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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  September 6, 2017 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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>> still on tarring tote hit florida where is uncertain. people in the sunshine state taking no chances gassing up and getting out. >> and back if harvey last night and fair fame county searcg and rescue team is gearing up to tackle irma. >> back to school nightmare for one maryland family a 7th grader said he was left two miles from his house. the story is ahead in a fox news exclusive. >> it's 7:00 wednesday morning if you just wake up this wednesday here's a live look outside for you. not protestest of days gaping. >> dreary out there and a quick look at warm and traffic. indicate lip, we're start with you.
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>> steve, allison. getter tarts stot work and school day. gray out there. i'll have the details on what you can expect here plus the latest update on hurricane irma still ahead. >> caitlin you're just as busy in the traffic center and crash blocking right shoulder. 66 eastbound that is by 50. huge delays to mannasas. upper loop crash new hampshire avenues with algetting this that and steve and all i sop. >> irm am monster category five storm. it made land fall on the island of antigua. >> and winds forecast to go past virgin island and puerto rico throughout the day after that nearly all models showing heading to florida this weekend and the exact path in the sunshine state still up in the air. >> people there boarding up and getting out and gas stretching
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florida residents across the state are warned to prepare to evacuate. >> the storm is mass i and storm surges will go for miles and miles. do not sit and wait for prepare. get prepared now. >> to help with evacuation efforts all of the tolls of the state of florida are waived and president also s stepping into action declaring federal marina marracos in. >> let's look where irm am is now did morning to you goal good and it's just about to make land fall on the island of st. mar tip. irma is not a loan. we want to give you a wide picture of what is going on atlantic baseen and coach. jose on his heels tropical storm and strengthening winds 60 miles an hour and katia down in the gulf winds 40 miles an hour and obviously southeast texas concerned about that. although it looks to not have many impacts.
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resolution satellite there's center of circulation of incredibly powerful storm moving over saint martin and many islands battening down and getting ready for this north coast of hispan joel and turks and cacoas and bohamian island and south florida. this is sxemingted to move west, norm west through cibian over massive category five or four hurricane. looks like it stay knowledge of cuba. that track could shift. direct impact somewhere on south florida. that could shift. overnight guidance took it fourth east impacting atlantic basin and up through coast of georgia and caroline as, i'll show you this fak ahead and local whether coming up. >> returning to virginia last night after helping ving items of of hurricane
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tem text. >> urban search and rescue team is headed out to talk about hurricane irm a live in khan tillly with the latest there. busy, busy bob, good morning. >> absolutely, allison and steve. virginia task force one returned light night from texas. that are now are fog up and going to go down to take air ka of folks ahe can ifed by irma m they're getting everythinged with a 80 person team activated by femor a aggravation notice weren't out at 7 even though these guys got a heads up ahead of time they'll be headed down to air rs force base in alabama and stage air force base in alabama leaving 10:00 this morning and even though again official notification just wept out at 7:00 this morning. i can show video type from last night another crew was here last night my colleague evan lambert as virginia task force one arriv
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texas after nearly two week assistant helping folks down there because of hurricane harvey. and it was a rough go. they did a lot of work and are now back gathering here in chantilly this morning to head down to alabama fist leaving at 10:00 this morning and not sure if they'll two to florida and depends on pam of irma and what kind of impact it has on continental u.s. of course targeting purt wreak 'and u.s. virgin island and this team headed out this morning will go to alabama and more than lickly headed to florida as a busy storm season hits u.s. and it's not over guys. again not all of the people leaving today were in text text an a number of others were. wick turn around for. >>
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aand a half after hurricane harvey hit texas and loui louisiana. yesterday greg abbott said the goal is to rebuild and do so asic quickly as possible. congress will be tacked with voting on fema. the task fun had 1 billion on hand and just $540 million available for response and efforts. he asked kong tress for 8 billion in funding. all right 7:06 now. let's check in with caitlin. >> good morning. >> busy obviously. >> nationally. >> but we have weather of our own to talk about today. >> it's not sunshine and warm skies. >> bummer. >> for those that went back to school yesterday which was almost everyone it was beautiful. nice summer morning. as you told me what prince george county -- >> i'll double check yes. >> so unfortunately little different day out there.
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stop and slow on roads. doesn't take muchment showers hang around and clouds on radar we'll have off and on rain throughout the day dr dreary. >> temperatures pretty color at least will feel cool quickly. mid 6 owes and one of those days where the temperature just sits where it's at. and either falls a bit or maintains and that's what we're going to see through today. 11 a.m., 66. light rain showers through the afternoon. 5 p.m. back to mid 60s as we clear out tonight temperatures fall into the 50s. really cool you and we'll clear out back to sin shine for tomorrow and we're actually looking at beautiful weather the next few days. i do want to stress you know hurricane irma impacts on us will not be felt until early next week. >> yes first day of school for all students in prince george county today. >> you're all going back. >> everyone is in school. >> maybe it be fits the mood of some of the kids. >> probably does. >> w
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commute is. >> hi, erin. >> it's nasty. remindner prince george county to slow down and use caution in the school zones. get used to buses. 395 northbound deal with a crash blorking shoulder seminary road. parts of the lane was blocked. traffic is getting by. use caution. 20 minute delay beltway to 14 street breath and hov lanes good. right now outer loop from route 1 to 270 spur in for 125 minute delay and you see headlights on upper loop things moving along long better and earlier crash on upper loop after new hampshire avenue cleared and another moved son the shoulder to ramp 95. 270. mostly pleasant by father hurley crawl ago long 30 minute delay because of con just gone urbana to the beltway looks g i net cam are we have a crash being monthing shoulder and police activity there. this is out 66 between 50
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center lanes so you're backed up with a 457 minute delay now eased a bit from 234 prince william to beltway heavy traffic and westbound side there good gw parkway not looking great and overlook backed up to key bridge and southbound heavy rubber neck from beltway on down. 210 northbound swan create. grope line back to normal all other metro lines on time a con of congestion bottom half of things through oxon hill jams up as well. lot of information to get through. we'll doll graphics coming tomorrow. back to you. you. new this morning out of charlottesville, virginia, the city council voted to remove a confederate statue after a intense hearing late night council members moved to to take the the statue of stonewall jackson vote coming weeks
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in city tushd deadly sparmingd in part by plans to repoof a statue of con fed ram rotor lee. >> we're learning more about the helicopter crash. they were responding to the violent rally last month when the chopper weren't down. a few report from ntsb says possible mechanical failure caused today to pipe out of control and crash. >> tem straighters warshing from charlotte dill toll d. crk the group is in fairfax country. their memage to lawmakers in president is to dismantle fantasy groups. now, whenal is sowed and done they will have walked a total of 100 miles. >> a
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home in dakota. after president's controversial to end daca imdpraition familiar yesterday trump administration announced program will be phased out. >> that sparked outrage among supporters while lightsing owe bone whopt called daca unconstitutional. melanie alnwick is live on capitol hill now with the fallout. good morning. >> good morning and fate now of 800,000 of these so-called streamers now in the happened of congress and those once protected under the program are told to make preparations. >> demonstrations breaking out in cities all ca cross the u.s. with dozen it epz ar arresteden including in fronts of trump tower in new york city. all of after the trump administration tuesday it is ending obamaer rahami immigr
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daca which protected illegal immigrant that came as children from deportation good it means they have to go home and have a conversation with family about making plans if they lose their jobs or when they should self deport t themselves. >> he'll give congress and all terptive rather than ending program early. many are left with questions. >> i would give my life for this country and bleed for this country and to have this sfripd me is really sad for me. on twitter tuesday night president trump wrote "congress now has six months to legal lies daca and if they can't i'll revisit this is issue." >> i have a lot for thee people and now congress will be able to do them and help itp procedurally. .> pre >> president trump s
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will stop renewing we're work permits. >> we're not allowing them to be victim of a broken political process. >> republican senator lindsay bedroom you saw right thug is one of the authors of bipartisan bill that would offer a path to citizenship if these young immigrants do meet certain requirements. however there's a lot of other things up first including hurricane aharvey relief, raising debt ceiling and philadelphiaing the gove government. live on capitol hill i'm melanie alnwick. "fox5 local news". >> thanks very much. school bus confusion. a young boy dropped at the wrong address and robbed and left scared. how did it happen. we have the story 230678 news sdluvive next. >> a lot of activity. fairfax country urban search and rescue team gearing out again this timing going to florida has that state braces for irm a 7:13. stay with us.
