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tv   Good Day DC  FOX  September 25, 2017 9:00am-11:00am EDT

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straight ahead, the president versus players. president trump calling on the nfl to take stand against players who take a knee. it's controversial comments and crude language may have united the league like never before. but fans are split. this morning we are taking a closer look at anthem protest dough bait and what happens next. breaking overnight, president trump issues a new travel ban. eight countries are on it and not just majority muslim ones. but just like the last one, this one could be a case for the courts. we'll have details in the morning briefing. dc coffee shop subbed to threats after becoming the target of a conservative blogger fosses facebook post. i'm melanie alnwick in dupont circle to explain. >> and later near
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so how long will the extended summer last? tucker has those details coming up. good day at 9a starts now. ♪ >> nothing but sunshine in the loft today. no doubt about it. get your monday off to great start. thanks for being with us a minute past the hour on this monday morning in the nation's capital g day d.c. let's get this thing started on september 25th. let's do it. this morning d.c. mayor muriel bowser joining us live right here in the loft. she's talking to about her invitation to the golden state warriors which helped kick off the national debate over sports, politics and patriotism and merry action bid. >> we have to say happy birthday wisdom martin. because that is his day today and he's enjoying it. that's why he's not here. he's enjoying it in the fullest of fashion. i have no doubt. >> he's so clandestine about
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why not announce it to the wo world. >> you don't know how old wisdom is. >> he's a thousand. clearly. >> i didn't realize it myself. i knew that he was off today. then i got the notification on facebook -- wish your friends happy birthday. i'm like oh, that was my investigative journalism at work there. >> we all know -- >> howl he is. >> the real reason wisdom notice how generous we all are. he didn't want to us spoil him on television he wanted the day to himself. >> that's what it is. we get it buddy. he wants his kids spoiling him. >> 9:02. president trump is all over everywhere everybody is talking about it talking about uniting the national football league in protest. last sunday six players took a knee during the national anthem. yesterday more than 200 others joined in kneeling, raising fists or not even taking the field. the ones that did stand, locked arms. some even joined by team owners. the protests started a year ago with then 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick whoo
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racial inequality but it spread like wildfire after president trump called him out over the weekend. [ applause ] >> wouldn't you love to see one of these nfl owners when somebody disrespects our flag to say, get that son of bleep off the field right now, out, he's fired! [ applause ] >> he's fired! >> president cep those tack on the nfl and players all weekend. tweeting many people booed the players who need yesterday and that this has nothing to do with race. it's about respect for the country. >> it's a controversial topic, of course, and one that has fans split and we have live team coverage. bob barnard is getting the pulse of the people all over the region. we're also going to talk with former redskin aj francis. first steve has more on what happened on the field and after those games. steve. >> we'll give a
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hash tag take a knee. people across the country are joining in the redskins raiders game the last game of the night a lot this developed throughout the day. people knew what they were getting six players from washington took a knee. almost all the oakland team did the same. the rest of the skins stood arm in arm with team own are in dan snyder. josh norman last night had a lot to say after the game. earlier this morning the president chiming in once again with a tweet saying many people as we just mentioned many people booed the players who kneeled yesterday which was a small percentage of the total. these are the fans who demand respect for our flag. let's hear what josh norman had to say after the game yesterday. >> as a man in this country, you know, you have to stand for something. you have to. when the man calls you out like that, supposed to be the president of america, supposed to be, calls you out like that as a group, and more things going on in this world, that's personal. you mess
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you will us all. tell you right now this man is not welcomed here in washington, d.c. he's not. i hope he don't be around when i see him. he's not welcome i respect the office. i respect the troops and america. my family fought in war. like i said before it's not about the flag. it's not. it's not about anything like that. it's not about black and white. it's about what we're being faced with right now. that's being torn down from win the white house. >> strong words the president tweeting this morning he said he watched some of the games commented on the great solidarity of the players and reiterated his belief that owners shouldn't allow players to disrespect the flag. although allison and holly and maureen we heard from a lot of team openers yesterday who se seemed to challenge the president as well. >> it seems contradict itself. >> very much so. >> that it does. >> the message is even getting lost. >> absolutely. >> we talked about, you know, so -- >> before the games, fox nfl sunday host terry
