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tv   Fox 5 News Edge 6  FOX  September 22, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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tisha? >> reporter: well, tony and shawn, fox 5 is staying on top of this story coming out of frederick, let's recap, 19-year-old victor gonzales and 17-year-old edgar cheeks hernandez are accused of kidnappings an 18-year-old girl. a third suspect remains on the run. we're here outside frederick county courthouse. we went through new court documents that we obtained and we have new information on one of the men accused in this case. 19-year-old gonzales gu tear. he was arrested april 24 and after a high speed police chase. he was passenger in the car. court documents say he bolted from that car. the officer was able after running after him to get him. that confrontation, that incident led to gonzales
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from that charge then he was up before an ice judge, an immigrations judgment appears the court date was set to discuss his potential deportation stemming from that criminal incident. the ice judge granted him bond, which he posted, and now five months later, he's accused in this rape of an 18-year-old high school peer ice insists all procedures were followed but frederick county sheriff said this incident describe as much larger problem. >> you ask yourself how and why. the reason why is the system is broken. not only the immigration system but the enforcement and the back side where people have to wait so long for court dates and immigration court. bonds are set and the courts know these people will not appear in court -- or immigration court to face deportation. i think the solution is more immigration judges speedier
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more expeditious court dates, appearances and for these people not to be released but to be kept in jail until they appear in court and are removed from the country. >> reporter: and frederick county sheriff. both suspects were known ms 13 gang members, once ice encounters an alien, custody determinations are made on a case-by-case basis. after a review of the alien's case. end quote. coming from an ice spokesperson. ice says an immigration judge likely granted gonzales's bond because he had no prior criminal convictions and the judge did not consider him a flight risk. tisha lewis, fox 5 local news. now to a developing story an 83-year-old patient had a forrestville nursing home said
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her. it it happened earlier this week while she was in bed. paul wagner is live with the story. >> reporter: prince george's county police say they were called out here to this facility in forrestville twice since sunday. both incidents allege that a male staffer had done something that was inappropriate in regards to changing the depends diapers of two different patients. now, prince george's county police say the first incident that they recall last sunday did not rise to the level of a criminal investigation. however, the second one did. and the police came out here last night and they began their investigation and they been investigating ever since. the woman making the allegation told her nephew the sexual assault took place some time in the middle of the night, monday into tuesday when a male nurse came into change her depends diaper. she told her nephew she tried to report the
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nothing was done. that's when he says he called the police and they immediately had his aunt taken to hospital for an exam. she's now back in the facility. but the family is looking for another place for her to stay. an tone for the nursing home said the staff takes all allegations of assault seriously. and along with an internal investigation, they also notify the police, and the state agency with oversight of nursing homes. we spoke with the woman's nephew today, who asked that his name not be used or his face be shown. >> she's in shock, very sad. she's doing a lot of crying. it's not eating well. she's distraught. >> reporter: she's ok with staying here >> we're looking to get her into another facility as we're talking now. but at the same time, the staff here, the supervisor say they have suspended some male staff members, so that leaves me to assume
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was who did it. >> reporter: some clarification now, according to the attorney who represents this nursing home, he told me that one male staffer had been suspended and that was for the incident last sunday that did not rise to the level of a criminal investigation. when i asked if a second staffer had also been suspended, he declined to comment. so the police now investigating just one alleged sexual assault here at this facility in forestville. live in prince george's county. paul wagner fox 5 local news. the clean-up continues in puerto rico two days after hurricane maria hit and we learned as many as 70,000 people in one area there are scrambling to evacuate because of a damn that suffered structural damage. maria is blamed for at least 13 deaths in puerto rico, brought high wind, heavy rain and caused massive damage. it also knocked out power to the entire island. officis
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without electricity up to six months. maria continued today as it swept over turks and caicos. the storm is expected to weaken slightly as it heads north. let's get to gwen for the latest as we take a look at our maps, let's have a look at this monster, it is a huge one. currently, officially it's located 150 miles east southeast of the southeastern portion of the bahamas. maximum sustained winds at 125 miles an hour, and its movement is to the north northwest but only at about nine miles an hour and it is expected to continue that way right through until saturday. now, tropical storm warnings are in effect for turks and caicos, the southern eastern portions of the bahamas and central, and as it continues to make its move to the north northwest it will be expected by saturday night to take more of a northerly turn, we've got hurricane force winds extended 60 miles and
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storm force winds extending 160 miles, turks and caicos can expect to see 20 inches of rainfall while puerto rico up to about 40 inch wills life-threatening swells, surge and mud slides. as well as maria's path, it is going to stay a category 3 until sunday when it becomes a category 2 but it will have blocking patterns, ridge of high pressure out to see and another ridge of high pressure just over the midatlantic coastal area. that's going to protect us as starts to move its way more to the north and heads up towards the coastal area. but it still does bear watching, no question. by wednesday, the storm system will at least have weakened to a category 1 but we'll watch it closely because we certainly know we've had our fair share of threats as far as the u.s. coast is concerned. more later and our seven-day forecast. back to you. more insults and threats being exchanged today between the united states and north korea. yesterday, n
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kim jong-un said pyongyang is consider considering whether to test a high denver bomb in the ocean. of if that happens, it would be an unprecedented act of aggression, but the diplomat, susan thorton would not say how the united states will respond. a deif he can't tore is speaking out and said the united states should be more careful in how it is dealing with kim. >> he's very dangerous. very dangerous >> yes. >> reporter: why >> very dangerous, he's smarter and stronger than you think. >> kim has said he will never give up his nuclear weapons program, saying having nuclear weapons will provide security for his country. new tonight, gop senator john mccain said he will in the back the latest gop effort to peephole obama. senator mccain released statement i cannot support the graham cassidy proposal. i believe we could do better working together.
