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tv   The Final 5  FOX  September 22, 2017 11:30pm-12:00am EDT

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>> let's go to the final five. did john mccain block the next and last chance of repeal and replace. president heads to alabama to stump for big luther versus mad man. insults keep flowing with north core owe asending support to puerto rico and d.c. mayor is pushing for four more years and second night in a row i'm drinking coffee 11:30 at night. let's get started with final five. up first healthcare. it's looking like yet again senator mccain may be one credited for blocking repeal of obamacare. mccain came out and said he cannot in good conscious vote for gram cassidy bill. he thinks the bill would do better
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on health kane care. >> let's give you clarity here. decision mccain made had nothing to do it seems with cop tent of bill but the fact there was no debate or little debate and fact lindsay gram said there would be no push for some sort of bipartisan attempt and mccain is second tron say he's opposed to legislation and bgop needs 50 votes. here's what the president said tonight. >> and then time goes buy and voted and then of course john mccain came in and went thumbs down 3:00 in the morning and everybody i know so much coye tell you. it was sad. it was horrible thing that happened to the republican party. >> lasts time gop senators three voted no on skinny repeal bill. even with mccain
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repeal and replace because john mccain was all about repeal and replace repeal and replace. so he decided to do something different. and that's fine. and i say we still have a chance to -- we'll do it eventually. >> and time is running out for gop to repeal and replace. and senate can pass the bill 50 votes under budget reconciliation and after september 30 needs 60 votes. >> let's track president trump tonight and talk why he was speaking in alabama and here to stump for luther strange or big luther as the president calls him because it makes sense the guy is 6' 9". strange is running in special election to fill the senate seat he received interim appointments and now filling rest of term. that runoff is next week and president says he's campaign are for strange because of how senator reaengted when president called to ask for vote on healthcare. >> now i call luther strange and
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this guy and he's a no. right. and i say senator i need your help. i heed i got to get your vote on healthcare and he serksd you got it. >> despite support pour from strange if strange losses primary he'll back other gop candidate roy moore and tonight the president brought up own election. >> and by the way folks just in case you are curious no russia did not help me okay russia i call it the russian hoax. >> he may call is a hoax but tonight we're learning federal government determined 21 states had voting system targeted by hackers believed to be russian agents. hackers wept after voter registration in different states including maryland and virginia this happened in september ahead of the election. >> president mentioned
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opponent hillary clinton and listen to what he said after the crowd started that chant which seems to be standard n now, lock her up. >> you got to speak to jeff sessions about that. >> okay so what do you mean by that. >> the president also told crowd if they lost election he would consider moving to alabama. >> let's talk about nuclear nraet north korea. remember yesterday the president signed executive order allowing treasury to get off anyone who does business tractor-trailer north. north korean state media responded with more name calling. >> trump is unfit to hold prerogative of of supreme xhapd of country and is not a politician but rogue and gangster fopd of playing with fire. >> by the way the story behind that woman is absolutely fascinating she's in early 70s and long time news anchor in north korea and they bring her back for special announcements like the one today. that comes after
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called president doddard. merriam webster said searches are high it means senile and he a mad man that doesn't mind staffing or killing his people will be tested like never before and he spoke about kim jong-un call him mad man and then took we remember rocket man we took it a step further tonight. >> little rocket man we'll do it because we really have no choice. >> we really have no choice. now he's talking about a massive weapon sxhoding oaf the ocean pacific ocean which causes tremendous tremendous call lambty where the plume goes so goes cancer and so goes
