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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  September 11, 2017 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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downgraded to a category one. the storm center pulling away from the tampa area with heavy bands lashing orlando and jacksonville. irma's maximum sustained winds are at 85 miles per hour. it is expected to weaken as it continues up through the panhandle of florida. more than 3 million customers are without power. >> thank god that we still alive and god get us through this storm. >> i would say don't come out of your house until the sun is up and you can clearly see. >> so far five storm related deaths are being reported in florida. at least 26 deaths have been blamed on irma from when it hit the caribbean islands. >> that number without power is he can expected to increase. power crews are heading heading crews expected to get there by today or tomorrow. fema crews like all of us are waiting for daylight today to see how bad the damage in florida is. >> they have been sending rescue and relief teams to the state as well
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where one of our local fema task teams is this morning. melanie alnwick is tracking all of this. >> reporter: president donald trump declared a disaster declaration for florida but as you mentioned we're really not going to get a sense of what some of the damage is especially on some of those islands that were cut off the florida keys, sanibel, marco island as well, those taking those direct hits and we really don't know yet the extent of the damage there and the extent of the need as well. but we can tell you that fema is already on the ground in the u.s. virgin islands and puerto rico. they tweeted out this map here showing what they've been doing. they're providing meals water incident management and three urban search and rescue teams, there are two of those from virginia. issue ban search and rescue teams one and two were activated for both puerto rico and the u.s. virgin islands here you can see some photographs of those teams as they are preparing to deploy
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their expertise. we just don't know how much they're going to have to be doing. the searches, many, many buildings are completely collapsed. let's take you to some of the pictures. at least 24 people were killed when irma swept through the island chain. we know there are shortages of food water and medicine. hospital patients also evacuated from saint thomas and saint john. the u.s. government is sending flights today to my saint martin to evacuate u.s. citizens there. they've been told to expect long lines and no running water at the airport. in the florida keys today as well crews we're told will begin house to house searches for survivors who stayed behind. also, airborne relief missions bringing supplies will also begin today heading to the florida keys. live outside fema headquarters, i'm melanie alnwick fox5 local news. >> hurricane irma having an impact on congress. the house will not vote on any legislation today. many members will be back
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their home districts. some are unable to travel back to d.c. because of the storm. the house majority leader has rescheduled the votes and the next vote will take place tuesday evening at the earliest. >> ♪ today marks the 16th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. it's also now the national day of service and remembrance. the nation's largest annual day of charitable engagement as many use the day to do good deeds and to give back. organizers say they want to teach kids about the tragic events as one third of americans are just too young to remember that fateful day. >> vice president mike pence will deliver remarks in shanksville, pennsylvania at a memorial service for those who died on united flight 93. at 10:30 a.m. the moment the flight -- that flight 93 crash the names of the passengers and crew members will be read and bells of remembrance will be rung in their memory. officials will also break ground on the flight 93 national memorial as well as a sound breaking on the tower of voices ceremony. >>
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remembrance ceremonies happening today across the country. they will honor the almost 3,000 people who died in new york city washington, d.c. and shanksville, pennsylvania. in our region 184 people who died when a third plane crashed into theing. president trump and first lady melania trump will observe the anniversary at the pentagon. >> ♪ >> time is 4:34. happening today arizona senator john mccain will have an mri as he continues to battle brain cancer. mccain returned to d.c. last week end says his cancer prognosis is "pretty good." mccain says the situation has been tough on his family but says he is optimistic. >> let's switch gears and talk football. tough start to the regular season for washington. the burgundy and gold hosting on the philadelphia eagles at fedex field. kirk cousins completed 23 of 40 passes. washington loses 17 to 30. they take on the rams next week. the rams by the way, scored 40 plus points in their season opener, so... >> okay
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have a great season everybody. different story for the nationals. they clinched the national league east with three to two win against the phillies at nats park. they're the first team to clinch the post season so far this year but they always do and then it's downhill after that. >> don't hit them with the negativity yet. >> i'm not. i'll try to stay up. >> let's talk about another winning team t-the washington mystics they advance in the wnba playoffs. guard kristi toliver knocked down three three pointers. the mystics face minnesota next in the best of five semifinals matchup. >> they need more love. we rarely have any mystics highlights. >> if they win the championship they'll be talked about. >> all of a sudden they'll be our team. that bandwagon getting full. >> mike thomas here to talk weather. >> we're tracking the latest from irma, aur
