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tv   Fox 5 Morning News Sunday  FOX  September 24, 2017 7:00am-7:30am EDT

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sthoets sthoets this is fox 5 news morning. a deadly tragedy police search for answers after a child is struck and killed in virginia. will the nfl stand for president trump's criticism or take a knee? we'll have the details on the president's marks plus what dc mayor muriel bowser saying about this. we'll be taking a look at mexico, another earthquake retailing the country leading to new deaths and more damage. welcome to fox 5 news morning on sunday, september 24th, 2017. thank you for starting your day and your week with us, we'll begin right now with a live look outside. there you go. capitol this
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unseasonably warm september morning. boy, we just finished with summer. doesn't seem like summer wants to go away. >> i think temperatures got pretty highest and i think gary got good news for us today. it's not always an abrupt end to summer. sometimes it trickles over into what we call fall i'm just saying. >> annie, good point, we managed up to officially yesterday, 89 degrees outside of it was nice the humidity wasn't a problem. so it wasn't too terribly uncomfortable and if you were out yesterday and into the evening hour, it was so great, 67 degrees right now, here in town, we're not seeing quite the cool temperatures this morning, that we saw yesterday morning, but still in some spots, winchester, down to 54. manassas 56. here in town, we're 67 and over in annapolis much like yesterday, temperatures in the lower
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at 61, we broaden this out a little bit. you still get a sense of how mild it is across the try east coast, new york city is at 69. boston, 63. and again, way out there in chicago, it is 71. so we're still sitting under this big area of high pressure and that will keep us nice but more heat and humidity today and i think instead of being the upper 80's area-wide, we'll end up being around 90 or so and then i really believe by later on today, you're going to add a couple of degrees in terms of the feels like temperature, we're not talking anything progressive, but it's hot, a little bit humid late this afternoon and this is going to continue, this is not going to go away today. so if you like this stuff, annie yu talking to you, you end up loving this forecast, the next couple days. maria looks like it will get close enough
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to have a little impact. put finally when are we going to start to feel a little fall in the air so all that to look forward to in just a minutes. guys? . >> thank you so much time 7:02. we begin with heartbreaking news out of virginia, a three-year-old was struck and killed by a car >> police are searching for answers and trying to figure out what went wrong, tisha lewis is live in alexandria this morning with the latest. tisha what can you tell us about this. >> reporter: a heartbreaking story, it happened lasted night about quarter to 5:00 here in this area in alexandria, by presidential greens apartment community near mountain vernon on the 3900 block a three-year-old boy was apparent walking with his family and moments later, he was struck by the driver of an suv, a chevy suv, police say the driver did
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large police response as you might imagine, to this incident. this accident, this tragedy, neighbors and residents in the area, obviously, were out during the time that this incident occurred and police believe that there were likely several witnesses who may have saw what happened or to the left saw the immediate after manual, the young boy was pronounced dead on the scene. police are still trying to piece together exactly what went wrong, here's what one resident had to say. >> i was going that way on my bicycle and turned around and i'm tried to find out what was going on. they were running out of the buildings, you know, when they heard it. a couple people was sitting on the steps and they actually saw what had happened. it's like hurting -- it's really done something to me when i found out that it was a child
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involved. >> reporter: and again, a resident recalling just the moments after this accident. now, there's still a lot of unanswered questions here, even this morning. like what exactly caused this accident? we do know again that the driver stayed on the scene but we don't know what caused this accident. we do know that we're still awaiting some type of identity for the driver and also, the family, now, it's unclear at this moment if the driver will face any charges, again, this is all very, very new, police are just starting their investigation, just to recap, we know that we have a young three-year-old boy who was struck and killed in this alexandria neighborhood and the questions concerning the incident are just beginning. tisha lewis fox 5 local news. time 7:05. developing, maryland's state
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their hands, a driver spotted human remains in an embankment along i 695 in anne arundel county. they do not know how the person died. they tell us an autopsy is being conducted and at this point, foul play has not been ruled out. tension continue to brew between the united states and north korea, north korea's foreign minister rebuked president trump's remarks u.s. put on a forceful display near the north korean border, we're getting the latest from fox's brian llenas. >> reporter: tensions rising at the united nations president trump's vowel to totally destroy >> a personal like trump a
