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tv   The Final 5  FOX  September 21, 2017 11:30pm-12:00am EDT

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>> here we come. you don't mess with america. your final five tonight. could the alaska purchase get the votes they need on healthcare. the gop senators from texas getting their hands dirt ticketed event to help with hurricane cleanup. north korea 's actionses deplorable. haven't we heard that word before somewhere. facebook handing ads related to the russian probe. the future of healthcare, the gop getting behind gram cas disi no doubt about that. the vote planned for next week. after september 30 they would need 60 votes in the senate to pass the bill instead of 50. mike pence would be the tie breaker. while there may not be much time in the senate t
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head to head. cnn is going to hold a town hall. bernie sanders is an independent and amy clover shar who is a democrat. maybe that debate can clear things up because there's been a lot of discussion about what this bill does and doesn't do. it puts funding into block grants. some states would get more funding, others would receive less and then the individual states would decide how to use that money. vice-president mike pence was on fox today to defense the bill. can you guarantee that these governors will make sure pre existing conditions are covered. >> thomas jefferson said government that governs least governs best. who do you think will be more expensive to the healthcare needs in your community in your gorchor and your state legislator or a congressman and a president in a far off nation's capital. we should point
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jefferson actually didn't say but the quote is so mistakenly attributed to the thomas jefferson site they debunking it . the ideas compressing expressing the quote. we remember how the vote fell. susan collins, lisa for cow ski all voting no leaving the gop just short of the votes they needed. this time around the party is trying to oh well, let's be honest. it's a situation where you're technically trying to buy mor cow ski's votes. a new draft of gram cas disi three separate disiftions. the changes aren't final and it isn't clear if they'd be enough for mor cow ski . she was tailed around the capital and she said she has nothing to report. >> south korean media is report ing the north has said it may, may
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hydrogen bomb in the pacific ocean. earlier today president trump announced a new executive order for businesses that trade with north korea. remember the speech the president threatened to totally destroy north korea. the administration toning it down a little bit. they're trying to stress the use of diplomatic options. the brutal north korea regime doesn't respect its own citizens or the sorch ticketed event of other nations. a new executive order will cut off sources of revenue that fund north korea's efforts to develop the deadliest weapons known to human wind. >> steve ma nuch in was on hand at the un and he talked about how the new order will allow to police to trade. to freeze assets of anyone conducting significant trade in goods, services or technology with north
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freeze assets of those supporting korea's textile, fish ing and manufacturing industries. >> besides the executive order, the president also met with members of key allies in the region. we also today met with our allies japan and south korea . obviously a lieutenant to talk about with north korea so we had good conversations with them and the president re assured obviously japan and south korea, but they also talked about strategies going forward for north korea. during the sit down south korea's called north korea actions deplorable. we have that used by someone before. this is how president trump responded. i'm very happy that you used the word deplorable. i was very interested in that wor. that has been a very lucky word for me and many mill of people. >> i wonder if hillary clinton ever brought up the basket of
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deplorables. the regime state meeting responded to president trump's speech today. kim jong un called the president deranged and said he will pay dearly for his threats. he also called him a detarred which we had to dig up the dicts try which means an older person who is losing their memory. nonetheless, north korea using the twitter response . let's talk about the hurricane recovery. the us has been impacted by three major storms, harvey devastated texas and irma slammed into florida and jose florida. puerto rico was absolutely obliterated. puerto rico is in very, very, very tough shape. >> the president has issued -- look, i'm not going to lie to you. i have coffee here. it's been a long day. the president has issued
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for puerto rico and the us virgin islands. he said he'll be visiting puerto rico but he didn't say when. a group of gop efforts are in texas to help with cleanup after harvey. senators ted crews and paul ryan traded in the brooks brothers for t-shirts and hardhats. we've been trying to help a little bit with some of the debris removal, but earlier we flew around the city and the counties so the speaker could get a good picture of what challenges lie ahead for us. we've taken a hard shot in the gut, but texas will rebuild, houston will rebuild and that same spirit of bravery, that same spirit of unity and love that gotchas through the storm will bring us through rebuilding and we'll come bank even strong er. >> this is where that p90x comes in hand disi for paul ryan. they interest
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new relief packages next month. facebook is talking with conscious leaders about handing over ads that were leaning every linked to russia fl earlier this month facebook disclosed a hundred thousand dollars worth of ads were bought by and this is my favorite term of the month , russian trol firm. the ads have already been given to the special council's team. we are working proaccount atively to work the dimmic process. we will protect our community while engaging in political discourse for example we're looking at adapting our anti bullying systems to protect against political harassment as well. >> he's so boring. meanwhile special council robert mueller's team has asked the white house to hand over donald's jr.'s documents. the original taiment claimed the meeting was
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russian adoption program, but trump yr later releetsed he e-mails proving that's not why the meeting was set up. phone records from air force one were also included in the special council's document request about that meeting. it was a key promise during the campaign, build the wall, and the ones that said mexico would pay for it. that's another story for another day are, because right now the attorney general of california wants to stop the effort to build the wall any further. they say the wall is illegal in a number of different ways. california attorney general bizarr a filing more than two dozen lawsuits against the trump administration on issues like daka, student loans and now the wall. the border between the us and mexico spans some 2,000 miles. the list of laws violated by the president's administration in order to build his campaign wall is almost as long. it's in the a question of whethe
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it's a matter of if you're going to do something with regard to a barrier you you do it according to the laws that we have in our country. now, us attorney jeff sessions responded to the suit us government has con role of the border. the border control is preparing on protests set to begin as early as next week in san diego. congress has $20 million. in the grand scheme of things just a drop in the bucket. up next, politics and relationships. when you you you talk to somebody, is their party affiliation a deal breaker in we'll talk a little bit more about that coming up after the break.