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weighed in with tough talk for the president. let's take listen. >> if our country stands for anything, folks, it's freedom. people died for that freedom. i'm not sure if our president understands those rights. that every american has the right to speak out and also to protest. believe me these athletes do love -- >> terry bradshaw went on to say the president should focus on more serious issues like health care and north korea. before the pittsburgh steelers played the chicago bears head coach mike tomlin announced all of the players would stay in the rock locker room during the national anthem one player was out there. al had he landreau stood at the edge tunnel with his head on his heart. he's a former army ranger but it wasn't just players protesting. singers stevie wonder and former steel magnolia singer meghan lindsey showed their solidarity for pro athletes while taking a knee during the
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at the global citizen festival. stevie wonder says he isn't a football star or basketball player or anything but he's woke and that's why he join the protest. >> like we said fans are divided over the intersection of ports and politics and athletes on field protests. bob barnard is covering that reaction in arlington outside bob and edith's diner. bob, i can imagine emotions are ranging just as much there as they are everywhere. >> reporter: absolutely. people have a differing bit of opinion. i'll tell was we moved from arlington have a have now in downtown d.c. we're at the lincoln waffle shop on te tenth street northwest and we've got a few people we under viewed on tape pamela and ky are visiting from texas ky, tell me you have thoughts on what you saw yesterday the display and reaction to go what the president had said. >> you know, the display is our rights to basically say and feel what we feel. um, you had asked me earlier about president trump and his
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comments. it's hard for me to -- i'd say accept calling all those men out as he did. that's not right. some of the things that they are doing i don't think are completely right. but we all have rights to do and say what we feel. but i hope everybody gets it together and we enjoy live. we're in great country and i guess -- >> thank you ky. >> you're welcome. >> thank you very much. guys we've been here for bit now this morning after being in arlington, virginia. sampled some other opinions here at the diner. >> before the game i was actually impressed with how the players stood up for what they believed in and the freedoms and their rights and so i had no problems with what they were doing. >> i think they have every right to do that. i don't think the president should open his mouth and get into it. it's america. it's a free country. >> it's not the place. they got lot of money. they can be putting that money
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they want it. don't disrespect my flag. >> i think it's absurd. i think the president the things that he said is ridiculous, and i'm glad that everyone took a stance yesterday for what they believe in, and, y, that's all i have to say. >> everyone has a right to their own expression whatever they want to do. i think, you know, personally i admire those who respect the flag and who admire the country and my father was world war ii vet and i'll always stand. that's my opinion. >> reporter: well, there you go, guys. just a sampling of what people think about what happened yesterday and the president's comments on friday. this was not a big issue. it is now, guys. >> continues to be because as you see we're talking -- while the sound was playing, just everyone says your opinion is valid. as long as you agree
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>> right. >> that's what we're at with this whole issue. we said this earlier. it's sad the original intent of this has now been blown up to where people's patriotism is questioned. >> right. if they kneel or they do something other than stand and have their hand over their are a. it's sad to see where discourse has gone in this country. >> change the issue multiple times from the original under at the present time of this goes back a lot farther than january. >> oh yeah. >> to what appears to be the white house trying to patriotism or and players who are now basically doing someone did to did to protest police brutality ton pro testify the white house. don't think for second it's not a giant smoke screen from the president as well. >> absolutely. >> you're not talking about the other issues like losing your health care or getting tax reform passed which has to be done bite end of this week. >> i think we have an unable to listen to each other. you can argue whatever it is your protesting or standing or sitting for but people who don't agree with you nobody sits down to listen to each other to
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may be coming from a different point of view that's not the same as yours. sometimes it's okay to diss g grow. >> right. >> and lining maureen said, civility is just out the window. >> that's why if you are watching a football game, which america does on sunday, and on monday and on thursday, and you see this movement coming into your living room, maybe you stop and listen and educate yourself on what the issues are. form your opinion and listen to others. my problem with this is, since i happen to be an african african-american, since it's tied to race, when it's questioned it gets clouded for me, because i'm thinking of my rights. so it is about race and i wish that we would get back to a real dialogue and finally move forward in the year 2017. so i like that they took it to national television and people questioned about it form your opinion but understand like you said and you said what are we talking glue i feel like it starred that way but now it's taken on different meaning.
