major hurricane as it approaches florida here by the weekend. we'll have more on that coming up. let's talk local weather. we're off to mild start. 72 now in washington. 70 dulles. 73 up in baltimore at bwi marshall. there's another look at temperature, 72. we've got cold front off to the north and west that's go bring us cloud cover and then a few scattered showers thunderstorms this afternoon. don't want to advertise it as washout. it's not going to be an all day rain event here but we'll again have scattered showers around later this afternoon if we can get enough sunshine the first half of the day might get a thunderstorm as well and warm. look at that. 87 that's our warmest temperature we've had a around here in quite sometime that will be the warmest temperature we'll have for several days to come. much cooler starting top. details on the seven day and a lot more details and irma and the path in just couple of minutes. steve, back to you. >> tuck, thank you very much see in you little bit.
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state of emergency took effect in florida last night and hurricane center urging anybody in any warning area to make sure to prepare for the storm as soon as possible. mike is down in the newsroom a look honor's folk are getting ready for this, mike, it's about four days away from possible landfall in florida? >> hit in florida it would late saturday night or sunday. but again track still very uncertain. like tucker just said irma's path is uncertain. residents and officials are already in preparation mode just in case the storm does make landfall here in the united states. officials across the caribbean as well canceled flights, closed schools and calling on people to hunger down. >> we're going to get something. so better to be safe than sorry. south florida home improve many stores and supermarkets are filled with people getting ready for hurricane irma. flashlights, batteries, planks of wood, all the staples for what's now a category five st storm. >> it's important that you prepare.
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between life and death and in in some cases unfortunately. >> reporter: irma has been steadily strengthens it approaches the northeast caribbean with winds hitting 17. hurricane warnings have been issued for puerto rico and us virgin island but toots early to say definitely whether or not irma will hit the united states. with harvey just barely in the rear view mirror residents and officials are taking this very seriously. >> talking to our emergency operations folks and make sure that the county what we have to do is set to go. >> florida's governor certainly get ahead of the storm tweeting "i have declared a state of emergency for every florida county to help state, federal and local governments work together as we prepare for ir irma". >> be ready and expect the worst and if nothing else bad happens, you can have a great party in your backyard after the storm is over. >> that's positive spin on thing. hurricane irma is forecasted to turn to the north but time
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if it turns sooner it could potentially head up the east coast if it turns later get into the gulf. lots of possibilities here. we'll keep you updated all week long. kee it tuned right here. guys, i'll send it back upstairs to you. >> mike, let me ask you this. worst case example with florida bearing the prunt of it by the time it got here would it broken enough over land to give us a little rain or will we see still see something heavy. >> depends on where. if it skips florida the scoots off to the east of florida and hits south carolina we can get wind here. if it goes up that was florida or the gulf most likely harvey was here more of a cloudy kind of showery drizzily day. those details to be work out. >> you got it. thanks, mike. nip 0:97. maureen over to you now. >> speaking of harvey still too soon to know how many 37,000 heavily damaged homes in texas are sal salvageable. some will be submerged in water for up to a month. the death toll rose to 60
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560,000 families have registered for federal housing assistance beginning wednesday the house plans to vote on the first slice of federally provided aid for hurricane harvey recovery. the full scope of the devastation is now just setting in. >> the total devastation, the water, it was -- it was like a nightmare. today is the first time i've really broken down, and i feel like i need this. >> texas governor greg abbott says the toll cost could top $170 billion. many of the flooded homes are uninsured. wisdom and crew back to you. >> all right. thank you maureen. all right. let's talk congress now. because congress is back in session today after a five-week summer recess. and one of the top priorities will be dealing with an aide package for states hit hard by harvey. but that'
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the jenn today the trump administration is also demanding an increase in the nation's borrowing authority. they will also need to fund the government to avoid a shut down and the president's actions on immigration well they also end up major factor as well. meanwhile, president trump is expected to formally announce a decision to end daca today. >> that's right. the obama era program currently protects hundreds of thousands of undo you meaned immigrants who came to the united states as children. >> all right. fox5's melanie alnwick is live outside the white house with the very latest in this story. mel? >> reporter: good morning, guys. that announcement is expected around 11:00 this morning at the justice department. president trump signaled his decision, his thinking, in a tweet about an hour ago, saying congress get ready to do your job. >> we are all drama mers. >> reporter: frosters speaking out bones the president trump's administration expected announce many today to end daca the
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arrivals program that protects undo you meaned immigrants who came to the us as children. >> when you love somebody, you protect them and you care for them. and if the administration does decide to rescind the program that doesn't show any love or caring for chewer 91 the. >> president's decision follows weeks of internal deliberations even though mr. trump campaigned on terminating it. >> daca is a very very difficult subject for me i will tell me. to me it's one of the most difficult suckets i have because you have these incredible kids. >> reporter: but in june republican attorneys general from several states threatened a lawsuit if the trump administration didn't faze out the program by september 5th. now, president trump is expected to follow through on his campaign promise, but with a compromise. a six-month delay giving congressional lawmakers time to come up with solution for protecting the approximately 800,000 so-called dreamers that are already in the us. >> you do feel for somebody who was two years old and their parents brought them over, and do you punish then as well as
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the parents? but there are consequences to this. i don't think you given reward which leads to citizenship. >> reporter: sever senior republican leaders have said that they do support daca and plan to start working on a legislative solution. it is an uncertain path, though, as we know congress has tried and failed several times on immigration reform. live outside the white house, i'm mel know alnwick fox5 local news. >> mel, thank you for that. vern vernon davis he needs your help kicking off america sleeps out and all you have to do is raid your closet. coming up later my one-on-one with with the burgundy and gold star. >> back to school, ba tock work, back to headache that is d.c. traffic. oh, my goodness. we got it all covered for you coming up next. it is allege past the hour. hou.
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♪ back to school, back to work and everybody is out there on the roads doing something it look like. the end of the holiday weekend mark the start of what is known as terrible traffic tuesday because schools get back in session and all the other cars are on the road and congress and government back at work now. but apparently while today was bad tomorrow could be even worse. if we can imagine worse than the left side of that screen erin what's going on? >> i know.
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it's been a parking lot in the main lanes all morning bite pentagon. mix in the congestion with back to work crowd and some earlier freeway crashes that's what we're dealing with at 9:14 this morning. i can say terrible traffic tuesday it's definitely lived up to its name this morning. but woeful wednesday as we like to call it could be worse. as you take look at the roads over 160,000 students attend classes today, it's been a nightmare on 395 all morning. another really rough go of it has been 295 in both directions. to and from the 11th street bridge. we're seeing a lot congestion on the beltway as well in college park. it's just been very slow role this morning as we get back to those normal congested patterns post labor day holiday and those heading to school for the first day tomorrow just may trigger extended travel delays on area roads. when an additional 132,000 students in prince george's county begin school tomorrow morning. now according to the us census bureau, maryland will be tied with new york get that for the worst average commute
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work in the nation. so that's really bad commute time for maryland commuters. you can expect an average compute time tomorrow to be around 32 minutes. now, the pattern i noticed this morning it was basically from 430 to about six nice and quiet. if you're up early going to work you're in good shape. metro was on time except for minor blue line delays it's the congestion once kids hit the road and school buses to go back to school. you also have to slow it down through the school zones. use a lot of caution. be prepared to take it slow through the neighborhoods and we'll keep a close eye on this delay throughout the morning on good day d.c. and tomorrow because we know it's going to be just as bad on all those dmv roads, guys. >> do you think, wisdom, um, maureen as well your kids are older, first day of school more parents will drive their kids to school and put more cars on the highway. >> absolutely. >> there will be. because a lot of people this is a very special moment every y year. so what they want to do they want to share in on the very first day. after that all bets are off. [ laughter ] >> forget the kids. >> get there however you get there. initially there is a lot of extra traffic on the road. >> that backs up what