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republicans and democrats, and have not yet really tried. mccain's announcement makes it likely that republicans will not be able to repeal and replace the affordable care act before september 30th, they need 50 votes to pass the legislation, senator rand paul has said he opposes the bill, susan collins is leaning against it and several other key senators including senator lisa murkowski remain on the fence about the proposal. . we're following new developments in a swine flu outbreak at the charles county fair >> a young girl is in the hospital. we'll tell you what you need to know to keep your family safe >> the national museum of african-american history and culture is celebrating a big milestone. we'll tell you how you can be involved. if you got an idea for a story call us, the phone number for the fox 5 tip line 202-895-3000, you can e-mail to
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♪ ♪. we're learning more about a swine flu outbreak at the charles county fair. a fox 5 viewer sent us a tip saying her 8-year-old daughter was one of the people tested positive for swine flu after interacting with some pigs at the fair. marina marraco is in our newsroom tonight with the latest developments. marina >> that 8-year-old girl is still at children's hospital in the district. her mother said her test results came back yesterday and they confirm she has swine flu. the maryland department of health tells fox 5 there are now ten confirmed cases of swine flu following human interactions with the pigs at the charles county fair. this is a picture of the little girl, we're told she's benefiting the illness in the hospital since tuesday, originally maryland's health department report nod one was seriously ill or taken to the hospital. they say the swine flu outbreak is now contained. we did speak to the mother minutes ago at the hospital. here's what she said. >> it's horrible. because when she went to the fair, we were so excited, and we
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we went, she was running through the park and really happy. then everything went downhill by monday >> now, as a precaution, all swine exhibits are suspended at upcoming fares in st. mary's as well as calvert county. we'll have more tonight and reaction from health officials at 8:00 on fox 5 plus >> that's scary to think that little bit of interaction. mayor bowser is off and run >> announced her plans to run for a second term as mayor, it is unclear who she may face in a democratic primary but one name that often comes up is former mayor vincent gray, mayor bowser beat gray in 2014. of there is speculation we could see a rematch. >> this will be my sixth election. my sixth campaign. and i've been challenged in every one of them. i start out every campaign putting together great team, and a great plan and all 8 ward strategy and will be p
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for anybody who decides to run >> councilman gray has not decided if he will run but has said he does not think she should be reelected if he runs for mayor. this weekend marks the one-year anniversary of the opening of the national museum of african-american history of culture in district. in addition to the normal tours and exhibits, the museum is hosting a two-day outdoor celebration running from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. saturday. if you head down, you can participate. includes entertainment from the blue high school marching band, a west african dance company and ew a go go band. the museum, by the way, still one of the hottest tickets in town, more than 3 million people visited in the past year. tickets are hard to come by. you have to go online, get a time pass, i checked they're not releasing any more since january, they're done for the rest of this year. good luck. the way the is over, apple's new iphone 5 is officially on
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apple fans lined up outside over the apple store in georgetown this morning, the iphone 8 and the 8 plus phone look similar to the last three generations of iphones, biggest difference? this one has had a glass back, which allows for wireless charging. the lack of major upgrades prompted early criticism of the phone, preorders for the iphone 10, another phone that's coming out, start on october 27th, and the phone will go on sale november 3rd. >> i'll wait for the iphone 12 >> the 8 just came out and they're accepting orders for the 10. >> the 10 is a special one, they don't do a 9. it's the x. it's a family friendly event happening at capitol one arena >> and our brody logan is there. brody? >> reporter: shawn, yeah, so a little bit earlier today, it was a centennial fan arena celebrating the hundred years of the nfl and before
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the biggest moment takes place here at the capitol one arena, special hockey players got a surprise from probably the cap's best player, we'll show you that in a little bit.