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>> if more people talk about that. >> it's hard to know what the issue it depends on who you're listening to what the sib. >> how it's been skewed. >> i'm a patriot i don't want there to be unjust police brutality. >> absolutely. >> how about that? >> until the regular season started, aj francis wore the burgundy and gold uniform this morning, though, he's joining us live on skype to talk about what is going on here in the nfl today. aj, it's good to see you again. thanks for joining us this morning. >> thanks for having me. >> so what are your thoughts this morning after seeing all that went on this weekend and watching the games yesterday? >> um, i am not surprised by the words of the president. i mean he started his campaign saying terrible things about mexicans. so nothing surprises me that he says. but the thing that surprised me there's an actual u.s. flag code that is supposed to be giving guidelines thou to respect the flag and one of the first ones on never hold the flag horizontally
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that the national anthem is sang the flag is held horizontally across the field but no one cares because no one knows that. um, the us flag code also says you shouldn't wear the flag on your clothes. you shouldn't use the flag to sell things but companies have the flag on their boxes were they're selling things every fourth of july so once again no one cares about that. that's not disrespecting the flag much it's only disrespecting the flag when you disagree with, you know, the stance at the players are trying to take. um, everybody wants to say that it's not about police brutality when that's the entire basis of the protest. that's how it all started. and now it spread like wildfire like you said because of the words of the president but that doesn't change the point of the protest. it just changed how the people view why they're doing it and why more people are starting to do it. >> does it matter who said it aj because sometimes i think, you know, the president doesn't have a favorable review among many people, and so that no matter what he says it gets
9:14 am
said it or is it just the fact they don't like exactly what he said? >> no. i mean the fact that you call nfl players sob's for going out and using their first amendment right but you don't say the same thing about the people protesting in charlottesville, you don't say the same thing about them. you don't say the same thing about the person who ran people over with the car in charlottesville. the decisions you make to say about certain things and hold back on others is what people see, and that's why if it is just him saying something, then that's the reason why people are over reaction to go it because in his past, he said things told obama to stay out of sports that's not his forte. he has other problems to worry about in the country he tweeted that multiple times. the president has made statements before that seem like off the cuff statements. they boil hot for minute and then they tend to go away at least on
9:15 am
this issue with the nfl a lot of people say this may have backfired because the players union and owners may be more united now based on this issue than ever. does this last throughout this nfl season? is this something that starts to go away as the focus is more on football as the season goes on? >> i think it's going last for while and i think it's going to go away once the playoffs start because you know everything that, you know, so far i've seen multiple things dozens of things that donald trump has said that i was like, all right, this is the one that's going to make sure that everybody realizes what he's doing is wrong. how he's approaching the presidency is wrong and then a week later no one cares. i don't understand why. but i think that's the same thing that's going to happen here. i think by the time the playoffs roll around people will be more focused on the playoffs and like you guys said i think this is all the giants smoke screen with big measures needing to be passed this week and i think that's what his administration does best and i think that this won't last because for
9:16 am
reason i can't explain nothing that he ever says disrespectful or not ever lasts. >> aj francis, we sure appreciate you taking the time and sharing your opinions with us this morning. hopefully people at home are listening and discussing amongst themselves as we are here this morning. we do want to hear from you. just tweet us with the #gooddaydc. and we'll probably share more throughout the morning. we'll be right back. 9:16 is our time right now. ♪
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checking the morning briefing now first up president trump issues a new travel ban it includes eight countries including some of the ones from before and some new ones like north korea and venezuela. the old travel ban expired yesterday but the new one could face similar legal challenges in support of it the president said on twitter making america safe is his number one priority. meanwhile, president trump son-in-law may have his own e-mail scandal. jared kushner apparently used his private e-mail account to talk with administration officials about white house matters. it apparently happened back in december during the white house transition. there is no evidence that kushner shared classified material through that personal e-mail. conservative commentator milo yanopolis takes center stage again albeit for very short time at the university of california berkeley campus on sunday. yanopolis spoke in front of cr
9:20 am
amplified sun because the event was not sponsored. the group that initially sponsored the event the berkeley patriot cancel it because of safety concerns. so instead he signed autographs for some people in the crowd before leaving on his own accord. speaking of milo d.c. coffee house under fire from his fans. fox5's melanie alnwick is live downtown with those details. mel, what's going on here. >> reporter: good morning, guys. we've heard this story before. remember the problems with online bloggers and the comet ping-pong. that's the concern here with am sarey coffee shop. my low poe on facebook page something about this coffee shop that came from one of his followers someone in the coffee shop tried to access milo you'll see that page right there. a web block basically came up saying that the site was identified as hate and therefore it was going to be
9:21 am
then so yanopolis posted on his facebook page to his 2 million followers americans expect coffee shops to serve beverages not tell them what they're allowed to read. some followers took that one step further. they were going to seek retribution online or on the phone to the coffee shop they've they've had threatening phone calls and flooding yelp and google and other review sights with negative reviews. now we did talk to some folks here also want to let you know that yelp they're doing a new thing now. after comet ping-pong what happened was they started doing something where they are calling it an act of clean up alert this is what you see right now when you go on to this website. when you go on to the yelp review for amasari coffee shop. saying there's been unusual activity this site has been in the news therefore we're going to do an active clean up alert and not take any reviews at this point. we talk to some regular customers here who said they're not letng
9:22 am
intimidation keep them away. >> they're creating drama over unnecessary drama. i think, you know, and so it's just -- it's much to do about nothing. >> reporter: and the owners did confirm to d.c. that this was not something that they did directly. they didn't go online and say, we're blocking this particular website but they used a web filter, a content filter like a lot of companies do and they just clicked a check box to say to filter out certain things such as hate speech, porno pornography, violence those sort of thing it fell into a filtered category as opposed to something specifically against that website as we understand some of that online intimidation continues. live in dupont circle, melanie alnwick, fox5 local n news. >> interesting story. all right, mel, thank you very much. time right now 9:22. coming up the countdown to empire's return. a little later we're getting inside look at the big crossover party this weekend and a
9:23 am
one-on-one with new star demi moore. >> first though erin aside from your super bizzy weekend what are you working oh and no you. >> hurricane maria chill churning out in the atlantic and it could have been an impact on the united states as well plus maryland health officials looking into a possible swine flu outbreak and later our video of the day. we'll show was happened when bill ny the science guy accidentally crashed a vegas dance party. we'll be right back.