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saying once we got closer to school hours we started seeing more and more cars. >> our carpool we left way early this morning. i got a text saying we got way too early. we overate of estimated how much traffic there would be. >> that's better than being late to school on the first day. >> true that. >> we'll keep a close eye on it. >> let's talk about the school theme. back school means a new backpack full of supplies for some students at louis dale elementary school in hyatt hyattsville. >> bob barnard has been there for the last hour or so along with local realty group pitching in to help students have great school year. bob, i love this feel good st story. >> reporter: absolutely. yeah, you know what this is back to school day here because as you mentioned school doesn't start here in prince george's county until tomorrow. but here at louis dale elementary school a lot of kids here meeting their principal pastry is a and we'll interrupt as some of the kids are saying hello. >> hi. >> hi. >> hi. >> good morning. >> meet agnew student. i don't mean to interrupt. can i interrupt for just a second? would that be all right. >> then i'll have someone to fi o
9:18 am
to go. okay. >> that's the whole point of today, good morning. >> good morning. kids so tomorrow they'll know where to go when they come for sure. >> meet and greet their teacher and these are for my new and returning students as well. so at the last day of school, we had transition day. so all of our students knew exactly where to go. so some of them may forget today. but it's okay. [ laughter ] >> reporter: this is great. a lot of kids showed up. >> yes. >> reporter: one of things we mentioned earlier and we'll meet the folks giving them away a lot of kids have new backpacks and school supplies. how important -- this is a title one school. some families have financial challenges. they're showing up today and get aing free backpack and school supply. >> out stand. we're so happy to have this partnership with try star so this way they don't have to worry about replenishing their supplies throughout the school year. so we love the idea coming out this morning. >> reporter: awesome. good morning. >> good morning. thanks for letting us interrupt. hope you find your classroom all right. good luck. thumbs u
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about, baby. family owned real estate company try star real estate and chris is here with his daughter and wife and son-in-law and the whole family is here basically. who is minding the shop today? >> right here. the shop? oh, yeah, we have great people in staff and i wanted to send shout out to all my agents super agent we got in our office. >> reporter: someone at the office today. >> yes. >> chris tell me this. we showed and we'll show some video of what we experienced in the last hour. some 200 backpacks and school supplies for the kids and all but you also have some things for the teachers. >> absolutely. the teachers sometimes take their own money and buy supplies we wanted to give back at least they have something that, torque if sill at any time so they don't have to use their own money. so we have printers here. we have a lot of boxes of stuff. mouse and just it goes on and glob good stuff. i don't know. if you have more than one mouse are these mice or mouses? [ laughter ] >> any way, we'll ask wisdom that. how about that? >> wisdom will know the answer. all right. thanks, guys. it was a great morning here. lots of kids as we
9:20 am
the school. lots of kids are getting new backpacks and school supplies, rayons, colored pencils and all that good stuff, guys and meeting their assistant principal and principal here and finding out where they go when they get here tomorrow for real. montgomery county started today. my kids were on the bus. they got on the bus. a lot of these kids will be on the bus tomorrow, guys. exciting stuff here in suburban maryland. >> it's always exciting when the kids go back to school and great to see people opening up their hearts and their wallets for such a good cause. >> bob, tell chris the realtor it is mices like they say on snaggle pus the cartoons. i hate you mice toss pieces. you never seen that cartoon. >> polices. >> i hate you polices to peaces. >> i love it. >> it's an old school -- erin your parents would know. >> your parents? good lord. >> her parents -- she's a lot younger than we are. >> man. i'll ask mrs. como. >> ask her about snaggle pus and i hate you meces to pieces. >> i'll refer to google at the commercial break. throw us your current back to ho
9:21 am
#fox5firstday and let's see the picks of all the youngsters heading back to school today. 9:20 right now. coming up later on kev sits down with the cast of the new reece witherspoon comedy home again. >> first though new rules at a utah hospital after that controversial nurse arrest plus new rumors about the latestism phone and why today wisdom listen up might be the pefect day to order a pizza. >> it's already done, baby. >> we've got a check on what else is making headlines coming up here on good day dcg pizza for everybody after school. >> peas pizza. no toppings. >> that's good. >> you good with that. >> i'm good with that. five dollars. ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ with the company trusted for more than 75 years, you have the compassion and strength of a name, giving you the courage to enjoy the ride. carefirst blue cross blue shield. live fearless.
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>> but you need meme every house needs a cass. the house could get over one are you m e-z es. >> that's great to see. no, no, no let's not get carried away. >> you missed the point of the mec es. we were trying to educate about snaggle pus and the mece is. i hate you mec e-z to pieces. >> that looks like a neat cartoon. i'll show my nephew. >> it's a little violent. >> is it. >> there's old. >> my sister is strict. let's disregard that. >> look at you why are we watching this right now? i'll text my sister that says what are you doing. >> you might be surprised. my daughter and my niece and nephew found tom and jerry like extreme violent. >> eye love tom and jerry. >> but they love it. they love it. >> it was great. >> we all grew up on that stuff. will exactly. lock at us now. >> we turn out just fine. [ laughter ] >> or did we? >> all right. that's the story for a different day
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at nine confidential 24 time to take a look what else is making headlines this morning. first up, new tensions between north korea and south korea. south korea navy conduct add live fire exercise off the country's eastern host the display follows north korea's latest nuclear test. more navy drills are planned this week in the surgeon seas it conducted a joint drill with five -- f15 fighter jets to quote strongly warn north korea over those nuclear tests. meanwhile russian president vladimir putin condemned north korea's nuclear test as quote provocative but called for talks with north korea and callinged against whipping up military hysteria. >> calls for change at a hospital in utah disturbing video surfaced of a police officer arresting a nurse when she refused to draw blood from unconscious patient involved in fatal accident. crowds demonstrators held rallies in support of that nurse over the weekend. hospital officials are answering their cries for change.
9:26 am
new policy makes it so that nurses will be strictly responsible for the patient's well-being making them not obligated to deal with law enforcement altogether. back here at home police continue to search for suspect responsible for in the shooting death of the son of former university of maryland football coach mike locksly. 25-year-old mico was found in the 5500 block of harp perps farm road in columbia last night. he died a short time later at the hospital. anyone with information is pleased ask to call howard county police. new iphone users listen up many your face may soon become your iphone password. that's one of the new features expected with theism phone eight. now, meantime android users listen up. you know that that is in a sny concept. android has had face unlock sips 2011. so old feature for android us users. there has been concern that sensor could be tricked by hackers with photos or identical
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issue have been addressed by recent technologically advances. finally, i like to consider this some of the best news of the day if you're a pizza fan. today is your day to indulge. national cheese pizza day. that's national day i can get down with and some of the big changes are -- chains are celebrating with deals. pizza hut i used to get every friday when a i was kid and they will be selling large cheese pizzas for five bucks. get your deal on, wisdom. you can join the pizza party online with the hash tag national pizza day. just remember hold off the toppings. keep it simple. maybe adjust little bit of crushed red pepper if you want to spice things up i like to deep mine in ranch dressing and hot sauce mixed to go. >> eh. >> you got a lot of details. >> you got confession you want to make here? >> yeah. >> i like pepper on it with cheese and little bit of hot sauce. >> little bit of pinch of pepper. >> wow. you like your pizza. >> five dollars. >> i love my pizza. >> no shame. >> i'm going to have it today
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>> burgundy and gold star wants to you clean out your closet all for a good cause. coming up my sit down with tight end vernon davis. >> tucker barnes back with more on hurricane irma. thinking about pizza i can't even think. thinking about that pizza. hurricane irma's path in the atlantic and when we could see some more rain in this area. steve, take it away before i -- >> i feel erin's i paid for a cheese pizza but got a supreme. fresh at 10a meghan markelle opening up about her relationship with prince harry for the first time. what she told vanity fair about the royal romance former first lady in formation. to celebrate beyonce''s birthday we'll show you the pictures and how bee i don't know you've the occasion to help her hometown of houston, texas. we welcome home a home a local band. they are coming home champions. we'll sit down with the guys from black alley at 10:00 o'clock. at 10:00 o'clock harry's sophomore season we'll talk to the host about what's in store for the show his recent trip to houston.
