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tv   Fox 5 News on the Hill  FOX  September 24, 2017 8:30am-9:00am EDT

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bill appears to be dead. after senator john mccain said he wouldn't support the latest gram cassidy bill but the gop not giving up >> that's allotment we'll have all of that, but we'll start with probably what you and your friends have been talking about. the president's controversial remarks directed not at north korea but the nfl. those comments blowing up social media over past 24 hours. president lamp blasting the national football league. this is how he put it. wouldn't you love to see one of these nfl owners, when somebody disrespects our flag, to say get that son of a -- off the field right now? out, he's fired. fired. wouldn't you love it? >> not long ago, the president tweeted more on this, reads if nfl fans refuse to go to games until players
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disrespecting the flag and country you will see change takes place fast. fire and suspend. nfl commissioner roger goodell responded afterwards issuing his own statement, divisive comments like these demonstrate an unfortunate lack of respect for the nfl. our great game and all our players nfl you understand the overwhelming force for good, our clubs and players represent in our communities >> president trump seemed to have taken aim towards basketball players too. he disinvited the nba champions from the traditional white house visit because of their star player steven curry's public opposition to him >> it's beneath a leader of a country to go that route. it's not what leaders do. >> while he was saying that, cleveland's super star labron james fired at the president on twitter backing the warriors, there'
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labron calling the president you bum. that's a lot of sports for a sunday morning on a politics show. they're coming together in ways that a lot of people probably wouldn't have expected lately and joining us here, we wanted to bring him in because you have been met so much to people and talking about football. politics merged into his ken harvey co host of redskins game time on fox 5 and a former redskins star himself. real quick. your viewpoint of this when you first heard what the president said. >> i've been thinking about it. one of the things i'm looking at is you got a president who's saying one thing, he's saying, these guys if they're disrespecting the country throw him out and i'm looking at him well your job as president is to be a certain way. you have a role and image and a model you're supposed to keep and uphold, by your own words maybe you should be thrown out because just what you said you're disrespecting the country by your actions. of you're talking to the world like a
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the president. we have an image and a look that we want our president to be and to be respected >> let me ask you, you're diving in take a preong political stance as an athlete, is this a conversation you want to be having? a lot of people say i want my sports to be sports my politics to be politics. of that doesn't feel like it is possible anymore >> sports is a game you want to be entertaining and have fun but it is an opportunity to make some statements. it stays in that area and people go to the water coolers talk about it you have is a conversation but when you get to the point where it starts reaching to the high level of the president. we have so many bigger problems in the world, that if you're going to take this game and make it a highlight tape, make it an apprentice show, it's something totally different. we got to talk about north korea >> we will. i wa t
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goes, an oakland a player, labron james, curry, a lot of nfl player, seems like this is throwing gasoline on a fire that you want to put out if you're the president. the president know when is he tweets about this it's going to increase this kind of activity. what do you expect to see today when the players take the field? do you expect to see more or less of this >> i don't know if you would -- i think every player has their own individual feelings about it. it's hard to say what you're going to go see. i think it's throwing fuel on the fire. like i said, as a president, you know, this is the apprentice show. i almost have to turn off the radio and stop listening to tv. >> he used the line, you're fired. >> and you look at it and you say, come on, there's so much more, we got hurricanes, floods. so many other issues >> guess what? we got to get to those. >> i'm done. get out of here, ken. thank you guys. >> we thank you so much? ken harvey for joining us, this morning, we're got bring you
