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tv   Fox 5 News 5  FOX  September 22, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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assaulting and raping an 18-year-old high schooler. a third remains on the run, the incident happened on september 1st. tonight, we are digging for answers, in fact, we obtained new and more important documents that indicate for gonzales that he was no stranger to police or ice. in fact, we read through the documents and it says on april 24th, gonzales was part of a high speed police chase. he was a passenger in a car that police were in fact pursuing. now, in that, he ultimately bolted from the car, started to run, police were able to catch him. he was eventually caught nearby. now, that confrontation that i just described led to his arrest, where he was able to bond out but then he faced an immigration's judgment it appears a court date was set to discuss his potential deportation,
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granted him bond, but she posted and now five months later, he's accused in this rape of an 18-year-old high school. ice insists all procedures were followed but frederick county sheriff said this illustrates a much larger problem >> ask yourself how and why, the reason why is the system is broken, not only the immigration system but the enforcement and the back side where people have to wait so long for court dates and immigration court. bonds are set and the courts know these people will not appear in court. immigration court to face deportation. i think the solution is more immigration judge, speedier court dates, more effective, more expeditious court dates, appearances and for these people not to be released but kept in jail untiling being removed from the country. >> that is frederick county charles jenkins who
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say he believes both suspects involved were likely ms 13 gang members. he said he has information to indicate that. now, ice did release this statement saying once ice encounters an alien, custody determinations are made on a case-by-case basis after a review of the alien's case. we're told that the ice judge that granted bond likely granted bond because gonzales did not have any prior criminal history and the judge did not feel he was a flight risk. live in frederick, tisha lewis fox 5 local news. is. prince george's county are investigating a patient at a nursing home that she was sexual assaulted by staff member >> the 83-year-old tells police in the middle of the night while she was in bed. paul wagner is live in forrestvil w
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story. >> reporter: prince george's county police say they've come out here twice since last sunday. both incidents involving staffers changing the depends diapers of patients that are here at this facility. now, prince george's county police say the first incident did not rise to the level of a criminal investigation, however, the second one did. victim said this happened monday into tuesday, but the police didn't find out about it till last night and they've been investigating ever since. the woman making the allegation told her nephew the sexual assault took place some time in the middle of the night monday and tuesday. when a male nurse came in to change her depends diaper. she told her nephew she tried to report the allegation but nothing was done. that's when he said he called the police. and they immediately had his aunt taken to the hospital for an exam. she's now back in the facility, but the family is
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another place for her to stay. an attorney for the nursing home said the staff takes all allegations of assault seriously and along with an internal investigation, they notify the police and the state agency with of sight of nurse home facilities. we spoke with the woman's nephew who asked that his name not be used or his face be shown. >> she's sharp, very sad. she's doing a lot of crying, not eating well. she's distraught about what happened. >> reporter: she's ok with staying here >> we're looking to get her into another facility, as we're talking now. but at the same time, the staff here, the supervisor say they have suspended some male staff members so that lead police to assume they know exactly who was that did it. >> reporter: let me clarify as far as the number of people being suspended. the attorney for this facility told knee one male nurse
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suspended and that was for the first incident that again did not rise to the level of a criminal investigation according to prince george's county police. when i asked about whether or not anyone had been suspended in the criminal investigation, he declined to say. at this point, it's unclear how many people have been suspended other than we know that one allegation of sexual assault is now under investigation here at this facility. live in prince george's county, paul wagner, fox 5 local news. the story came from a viewer tip. if you have have an idea call us at 202-895-3000 or e-mail those tips fox 5 tips a swine flu outbreak. her 8-year-old was one of and seven people who tested positive for swine flu after interacting with pigs. we're told she's been fighting the illness since tuesday, t