9:29 am
helping out hurricane victims want he thinks about the return of will and grace. he was in the finale which didn't exist any more now that we're doing a new show -- harry will sort it out for us coming up at 10:00 much it's 9:30 right now and we'll be right back. ♪ ♪♪
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>> for his birthday he want add cameo. we'll check in with him in second for the forecast
9:32 am
the marlins. coming you have disappointing series the brewers look for much needed win. second inning down by one anthony rendon going deep for his 23rd homerun of the season. a lot of mvp chatter so far this late at the season but his competition will be bryce ha harper, ryan zimmerman daniel murphy. top of the third, marlins rob nats howie kendrick avenue hit with sliding catch. that was jean carlos san tan who hit a homerun. >> how about for him? >> 53 i think for the season. ridiculous. tyler moore hits one deem. new nat robs him of the homerun. pitcher celebrates and the whole team celebrated nats within- to pretty catch. dodgers stadium los angeles if you missed this game one for the history book. j-d martinez they picked up mid season to try to help in the world series run so they think did his part last night. smack four homeruns off four different pitchers. dodgers win three-zero in the history of major league bas baseball. since game one,
9:33 am
19th century, only 17 players have ever hit four homeruns in one game. >> really? >> jd martinez the latest to do it. did it last night. >> i like it. >> tuck here's your weird universe being. >> i'm ready. >> the nats had their series in houston right before harvey hit. and now they're playing in miami we've got irma churning toward miami. >> oh wow. >> steve, that's deep stuff. >> right? >> yeah. i thought you were going to talk about alien abduction or something. >> close enough. >> it's your birthday dude. we can talk about whatever you want. >> whatever. >> yeah, what's interesting is nfl season starts on sunday, and i guess miami and tampa are supposed to be playing down in miami. that game may need to be rescheduled or moved. >> i would imagine so. >> not good. they'll play houston is going to its first game. >> in houston. >> i believe it's in houston. >> yeah yeah yeah i think that's correct. let me talk about what i might know about. >> you're forgetting stuff already. >> or aliens either. >> that can still happen. 72 in washington. we do have some clouds on the increase here from the
9:34 am
we'll focus on our local weather first we'll get to to irma and show you the monster storm it has become. there's your satellite/radar and quiet at the moment actually sunshine bright beautiful this morning with winds out of the south had chance to became up. we have clouds those of you off to the north and west starting to see some of that cloudiness. i can't say that fast three times. and some rain showers out here now getting into western maryland, and this is all associated with some cooler and drier air which will eventually get in here but this front will kind of hang up so i think it's early as possibly three, 45:00 o'clock we'll have scattered showers around and then later tonight as that front hangs up we'll have showers overnight and then again into the day on wednesday with mostly cloudy skies. and a chance for few more showers tomorrow. there's future cast. nothing terribly heavy you the idea. scattered showers by three, 45:00 o'clock if we get enough sunshine we may get a strong storm or two but this is not going to be wash out kind of afternoon. there we are at 6:00 o'clock tonight with a few showers around. then overnight we'll see the showers redevelop as our
9:35 am
and cool day tomorrow. so mid 80s today. only in the low 70s -- only in the low 70s for daytime highs tomorrow. down to the tropics this is unfortunately gripping the weather community. because this is a monster hurricane the this hour. that is hurricane hunter and that is showing you the flight path it's taking chris crossing the storm. it found a max pump gust of 186 miles per hour and they're estimating the sustained winds now at 175. that make it category five hurricane. very very dangerous hurricane. one of the things we look at when we try to forecast the intensity of a hurricane that's water temperatures. the water temperatures when they get above 80 that's the fuel that keeps these hurricanes going, and unfortunately, here's the latest winds now 175. pressure 929 millibars this is already one of the strongest storms ever in the atlantic basin. the fuel for this storm firmly intact as officially it makes a track towards southern florida bite end of the weekend. water temperatures again if they're above 80, you're
9:36 am
that whole zone the water temperatures 85 plus. we've got lots every lots of energy for this storm over the next couple of days. likely to maintain its intensity as major hurricane as it approaches south florida bite epp of the weekend that's why they're starting preparations today. 87 for us this afternoon. late day storms. little cooler tomorrow. no, a lot cooler tomorrow with clouds an few showers around 72 but we keep the weather nice here tour the end of the week. just little on the cool side. fall feel out there friday, saturday, sunday with lots of sunshine. low 70s. latest with irma coming up next hour. guys, back to you. >> all righty, thank you. there's no denying that homelessness has become epidemic not just in the us but really all over the world. but one local burgundy and gold player hooking to help combat that epidemic dmv native and super star tight end vernon davis he is spearheading a kick off event this friday in support of sleep out america. it's called vernon's closet he and his teammates will gather and donate clothes to local n
9:37 am
washington and earlier this morning i got a chance to sit down with vernon and today hen non of covenant house to learn more about this event and why he's joining this fight. >> thank you both for being here. vernon, you are kicking off sleep out america by donating clothes to covenant house washington. what is sleep out america. >> sleep out america is platform to bring more awareness to homelessness and poverty. so you sleep out all across the world and you pretty much, um, doing what homeless people would do if you were on the streets. you get a chance to experience that first hand, an lot of people don't know what it's like and what they go through. so you have that opportunity to do that and now you could -- you see what it's like first hand experience. >> why is this important to you? >> it's important to me because i feel like in life is all about helping one another, and if i'm, f i'm behind it, i can use this platform that i have no not only through the nflhr
9:38 am
closet to bring more aware notice it and people can see, hey, this thing is really serious. >> you're supporting covenant house and you're the director of covenant house. >> yes what is covenant house. >> it's largest leading non-life profit that supports homeless disconnect and exploited young people in this region but actually across the country. and so we provide them not only with housing but education, work force readiness, wrap around supports in order to get them back on track and so we're excited that they vernon is supporting us and supporting our young people and they love him in that process but this is a really important opportunity to raise the awareness about the issue of hunger and homelessness. >> you said young people. i think that's what struck me. >> yes. >> we think of homelessness and i think the it image a lot of people have someone that's older but these are young people. >> these are young people and they're often invisible. people don't think about them in that process. they're the most vulnerable young people target group is 18 to 24. but we support as young as 12.
9:39 am
>> my goodness much that's heartbreaking to hear that. >> yes. >> but we know it happens. >> yes. >> you've opened up your heart. you're using your platform vernon's closet. >> yes. >> sharp dressed man. >> absolutely. >> using this platform. >> absolutely. >> to help bring awareness. what is vernon's close set. >> vernon's closet so basically i gathered up a lot of clothes from my closet. not only from my closet but also from my teammates. thank you teammates. and close friends of mine and we're going to partner with covenant house. >> yes. >> and we're going to give back and make a difference. >> yes. >> so are you telling me someone could possibly get your -- the clothes you're wearing, your teammates someone could score something like that. >> yes. >> what? >> my young people are totally excited. >> i know. >> they can't wait for the event to happen. and for someone like vernon davis to take an interest in them, to not only give his clothes but also to give his time, his talent to come in to be a part of them. to help them know they are important and we're excited about it. >> how are you asking people to get involved? how can they take part in this event. >> so they can take
9:40 am
event with sleep out america. every year annually we give executives and leaders the opportunity to sleep out one night as vernon has done with us in the past to sleep out one night so that they can experience what it feels like. this year we're opening this up across the country sleep out america. anyone who would like to high ten the awareness and offer support to young people that are hungry and homeless, you have the too chance to actually sign up, you can sleep out where you are. with your friends. with your church with your colleges. with your fraternities and sororities and help to support young people as vernon is doing. >> this is on friday sept september 8th, right? >> friday september 8. >> friday september 8th when vernon's closet. what he's doing his initial kick off contribution. the sleep out is actually on november 16th. >> okay. we have a little while to go. >> yes. >> how can people i don't know this get involved, because this is a perennial problem unfortunately. >> yes. >> people do want to help. beyond this what can they do? >> you can
9:41 am
we need not only financial support, we need clothing to help them with that process. we do food. we provided 62,000 meals last year. >> my goodness. >> to hungry young people. we need tutors. we need mentors. if you go to our website w www.covenant house you have the opportunity to sign up as volunteer or to make the opportunity -- or to contribute to us. >> you heard about cove nant house. you've heard of vernon's clot that's september 8th and come out and get involved. the need is so important. thank you for all do you to both of you. >> thank you. >> hey, sharp dressed man. can't go wrong here. >> absolutely. >> you can get these -- this fit, too. right. >> that's right. >> come on it it's a good cause. thank you both for sharing this with us and being an inspi inspiration. >> thank you. >> you're welcome. thank you. >> vernon's closet sleep out america kick off happening this friday september 8 financial five to 7:00 at the covenant house in southeast. my tanks to dr. henson the director of could have n
9:42 am
dc. wonderful woman doing amazing work. kudos to them. >> vernon is a good guy. coming home and giving back. watch out he looks like michael strahan on tv. >> that megawatts smile. i'm telling you. >> reece witherspoon plays the older lady in her new romantic comedy home again. coming up, kevin sits down with the oscar winner and the three younger guys who move in with her. what? i want to see this movie. we'll be right back. >> just see the movie or... [ laughter ] rginia went to vmi. trained at johns hopkins. an army doctor who treated soldiers seriously wounded in the gulf war. eighteen years as volunteer medical director of a children's hospice. as lt. governor, he's fighting to expand healthcare in virginia. he'll get it done as governor. ralph northam: i'm ralph northam, and we need to provide access to affordable healthcare for all virginians, not take it away.
