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tv   Fox 5 News 630  FOX  September 19, 2017 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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>> president trump had some choice words today when he was speaking at the you you united nations. we're going to break down his blis erg speech putting north korea, iran and even un on notice. as you see on the side of your screen it's what we're talking about tonight at 6:30. in his first address mr. trump rammed up his criticism of the u n. the highlight has the the president being bluntment when you hear the fact that he's suggesting destroying north korea, that really alerted a lot of people. this was a remarkable scene up there jim and shawn. it's no secret, donald trump even before he wasn't is no fan of the you united nations. he has said this for years. but standing in front of them
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, a remarkable stabling is it a, a remarkable scene. north korea's diplomatic delegation was sitting in very front row, right in front of the president. was that message today. president trump said with those north korea and delegates standing right in front of him if north korea starts a war, the united states will end month. the united states has great strength and patience, but it is forced to defense itself for its allies we will have no choice but to totally destroy north korea. rocket man is on a suicide mission for himself and for his regime. right there, destroy north korea. north korea wasn't the only target of the president 's bashes today. he also took issue with iran calling them a once successful country that has now turned into a rogue state
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very clear, if iran continues on the current path it's on, he will work very hard to get rid of that iran nuclear deal that president obama reached. the iran deal was one of the worst and most one-sidedded transactions. the united states has ever entered into. frankly, that deal is an embarrassment to the united states and i don't think you've heard the last of it, believe me. here's the cap per, jim and shawn. he wasn't just taking issue with north korea, he wasn't just taking issues with iran today, he was taking issue with the entirety of the united nations, a good deal of this speech was the president talking about the united states' role in north korea. he told them other countries need to start taking more responsibility for their own territories. more responsibility for their own people, more responsibility for their own sovereignty and in the president's words
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the billion to the united states taxpayers. the united states is one out of 193 countries in the united nations and yet we pay 2t and more. in fact, we pay far more than anybody realizes. >> now, on the conservative side president trump was hailed today as you might expect. democrats and progresses wanted no parts of this today. you probably have to go back all the way back to in a keith a cure chef when he said we wilbury that had the impact like this one today. it's going to be see interesting to see what happens forward. democrats pushing back to re place and repeal the affordable care act this afternoon. ronica cleary has been watching the latest developments cse
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push back from the democrats and all kind of other groups. what are you hearing tonight. >>reporter: that's right, jim and shawn and it's not just chem s that we're getting push back from. we'll be getting push back present reps as well. i don't think this is like the first time. this billion was put forth by senator cassidy and senator gram. it would basically dismantle the affordable care act. it would give states the right to manage their healthcare systems, but a major point of criticism is the costs there would be associated for these states that they wouldn't be getting ream i the reimbursement that they would like from the federal government and then new criticisms about the millions of people that are predicted to lose coverage by this plan. like i said, we're ' ing push back from deps and republicans aligning. let's start with the the democrats, though. let's start with senators der bin and senator shoe
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whether you're chem or republican p you're representing are people you don't want this billion. we talking about the people. trair press conference was simply about state, national , washington, federal, socialism, states rights. they didn't talk about people. you you know why in because this hurts people and they know it. we don't want people discriminated against because they have a member of their family who was born with a birth defect or because someone has survived cancer care or someone has diabetes in their family. they walk away from it in this billion. >> senator rand paul he has been a vocal no in opposition to this , a republican. senator susan collins from maine, she is predicted to be a likely no but we don't have that con pirmd with 100 percent certainty. senator ma cow ski who was a no in the last billion she said she is waiting to '. let's bring it home, some
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and democrats sent a letter to congress that they don't like this billion as it is. we have seen examples in the past where senators follow the lead of their governors, governor larry hogan of maryland he did not sign that billion but -- excuse me, sign that letter, but he did come out today saying that this is not a solution that he believes will work for maryland and he cited the cost that he is expecting to the state of maryland if if this billion were to become law. now, virginia here you know we're at this debate for the gubinatorial raisin an interesting point that came out of a poll today is that he when virginia voters were asked about issues that mattered to them, the second issue that they listed to the economy, the second issue was healthcare. and really the common theme when we spoke to people here today about the issues that mattered to them, whether it's healthcare or something else, a the lot of people can agree that there are problems. it's coming up with a solution, though,
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can agree on. republicans feel the pressure to pass this by the 30th. they would basically be able to accomplish this without a filibuster from the democrats but right now it's certainly not moving in the direction that i think republicans would like it to be moving with this push back that they're getting from their own part. ronica, i got to tell you you, one thing that not a lot of people are talking about and in new jersey right now with senator bob men and december who is on trial for yuption. he would be a no vote no matter what, but people aren't talking about the fact that democrats are losing a vote in a possible likelihood because this guy is on trial right now. well, it's fascinating because basically the senate can decide whether or not to keep him in the snot national. they can vote even if he becomes a convicted felon. i don't expect that to happen. and if it happens before chris christie leaves office, then we would expect h
