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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  September 12, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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trees and georgia and in south carolina and reports of more death this morning and cleanup continues notice south it could be a slow road home for millions. as two major airports begin to reopen today. >> also ahead case we've been following for decades. two young sisters vanishing from a shopping mall in montgomery county and today a major development in the case involving prime suspect. >> first though a live look outside. it's tuesday morning. september 12. weather and traffic coming up on the fives at 6:05. >> irm is now a tropical depression and on the move this morning. the storm continued to batter south carolina marching in alabama and tennessee. irma is to blame for ten deaths in the united states and several of those killed were in georgia. >> a massive effort is n underway the damage unbelievablement neighborhoods destroyed and millions without powder and hundreds of thousands in shelters and tepings running high in florida keys where evacuated residents may be able to
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this as airports in miami, ft. lauderdale and sunshine state reopen to limited service today. >> some of the flights headed down south leaving from our area melanie alnwick joins us live at reagan national with that. good morning, mel. >> good morning, guys, some flights headed down from here. but others are cancelled. so here we're in the southwest terminal terminal a an you can see southwest has a flight boarding right now to jacksonville and then just a little down the board here. 6:555 going to ft. lauderdale. those are on time. we saw american airlines had a flight leaving 6:55 to west palm. but also here from reg app national we have cancellations several cancellation this morning to miami orlando and atlanta. some of these are on a wait and see basis. so as you mentioned, some of the airports are open this morning and ft. lauderdale, orlando. tampa, miami. saying limit the basis and fwot to
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there and we can tell you that there's a lot of mop-up here as well. there were 12,000 flights grounded for the duration of the storm and there's about 2,000 cancellations today. not all of those to florida. i can tell you the top six airports affected by cancellations are all in floor did and status of key west is still not certain. irma was a category four when it slammed across the islands. governor rick scott says there's devastation and emergency managers in the island said the keys are not open for business. there's no fuel, electricity, running water and cell hope to and supplies and all the bridges have to be checked for safety before redepartments can be moved in and debris and sand heed to be cleared. naples and key west at this point they both say they are scheduled to open on friday however
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lot of that will depend on extent of damage there and whether they think they can get everything back to normal operations and it's not just as we mentioned not just getting into the key west airport it's then once you're at the airport can you get to where you need to be and get there safely. that again still status unknown. some limited flights leaving from here getting down to parts of south florida and some still not getting out today. live in reagan national melanie alnwick "fox5 local news". >> 6:03 low crews continue to be a part of effort to restore power and hurricane rav amid areas. this morning at 6:30 hundred of dominion energy workers leave our area. they'll head south. workers have a big task ahead nearly 2/3 of customers in in florida without electricity. >> hard hit cuba irma claimed lives of fen people most killed in building collapses in havana. tourism likely to take a big hit. many five star
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and guests had to be evacuated to other locations. and emmanuel mccon plans to visit st. martin where violence is growing with food so scarce. u.s. plans to move evacuation to the british virgin island. >> 6:04 and happening today what could be a major closure in missing person's case that is haunted the d.c. region for 40 years. lloyd well. junior the man aus coulds of killing sheila and kath ryan lion after they disappeared from the wheaton nal 1975 will reportedly plead guilty in this case. he was sketched to go on trail today in bedford sir virginia and last week fox learned the trial was withdrawn. today's proceedings will be i motion's hearing. our paul wagner that broke the news last week will number bedford this morning to bring us the latest developments. >> green belt employment these needs your help type a missing little girl.