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mentally deranged person to person who is chastised even by american people as commander in grief, lying king, president evil is holding the seat of the u.s. president. >> reporter: foreign minister made his own threat saying his threats make as rocket launch towards the u.s. mainly unevidentible. the intention comes on the heels of the u.s. flexing its maryland might early saturday when it flew bombers near the demilitary rised zone >> the state department has said from the beginning we're willing to negotiate. every time the north koreans negotiated. grandfather, kim jong-un's father, what they've used negotiations for, elizabeth, is buy time. >> reporter: in pyongyang, a massive rally was held againsted united states, tens of thousands of people turning out to listen to speeches by various
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officials. in an effort to halt north korea's nuclear program, china announced it will limit energy supplies to north korea and stop buying textiles. at the united nations brian llenas. just hired foreign minister of north korea speak and if he echos thoughts of little rocket man, they won't be around much longer. ♪ ♪. a big talker, the nfl getting set for a full schedule of games today, but it's president's trump remark and about remarks about the players >> where he called on nfl players who refused to stand for the national anthem called them quote, sobes and said they would lose their job >> wouldn't you love to see one of these n
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somebody disrespects our flag to say get that son of a bitch off the filed field now, he's fired. now they've responded to trump this morning, good el writing it's an unfortunate lack of respect for the nfl and the great game and all players and failure to understand the overwhelming force for good our clubs and players represent in our communities >> a few moments ago, the president sent out another tweet, this just happened, it reads, if nfl fans refuse to go to games until players stop disrespecting our flag and country, you will see change take place fast. fire or suspense. >> the president also criticized one of the biggest stars in the nba >> he unleash add twitter ramp aimed at star players stephon
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curry was hesitant accepting an invitation to the white house >> for this it's considered a great honor. therefore, invitation is withdrawn. last night, curry and warriors respond to the criticism. >> it's kind of beneath i think a leader of a country to go that route. it's not what leaders do >> there was a respect for the office, and also a respect not only from us, but from the president himself >> it's for going every player who take a knee a son of a -- like what? we're talking what? that don't even make sense to me. >> labron james fired back at the president on twitter while backing the warriors with this response, you sten
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great honor until you showed up. in the meantime dc mayor muriel bowser says, the warriors may not be welcome at the white house they are definitely welcome to the capitol. she extended an invitation to the warriors saturday to visit dc tweeting out that the city happy to show the team ways to celebrate equality, diversity and inclusion, what we call dc values. many of you have also taken to twitter now to express how you feel about the issue. using the #take a knee. here's a look at some of the tweets. quote, what a great idea, pass it on, #take a knee. another one says, i am a veteran and i support my sea hawks, take a knee. of >> some of the other ones, one tweet said i'll never watch another nfl game or purchase nfl merchandise. another #take knee for equality justice and your own conscious this is what our flag stands for. we'd love to hear
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reaction, there's a lot of reaction on this. and i believe it's going to go on for quite some time. tweet us at fox 5 dc. mexico, nerves shaken in the country after two more strong earthquakes rattled the country saturday. first was a magnitude of 6.1 in the morning hour, and it was battered by an 8.1 quake earlier this month, by 7:00 p.m. our time, the second quake hit with a 4.5 magnitude. toppled homes, a highway bridge, residents many in pjes ran into the buildings. >> we're going to have breakfast and drink coffee. what was grabbed our animals too. the country still coming to grips
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several other strong tropical storm mores that hit earlier this month. now to puerto rico, and recovery efforts currently underway from hurricane maria, authorities are rushing to evacuate tens of thousands of people living near failing damn. but alerting people has become the biggest challenge more than half of the towns on the island have no communication. about 15 inches of rain fell after hurricane maria devastated the island on wednesday. that has put pressure on the damnth it could give at any time. now, as mexico recovers from those powerful and deadly earthquakes, the country is facing another headache. one of the busiest border crossings in the united states is closed right now as construction continues on a major expansion project. that border between san diego andty wanya will remain closed through noon monday. expansion is one of the largest take place right now along the u.s. and mexico border. still ahead, the nfl will
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as the cries of take a knee continue. >> we'll have the latest. details on trump remarks, president's remarks, the dc mayor has to say about this. stay with us. with us.