9:43 am
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9:45 am
hi. >> how you doing tonight? >> me? um, yeah. >> oh, i'm doing great. thank you for asking. >> um-hmm. >> so i'd like to offer to buy you drinks. >> really. >> i think the bartender is slightly under the impression that i'm taking her home ton tonight. >> oh. but you're not. >> no, i'm not. >> why is that? >> because i have start talking to. >> i hate to do this they're asking me ask for your id. >> so... >> i'll give it to you. >> okay. how is that? >> you just take it as compliment. >> um-hmm. >> i'm harry. by the way i'm definitely old enough to drink alcohol. >> i'm alice. me, too. >> obviously. >> all right. so that's a clip from the how movie home again romantic comedy about single mom living in los angeles played by reece witherspoon and her live changes very up
9:46 am
allows three young men to move in with her. and kevin got a chance to sit down witness stars to talk all about it. take listen. >> i was talking to my wife earlier and my wife and i actually danced to color blind at my wedding that was like our wedding dance song. >> really. >> yeah. i'm curious, when you meet people who have watched your movies do they tell you stories of how it related personal toll them. >> like what's one of the case yesterday stories you've heard from fans how you affected their lives? >> i hear lot. i went to law school which is legally blond which is emotional for me, and it's really touching and amazing how powerful film can be. >> when you play character do you miss people you may. >> do you miss alice. >> i miss the family on this movie. we were really a family. i text the boys all the time. i see the girls. i miss them. yeah. but i loved my characters. i miss elle woods i even miss tracy flick little bit. >> do you really good that would be fun to play
9:47 am
back at her. >> i just love a lot of things about her like her face and her personality. >> ♪ >> maybe it's fate that they met you. >> do you have luck versus talent. it's an interesting dialogue in the movie because hollywood is so interesting because it is who you know but also the talent that you have. i'm curious as acts, how do you define that element of luck versus tal leapt and how you got into where you are today? >> some say that luck is being in the right place at the right time. i feel like you can sort of increase your luck by being in a lot of places a lot of the time. [ laughter ] >> yeah. >> for you? >> um, yeah. i think i've had a lot of luck but i do think there's an element of putting yourself out there. >> persistence. >> persistence that goes hand in hand but yeah. tollly. la is the place where it's not about necessarily the audition you go on for but a matter of who you bump into at starbucks honestly. >> yeah. i think the one thing i'd add to that if you meet anybody
9:48 am
reece or anybody who stood the test of time it really is their talent and their drive, because there's a lot, you know, it's like i remember, um, emma roberts saying i can definitely get my foot in the door because of my family or whatever but the only way i'll keep the doors open is by being good. i think that's, f you're not good it's like you just start -- i feel like the opportunities start getting slimmer and slimmer and if you're good the doors keep opening. >> oh, boy. >> home again hits theaters friday and we were all having a little discussion we're curious to hear more about the plot and how and why those three younger gentlemen ended up moving in with reece witherspoon's character. >> everybody picture perfect as always in hollywood movie. >> i know the plot. not interested. >> oh, no. >> absolutely not. >> love story about three dudes -- >> it's a lifetime movie. >> erin said we wanted to learn more about it not go see and find out for ourselves. >> i will tell you i'll see it and report back. >> to them. [ laughter ] >> i'll i want to know, here
9:49 am
thing. is there any fighting? >> probably not. >> probably -- >> is there any act at all. >> oh, yeah. >> there's some action in this. >> not that kind of action. >> high speed chase. >> not -- >> somebody is chasing some something. >> i said high speed chases. >> that's what they call it, too. >> there's three of them. they might be racing to the finish line. >> racing for the same beautiful lady. even that's the plot. i could be totally wrong. >> they fight over her. there's fighting. >> arguing. >> come on. >> this is the action you've been looking for, wisdom. >> and she's the super hero, wis. >> it's all there. you just have to look for it. >> is that what it is i have to dig a little deep. >> like we have to do with this show sometimes. >> 9:49. we're sharing some of the back to school pictures that you have been sending in. we can all agree with that one, right? >> that's good. >> i love picking out my first day of school outfit. do you remember when you would,ing. >> i wore uniforms.
9:50 am
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9:52 am
♪ >> yes. >> my favorite time of the year. >> jackson five. >> my favorite time of the year. >> kiddies are learning. >> no. first day of school. they got to go back to school. get out of my house and go back to school. >> kids are relieved, too, thank goodness. >> probable are.
9:53 am
probably. hallelujah we get away from all this work. these are pictures we've been asking towsend in for the first day of school. ready for ninth grade and third grade. #fox5firstday #gooddaydc. >> i love it. >> i love these photos. look at this cutty. this is morgan it's their first day of kindergarten she's ready to go. >> love it. >> sweet morgan. >> second grade. ready to go. all right. i love all the back to school outfits because you know how exciting that is. >> second grade, third grade. ninth grade. >> look at this guy. >> hi sammy. >> sammy is in delaware. new from maryland. >> very nice. >> first day of maryland middle school. >> lock at these dapper dons. freshman and sophomore first day back for prince william county. guys looking good. sharp dressed men. speaking of which -- >> fourth grade. first grade. deer park schools
9:54 am
>> look at this little guy. mew kiss sin logan his first day at school. hearts all over virginia are breaking today. he's back. >> aww. >> great shout out for your cousin. i love it. >> little smile there. aww. keep them coming. keep them coming. shout out your little ones as they head back to school today. >> very cool. share more in the 10:00 o'clock hour as well. also going to talk with -- we'll talk with harry connick, jr. obviously got season two of his show coming up but i want to talk to him about what's happening down in texas right now. he was just down there helping out as best as he can of course did he that after katrina as well so we'll talk to him about those, muss if all right fan of the new will and grace we'll see if we can scoop on that. he was a big player before it went off the air the first time. >> also we'll talk to a band a local band black alley. they are the battle of the bands champions. they were in paisley park the home of prince. >> what? >> we'll tell obey little competition think went through.
9:55 am
that. what else they did when they were at paisley park and what's going to happen with them coming up next. >> love it. we also have chef edward lee in the house he's opening new restaurant in penn quarter and we're so excited to talk with him about all his new upcoming projects. >> all right. first, though, it's coffee time on good day dc. if you've been ey eyeing our col good mugs listen up we now have that cool new good day dc dunkin' donuts mug to give away. perfect kipp p cup for that great dunkin' donuts coffee head to fox5 or our facebook page at www.fa d.c. to enter our mug contest. one luck kerwin they are selected by random drawing but hurry you out residential until 11:00 to enter right now it's 9:55. when you do enter post a picture if you win with your mug. we'd like to shout you out with your mug of joe. back after this. ♪ >> i can use a third cup. >> me, too. >> ♪ twork. and with the new fios gigabit connection... you get our fastest... internet ever.
9:56 am
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must see moments only only good day at 10a. we have a red hot celebrity dish. taylor swift's racy bridesmaid speech. michelle obama gets in form formation, plus sharon osbourne drops a bombshell boos oh seize's cheating. also 10a harry connick, jr., life. we're talking about the return of his talk show, will and grace, will he be back? and that idol reboot. plus it was a top-secret battle of the bands at principle's paisley park our local band won. their live in the loft and just wait until you hear what's next for them. he's been all over your tv including fox's master chef and this morning edward lee is here live to give us a sneak peek of his new d.c. restaurant. let's do this
10:00 am
two, one. the 10a starts right now. ♪ there you go. >> i'm afraid to ask what we're working with today. >> they don look like but they're -- >> i was kind of afraid that was the direct we were going. >> here's the thing i'm going to deep fry them. everything is good when you deep fry them. >> when you fry it, it's true. i agree with you. >> put our trust in you. >> that will make cracklings or something p doing salad with shaved brussel sprouts and fried pig ears. >> we have a half hour to tri to get up our courage and our nerve to dig into this. chef, we're leaving it in your hands. >> you'll try it. >> suffering succotash. >> he's been waiting all morning to say that. >> oy never heard that before. >> which cartoon is that one from. >> suffering sacco tash -- hold on. >> someo
10:01 am
checking you with the -- that's, um, they said -- snaggle pus. >> suffering so company tash. >> he says everything is snack gel pus. >> somebody will get me if it's not. >> that's right. let us know. >> i'll keep you in check. keep us n. we'll dot same with you. i'm steve alongside maureen, wisdom, erin is here. holly enjoying the day off. back to skull for so many people. we want to see your pictures back to school pictures like to see everybody's back to school fashion. showed few great ones. they're on our twitter and we want to you hash tag it fox5 first day so that we can find it and try show as many on tv as we can. >> all right. 10:01 is the time right now. first at 10:00 we're tracking irma. the storm is now powerful category four hurricane churning its way through the caribbean. now watches and warnings are already in effect for islands in its path. now the big question this morning is, whether the storm will impact the east coast of the united states. for answers to that question we'll turn now to tucker barnes this morning. good morning to you. good morning to you
10:02 am
as you track the storm. >> thank you, wisdom. quick correction it's now category five hurricane that just tells us the winds are about as strong as they can get in hurricane with sustained winds of 175. and we seen gusts approaching 200 in fact over to 200 above the surface when they flew a hurricane hunter few a couple hours ago. unfortunately storm perfect and just able to maintain a lot of intensity at this hour. we'll see what happens over the next couple of days. but as i mentioned, about half hour ago, there's plenty of fuel for this storm as water temperatures any time you get water temperatures above idea plenty of fuel and they're in the mid 80 range just to the south of miami. that's live look. tracking off to the west. again winds 175 gusts appr approaching 200, and the forecast track here we'll get update in about an hour's time. with the national hurricane center. the updated track of this category five hurricane takes i
10:03 am
perilously close to the keys and southern florida by the middle of the weekend by early sunday morning. so this storm obviously is going become very big news story over the next several days and has the potential to really deal a knock out blow to southern in order if it arrives as major hurricane with winds approaching 150 miles an hour that's current forecast. so of course a lot can happen. land areas sometimes have tendency to tear these storms up so we can keep our fingers crossed if the storm won't be that strong when it approaches florida but again looking more and more likely that we'll have a major hurricne approaching south florida by this weekend. all right. locally, got some clouds off to the north and west i want to mention rain showers and perhaps thunderstorm in our forecast this afternoon. but a warm one. 87 around here this afternoon with mid to late afternoon thunderstorms a possibility. they'll be scattered. cooler temperatures tomorrow. talk more about our forecast and as soon as i get any updates with irma i will pass them along to you guys. back to you. >> thank you very much, tucker. >> before we check what's trending let's c
10:04 am
morning. >> from irma to harvey too soon to know more than 37,000 heavily damaged hopes in texas are salvageable but houston officials say some will be submerged in water up to a month. meanwhile the death toll in houston rose to 60 overnight. fema says 560,000 families have registered for federal housing assistance beginning wednesday the house plans to vote on the first slice of federally provided aid for hurricane harvey recovery. for some in this region the full scope of the devastation is just now setting in. >> meantime president trump set to announce the end of daca program today. while we don't know exactly what he will say, there are report that is president trump will let those currently in the us stay until their permits expire which could be as long as two years. there's also talk of a six-month delay in enforcement to give congress time to act. north carolina man heads to court charged with killing his wife. matthew phelps claims he took so much cold medicine before waking up to find her dead he
10:05 am
911 telling the dispatcher he may have accidentally killed his wife. police say the woman died from stab wounds. phelps and aspiring pastor claims he took the cough medicine because he had trouble sleeping. he's being held without bond. also making headlines this morning new numbers show the average american works longer hours than people in the majority of other countries. the survey shows we work average of 137 more hours per year than people in japan. 260 more hours than people in the uk and 500 more hours than people in france. and finally, they're back. pumpkin spice latte season officially began starbucks making that announcement oh on facebook live yesterday this is about the same time it was released last year back in 2016 it rolled out on septem september 4th. so all you pumpkin fans out there, you can now go out and get your fix because pumpkin spice lattes are back. >> okay. pumpkin beers were out a month ago.