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jayla smith was last seen 11:30 when she left green bell community center, 5'", 08 pounds and know on green jacket and capry leggings. >> and "fox5" fol he owes case of missing teenager. laura wallen's family is offering reward phone her disapierce. she was last heard september 4 the day before and scheduled to begin teaching classes wild lake high school. >> 6:05 now. tucker is with us. >> good morning. >> tell me what i missed. >> little storm. >> oh, >> couple of them. >> yeah. >> what happened to that last storm after carlos is that katia or not katia. >> katia fell apart and we're talking about jose. >> jose. >> jose. >> we'll watch jose for the weekend. looks like it will be offshore but close call. let's get to it. there's lots to talk about in the weather world. today not much. we're starting day with
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and we'll have a shower or two later today. and i don't think the showers will amount to a whole lot this afternoon. temps comfortable 59 dulles and 64 reagan national ep and 60 this morning in balt nor at bwi marshall. quick look at satellite and radar. lots of clouds today. further south and west you get close to moylingt you're associated with irma the better answer that you'll see a shower or two. anything we get today will be pretty light. better chance for showers later tonight and during the day tomorrow as warm front moves through. we'll throw it out there. there could be a shower this afternoon. do you need umbrella. probably not. but can't guarantee it 75 little later with few spot question showers and coming up we'll look at 7 day. it's inging lost of recommend napt of irma on it. >> i was wrong with a name like irma konltd be bad and i was very wrong in the end. >> don't judge a hurricane by its name. >> absolutely not. >> let's check on erin como and get a look at commute. >> t b
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together we missed you. >> yeah. >> up fortunately huge problems 0 southbound we have a crash blocking left shoulder and lane 109 and arm need 70 to 109, 17 miles an hour giving you 39 minute trip between 70 and 109. once you get to clarksburg things open up. allow for extra time. sky fox on the way and we'll bring you a look when it becomes available. as we switch gears to lack at rails now red line single tracking because of maintenance between van necessary and dupont. that cleared. resaid is you'll delays are eedzing and residual delays earlier malfunction at land-over. as we look at 295 we're seeing delays closer to 50 southbound and freeway east and westbound by the third street tunnel 22 miles an hour and inbound dealing with heavier congestion. keep in mind if you head out this evening want to get this in before things get crazy. 7:05 first pitch and braves taking on the nalts at nats park
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southwest water front area allow for extra time. if you don't want to miss the fist pitch get an early start. right now things by water front calm. i'll keep you update philadelphia anything pops up and congestion 95, 66 in virginia next back to you guys. >> republicans once had high hopes of passing a major tax overall that push stalled can he score a by part sap. >> more than 140 million americans personal information class action lawsuits piling up now. we're back in 0
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>> loveing a deal to bring down the corporate tax rit and juice the xee and the president will have to deal with members of his own parties who are angry about the short term deal he struck with democrats to raise the dealt ceiling. on the other hand because of that he may now have a better relationship with democratic leaders in congress. >> more efforts to protect up documented immigrants from deportation
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the program that protect people brought to the united states illegally as children. maine, maryland and min mip on board. california attorney general believes it would be economic travelestty to his states if 200,000 daca recipients disappeared and says it's just plain mean. >> you just can't pull back. we don't bait and i switch in this country. we don't tell people one thing and then the next put them in harm's way. >> california lawsuit is different from the one filed by more tan a dozen other states it alleges violation of equal protection and claims decision does not take into account affect on small businesses and steve bannon worries about a possible civil war in gop is daca is scr scrapped. >> united nations security counsel ill approved watered down sanctions to norm korea. this in response tots nuclear test last
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freezing international as spet of government and leader kim jong-un. here in washington today the house foreign affair committee is meeting in ongoing tngsz. hundreds took to the street to congratulate the country's nuclear scientists and technicians. >> all right take a lack at incredible video from connecticut of small plane crash yesterday there's the plane into tree tumbling down to parking lot. >> amazingly the 79-year-old pilot had just minor injuries. no word on what caused that plane to go down. but one case where the tree actually looks like it caught the plane and gently set it down there in the parking lot. >> very fortunate. >> uh-huh. >> well the governor of maryland offering more to help metro and under one condition. we'll have details on what it is next. >> a live look outside on tuesday morning. there you go chilly out there a little bit 64 degrees. >> relatively. >> maybe long sleeve weather for early hours. weather
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fives coming up n.
