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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  September 18, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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. still too traumatized to come home, while the family did not want the name of their teenager son killed, they shared with his photographs of him. they tell me he was a sophomore and honor roll student. he loved skate boarding as well as. the young man you're looking at was shot and killed by a police officer on friday morning, who responded to his home off heart sell hill lane. investigators say they got a 911 call from inside that home, that someone had a bomb strapped to their chest, and was holding a family member hostage. police arrived, they say they encounter the 15-year-old boy in front of the home. they say the teen came at officers with the
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they know manner and refused their commands to put it down. one officer did fire his gun. shooting the teen in the upper body who died in front of his home. tonight, the family did not want to talk much about what led up to the shooting. however, they did say, their teenage son was not under the influence of alcohol or drugs. they would not go into whether or not he possibly suffered from any mental issue. however, they do say there was no reason for police to kill their son and this is an unfortunate example of police brutality >> that little kid under five feet, so skinny. big policeman, come on. then perhaps they come into the house to evaluate. that's what should have happened. it was horrible. we're grieving him and came from just a few minutes ago.
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someone came out and said, oh, it's just a fire, good-bye, no, you can't say good-bye to a family been destroyed. we'll never have a life >> the commonwealth attorney is expected to announce whether or not they believe this shooting was justified, meanwhile, the officer who afford their gun has been placed on routine administrative leave. and there is a funeral for the teenage boy planned for wednesday. angelie hemphill fox 5 local news. a man is under arrest accused of driving a sedan into several cars in alexandria. car jacking a vdot truck. once the truck stopped working properly the man hopped out and ran away. they later arrested him at a house. here we go again. hurricane maria grown into a category 5 monster tonight.
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the massive storm taken late this afternoon, it's slam ongoing the caribbean island of dominiquea people in puerto rico are cleaning stores, and officials are warning people that many homes will not be able to withstand the winds and rain, they're asking them to find safe she would. the latest track on the storm just came out minutes ago. sue palka has that. just came in literally a few minutes ago. sue, what are the changes? >> maintaining the wind of 160 and you're right. the eye is right on that tiny little tropical island of dominiquea, it is in the northern lee ward or central lee ward islands. it will be catastrophic damage. we can see it very clearly on our satellite picture, which i'll take you to and we'll get to a little bit closer and there are some changes tonight with the 11:00 update from the
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it's moving across the island, it's been a long time since they've had such a direct hit. we know that when category 5 irma hit bar buda it was catastrophe. the hurricane hunters are flying through the eye. they found a wind speed of 152 miles per hour and at the 11:00 update those winds of 160 category 5 winds are maintained. tomorrow night, it's the british and u.s. virgin islands that feel the effects. it begins to approach puerto rico as a category 5 and then drops to a 4 as it potentially makes a second big landfall in puerto rico. if not the virgin islands, then moving just a bit east according to the national hurricane center track as a category 4 or 3 moving past the dominican republic and haiti and east of turks and caicos east of bahamas and florida on this current
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beyond that, where our spaghetti models taking it next weekend and next week, florida may not have to be concerned with maria, unfortunately the caribbean a different story, puerto rico it's horrifying scenario for them. way things are looking. beyond that, we just don't have enough information yet on what will happen as we get into next week with the remnants of maria or what is going on with her potentially coming up the east coast. we'll have interaction with jose possible. speak of jose we'll see a couple of showers from that, maybe decks of clouds. that and the seven-day forecast just ahead. tony? tonight, dc police are still looking for the gunman who murder add teenager. someone shot 16-year-old miangelo sharns. he was visiting friend ant apartment complex, witnesses say at least one gunman came out of