10:06 am
for slowing. >> what is it, the erosion pumpkin is inchings closer into september. >> i don't like that. >> it must stop. i plea with you people out there. stop it. >> i guess i'm the only one who doesn't like pumpkin, right. >> i don't care for it. >> i'm not big fan. >> not a pumpkin guy. >> i'll have slice of pie just to have it. >> i do love the pumpkin spiced latte. >> oh, no. >> it has to be mid objection for me to full enjoy it. >> colder. i need my leggings, oversized sweater. my little latte in my hand. >> you are descriptive with your food and drinks today. [ laughter ] >> you get all into it. >> setting the scene here maureen. >> pizza and latte. just forget it. >> i'm really hungry. maybe that that has something to do with it. >> i can't get work force study when it comes to 500 hours 12 and a half weeks by the study we're working on of a 12 and a half weeks more work per year than people in france are doing. >> you know what this means. >> where is the outrage? >> we need more vacation. >> that's three months more work than we're doing than
10:07 am
france. >> you know what this means. >> we need three months off. >> or we move to france. >> there's a lot of good cheese and baguettes. >> i was waiting for you to go there. >> and wine. >> wine. >> cheese and baguette with just little -- >> hint of pumpkin. >> little hint of spice. >> pumpkin puree maybe. >> you were on today. >> let's check what's trending. >> erin. >> first up, prince harry's girlfriend meghan markelle speaking out about their royal relationship with most public comments on harry so far. she grace the cover of van in it fair magazine "we're two people who are really happy and in love. wisdom got choke up he's excited she was surprised by how quickly the public attention increased after her relationship with the prince went public. i'm not surprised there. it's prince harry and she's beautiful. she says "we were very quietly dating for about six months before it became news and i was working during that whole time only thing that changed was people's perception. nothing about me changed. i'm still the same person that i
10:08 am
am and i've never been defined myself by my relationship "the two travel back and forth between london and toronto where meghan films the show suits. and many speculate wedding bells are eminent and that would be so exciting. i think she seems so real and so just, you know, who she is and i bet you that's why he likes her so much. >> here's a question. >> i'm just putting it out there i know what you're going to say. >> there's a third royal baby do you schedule your wedding you can't schedule around the time of birth of that baby. you can't one up your big brother. >> that's a good point. >> exactly. >> i say he proposes soon while she's pregnant. let's her have the baby and then have a pretty beautiful little flower girl. >> i have to say -- >> or boy. >> i think she's having a girl. >> she spoke of the relationship public it might be doomed. >> you do think so. >> you can't talk about it. >> what if he already proposed and we just don't know yet and that's why she feels comfortable to talk about it. >> do you think. >> i hope so maureen. >> two flower girls if you want us for the wedding party. >> we
10:09 am
lifetime. >> i want a royal wedding. >> she would wanted beg to the camera it took less than an hour. >> steve, you are so money on that. if we were ta taking vegas oddsn that. you'd be rich man. >> one to one odds. >> i get choked up hearing about the love story. >> you heard me get choke up. nothing to do with -- >> we talked about the future baby. we kind of jump the gun here spespeaking of royal family we found out there would be another baby. duke and duchess getting ready to welcome baby number three. speaking of odds we're learning just a few days britain prince george starting to school. the little prince scene right there straight out of the little prince book actually textbook, right, will be attending thomas' batter see in south london on thursday. >> sounds fancy. >> the four-year-old will not take on the first day alone dad says he'll be there holding his hand. >> aww. >> traffic will probably be messed up all over south london like it is in dc. it will be beautiful moment. >> aww. >> is there anything cuter than a little boy in knee socks and shorts. >> no, there's really not
10:10 am
black patent leather shoes. >> the knee socks work over seas not so much here. >> not here. >> when is the laugh time you saw a little boy -- >> my nephew. knee socks and shorts. >> where was he going. >> we were going to church that day. my sister dresses him like that and he's adorable. boom! >> where are the haters now? >> right. >> fashion forward. >> thank you. >> 10:10 is the time. don't believe it one bit. doing dc proud. coming up a little bit later we're sittin down with some of the band members from black alley to talk about their award winning performances at the first ever battle of the bands hell at prince's paisley park. >> we need proof of this. you pull up evidence. i got to read this first. >> okay. >> first though the ultimate beyonce' tribute wait until you see how former first lady michelle obama wished the queen a happy birthday before we head to break checking out more of your back to school pictures and here's this little cutie saying, hey, bring it on world. braden
10:11 am
pre-school. that's a big day. >> i know, isn't it. >> love this one charles county representing. >> looking good, guys. >> ♪
10:12 am
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and switching has never been easier. get out of you contract with up to a $500 credit to help cover your early termination fee. go to he's our pediatrician, dr. ralph northam. born and raised in rural virginia went to vmi. trained at johns hopkins. an army doctor who treated soldiers seriously wounded in the gulf war. eighteen years as volunteer medical director of a children's hospice. as lt. governor, he's fighting to expand healthcare in virginia. he'll get it done as governor. ralph northam: i'm ralph northam, and we need to provide access to affordable healthcare for all virginians, not take it away.
10:14 am
>> 14 is the time. that means we stuck our brakes ben. >> prompter is not working. >> it's good. >> for the love of all -- >> celebrity dish time. let's talk about the queen. beyonce' she's celebrating her birthday and supporting the victims office hurricane harvey as only queen b can do. to mark her 36th birthday her website featured photos of her famous friends in formation. >> amazing. >> pretty cool, right. >> amazing two your left right there that is none other than former first lady michelle obama getting in formation to the right serena william pre baby i'm assuming this is her in formation. of course it was a family af affair. beyonce' does her family gets in on the act. blue ivy got in formation. her mother got into formation. her
10:15 am
all of them just paying homage to the queen b on her 36th birthday. 18 photos in all were posted with the message, asking fans to support relief efforts in hosting along with the links to two charities. of course, jay-z kicked off her birthday tribute on sunday night when he stopped his set at made in america festival to have the crowd sing happy birthday to his wife. that is a boss move. >> boss move don't they look so good. >> i just loved it. >> that is blue ivy on the left and then to the furthest right that's jay-z's mom gloria. >> okay. i couldn't tell who they were. >> help birthday to you! >> this is the birthday verse. >> one work, three, happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you. >> from happily ever after. >> okay. from happily ever a
10:16 am
infidelity sharon osbourne is opening up about her husband ozzie's affairs and claims that he was seeing more than just hairstylist michelle pew behind her back in recent years. in interview whittle graph the 64-year-old talk panelist alleged there were a total of six women sharon uses her colorful vocab lower of course to diss low the careers of five of the six women including their personal chef. but she did not give any hints hoot final woman was saying quote he had women in different countries basically if you're a woman giving ozzie either a back rub or a trolley of food, god help you. >> oh. >> that's not what it thought she was going to say. >> yeah, right. >> i mean -- couple that ozzie osbourne -- ooh guess there's woman willing to sleep with a rock star no matter in what condition or state but like -- >> there's somebody for everybody. >> ozzie is such a hot mess. six women? six women? >> somebody for everybody. at one point that was big deal. >> right. >> are you surprised she took
10:17 am
in love now. >> no, i'm not surprised. when you have a history with someone. >> really good no. >> i'm not surprised at all. >> i feel like -- >> i think people over emphasize infidelity. i can you can work through it especially in marriage not that i'm advocating. people are so quick to say once do you it you're done. no one is in that relationship beside though two people. my grandparents perfect example my grandfather divorced my grandmother married another woman, missed my grandmother divorced her and she took him back. >> the como's he been. there you have it guys. >> other side of the family. other side of the family. >> it took three cheese pizzas with a little extra something on the side. >> and pumpkin sliced latte to woo her back. i love it. >> you look past somebody's infidelities because, you know, you seem them for the deeper person they really are. >> she's been through so much with him. mull pell multiple rehabs. she's like made his career managed him for years now this. >> it's just like, i don't know -- >> you're in it. >> i guess.