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category one winds of 85 miles per hour. we're expecting another update shortly where we'll bring you the latest on what remains of it because it is a storm that will be falling apart. it was able to lose strength a lot faster. satellite and radar outside right now showing some clear skies, actually moon was big and bright out there. however, as we continue to stream through the morning we will start to see more clouds moving in from the south and a lot of this week will feature fe spinning around through the midwest. reagan national 58, dulles 50, bwi 52 degrees. it's light jacket weather out there. here's today's planner for the day some clouds by 11 o'clock 69, we're mostly cloudy for the 5 o'clock hour with a temperature right around 74 degrees. all right, that's a check of your forecast. erin como is back with traffic. hey, erin. >> 4:36 and some problems on 395 northbound right now. crash by seminary road oc
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police activity. left lane is getting by. this is in the main lanes. hov lanes not impact. 37 miles per hour past seminary road. give yourself extra time to get through that crash scene. as we move over for a look on the outer loop, a second crash right now. it's on the ramp to the dulles toll road. no major delays there. you can see we're all green all good through mclean. we'll let you know if that causes any slowdowns to. also quiet on the way to bwi as well as reagan national. wide view right now speed sensors showing all green on the map. as we move over for a look 95 northbound problem free out of fredericksburg. also looking nice top side of the beltway speed sensors 58 through beltsville. 70 in frederick really good conditions. metro service kicks up at 5:00 a.m. any questions at erin fox5 d.c. on twitter. >> equifax hit with a $70 billion lawsuit.
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crowned in atlantic city. >> here's a live look at port ccanaveral still dealing with the outer bands of hurricane irma. time right now is 4:38. back in a moment. >> ♪ >> ♪♪
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>> ♪ >> time is 4:40. we're back with what's hot on the web, the stories you're engaging with the most this morning on social media. >> holly morris joins us with what's trending. good morning. >> good morning, everybody. first up of course all eyes are on florida this morning after hurricane irma hammered the sunshine state. it continues to make its way north pulling away from the tampa area while orlando and jacksonville are getting hit hard right now. the now category one storm has reportedly killed five people in florida and is blamed for another 26 deaths in the caribbean islands. this morning irma is packing 85 miles per hour winds as it heads
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tropical storm warnings are up. equifax is facing a $70 billion class action lawsuit following a massive data breach. the breach affected roughly 143 million in the united states as well as some in canada and the uk. equifax is reaching out to all individuals affected for those that were hacked, social security numbers and other important information is at risk. the lawsuit was filed by two people in oregon. race is taking center stage in claremont new hampshire. reports are surfacing that an eight-year-old african-american boy was injured in a racially motivated attack. police say last month a group of white teenagers tied a rope around the boy's neck. police have launched an investigation. the new miss america has been crowned. meet 23-year-old cara mund from north dakota. the competition was held in atlantic city last night. mund will take her traditional morning dip in the atlantic city ocean this morning at
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11 o'clock. the new miss america graduated from brown university and will get her law degree. finally let's talk about the u.s. open. rafael nadal wasted little time winning his third u.s. open and 16th grand slam title. and by the way, the four grand slams this year won by either nadal, he also won the french open or roger federer. i don't think there is any changing of the world in the men's tennis world. >> the two dominating the spor for sure. holly thank you. take care of your throat. >> i know, man. thank you. >> coming up on fox5 news morning, the creator of the daca immigration program filed suit against the trump administration. >> police ask for your help in finding a missing woman. >> heading to break right now with a live look across the d.c. region. it is 4:42, 57 degrees. man, there is that chill in the air. grab your jacket as you head out. back after this. >> ♪ >> ♪♪
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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. >> welcome back at 4:45 and here's a look at the stories we are following for you today, monday, september 11th. hurricane irma is now a category one storm. it was downgraded overnight as it continues to bring heavy rain and winds to parts of florida. its center is pulling out of the tampa area right now. more than 3.6 mill