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is owned by the people it serves. novec. listening. responding.
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♪ >> it's 9:25. erin is back with a check some of the other stories making headlines this morning. hey, erin. >> good morning mo. we'll begin in puerto rico with concern this morning over a dam collapse in the aftermath of hurricane maria. tens of thousands of people downstream have been ordered to evacuate. all this as several towns remain cut off from any kind of communication. water, food and generators continue to be brought in via ships to the island. meanwhile the east coast of the united states is now preparing for possible effects of the storm. also making headlines this morning, the man accused of opening fire at a tennessee church killing one person is behind bars this morning. charged with murder. police say 25-year-old em manuel simpson ended burnett chapel church of christ after fatally shooting a woman in the parking lot. then walked inside shooting several others. at least two of the six injured remain in critical condition. the fbi meanwhile has opened a civil rights investigation into this shooting. maryland health officials are investigating after
9:27 am
frederick fair over the weekend. officials say nearly a dozen pigs there have testified positive for swine flu. and they're now in quarantine last friday eight-year-old girl from waldorf was hospitalized for swine flu after hander link pigs at the charles county fair. listen to this one. amazon working new way to change how we eat it wants to deliver shake shack and chipotle to customers doors. yes, please. this new move expands amazon's restaurant operation offering over 40,000 restaurants and of course there's a catch. the deal is only available to prime members. and finally, all right. what happens in vegas, well, doesn't always seem to stay in vegas a couple of friends learned that while partying out in sin city they were on elevator snap chatting of course. twerking, you know, partying it up just minding their own business when suddenly bill ny that's right the science guy stepped on to the elevator. snap chat later tweeted
9:28 am
chatter later twe twee tweeted e was so nice and offered to take the pictures for them. never mentioned the twerk fest 93 apparently walk in. he looks red in the face maybe little embarrassed there. hash tag buffed, guys. >> hi, girls. >> how would he know they were twerking before he got on the elevator. >> i think when he open the elevator they were dancing and they stopped as soon as they saw him. >> i'm going to do my thing. >> do you think bill nye knows what twerking is. >> i think he knows what twerking is. >> don't let him fool you. >> i think he knows. erin, thank you. >> here's what we do. iphone is out right now. we are going to get our first look at just some of what it is capable of this morning because very own tech expert will join us live after the break to introduce it to the world of august menned reality. >> first i think we can all agree tucker is a little str strange. >> goes without saying. >> i didn't write that but i might agree with it. this morning he's getting screened to see if maybe he's really a mutant. >> we'll find out life next.
9:29 am
that's all right. okay. fresh at 10a d.c. mayor burr yell houser will join us live in the lot of we'll talk to her about the nfl and the nba's spat with the president, and her just announced re-election bid. plus, blade runner is back with the new sequel 2049 or 2049 or you get it. kevin just sat down with the stars harrison ford and ryan gosling. he'll join us live after the break. and/or coming up and later our empire countdown continues and we're keeping it all in the family. this hour we'll sitting down with demi moore ahead at 10a mr. daughter rumor willis will join us live. right now it is 9:29 and we'll be right back. ♪
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>> 9:32. fox is rolling out its new lineup all next month. next monday it will debut a new chapter in the x-men saga it's called the gifted it follows two ordinary parents who take their family on the run from the government when they discover that their children have mutant abilities. and joining underground community of mutants who have to fight to survive. so this morning, tucker actually get ateek peek at the new series and an x gene screening. he's live in the fox lot with all the details. hey, tuck. >> camera son me i'm probably the gifted one. we'll fine out together if i'm truly gifted i'm joined by sa sarah. >> hi. >> sar
9:33 am
gived. let's get start. brand new fox show. >> yes. >> collaboration with marvel. >> yup. >> comic. it appears next month, october 2nd really excited about it. 9:00 p.m. here on fox5, and today we're doing this really fun activation down on wisconsin and m from 12 to six we are testing people for the x gene and the x gene is the genetic mutation that specific people on the show that we think are the gifted but they're also considered mutants in this wo world. so we need to test the possible of d.c. to make sure there aren't any people with the x gene running around and we're starting with you today. >> all right. we'll set the scene many we're in this really cool truck, aren't we. >> this is the sentimental services truck. we are bringing it downtown to georgetown today and testing people. not only via a body scan for the x gene boattails via large partnership with my heritage in doing actual dna tests today. >> we'll get to in a minute. let's deal witness show first. all right.