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on each s-class, there lies a simple badge. and it serves as our constant reminder, to never rest on laurels, and to forever earn the star. this is the 2018 s-class from mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. q. politics makes strange bed fellows and sometimes it drives them apart. we talk so much about politics is
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easy that sometimes all you need to love. he's life with us via skype tonight to talk a bit about a show and love and life in general. i think the last time we had you on were you in your parents' house and you had this cover behind you with china ? it's a different look for you this time. >> yes, speaking of a solid dat ing life i was living with my parents. but recently, jim, i just moved into a condo. ladies come at me, i'm ready? a. dateable. let's do it. couples therapy, you've been do ing this for a while. tell me about the who he. you do h once a month, right in. >> actually it sort of just started. we only had two shows so far but they have been so much fun. i kind of had no idea what it was going to be like to just sit around and basically talk about -- we talk about relationships. we talk about lack of relationships, some online dating stuff,ex
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whatever people want to talk about. it's cool to watch a group of strangers open up and share ideas. we do a little standup comedy as well. i've had local come iks like rob mayor. we've been here on the show, too. >> we have danny ruin i coming. when people come up, when you do these shows, we're in d.c., i mean the two questions that everybody cans are what do you do and then you start talking about politics. is politics a big topic of discussion in the show? >> i guess it is if you allow it into your world. for me permanently it's so heavy right now that i don't know that it's something that i want introduced , certainly not in the first few dates. people talk about, is it that devisive for -- is it so bad that two people can't fall in love if they're rep
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maybe if you're an extremist on ette arrested on an outstandinger side i guess so, but there have benzol id political relationships over the years. james carvel i think is one of the most famous, he and his wife. i think that if it's a huge part of your personal day-to-day life that you cannot live with someone in another party, then i guess so. i pay attention to what's going on mostly because it's in my face. i want to make sure everybody is safe and what can i do to help if i can. other than that i just try to be nice to everybody and i think i can get along with somebody of any party as long as they're respectable and really want the best for everybody. tomorrow night we have a guest coming on and he wrote an article. your reason for date to conservatives is one of the reasons we don't have donald trump. okay queue pid is start ing to put a badge on your profill if you support planned parenthood. i don't know how i
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as though you you should go in and discover those things on your own, those differences. that's what dating is all about i sort of agree with you there. again, if it's so heavy in somebody's life that they must say i am for or against planned parenthood and this is a big deal in my dating life, i guess put it in your bio if you you want to. certainly if you start having a sex life with somebody you're going to want to know where they stand with something should happen, i guess. >> i don't know that i would put a badge on there. for me personally i don't think it defines me personally enough to say this is me, date me or don't because of it. >> i was going to do it, but since you already teased yourself and unplugged yourself. >> i teased myself, is that what we're saying? >> yeah, test yourself, whatever you want to do. go for it. >> couples therapy
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third wednesday at the d.c. draft house. you can get tickets online for that. danny reu yea joins me on the couch next month along with comedian nicole wall cow. we're doing a car oak see show. i'm going to be singing a onlegend song to embarrass myself even further. yeah, man. you you guys should get out there, get online. you know what's interesting? >> there's a local pod cast, it's called oh we met online from a couple of d.c. people, eric and chris. it's interesting. so we met online. maybe check that out. >> you got to get on the cool and check me out, let's talk. raised tonight meows, good to see you you. we're back after this.