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this morning. >> today marks the 16th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. it's also now the national day of service and remembrance. the nation's largest annual day of charitable engagement as many use the day to do good deeds and givebacks. organizers say they want to teach kids about the tragic events as one third of americans are too young to remember the day. the burgundy and gold hosted the eagles at fedex field. kirk cousins completed 23 and 40 passes. skins lose 17 to 30. >> nationals clinched the national league east with a three to two win against the phillies at nats park. they're the first team to clinch the post season so far this year. good morning to you. thank you for joining us. >> today is monday september 11th. erin como watching the roads, mike thomas talking weather. good morning. >> good morning to you as well. we've been fall-like all weekend long. absolutely gorgeous weekend here in d.c., lots of sunshine and again cool chilly mornings and pleasant
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kind of one more day of that although we'll have more clouds streaming in today from irma and speaking of irma, let's get the latest on where it is. again, we are expecting another update here within the next 15 minutes but as of earlier this morning, it was a category one storm with winds of 85 miles an hour. right around the tampa area and it's starting to pull away from tampa so tampa's winds right now are not too bad. they're justing at about 30. that's because they're still within the eye wall. they'll start gusting much heavier within the next hour or so as the eye wall pushes offer to the north. there's the track for the next few days. my later on this evening it's pushing up into georgia. then it kind of continues to really fade away. it's go going to lose a lot of strength as it pushes up through alabama tennessee. it will be a cloud maker and rain maker as we head through the rest of the week. at 8:00 a.m. today storm continues to push northward. south carolina, north carolina dealing with rain and some wind and here by the time it gets
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with is a few showers and not much to any wind at all its not going to be too much here except for again a shower maker. there's a look at your fox5 accuweather 7-day forecast. you see chances of showers and storms each and every day with temperatures back in the 80's by the midweek. more details in the forecast coming up. erin is back with traffic this morning. >> 4:48 right now. big crash with police on scene, 395 it's on the northbound side by seminary lane. just the left lane getting by p now the off ramp is opened. 34 miles an hour past that scene. give yoursef five extra minutes to get north of seminary road. past that point you're good to the 14th street bridge. speed sensors checking in nicely once you get north of 395 at seminary road. gw parkway quiet. outer loop looks good. look at our drive times, all green all good. 66 at sudley road. eastbound side clear to the beltway. inner loop looks great toward the legion bridge. problem free southbound on 270 coming up from maryland. fr
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county at 109 not seeing any issues. any questions at erin fox5 d.c. on twitter. back to you. >> ♪ >> 4:48 right now. fema crews have been working around the clock sending teams to florida and the caribbean. >> one of our local fema task force crews is in the u.s. virgin islands assisting residents trapped in the devastation. melanie alnwick tracking all this live from fema headquarters. mel. >> reporter: good morning, guys. yesterday president trump signed a major disaster declaration for florida and puerto rico and i think as the sun comes up and as the winds and the rains start to clear, that's when we're going get a better picture of the extent of the damage especially in the florida keys and some of those gulf islands, on the eastern side, western side, the marco islands, sanibel islands, some of those areas a little less protected. so, let's take you to some of the fema response that we already know that they're doing in the u.s. virgin islands and puerto rico. they are providing
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water, incident management teams and three urban search and rescue teams, two of those are from virginia. fairfax's task force one and task force two from virginia beach are now in saint thomas to begin their rescue work using their specialized training tools and equipment. at least 24 people were killed when irma swept through the island chain. there are shortages of food, water and medicine. you're going to see some video whoever hospital patients being evacuated from saint thomas and saint john. the u.s. government also sending flights today to saint martin to evacuate citizens there. they've been told to expect long lines and no running water at the airport. we also know in the florida keys today they will begin house to house searches there for survivors, for people who decided to brave it out and stay behind. for some it's become a badge of honor there in the florida keys to try to ride it out. we just don't know again how bad that damage is just
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also, airborne relief missions will start flying into key west as well using military cargo planes to try to bring some food water and rebuilding supplies. live outside fema headquarters, i'm melanie alnwick, fox5 local news. >> all right, mel, thank you. developing this morning, the university of california is filing a lawsuit against the trump administration following the decision to end the daca program. lawyers for uc president janet napolitano and the uc system filed the lawsuit in court. napolitano created the program in 2012. she is suing the agency she once led to stand up for the 4,000 undocumented students at uc campuses and many of them are daca recipients. >> search continues today for a pregnant teacher missing from montgomery county. laura wallen was last heard from in a text message on september 4th. police say she sent a troubling message to a family member. she failed to show up to her first day of school at wild lake high school on tuesday. laura's car was later found in howard county.
