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tv   Fox 5 News 630  FOX  September 22, 2017 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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so go, know, and take control of your health. it could save your life. cigna. together, all the way. john mccain announced he would vote no and as you can see if the rundown this is the big story. john mccain said, quote, i cannot in good conscious vote for the partisan mesh because he shalls a better can be reached by having both parties work together, right now, republicans control the senate 52-48. he is not the only gop senator to oppose the graham cassidy bill. rand paul said he would oppose, su susan collins is leaning against it >>
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breaking vote. mike pence was in new york at the u.n., came back to dc to try to do -- at this point, i think the question is what happens next? it's where dave from axios and this came down about 2:30 and really a stunning move that happened we at least have insight going into before the votes. how this may fall. >> so this is the second time john mccain done this, you are not there was a vote on the floor few weeks ago and john mccain shocked his colleagues by voting against the proposal on the floor at that time. came up with a new plan and now vote again. is the deciding no - >> let me ask you, it's also not clear where alaska senator lisa murkowski would stand on this or some of those other gop senators on the fence. do you think that we will see them, john mccain said he basically against the, the way this was handled, not necessarily against
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and replacing just the way the went through, what do you think we're going to end up with some of these other senators. >> what they're hoping is they don't have to make a decision. but there's now three people who it's pretty clear they would vote against it. so mitch mcconnell may just pull the vote and say fine, we don't have the votes we're not going to do it. but this is a very difficult vote to make for a few senators, who were maybe on the more moderate end of the spectrum and who states would be losing fund fog this bill came through for healthcare. and so what they're thinking is let's just put it to a thought. let's not have to vote on this. but lisa murkowski, she would have been had a very difficult time voting yes, the last time this plan doesn't look great for alaska and she probably would have been, the others, you know. >> would have come down 50, 51-49, now mccain is in the no column. >> i have to tell when you you're familiar
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and relations, you know, john mccain and lindsay graham are very close, they're putting up a proposal that john mccain was all a slam dunk. of you realize sometimes policy transcend friendships >> you would think these, this proposal doesn't have much in it that would make people vote no last time vote yes, except the friendship factor, which john mccain and lindsay graham an lot thought that a would be enough to get it over the top. incredibly close, they released joint statements all the time. you can't really have a much closer relationship between colleagues, but that wasn't enough for mccain to change sides and vote yes >> the democrats if you praise on john mccain for this decision, we heard a little bit about what the vice president had to say, what else are you hearing, how is the white house reacting tonight? >> president trump will not be very happy about this. he has tweeted multiple times this week saying he's all in on graham cassidy,
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going to get repeal and replace done. and now, it looks dead at the moment. and you'll remember, because of some procedural situations, they have to pass something by, september 30th or start from scratch and at this point it looks very difficult to get something through, president trump will have to move on. >> we appreciate you stopping in tonight. i'm sure you'll be watching like we will that event tonight, president trump in alabama on a campaign event and i'm sure john mccain's name will come up more than once. >> happy fall day. >> thanks for having me. the trump administration meantime fresh north korea with a new rounds of economic sanctioning after kim jong-un country is threatening to test a new bomb in the pacific >> he called the north korean leader a mad man who doesn't mind starving or killing his own people. fox's car line shively said president trump
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down. >> reporter: he laid into north korea's leader tweet kim jong-un of north korea who is obviously a mad man who doesn't mind starving or killing his people will be tested like never before. that actually pales in par son to the earlier take-down of the president when he called mr. trump a gangster fond of playing with fire in a statement read on state-run tv. >> a is scared dog were baremarks ks louder. >> they may hess a hydrogen bomb >> the strongest ever hydrogen bomb might be conducted in the pacific. >> if they decided to conduct the hydrogen bomb test with an intercontinental ballistic missile in the pacific, these kinds of actions cannot be tolerated. >> while kim said nuclear weapons are for the secuty
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rex tillerson says there's a darker motive >> they desire to use said tools to intimidate and coerce their neighbors and destabilize their region >> it's believed that it could hit the mainly u.s. and in hawaii, officials are telling residents to prepare for it like they would a hurricane or tsunami me. fox news. . mayor bowser today said she is ready to lead the city for mor years. the question that a lot of people are asking is, could we see a rehatch >> we all know she beat vincent gray in 2014 and as matt ackland tells us, gray, is he considering a come back? >> reporter: it really isn't a big surprise that mayor bowser is running for reelection, she made the announcement today saying the city's best days are
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her about this. >> we've been able to do the things we promised we would do, deliver a fresh start to the city. we see more confidence in the work we're doing from the people of the district of columbia. our city is doing incredibly well and we really have a plan to deal with the challenge that we still face. the big question everyone seems to be asking is there we have a rematch of the last mayoral primary election? will former mayor vincent gray enter the race? we talked to him today, he said he hasn't decide yet but if he does, he thinks he can win. >> reporter: do you think she should be reelected >> well, i'm sure she thinks she should be reelected. the question you probably getting to is what am i going to do, i suspect and i have not made a decision on that. >> reporter: my question is do you think she should be reelected >> if i run i would probably think otherwise but i have not made the decision to do that yet,