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>> it's in one of the top five strongest when it pertains to wind speeds. highest wind speeds associated with hurricane. 185 miles an hour and record is 190 allen back in 1980. so yes its strength is unpress denned this is peak hurricane waters that can oozly strengthen. it's wild. >> i always think if you're in florida okay pack your stuff up and head whatever. but when you're sitting in the middle of
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how scary that must be. i don't know how to prepare and he vac yailt. >> they're so exposed sitting right there. >> of course and look at islands. you know all the people in all the islands impacted you mentioned puerto rico and t turks and cacaos and dominican rep and haiti and cuba that's irma, 185 mile app hour you wind gusts and west northwest as a sure cape cutting through caribbean and south gore day up next offer oaf the weekend. we saw models shift east and not direct land fall for no day. that's great and impactsing major storm all the way up the east side of florida, georgia and carolinas and jose strngthening tropical storm expected to be hurricane and that path there looks to be out to sea. that would be very big issue for leeward islands if they were to get
7:18 am
hit. thanks fully jose looks to stay out to sea. tropical storm katia in the gulf. i want to show you the 7 day forecast here at first. 69 today rjts reign yeah, cold, cool, dreary. umbrellas needed today not the best. thursday they clear ut and sunshine and not better and fan it istic weather through the weekend. if we feel irma affects that would be pennsylvania. if it takes east ward affects atlantic that would be more rain for us eventually. >> we can't complain about rain. >> it's a lesser lesser degree. that's an under statement. >> thanksing, caitlin. >> let's get a check or traffic. here's erin 7:18. >> right now we have big delays traffic going old school got dry erase board full of accidents i'll put that to the side and we'll get to that in a second. traffic jammed 66 eastbound earlier crash after 50 did clear. you saw delays. school buses in the [ inaudible ] as we zoom the came
7:19 am
and look around owe to see what the backup is. and 234 over to say about beltway and delays ease to 45 minute throw soup. that's good news and other than that slower traffic as we forward things along to other cameras we have heavy delays past father hurley you're parked and there's no crashes out there as you head from mar to pving ail as you make your way to the spur. as we look at dry erase board two we're tracking. that looks sad guys my hand writing is not up to this gw new york of spout run huge delays. southbound runner neck delay to beltway. route 7 ashburn village boulevard a crash and as we look at toy cars i'm going to go ahead and dump this back out because there's basically traffic everywhere. and 50 inbound 202 to 295 jammed and 295 southbound from 50 as you makeou
7:20 am
that doesn't look good or sound good it's a jammed commute get early start be safe in the school zones. i'm having fun here i'm not going to lie despite the traffic. >> max will want cars back. >> that's negotiable. maybe. >> don't get too comfortable, thanks erin. >> back to news 7:20 in district a teenage girl is accused of stabbing a place mate and won't face any charges why? because she has diplomatic immupty. this happened in the school of washington and he was stabbed in the back and expected to make a full recovery. as for the girl, still unclear if she'll be back in class and what if any discipline she'll face for this. >> first day of school for virginia students in fave ford county and students in prince george maryland countsy. and in one case turned into a parents' worst nightmare. >>
7:21 am
the bus driver dropped him off at the wrong stop it was nearly two miles away from home. kristin leon is live at the middle school in landover with details on what happened here, good morning. >> good morning that's right. the mother still reeling very upset by this and yesterday or just today rather it's exciting time to go back to school and exciting time for faernts and student and now she tells us that in this case her son doesn't want to go back to school. and quite frankly she doesn't blame him eitherer and quickly after the school bus moves you can see kids are ready to go back to school today here at this particular middle school. g james goldson middle school in landover and the motherp told us instead of dropping off her son the bus driver near her bus in fairmont heights was dropped off twelve blocks away in crime ridden area her son says that's when a group of men came up to him and stole his b
7:22 am
shoes and cellphone and ended up finding another girl there near metro and asked to borrow her phone and call his knowledge mom. >> when you picked him up he was barefoot. no shoes on. and it was a bunch of junkies out there. he was upset. he was shaken. and i just told him it was going to be fine i would get to bottom of it. and i brought him home. and he didn't want to go back to school tomorrow. >> now the mother also says that she didn't receive any notifications in the mail about certain bus stops or routes in this case. she tells ut that her son's father was the one who took him to stool that morning and inquired about what bus he was supposed to be on and she also told us she has another son is older son who goes to the same middle school and he was dropped off by the bus driver two problems away from her house. we did reach out to both the
7:23 am
transportation officials about this and so far they're telling us they are closely investigating this to make sure that nothing like this ever happens again. we are live in prince george county this morning. kristin leon, "fox5 local news". >> and still ahead update on hurricane irma and wildfires burping out west. >> mruts talking to one dreamer about the president's latest controversial decision is when it comes to immigration ahead at 7:0. been trying to prepare for this day... and i'm still not ready. the reason i'm telling you this is that there will be moments in your life that... you'll never be ready for. your little girl getting married being one of them.
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>>:25 a.m. welcome back this wednesday morningment we're taking a look at hurricane irma. category five making land fall along the island of st. martin as we speak sustained peak winds 185 miles an hour much more on irma as we go through the newscast first a look at bus stop forecast this mor morning. not so great. yesterday was summerlike morning and unfortunately strong storms we had last night couldn't have hung up on the cold front and cloudy, showery, both before cool and after school notice temperatures as school as you get off the school bus. mid 60s and showers now. same thing cloud write and gray through the rest of afternoon. local radar shows a pit of break over d.c., baltimore, 95 right now and few showers around the lunch and even few
7:27 am
not doctorsly lay cloudy it's a miserable day. 64 gaithersburg and 63 dulles and 61 in martinsburg. your forecast for today clouds and showers with temperatures either steady or falling somewhere in the 60s late north winds 5 to 10 miles an hour and staffing a stretch of great weather. 3 cloudsive° way to sunshine and tomorrow fantastic irma will be next week i'll talk about that 6:35 on hurricane irma. >> you have a lot of warm to handle app i have a lot of traffic to talk about. 2935 northbound side a sea of brake lights to the 11th street branch. topside of beltway super slow through college park and delays upper loop and bottom side of beltway towards the wilson bridge to branch av avenue. keep it to fox5 we'll get you
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commute in just a few. w.
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>> we are back now at 7:30. hurricane irma has made landfall in the caribbean did so this morning. this monster storm is taking aim at florida and could be there by the weekend unfortunately. the florida keys are under a mandatory evacuation other parts of the sunshine state could follow suit. we're staying on top of this developing situation. we'll have more a throughout the morning. here locally now, with hurricane tie in chantilly fair tax county urban search and rescue team headed back out to help with hurricane irma. they just got back home last night from recovery efforts in texas. mandatory evacuation orders are under way in parts of oregon this morning as the eagle creek fire continues toag
7:31 am
of control out there it's grown to at least 10,000 acres since saturday. police suspect 15-year-old boy who is setting off fireworks started this fire. embers jumped the border and they spread to washington state. this is just one of 80 wildfires burning out west. it is 7:31 right now. democratic senator heidi hide camp said to join president trump in his travels to her home state of north dakota. he focuses on tax reform today. the president's speech will highlight the need to reform the tack code lowering rates. it's a move they says can and will create jobs for the middle class worker. steve, over to you. al, thank you very much. 7:31 right now. time for the morning briefing and a mix of reaction after another controversial immigration decision by president trump ending program that protects children brought to the united states illegally. the president will however support congressional action to protect young dreamers if that
7:32 am
of a larger immigration overhaul bill. it is a political hot potato no doubt but there are real young adults who have a lot to gain or lose by participating in the dreamer program. we wanted to get to know one of them who joins us now. signed up for the program passed a back ground check, paid the fee season a college student at american university g to see you this morning. >> thank you. >> tell me about your background first of all. >> i'm from mexico, and my parents -- my family moved to the us and i grew up in indiana, and that was 17 years ago. around this time, my parents established their own business, a business that continues to grow today. and very young age i was immersed in that business. i was the only person who studied english in formal setting so, um, after school i would be translating and i inherited certain responsibilities at a very young age. that has continued to push me today. i studied french and i am currently studying mandarin as well. i'm junior