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pregnant. >> coming up on fox5 news morning hurricane irma has stranded two college football teams. >> and surprise, surprise. a classic horror remake reigns supreme at the box office. >> taking a live look outside right now. here's the tampa region. clearly there are boats in the water down there. things are beginning to calm down just a little bit. just a little bit calmer as irma begins to pull away. time right now, 4:52, 57 degrees. back in a moment. >> ♪ >> ♪♪ fios is not cable. we're a 100% fiber optic network. and with the new fios gigabit connection... you get our fastest... internet ever. with download speeds up to 940 megs - 20 times faster than most people have. switch to fios gigabit connection with tv and phone for $79.99 a month online for the first year. plus hbo for one year and multi-room dvr service for two years, all with a two-year agreement. and switching has never been easier. get out of your contract with up to a $500 credit to help cover your early termination fee.
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he's our pediatrician, dr. ralph northam. born and raised in rural virginia went to vmi. trained at johns hopkins. an army doctor who treated soldiers seriously wounded in the gulf war. eighteen years as volunteer medical director of a children's hospice. as lt. governor, he's fighting to expand healthcare in virginia. he'll get it done as governor. ralph northam: i'm ralph northam, and we need to provide access to affordable healthcare for all virginians, not take it away. >> ♪ >> time is 4:54. two college football teams remain stranded because of hurricane irma. florida international football team has been in birmingham alabama since last thursday. florida atlantic team has been in madison wisconsin since saturday. the teams are expected to return to florida within the next day.
4:55 am
washington nationals are helping the hurricane victims now through sunday september 17th, the nats will collect nonperishable food items cleaning supplies and personal hygiene items to send to texas and florida. you can drop off donations on nongame days at the first street gate at nats park from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. on game days at the center field and home plate entr entrances. >> it is the number one movie at the box office. the adaptation of steven king's classic debuted with $17 million. a group of kids terrorized by penny wise the dancing clown. home again starring reese witherspoon debuted with $9 million. hit man's bodyguard took home $5 million. >> 4:55 is the time. mike thomas is good to see you again. still talking about irma as it moves on out. >> yes, and it is moving out of a lot of locations and one key difference with
4:56 am
that a lot of models hit kind of staying just off the western coast of florida where it would have been able to pick up more moisture and keep some energy. however, it made landfall around naples last night and it kind of stayed just on shore and because of that, it's been able to lose strength a little more rapidly but it's still bringing a lot of rain especially the northern portions of florida, georgia south carolina. still a flooding risk today. we're quiet for now. we'll have clouds stream in but should be dry, 76. tomorrow chance of showers especially in the afternoon, 75. then we get into some of irma's tropical air mass. it will grab some warmth and humidity and throw it up in our direction. 80's wednesday, thursday, friday. could feature a pop-up thunderstorm or two as things will be unsettled. even into the weekend we'll keep a chance of thunderstorms and showers in the forecast. that's a check of the forecast. over to erin now for traffic. >> 4:56. big story of the monday morning commute right now still the crash on 395 northbound at seminary road. just one lane gets by just the left lane squeezing by that scene. because of t
4:57 am
to 8 miles per hour between little river turnpike and seminary road. we're seeing those slowdowns. leave the house about five to seven minutes early if that's your normal route. once you pass seminary road traffic opens up in the off ramp. use caution. a lot of flashing lights. drive times, problem free on six. the inner loop and outer loop looking good and at speed 270 coming down from frederick. maryland drive times nice and quiet across-the-board. any questions at erin fox5 d.c. on twitter. all of your metro commute is looking good as well. back to you. >> coming up on fox5 news morning, north korea issues a warning to the trump administration. >> and also coming up on fox5, we're going to take you live to florida as the state deals with the impact of hurricane irma. >> heading to break with a live look across the d.c. region. it is 4:57 and 57 degrees. we're back after this. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. >> today on fox5 news morning, parts of florida still dealing with heavy rains and flooding as georgia starts to begin with irma's wrath. >> day of remembrance. >> much of our region will enjoy a day of sunny skies and mild temperatures. a great way to start your week. glad you're starting it with us. thanks for


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