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hasn't made a decision whether or not he'll run for mayor again and doesn't know when he might make that decision. he did say every day across the city, he is asked to run by residents. at the wilson building, matt ackland, fox 5 local news. another big story, hurricane maria, the storm brushed past turks and caicos regaining winds of 125 miles an hour, tacit veer ongoing open atlantic. got news on a means no threat to the united states, puerto rico of the island remains without powerful and most towns are under water and two are confirmed dead. airlines are expected to resume flights in and out of the u.s. territory as soon as today. it is day four in the search for survivors in mexico city following tuesday's major earthquake. american crews are on the scene there helping with recovery efforts. officials say
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been rescued so far but the death toll continues to rise. last check, 273 people were confirmed dead. it is the first day of fall around here. but obviously a lot of focus on some of the effects elsewhere. >> gwen what can we expect in the tropics out there >> really active out there, the good thing is jose is really not doing a whole lot in terms of us. it's just giving us clouds but maria bears watching. a huge category 3 hurricane moving to the east southeast located -- east southeast of the bahamas moving to the north northwest, it will take a northerly turn by saturday but it isn't going to start to weaken until the next couple of days or so, winds 125 maximum sustained moving at nine miles an hour to the north northwest and by saturday, more of a northerly turn, sunday, finally gets to a category 2. but the cone of uncertainty a ri
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keep it quite a bit away from the coastal area, fingers crossed on that that it doesn't change, we always know that things can become uncertain, we really still have to watch it. in meantime at home. spectacular weather, first official day of fall, feels like summer. by tomorrow at midday, 82. plenty of sunshine. 69 by 8:00, you'll be waking up to nice weather and the entire weekend is fabulous. these are actually not the right temperatures, because it's actually going to be 90 on sunday. here's a look at what we're expecting. 87 on saturday, 90 on sunday, heating it up. we do very well across the board into the week. feels more like summer than like fall. can't rule out by the time we get to thursday, maybe a little bit of a sprinkle. we got a frontal system to keep an eye on. and once again, keeping an eye on maria. back to you. >> thank you, gwen. the white house tackling and growing epidemic across the country, we'll talk about that when 5at630 comes right back.
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welcome back to 5at630. as the opioid crisis law enforcement trying to stop the problem at the source >> president trump declared it a national emergency and is waging war against it. the administration is created a commission on combatting the drug addiction and opioid crisis itself. we'll take closer look tonight. john dombrowski joins us. there's a whole bunch of plans, most recently, dc councilman david grasso introduced a plan where he thought it would be a good idea to sort of have all the people come to one place and shoot up because it would keep them safe. what's your take on that? >> we're always worried about patient safety, i'm not sure we should be encouraging drug use, even in a legal way, let's get you treatmented counting, take care of your depression, addiction, outside of giving your narcotics i
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way and there's implants you can use for patient that is can help with the addiction, it's not like a methadone treatment program that has been around since the 70, real care versus the quick fix >> did all these focus on doctors who may overprescribe, those aggressive prescriptions, cvs came out and said if you have a new prescription it will be a seven-day refill to start with then they move on from there. how important is it for these pharmacies to be a partner in the whole opioid crisis? >> it's incredibly important. physicians, patients families, we all need to be on the same team. and again, the choke point might be that prescription and who fills the prescription, which is the pharmacist. there's a lot of patients who need the medication and might need a bigger supply. more importantly we don't want get people stuck on these medications of 30-day re-phillies for a simple hernia repair. if you need
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medication, give me call >> i had knee surgery a number of years ago and the doctor gave he a lengthy supply of oxi-contin, but it was one of those things where i really don't need all of this >> then you're left with what am i going to do with the medication and the pills could be stolen from you, so having a short supply might be not a bad way to go initially >> a city was talking about limit for narcan, three uses and after that, you don't get anymore, if police emergency professionals have to use it three times to bring you back. what do you think about limiting >> that's sad. again, these patients, they're having, trouble with drugs and addiction, so i'm going to say three strikes and you're out? the fourth time you could die and we can never have patients die >> that's not good prevention measures >> a lot of patients will say i'm going to be rescue no matter what. here's an opportunity for the community to get involved. if you continue to have
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trouble because i have to keep saving you need inpatient treatment or you need to go to this facility for practice to get you back on the straight and narrow versus me rescuing you with the narcan >> in many cases we have all these police departments, and there are schools that are talking about stocking narcan and again, it's a life safer, but i think the -- there are a lot of people that say, is that enabling people long-term if you have that safety net >> i can understand that from policy perspective, can use no matter someone going to save me. obviously, we don't want anyone to die and the patient is always the first and foremost but when these people need help. if i come at you twice and you still keep using i want the state to interfere 15 and say you need to go to a treatment program, drug court. we're going to mandate you get an inplant, methadone treatment program. there's a lot of possibilities out there. we just got to get them in the right place to get the care. >> seems like there's a lot of different plans out
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are best and work together >> these patients and the families matter so much and children, that's schools, unfortunately these kids use the medication to kind of escape and it's so sad we need to at least have this conversation. >> absolutely. >> dr. john dombrowski, good to see you again >> happy fall to you. >> you bet, thank you. >> stay with us. >> 5at630 coming right back.