10:18 am
>> that's angelina jolie. >> you want me to do it. >> angelina jolie reveal the emotional toll her divorce from brad pitt taken on her. she's 42 years old she said interview with the sunday telegraph the end of the 12 year relationship was hard adding emotional the and been very difficult year. she told the magazine she does not enjoy being single and recalls it is not something they wanted saying telling the magazine quote sometimes maybe it appears i am pulling it altogether but really i'm not just trying to get through my days. jolie and pitt were married two years before announcing their divorce in september of 2015. they share six children together. >> okay. i think those two will get back together. >> i do not. >> that's where erin's good advice -- >> hollywood people don't get back together. >> sharon and ozzie. >> did they get divorced? >> not quiet, no. >> okay. >> that's the difference. >> i think these two will get back together. talk about you have sick kids. >> i think the ship has sailed. >> they're done. >> not happening. not coming back. over. >> i think they'll
10:19 am
>> they might be very good friends but i don't know. >> not going to happen. >> i think jennifer aniston is taking brad pitt back. >> hush your mouth. >> isn't she dating,. >> she's married. they're married. >> it's not going to happen. >> breaking that home to reunite this home. >> people in hollywood don't go backwards. they don't. once they're done they move on they get somebody younger they get somebody relevant more current if they can. they do. that's what they do. they move on. >> wisdom martin -- >> telling it is like it is wis tom martin just stating facts. yesterday we showed you pictures of the taylor swift in her best friend's wedding and told you about fans who were annoyed that tay tay, well she shunned them and we all agree the bride was probably happy taylor did her best not to take the shine off the bride. now that is until her speech when the bride probably wished taylor was outside signing autographs. snippet of her speech hit the internet
10:20 am
>> we make it to the bathroom and i can ■hearsoundsthat ican never unhear. and -- every one thinks that's bad. >> yes, it is. >> taylor was -- she said she was ear witness to this embarrassing -- basically saying they went in the bathroom and got a little -- >> true story so far what's wrong with this? >> you got to keep it light as a bridesmaid. >> that's raunchy. that's over the top. >> raunchy i don't have details. i don't know why this is a story. watch happens tomorrow. she'll be like i'm so -- i'm the victim. somebody shamed mow for giving a speech. >> she is a victim. >> don't be hearing this stuff in the bathroom and coming outputting everybody's business out in public. you're a guest at the wedding. >> how many weddings have you been to -- >> i've bon lot. >> people give colorful speeches. >> they ain't talking about nobody getting humpty hump in the bathroom. not one wedding i've been to. >> bachelorette party. when i aunts and mom are there let's curb i
10:21 am
>> they were hoping for drunk laughs. >> i don't want to hear about erin como's personal live in this celebrity dish. >> tilt at my bachelorette party not at my wedding. >> it was p. good 13 at best. it was fine. >> she'll be crying talking about shamed -- >> maureen getting getting heat from blocking herself from all the fans. >> i'm done with the girl. >> it doesn't matter. >> note to self don't have any special moments at your wedding with sarah fraser around because she's going -- >> she'll tilt all. >> i would. last braids made speech i gave i talk about how the groom was going to be broke. all she did -- three or four years. >> everybody ask you back after that? >> i don't think i have. >> case clove. >> back to you guys. >> coming law later on harry connick, jr. live we'll check up with the singer and actor fresh off his trip to houston we'll talk about season two o
10:22 am
talk show premier next week. >> rain the wage the birthday boy will have the latest on the seven day when we get back to good day d.c. ♪ bout this... go pro with crest hd. crest hd cleans and whitens my teeth to eye-popping levels. crest hd. 6x cleaning, 6x whitening. i did it, i did it, i impressed the dentist. keep your hair strong against hot styling tools... ...with pantene 3 minute miracle daily conditioner. a super concentrated pro-v formula makes hair stronger* in just 3 minutes. so it's smoother every day. because strong is beautiful.
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♪ ♪ do you want to do a monster check? yes. no monsters. ♪ ♪ how about the drawer? ♪ ♪ no monsters. nightly monster checks are how grant makes home his. and homegoods is what makes it all possible. amazing finds. always great prices. make home yours. >> ♪ >> yeah. showing off everybody's back to school pictures today we want to keep seeing them. #fox5firstday whether it's middle school, elementary school, high school, the pre pre-school picture we had earlier today. there's first grade right there and excited dodger nyah se
10:25 am
grade. first grader as well for leo and aj. conratulations, guys, and alicia, ready to take the fourth grade there. sixth grade for brandywine maryland for chase. first great for carlos. first day of high school for andrew. big day as well. we will keep showing them throughout the day today. kindergarten, man, remember back to kindergarten you still remember your kindergarten teacher's name. >> i remember my first day in high school. i was a very built 88-pound man. >> massive. >> you remember how big seniors looked your first day of freshman year. >> i was super short and they did class pictures by height line up by height. i was always first in line. let's go do it. >> it's your birthday today. you have grown up in such a wonderful young man. to follow your tradition of getting christmas presents from the vending machine i got pretzels for your birthday today. enjoy. choose wisely only
10:26 am
per serve. >> thank you steve. i don't wang to say. >> i know you're watching your hell as you get into this stage of life. >> i'm speechless. >> hey if you don't want them i'll take them back. >> the good news with this birthday i can finally drink i'm very happy. >> okay. >> let's go to the forecast. >> keep selling yourself that. serious weather to talk about. that's irma. update in half hour. we'll tweet it out tucker fox5. mike is down there working hard. we'll give you the lat test. very powerful hurricane not going to get much stronger as strong as hurricanes get in the atlantic. 175 miles per hour sustain winds gusts close to 200, and they're already hurricane warnings for the leeward islands and puerto rico and as we have been talking about all morning here on news it's looking more and more likely like south florida will be having to dole with the brunt of this storm by the end of this weekend. time it out for you little bit by saturday night and sunday places like miami, in around south florida could be dealing with hurricane conditions.