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fox 5 is there with the excitement. brody? >> reporter: shawn, yes, the excitement has subsided a little bit. everyone had to get inside for the capitols preseason game, so people were a little more interested in that, i do want to show you what's been going on and what will be going on tomorrow, they've pack up the stanley cup. people there was a long line, you can get a picture with the cup now again as jim lokay mentioned and we mentioned many times, if your team does not want a cup, do not
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of if you're a capitols fan come down take a picture with it's don't touch it. down on this end, there's an area with a lot of fan memorabilia, capitols memories of memorabilia. you can walk through there, there's items that are cool. you can take a vr ice surfacing race, which when i think about it. ice surf rate is the slowest thing i can think of. not exactly an exciting vr experience i'll take their word for it. this area where i am, this became a street hockey arena, i want to show it to you. you hear it there. the kid is excited. a group of american special hockey association, 50 players with developmental disabilities and they were surprised by alex ovechkin coming out to play with them. he tended goal, they took shots against the grade a,
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meet with the kids about 50 kids and then some other bystanders came over to take pictures with him. actually, alex ovechkin said he does this every year, this is the first year it was his idea he wanted to do something different and surprise the youngsters, they were exhilarated to see him and he said it's about sharing the smiles and fun come in contact back out, shawn and tony, i wanted to say, one thing, alex overmentioned those kids were pretty physical, they were laying hits on him. they were not taking it easy just because he had a game to play a little later tonight. >> cool, what an opportunity to hang and play with him. that's great >> fun, once in a lifetime experience. all right, what is it? what's the temperature? 80 >> 80. >> what's today? september 22'nd >> and it is the official first day of fall. >> thas
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weather to talk about. >> don't mind it at all. >> i think mother nature is rewinding things a little bit. few clouds out there. take a look at that little haze cloud mass. i want to tell you that is actually some clouds as a result of jose as it sits outside the, just off the coast in kind of continues to keep us just letting us know that it's still around. let's put it that way. temperature-wise, shawn is absolutely right. it is warm in the 80's, let's take a look at our neighborhood, 79 at dulles, 77 at baltimore, annapolis at 79, 81 at fredericksberg and take a look at hagerstown. 86 and we've got 88 at cumberland, definitely a reversal and for this evening, here's a look at your planner, by 9:00, it will be 76, 74 by the 11:00 with partly cloudy skies. overall not bad but here's a look what i'm talking about with jose, we're seeing the clouds still reaching all the way across the -- the dc area, but up a
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through parts of new england and take a look here, you can see a different story, they're seeing some of that wet weather, the rain and causing beach erosion along the area. so still kind of hanging around, but it is officially the first day of fall and for this weekend, 87 degrees with sunshine on your saturday. and we're serving up a nice day on sunday. it gets warmer, take a look. 90 degrees. unbelievable nor this time of year. we'll take it while we can because we know when it changes it will be a pretty abrupt one. in meantime, as i said, jose still kind of spinning up there. not doing a whole lot. and it will actually the national hurricane center has said that they're giving their last advisory on that system. as far as maria is concerned, a different story, this is still a very strong category 3 hurricane. take a look. it's just east southeast of the bahamas. but 115 miles, but it is a massive storm system. of and let's take a look at the track because it's not until we get into the next couple of days or so in the
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week before it starts to lose its intensity and becoming a category 2 and by wednesday a category 1. watching the cone of uncertainty as it gets closer to the coastal area. ridge of high pressure out to see. another one to the area to the northeast and that will block it a little bit. it isn't going to be able to come too close but it will cause an awful lot of dangerous surf, beach erosion and gusty winds. ridge of high pressure means we'll have a nice weekend. it will be warm into the 80's and 90's, not bad. here ap look at your planner, if you're heading out midday about 82. 87 by 5:00 hour. let's take a look at the fox 5 accu-weather seven-day forecast for you. we're serving up pretty nice weather here on the weather buffer if any. things looking good. once we get to the later part of the week, maybe thursday, i can't rule out maybe a passing shower or two. of we got a frontal system to deal with. of cold front but we'll see how that works out. once
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good for us, as far as the u.s. coast is concerned, you know those storms are unpredict ible. we still have to keep an eye out. they are toys and games many may remember playing with ace kids >> which one was your favorite, tony perkins >> not that one. >> all right. maybe the pes, the candy dispensers. find out which one could end up in the toy hall of fame.
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classics are bee considered, the board game's risk and clue. the magic eight ball. my little pony.
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transformers, the card game uno and the pez candy dispenser. two or three toys will make final cut and will be inducted in november >> did you have a favorite >> not of those. i always wanted a barbie dream house when i was a child. my parents never bought one. >> i liked gi joe and captain action >> i never heard of that i'll have to google that. >> i was never a kid >> 5at630 is next.
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so go, know, and take control of your health. it could save your life. cigna. together, all the way. john mccain announced he would vote no and as you can see if the rundown this is the big story. john mccain said, quote, i cannot in good conscious vote for the partisan mesh because he shalls a better can be reached by having both parties work together, right now, republicans control the senate 52-48. he is not the only gop senator to oppose the graham cassidy bill. rand paul said he would oppose, su susan collins is leaning against it >>


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