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right here, thanks for coming in >> i'm delighted to be here >> we know so much about your history here in washington, dc, these are different times we're living in in washington, dc >> definitely are. yes >> what is the difference in the social he scene, general mood you've perceived >> washington was only about 4% of the people in washington vote ford donald trump. and so i think that normally there's back and forth between the sort of washington community and the people who are in the administration. and i don't think that that is happened this time around. and so i think that you will see occasionally trump people embassy parties, because that's part of their job, is to ambassadors, and at the trump
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milano, which is a hang-out they like. but i have not seen any sort of private mingling with the washington community and the trump community. i said to somebody that would you need a really serious blender to try to put the two together. then you wouldn't get a smoothy out of it >> is that the biggest difference that you've noticed? you've been here many years and you looked from administration is to administration. whether it's a republican or democrat. do you think it's this particular administration >> it's happened gradually. jimmy carter was not a going out president george bush senior was, and a lot in the other administrations have been. the obamas didn't go out at all. in fact, i don't know anyone's house they went to in eight years >> i tried to get them to come to my house >>
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some insiders, they were not part of the washington social scene but there were a lot of people in their administration who were and i think in this case, it just isn't happening. at least right now. and you know, i think also, because there's just been so much hostility and anger between the democrats and republicans and white house and the press. it's just been -- it's been a sort of rang russ -- kind of a poisonous atmosphere >> we could be remiss, you're here to talk about your new book, finding magic. this is a different tone from you, and you talk really about -- about your spiritual journey, what inspired you >> i was asked to write it after i started a religion website in the "washington post" as an atheist and i started it because i felt we weren't covering religion the way we should because i think religion is a huge important topic and
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certainly in our, the national politics and foreign policy. and so i was asked to write a book about my, you know, my experience as an atheist running a religion website because none of my friends could believe it and certainly my husband was dumbfounded, my husband was ben bradley the editor of the post. so i started -- i signed a contract but then ben got dementia, and i really spent the last two years after i signed the contract taking care of him before he died, which was all it will be three years next month. and so, the book just changed, because i ultimately didn't really want to write a book about the website. what i wanted to write a book about is the spiritual experience that i had over my life, how i became an atheist, how i was an atheist when i started the website and how i decided
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atheist. i really took that book to heart act religion of one's own, because i do have my own faith and religion, and it's more spiritual. >> sally quinn thanks so much for coming in. >> we just had the information about the book signing on the screen. can we pull it up one more time? again you can meet sally quinn. at the riply center is it the smithsonian. >> happy fall to you. >> she's been saying that all day. day.
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we shall not.
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we shall. howard university today at former fbi director james comey tried to deliver a conversation speech at the historically black college. protesters were yelling raising their fist and shouting no justice, no peace, comey stood silently more than 15 minutes, the protesters said they're with a group called hu resist, protesting what they perceive as comey's views on state sanctionses against minors. milania trump -- kids from local boys and girls clubs and the national park service joined in helping mrs. trump plant a vegetable garden on the south lawn, the garden is part of the former administration's push to promote healthy eating and in that garden they've got cabbage, coldly flower, turn-ups, carots, spinach and lettuce >> she talked with kids and i never thought i'd
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trump in plaid. >> hopefully they will use that at the white house. >> happy fall.
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announcer: today on "tmz" -- harvey: i'll teach you how you know when you're rich. floyd mayweather -- >> what is the first thing you bought when you beat conor? >> i didn't even touch that money. >> how much are wtalking about? >> probably over $600 million. >> you know how easy it is to cash a check the days? you get on your phone and take a picture of it. >> not $600 million. >> the kardashians, they were leaving the ice skating rink. >> how is everythingt the dash store? everything ok. >> the first time she went to cashier at gunpoint and then came back with a knife. >> they're standing there. >> leave the camera. >> they don't want to lose their jobs.


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