10:27 am
that's the official track by the national hurricane center calling for a very strong category four with 150-mile per hour winds just off the southern coast perhaps in key west or in the keys by overnight saturday into early sunday. >> not good. >> no, not good at all. if it doesn't get newspaper florida, that will help tear it up by the time it gets up here probably just be a rainy day. sometime in the middle of next week but of course that track not set in stone. things can change. >> i was going to ask with those tracks where you have a whole bunch of them going in run direction a few renegade ones does it typically follow where the bulk of them go? >> we try to find where the cluster of those models runs are that's where we usually the line. >> cluster toward the everglades. >> showers in the forecast this afternoon and cooler temperatures tomorrow. 87 for us later. look for kind of mid to late afternoon thunderstorms. we got sports after school today. >> yes. >> all those after pre-school pictures. >> very fall like forecast for the next five days. >> you got it. >> all right. thank you tucker. well he refused my request or my birthd
10:28 am
pretzels back into the loft, guys. do you want them now. >> i'll take them. [ laughter ] >> it's his birthday he has to decide if he shares. >> back to you guys. >> thank you guys. hey, prince's paisley park hosted its first ever battle of the bands over the weekend an d.c. band took the top prize. coming up next the champions from black alley will join us live to talk about that experience and what it means to them and what else they're wo working on right now. 10:28. back in a moment. ♪
10:29 am
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10:31 am
♪ 10:30 is the time. we love to feature local talent, bands and musicians who make the dmv proud and our next guest is a local band who not only made dc proud but they also made prince proud. all right. they got -- by the game of black alley. black alley band, and this past weekend they won a one of a kind music competition called music competition two to us 17 battle of the bands held at paisley park. they were one of nine bands selected from the pool of 150 applicants to compete but they didn't just compete, they crushed the competition. they won a recording session at prince's paisley park as well as mentoring session mentoring meeting continued mentoring with former prince musicians as well. this morning, wee got band members josh on base and animal drummer. they join us live to dish all about this epic win. good morning to you fellas. >> good morning. >> first of all
10:32 am
graduations. >> thank you. >> how does that victory feel. >> it was good. feels great to be able to bring the win let me to the dmv. >> so you beat some competition. you beat nine bands. >> yeah. >> in minnesota. >> yes, sir. >> s number two was who? somebody from where. >> atlanta i believe or somewhere. >> minnesota. >> minnesota. ya'll beat a band from atlanta as well. you beat the locals. >> yup. >> i'll bet the locals weren't happy about that. >> pretty cool actually. >> is that right. >> yeah. >> wow. you came from out of town and meet us in our home. congratulations. >> okay. that's cool. tell me how this all started this is the first time this has happened as far as the competition up at paisley park. how does it happen? how did they find you and how did you get into the competition? >> so our lead singer has a cousin that saw the ad on facebook. >> she sent it to us and we sent to our pr managers. we summit add video and they pick us out of 150 submissions and we went and we represented d.c. to the fullest. >> you beat -- wow that's out of
10:33 am
>> a song original song called complicated. >> okay. >> it's on youtube right now. >> okay. >> check that out. >> ♪ look we're talking about prince and paisley park is the music kind of that genre of prince or completely different or mix of something else the music you guys are performing. >> we call our genre of music little rock it exe encompass a lot of different things especially the dc sound go-go. we have if you know, rock, especially and we just brought our sound to the table and it was good enough. >> okay. so not only did you win, but as we said in the intro you get to go back and work with some of the other people who worked with prince. >> new power generation. >> wow. okay. so when does that start and when are we going to see project from you? we weren't to know all the answers. >> soon to come. all the details will be posted on instagram, facebook and all of that. >> wha
10:34 am
got to be chance to be paisley park. >> yes. where prince created all this magic watch was thick that like. >> it was a one of a kind experience just to be able to get glimpse of the things that this person, this one person, brought to the world through music. just to be able to get glimpse of it was really really awesome. >> you get a chancing to through paisley park. >> yup. >> you didn't get a chancing to& through all of it eye never been. i understand it's massive. >> 1,000 seat amphitheater in his house. >> that's how you get it done right there. >> that's where we performed. it was mazing. we saw his office. we saw his clothes. and i just gained a whole other level of respect for prince just seeing where his face was, where he created music for the world was mazing. >> also got to see fir avenue where purple reign was filmed. >> right. >> that was really saw some. got to go in there and take pictures and that stuff. >> you got to see some other sites as well. >> yes. >> in minnesota. >> what's your favorite sight that you saw at paisley park
10:35 am
prince? >> it had to be the motorcycle. >> from purple reign. that was really dope, and i would have to say performing on the stage and being able to see the many different stage setup that he had. he had like this clear stage set up. the it was really really awe awesome. >> where can people find your music if they want to listen to some of the champs music where can they find it. >> i tunes if you search black alley. youtube if you search black alley. our facebook is black alley. and our instagram is at we are black alley. >> okay. >> common theme black alley. >> yeah. >> you can fine it if you look up black alley. >> right right. >> congratulations to you gentlemen. >> thank you so much. >> we look forward to hearing the music once you're done working with the people the paisley park. >> yes, sir. >> what did you call it, what kind of music. >> hood rock. >> hood rock. >> black alley and hood rock. >> yes.
10:36 am
>> thank you. we didn't hold up the trophy. >> right before we go. >> got to get the trophy. >> let's show everybody what you won over here. this is pretty cool. i don't want to drop out. >> casey lead singer glenn and drew the keyboard and guitar player without them, you know, this wouldn't be possible. thank you so much. >> cool. awesome, guys. >> back over to you on the couch. >> that is awesome. >> very cool. >> that's awesome. >> congratulations. man. >> 10:36 right now. so if you watch the show harry, harry connick, jr., multi ta talented guy either wouldn't award or nominated for award in any category that he have existed his show harry coming back to fox5 next week. before he comes back to your television, on harry he's coming back to your tv on good day d.c. because we'll talk with him next about his recent trip to houston. what's up for his satisfy more season and see if we can get him to dish on will and grace as well. ♪ inia went to vmi. trained at johns hopkins.
10:37 am
seriously wounded in the gulf war. eighteen years as volunteer medical director of a children's hospice. as lt. governor, he's fighting to expand healthcare in virginia. he'll get it done as governor. ralph northam: i'm ralph northam, and we need to provide access to affordable healthcare for all virginians, not take it away.
10:38 am
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don't 10:39 of all the days for hold toll have off. >> this morning we're talking to her all time favorite once again if you're a fan good day the one and only harry connick jr. coming back to fox5 with all new season of harry. that's not the all the multiple grammy award winner is working on this morning harry joins us live from new york once again. good to talk to you, harry. good morning. how are you? >> good. how about you? >> doing fantastic. here's what i love harry with your show. i'll dive right into this. you, what we learn from
10:40 am
you are literally willing to do anything. we expect the sinking. we don't necessarily expect trying to catch toast and toasters with tim tebow. thing like that. but you're willing to do anything. aren't you? >> it's really fun. i think my adrenaline gets up, you know, when the show starts and so we have this segment called harry tries where my staff and this may not be believable to your viewers but i can promise you it's true, they find things for me to do and i don't know about them until i get onset and it's really hard to fake that. so i think you can tell by my reactions when i have to get on a balance beam with a world class gym nast like laurie hernandez or try to rope california they have me doing all kinds of stuff. i'm horribly unsuccessful at all of it but it sure is fun trying. >> when you are successful harry more reason to show how multi talented actually are. are we going to so that segment again this y
10:41 am
little bit? >> so i don't know if they'll up the anti. i don't know how much of this crazy stuff i can do. i mean, short of jumping out of airplane or something. i hope they don't ever have me do that. but we'll do harry tries again. we have an incredible segment called leading ladies where we find amazing women from all over the country. there's going to be lots of music. there's going to be, you know, chances for people to win stuff like dough, ray, me a really fun game. you can go to harry to find out about dough, ray, me it's really fun and we have incredible guests our first show billy joel is the guest. he doesn't real dollar daytime tv he hasn't in long time. and i get to say that i'm playing duet with him. so it's going to be a blast, m man. we are so fired up about season two. >> that sounds so cool. i think the last thing you said harry resonates because everybody is familiar with your career and everything you've had an opportunity to do. but it sounds like for this show you're having fun. you're out there enjoying yo
10:42 am
>> i've always done things that i enjoy and the thing about harry is that we get to do different things every day. play music, meet inspiring people, make the audience laugh. get close to the audience. you know one of thing i did when i a part of designing the set itself for the studio audience is put the audience close because i like going in the audience. if not on camera certainly during the commercials when ever i can and just giving people hugs and telling them how are you? it's good to see you and one of the responses that i get continually is, that i seem sincere on tv which is great because you can't fake that. at least i can't. you either having good time or you're not. i'm really having a good time good i think that's always a great compliment to when somebody says you're just the way that you seem on tv. because that is that sincerity and that is that connection you're always going to have with that viewer. couple things i want to touch
10:43 am
note you just talk about inspiring people. you were strut mental in katrina relief years ago in your hometown of new orleans much you had a chance to go down to houston and try to help people out watch was that experience like for you? >> it was sadly exactly like it was after catrone n the folks in houston are so great and so special to me, because they opened their arms and their hearts and their doors for so many thousands of people from new orleans after catrone in a and here they are going through the exact same thing. i met one family who got flooded out in my old neighborhood of lake view in new orleans. they have five sons and they got flooded again. i mean it's sad. even though especially with irma coming now, you know, the news cycle will focus on that. the people in houston still need a lot of help, and thankfully it still coming in and i'm praying for them all of the people affected by harvey and all of the people who i think are going to be affected by hurricane irma. we'll keep them in our prayers
10:44 am
that going. you don't want to forget about it because it's week or so since the storm hit. i want to leave it with will and grace i heard a birdie rumor more tell me you might be making a guest appearance. is that going to happen or not on the new show? >> i will be making an appearance sometime in the first month. i'm not sure exactly what show i'm on. but i got to tell you it is funny. if you're will and grace fan it's hilarious. if you're too young to have seen it first go around, watch a few episodes, if you can find it online, and get ready for this second launch it man it is hilarious. >> can you tell us are you going to be grace's ex-boyfriend or ex hub in the episode can you share that? >> i can't. i can't tell you how it ends up. i can tell you it's really fu funny. and i can honestly tell you i don't know where the relationship is going. half of the writers said boy sad to see you go. the other half we'd love to have you back. i think they do that to get in my head. they never tell me what the real deal is. >> just like your staff on harry they keep you guessing. it's great to talk to you once again.