7:33 am
university studying international relations and through daca i was able to work as a graphic designer. i was able to travel. so grant us a lot of opportunities an immigrant we haven't stopped. as immigrants we haven't stopped with daca. >> for you personally your decision to attend american university, be here in washington, d.c., what's the goal for you? what do you want to do after you graduate? what do you wanted to for career, life, et cetera. >> i would like to be lawyer in the future. have my own business and follow in the footsteps of my parents. >> what happens now witness president's decision yesterday? how does that impact you? what happens next? >> i can risk, um, first i could risk -- there's a risk of deportation. i can also lose my job and that could impact also my schooling as well. >> the decision yesterday i don't think it really came as surprise but you've been in the dreamers program for years now. did you think when you got into this program that this was a risk down the road at some
7:34 am
>> right. there was once daca came out there was no guarantee. permits lasted two years and you had to renew them. there was never any guarantee. it was a surprise so now with this news i think it's time for more people to come out and start putting pressure on congress to act. >> what's the next step from your perspective as far as making sure that i'm assuming you want to stay in this country? >> i would like to continue with the opportunities i have. continue pursuing my career and, um, excelling in school. i would like to have that opportunity. so the next steps are just to put pressure on congress call your representatives, do congressional visits, and not back down. >> we've heard from some members of congress. senator lindh day graham was one who came out and said that he didn't support the president' decision that he hopes that members of congress will get together, republican members will get together in many. do you have confidence confidence that that could happen in this six months that basically the congress has been given to get
7:35 am
hasn't been done in 16 years. do you feel they can get something done in six months? >> it won't be easy to put -- if something happens it won't come easy so i think as a community we must remain united and in solidarity with one another and put pressure on congress and not back down. we can't settle. >> do you personally now when you look at your own situation, and you've been in this country for how many years now? >> 17. >> you've been here 17 years. you're going to college here in washington, d.c. is that worry of deportation among other things, is that always in the back of your head now? >> no. i mean, it's a reality, it's my reality as undocumented immigrant, but i've never stopped trying. i never stopped fighting and as an immigrant, um, we have to take risks, and we are willing to make sacrifices. if we don't, we can lose everything. so, um, someone could be giving their 100% but as many grant you have to give ten times more. >> so from your perspective,
7:36 am
17 years and now knowing was the president said the job that congress has ahead of it, the fact that this hasn't been done in 16 years, that they want to tie this into a larger immigration program, which we don't yet know what that might include, what do you see as the solution now? >> i think it should definitely -- i think the fight now isn't just for the 800,000 impacted by daca but also for the 11 million. so including parents. i think daca when it came out it was a win. it gave us an opportunity to work, to continue our education, to travel, and with that, many immigrants start to do fight for their parents. unfortunately, with the news n now, parents are again going out to the streets and protesting and rallying for their children. so i think that this fight it's an opportunity not just to continue fighting for daca but also for the parents. >> frustrate you when you hear people say they don't -- they want to cut down and immigration here in this country? >> it does. i don't think, um, people realize how much we contribute. i
7:37 am
>> it's great talking to you this morning. i wish you best of luck. >> thank you. >> i know you'll continue to be in the air of lawmakers i would assume right now. that's the game plan. >> yes. >> she's a dreamer. she's been in the country 17 years giving i was little more insight as to what some of the people who are involved in the dreamers program are like. 7:37 right now. check in with caitlin get a look at the forecast. >> steve, thank you very much. yes. busy morning, and we've got drear row day on tap but we've also got incredibly active atlantic and gulf of mexico right now. hurricane irma of course category five strength you see that spinning about in the miffled your screen making landfall along the island of saint march 10. jose strengthening expected to be a hurricane later on today and then katia in the gulf tropical storm as well but does not look to pose any threat to houston or southeast texas which is good news but this is peak hurricane season and some years this is exactly what it look like. i'll have more on irma's track coming up at 7:45.
7:38 am
just waking up about to head out the door, it is cool, it is cloudy, it's wet out there, nothing like yesterday morning. we're saying goodbye to the summer like temperatures unfortunately. or fortunately depends how you feel about fall. 67 degrees and cloudy right now. our temperatures have dropped few degrees over the past hour or two, and they'll continue to stay steady or drop even further as we go through the rest of afternoon. temperatures are in the 60s. cloudy with some showers and, yeah, it's a gloomy one. luckily much better weather ahead in the seven day forecast. also have that coming up at 7:45. but first it's a gloomy morning, erin. makes you want to not get out of bed. >> i know, i know. unfortunately back to school for everyone including prince george's county. want to point out, gw parkway northbound earlier crash has traffic completely blocked everyone is being di diverted to spout run parkway causing big rubberneck delay on the southbound side as well. avoid gw parkway in both directions by spout run if at all possible. look at the beltway. typical delays
7:39 am
outer loop by kohl's individual road from route 1 to the spur. 35 minute delay. in your opinion as well passed this point the right lane is blocked closer to 95 with a crash. because of that we're seeing huge inner loop delays as well 35 minute delay in that direction. too top side of the beltway inner loop and outer loop not looking so great today. as we forward things along we have big delays 295 northbound they start from the bottom side of the beltway up past lavatory road to the 11th street bri bridge. southbound side jams up as well. more traffic in a future at least metro is on time. i would say leave early it's woeful traffic wednesday. ♪ ic wednesday. ♪♪
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for the first time in more than a decade lego is facing a decline in profits forcing the danish company to cut 1400 jobs about 8% of the toy makers work force. lego reinvent itself in the early 2,000s to compete with electronic toys and video games. found success with the lego move z sales in the first six months of this year not doing so well. prompting the company to simplify of its operations. getting a new ceo in october. you'll soon be able to get a famous wawa hoagie right here in the district. today marks the official ground breaking for the construction of the first ever wawa in the d.c. area, and it will be the largest store the company has ever built. the celebration will start at 11:30 this morning. this is on 19th street northwest. wawa plans to open five to ten more locations in the area over the next
7:43 am
the hoagie is doing quite well it appears. >> very well. hot on the web right now drivers in atlanta reported seeing a tiger on a busy hig highway. certainly not what you expect to see. >> not at all. plus, a back to school pledge in prince george's county. sending message that men are stepping up to strengthening their community. we'll talk about that after the break. break.
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>> time now is 7:45. and it's never too early to loca towed good good day. who and what is on tap today. >> danica patrick will chat with us live about her battle with migraine headaches. their impact on her career. bad part of a lot of people's lives. it's part of her mission to spread awareness about the condition and the millions who suffer along with her with these debilitating headaches. >> john few gel and bevy smith will stop by the. insiders from page six. page six officially launches in d.c. in just a couple of weeks you'll able to catch it right here on fox5. they'll talk about the show and we'll get to dish with them on any juicy celebrity scoop. >> also today, we're back in the kitchen. this time with head chef of the mgn national harbor talked about this on friday this pizza palooza but he's going to be in here throw down on some serious pizza pies. all in preparation for pizza palooza coming up at m. good m this weekend it will
7:47 am
feature all the beer, wine and pizza you can eat from recipes from italy to the united states. showing you different ways to enjoy one of america's favorite dishes. >> very cool. let's take in with caitlin get a look at our forecast at 7:47. >> good morning, guys. >> good morning. >> we had beautiful first day of school for kids, right. >> yeah. it was great for montgomery county. prince george's county today not so much. >> battling rain showers out there but we're also tracking hurricane irma this massive storm which is still category five winds sustain at 185 miles an hour maintained that strength since yesterday morning. and it is barreling through the leeward islands making landfall across the island of saint martin as we speak and from there it will set its sites on puerto rico and turks and caicos, bahamas very popular vacation spots boattails lot of people that live there and for some of em the strongest storm they've yet to see.