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offering 5 0 ill why over the next four years to help the transit system but with a catch ovrnl if virginia. d.c. and federal government also pitch in to patch that number. no word if the other agencies match that plan. we shall wait and see. >> big day back at school and weighing up with cloud cover and temps upper 50s low 60s this morning after school mid 70s might be a shower. after
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being in great outdoors and think you'll be okay most of showers will be pretty light and better chance of showers over the next couple days as recommend napts of irma work through. 6 4 washington. comfortable. leopard town tomorrow morning. 62 quantico mrepty of cloud cover ail all of this kind of drift out there for the next day or so. and then as we get into nighttime hours lifting through shower activity and see haven'tly few showers associated with residents of irma and looks like wednesday and into the day thursday wreel deal with recommend napts and nothing pushing them through. for us
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cloud cover mostly cloud i can start to day and again few showers particularly if out to west are possibility. so you might want to consider bringing umbrella most shower activity should be light and this area of high pressure keeps us dry. peak of sunshine heat they are afternoon and picking up towards baltimore or up to northeast maryland otherwise mostly cloudy skies and begun a few showers around later today and this warm front will bring is a better chance of showers over nights tonight and early tomorrow and okay, we're still dealing with jose. and minimal hurricane 75 mile an hour winds and loop de loop and watch for the weekend and right now, kind of long term looks like it will stay out to sea. we were thinking this could be a player in the forecast for the weekend. hopefully it gets out by the weekend. few showers today, 75. notably more shud and harm inner tomorrow 8 warm front comes through. best chance for shower this week is thursday with remnants of irma. and then i'm hoping we get out for weekend and friday and saturday sunday generally quiet. >> all right.
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do weather it's been so long. >> you would never forget how to do warm. great job. you missed this weekend didn't you? i really missed it. >> right now we're taking a look at big problems on the roads 20 southbound between 0 and 109 crash blocking left shoulder. it will take you 39 minutes just to get from 70 to 109 have patience us with get out of clarksburg traffic is moving at speed down to beltway things open up. taking a look at 295 now on the northbound side there's a disabled truck it's on the ramp to south capitol street. we're seeing speeds of 41 miles an hour and south of that point you can see that yellow line. speeds dip down as awe approach that ramp. 295 southbound typical delays and then on freeway you're done to 22 miles an hour once you get to 11th street bridge. pennsylvania avenue inbound and north east slows to playedens
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parkway by naylor road slow moving this morning. all metro rail lines on time except for onen line. earlier malfunction landover caution. there everything else on metro map looks good. i'll keep you updated in anything pops up. con just bone 6 and deal with con just on 95 northbound through stafford. nats taking on braves at:05. will be great game crowded by ballpark caution as you head out this evening for ride home. i'll let you know if anything else pops up you need to be aware of. >> exciting news on tap for apple today unveiling details about long awaited special edition iphone. we'll get a preview next. >> tim tebow visited hurricane irma last night he shared this on twitter up lifted by world war receipt van who spirit and talent encouraged investigators at special needs shelter and tebow thanked members of red cross. nice move
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>> happening today we could find out if college park will grant non citizens right to vote at the meeting to local elections. last month meeting on the topic was postponed after threats were made against some council members. tonight's meeting begins at 7:30. >> and happening lightser this hour. a training exercise in district and it may look like the real thing but it's not. so please don't worry about it fbi will super vice a training exercise in the d.c. area. several agencies will be involved in thisen including secret service and d.c. police, bullet points are right there on the screen. exercise begins in just moments around 6