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health department reported no one was seriously ill. they say it's contained but as a precaution, those exhibits are suspended. today, marks one year since the marshall museum of african-american history and culture opened in dc. they will be celebrating down on the national mall this weekend and in addition to the normal museum tour and exhibits, there will be a special entertainment booth tomorrow as well as sunday including the blue high marching band, girls rock dc which is a west african dance company. more than three million people visited the museum in the past year. >> got to plan ahead >> saturday he hopefully good weekend, tons of museums will be free in the area. right, caitlin >> good evening and happy fall >> we're celebrating by 82 degrees. go figure. >> i know. we're going to celebrate it by 90 on sunday. yeah, we're really ringing in his
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temperatures well above normal for the past couple days and that will continue through the be weekend. but yes, fall officially began at 4:02 this afternoon, 82 outside in washington right now. of. 86 in hagerstown town, 90 in cumberland, maryland, 83 in manassas, 83 in frederick. it is 79 in leonardtown, maryland. bigger heat core is to the west. chicago doing 94, 87 in detroit, 84 in pittsburgh, look at boston, they're struggling still under the influence of jose a chilly 60, actually the high clouds we've had most of today are thanks in part to jose. which looks much less organized you can see it strung out from south of november scotia. cleveland, cincinnati seeing high clouds, but maria remains north of the
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islands. the eye is a little less defined after encountering sheer in the open waters. it's still a strong storm and still tropical storm warnings out in places like turks and bow heelian islands. maria winds sustained 125 miles per hour moving north northwest at nine. it will encounter colder ocean temperatures as it moves northward, the colder temperatures thanks in part to jose. you can see as we get into next week by wednesday, it is a weaker hurricane but a hurricane nonetheless, offshore and expected to remain offshore providing lesser impacts for the midatlantic. that would be next week. before we get to next week, let's not forget the first weekend in the fall. of course that feels much more like summer and i'll have the latest on those temperatures, what you can expect and how long this warm weath
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ahead in your seven-day. marina and jim back to you the trump administration is scrapping obama era guidance on investigating campus sexual assault >> temporary rules are going into effect. we'll tell you how it will impact students and university coming up. video showing the devastation in mexico following the 7.1 magnitude earthquake. the way the is over for apple fen nattics, the race to get the brand new smart phone when we come backe when we come back
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mark herring: my mom always worked hard to provide for our family. at one point, she got fired for of all things -- getting married. that was a lifelong lesson for me: when people are hurt, you need to stand up and do something. and i've never forgotten that as your attorney general. whether it's protecting veterans and seniors from shady debt collectors, or cracking down on gangs and drug traffickers, i have one guiding principle: do what's right for people.
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rk herring, candidate for attorney general, and i sponsored this ad. chicas. new video out of showing terrifying moments during the 7.1 magnitude earthquake. the fire quickly tuning into a massive explosion, by standards heard screaming as people started fleeing the area, and facebook showing people running as parts of buildings collapsing at least 52 buildings >> and rescuers are racing. 21 people confirmed dead, two people alive from that debris. >>
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been at lucky. fox has the latest on the rescue efforts. >> reporter: two days of desperately searching for a man buried alive, the only survivor under the rubble rescuer found him. sadly it was too late. >> a moment of you silence. his body recovered from the collapsed office building where he worked in mexico city then a round of applause for the men and women who 48 hours straight desperately tried to save him. >> roberto is sacramento california firefighter was one of the many rescuers. he's here on his own time. volunteering. >> i knew i had to get down here. and i'm happy because as soon as i got here, literally within two seconds, they put me up on the pile. that's what i came here for, it's -- this is my town. >> reporter: the building collapsing 40 minutes
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a earthquake. people were warned not to go back >> people are going inside the building to pick their things, their. >> reporter: they got out safely during the earthquake but 40 minutes later they went back in and that's when the building collapsed >> yes. >> reporter: professionals like the israeli national rescue teamworking side by side with the mexican colleagues, then the civilians, tens of thousands who want to hurt. >> everyone including myself we all love our country. we love our country, our people. and we cannot just sit there and watch. i mean, that's against who we are. >> reporter: throughout the country, rescuers are working around the clock. at one school,
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school students died along with five teachers, many more were rescued from the three story building that collapsed and the effort there continues: the israeli team heads to the next assignment. here, there is no rest for the weary >> we tried to rescue a person. unfortunately. the other side, we told the people in -- and we're hoping that only good in the future for all of us. and thank you. >> reporter: how long will you be in mexico city >> as long as needed. >> reporter: back here, engineers are going over the collapse building in preparation for its demolition, which could start as early as tonight. the rescuers have gone on to their next assignment. >> reporter: hurricane maria continues to barrel through the caribbean. this i