7:48 am
category five storm and hurricane warnings and watches in effect almost the islands in its path. moving across the leeward islands right now. it's moving very slowly and will continue to do so as it pushes through this channel of islands in the atlantic basin. by the weekend, very early saturday morning, off the north coast of cuba this is the latest track from the national hurricane center. they'll have another update right after 8:00 a.m. coming shortly. overnight models really were favoring the east side of florida so that has pushed the whole track at least the eye of it little bit over towards the east with that being said all of south florida has been bracing for this but other places like up into georgia and carolinas may want to be on the alert, too i'm sure they are because this storm could take more of an eastward track through the atlantic basin up the side of florida. also, we have tropical storm jose. really right behind irma. 60 miles an hour winds sustain. expected to become category two hurricane but it should
7:49 am
stay north of the northern leeward islands last thing they need is another hit. ckatia down in the golf. through the next 24 to 48 hours probably only impact the east coast of mexico as a weakening tropical cyclone. back home here, satellite/radar showers really filling in. so the mountains western suburbs it's raining and the rest of us will probably see those intermittent showers through the day. 67 in washington. it's in the 60s just about everywhere. we've got showers through the day. unfortunately not a nice one. temperatures in the 60s. rain will continue through this evening. and there you go. 69 degrees clouds and showers with temperatures steady and falling. all right. that's look at your forecast. erin has a check of the roads. >> i do. 7:49. huge problems in maryland top side of the beltway this is an outer loop delay those brake lights by connecticut avenue because of crash cleanup by 95 the inner loop jams from the
7:50 am
spur miles park traffic to get to 95. i'd avoid the inter loop in at all possible. over an hour delay. it is just really nasty out there. we have huge delays 270 on the southbound side from frederick down to the beltway about 45 minute slow down. you can see that look closer to 270 right now how jammed up you are on the in your opinion as welcoming off the spur. let's move over to our weather sent. we can forward our cameras once again. delays on 395, this is a look out by king street things improving only about five minute slow down right now from edsall road to the pentagon. keep in mind as you make your way out on the in your opinion by georgetown pike by 123 earlier debris causing some potential problems with flat tires so please use caution there. as we zoom out to my beautiful and fancy high tech dry erase board gw parkway northbound huge problems there. there's a crash at spout run. because of that all traffic diverted northbound to spout run huge backups. i'd avoid gw parkway northbound you're jammed well past the key bridge and southbound side rubberneck jams from the
7:51 am
northbound bw parkway typical volume southbound a crash by 175 that cleared. left over delays. i could say i could use all my match box cars to show you the delays on 66 eastbound coming up from 234 as well at least all metro rail lines are on time, guys. i'll toss it back to you. >> 7:51 right now. thanks very much indicate lip and erin. wild story coming out georgia. apparently police had to shoot a tiger. that tiger was found wandering along interstate overnight. police got to the scene in henry county south of atlanta after several drivers saw the tiger walking up and down an exit r ramp. officers shot that tiger it's not clear if the tiger died. no wore at this time where the tiger came from or how it got loose on the highway. not what you would expect to see, al. all righty. frightening moments unfolded over the weekend after 13 people were rescued from jurassic skyline -- the jurassic skyline gondola in england. 13 people were stranded 174 feet in the air after the gondola malfunctioned. helicopters and
7:52 am
rescued those trapped which ied 11 riders and two staff members. thankfully no one was seriously injured during this risky re rescue. >> anything that has jurassic in it. >> no thanks. >> you have no idea what will happen. >> after the historic upset howard university delivered unlv over the weekend talking about cam's new brother kadin. he was asked about the game during a press conference much here's what he had to say. >> to take a program like howard torque take a program that isn't necessarily known for certain things and changing the whole retrospect of the way people think, you know, now, you know, hearing them talk on the phone and just hearing responses to certain things it's like, man, people -- i'm telling them like you're giving people hope. like a team that is probably been known for this band, you know, people are going to the football games to watch football now not to just listen to the band play
7:53 am
>> he account forward three that's right yards and three touchdowns to lead forty five point underdogs the howard bison to a stunning win. >> congratulation to the bison. that was the win of the weekend. >> um-hmm. no doubt. >> ♪ well a pledge on this first day of school in prince george's county sun councilman mel franklin encouraged father, grandfathers, uncles, brothers any male newspapers in your live to walk a kid on the first day of class and actually go in and meet their homerun teacher. >> an evident to send a message men across the country and the nation are stepping up to strengthen their community and the council member joins us now live where drop off just wrapped up. first day of school officially underway. how did the pledge go this morning, councilman. good morning. >> it's going well. good morning. so great to talk with you. we're having a great day here in prince george's county. we have fathers all over the county walking their kids to school. we have brothers, uncles, all kind of great father figures doing the same. we want to zen the message not
7:54 am
for parent teacher conference and time for back to school night we want dads to be more of a presence when it comes to academic chief many, and we're trying to set example here in prince george's county. >> i mean you're hoping it reverberates to the state of maryland and to the country. >> absolutely. absolutely. we want folks to go to social media, use the hash tag fatherhood strong, spread the message across the country that when dads get involved and support moms, the kids really succeed and so we've seen it the national fatherhood initiative has is it a tis text about how academic achievement student behavior, all improved when you have dads, more involved in the lives of their kids. so we want to encourage that, promote that. that's not something you can legislate. that's something we have to promote in the community and have it act as a trend all across the country. so we want to be the example here in prince george's counsel too. >> so let me just play devils advocate for a minute councilman there's some who say the dads wanted to be involved they would have been involved from day
7:55 am
convince them to do this. so how do you go about doing that to make sure that this is not as you said just a one-day thing, that dads are involved all along the process steps? >> that's a great question. it has to be a sustained evident. it's very difficult to transform and improve sort of a culture in a neighborhood or an area but you do it through a sustained effort. if it's a one-time thing it doesn't catch hold. but you know with human behavior we tend to start to emulate others who we see in our social circles and other who's we look up to and so if we show that positive example it will catch on, and it will sort of spread throughout the community and throughout neighborhoods across the country. so it's very important that this isn't just a prince george's county effort or just a one-day evident. but the critical key is sustain ability and social media now a days is so powerful that if we can actually get momentum around this message, around t
7:56 am
will catch on and it will spread all across the country. >> did you get close to the number i know the goal was you wanted a thousand men to sign up. where are we in that goal met? >> sure. we're just over a hundred but we want to continue this all throughout the year. we want to hit our thousand and then we want to go beyond that. >> let's make it happen. >> we want to figure out how do we -- >> hash tag fatherhood. >> absolutely. >> we're asking folks to post their pictures. absolutely. >> and retweet and all that good stuff. >> do all that good stuff and i will go on and i'll retweet it and repost. >> all right. >> and we'll make it go viral as they say. >> okay. >> i got a dad in montgomery county that i need to make sure he does that tomorrow and post hash tag strong. fatherhood strong. >> absolutely. please do that. again this is so critical. we want folks to know this is not one-time effort. when it comes to parent teacher conference when it comes to back to school night when it comes to
7:57 am
example to our young people that we're involved, we want dads to step up. this isn't moms job. this is dad' jobs too. when pta meetings, dads, let's show up in big number. i know traditionally that hasn't happened. let's make this change happen. >> you know the young people will love it the most. >> yeah. >> they want to see everybody involved. councilman thanks for joining us as always. >> absolutely. >> do appreciate it. >> thank you so much for highlighting this for us. fatherhood strong. >> fatherhood strong. take care now. a little break from the rain at least right now caitlin out there in prince george's county at least. >> yeah, they are getting a bit of a break which is nice, but rain showers filling back in. temperatures in the 60s. reagan national 67. dulles 64. bwi68. there's that break over washington right now. but showers not far off towards our west. so this is just kind of the way et cetera all day. cloudy and cool and showery. seven day forecast shows we clear out. beautiful weather beginning on thursday much that's a look at your seven day forecast. fox5 will be right back. ♪ ♪♪
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
>> this fox5 news morning. good morning. thanks so much for joining us this morning. >> it is 8:00 a.m. this wednesday september 6th, 2017. here's what's on the fox5 news morning menu. first up tracking irma now the most powerful hurricane ever recorded on the atlantic ocean. making landfall overnight in the caribbean expected to hit florida in the coming days.