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morning. >> 6:21 now. there's continuing to be more fallout from the massive data breach of more than 140 million americans personal information. first we'll check markets and enlist good present from fox network studios and as i take a look at big board today i see futures point in the upward direction. good morning, lawn. >> good morning. yeah can we talk about the rally yesterday. record closed for s&p i know are you saying wait a minute. sanctions on north korea all problems with that country back-to-back sure capes here in the u.s. presidential well sometimes that spells infrastructure spending to rebuild and also irma was not as bad as feared in terms of damage. so with that dow gains 260 and features up again this morning and s&p all time high. >> love it eyes on apple today this is every year september everybody looks forward to new iphone and whether it dispoints or not the company find a way to make money. what are odds this time. dips appoint or take
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and run with it? >> well. hm, i'll say take advantage and run with it company is on its way to trillion dollar market cap which is pretty -- i repeatedly am. there's a lot riding on tenth anniversary iphone i'll call it x it could be called 8 i'll say x we find out later today. it's expected to be better. 0% more expensive to make hence you will see a $1,000 price tag and edge, screen is beautiful apparently. they took away home button which is kind of like underneath right now. and you unlike your phone with facial recognition technology and if your boyfriend or girlfriend likes to snoop on your phone i don't think it's possible we'll see and w wireless kharning and they're expected to announce update to apple watch and 4 k apple tv which leads plea to bun more thing that steve jobs was famous for i think i know what the one more thing w
6:24 am
tv show original tv show coming from apple. >> not a bad play with amazon and everybody else getting on board. >> and snooping spouse could hold that phone in front of your face while you're sleeping. >> that's a good point. >> it was subliminal al i didn't mean it that way. work spouse out this things. x could be ten roman numeral we'll see if it goes by iphone 10, iphone x. >> here's he can we fax hack. my question now is now after we found out last week we're impacted of this the millions of us who are i believe this week is the week we can go back and sign up for credit protection. should we do that. >> yes and no. so, senator brown wrote a letter to he can we fax and they listened to him. look you're making customers dance through all of these ci
6:25 am
service. make it more stream lined and they're working on doing that now. it should set up something to monitor your credit if are you one of the 143 million people potentially impacted here. so that's always a good bet. i'm not sure you want to do it with he can we fax. they face two dozen proposed klation action lawsuits because of the leak and what lawsuits are saying you've seen hacks in the past. you've senior network intruded right? so why didn't you have better protection set up and why did you wait so long to let us know about this? >> right i think that's the doger there with so many people involved with this. >> all right we'll play slight wait and see game with that and tomorrow morning talking about whatever it is appal announced and if it's tv show starring lauren simonetti then i call insider knowledge on that one. >> no unfortunately. >> okay. >> we'll find out tomorrow. see you then. thanks
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>> bye. >> bye-bye. >> 6:25 now. hi, tuck. >> disney the shut down disney never shuts down 30 million a day is what it claims it lost due to storm and it will reopen today at 9:00. >> okay. >> it was bad when the happiest place on earth closed. >> you know it. >> something with the goovry french fries cost twice as much. >> cloudy skies to start the day. we're currently upper 50s, low 60s, 64 in city and winds calm and mostly cloudy day today and might be a shower or two. some of the remnants of irma will try to sneak into neighborhood and for the most part we'll hold this off for another day or so. but again mostly cloudy today. temps will number mid 70s with a sprinkle or shower this afternoon. quick look at 7 day. little more humid little more irma like by wednesday and thursday. with showers around again. it will be leftovers not looking at hurricane or big storm around here and then hoping to get out of here for
6:27 am
but a few question marks about jose. we'll talk about that nay minute. >> no more question marks. >> i don't think jose will have direct impact. >> okay. >> al right. >> there you go there's seven day good morning erin. >> 6:27 now and tag a look at sky fox. look at delays. 270 southbound crash 109 jammed back to 5 and extend to 0 now. let's look at maps from sky fox. flashing light flocking left shoulder and lane. takes 52 minutes between 70 and 109 down to 16 mile an hour arm and second crash in backup at 85. not a good situation frederick to clarksburg this morning leave the house hour early you need the extra time. we'll see bailout traffic on 55. p if you take that get an early start as well. we'll take a look at slow drive times elsewhere as we cop tip. keep it to "fox news morning". .
