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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  September 22, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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after petting pigs at a county fair. >> and plus new details about one of the men accused of kidnapping and raping a teenage girl. why he was almost deported this spring. >> plus, is d.c. ready for a disastrous storm? and hear from the local woman who was bitten by a poisonous snake after walking into a restaurant. your news starts now. >> we begin with a "fox5" exclusive. we're hearing from maryland parents that say their young daughter tested positive for swine after petting pigs at the charles county fair. >> 8-year-old is one of ten swine flu cases and only person that ended up in hospital. "fox5" evan lambert is live in northwest with the story. evan. >> shawn, tony, she says parents may want to keep their kid away from these kind of exhibits. her daughters kennedy has a very
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doctors and the family are hoping she improves in the coming days. >> this past weekend a waldorf family was having time of their lives at the charles county fair. and-year-old kennedy spent two days saturday and sunday p petting pigs at a livestock exhibit. now days later she is in the hospital with a high fevr and case of swine flu. according to what doctors told her mom, sher are ehle taylor. >> taylor says kennedy has a condition that makes it harder for immune system to work and she's gone to the fair before and pet pigs and never gotten sick. >> you just never think it will happen to you what's happening to our daughter. and it's all kind of disheartening you expect to take your daughter to these kinds of family functions and be safe. then again you find out you're not. >> ard coulding to maryland department of health five pigs at the fair tested positive for influenza a. swine flu in pigs
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as of wednesday charles county health department says 7 people became infected after contact with the pigs and none were hospitalized. now the state says that number is up to ten and kennedy appears to be in the worst condition. in email to "fox5" the fair board said they emphasize hand washing and have signs posted throughout the exhibit. condition di's parents say she washed her hands and her sxeernts is enough forte lor's family to stay away from pig stalls from now on. >> we thought we was in the best place possible be. this is annual thing they do. it was sad. it's scary. i would not pet the animals i would look and keep going. >> and maryland department of agriculture says those pigs are inspected before human contact is allowed and they say it's possible the pigs had the flu and did not show symptoms until sunday. at this point they believe this outbreak is contained and but as a precaution they're not going to allow pigs
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at the st. mary's or calvert county fairs upcoming. live in northwest, evan lambert. "fox5 local news". >> new details tonight about one of three men is accused of kidnapping, raping and assaulting a teen age girl in mash mar and the group ambushed the 18-year-old victim in frederick on september 1. victor gonzalez gutierrez and edward cheeks hernandez are charged in connection with the case and third suspect remains on the run. today we obtained court documents that show gonzalez ambiguity air he's was arrested following a police chase. he faced deportation and the judge granted him bond. all procedures were followed and not everyone agrees with that. >> you ask yourself how and why. the reason why is the system is broken, not only immigration system but enforcement and backside where people have to wait so long for court dates and immigration court and bonds are set and the courts know these people will not appear
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in court or immigration court face deportation. >> ice says immigration judge granted bond because gonzalez gutierrez did not have criminal con vicks and was not considered a flight risk. >> a prince george county nursing home staffer is accused of sexually assaulting an elderly patient the 83-year-old alleged victim told police a staff member at forestville health and rehab center sexually assaulted her monday night and says he came into her room to change her adult diaper and assaulted her and the woman told her nev knew and he called police and the nephew didn't want to be identified on camera and told us his family wants to make sure his aunt is safe. >> what we're looking to get her into another facility as we're talking now and at the same time the staff here supervisor said they have suspended some male staff members. so that leads me to assume they know exactly who it was who did it. >> prince george county police say they were actually
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in the past week. the other incident did not warrant a criminal investigation but an employee was suspended. >> still developing tonight the race against time in mexico searchers are desperately trying to find any survivors buried under rubble of several building that collapsed after tuesday powerful earthquake. quake is to blame tonight for 298 deaths and authorities fear that death toll will go even higher. more than half the people who died were in mexico city and a 7 story building and school are among the many building that collapsed with the quake hit. relatives of those miss ring still holding out hope their loved ones will be found al alive. >> in caribbean tonight recovery efforts continue following hurricane maria. 7 members of maryland task force one are headed to purt rk owe they left dover air force this evening and will face incredible conditions when they arrive. emergency crews are trying to evacuate tens of thousands of people who live here a failing
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people is difficult right now because more than half the towns on the island have no form of communication. as we continue to follow all the def sdaix station cause bid havrny and irma we're asking is the capital ready how awe super storm in our area could paralyze the government and jeopardize national security. what could be at stake. >> in the case of major hurricane making land fall near virginia beach storm surge would be pushed up the chesapeake to po toe make. reagan national and bowling air force base and for the mcnair could take on massive flooding as the water makes its way in the national mall would be in jeopardy. lalau from engineering explanation. >> the flooding would continue where the levy is and