8:01 am
respond. fairfax county's urban search and rescue team is gearing up to head out and tackle this monster storm. >> a fox5 exclusive a maryland mom talking only to us says a butt bus driver left her son more than 2 miles from home. first though live look outside checking out the white house on this rainy wednesday morning. not going to see a lot of sun or warmth today. we're sorry to report that but at least it's not the rain our neighborrings are dealing with today and the storm. let's get to that storm right now at 8:00 o'clock. hurricane irma battering the caribbean. >> category five hurricane made landfall earlier this morning much winds of 185 miles an hour. the monster storm as we said the most powerful hurricane ever record reporterred in the atlantic headed toward puerto rico, the dominican republic, haiti and cuba. local search and rescue team returned to virginia last night helping helping 56 of harvey in southeast texas. they're not staying home long. the fairfax
8:02 am
rescue team is heading out back to help with hurricane irma. bob barnard is live in virginia with the latest this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. virginia tack force one got activated this morning officially at 7:00 but when we were here at 7:00 they were already here in the warehouse getting their stuff together. take a look. you got a team of 80 people going to be heading down air force base in alabama leaving at 10:00 o'clock this morning, and then staging in alabama and then they'll get their orders. again, a number of these people especially from the swift water rescue team had been down in texas responding to hurricane harvey just got back last night, and now they're shipping out again. joining suss tricia. she is one of the k9 handlers. this is sander here. tricia tell us your thoughts as you're getting ready to head out with your partner here. >> we're real excited to be on this mission we're hoping you can get there and help as many people as soon as possible. >> tell me some of the kinds of things you're doing
8:03 am
leading team. >> tell me what you'll be do. >> sander is a disaster dog he detects live human scent in concealed areas. if someone is alive and they need help he uses his nose to detect where they are. >> you had team members getting back last night. you get the call this morning much what's going through your mind? >> we're excited to be part of the mission so we're just trying to get mobilized and do it as quickly and safely as possible. >> zander is leaning up against me. i love it nice and warm. good luck to you guys. >> thank you. >> as we leave you this is a team that's just been activated. heading down to alabama. will likely end up in florida as irma makes its way to south florida as it's going to cross the us virgin islands, put tow ricoh, people are bracing for the worst and virginia task force one will be there to help out, guys. >> all right. in the meantime let's check in with caitlin get a little bit more information on the storm itself where it is now. where it's headed all tt
8:04 am
stuff. hi, caitlin. >> good morning to you both. 8:00 a.m. update we do these every three hours from the national hurricane center, and not much changed. still an extremely powerful category five storm with winds still sustained at 185 miles an hour. those are peak sustained winds by the way. and central pressure 918 millibars moving at 16 miles an hour. saint march 10 and that's occurring now the strongest storm minute march 10 has ever seen. hurricane warnings and watches posted for the majority of caribbean the track takes this powerful major hurricane straight through this channel of islands staying north of cuba and then from there impacting south florida. now there was a distinct change in the models overnight. moving this to grazing the east coast maybe not even making landfall along the southeast coast of florida, but regardless south florida will see major impacts. impacts from a hurricane can extend 100 to 200 miles outsideu
8:05 am
south florida and then they'll watch the carolinas southeast georgia closely too. back home here 67 reagan national. 64 dulles. 68bwi. it is a wet, cool and cloudy wednesday. very different from yesterday. we've got some showers filling in along the mountains and we will probably see these showers reach us by mid morning. we've just got on and off rain in the forecast for today. nothing too heavy just enough to be annoying and to keep things on the gloomy side. no sunshine i'm afraid and temperatures in the 60s. so you'll need that umbrella all day long and probably need a jacket because it feels a lot different than that high temperature of 87 yesterday. 20 degrees cooler as a matter of fact. so plan for the cloudy cool weather today. much better days ahead in the seven day forecast. i'll have that coming up. now with a check of the roads 8:05. erin g morning. >> good morning. gw parkway backed up all morning. earlier crash by spout run that all lanes blocked cleared but we have ree seven along delays all the way back to 395. 395 to spout run give yourself extra time there. southbound rubberneck
8:06 am
spout run as welke bridge inbound typical delays from rosland into georgetown. traffic very heavy. secondaries in georgetown backing up as well. top side of the beltway let's move things over, see that inner loop delay? it's starting to ease earlier crash between new hampshire avenue and 95 that had but p ought really big damper on inner loop delays that has cleared but residual delays linger of about 30 minutes from the 270 spur to 95. you can see brake lights just past colesville extending and then 270 that is back things up on 270 southbound local and main lanes completely parked right now just crawling along. from urbana down to the beltway a 45 minute delay on the southbound side extra time needed there. 395 inbound is also really jammed up from the pentagon to the 14th street bridge about a 15 minute delay. gray gloomy morning a lot of secondaries are crowded in the district as well back to school in prince george's county. caution through those school zones. caution through the secondaries as well. please just give yourself extra time to get around watch
8:07 am
click spots as rain moves in. in your opinion bottom side of the beltway slug beneficiary from branch avenue as you cross the wilson branch as well. keep updated this morning at least all of your metro rail lines are time. metro buses dealing with delays through the district. if you have any questions at erin fox5 d.c. on twitter at least delays on 66 eastbound are easing as you head out in manassas and centreville. back to you guys. >> ♪ 8:07 right now on wednesday morning. prince george's county mom is demanding answers. she tells fox5 in an exclusive interview that her son was robbed after the schoolbus dropped him off in an unsafe area about 2 miles from their home. the seventh grade boy was coming back from orientation yesterday at the middle school in landover. he says after the bus driver dropped him off a group of thieves stole his phone and his shoes. >> when i picked him up, he was bare foot, no shoes on. he was upset. he was shaking, and i just told him everything was going to be fine that i'll get to the
8:08 am
of it. and i brought him home. he didn't want to go back to school tomorrow. >> well today is the first official day of school for prince george's county. that district in particular. school officials tell us they're investigating the incident with a transportation board. ♪ eight past the hour. new this morning the charlottesville city council did vote to remove a confederate statue after a intense meeting. they will take down the statue of thomas stone wall jackson after violent protests in the city sparked deadly parts to remove the statue of robert e. lee. both statues will stay in place, however, pending a lawsuit. protesters marching from charlottesville to d.c. will finish the final stretch today. the group currently in fairfax county they'll leave from merrifield in the morning. their message to lawmakers and the particular he had to dismantle white supremacy when all is said and done they would have walked a total 100 miles. still to come this morning the fate of dreamers now in the hands of congress. reaction continues to pour in from
8:09 am
major medical news tell you about. new research suggesting that the zika virus could help in the fight against cancer. we'll explain the connection. it's 8:08. 8:08.
8:10 am
8:11 am
he's our pediatrician, dr. ralph northam. born and raised in rural virginia went to vmi. trained at johns hopkins. an army doctor who treated soldiers seriously wounded in the gulf war. eighteen years as volunteer medical director of a children's hospice. as lt. governor, he's fighting to expand healthcare in virginia. he'll get it done as governor. ralph northam: i'm ralph northam, and we need to provide access to affordable healthcare for all virginians, not take it away. ♪ 8:11. there's mixed reaction to the president's controversial decision to end the daca immigration row program from outrage among supporters to apov
8:12 am
the policy is unconstitutional. >> fofox5's melanie alnwick is live at capitol hill now with more. mel? >> reporter: steve and all allison, congress comes back to work this morning with relief for hurricane harvey first up. now the fate of some 800,000 s so-called dreamers also in their hands. those who were once protected by the program are being told to make preparations. as the announcement came down yesterday, that daca is ending it capped off days of protests. supporters of the program which protected illegal immigrants brought to the us as children marched in cities around the country. in d.c. no surprise that the trump hotel on pennsylvania avenue was one destination. in canceling the program attorney general jeff sessions said lawmakers, not the president, should decide the policy. existing permits will remain in effect and applications already started will be processed. but the clock is ticking for congress to act before a march deadline
8:13 am
>> i think today is the day for all of us to ask the question, what does it mean to be an american? it means you help your neighbor. >> we're not going to allow these kids to be victim of a broken political process. >> reporter: now president trump appearing to soften his stance just a bit in a tweet last evening saying "congress now has six months to legalize daca something the obama administration was up able to do. if they can't, i will revisit this issue "now locally we can tell you that maryland governor larry hogan a republican virginia governor terry mcauliffe a democrat and d.c. mayor muriel a bowser a democrat say they support these dreamers and they are all urging congress to fix this problem. >> live on capitol hill, i'm melanie alnwick, fox5 local n news. >> congress come back way lot on their mate today. that's for sure. hope they rested up during their summer recess. >> good morning
8:14 am