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neighbors say they're concerned. >> do something about this. luke, i have a son. we personally i'm a resident from the district of columbia and i've been shot five times. come on now. like. you need to do something. >> police are offering a $25,000 reward for any information that leads to an arrest. fox 5 is in montgomery county now, with exclusive details of the new efforts to combat the surge of gang violence, the county executive is asking for nearly $1 million to hire more police officers and prosecutors, specifically to target gangs. after 18 gang related homicides in the last two years. the biggest problem has been ms 13 and international gang from el salvador. there's also a local gang hit squad, if the proposal is approved. funds are expected to be recurring. >> we just got the proposal from the county executive. it will go on our agenda next week. we will hold a public hearing
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we're required to do. and my expectation is the same day that we hold the public hear, we will act on it and will pass unanimously >> if the county needs more money, the president said they will take from the reserve account. independent investigators looking into grade fixing. are asking parents and school staff is to help. they've opened a hot line and e-mail for potential whistle blowers to get in contact. we posted it on fox 5 after school staff accused administrators of intense pressures to boost the graduating rate. school board members wrote to the governor citing widespread corruption. kevin maxwell continued to deny corruption but recently acknowledged there could be some wrongdoing. >> do we have respectable that haven't dotted is and crossed
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or not followed the directions, undoubtedly in with r an organization over 20,000 employees. the allegations are reckless and painful to have to deal with. but i believe that the best way to put it to rest is to handle it. >>s have underway about two weeks, set to rap up by the end of next month. heads up do your kids play on sports fields that are made up of artificial turf? listen. nearly a tends in dc are limited use or closed because testing revealed the surfaces are so hard they pose a safety risk to both adults and children. evan lambert is live on one of those field that is recently failed the test. evan? >> reporter: shawn, the lights are off at the field, we moved just outside but i want to explain how this field test works. essentially. the department of general services for
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weight drop it onto the field. it has centers on it and tells them the amount of impact absorbed. if that you be in under 200, then it's considered safe. if it's over 200, then the rfk for injury increases. of where this controversy comes in, starts with test result that is a parent group got in tenleytown. in april, a parent group interested in this issue, says the city's department of general service tested the field and came back with a number over 200. the parents say the city and the school system did nothing to keep kids off the field until they complained over the summer. several months later. the department of general services tells us they were waiting to confirm all the information. the principal did send out a letter to parents letting them know the field would be closed when school started in august. it remains closed but the department of general services says the field is almost
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complete and should be only parents are still upset about the lack of notification and timing of the repair. >> the timing is really what was the biggest frustration. because if it was known last spring, there was a lot of down time during the summer. and at this point, it's impacted the practices, a lot of teams use the fields for practice even outside of the school use. of so that's the biggest frustration i think from parents. >> reporter: the turf field problem doesn't stop at jan knee elementary. the parents said there's ten more fields. an order from dgs shows the city is paying nearly a million to replace three other elementary school fields that likely failed those tests, they're eaton, ross and tubman schools, coaches say repairs were made to mckinley field recently and the football team is back to using it. dr. sucker man of the national
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these aging turf fields should be awake-up call >> we know very little about what's in artificial turf. but they find a wide range of toxic tears including materials that can cause children to have attention deficit problems. can exacerbate asthma or obesity and can even in the long run cause cancer. these fileds can be dangerous they get very hot in the summertime and in washington it can get very someone hot. >> reporter: and back live, the city's department of general services dgs gave us a list of all of the artificial turf fields they manage. we asked for a list of the 11 that failed this test. they say they're working to get us that information
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montgomery county fields they use, they do that testing twice a year. that testing is done by the manufacturerer. live in northwest, evan lambert, fox 5 local news. >> a lot of parents might not handy know. if your school or area doesn't know about it. maybe you need to advocate. president trump takes a few shots at the united nations on the eve of his first general assembly >> the local massage therapist >> the redskins got the first win but lost a player the rest of the season. coming up on the final five, emmies took a hit in the ratings but is it because of the focus on politics? jim lokay is break it down on the final 5 at 11:30.