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>> welcome back 6:0 tuesday morning live look at the commute there. st. barnabus road skilt. making it's way up. >> irma weakened to tropical depression as it continues to to pound parts of jrj a. alabama, tennessee and left death and destruction in its wake. ten people killed in the united states
6:31 am
and at least another 35 people dead in the caribbean. and millions remain without power and florida and georgia. let's get more on recovery efforts from fox's phil sh shouldman phil is once again live for us in orlando. good morning what are you standing next to phil? >> good morningal he son this is example of kinds of damage irma left in wake. it's a tree down. roads have been compromised in some cases and small community on out skivrts or land owe was nodded in early morning hours of monday. you may have seen images very dramatic national guard had to come in with heavy trucks and move people out of their houses into shelters. but having said that the storm is long gone. the winds are calm. skies are clear and now theest is going to be on restoring power. there's still millions of people without power across florida. we heard estimate of as high as 6
6:32 am
monday. no doubt that was revised down because power crews have been flooding into this state from all over the country. and there's still gas short amounts and the schools are still closed just example of the kind of relief effort that is underway. and university of central florida is canceling a saturday football game because they committed to letting the national guard use their stadium as a staging area. and so once again today is going to be damage assessment drying out and working on biggest problem which is po power. allison i cannot tell you a lot of people of course associate orlando with disney world and i'm told that disneyworld will reopen today starting on limited basis and then open more and more parks as well as airports. i think you'll see that story coming out of florida today and all airports will be reopening they're calling it limited basis not that they cannot fly in own out but they're trying to make sure all their facilities are operating because a lot
6:33 am
storm damage as you can imagine. >> so just because the storm has moved out the damage man what do you think, phil, weeks to get back? >> yeah, i mean we're talking -- the last couple serious hurricanes here people last year alone was matthew. people tell me they were without power for weeks. this of course was anticipated so the crews are here and we've seen them working literally around the clock. but i think weeks without power is a maybe conservative estimate obviously they try to make that happen as fast as they k and schools are sk sketched to reopen tomorrow and just from driving around here big issue yesterday was traffic lights were out on major surface streets and so it was a little dangerous. those have largely been restored. those are kinds of things we're talking about. there's no real firm timetable on getting everything back as you can ma'am sglin phil shouldman live from or
6:34 am
low. thank you sox. >> local crews meantime continue to be a big part of effort to help restore power in hurricane raffaele sollecito amid areas. live look in hermine dan as dominion crews depart. workers have a huge task ah ahead. more than million customers in five states impacted by irma have no power. >> let's get quick check on sports. 6:34 now. here's morning line. two days since clinching division and securing trip to post surprise nationals will be back on the field hosting braves gee on gonzalez getting start. george washington university night at the ballpark. 19 games left on regular season and then time for postseason. just one more sign hock owey is around the corner preseason arel a just right around the corner. capitol 1 arena now getting signage ice service being installed at former verizon center crews had at work and 11:0
6:35 am
the team logo on ice. it will say capital one arena on the ice. >> "monday night football" double header starts with late game. chargers, bronco, denver took a lead in the fourth. in the final seconds la had a chance to tie this one up. 24-21. 44 yard field goal attempt is blocked.