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washington monument and it could get to the call and actually get all the way to backyards of the almost white house the part of the levy that crosses 17th street has to be manually put in place if a storm is approaching and it's roughly ten feet above street-level and 19 above sea level and if we were to see extreme surge excess of 1 to 16 feet the water would loop around essentially leaving washington monument on an island. >> depends if you are going clockwise around the washington monument that's how it would build up. the levy will stop this and the water was so high it would come from the other side. compare legal to south capitol and going to the mall not far from capitol. >> the other major threat is severe rainfall. if a storm parked over d.c. like harvey did over houston
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overwhelmed and city lowest lying areas would be in danger and experts say federal triangle home to a number of government agencies could become ground zero. >> i don't know there's been comprehensive modeling done and that's one of the issues we need to be working towards and core of engineers has study planned for the area and having that kind of comprehensive look. we know from the 2006 rainfall event that we flooded federal triangle area. so archive build ingd and irs. >> large parts of metro and underground infrastructure could be compromised as well. we're talking potentially billions of dollars in damage. >> i think what needs to be done is more studies to characterize it better and understand it better. lauren demarco "fox5 local news". >> d.c. mayor muriel bowser made it official. today she announced her plans to run for a second term as mayor. and it's unclear who she might face in democratic prime aarry and one name that comes up is former mayor vincent gray. bowser
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2014 than is speculation though we could sea a rematch. this will with be my sixth election, campaign and i've been challenged in every one of them. i start out every campaign putting together a great team and great plan and strategy course illman gray doesn't know if he'll run again but he doesn't think bowser will be reelected if he runs for mayor. >> coming up next how the national museum of african-american history and culture plans to celebrate a big milestone. >> and a mistake that a -- a snake bit a woman three times in a restaurant. we'll hear from her about what happened. >> plus this is the picture that was supposed to appear in a history textbook. wait until you see what was published instead. >> and president trump went off about a variety of issues during rally tonight from healthcare
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protest to north korea. jim lokay is breaking it all down tonight on the phoneal five at 11
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night to norm fall museum exist they're holing a two day outdoor celebration. you can be involve. runs from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. saturday and 11:30 to 7 sunday and including entertainment from blue high school marching band step africa and eu. the famous go go band earlier tonight we spoke with "washington post" art and architecture critic to get his take. >> as a city being i quibble here and there. details. but the fact that the viing tores have been come and fact when you go in there there's really a feeling of visiting something sacred when you're there. they're on their washington best behavior now. >> approximately
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million have visit the museum in the first year. >> gop senatormccain says he will not back the latest gop effort to appeal obamacare. senator mccain released a statementsation i cannot in good conscious vote for grand cassidy proposal. we can do better republicans and democrats that not yet really tried. mccain's announcement makes it likely republicans won't be able to repeal and replace obamacare before september 0 and need 50 votes to pass the legislation and ran paul said he opposed bill and senator susan collins says she's leaning against it and several other key senators including gop senator lisa markoski remain on the fence. >> new tonight a fred fredericksburg woman is still recovering more tan a week after a copper head snake bit her inside a long horn steak house khxt is what rachel's foot
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the bike. according to virginia boy son center copper heads are one of three poisonous snakes in the commonwealth and also the most common. the bite caused some of the worst pain she's ever felt. what felt look a bee sting little more than that nothing crazy so i went to brush off my foot and keep walking and next step i took was whole different thing. just absolutely excruciating amount of pain and i yelled out the family thought i had fall ebb. i reached over to grab my foot and dropped my phone and dropped my wallet and touched my foot and that's when i felt it moving under my fingers the bite itself and then first time we tried to put weight on it were probably two times it was the worst. i've had two kids. having kids was nothing in comparison
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i had a spinal tap when about 15 to test foremen git is i would say it felt pretty similar to the spinal tap itself. >> pain must have been excruciating. she spent five days in the hospital receiving anti venom and could take three months for her to recover from the side effects. he is focused on recover and hasn't decide philadelphia she want to take action against the restaurant. this was highly unusual and we are working with facilities to see how it may have occurred and taking steps to prevent it from happening again. >> an honest mistake from little girl in d.c. turned into a dream come true for her. her name is certainty william she juan aid hamster. she wrote a let to what she thought was pet co. but the letter was mailed to pepco powder company instead of dismissing the heat her pepco responded by giving the girl a hamster. >> how awesome is that