9:34 am
teenagers have the x gene and craze so stuff happens. >> crazy stuff happens. so it's not a bad thing to have the x gene. you are considered a mutant but it's not illegal to be mutant just illegal to not be test testified. so that is the goal. >> i think my anchor steve chenevey might be mutant. >> perfect. steve get out here. >> you can hide in the truck with me. >> he has special powers. >> perfect. i'd like to see those. >> let's do it. >> like what would my special powers. >> we'll have to see. >> ut-oh. this guy looks very official. >> he is. don't mess around with him. >> what do i do. >> hop in the body scanner. >> is anything bad going to happen to me. >> time will tell. put your hands up and as soon as the noise starts start rotates, there it is. okay. perfect. now, come this way. exactly. >> do you feel your x gene. >> yes. dell me what happened? >> we'll only know via your dna test so that is the next step in the process here. >> okay. but this is legitimate
9:35 am
>> this is legit dna really fun part of a huge partnership is doing with my heritage we're taking it around the country. one hundred dollars value and actually come down today to georgetown and get your dna tested and in four to six weeks we'll tell you all about your heritage. >> tell me the time and exactly where people can find this truck and get their free dna test. >> we'll be at wisconsin and m street from 12:00 to 6:00 p.m. it's free to come on down. but it does take a little bit of time and we've had long lines so get down there early, and -- my colleague here mike thomas is getting his dna tested. >> i'm well gifted. >> but -- what's the process. >> is this the first time you've dna test? [ laughter ] >> it is. this will only tell where your family is from. nothing else. >> thank goodness. want to make sure. >> how did i do on my x gene -- >> well -- what were my
9:36 am
>> four to six weeks. >> you have no powers. >> you guys can be found at m street and wisconsin. what time? >> 12:00 to 6:00 today. >> when does the show start? >> next monday, october 2nd at 9:00 p.m. here on fox5. check it out. >> people say that i have the gift of dance. that i can dance. >> let's see it, pie friend. >> oh, god. dancing right into a mutant. >> all right. >> give it back to you guys. [ laughter ] >> how is that. >> oh, my gosh. >> we didn't -- we didn't hear your joke for mike. >> he also does not have the gift of cam dee. >> no, he doesn't. maybe does he a little bit. all right, steve, what do you got. >> i think her response was tucker was the gift of reality though when she saw his actual dance skills. i want one of those tests by the way. there are several versions of reality we'll talk about in just a minute if you love shopping at ikea you love your apple iphone get ready because the two powerhouse companies are teaming up. last week apple released new i ios11 operating system but besides the load of new features the update brings the first wave of
9:37 am
ikea is just one of those trying to make your shopping experience and your life a little easier because it uses apple's new augmented reality technology and this morning we'll learn more about it here to help us out our own tech expert pete erickson. good to see you this morning, pete. first of all let's not lose the headline that's the new i phone eight in your hand. >> yes it is. >> you are one of the lucky ones who got it. >> yes. >> we'll talk about the difference between ar and vr. we're already talking techie terms here. >> august menned reality versus virtual reality virtual reality. you've seen the big goggles people put on the head sets. you can put your smart phone inside google cardboard. put your iphone in there you're in virtual reality. that's when you're inside of a scene. you can look around you. >> how much does google cardboard cost. >> really inexpensive. this is like 20, $30.
9:38 am
fine. >> works the same way. >> august menned reality is getting a lot of attention right now because what it does, you've got your view finder on 84 phone and looking at a camera. let's just say we can go shop at ikea and drop -- >> let's find a new couch for the loft. >> i'll drop chair in here. there we go. put it right there. so now you can see this chair. you can actually go and you can look underneath it. you can like look around walk around it. >> look at that. here's what i'm thinking. go back over here. that clashes with what we already have. >> it does clash. >> can we pick something else. >> we can take that out of th there. >> find another piece of future we can do. >> oops. let me see here. i think i put that -- i think i ut i put that couch in there. that's going clash too. not very good at my furniture shopping. >> we're just getting started with this whole thing the idea behind it ikea we're showing this as an example for what ikea is doing. they're the first major company to put the push out there. this is the future of what we'll be able to do with our phones. >> these apps will start coming out more and more. there's other
9:39 am
applications. so like for example i've got google translate opened up here and if i put this on i've got english to spanish you can see me english for temporary use. you hold that over it. >> my tech. >> it switches to spanish. >> there's our spanish right that. you can vealy practical ar applications will start coming out. of course this one if you're traveling in another country. >> look at the menu, look at the signs and the background doesn't change the background what we're seeing with our naked eye and just whatever -- that is amazing. >> august menned reality right there. >> ideideally what other uses mt we see with this? >> so many practical applications. like measuring things for rooms, for builders. >> built like a laser site essentially and you can see -- >> that's right. gaming, lots of games. a lot of fun with kids. you know, my kids love this app where you know suddenly dinosaurs start to appear onset here. >> guys i hate to warn you while you're over there. there are dinosaurs on the set right now. >> you can click the dinosaur and tell what kind it
9:40 am