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the dominican republic, the category 3 storm ripped roofs off and carried homes away. maria is moving past turks and caicos. iphone 8 officially on sale. >> fans lined up to get their hands on one, of course. >> that was a scene in china, dozens lining up in be jing and similar played out in hong kong, it's the third largest market. in new york city, fans, of course, wanting to buy the iphone 8 and 8 plus. it looks similar at least three generations of the iphone. the only difference, it has glass back which allows for wireless charging >> iphone mania hitting in dc. people lined up in georgetown. however, early criticism, the phone isn't stopping, iphone lovers from
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the latest device >> my iphone six is >> i'm on the upgrade schedule, i thought i'd upgrade. >> of course. the iphone 10 is the game changer say they. they will start october 27th and the phone goes on sale november 3 a silver spring homeless victim whose body was found in park. >> and a machetety wielding woman threaten to kill the kardashians outside their store in california. we'll tell you how it ended. political story of the afternoon, john mccain announcing his opposition to the gop healthcare a bill. why the latest effort to partisan the affordable care act. first, hey, brody >> it's like 80, but hockey season is here. i'm outside capitol one arena for the centennial fan are
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celebrating the hundredth year of the nfl. there's a ton of fans and actually the biggest reveal was earlier today, a special surprise from alex ovechkin, we'll show that to you coming up. ng up.
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ovechkin. it is at the arena formally known as the verizon center and now the capitol one arena every time when brody just said he's at the capitol run arena and he's like that is what the verizon said is >> you're going to have to remind yourself over again, yet, you know, feels like just a few months ago, we were here for another capitols p
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disappointment, but hope springs eternal at bottomless well for cap fans and there's preseason game against the blues and it's the centennial season of the nfl. lots of fans out, the stanley cup is here. there's a lot of interactive events, merchandise, memorabilia that you can see here, a lot of fans, you can get autographs with players, but the biggest was earlier today, when some local players got a big surprise. of going to show it to you here. >> american special hockey association, a group of about 50 hockey players, they met alex ovechkin. play with the great eight and he tended goal against a few of the kids. the highlight of the day and probably the
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happened before all had of this got going, i want to take you back out live. one of the events going on is an interactive vr event. i want to say of all the things that you can do vr, be in a fighter jet or race car, but no, this isn't a sam bony, one of the slowest automobiles one could ever be in. this is the vr experience, a very slow truck that's smooths the ice. so jim and marina, it's not the most exciting thing, but if you he have really wanted to do slowly across ice and feel at the thrill of a sam bony >> i see nothing wrong with that >> who are you going to kick off that sam bony, brody? >> come on, like anything to do vr why is sam bony. how thrilling was that? >> a lot of fun. it was a lot of fun. >> reporter: you're on a sambony. >> i
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>> a lot of people really want to be on the sambony. >> we got to figure something out. we called the verizon center, the phone booth, we have to tink of a nickname for capitol run arena so get on that >> the atm because you're going to go in there and lose lot of money >> where is the stanley cup? >> reporter: on the other side, we'll show it later in the 6 >> ok. >> reporter: many people, i don't want to jinx it >> if you never won the stanley cup, if your team never won, you don't touch the stanley cup >> brody, stay away. >> thank you very much. honor tonight for the woman who was the inspiration for the movie hit end figures, a new research facility was named after catherine johnson, she helped calculate the panel for alan sheep per day's journey in space and john glen into
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she's 99 years old and received the presidential medal of freedom in 2015. >> that's one of those stories not many people knew about until the movie came out >> without a the movie was amazing incredible story, and hopefully beck hear from her soon. making another run, >> matt ackland has more and a big announcement from mayor mayor bowser today >> mayor bowser is in, we kind of knew that she was going to get in but made it official today. the big question though, will there be a rematch of the mayors? we're going to hear from former mayor vincent gray coming up after the break. after the break. . the trump administration withdrawals the obama era sexual assault guidance on campus, outline the new changes and the guidelines coming up. >> thank you, president frederick. >> chaos for
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derailed by angry protesters at howard university next. rd university next.