>> good morning. you've been busy yourself too. is. >> yes. following irma. one of the strongest hurricanes we've ever seen and with winds to 185 miles an hour that cat five storm just moved over some islands in the saint march 10 and starting to see on social media some of those pictures of devastation already. >> that's when it really gets really real. >> it does. people are affected by it. >> one thing looking at the satellite/radar and when you actually see the damage. >> lighten the mood with a little cuteness. >> a little break. >> it is time for that. >> yes. >> let's dial it back a bit. all right. ♪ >> to the best of the part of the morning it is time for fox5 first five photo of the day much she's bright spot of the mor morning. this is riley. >> hi riley. >> riley good morning to you. >> happy birthday! today is her third birthday, guys. >> happy birthday! >> three. that's a big girl. these she's a big girl now. >> it's an important one. look that skirt. is that the cutest tutu. >> cutest little tutu and little tennis shoes. she's got it going on she loves dancing sinking and taking pictures
8:15 am
she just started pre k and loves school too. of course she d she's just so snazzy and ready to go back to school. >> right. >> o'reilly we love your attitude, your big smile, your outfit. >> look at her little pose. the pose is she's got it going on at three years old. >> yes she does. >> she just turned three. >> isn't it funny when you their personalities even at three years old, people are who they are. riley is who she is and we love her. >> great day cutie pie. >> yes. >> happy birthday to you, riley. to stepped us your child's picture go to our facebook page fox5 d.c. of course we show them every morning. >> now back to this. >> i know. sorry. thank you riley for some of that levitt this morning we're going back to following hurricane irma right now. there's the eye of that category five storm moving across some of the islands including saint march 10 and moving west northwest from from there. as of 8:00 a.m. this morning no change in irma's strength. still a massive cat five storm winds sustained at 1
8:16 am
central pressure 918 millibars and all those pink boxes are hurricane warnings and watches that are up for much of the caribbean and even into places like bahamas the northern coast of cuba. all right. so here is the projected path we've been showing you all morning of irma over the next 24 hours, skirting through some of these islands staying north of hispaniola and north of cuba as major hurricane, and then impacting south florida. this has shifted eastward little bit. it will probably continue to shift as we are talking about impacting florida not until the weekend in that sat into sunday time frame. but keep in mind even if this is landfall on the west side and the central side if it's not landfall little bit off towards the east massive impacts are expected for south florida and probably along the east coast as well because a lot of our overnight model took this eye of the the storm up the east coast impacting places like pote potentially southeast georgia, south carolina with a landfall and hurricane. few days out there. back home here it is cool, it is cloudy we've got plent
8:17 am
they're starting to fill back in after overnight break rain moving from northwest to southeast along the mountains and even down across portions of the central have a have seeing some showers. so we're putting on and off rain in the forecast for today. temperatures very cool. 67 in washington. low 60s north and west. follow this rain as we go through the morning hours. what's west of us will move overhead. a bit of a break is possible. we've got rain showers all day. this is 10:00 p.m. and we're still seeing some showers out there. not clearing out until tomorrow morning. but once we do clear out, it will be beautiful. 73 degrees, clouds to sun for tomorrow. on your thursday. amazing weather expected home here. feel guilty saying it but truly it's going to be beautiful weekend a little cool but feeling really nice before we see clouds thicken monday and then if we feel some impacts of irma, that would be next tuesday in the form of some rain showers. still a long ways out, though. that's your latest seven day forecast. erin is back with her toys. >> i am caitlin so much more information as well. 8:17. starting you off with a look at
8:18 am
has been a big story this morning now the inner loop you can see traffic is easing by colesville road but we earlier crash by new hampshire avenue between that point and 95 that really had things backed up. we're still dealing with 20 minute delay from the 270 spur to 95. much improved outer loop heavy as usual. rubberneck delay that's what you're up against much wisconsin of a bradley boulevard heavy inbound traffic. we're just seeing a lot of that back to school flow as everyone gets back -- get used to traveling on the secondaries again. 395 northbound at the pentagon hov lanes very crowded and main lanes crowded. 15 minute delay from the beltway to the 14th street bridge. i will point out 270 southbound is very jammed up 45 minute delay from urbana down to the beltway and as we take loo act the my beautiful dry erase board that has been updated -- listen to my special music. in your opinion crash cleared but delays linger. gw parkway at spout run cleared. delays linger back to the 14th street bridge of about
8:19 am
minutes. southbound side is just heavy from the beltway on down. delays on 66 eastbound through centreville. 95 northbound through stafford crash route 1 northbound at telegraph road i have lot of toy cars i've been getting questions on twitter about this. there's just, you know, really close together everywhere and all of our majors. i think i need an assistant. maybe somebody between the ages of four and ten who can come help me organize this. i'm just saying. tomorrow we get our new fancy graphics but in the meantime, enjoy our adjusted presentation. back to you guys. metro is on time. >> we'll wait for the fancy graphics to talk about health news. probably wouldn't be good if we used toys to talk about brain surgery. >> no. >> in surprising twist new research that shows the zika virus could be used to treat aggressive brain cancer. >> tests on mice found that the virus is capable of shrek seively infecting and killing hard to treat cancer cells in adult brains. while leaving other brain cells
8:20 am
unharmed. experimental blood test could be more accurate than other methods when it comes to diagnosing alzheimer's disease. current testing consists of brain scans and in depth mental testing but health experts say the simple blood test bringing considerable jump in that testing research. we continue to track the latest on hurricane irma. we'll talk to fema about disaster preparedness. that's coming up. ♪ ♪♪
8:21 am
8:22 am
been trying to prepare for this day... and i'm still not ready. the reason i'm telling you this is that there will be moments in your life that... you'll never be ready for. your little girl getting married being one of them. ♪ ♪ ♪
8:23 am
♪ we'll fill in the blanks for you caitlin until you get your my crone pope situation all work out there. taking a look what's happening right now in the carribbean and that is irma as those record wind speeds start to hit land. if you just went online and look at pictures from saint martin which just took a fairly direct hit you see mary go on saint martin where the eye just passed over. right now looks like it's going to be kind of creeping toward the virgin islands towards san juan on this path it looks like it's going to clip the northern shore of the san juan and hispaniola over haiti and the dominican r
8:24 am
>> big monster storm happening right now, caitlin. >> yes. the tide for the second strongest recorded her hurricane ever and here it is. category five strength winds sustain at 185 miles an hour. thank you guys. that cat five storm made earlier landfall around an gill la saint martin it will continue north northwest where watches and warnings are in effect in advance of this incredibly powerful storm. here's it's projected path from the national hurricane center. this is guidance much this not gospel. and it will weaken slightly as it moves over the north coast of the cuba. however, by this weekend late saturday into early sunday impacting south florida and overnight models head more eastward trend saying this could be more of an effect along the east coast of florida and potentially landfalling somewhere along the georgia south carolina coastline. potentially there's windshield wiper effect as things continue to change with different model runs leading up to this even. 67 degrees outside in washington right now. it is cloudy. it is cool. not the best day as the
8:25 am
way to explain our weather home here today. on and off showers. temperatures are stuck in the 60s just about all afternoon not going to see much of a warmup. we do clear out see a nice little warmup for thursday. now temperatures remain cool. this is very much a fall like forecast through the weekend but it's beautiful temperatures high temperatures in the low 70s and irma effects may be impacting us next week. that is look at your seven day forecast. get a check of the roads with erin. >> big story this morning is inner loop crash between new hampshire avenue and knife and take a look at our cameras they're moving it around it look like there's a bus that's moving on the inner loop but they're trying to figure out what's going on because second crash blocking the shoulder as well. that's adding to the backups even though all lanes have reopened. inner loop still jams outer loop you can see that big white truck going by right there outer loop delays remain from route 1 to the 270 spur. in virginia you can see we're
8:26 am
eastbound traffic very heavy from basically 234 prince william parkway through fairfax this morning about 35 minute delay remains. that's much improvement from the hour delay we were dealing with during our 6:00 o'clock hour commute. i'll keep updated on that one at least all metro rail lines are on time that's really good news if you're skipping the roads and taking rails as caitlin has been telling you grab your umbrella you may need it throughout the day. a lot of congestion around the dmv first day back to school for prince george's county just reminder to slow it down, use caution through those school zones. guys, back to you. >> all right. still ahead this morning a story you saw first on fox5. united medical center plagued with problems and this morning we're learning more about the district's plan for new hospital. later on good day d.c., page six is making the jump from new york post to fox5. several stars of the show will join us in the loft with a sneak peek and some really hot celebrity gossip, too. stay with us. stay with us.
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fios is not cable. we're a 100% fiber optic network.