6:36 am
>> here's the bottom line lesson learned here's how you respond to it he took to twitter with this google search how to deal with fame. >> because of his delivery. >> i read about it. >> apparently he's from mexico and english is not his first language. so translations with a little -- a little. >> mean spirited. >> so people are really -- >> yes. >> okay i don't like it. >> i agree with you. >> they said they enjoyed him. they wanted more. >> i don't understand what the big controversy was. i thought he -- i knew that story was in the world. i thought he had said something completely wrong
6:37 am
you know welcome to cowboys nation i don't know. >> no he didn't say anything other than his delivery was a little off. >> okay. >> he was not really talking about the subject matter that they threw down. they talked -- >> he was nervous his first time right. >> it was his first time. >> all right. you try it. >> that's right. >> anyway what's up. >> nationals dodgers. nationals can catch the dodgers right. >> yes they went the best record overall. >> you missed tee shirt day yesterday. >> i missed it. >> cloudy skies fringele or shower. mid 70s daytime highs. 64 washington and 55 pittsburgh. we have lots of 50s if you're outside the beltway this morning. all that rain you see off to south and west what is that? recommend napts of irma. >> oh, >> now it's become less dangerous than it was. showers out there. >> she's done the bad stuff already. >> we may see a shower or two sort of associated with irma later today and we'll get a better chance tonight and tomorrow with warm front and then
6:38 am
few showers that again are associated with leftovers of irma here. temps mid 70s. mostly cloudy and shower or two this afternoon any shower activity will be lights. 7 day we'll talk more about irma wane when it moves through leftovers coming up. >> i miss sunrise. >> i have no idea. >> what time is sunrise. >> i have no idea. >> not for another hour or so. >> i'll find out. >> no worries. >> look outside and it's light we'll calm it up surprise. >> i appreciate tucker's honesty he didn't make something up. at least we can trust you. this is 270 southbound squi fox over a nasty delay. there's a crash by 109. police activity and vehicles involved blocking left lane and shoulder and jammed back to 70. let's switch it over to maps looking at close to hour drive between 70 and 109 and just improved to 9 minutes and look at that. 28 miles an hour once you pass that crash. unfortunately second crash 5 and
6:39 am
lane blocked right now. as you make your way in the district keep in mupd south east there's a crash off capitol suitland parkway right lane blocked and that's causing delays. suitland jammed up past alabama avenue aside from that one crash branch avenue at curtis. caution as you head to bring george county to the district. keep it to "fox news morning" we'll be right back.
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>> 6:41 we're back now with what's trending on web this tuesday among and what is truly craneth worthy. first up feeling frisky. last night someone was up to no good on senator ted cruz twitter account. someone either senator himself, though we doubt it seriously or another person who has access his account liked a link to some hardcore pornography. cruz's communication director tweeted about it saying offensive tweet posted on@ted cruz account earlier was removed from staff and reported to twitter and the like disappeared as well. >> move over boys. beth mowan got this she made history last night as first woman in 30 years to call nfl game. mowan was joined by rex ryan announced play-by-play action during charmers and broncos later this month sheila
6:43 am
game. girl power. the copyright lawsuit inv involveing a monkey that took a selfie with photographer's camera is settled. let's take a moment to acknowledge the awesomeness of this. is that the best thing ever in your leafy thought so, you remember him right his name is naruto he took selfies from the camera set up by rain forest photo journalist. peta stewed photograph on behalf. nareto saying the monkey took the picture therefore he owns the photo under settlement the photographer will donate 25% of any money earned dedicated to pro detectiveing this br breed. >> that's a good way to settle it. >> that's like a disney movie made right there. >> right. >> look at naruto teeth very early close to. >> mine. >> our teeth right. okay you won. >> nice picture. >> back to you. >>
6:44 am
morning memes with return of of mr. barnes himself and actress bell spinging a little frozen visiting senior citizen center where they're hunkerred down due to irma. (laughing) - what are you doing? - well, now that your dad is going back to school, i thought i'd hang up some of his homework on the refrigerator, just like we do yours. wanna help?