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don't think we're done with this any time soon. mayor muriel bowser, mayor of dc, she said the golden state warriors might not be welcome to the white house but they're welcome in dc. saturday to visit the city here in dc and show them what she calls ways to celebrate equality, diversity and inclusion. and what she said are dc values. moving to healthcare now, the republican effort to repeal and replace obamacare not looking good. this comes as senator john mccain said he won't back the latest gop effort to repeal obamacare because he thinks republicans and democrats can come up with something better. he released a statement that said i cannot in good conscious vote for the graham cassidy proposal, i believe we can do better working together, republicans and democrats and have not yet really tried. can't back doubt without knowing impact on insurance coverage and premiums. >> the president tweeteday
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voting for this bill. wish his governor campaign for repeal and replace let arizona don't, lawmakers have until next saturday to get the bill through the house and senate. mccain's announcement makes it likely the republicans will not be able to repeal and replace before september 30th and joining to his break down the impact of the senator's no vote, susan wood, professor of georgia washington university and hales mayor senior research at the hales foundation. is this dead? is it dead again. >> pretty close, we can't see definitely for another day or two. >> it's like a zombie, it just keep coming back. >> it's definitely like a zombie, hopefully it gets knocked down. we don't know until the senate decides whether to move forward. >> you say hopefully it gets knocked down. certainly there's a lot of criticism. there's a lot of criticism of the bill. both sides of the aisle. but there's also a lot of criticism of obamacare. what happens next? clearly it's not
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this introduction of a medicare fraud bill >> that's the thing that's very worrying. look. the problem here is that, yes, obamacare extended coverage to some people who did not previously have coverage. what it's been doing. . wait a second. what it's been doing and this is what's driving the opposition, totally wrecking the market for people who had coverage particularly in the individual market. people who are self-employed. premiums are double, tripling, they get nothing out of obamacare, no subsidies, these are the people who came out and they're the ones behind the repeal and replace that the republicans ran on and also the ones that turned the democrats into had a minority part. that's what's so interesting about the politics of this is the democrats have yet to come around to see we got to do something to help >> i would disagree on many of those things, first of all, the affordable care act provided main people with affordable coverage. that was the whole
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there are things that can be approved, that's what the bipartisan group are starting to work a the. how do you stabilize some markets and insure it's affordable. but the repeal and replace, there's never been a strong good proposal that would actually expand coverage and keep it affordable. which is, you have to admit. millions, not just a few. millions have gained insurance over last few year >> i've published the data on the enrollment and figures from the administration, from state insurance regulations, what we found is its enrolled 15 million people, 14 million were just put into medicaid. the other thing we found is that the individual market has now shifted to shrinking. it's not growing anymore. it's shrinking by about 600,000 last year in 2016. before trump took over. and the shrinking among people who don't get subsidies is higher
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that do. here my concern, it's shifting from the insured to insuring insured. >> real quick. susan. both sides steam seem to agree that there are things that need to be fixed with the current system. why have democrats who have opener over obamacare not worked on fixing those things and why do republicans keep coming up with these last minute overnight term papers of legislation that gets thrown together in the last minute and ultimately fail >> i think it's a really important questions and i think the democrats, were they in leadership, which they're not. they won't have control over what's coming to the floor, like the term paper idea as a professor >> i don't know anything about this, it reminded me how they passed it >> that is not true. they had many hearings, discussions, many amendments >> they forced it across the line. >> it was part of them but it was thought through >> this is one of those cases where you're both right, y
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there were hearings and yes, a lot of people did not read it. >> nancy pilosi said to know what's in it. and what's in that piece of agreement, both of you are kind of right. >> thank you both for being with us. obviously, demonstrating the heat of this topic. so we thank both susan, and we will have more politics but we return, excuse me. tom? you go >> north korea iran, we're going to get to all of that as fox 5 news on the hill continue in a moment. stick with us.