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8:30 am
with highest wind speed ever recorded in the atlantic. making landfall in the us virgin islands and puerto rico in the carribbean today and then heading north and east after that. so what we're doing is asking people to be prepared. so even in this area, this storm track is uncertain and there are two named storms right behind it. so it's the best time to get ready. you can go to and download the fema app which has information about emergency checklists. it's got weather alerts, and then emergency other emergency tips for you. >> i know, katie, it's always prepare fort wore the and hope for the best and you're doing a great job of getting the word out there for people to prepare for the storm. how does fema prepare because you're still dealing what happened in texas with harvey. irma is a larger storm by wind speed at least we don't yet know where it will hit land. and then as you said two more storms. so is fema staying on top
8:31 am
>> this is what we do. so we are continuing the operations in texas and we've got folks pre pigged in the u.s. virgin islands in puerto rico in florida and then along the east coast. so we've got teams ready to go. we've sent shelter supplies, water, food, um, you were hearing about virginia task force one getting ready to deploy. so we've got people and mom diddies pre positioned anyplace we think is in danger we're ready. >> we're showing a psa fema put out about preparedness and september happens to be national preparedness month. i know that you told us to go to the website and check out those tips. what can you tell us here watching now? what i would say is download the fema app that's one of the quickest and easiest ways to get all the information that you need. so emergency checklists, um, then if you ever need it, it will have shelter locations and disaster recovery centers and th
8:32 am
it's got weather alerts as well. you can also know your evacuation routes. here in the district as an example there are above the street signs that are vac weighing routes it says evacuation routes. make sure you know how to get out if you need to. and then make a plan. be prepare. be ready. >> at the website. katie you mentioned the district and folks in the district at this point, we will likely just get rain but do you know anything that we don't know? is fema getting prepared for anything that might happen here in d.c.? >> fema is always prepared, and i don't know anything about the district in particular, but these storm tracks are uncertain. so it just makes sense for everyone who could potentially be in the path to get ready. and fema app are two great ways to do it. >> all right. writing that down and trying to install that on my phone as we speak. we've seen too many awful pictures and too much devastation and sadness from fellow americans because of these storms. so fema
8:33 am
katie thank you personally. >> thank you. >> all right. get update on a story that you her first about here on fox5. the district getting ready to get a brand new hospital. the site would be the campus of saint elizabeth'. >> $300 million has been set aside in fact to build the hospital to replace united medical center which has been the scene of many problems recently. our matt ackland with more. >> reporter: fox5 was the first to tell you how d.c.'s hell department suspended umc's license to conduct obstetric care. one mother telling fox5 her care before giving birth was ter terrible. >> the hospital's in a tough situation and has been. it was when i became mayor. >> reporter: over the weekend the washington post reported on a consulting firm brought in by the bowser administration for $300,000 a month to get umc back on track. the post reports the founder of that firm donated to the bowser campaign. but the
8:34 am
firm's work. >> they are turning things around financially. that's what the numbers show. when we brought them on in an emergency basis, the hospital was going to have trouble making payroll. >> reporter: several years ago, as mayor and now as council member vincent gray proposed a new hospital at saint elizabeth's but funding was held back. he says if he had his way the hospital would be less than two years from completion. >> i could almost tell you the day would have been 1919. we're in 2017 now we would be probably less than two years away from opening the new hospital. we got $300 million once again in the budget, but some of it's in the out years which means if it stays on its current timetable, it could be 2023 before we are opening a new hospital that's just too long. >> matt act land, fox5 local news. all right. 8:35 right now. >> hey, caitlin roth. >> get a check on that. >> steve and allison good morning to you not the best one out there unfortunately. it's a little gray. pr
8:35 am
back to school today. you need the umbrellas and the jackets. it's cool, it's cloudy. we'll have on and off rain showers. just about all day as we transition from very summer like weather yesterday to some nice fall crisp weather that will mostly feel for tomorrow. in between it's still going to be cool. temperatures are in the 60s right now. 67 reagan. 64 dulles. 68bwi and those rain showers have been starring to fill in around the area. we kind of saw a break during the overnight hours but expecting them to fill in. there we go. satellite/radar shows from northwest from southwest to northeast that rain filling in. it's steady yesterday along the mountains and our far western suburbs even the showers down towards our south will bring some rain into the d.c. metro pretty shortly and through the mid morning hours mid afternoon expect that rain to continue. so clouds and showers for today. high temperatures somewhere in the 60s. we're either steady or falling really through the whole afternoon. luckily we clear out tomorrow. we'll get some great weather beginning thursday lasting through the weekend. now this is cool for
8:36 am
overnight lows only in the 50s that is sweater weather in the morning. and then pefect by the afternoon. low 70s through sunday. clouds increase monday. irma's effects that is a question mark. but if we do see some effects especially with more eastward track of the models taking irma up the atlantic side of in order and possibly into the carolinas, then that would be on tuesday seeing some rain reach us here. still a long ways off. we'll be following that. all right. that's your seven day forecast. erin, let's get a check of the roads. good morning. >> good morning, caitlin. busy wednesday. everyone is back to school in prince george's county. taking a live look right now inner loop at forestville road you can see headlights steady flow of traffic right now gets a little bit heavier by branch of a through oxon hill this morning outer loop looks good there. top side of the beltway in college park a parking lot from an earlier crash. outer loop usual delays linger 95 to georgia avenue. and 270 has been really backed up kind of spill over from those beltway delays on the outer loop and in your opinion by 270. main
8:37 am
crawl. it's still about 30 minute delay from urbana down to the beltway. get an early start. you'll need that time as we forward things along once again we have other delays this is 295 southbound by eastern avenue in northeast. from 50 on down to about pennsylvania avenue. ten minute delay. northbound side looks good there. closer to the bottom side of the beltway 295 northbound some heavier traffic toward lavatory road we're also seeing heavier traffic 50 inbound keep in mind 50 on the eastbound side by mlk, jr. highway we have a crash. all metro rail lines are on time this morning that's good news. grab your umbrella you may need it for later today. right now just little gray and gloomy. back to you steve and allison. so this morning major league baseball preparing to discipline the boston red sox for breaking a league rule. now it's a technicality here. the team used an electronic device to help them steal signs from the new york yankees. >> war signs likes -- >> like i'm going to -- i put two down it's going to be knuckle ball. >> yes. >> okay. well i just neede
8:38 am
clarification. >> it happened about a month ago the teams met. stealing signs in baseball is not illegal it's frowned upon but it's not illegal. problem is the socks apparently used an apple watch to discreetly in air quotes pass the information on to the players. >> why is that against the rules. >> now you're not just doing it with your own way of doing it you're using electronic device. >> fine line. i would repeal that. >> but i mean appeal that. >> but it's the rule. >> no electronics? >> that's what it said electronics. >> you can't have help doing it searchly. >> you have to memorize it. >> do it yourself, right. >> okay. i get it. >> it's all about subtly miami dolphins will not be playing their season opener at home on sunday because the threat from hurricane irma. nfl said in the interest of public safety playing a game in south florida this week it's not appropriate. now there is a chance they can move the game. they can move it to tampa although that would give them the advantage when it's supposed to be miami home game they can move it neutral sight or just postpone the game until novembeh
8:39 am
off that week. the decision will be expected later today and of course just like everybody else nfl keeping an eye on the path of the storm. >> we don know where it's going hit in florida. >> i guess they're hoping later today they'll get better idea. >> okay. >> if fans are asked to be evacuated, you don't want them coming back in to watch football game. >> absolutely. >> makes sense. >> yeah. >> starbucks helping employees brew up a family. unusual perk they are offering to even part-time workers. and forget milk, white and dark chocolate food scientists have discovered a brand new cocoa bean that turns the sweet treat pink. pink chocolate. >> okay. >> we'll show it to you coming up. ♪ up. ♪♪
8:40 am
8:41 am
he's our pediatrician, dr. ralph northam. born and raised in rural virginia went to vmi. trained at johns hopkins. an army doctor who treated soldiers seriously wounded in the gulf war. eighteen years as volunteer medical director of a children's hospice. as lt. governor, he's fighting to expand healthcare in virginia. he'll get it done as governor. ralph northam: i'm ralph northam, and we need to provide access to affordable healthcare for all virginians, not take it away.
8:42 am
♪ >> live look outside right now at the u.s. capitol dome. what a busy back to work day it is for members of the congress. their plate is overflowing after the august recess everybody back to work today. you can forget marriage counseling if you're having trouble with your spouse you might want to try simply getting more sleep. might be the solution to everything. researchers in ohio found that sleeping more than seven hours night can actually help solve a couple's marriage problems. experts say couples are more likely to be hostile or argue with each other if they get less than seven hours of sleep. they're cranky. >> you're angry, whatever that equivalent would be. >> sleep and angry, let's ship those two words. >> it would be slag
8:43 am
>> for some couples it can be tough to find a job that offers benefits to cover infertility. slangry i think it's catchy, steve. starbucks is even the perk for part-time workers. the coffee giant covers $20,000 for invitro fertilization and related medications. on average ivf costs that amount per cycle. most couples go through two or three cycles before they get pregnant. that is an unusual -- >> it's a great perk. starbucks is leading the charge when it comes to great opportunities with paying for people's college. >> absolutely. >> further education and now family growth as well. 8:43 right now. in the meantime, we will check with wisdom and maureen find up what's coming up on the big show in few minutes. >> good morning. we continue to track hurricane irma. category five monster storm florida and carolinas in its sites. so where will it go next? we have live reports throughout the next two hours. >> also ahead at 9a a fox5
8:44 am
a maryland middle school student dropped off at the wrong stop, then robbed. >> plus shock over popular video game character. we will fill in you on that one as well. wisdom, you know what time it is. time to put up that good day guest list. live in the lot of real housewives of potomac star and houstonian giselle bryant is here to give us an update on how this area and our viewers are giving back to the flood victims. >> also live in the loft bev smith and john from the page 6tv show is here to fish celebrity dirt. >> we talk live with racing super stan da danica patrick not here just to talk about ra racig but my affects 38 million americans. what can be done? she's explaining. >> we go live to tmz with all the developing news from hollywood. >> your number one good day d.c. just two hours of it just moments away. >> love it. thank you, gang. >> still ahead this morning how lawmakers voting on major self-driving car proposal because we love our self-driving car
8:45 am
>> somebody is. we'll take a look at the impact it could have on the roads you drive every day. >> it may be only september but wal*mart is already thinking ahead to christmas and they're turning to some mini experts to pick out the season's top toys. >> i like that one. ♪ ♪♪ hi, we are turketarians. you know people think that all turkey tastes alike. (both) wrong! true turketarians swear by butterball. we like to say, (both) "what is this? thanksgiving?" (both laughing) get it? butterball. the choice of turketarians. ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ with the company trusted for more than 75 years, you have the compassion and strength of a name. giving you the power to keep pace. carefirst blue cross blue shield. live fearless.