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gebreslassie bent over and touched her genitals. gebreslassie said he did
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wrong, police say there could be other victims and want to hear from anyone who may have had a similar run be in with him >> there's still no sign of a woman who stabbed another woman, skyfox was over scene in quantico drive, the victim was flown to the hospital with serious injuries expected to survive. to word on a led to that stabbing. president trump is make his case for reforming united nations, he will make his first address to the u.s. u.n. general assembly. his first order was meeting with dignitaries to lay out thoughts on reform for the world body. president praised the u.n. for its work to feed the hungry provide disaster relief and empowering women and girls but he talked about what he called the u.n.'s short falls. >> in recent years. the united nations has not received its full potential because of
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mismanagement while it's increased by 140% and staff more than double since 2000, we're not seeing the results in line with this have my. >> president trump also met with the leaders of france and israel today before ending with a dinner with latin american leaders. lots to talk about in the world of weather. warm conditions here. hurricanes to talk about >> this hurricane season is so active and feels endless. jose >> similar track to irma, very similar, and it will be within a few hundred miles of the same tracking we think florida may be off the hook. that's the current trend. unfortunately. this is a horrible scenario for u.s. british
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for the lee ward islands and puerto rico as well. tonight, we're a bit on sult tree side. humid and remain in the tropical envelope being supplied by hurricane jose, which is still a category 1. that update is coming in at 11:00. wind remain at 75. 160, that is maintained in the 8:00 update with hurricane maria, that is what they describe as the potentially catastrophic scenario, the cat 5 second in two weeks. these are the hurricane watches and warnings. of notice all of puerto rico now in the hurricane warning and i wanted to show you the wynnefield, this is lately different from irma in that it doesn't have quite the wide hurricane field, it is a smaller hurricane field but equally as devastating 160 to 185. you can see it passing over more islands, wednesday it begins
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battering puerto rico and thing will be going downhill tomorrow and unfortunately with the latest track, tacit approaching puerto rico as a category 5 before weak inc to a 5. jose still has the crazy museum and doing the loop but it will weaken to a tropical storm and maybe by wednesday, thursday, those winds down to about 45 miles an hour maybe even by friday. off the coast. the rip currents, waves will still be noticeable. as you can see doesn't look as good. it does send a band of cloud inland and the showers still off the shore. but they will be closer to the coast line. that's where the rain will be, the wind gusts we will see a chance of showers. best chance east of 95. spottier when you get west and some of you may see sunshine, some modelling is saying that not only will we feel tropical but there could be enough sunshine to get us back into the
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annapolis, few showers around tomorrow morning, not so much here in the district. but as you get through new york city, atlantic city you can see some bands coming ashore by tomorrow at 11:00. trying to kick itself back out to sea. 235 east of cape hatteras. after tomorrow's chance of a few ice lighted showers with jose we're warm, 87 typical of mid-august, first day of fall friday will feel like late august and we keep the warm temperatures going even into monday of next week with everything above average on seven-day forecast as we say hello to fall on friday, tony over to you. . big news from redskins parks, safety cravens will be side lined. they put the 22-year-old on reserve left squad
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cravens left the team before week one contemplating retirement. suffered a concussion that left him with vision problems as well as other injuries. redskins said in statement they hope cravens uses his time away from the team to reflect on weather he wants to continue his nfl career. coming up, a big announcement for fox 5. >> on fox 5 look for a star studied show. the crew has interviews lined up with dr. oz and jake gyllenhaal. plus get the latest on the hurricanes and the tropics starts at 4:25 a.m.
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. we have big news to share about fox 5. fox 5 and fox 5 plus are going to be moving >> wttg entered into an agreement to pursue a lease at 7272 wisconsin avenue. about two miles up the street
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what the building will look like. take a look. this rendering. this will help cement fox 5 position at dc's news hered for decades to come. we're mapping out the newsroom. if you look at the top of the building, that big office right there with the glass, that's tony's office on the right and sue's is on the left >> just glad to have windows. >> fox 5 president and general manager said quote, we are thrilled to move to montgomery county maryland into what will be a grade a property and we thank you, the state of maryland and montgomery county for make this possibility. it will be state-of-the-art that will keep us in the heart of washington, dc and will allow to his better serve our community. it will take a few years to build. we should move in some time during the year 2021. >> we're looking forward to sharing it with you guys
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move forward in this process >> the purple line right there. >> convenient. >> very convenient. that's it for us >> the final five with jim lokay is up next. we are the tv doctors of america, and we may not know much about medicine, but we know a lot about drama. from scandalous romance, to ridiculous plot twists. (gasping) son? dad! we also know you can avoid drama by getting an annual check-up. so we're partnering with cigna to remind you to go see a real doctor. go, know, and take control of your health. it could save your life.
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ralph northam: i'm ralph northam, candidate for governor and i sponsored this ad narrator: ed gillespie says dr. ralph northam doesn't show up? dr. ralph northam was an army doctor and a volunteer medical director at a children's hospice. he passed the virginia law requiring concussion standards for school sports. the smoking ban in restaurants. and dr. northam is working to connect veterans to good paying jobs in virginia. ed gillespie is a washington dc corporate lobbyist. he shows up for whoever pays him.
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. let's go to your final five. the president has a big day coming up tomorrow at the u.n. bomb shells in the russia probe. a member heads to florida checking out clean-up in florida. nancy pilosi to leave on her news conference. we're tracking president trump as he gets set. the he kicked off his time to the u.n. and was back in new york city. president started his remarks by mentioning florida building near the u.n.


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