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. this is fox 5 local news at 5:00. headlines all lanes reopened along 95 south and howard county after a tractor-trailer fire happened just before route one around 6:30. look at that video, the incident caused major delays. we don't know what caused the fire. response r spotsylvania sheriff's office needs your help identifying this man, wanted in connection with the robbery and sexual assault. he demanded money from an employee and sexual assaulted the
5:30 pm
if you recognize him, call lease. a fire at a new police station under construction in woodbridge. skyfox over the scene-fire started on the roof. located near the intersection of davisville road and prince william parkway. warning tonight for residents in loudoun county. a thief is on the loose target cars park at a school and day care, these a are surveillance images of the suspect and his vehicle, he's wanted for baking into two vehicles and stealing purses at a preschool in ashburn, similar thefts reported at a local middle school. i'm mayor bowser and proud to be mayor of my home town in the greatest city in the world. mayor bowser said she's ready to lead the city four more years >> could we see a rematch, she beat former mayor gray in 2014 d
5:31 pm
is considering a come back. matt ackland live at the wilson building with more. matt? >> reporter: you're right. everyone is wondering will this be a rematch. as you saw, that was a clip from mayor bowser placed on social media, basically, she outlined every way the city is doing so well, but she says the city's best days are yet to come. but someone might disagree with the job she's doing, that's the former mayor vincent gray first. i want you to hear from mayor bowser. >> this will be my six and election. my sixth campaign. and i've been challenged in every one of them. so i start out every campaign putting together a great team, and a great plan and ward strategy and will be prepared for anybody who decides to. >> reporter: if you remember, mayor gray, during the 2010 campaign
5:32 pm
wrongdoing, there were a lot of questions but after he left office, he was never charged and then the us attorney pulled back from that investigation. nothing ever happened to him. he says that dark cloud has moved away. he believes that he would be a strong challenger but at this point, he hasn't decided if he will run. we asked him about the mayor's announcement today. >> do you think she should be reelected? >> well, i'm sure she thinks she should be reelected. the question you probably getting to is what am i going to do? i suspect that i have not made a decision on that. >> reporter: my question is do you think she should be reelected >> if i run i would probably think otherwise but i have not made the decision to do that yet, matt. >> reporter: i tried to get him to comment on that but he's not ready. by the way, gray is a council member, as you know and cha
5:33 pm
he held a hearing where he questioned mayor bowser's health director about issues at united medical center. it's been a big issue since that center has had some problems there. the mayor, former mayor questioning the health director but she was unable to give a him specifics about removing or suspending a license there at the obstetrics unit because of confidentiality, but the former mayor says he will definitely continue to follow this. the new hospital on the other side of the river, the east side of the river something both mayor gray and mayor bowser want. in fact, there's been one that's proposed. by the way, we did ask the mayor today when he might decide whether he's going to get into the race, the former mayor and he said he just doesn't know yet. he says if he gets in, he doesn't think it will take a lot of money for him to win this race. the reason where i is he
5:34 pm
name recognition. so he believes that even if he gets in a little bit later. he doesn't raise a whole lot of money, he believes he can win against mayor bowser, we'll definitely follow this, matt ackland, fox 5 local news. ♪ ♪. new, gop senator john mccain said he will vote against the latest effort to repeal the affordable care act. he said i cannot in good conscious vote for graham cassidy, i believe we could do better working together. republican and democrats have not really tried. mccain's announcement makes it likely republicans won't be able to go through with the plan to repeal and replace. they need just votes, rand paul already said he opposes, susan collins of maine is leaning against it and several other key senator, including gop senator lisa murkowski of alaska remain on the fence. the department of education to repeal an obama
5:35 pm