>> see the dinosaur. >> it gives you the information. >> let's go back to the din dinosaur. dinosaur is going after holly right now. >> what? >> sponsored dinosaur g here it comes. >> dinosaur on the set. >> ahh! >> walking across the set. a lot of fun. you can click on get the information. >> that's really cool stuff. >> so let me ask you this, pete, because this is -- you have the newest and fanciest iphone. >> that's right. >> is this technology available if we still have an older model of the phone. >> ieo7 will upgrade your previous devices to support ar now. >> it's operating system not the phone. >> operating system not the phone just science. looking up at the sky, you can see -- >> i'm a big -- >> we're look at star. >> star app fan. >> we see the constellations. so you start to realize -- >> wait a minute, wait a minute. pete there's three stars on the couch. >> three stars on the couch. let's see what they are. we have pisces, ceta aries. i can't tell which is which. >> they're famous. >> very cool. pete you're the show of the
9:41 am
iphone eight early review what do you think for the new phone itself. >> nice and fast i had an older model but nice and fast responsive. nice pictures. supports all these new kinds of apps. much bigger memory 256 gigabytes lots of videos lots of photos. things that we're doing now a days. incremental upgrade but a nice upgrade nonetheless. >> pete erickson, thank you very much, back over to pisces, aries and something. >> sagitarrius. >> would you wait for the ten. >> that's what i wanted to know. >> yes. okay. when you think of the material girl you think madonna, right. >> but when you think of the all new material girl, that's comedian and author jenn kirkman and this morning she's joining us live from off her show at the howard theater. it's 9:41. we'll check in with her next. ♪
9:42 am
9:43 am
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9:44 am
♪ >> having fun we err. our next guest is back and she's nota fred to tell it like it is. she's a stand up comedy with a comedy special titled i'll die alone and i feel fine. the show was named one of the top ten comedy specials of that year and her most recent netflix original comedy special just keep living is streaming worldwide. that's not all jenn kirkman is also a new york times best selling author and her 2017 tour
9:45 am
mega success. last night she actually took the stage at the howard theater this morning though she's up early with this comedian, author, all around funny girl jenn kirkman life to dish this morning with us. >> thanks for coming. >> thanks for having me. you read all that stuff about i felt like i was at my funeral. >> you wall new all material girl i just did gig in new york city and a guy at the door got a refund he had brought 30 friends he thought madonna was performing. >> no, did he not. >> swear to god. i was sol out and i was not sold out by 30 he thought madonna was doing a small little venue. 400 seats a lot more me but not for madonna. why would madonna had a have picture of me on her poster. i don't know. >> the next concert about the power of punctuation much it's real and it works when used correctly much it's int interesg you were here last night in d.c. >> yes. >> how was the crowd? how are you received? >>
9:46 am
which is beautiful. all the greats have played there all the jazz greats and me. [ laughter ] >> crowd, this is what i love about dc no matter how sick everyone is of talking about like -- i'm sick of talking about politic we live here so we live it they were up for anything. you can talk about anything that happened that day. people who go on sunday night are committed. >> true. they'll be tired the whole work week. >> yeah. >> here's the thing. i was reading about you that i know you were writer for chelsea handler. >> yes. >> but you really had this dream of writing for the daily show. >> right. >> you thought but i don't have that kind of it will al humor. now your show is filled with a lot of politics. >> yeah. i was thinking i'm not like oh my god this happened today and here's that policy. i talk about, you know, i was upset at the election results and so my political jokes is me talking about what i did on election night which was watch hallmark christmas movie. i just turned up the tv. and i -- i turned off the n
9:47 am
tv movies it's not that political. >> it was like your coping mechanism. >> my coping mechanism. >> perhaps whatever is going on in your life exactly. >> you have two wilded successful books that are out there and you also do have your new netflix series. how do you find time to do it all and how is it managing the different pots. >> i don't. i usually do a lot of writing on planes and trains. um, when i'm on tour i don't sleep a lot but people think you must be partying no. i sleep like four hours and i get up and do like press or do -- it feels like a politician going -- >> lifestyle. >> campaigning. except people like mow. but i'm kidding. yeah. there's no a lot of time. you have to make time. you have to get up and do things before the sun rises do things on planes and trains. >> how hard is it being a female comedian. >> i fine it easy because i didn't know i was a female comedian until the world started telling me i was. does that make sense. >> yes. i never realized -- you never realized you were funny. >> i knew i was funny. i knew i
9:48 am
growing up i saw all these funny women on tv and and that i was like, well, of course, i can do that. i started doing it, and then weirdly like in the last ten years that whole debate are women funny came up? i didn't know he was a debate. >> right. >> pretty settled when i was growing up. hello of course i'm found funny. >> we had roseanne much it's a weird debate that's in culture but audiences do not care. i mean most of my fan base is like men and women. they've never had a problem. >> do you care about lot of things and i did read that you have a show coming up in objection in houston where you'll donate a their of the proceeds to the harvey relief foundation. >> i fell like i can't go there and give me your money and not give back a little bit. i'm going to cover my travel costs and stuff like that and all the merchandise will go to -- not the merchandise. the merchandise financing. >> what is the wore, money. i'm not going to give them posters and hey i hope that helps. >> you were up late last night entertaining and back up this morning entertaining. so we will give you a pass. thank you so much for your time. >> you're so welcome good i have to say of all the things you've