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north korea tensions remain high. u.s. military bombers put on a forceful display near the north korean border >> china will be limiting oil supplies under the u.n. sanctions, the commerce industry said in china the north main trading partner will be limiting supplies of refined petroleum products. that will be a problem for north korea, and also, it is going to affect north korean textiles as well. not to be left out of all of this? iran. shut not the shot off in new ballistic deal this week, in device
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it's said to have a medium range of 1200 miles and carrying multiple war heads, it was displayed during a military parade. these are a couple of the big topics the trump administration is dealing with. joining us from the hill, niles standage from the hill and you've had your work cut out. you've been everywhere this week. let's talk about these tweets that the president fired off at north korea. helpful or hurtful? >> certainly pretty high risk strategys at the very least. decided to roll the dice in a nuclear situation, his argument would be that it shows strength. consequences for any misbehavior on the part of north korea. but it's a very high stakes gamble to take. >> for all the things that the president does that surprises us, i got to be honest the nicknaming of calling kim jong-un rocket man. take a listen to this. >> and
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should have been handled a long time ago. should have been handle add long time ago by clinton, i won't mention the republican, why did -- this is a different -- this is a different time. they should have been handled eight years ago, and years ago and honestly, and 15 years ago. and 20 years ago. and 25 years ago. this shouldn't be handled now. but i'm going to handle it because we have to handle it. >> he says republicans >> that went on for 25 years too >> he could have said -- he nicknamed everybody on the campaign trail and you could argue that it worked but this is all speculation, what
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to be the consequence? will it work to start nicknaming or adversary >> they didn't have nuclear weapons, the danger of people striking back is so much higher in this case. now, having said, that you saw the reception of that got when he was referred to as rock man >> there's a concern behind north korea in looking at iran, because if you're iran and you're about to see through the president's words the nuclear deal cancelled, how does that move north korea towards a position of negotiation if they look at the united states having entered into an agreement with rand, good or bad deal then pulling out of the agreement? isn't that telling north korea don't enter in an agreement with the united states because later on the president might change his mind and pull out >> i think it's a great question, tom and a one that a lot of people in the foreign policy worry about. it would be the united states as you know pulling unilaterally out of this deal with
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other partners like european union doesn't agree, therefore it would be the suspension that the u.s. would not hold to the terms of the agreement >> i do understand the argument that many are making about the ability or inabilitied to negotiate with north korea but if iran is testing ballistic missiles, if they're not following the things we would expect them and ask them to follow, they say they have no intention of stopping. i mean, what -- who are we, as the united states, to just sit idly by? it's difficult position to be in. >> the iran situation is a difficult position, one of the difficulties the u.s. faces is none of its other partners argued that iran is out of compliance and that's not just china and russia, it's also germany the u.k. that's the risk. >> what road did
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>> sometimes you got to go down the beltway, sometimes 270. sometimes you get stuck in traffic in places you don't want to be stuck in traffic. which brings us to our next subject. this commute that a lot of people have been putting up with. maryland governor larry hogan things he has an answer, he has a big expansion plan, 270, the barkw parkway, the beltway, robert mccartney from the "washington post" talk about the plan, what's he want to do >> he wants to add four tolled lanes that's two in each direction, to the three most congested highways, the capitol beltway inside maryland, i 270 up to frederick and the baltimore washington parkway >> you know, tom, that all sounds fantastic, this sounds great. he says he can do it without cost to
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way too good to be true before an election. >> well, it is -- it does sound too good to be true. basically he's doing two things, these will be tolled, and tolls could be quite high. we're talking like for a long commute, one estimate already out there's 20 to $40 one way, and also he's going to do it through a public private partnership where he brings in a private company to team up with the government and they will put in a lot of the money up front, so between the tolls and the private involve meant. >> he was iffy as about the purple line now one of the its biggest boosters, why has larry hogan bloomed into maryland's transportation
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>> he wanted to transfer money from transit to roads. so building, adding these roads is completely in line with what he's in favor of and not using tax dollars is in line but what's new is that he's supported the purple line and he's also not come out with a plan to put in a lot more money into metro and into the metro transit system if virginia the district and the feds do the same. that's where the turned around has been on transit >> let me ask you about that. you and i were at that meeting that day with terry mcauliffe, mayor bowser and larry hogan and the three came out not looking that happy because of what governor hogan was saying about how not there on area tax for metro. so how do these things fit together? how do the roads and the purple line and all of this fit together in a way that make sense? because seems like right now, all these different plans don't line up exactly with each other >> they make sense from larry
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hogan's point of view in two way, sort of sympathetic point of view for him, the way he would say is he's about helping people in practical ways, helping them solve their every day problems, that means better more money for transit, that means more money for roads. he relieve traffic congestion and a sort of more cynical view is this is all really good for larry hogan's reelection prospects running for a republican in a heavy's democratic state. this way he can say i'm helping the washington suburbs which in- didn't support him before and he's doing a lot or at least trying or saying he's trying to do a lot for those areas that hadn't supported him before. >> i don't totally get the cynical criticism if it's what everyone needs and is desperate for in this state but at good point and well made with the timing of the election. >> just that it's politically motivated rather than just good government. that would be the cynical part of it. he's just doing it forhe
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>> it's just politics. >> for any reason. >> bob mccartney from the "washington post," we thank you for joining us with your expertise and your concentration on all of this as well. up next, hurricanes we've been talking a lot about these, this season so far they've devastated areas, when we come backing we'll talk with a relief worker who's just gotten back from florida. on the hill continues after this.