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republican. so every vote matters as we saw with that mccain thumb's down. >> right. that is certainly on the minds of people in the senate. that is a great point, jim, about senator me nen december and the no that the democrats need. thank you so much ron qua, and jim as well the the american public is watching and waiting. they want to see both sides working together. this plan as it stabs right now, not good for them. remember there was a big debate over preexisting conditions last time around. >> sure. >> in the skinny repeal those were put back into the bit. there's a lot of things that aren't covered here. the gist today was taking healthcare money, giving it back to the states because hypothetically what effects texas doesn't affect massachusetts and vice versa. we're going to see where it goes. let's talk about the weather
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here in our area things are not too bad. sue palka i know out at the eastern shore they're feeling the effects present one of these hurricanes. >> they definitely are, hurricane josest still a category one. 125 miles northeast of cape hat us, but close enough you that we see the serve and the big waves and some gusts approaching 30 miles an hour down the a the beaches. of greater concern naturally is this category five extremely dangerous hurricane maria which had winds of one of 5 miles an hour at the last update at 5:00 in about or six or seven hours it may make a second direct hit on the continue us virgin island of st. croix. sometime tomorrow morning it will make a direct hit on puerto rico and both of those islands will suffer catastrophic damage unfortunately. we'll keep you up throughout the evening forecast on what's going on hurricane maria. what we will see locally, probably a dry evening. we've had some showers
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the bay and maybe just gracing the western shores closer to st. mary's county. maybe a little bit of fog. get ready for a strong stretch of sunny weather warmer tomorrow, well into the 80s, we're forecasting 87 tomorrow. obviously we will continue to watch thest with maria and have that track updat ed for you later tonight as well. >> back to you you. >> thank you, sue. >> the trump children have long complained about public life now that their father is in the white house. we're going to tell you you how one of them is going to get his life back. re claiming his time, so to speak . we're back after this.
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>> welcome back, the senate intelligence committee canceled its closed door meeting with trum president trump's private
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attorney. the panel. the committee release a statement saying meeting ended up being poa posed because michael cohen went public. meaning he's his opening taiment went public. legal analyst is here to help us take a closer look at this. she's right here next to me. >> you're just a figure meant of our imagination. when we hear the committee say they're cancelling this because he went public and he declared his own innocence and then declaring his own innocence, why would they cancel their meeting with him. >> i think it's very important that l all the rules they're setting forth are being observed . they had asked him please do not make any statements, please don't make any comments. now we're in the situation where the president's lawyer has a lawyer. they wanted to go forth with a
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release anything and he went ahead and did so. what do they do next? this is a matter of having to subpoena him because this was voluntary. >> this was voluntary. they said they will be coming back. they will be rescheduling as he he is available. i think what's important to focus on as these investigations are going on and they're continuing to drg out you you have an administration saying we don't want these dragging out, but then you you you have the lawyer who is actually making it drag out and others who are just derailing the process and distracting from what's really, really important here in the country which is jobs and healthcare and the re forms and campaign promises that president trump made and those are the things that the president always says. why is the media focusing on this, they should be focusing on that and that's a good point there. it's hard for him to credibly make that point because he continues to feed into it. you you go look at his twitter feed, half of it is about the russi
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investigation. he's fueling the fire and then says i can't believe you guys are still focused on this. the trump administration said look they canceled this meeting because they want to control the narrative and the words and they shouldn't be able to do that. anybody who should be able to defense themselves should be able to publicly defense themselves. >> this is a confidential meeting in the senate intelligence committee. they're trying to get to the truth. making this into a public expect speckle right now is only going to drag out the investigation, derack from being able to get the work that needs to be done. do you think this is strategy on purpose. >> i'm starting to think it is strategy. you saw disonld jr. tweeght out tweets. the he pale s that went back and forth. >> which the day that that came the on you, it was sort of like who had this idea. >> exactly. you continue to hear them saying one thing that they want to focus on what's if for the american people and delivering on
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but continue to act and do another one. we got the big wrap. it's fascinating. you have to come back and talk to us about this and some other stuff. >> i'd love to. >> the secret service has been stretched in protecting the president but it may be getting a break. donald trump jr. gave up his protection to have more privacy. >> agents are reluctantly following his wishes. it's not clear if the secret service will stop protecting his wife and five children or just him. kelly and conway chose to end her secret service protect. she received some threats early on. normally somebody in her position doesn't get protection it was done for her protection. whenever you're in a position like this you you live that life in a fish bowl and it is what it is. i can imagine it is very difficult. >> let's be honest, he campaign ed fosh his father. it's not are the a of
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>> the appearing politician political ad has gone vie l raised tonight. we're going to talk to him and tell you more about the congressional race that he is hoping to win when 5@6:30 continues.