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gevrp a new pet at pepco headquarters in northwest d.c. as well as cage and other supplies for her new pet. that is super cute. >> we mentioned there's a lot going on in the d.c. area this weekend and so certainly i guess the warmer temperatures i don't know will be good, b bad, what's the deal? >> they'll be good. very, very warm. we're headed to the 90s and depend physical people are you know ready for that or. >> stay hydrate sdmd will it be humid. >> not too bad. >> that makes it better then. >> a lot of people are like come on fall we're ready bring it on. everybody has been getting the pumpkin latte and all that stuff late thely. you know what it's here. we'll embrace it while it's here. we know how quickly things exchange don't we. here's a look at outside for you right now. not bad. we have a few clouds. some of those clouds moving in as a result of jose believe it or notff
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74 dedreez right now. waindz calm with cloudy skies. 67 fredericksburg to south. we have 63 for winchester and baltimore double 66 and 72 annapolis and 64 leonardtown. overall not bad. pretty comfortable out there actually. here's a look what is happening as i mentioned with the clouds. right here moving in from the coast we're saying high cloud. jose is not doing much not going anywhere too far and producing rainfall for areas of new england northeast. we are at least only seeing some of those clouds. today was first official day of fall and as we move to weekend this not like fall it's like summer. summer rewind. 7 for saturday. sunny and warm and 90 by the time we get to sunday. unbelievable. but take a look at maria monster storm affecting areas of tropics and still category three
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until next 24 to 48 hours or so moving the way north. in the meantime for tonight bahamas getting hit with it tropical storm warnings are issued for turks and okay kos and bahamas. cope of unsrnty still needs to be watched. we could see this moving either way east or west at any point in time. obviously as far as coast is concerned for us we want to keep our eyes on it ridge of high pleasure to atlantic. another one here northwest. we're watching this because it will keep moving north. it makes it slow done a little as well. we're talking beach erosion, gusty winds vrtion dangerous sure. affecting the coast allege area. rim of high pressure jet stream north and continuing to make its way through. so by midday tomorrow nice four sunshine and 82 if you plan on heading out a
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sunshine across the board. temperatures hanging into 80s later part of the week and coming down relatively speaking to 75 by next wee weekend. could she a pop your shower when we get to thursday period. because of cold front coming through and watch that closely for you. we'll keep a close eye on maria. shawn. >> thank you, gwen. >> well, saudi arabian government is pulling a textbook fromselves from schools is. >> because of error found in this picture. >> oh, my goodness that's yoda. >> how did this get in the book come on. this is blatant. >> i can't believe that's in there. >> this is saudi king phasele siping un chartner 19 45 obviously sitting next to him is jedi master yoda. turns out picture is from an artist that puts pop culture figures into historical photos. there's a real photo of this signing that does not have yoda in it.
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book. >> how much you want to bet somebody didn't pay attention and stuck it in there. >> several people would have to not pay attention. >> yeah. >> all right. >> up n a major league ball players falls for one of the oldest tricks in the book. >> we saw one right there. >> we'll be right back.
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>> with nats rounding third to playoffs we need to talk about the seasonp strasburg is putting together. since come back from injury he's been stowic. he has a 5-1 record in his eight starts and striking out over 11 batters per nine inning anesthesia era is not even microscopic submicroscopic 0.72 goodness stay healthy for the postseason. please. >> someone who hopefully won't be pitching edwin jackson and nats and queens taking on the mets.
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for but jackson gave them something to hit. second inning no score. traveler darno. solo shot nats trail 1-0 they lead this game 6-1. we won't show that because it doesn't matter. darno just kept hitting them out of the park. second of game. jackson six earned runs in over four innings and nats lose 7-6. i know tony. >> today some youth hockey players got a special surprise when alex ovechkin crashed hockey game outside the arena. he surprised kids from the asha gives players with developmental disabilities a chance to play the sport they love. >> if you have a chance to help somebody especially kids you know you have to. weav
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we try to give them smile on face. >> a couple guys try to hit me. >> you have to get physical it's hockey sdm here's something that never works until it does. yankees blue jays. jose batista makes a nice catch. throwing the ball back to estrada and waiting for the foot yep tags him out. old hidden ball trick. foot off the bag. look. you fell for it oh, my goodness doug frazier you fool. >> is that legal. >> yeah watch. >> fakes it and here comes foot slides off and tag. >> oh, >> double play. >> the oldest flick book. >> and crazier. >> that's great. >> can't believe it. >> wow that's great. >> he might have been furious. >> are you kidding me this is not little leagu
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>> it worked though. >> jim lokay is up next with the final five. >> have a great weekend, everybody
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>> let's go to the final five. did john mccain block the next and last chance of repeal and replace. president heads to alabama to stump for big luther versus mad man. insults keep flowing with north core owe asending support to puerto rico and d.c. mayor is pushing for four more years and second night in a row i'm drinking coffee 11:30 at night. let's get started with final five. up first healthcare. it's looking like yet again senator mccain may be one credited for blocking repeal of obamacare. mccain came out and said he cannot in good conscious vote for gram cassidy bill. he thinks the bill would do better


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