10:45 am
come see us in d.c. >> thank you, man. >> you got it. >> 10:45 right now. of course harry's new second season starts next week. and will and grace starts on september 28th that should be pretty funny bringing back the whole glue. >> so likeable. i love him. >> some people very her not to like. ooh seems like one of them. >> i watched his show a couple of times. he seems the same way during interviews on the show when he's performing. he seems the same way all the time. >> love him. >> good quality to have. >> starting to smell good in here erin. what are we working on over there. >> it's 10:45. right now if you guys can roll that for me that would be awesome. keeping you up to date in cooking with como an master chef edward lee has made the move from kentucky to the national's capital to open brand new restaurant much this morning he'll give us a delicious sneak peek. we have some fried pig ear right there, correct. >> yes, it is. >> i can't wait to try it. >> the best. looking forward to hearing about your new restaurant, too. ♪ you can't have this frenchie. sam just snagged it from homegoods.
10:46 am
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fios is not cable. we're a 100% fiber optic network. and with the new fios gigabit connection... you get our fastest internet ever. with download speeds up to 940 megs - 20 times faster than most people have. switch to fios gigabit connection with tv and phone for $79.99 a month online for the first year. plus hbo for one year and multi-room dvr service for two years,
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and switching has never been easier. get out of you contract with up to a $500 credit to help cover your early termination fee. go to you can't have this frenchie. sam just snagged it from homegoods. it reminds him of bennie. only quieter. you can't have this frenchie. but new finds are always arriving. so you can find something so you, for less. at homegoods. >> you know d.c. is full of
10:49 am
just got another. erin is in good day cafe with all the details. >> i'm with a very special guest who knows thing or two about cooking for sure. chef edward lee. but even if that name doesn't ring bell, i'm pretty sure you've seen his face on tv because he's the host of pbs mind of a chef and he has also appeared on gordan ramsay master chef and most recently culinary genius america. chef lee owns four restaurants and bars in lieuville kentucky he just moved to the dc area to open succotash restaurant in penn yarder before the ribbon cutting he joins me to dish about the opening and of course he's going to whip up a tasty and interesting treat for us. >> this is one sneak peek of the menu. really nice beer rat at a dish. wanted to surgeon it up topping it with fried pig pig ears. >> i tried a little bite of one it tastes like crispy bacon it was good. >> yes. if you've never had pig ear that's what i encounted
10:50 am
it. here's what we're going to do real quick. we'll start with a little fresh berate at a. that cheese is so good. i love that on fresh baguette. i like to season it with salt and pepper. nice bit of olive oil. goes right on there. >> that look like everything i love in life in bowl. >> put that right into this pretty little bowl right in the middle. i have shave brussel sprouts. >> raw. >> completely raw. we do it just a little bit of an orange vinaigrette. that goes on it. watch this. that goes on top like that. >> pout full pl plated. bright vibrant colors. >> this is the southern flare. >> fried pig ears. we take the pig ears and boil it down in flavored stock. slice it real thin then we actually double fry it once to get it christie and then the
10:51 am
>> you double fry it. >> nice and hot. this guy here -- >> because i do a lot of southern food but i kind of infuse a little bit of asian flavors into it. if we're lucky on sunday or monday or tuesday of next week. what are other favorites we can get on the new menu. >> you've got all the classic southern favorites. fork pork ribs, fried chicken and waffles. >> fried chicken and watches, yes, please. we've got some other cool thing. we've got -- we made vegan rice bowl. >> if you're not into the pork scene you can still get good southern classics but with vegetarian twist. >> one things we're doing listen everyone think that is surgeon food is clunk and heavy and filling and it can be but it's also really light and delicate, and there's some, items on the menu that will show that. you know, we've spent many years developing these
10:52 am
>> perfect the menu. >> yes you've cooked for so many people and been on so many shows even by the way you're doing the cooking segment you have a flare for tv and your background is in literature. >> yeah, i know. >> you have book coming out. >> i have a book culling out. aside from all of i'm trying to finish my book that will be out spring of next year. >> i didn't know if we can announce it yet. i said it. can i take it baaing. >> i don't know if i'm supposed to nouns it. we just did. >> that's okay. you certainly have full plate with the restaurant opening here and a book coming out. >> there you go. >> that looks so good. tucker our meteorologist has joined us he really was looking forward to getting a nice little birthday dish. >> big ears and beer rat at a cheese. >> you are so good to me. thank you. >> you're the host. you should be eating first. >> ladies first. >> we'll have to get a fork. >> try a pig ear. >> after you. >> i already had one. >> no, no, really. >> it's really good. >> i want to you try it first and tell me what you think. tell me where the name succotash came from. did she ask you that yet. >> excuse me. i'm eating. succotash is a very famous
10:53 am
it was actually invented in, um, rhode island. >> i didn't know that. >> yeah. so it's kind of like -- i assumed it was somewhere in the southern. >> a southern dish but somewhere in the northeast. we're a southern restaurant but i'm from new york. it sounds fun. succotash. >> it sounds fun. a good bar list, too. >> we have over a hundred 50 bourbons on the list so if there are any whiskey fans out there. >> sheaf chenevey we'll be going to succotash. >> we'll have lots of bourbons. we've beautiful bar. really gorgeous dining room. old historic bang building. the dining room is stunning. i just hope the food can live up to the dining room because it is absolutely stunning. >> based on what you prepared for us today i think that the ambiance and the food will pair together. >> we drizzled with it with a little meso honey. >> that's fabulous an mazing. >> we let it vermont in the hahn know for a month and deepens up much it's like salty sweet. >> i like that combo.
10:54 am
>> here's a fork. tucker it will go really nice with that entree a little dessert for your birthday. we have -- >> i'm going to make one for y you. >> we have guests coming in right now. >> happy birthday to you! >> so cute. >> happy birthday to you! >> happy birthday, dear tucker,. >> aww. >> wait, of course, we lost some of it on the way n. >> happy birthday to you. >> happy birthday to you! >> aww. [ applause ] >> happy birthday. >> give me a hug. thank you. >> if you insist, yes. >> okay. were you talking to mow? >> oh, okay. >> thank you. that's so suite you. >> make your wish. >> here's the deal. >> you missed a couple candles. >> i was going to say. >> well you know we're dividing by dividends. >> i understand. >> take this amazing cake with the weather theme on there. that's incredible.
10:55 am
>> i don't know where that came from. that's way too sweet. >> that wasn't very timely. >> we're doing one candle for each 30 years? [ laughter ] >> dividends. >> for each ten years, steve. >> for each ten years. >> wow. >> now i'm in bad mood. >> oh, no. >> remember the study we did about blowing out candles and all the germs. maybe you shall just fan it. >> do it like that. >> did he just do that? >> i'll make a birthday wish. >> so ridiculous. >> tucker -- don't do it. >> do it. >> oh! >> you got kitchen hands. >> so much forgetting wiser when he gets colder. cold water quick i burned my finger. >> what did you wish for. >> yes, i made wish. what i'm most grateful of our viewers you guys have reached out to me today i want to thank everybody for being so sweet to me on my birthday. i don't know what i've ever done to deserve it i appreciate it. thank you for the cake and the love. >> absolutely. >>ik
10:56 am
come here too. >> mike is out of the breath. >> this is really really sweet. >> mike got you unnamed card. >> anybody sign it? >> wait wait he just made it. >> we'll sign it later. we'll sign it later. >> that is too cute. >> wait wait wait. >> instead of happy anniversary it's happy birthday. >> i don't like that guy. i'm kidding. great big thank you. real quick hurricane irma the winds are up to 180 with winds gusting over 200 so that will be big story next couple of days. and pep praises in florida. i mean i'm having fun but not sure the rest of the country is at this hour. great big thanks to succotash for coming in. >> celebrate. >> do you host birthday parties? >> we do. we make cakes. we make really pretty cakes. >> he's eyeing this one like who brought this secondary cake. >> i want to cut into it. i think it needs a pig ear. >> there you go. >> we're going to leave it were you some tweets from back to school a lot of people back to school today in all of this region i
10:57 am
virginia. >> what beautiful cake. thank you. >> only good day do you get a pig ear in your cake. >> thank you chef good happy birthday! ♪harry's meeting clients...♪ ♪...from far away. but they only see his wrinkles.♪ ♪if only harry used some...♪ ♪...bounce, to dry.♪ ♪he would be a less wrinkly, winning guy.♪
10:58 am
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>> live from new york city it's "the wendy williams show." >> wendy: how you doin? we won't judge, but we're judging. it's going to be juicy. [ applause ] >> now here's wendy! [ applause ] >> wendy: come on now. [ applause ] >> wendy: thank you for watching the show. say hello to my co-host.


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