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dan heller, u.s. army veteran, road scholar than a the latest democrat to throw his hat in the ring hoping to challenge barbara comp stock for the district. his top gun parady ad certainly has people talking. dan hell merries here to talk with us? a. how are you you. >> i'm doing good. >> you're in the a singer. >> definitely not. there's going to be no grammies for that performance. >> you how on earth did you come up with this kind of an ad to sort of get your name out there. >> we wanted to talk about serious issues like north korea or this unpatriotic transgender ban in the m
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thinking how do we do something that's fun and silly but gets people to talk about serious issues so this is what we came up with, a great way to get people talking about it in a fun way. >> i'm just curious because there have been critics who said this is not the best way to do it. it's silly. how do you you respond to them in he they weren't to know are you serious about this in? a. we're very serious. i've been in wars in iraq and afghanistan i'm as serious as they come and i'm serious about representing us and i'm serious about making sure people and our constituents have an opportunity to meet with me which is something that barbara comstock hasn't done. we have extended the invite and the invite still stands to congress woman comstock. we have not had the in-person town hauls that we've seen in many other congressional races. the reality is she won last time and that was a very highly contested race. a the look of money went into that race. i think people went to
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and barbara comstock ads because they played so much on the air. it's not an easy race either way . i think americans and the people from virginia tend from everything i hear are tired of the same old politicianses could ing the same old things that have made americans truly tired of our politics. it is time for americans to stet tep up to bat. you're not a politician or you weren't before this. what made you get into this? what should voters choose you over your other democratic challengers. >> i've always felt an obligation that welcomed my family. it's what caused me to go into the army and west point when i was asked by an organization called new politics if i would be willing to run, to represent a new type of politics that puts country first i said yes. when there's an opportunity to serve our country that's what we s
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and our politics are broken. we need it fixed. when you you say country first, that was 2008. that was the campaign slogan for john mack kin. we have president trump pushing american first policies. what is going to be the overriding concern in the tenth district. >> healthcare we need to make sure that al all americans have access to quality affordable healthcare. we talk about how important it is that we protect women's rights from the assault that is happening right now to the administration and this congress. this is about making sure that our congress has representatives who represent new leadership and a new way of doing business and they're going on bring fresh ideas and fresh perspectives. not the same back and forth that has dominated our politics for the last 20 years. where do you stand. >> the gop plan as it's come out , where do you stand on that. >> i i think anything that takes coverage awa
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americans and the last plan that they brought out that was taking care away from millions of veterans, that's not the way to go. it should expand so ever american has access to quality care. >> there is a bit of a within the democratic party who supported bernie sanders and who supported hillary clinton. do you believe that is a real concern or is that a way to bridge both sides. i think this is really about getting dedicated public servants into office. we're going to represent our country and our district well. >> thanks so much for coming in it is great to meet the top gun in person. we will be doing car pool care oak i with him a little bit later on. we're back after h.
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>> d.c. now has an official government radio station rnlgt that's right. it's only a few minutes old here, too. because at 6:30) just a little while ago d.c. mayor flipped the witch to launch d.c. raid yoavment we're told she did it around six:45. this is the big launch that is going on. you can see, we understand this is going to be a non commercial radio station that will give information and programing on imovment resources , emergency updates, news, community affairs, education, current events, art, music and entertainment all as part of something called 202 creates. here's the thing. they put out some information on this. it's a big deal tonight. we don't know exactly where to tell you you to check it out. they don't have a website up for it but it is done through this 2302 creates. we're there and we'll let you know later on about some of the big details. it's a big deal, new york city has one. it gives people information if
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district. it's simply a city-wide effort to showcase d.c.'s diversity, the vibrant community and different events throughout the month of september. we do know this is sort of a managedded broadcast event between whur radio, d.c. radio kicking off their partnership with whur in the district. it's going to be one of two municipally owned radio stations in the country. that's what makes the special knowing that it's one of two full- \power\poured stations. this easies going to be online. they have a website. they're going to use a hd sub channel through howard university's whpr . if you have a mobile device or anything like that, which is how a lot of radio stations are going the streaming route. it's a big deal, a big party going on tonight for a major initiative. i thought we were looking at the party there. >> where was our invite in we didn't get invited. >> we want to thank you you guys for joining us tig
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announcer: today on "tmz" -- harvey: ok, wesrn civilization officially declared khloe kardashian is more popular than lebron james. >> lebron hugs her, you start to hear audiblin the crowd, oh, my god, that's khloe kardashian. >> i like to watch lebron james play basketball but i don't think i want to see him there throw down with his boys. khloe kardashian, i just want to look at her. what is she wearing? what does her makeup look like? what does her hair look lie? >> i want to see that ass! >> we found a little bit more about the girl in the extortion video with kevin hart. her name is montia. she's from long beach and she's a travelinstripper. harvey: it sounds like the dating game. her name is montia, she's 27 and a traveling stripper!


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