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7:16 on sunday morning, we thank you for sticking with us. you must be enjoying this. >> i thought that's where you were going with this >> it's fantastic outside >> i'm going to pumpkin farm today. >> it's going to hot. >> please, we're not complaining. >> there you go. i know some of
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for fall weather. i get i but we're going to have this few more days but i still have something for everyone i believe on the seven-day forecast if you'll stick around for a couple of minutes. george is out there. hasn't changed much from yest yesterday. >> i'm your hype woman. >> have you ever had somebody behind you all the time it's good thing. i don't even know if what that mean, dulles at 62, culpeper is 55, some spots out there, downright chilly here in town, not so much, gorgeous day again dark we'll still see high clouds but nothing more than that, 82 at 11 a.m. look how hot we get, upper 80's to low 90's out there. 87 degrees or so by 2:00 p.m., between 2:00 and 5:00, we'll probably just touch 90 in the city, some of you will never make 90 but others of you might get up to 91 or so before it's all said and done, see
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clouds down here in north carolina. we'll high pressure protecting us. kind of going in the midsection up and around, a bill old ridge of high pressure. this is hurricane maria. good thing it's weakened a little bit. it does look like as it gets closer to the outer banks it will get close enough to the outerer banks to affect them with potentially tropical storm force wind, a lot of rough surf along the beach, arrive surf all up and down the coast, pulling away from the bahamas, a movement is north at nine miles per hour, pressure come up just a little bit. the wind come down, so just under major strength category 3 category, a high end category 2, here's the forecast, not changed much, looks like it will continue to weaken so that offshore north carolina, pretty close to the
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won't get hurricane force winds, maybe gusts in the middle part of the week but definitely tropical storm force winds, it will make a big right turn and get out. high pressure still in control. jet stream way up in the canada, 80's and even 90's out there later this afternoon, i think we're going to touch 90. it's a little bit more humid, winds will be out of the northeast at five to seven miles per hour, but other than that, mostly sunny and gorgeous, watch where we watch the clouds coming up for maria, by monday or tuesday, we'll have the canopy clouds north, a lot of high clouds tuesday, there may be a sprinkle or two, but at this point, not a bad thing. are you headed to the game? no problem. fair dry, a little humid out there at kickoff, 8:30, fedex temperature upper '70s to around 80. will drop down into the 70's, there you go, annie be a little bit of
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and for you for the next couple of days and by next weekend, fall-like weather as temperatures will be in lower 70's let's hopefully wave bye-bye to maria this week. >> and all her pains, thanks, gary. president trump lashing out at john mccain and others. >> he bashed mccain, who says he will not support the republican's newest effort to repeal and replace obama during his campaign rally friday. the president released a series of tweets we've been talking about these, you say that criticize mccain and points to the failure of the current system, allison barber has more >> a spokesperson for majority leader mitch mcconnell told fox news mcconnell intended to consider the graham cassidy bill this week but that was before senator mccain said he wouldn't be supporting it. here's secretary tom price >> the promise of the majority in congress
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senate was to repeal and replace. the reason it's not dead is because it's not finished. the bill hasn't been completed. we continue to work with the authors on it through this weekend and it will be likely rolled out next week >> republicans can't afford to lose more than two republicans and mccain is the second to publicly say he will not support. rand paul is not on board. and maine senator susan collins is very much on the fence. the white house is trying to get her off of it. >> this is our last best chance before the september 30th deadline to get this bill done. it comes down to four senators as you mentioned senator paul, mccain, murkowski and collins are the ones we are trying to convince to get two of the final four votes in order to apple obamacare >> we haven't written off votes. >> democrats are praising senator mccain, another moment of courage for a man who spent
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prisoner of war in vietnam >> thank you, john mccain. and john mccain has a conscious and i wish very much that the rest of the republican leadership had that conscious as well. >> republicans hope to pass healthcare legislation by the end of september in part because they could pass the bill with a simple majority 50 yeses instead of 60, i'm ellison barber fox news. we've been reporting on the opioid crisis in america >> now one of the largest pharmacies in this country, cvs is taking a stand >> it's limiting opioid prescriptions to just seven days, now, this change in policy is the first time a major pharmacy tried to address the crisis by limiting prescriptions. the move is getting high marks from experts. >> i don't think anything is too
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little, too late. we got a national crisis right now that has to be addressed at multiple levels. >> the statistics about opioid abuse are sobering the cdc estimating 2 million are hooked on painkillers, the agency said in 2015, 33,000 died from drug overdoses. >> hopefully that's a big step in the right correction. on fox 5 news morning, get ready to stretch out. get your downward dog in gear. >> go, guys >> today, is the last day to take part in metro dc yoga week, but after the break, we'll tell you where you can catch some sunday meditation within the district. relax and go to sleep? >> exhale >> wake up.
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nibble arlington county are about to find it much easier to get around crystal city >> it's a difficult place to bike or walk it's because of the roads and overpasses but soon they will begin the demolition of the south clark street roadway between 12 and and 20th, that will begin shortly part of a $6.6 million project that will create a lot more pedestrian space and more development space down in crystal city. this work we're told is supposed to be completed by
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2019 >> before you know it you'll be able to get around. happening in the district meanwhile, dc metro yoga week, that is rapping up, the week long event is giving people here in the dmv area a chance to expand or start the yoga experience reduce cost. metro yoga dc practice ends with hundreds of people on the mall today starting at 10:00 >> you ever done that >> i'm not much of a yoga, too hyped up to relax >> maybe that's why you need it. >> more coming up. redskins game time up next.
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ralph northam: i'm ralph northam, candidate for governor and i sponsored this ad narrator: ed gillespie says dr. ralph northam doesn't show up?
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and a volunteer medical director at a children's hospice. he passed the virginia law requiring concussion standards for school sports. the smoking ban in restaurants. and dr. northam is working to connect veterans to good paying jobs in virginia. ed gillespie is a washington dc corporate lobbyist. he shows up for whoever pays him.
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redskins coming off the first win of the season, >> for us to get to the playoffs, win super bowls we have to take the pressure off the quarterback >> pressure was taken off the shoulders of the quarterback >> i kind of have this little man syndrome, i go out there and always want to prove myself. >> inside 20 >> tonight, little chris thompson and the redskins look to prove themselves in prime time against the radars. >> guy number 52 looks pretty good. you know, ka leal mac is a game changer >> my gosh.


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