9:49 am
the most you wrote two em says of fineness and february. >> everybody loves that. i watched that with my son. this is so smartly written. thank you very much. >> you're so welcome. thank you. >> back over to you. >> so cool. >> 9:49 right now. coming up erin como rubbing elbows with the stars of empire and star during a premier party over the weekend in the big apple. she's going to join us live next with some highlights and her one-on-one with series newcomer demi moore. we'll be right back. ♪
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9:52 am
♪ you girls look good. >> i love the crossover. love it. take it back to love boat and all those shows when -- >> you took it all the way back. >> when he would coast host on each other's show. empire and star kick off all new seasons on wednesday with big crossover episode and over the weekend all the shows stars met up in the empire state for huge premier party and our erin como was also there looking
9:53 am
star herself and she joins us now with all the juicy details. was it fun. >> the party was incredible. >> it look like it. >> allison it was awesome. i really -- it was so worth the trip to new york. >> good. >> i was a little star struck i'm not going to lie. >> they're all there and so you had busy weekend but thank you for going. who did you talk to just about everybody. >> i'll give the whole list when we allison the stars were out we all the stars terrance jazz, grace gealey, gab, exhibit and many more. i got to sit down with almost all of them before that red carpet event to get a sneak peek what's in store for the season and safe to safe fans are in store for one heck of a big ride. we'll bring you more from those interviews all week long. but i also got a chance to sit down with the stars of the show who we met in the closing moments of season three demi moore. she plays nurse claudia and will work closely with lucious lyon as he recovers from that explosion that you saw at the end of season three. all right. she's an expert in recovering memories. but she
9:54 am
unconventional techniques and that leads to some tension with cookie rightfully so. since empire it's all about family i also got a chance to talk with her about what it's like working with her real live daughter rumor who plays singer torry ash. listen this. >> what's it like to work on the series knowing your daughter is existing in different world there. >> it's why i wanted to do it. i love this for her and, you know, to see her have an opportunity to, you know, use her various talents. >> right. >> there isn't a lot out there for musical actors and this show is certainly carved out, you know, an incredible, um, you know, like slot for that, and when it came along it's why i said yes. >> will we see any crossover between and rumor's character? >> anything is possible on empire. but that has not occurred.
9:55 am
hanging out than we do actually on the screen. >> so what's that like being onset with your daughter? are you getting to spend more time with her. >> it is because we shoot on location. i'm staying in the small bedroom of her apartment and -- >> amazing. >> she gets the big king sized bed. you know, there's nothing morey assuring, um, and no greater compliment as a parent than when you come upon something and people genuinely express how much they love your daughter, and that is i mean across the board, people just don't fake that. >> i was so surreal to sit down and talk to demi moore. we also heard that rumor get this is a little bit messy just like any mom she spends her fair share of time cleaning up after her at her apartment. all right. we'll switch gears because as for the actual party, like i said, just total once in liti
9:56 am
deck of freedom tower with a spectacular view of the empire state building. i seriously have never seen anything like that view from that party along the rest of the new york skyline. the cast of both shows were there and i stood so close to lee daniels and said hello to him. he was in rush or i would have totally tried to grab a picture. everyone had great time eat, drinking and dance the night there i am with brittany o'grady from arlington our hometown girl. >> that's right. >> we had such a good time toot party. demi was there with rumor. rumor was dee jaying we'll talk with rumor later this morning. the lyon brothers were were at the party as well that's some of the pictures from our interviews as well. had to get one with lucious. >> yeah. >> he look great that night. >> all right. taraji p. henson having great time. everyone was oh excited to see her and in addition to all the stars from empire i also got a chance to sit down with the stars of the show star inn clueing queen latifah
9:57 am
>> how was the queen. >> she was the nicest most humble. >> really? >> sweetest person in the world. she was just so great to talk to. >> i'm glad that show is doing well. >> me too. not just for our local girl in it but you know the spin offs sometimes gets lost in it. >> exactly. >> and benjamin bratt as cute in person -- these are things we need to talk about. >> so cute in person and the charisma. you walk into those rooms with those larger than life personals you watched for years and they're so amazing and just reminder season four of empire and star this wednesday right here on fox. >> thanks, erin for bringing us all of that. we'll see them all week. all over to you. >> we'll see rumor willis in the next hour. >> she'll join us live. we'll chat with her. >> live in the lot of mayor bowser she's here to talk about her re-elect also here to talk about the mfl controversy and nba controversy too. so much more to come here on good day d.c. see you for the 10a next.