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want to tell you something and i'm sure he's listening because he watches every word and i guarantee you one thing he's watching us like he never watched anybody before. >> president also said little little rocket man should have been handled years ago. >> let focus on u.s. territory of purt remember owe families trying to rebuild lives of aftermath of hurricane maria. it was category five when it slammed into puerto rico. much of the island could be without power for months. pentagon that opened up san one for military supplies in u.s. virgin islands air force were on the ground to survey damage to airports. the extent ever the destruction not completely known. >> i think it will be many days before we have a good picture on the whole scope of this. the fist thing we start with is sem services. like i said hospitals klineics some of the
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buildings because they need that in order to continue to manage response. so i can not say exactly how long with will take. it will be weeks before we know full scope. >> tonight the president spoke about victims of maria, irma and harvey and pledged continued support from the u.s. >> when one part of america hurts we all hurt. we grieve overall that's been lost but we're also inspired by the incredible streming strength and spirit and resilience of our people. together we will recover, rebuild and return bigger, betser, stronger than ever before it will happen and it will happen quickly. >> so when you talk about trying to get ought thal legislation underway the chair of house weighs and means committee is working to give temporary tax relief to victim of the hurricane and easing requirements for property losses
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draw on retirement funds without a penalty. >> there's big news not unexpected but starts whole dodge know effect. d.c. mayor becauseer said she's ready to lead the city four more years. she's ready to run again sdm this is my sixth election and sixth campaign and i've been challenged in every one of them. soy start out every campaign putting together a great team and plan and all eight ward strategy and we'll be prepared for anybody who decides to return. >> the question is who will challenge the mayor. could we see a rematch with council member gray. matt ackland caught one gray and listen to what he said. >> do you think she should be reelected. i'm sure she thinks she should be reelected and the question you probably get into what will i do. i have not made a decision on that. >> my question do you
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>> i would think otherwise. >> allegations were all wrong doing during 2010 cam pane and u.s. attorney never charged gay and dropped case. democratic primary for d.c. mayoral race is set for june of next year. up next final five are politics a dating deal breaker author of article called your refusal to date conservatives is one reason we have donald trump. join me next he'll explain
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>> so they say you should never talk about religion and politics. one was unavoidable. in the world of romance is it a deal breaker. >> i think it would have that effect.
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>> i would be fwin it personally. >> i don't think i politics factors. >> yeah, sure, of course. >> especially in d.c. >> how long you have been married for. >> 51 years. >> no 50 years. >> 50 years. >> how much do you ever have political discussions or arguments. >> all the time every day. >> when you're dating you always want to make sure you are on time and need to call the people when they ask to you call them. he otherwise something may happen that's my advised you have to be on time. that's wise advice. my guest has thought
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issue. your refusal to date conservatives is one reason we have donald trump. jarrett is here it talk about it. >> good to have you in here tonight. let's explain how it came about. it started with okay coup pid. >> it's a popular dating app online. users have a way of knowing where a person stand on thesh u. it's part of larger trend we see over multi-generational trend over several decades where people are choosing to socialize, marry and liver next to people like them in many ways.
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this last election cycle for sure you hear the screams on people from both sides. it's pal orizeing. >> social issues are really polarizeing they triing he erie motional response. >> when you say social are you talking about abortion or. >> planned parenthood, abortion, immigration. these things challenge core aspects of identity. so they trigger a visoral response we see evidence of this avenue day. we'll put a lincoln our social media channels. tell me about the he reaction. i can imagine this rule like that.