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>> the thinker pose going on right now. i was trying to think about what we're going to be doing here because it's different than every other night >> let's be honest, how un predictable are things today? that news room every day it's always something new. >> to the point that the things you leave on the cutting room floor, any other final would be crazy news stories. >> yes. don't even make the cut . let's start about polls. we're told not to believe the polls out there. there's a poll for everything. we know america has a faith trump and it's not the president. any idea who it is. >> i'm going to say done jr. his stepmother. of she has
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thirty-five unfavorable review. the more people get to know milan yeah the more they like her. i think it's interesting they do an pin poll on every member of the trump family. how did barron do? >> you don't bring barron into it. i was curious. was tiffany in there? when i saw barron -- i loved the kid at the inauguration. he was there, events tainting his little cousins. i loved seeing that kid but they're doing the smart thing, you keep him away from the limelight. >> tiffany, though. >> i think she would rate very highly. >> we need to pull out her singles that she recorded a couple years ago. >> you're thinking about the 1980 pop star. certa
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s of the trump administration have gone viral. one of the reporters is cnn gym ma costa, got to love it when journalist make it about them. >> that's right. we are journalist reporting on journalists who reported on journalist. this is like the ultimate d.c. bubble. >> oots he the russian necessary ing dollar. the trump aides have easterned him. how do i get in on that. he wants to leave me about your bon. we need the bowr bon replaced here we had a bottle behind us. i don't know what happened to it. i will totally take your born bon. >> do you know where gym acosta once worked? a. right here. >> do we have a plague. >> we do in the have a plague. we have a
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povich. >> former milwaukee county david clark is bragging about it. >> the call is for the milwaukee sentinel asked clark -- this is a civil e-mail that he put out for the reporter. the reporter him about the fact that he lost his around the security detail and it cost a lot of money. he wrote back, f you, i'm david clark and i approve this message . clearly he's not sorry about it because then he tweeted out a link to the story, what's it like going to the civilian life, this dope reporter found out it's great. he used dope in the wrong way. >> check out this dope reporter he just found out. >> if you called me a dope reporter i would be like oh, yeah, sheriff. remember the
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meant good and you were trying to convince your parents that's what it stood for. that's a long i'm tile ago. sean spicer had a tense exchange with report ers. mike reported about spicers note tear when he contacted him about the note tear, spicer wrote please stop texting me unsolicitting anymore . apparently they had some civil gentlemen's dealings before. spicer standpoint i want to be clear, do not e-mail, text me again, should you do again i will report to the appropriate authorities. >> when will sean spicer stop being a thing in when he showed up at the em mys half of hollywood thought he was poking fun of himself. and the other half how dare the em mys make light of him. he's
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approached all the networks about a job. there are reports that poa lit could he said all nos. but he's making money do ing the speaking tour which is really what it's all about sometimes. how much would you you pay to see sean spicer speak >> i think we've seen a lot of him. unless he has some really, really good fascinating stories. >> he has some good stories from inside the administration. i wonder if it would be compelling >> i who knows. >> thank you, brody. >> any time. we're back after this. this.
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>> as i started my interview with raised tonight mean i said politics made strange bed fellow s and it's reu because the debate over gram cassidy is rag ing on. jimmy
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asleep tonight because he's getting headlines for claiming senator bill casselberry lied him where the senator said to back preexisting conditions. this was all prompted when kimmel's newborn son made heart surgery who is concerning himself with politics, but his reasoning whether you agree or not is heart felt and authentic the on the other hand the hits come for secretary tom price. after it came out that the secretary used private jets to bounce around the country. he's done this to the tune of $300,000. it was before hurricanes hit. a spokesman for the secretary says he uses private jets to go between places where there is limited commercial places and that's not true. he flew between
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announcer: today on "tmz" -- harvey: kanye west's song has triggered an investigation at the university of new hampshire because of what some sorority girls were singing, rhymes with golddigger. >> [bleep]. >> when the n word say it, they all say it. harvey: because it's in a song he popularized. >> there's a way that we talk that then getreleased through our art. it doesn't mean that you get to participate in that. harvey: that's what you say. you don't have a right to te me -- you don't own me! [laughter] >> mark wahlberg, he took a dive into a 1.5 milln gallon aquarium that just opened up in springfield, miouri. >> it's like a sunken ship in there. how did they get that in there? >> he probably built the aquarium around


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