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can help push you forward. because up to your last year of classes could be on us. that's right. on us. today is the day. strayer university. let's get it, america. >> i feel better it's light outside. >>
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time. sunrise is when. >> 6:47 thanks for asking allison. >> and in five seconds we'll be. >> sunrise. >> there you go. >> right on it. >> right on cue. >> we did it. >> good start to the day. how is the rest of it going to shape up. >> generally cloudy. might be shower this afternoon. anything we get will be light. if you get outdoor sports after school i think it will happen. >> we were saying all last eek week or hight of irma whatever we get we can't complain. >> right, right. >> we'll get kind of leftovers of irma. at this point with energy is so diffuse it will be a couple showers. >> run of the meme. >> how long have we been doing the meme. >> can'tet let that get in the way. >> i made that decision. >> you're the decision maker. >> we'll do it today. >> would you not agree steve is the adult here. >> 64 washington. 50s west and norm. 55 comfortable degrees in
6:48 am
frederick and 59 dulles and 59 leonardtown and we're looking at daytime highs in mid 70s today with generally cloudy conditions and again i know we've been talking about irma for better pat of what seems like two weeks that's left yovs there and few showers may sneak into our region later today anything we get is light. high pressure off norm keeping us dry. we'll be generally cloudy and might be smrinkle or shower this afternoon. here's a closer look. few showers get to west virginia and extreme western maryland at this hour. high pressure that kept us dry and really protect the us from irma coming up the coast and we'll continue to keep things relatively cool around here timps in the 70s this afternoon and again there might be a sprink oral shower little bitter chance overnight tonight and during morning hours we'll get a few showers as warm front lifts through and eventually we'll be deal with remnants hereby thursday best chance for rain shouvrmentz there we are tonight. 6:00. again not a big deal. might be
6:49 am
overnight that warm front lifts through and few more showers and shower in the forecast tomorrow and then again thursday. also a little more humid with temps low 0s wednesday an thursday. weekend in i think it gets better. temps mid 80s and between rally sunny skies saturday and sunday. that's warm update. meme coming up i can't believe you did not do it all week. >> it was serious tone and in your honor we missed it now you're back and we're back in the swing of things big delays lingering to 0 and things improving. crash blocking left shoulder. you can see it's still out there narcotics lights in the dance. afternoon speeds under 30 miles an hour. we'll switch from sky fox to look at naps. 35 minutes 70 to 109 up to 26 miles an hour second crash backup 85 and heavier delay there and again extra time from 70 this morning and 55 dealing with bailout tra trafficment and it's actually in brandi wipe.
6:50 am
crash 210 on northbound side as well give yourself extra time there and then as you make your way out in the district we have a crash coming in from d.c. police traffic south capitol at suitland parkway right lane blocked. we're seeing big delays suitland inbound to south capitol. watch for that as usual. also dealing with crash brand of avenue curtis avenue you make your way from prince george. look athat trafficment camera in the background 1 street bridge jamming up as usual and outer loop in maryland 95 to spur 26 minute trip and 95 northbound dale city 7 minute ride red zone eastbound 66 to gaipzville to 234 as you 16 pipt and delays continue through centerville to bel beltway. just a slow morning and metro orange line ba being to normal. all metro rail lines shaping up nicely now tat that delay eased. tucker is patiently waiting. >> he is excited for moreing meme. >> erin got
6:51 am
>> no more toy cars. >> you missed toy car extravaganza. >> i was here early last week. >> last week feels like two years ago. >> feels like forever since we've bone the memes. >> let's get to it time for morning memes # morningmemes. >> we should have plenty to choose from. >> let's start number within i can relate i seem to do this virtually every day of my life. me i'm going to start eating more helmly awesome slice. >> that doesn't count saturdays and sundays. >> the moment the food is in front of me. >> calories don't count in cake and fries. >> i spend most of my time full saying i won't auto eat anymore. >> thanks mir apd alove it. >> all right. go ahead somebody else take it away. >> me i should clean my room me after picking up one sock. >> i'm tired. >> i'll do the rest tomorrow. >> when i was in high school my mom would be like i thought you were cleaning your roo
6:52 am
than i started i'm reor reorganizing. >> i'm organizing. >> exactly. >> and next meme you get the theme here. people and things that don't want to move. would have but too lrlly to get up from nap. >> sorry pupers. >> we'll wrap it up. yes. we can all relate when you wait for cop to bring your license back and two more squads show up. >> not a good feeling. >> now what's going on now? yeah. simon. >> # morning meme accepted them in. off to a good start. >> thanks, tuck. >> let's look ahead to good day d.c. starting 9:00. >> stopping by the loft danny strong who helped to create fox's hit show empire is now set to the make feature film debut as director and we'll find out about that and plus "empire"
6:53 am
share and wttg sunny in the city is here with great hurricane effort she wants you to be a part of. >> and helping celebrate national chocolate milk shake day. i hear erin gets that sweet assignment later this morning. all coming up on good day. while the nation attention is focused on florida and hurricane irma the damage is being assessed. >> some of the biggest enter tapers in the world will come together to help the loan star state recover. and benefiting several charities involved in relief efforts and dozens of a l listers are helping out including jam jury fox, george clooney, beyonce, matthew mccaunhey and it will be broadcast from new york, los angeles and nashville and you can watch it here starting 8 p.m. >> speaking of celebrities kristin bell came to rescue of of fellow a listers.