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>> cannot get away from this itch match of this monster storm right here we're talking about irma. at first i thought no way. no way could another storm like be right on the heels of
8:48 am
but it looks like it is and then there are two other storms behind irma. caitlin very active hurricane season. >> yeah. completely. it's peak hurricane season allison and steve. and we are showing that this year. also, irma one of the strongest storms ever recorded out there in the atlantic basin, and right on the heels of her z3 storms. irma center of your screen. tropical storm jose on the date of the accident hills. katia tropical storm in the gulf of mexico. go through all three of them. let's begin with hurricane irma. remaining category strength with winds sustain at 185 miles an hour. landfall earlier saint martin and an gill la. west northwest and targeting puerto rico and virgin islands and along the north coast of the hispaniola turks and caicos feeling the impacts, bahamas islands and also cuba. now, the projected path right now major hurricane impacting south florida sometime over the weekend. there was an eastward shift in the models overnight that could definitely change. that's why
8:49 am
all of florida needs to be prepared for if not direct impact major impacts. and really up along the east coast too into georgia and carolinas because a lot of our major models overnight were saying you know what we think the ate of the hur cape is kind of stay offshore move through the atlantic towards southeast. impacts are felt hundreds of miles outside the eye of the storm. jose expect totter strengthen into hurricane by friday but luckily take a northeast turn away from the leeward islands they do not need a second direct hit from hurricane. katia expected to meander around there. impacting the east coast of mexico and thankfully not moving any further northward, say, impacting southeast texas it looks to be okay. back home here, satellite/radar painting a very gray picture. we've got clouds, we've got showers that are filling back in. mostly for our western suburb but this will move eastward guaranteeing rain through the mid morning hours into the mid afternoon hours and really into this evening. it's just a rainy o
8:50 am
there. very cool. 67 degrees in washington right now. low to mid 60s north and west. your seven day forecast shows once we get our wednesday out of the way, the nice weather returns. clouds giving way to some sunshine tomorrow. beautiful fall like weather friday, saturday, sunday get you in the mood for football wea weather, and right on time too. temperatures will be little bit blow normal but still fantastic. hey if we'll feel the effects of hurricane irma ma that will be next week beginning on tuesday. especially with that eastward trend and models this morning that would mean better chance of some rain for us that of course could change we're talking about early into next week. that's the way it look. that's your seven day forecast. steve and allison back to you. >> happening today while congress is focused on relief aid for harvey avoiding a government shut down, lifting the debt ceiling they're looking to putting drive less cars on street near you. wisdom you ought to know going into steve and i are firmly against driverless cars. >> until everybody has them. >> that would make three of you. >> okay. >> i'm just saying.
8:51 am
then again by the time they get to this we night be not be driving. you know what i'm saying. >> okay. >> this may take while. >> they would have taken the keys from us. >> that's what i'm saying. >> okay. >> but let me give you background on this. landmark vote on self-driving vehicles set for today the house is expected to accelerate testing of so-called unmanned ground vehicles on public roadways and highways. now, right next to every day traffic. the plan permits domestic manufacturers ranging from the big three to tesla, google way mow and uber to but 150,000 driverless test cars on the road as early as next year if the measure is signed into law that could explode to half million in three years. the project could also create new federal safety and performance requirements and the bill bars the states from banning self-driving cars. house panel unanimously approved the measure earlier this summer. a rare example of by partisan ship in washington. the full house expects to
8:52 am
many lawmakers support the plan they believe autonomous technology is the future. they want the u.s. to manufacture self-driving cars and not someone else. >> this work is happening in china and india and western europe. the united states has always been at the forefront of transportation and mobility and this bill matters because we need to make sure we keep that position. >> supposupporters argue self-dg technology is a way to slash the nation's 40,000 annual highway deaths. most are caused by driving under the influence or by distracted driving from texting. despite the overwhelming support for the legislation, there are worries about how this could adversely affect traditional union jobs in the transportation industry. there are privacy concerns. who controls the data of where the cars take you? and hackers, spoofing gps tricking cars into thinking they know where they're driving. >> when we've tried to rush things, mistakes happen. slow down the industry a little bit, and get the verification that the software ind
8:53 am
work. >> now congress is just approved an accelerated tes testing phase while there may be hundreds of thousands of driverless cars on the roads in the next lane most consumers won't be anal to buy one any time soon. again, this is -- if this does get approved and they start testing it will be awhile and i say awhile. >> so fascinated with it. >> yeah. >> competition now. >> right. everybody wants to be the first to successfully pull this off. >> i think at the very least, wis, make them look completely different from anything that's on the road. at least you know -- >> it's got that big thing on the top. >> they won't have the big thing on the top. >> that's true. you know what i mean. >> make them pin striped so you know what you're dealing. >> make them all toyota camrys i don't know what to watch out f for. >> i know to stay away that car all it takes is some kind of malfunction we know how computers work. >> absolutely. >> all it takes is malfunction. you have 20 -- >> i got knock off my internet three times this hour. >> then you got to
8:54 am
the side of the road call somebody to fix it if you don't crash into somebody. >> or do you? driverless mechanic person. >> there you go. >> nobody shows up exactly. >> somebody do it on software from somewhere else. it's just a whole big thing. clearly we're totally against this idea. >> clearly. we're old timing. >> old school. >> thanks, wis. >> we need a gym that work out for us? i like that. [ laughter ] >> thank you. never underestimate the power of chocolate or the flavor. scientists debut a new kind of chocolate for the first time in 80 years and guess what, it is pink. isn't it pretty? it contain a special ruby cocoa bean it tastes like berries. even though no color or extra berry extracts are added because we've seen colored chocolate before. but this is naturally occurring cocoa beans. it was created by swiss chocolate giant barry gola bert never heard of him. am i saying it right. is it french, i don't know. the company says scientists spent decades working to unlock the flavors of the ruby cocoa bean. which is what this is. >> okay.
8:55 am
>> i would try it. >> isn't it pretty. >> almost too pretty to eat. oh, never mind. okay. >> wal*mart thinking winter already turning straight to the experts to compile the hot toys list for the holidays. hundreds of flagged collectibles and interactive toys as this year's must haves. among the items fan favorites from paw patrol, batman, star wars and even frozen staying on the hot list this year. >> all right. ♪ >> babies know best. >> before we head to breck this is new app called the face dance challenge. al you need to do this. >> that's queue. >> zero dance i do this but you can. >> how can i do it. >> funny faces come up on the screen and then you have to mimic the faces like emojis et cetera to earn points. >> but system like some -- what's it call the one i don't have. >> it doesn't matter. it's never going to record that and then play it back for us so we can all watch you. >> is this snap chat? i need to know where to get it it's just an app. all right. we'll be right back. i got to do r. ♪
8:56 am
♪ sing it erin. >> beautiful erin. >> it is time to say hello to our facebook fan of the day. this is autumn walker. this weekend autumn and her husband patrick she calls patrick her hubble love, there's a story behind that, celebrated their three-year anniversary. that's all we need to know. happy anniversary. they went on an odyssey cruise. >> fun. >> that's awesome. >> prior to getting on board, there'
8:57 am
here. autumn says she got poe proposed to even though she's there on her anniversary. teddy roosevelt tried to get in the middle of things there. >> you know what, teddy tried it. she's already married. >> he's charming. >> can't blame a guy for trying. >> no she can't. >> she respectfully said no i'm happy where i am. >> teddy said but look at my mustache. [ laughter ] >> final check on the roads and weather. how we looking? >> it was woeful wednesday on the commute. it's gloomy and gray just a ton of heavy volume and still lingering on the beltway. caitlin has a lot to talk about. >> cloudy and cool for today. much nicer tomorrow. latest on hurricane irma coming up on good day d.c. >> see you off the top and see you on good day coming up next. see you soon. ♪ . ♪♪
8:58 am
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but new finds are always arriving. so you can find something so you, for less. at homegoods. ♪ straight ahead, bracing for impact. irma making landfall for the first time in the carribbean overnight. as the most powerful storm ever recorded in the atlantic. states of emergency in effect for parts of the the united states as it inches closer to the coast of lord. the storm's track still uncertain. but officials aren't taking any chances. we'll have more on the preparations for the monster storm and the one-two punch after hurricane harvey. >> plus, the president major immigration decision. the white house says the dak at a program will be phased out in the next


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