assault on campus. the agency withdrew a policy known as dear colleague that required schools to adopt a minute a mall standard of proof when disciplining students as well as replace a standard of how the school should investigate cases. betsy devos called the obama policy unfair and it will help treat students fairly. this is a statement here from betsy devos, she said, quote, schools must continue to confront these horrific crimes and behaviors, and she goes on to say, the process also must be fair and impartial giving everyone more confidence in its outcomes. guidance will be in place while the education gathers comments and coming up with new rules, the department expects to receive a notice of proposed rule making in the next few months ♪ ♪. that's the scene at howard university today, as
5:36 pm
director james comey tried to deliver an address at the historic torecally black college. protesters could be heard yelling raising their fist and shouting no justice, no peace, comey stood silently as students chanted. protesters said they were with a group called hu resist protesting copies's views on state sanction violence against minorities. first lady mel less than anyway trump hosted a garden end day, it continue started by first lady michelle obama. the group plant add vegetable gardens on south lawn, cabbage, coldly flower, turn ups, carriage, spinach and lettuce. >> i'm big believer in healthy eating because it is good for your mind and body and i encourage you to continue and eat a lot of vegetables and fruits and so you grow up
5:37 pm
healthy and take care of yourself. have a healthy living. but it's very important. >> the garden is part of the obama administration's push to promote healthy eating. it's continuing now into the trump administration. coming up a rather unusual lawsuit. >> why a toilet paper company is suing dc over what flushes down city toilets >> concerned residents could be leaking in their drinking water, what we're told for the cause of the city's water going green and not in a good way. caitlin >> thank you, jim. first day of fall doesn't feel like it. we've kind of had our seasons in are a bit of a reversal here. we had a lot of cloud cover. that's thanks to extra tropical storm jose still spinning about in the atlantic. now, we'll have a sunny and very warm weekend ahead. pretty nice, but will we feel any more tropical effects into next week. i'll have a look coming up when fox 5 news returns after this. scrapns after this. scrap
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for 72 months on this silverado all star. find new roads at your local chevy dealer. . and this is a scene that played outside of the kardashian's clothing store in hollywood california a woman went on a rant outside of the famous store, she actually went inside earlier and reportedly pointed it to an employee and knocked items you haver off of a shelf but managed to run away police arrived, when she returned the doors were locked. tmz reporting none of the kardashians were at the store at the time of the incident the police were able to find her at her house and make an arrest. a halloween display is impropering people to telling police to stop calling 911. the sheriff has been inundated with calls posted a
5:42 pm
its facebook page saying do not call 911 reporting a dead body. congratulate the homeowner on a great display. >> mystery solved along the mississippi river after video showed neon green water. residents were concerned it could be due to toxic chemicals. but officials say not to worry, simply food coloring, a local refine rebuilt a new tank and needed to test it they used nontoxic green food coloring. it should be back in a few days. >> they do it every year in chicago they die it green, it's a little weird to see at first >> especially >> heads up, guy >> that doesn't look normal. let's talk about the weekend. this is it. this is fall. >> is this pumpkin spice latte, down jacket ugg boot weather >> a piece of pumpkin spice pizza >> i mean, pumpkin spice, unfortunately for jim,
5:43 pm
know boundaries any more, taken over our pizza,s feels like the middle of the summer, kind of the way it is as we transition our seasons around here, let's take a live look outside. a beautiful start to the weekend. we got cloud cover and temperatures are comfortable in the 80's but no rain in the forecast. and this weekend, it will be very warm. the when you get temperatures like this in late september, they're tolerable. not like the humidity you get in july or august. if you like warm weather, looking at a nice weekend. but i will tell you you, next weekend, temperatures at least 20 degrees cooler. take advantage of this nice warm weather. you don't know the next time you'll get it. feels much more like summer. temperatures should be hitting 90 on sunday. our normal high temperatures this time in the upper 70's. looks like we stay dry and warm into next week, we've been watching both maria and jose to see if they'd have any impacts and for now we're