6:54 am
sunshine state she decided to take action. >> she hit a high note at orlando area shelter. take a listen. ♪ ♪ sdmrv of. she cheered up victim by singing frozen she helped her family evacuate before the deadly storm him kristin bell hung out with seniors staying in her hoe telling and unloaded photos with the caption there are a few thousand and senior residents who evacuated to our hotel and we're go to make lemonade out of irma as best we k i'm feeling up the only way i know how in order to call a
6:55 am
it looks like she made a few friends. that's awesome. >> happening today actor he machb you'll miranda will receive an award at the u.s. capitol. he was chosen by the gup for his role in hamilton. they say emmanuel miranda inspird civic participation and advanced public understanding of the founding of our great nation he will receive the award tonight at 6 . >> congrats, congrats, how about kristin bell. >> talln'td she could have stayed in her celebrity bubble and did the exact opposite. >> i like it. >> i like it too. >> impressive. >> mean while looking at cl cloudy skies and maybe a sprinkle or shower today. anything we get will be real light and not a big deal. 64 washington and 50s outside the beltway this morning and wind nice nice and calm. surprise 6:47 this morning there's a look at recommend
6:56 am
about there. high president bush you're in new england keeping us dry and clouds have gotten in there. mostly cloudy, few showers this afternoon. little better chance with showers overnight tonight and during morning hours tomorrow as front comes through. more humid and warmer tomorrow highs back in 0s. 5 today will be on the cool side. and weather in a minute. erin is back with cool graphics. >> thank you for your support tucker barnes. >> we'll start you off with sky fox not cool that delays of 30 minute from 70 to 10 the have push eps from frederick to clarksburg. as we switch things around problems around the dmv 10 mile an hour average on 5 northbound, 301 split there's a crash blocking a shoulder there coming into brandy whine heavy delays
6:57 am
301 at five flight and looking at for the washing ton earlier crash cleared. we're down to 11 miles an hour however as you make your way northbound. extra time needed. there also keep in mind d.c. police traffic letting us know there's a crash capital suitland parkway causing delays. keep it to "fox news morning" we'll ebb back with the 7:00 hour ur
6:58 am
ralph northam: i'm ralph northam, candidate for governor and i sponsored this ad narrator: ed gillespie says dr. ralph northam doesn't show up? dr. ralph northam was an army doctor and a volunteer medical director at a children's hospice. he passed the virginia law requiring concussion standards for school sports. the smoking ban in restaurants. and dr. northam is working to connect veterans to good paying jobs in virginia. ed gillespie is a washington dc corporate lobbyist. he shows up for whoever pays him.
6:59 am
7:00 am
>> ahead at 7:00 irma losing power after tearing through florida and uprooting trees in florida and south caroline amount reports of more death in morning and south may be a slow road home for millions as two major airports begin the long process of reopening today. >> also ahead a case we've been following for decades. two young sisters vanshing from a shopping mall in montgomery county today. and a major development in the case involving the prime suspect. >> and if you just wake up with us this morning here's a live look outside. >> looks like might be a couple showers in the forecast. tucker has been talking about that and in fact let's get a chick check of weather and traffic. >> allison thank you. cloudy skies today. it's leftover irma we're talking about and maybe sprinkle or shower this afternoon. i'll go over details on the weather forecast coming up erin. >>:00 on the dot now and we have a


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