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i think it's been uncharitable reading of what i was saying. people tend to not sdm it was like i didn't get far. >> that works on all sides of the spectrum. >> and i was making no n normative or claims about abortion or planned parenthood i was saying that this sort of social segregation is not inherently good or bad. interests things to consider. >> there's a reaction sometimes when you talk about primarily single women that are liberal. some are on vehicle of cultural crisis. maybe single women don't see a need to be married or have children and some construe that as
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>> i understand this is reaction. particularly on women on issues of women's health. you see across the country states i understand the reaction you're seeing because these services are becoming fewer and further between. there's states midwest and south you have to travel cross the entire state. >> i love when i meet people let the rest come later. i almost feel like it works out better that way. you get to know the person for who they are and judge on your personal connection with them as opposed to going well they're republican forget about it they're democrat forget about it. >> it's getting to know people personally when politics
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lack ability to empathize. you can't understand and it creates this very huge divide between people. >> all right. >> good to you have in ton tonight. >> thanks for coming in. >> we're back without him but with brody
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sxw i had ultra boots on. >> you tried to shame me. >> it didn't work. >> somebody offered to buy them >> isn't that great. >> so first things first little convergence of politics and sports tonight in alabama when president trump remains unemployment
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these sort of anthem protests tag a knee during the national anthem. >> wouldn't you love to see nfl owners when somebody disrespects flag and say get that sop of a [bleep] off the field right now out he's fired fired. >> technically colin capper neck was fired. >> he doesn't have a job that i know of. >> here's the thing. >> i this i mentioned this. often we're told stick to sports. it's hard to to sports when the president won't unstoyk sports. >> by the way i was shocked -- i shouldn't say shocked i was surprised we [bleep] ed the president of the united states. when is the late time we [bleep] the president of the united states. >> a
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we spoke is my guess. >> i feel like he was very profane. >> you're guessing you didn't know him personally. >> we know nixon was. >> presence kushlinged fans to leave the stadium if they see a player kneeling, kneeling during the anthem is hurting the game the number one reason it's down is because people like watching him instead. >> he said ratings are down because of flags being flown by hits. >> he said referees are trying to impress their wives. >> i don't know about that core correlations. >> when we talk about donald trump and colin kaepernick it was not on the campaign trail but at a rally they won't touch colin kaepernick because they don't want a tweet from the president. >> i don't think that's really why. >> no. >> it's bigger fire it would cause. >>
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quarter sglak yeah. i saw he had the fifth lowest interception rate of all quarterbacks of all time with the amount of team he played. >> he was not great his last season. >> right, right. >> but he led a team to the super pole. >> he did yet mrik glebon is starting for chicago bears. >> started week one. >> colts. >> let's move on. >> we'll -- we're done sports anthony scarmoci was white house director for only two weeks. he was on the view today. >> america's favorite sport. >> view? >> another surprise guest showed you though. >> i love you thank you sit down. sit down. >> you love trump. >> sit done i don't love -- look at this guy my
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ganger. wasn't that the name of the movie ted cruz was watching. >> comedian mario cantone made that appearances on the view today and again you have to give him credit. poking fun at himself. he's a guy that knows how to work the media a bit. he was tapped to be communications director but too many late night phone calls to the new yorkers. >> i give him credit for milking 5 second of fame everything it's fantastic an a skill. you know, i be moan sean spicer no take it you have the moment grab it and run with it. >> we have to talk about candidate running for mayor of new orleans. >> now charged with lude conduct for allegedly fondling himself during uber ride in california. he is due in court next month two days after mayoral primary in new orleans and by the
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we pointed this out in the newsroom he's heir to bouncy counseling fortune. >> but they disavowed them sales of that. >> gee i wonder why. >> i wonder why. >> it's because he loves taking care of himself. >> sdm it's a pun in the newsroom. say it on tv. >> i know you like it encourage people when we say uber to tip i'm not sure if this is what you're talking about. >> become wack after this on the final five [ engines revving ]
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>> the president was in alabama pushing for own candidate. sound asleep opponent in next week's runoff moore. moore was removed once and resigned again as alabama chief justice for openly throughouting the law she was supposed to upheld. he's on his way to get a senate seat. has part of the swamp president trumpp vowed to a victory could mean the president occasion is unsettled which brings us to hudd secretary ben carson he endorsed moore. he said he campaign for moore if he won and he was aware mez of his team were doing so. they hinted some may be in need of a new job around the road. he used his phrase "you're fired" in the oval office we don't know if he was serious or not.
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president trump. we're back monday night and morning crew 7 a.m. make it a great weekend. we'll see i down the road on monday.
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announcer: today on "tmz" -- harvey: i'll teach you how you know when you're rich. floyd mayweather -- >> what is the first thing you bought when you beat conor? >> i didn't even touch that money. >> how much are wtalking about? >> probably over $600 million. >> you know how easy it is to cash a check the days? you get on your phone and take a picture of it. >> not $600 million. >> the kardashians, they were leaving the ice skating rink. >> how is everythingt the dash store? everything ok. >> the first time she went to cashier at gunpoint and then came back with a knife. >> they're standing there. >> leave the camera. >> they don't want to lose their jobs. >> if


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