5:44 pm
much. minimal as maria stays largely out to sea, that's the track right now and jose kind of dissipates on its own. cloud cover at the most maybe a shower but we'll see. 82 outside right now here in washington. 78 in baltimore, 82 in annapolis, 78 in gaithersburg, 82 in frederick, 79 in martinsberg. you can still see the distinctive swirl as we pick up the last couple of hours of good daylight, places like boston have been going on several days of clouds and shower and cool temperatures and high winds still winds gusting over 30 mines on the cape and some clouds strung out here in our area, that's what the cloud cover is, it's courtesy of some remnants of jose. evening forecast if you're stepping out on friday, really nice to have dinner outdoors, 80 by 7:00 p.m. certainly gets dark by 7:30, quickly. 76 by 9:00 and 11:00 the mid 70's it will be very comfortable. >> what's left of jose. >> and that is not much.
5:45 pm
miles an hour, extra tropical and losing any characteristics that would have designated it a tropical storm be but maria moving east on the southeastern bow him aian islands, category 3 with winds sustained at 125 miles an hour. through the weekend. staying in those open waters but actually as it travels northward, the hit wind and it will hit colder water. it will ride along the ridge of high pressure and then it will be blocked by the high pressure over us, maria got nowhere to go except squeezing between these two areas of high pressure then maria will get out of town. maria is close enough in terms of tropical systems that you can still see effects in places like boston and the cape will be dealing with possibly more clouds and showers, dangerous surf beach erosion next week. back home, the weekend forecast there's the high pressure that will steer maria and keep us with dry weather and very warm
5:46 pm
80's, enjoy it on your weekend forecast. 87, sunny and warm, sunday had to be 90's that is down right hot any time but certainly is for september 24th. again for tonight, becoming clear, 67 we'll see those clouds clear out overnight. 87 and sunny for tomorrow. much more like summer. seven-day forecast. i would keep those ugg boots in the closet at least on a week, jim, because i mean, just fyi, it's still flip-flop weather as we get through next thursday, temperatures are trailing off. you can see that but high of 80 by next thursday and it's not until next friday, a week from today that it's going to be temperatures back to normal even a little bit above normal with highs in the 70's and looking beyond into next weekend i think we're in the 60's, just wait till next weekend. fall will be here >> keeping the ugg's slipperies colbert. >> if they work for tom brady >> police release images hoping to identify a victim of a homicide i
5:47 pm
>> what flushes down dc toilets, we'll explain why a toilet paper giant is suing the district. ofuing the district. of
5:48 pm
♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪
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new tonight more than two weeks after a body was found in the montgomery county park, police revealing new clues, a gray sweatshirt with a first united methodist children logan, flu athletic shorts with a number 19, arose remising several besides, the man's dicaprio stated body was. he was a likely killed by members of a gang some time between last december and march. >> what is nearly a-year-old dc law is the center of a lawsuit. the nonwoven disposable products was
5:51 pm
last september. it bans the advertisement or labeling of disposal products as flushable in they are in fact not flushable. the law claims things like baby wipes and tissue do in the dissolve in water and easily clog pipes, however, kim he burleigh clark, who is behind broods such as clean next, claims its flushable wipes meet industry guidelines. and talk about transitions. the infamous woman known as the mad pooper, charmin is offering her a year's supply of toilet paper if she turns herself in. for those of you who aren't family, a family caught this jogger doing number two in front of their house, at least three times over the past several months. the woman has reportedly done number two in other yards and a nearby park. lady they have bathrooms, they have toilet paper there, police are trying to identify there and she c
5:52 pm