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ralph northam: i'm ralph northam, candidate for governor and i sponsored this ad narrator: ed gillespie says dr. ralph northam doesn't show up? dr. ralph northam was an army doctor and a volunteer medical director at a children's hospice. he passed the virginia law requiring concussion standards for school sports. the smoking ban in restaurants. and dr. northam is working to connect veterans to good paying jobs in virginia. ed gillespie is a washington dc corporate lobbyist. he shows up for whoever pays him.
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♪ ♪. ♪ ♪. hurricane maria is an ongoing concern but it is slowly moving north and expected to pass close to the carolina this week. recovery efforts continue in the caribbean. >> in puerto rico powers out on most of the island. crews have been going in, evacuating tens of thousands who live in her a falling damn >> hurricanes devastated to many areas, relief efforts have been in full swing. and with us is shelly with the american red cross and you just got back from florida. how bad is it? >> it's bad. there's pockets and areas where people can't get to. and that's the problem you might have a city like orlando which is fine and miami where the power is back on but you still have counties where we can't even have access, as of friday there were three counties we visited which was still three, fo
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>> when you get on a ground in a situation like this, what's the first thing you look for and what's the first thing you do >> we prepare and we actually work with the eoc, with fema and noa, red cross is not a first responders, we rely on the emergency workers to give us the information. then we take the satellite imagery and then as soon as it's safe for us to go out, we'll hit the hardest hit areas and verify what we see >> what are we looking at >> we were under a tornado warning in our disaster relief operation headquarters. and so we had to go to a hallway tornado was spotted. this is the >> was this >> we were in orlando. orlando was the best place for the relief headquarters just because it was the safety and most inland for the storm, hoping we wouldn't lose commun communication. >> you can take us through more this is the typical damage. florida has the number one mobile home parks out of the rest of the country. t
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large oaks with spanish moss, that was the damage you see, but really this was about the water and not the wind and it's hard to tell damage because of that >> there have been so many, you heard us walk through a handful of the hurricanes and the damage we've seen across country. do you feel you're seeing hurricane fatigue? are people less enthusiastic about helping than they were immediately after harvey when so many people were jumping on board but have people lost interest if you will at this point >> not losing interest but they did make a big donation to harvey, it's matter of reallocating. the red cross is still looking for volunteers, it's an astronomical and that resources are limited >> the federal government made it easier for federal employees to transfer to work temporarily for fema to help in that part. people do want to do things and help and their hea
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to these folks. of is it better to donate physical hard items or do you just want the check? is it better to have the money >> the money is better in essence because the workers on the ground know exactly what the people need. we'll take donations of any kind. but that is the quickest way >> when are you heading back down or next >> i'll be working for a contractor for fema in puerto rico, i just got back friday night with the red cross as a volunteer, i'll take a couple days to recoup, get sleep and head back out >> we certainly want to keep in touch with you and if we have the ability to check in with you while you're there, we'll be happy to do that >> thank you >> thank you for your good work and the work. >> we'll see what happens with healthcare this week, what all eyes will be on and of course, today is football games we'll see how the players react >> keep an eye on the sidelines and see how this unfolds, fox ne s
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is next, thank you for all joining us, we'll see you back here next week. ♪ ♪ ♪. ♪ ♪. ♪ ♪ ♪. ♪ ♪.
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>> i am chris wallace. republican senators at the last chapter to end obamacare. >> if you are bernie believer, this is your worst nightmare, to take money and power out of washington. >> it is a little tougher without john mccain. it was a little tougher, but we have some time. >> chris: we will discuss the 11th hour effort with marc shor marc short, the white house legislative affairs director. then president trump re-ignites a racial controversy, now with black pro athletes including those who kneel during the national anthem. >> even if it is one player, leave the stadium. i guarantee you can't think


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