indecent is exposure and public defecation. research shows how chores could save your life, anything from gardening and scrubbing the floor to cleaning the kitchen, researchers say doing physical household chores five times a week half hour decreases your risk of death by 28% and heart disease 20%, sounds like a good reason to get chores done. made it to friday. it is firehouse, fox hits the road to virginia >> erin como chatted way crew of station 464 to see how they prepared to help the community and got the scoop on the hazmat response team. >> reporter: for this edition of firehouse friday, we've at station 464. the hard working team out here not only serves the community but they also have a special hazmat response, i want to introduce you to captain dan wedding >> welcome, this is fire station 464, one of
5:53 pm
is provides emergency services to our military community here. >> reporter: the station has especially trained hazardous materials response unit that is ready to respond to a variety of calls >> we could be called to respond to some of the more specialized facilities on fort bell war that has toxic industrial chemicals that could potentially be leaking. >> reporter: the firefighters ware a level a hazmat suit that is fully encapsulating and designed to keep them safe. i got the chance to try it on. >> there you go >> first step putting on the self contained breathing apparatus pack. then time to get the suit and the orange boots situated. >> final step before i got zip up. getting the breathing device on and ready to go. it was very disorienting to walk around in the fully enclosed suit and that's why specialized training is essential. >> we
5:54 pm
they're comfortable getting inside the suits and an enclosed environment. >> reporter: for this special edition i actually got to step into the shoes of 464. i have the ultimate respect for the hazmat response team, this is no easy job and we thank them so much for their service >> pretty cool. a young boy almost died when he went into cardiac arrest meets the first responders who shaved his life >> the happy reunion on the other side of the break, stay with us. with us.
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powerful and well-connected can buy. i'm mark herring, candidate for attorney general, and i sponsored this ad. a happy reunion in southeast between a young kid and first responders who helped save his life. wisdom pender gas went into cardiac arrest, his mother called 911 while his father started performing cpr o
5:58 pm
son until firefighters arrived. firefighters credit the father's quick action for helping save his son's life. they continued cpr and used a defibrillator to revive him, is wisdom and his family got a chance to thank the firefighter whose responded. wisdom's father said it's important for every parent to know cpr >> as parents we're the first teachers. you know, we are the only, you know, people around the kids more than anybody else in life. so like you the first everything, you're the first teacher, responder to get here. so it pays most stuff. >> wisdom is six and doctors still don't know what caused his young heart to stop. if you don't cpr and want to learn, the dc fire department has hands on hearts and firefighters will come to your house and teach you cpr. >> i didn't know that. you have that and a lot of other organizations it's something to have in your mind. >> tony and shawn
5:59 pm
with you don't say at 6:00 >> and i it begins right now. ♪ ♪ this is fox 5 local news at 6:00. right now at 6:00, a maryland teen is kidnapped and raped by two of her classmates. tonight, new details about the suspects in the case. plus, an 83-year-old woman sexually abused at a local nursing home. what her family says they want done to her attacker. and a young child is suffering in the hospital after her mother said she pet pigs infected with the swine flu at the charles county fair. what's being done to protect you and your family. the news at 6:00 starts right now. we begin with new information about one of the men accused of kidnapping, raping and assaulting a teenager girl that maryland. >> the suspect was no stranger to police or immigration and customs african. fox 5's tisha lewis joins us from frederick with
6:00 pm
tisha? >> reporter: well, tony and shawn, fox 5 is staying on top of this story coming out of frederick, let's recap, 19-year-old victor gonzales and 17-year-old edgar cheeks hernandez are accused of kidnappings an 18-year-old girl. a third suspect remains on the run. we're here outside frederick county courthouse. we went through new court documents that we obtained and we have new information on one of the men accused in this case. 19-year-old gonzales gu tear. he was arrested april 24 and after a high speed police chase. he was passenger in the car. court documents say he bolted from that car. the officer was able after running after him to get him. that confrontation, that incident led to gonzales


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