9:58 am
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♪ the must see moments only on good day at 10a. >> don't wait for wendy for these red hot topic the president versus the players. is kylie pregnant? plus, a pop star goes to rehab. a double dose of star power this man crush monday. ryan gosling and harrison ford only at 10a kevin's interview witness super stars. >> plus we're counseling down to the wednesday premier of empire in epic style. we talk with rumor more willis life about her character and what's in store for season four. let's do this, fairfax, bee wee, glover park. three, two, one, the 10a starts now. ♪ national lobster day. right. >>
10:02 am
a little rock lobster starting the show. how about that? good day d.c. >> love it. >> we're so glad you're with us as you yet after work week right along here with you. >> time right now just a minute after the hour and before we check what's trending erin is back with a check on what's making headlines this morning. >> hey, erin. >> hey, al. first up more than 200 nfl players took a stand after president trump level criticism at players who kneel during the national anthem. some sat, knelt or raise their fists. three teams decided to stay in the rocker room so players wouldn't have to make a public choice. the hash tag take a knee has been trending online. less than an hour president trump double down tweeting hash tag stand for our anthem. also in our morning headlines the president has put travel restrictions on eight countries. his previous ban on six predominantly muslim countries expired this weekend. new rules apply to citizens entering from the u.s. from chad, iran, libya, so mole ya, syria, yemen and north korea. venezuela is also on the
10:03 am
certain government officials as well as their families. this new proclamation takes effect as of october 18th. us senator john mccain says doctors have given him quote very poor prognosis as he battles brain cancer. mccain underwent surgery back in july for a brain tumor. in 60 minutes interview last night, mccain said he has some feelings of fear but counters them with his gratitude for having lived quote a great live. and thousands every people have pack the stadium in charlottesville as the dave matthews band took the stage on sunday. it happened at the university of virginia for the concert for charlottesville. and one month after that deadly rally there. farrell williams, jump tin timberlake and ariana grand day took the stage. kings man and the golden circle translating into box office g gold. the spy comedy displayed the horror film it as the
10:04 am
movie. debuted in first place pulling in wow $39 million but the stephen king adaptation of it going strong on its third week beating the odds biggest hit ever for the month of september raking in another $30 million this weekend and rounding out the top three the lego nine jag good movie opening with just over $21 million. so big weekend at the box office, guys. >> indeed. baying round all around especially in sports and politics. talking about right now the debate not isolated to football as you know over the weekend the fury really kicking off president trump resented trump a white house invitation to instead of occur tee and golden state warriors after their nba championship victory after the wards the team said it will use the visit to d.c. to celebrate equality, diverse the and inclusion. d.c. muriel bowser jumped into the debate. that's not the only news she's making lately for more on the debate her re-elect campaign and much more mayor bowser joins
10:05 am
live in the lot of for her sit down interview since making that big announce many thanks for basically sharing the news here with us in the loft. >> no, mites pleasure, maureen. thank you for having me. >> we are very excited to tell everybody in d.c. that i'm going to ask for their vote again come this june in the democratic primary. we've had a very successful almost three years in office. and we have a lot of work to finish. >> a lot of people, you know v said -- your campaign and your time as mayor has been relatively easy. no big scandals or anything. people look to you to be change agent. will we see more of the same or what can we anticipate from four more years should you be election. >> if people say it's been easy that's because we've been working very hard. we shall able to assemble a fantastic team. we focused and delivered on the things that we promised to do. first we told the residents that we would deliver a fresh start for the city. and when you go around d.c. in all eight wards the pride is our city is so strong. in fact i've never seen it stronger. and i am
10:06 am
washingtonian and people are proud of the city and they're proud of the work that we are doing. so what we know the big issues are, schools, we're going to continue to double down on our efforts there. affordable housing double our commit many over the last year and we're going to do more. transportation, how people get around d.c. and our region is important to our growth. >> i think the, you know, median income is a big topic that people talk about, and the gap between the haves and have nots. and during your time the median for blacks and latinos has gone down. whites has gone up and theirselves this derth of affordable housing what are the real answers to making a difference in that especially east anacostia. >> you put your finger on the biggest issue. so we are seeing the remnants of our huge success when you're attracting almost a thousand people a month what you see are housing prices go up. what we focused on holly is jobs for dc
10:07 am
and increasing wages for dc residents. so over the next several years, 15-dollar minute pump wage will become a reality by the year 2020. we have created and preserved already 8,000 units of affordable housing and we know in our next term that can be 10,000 units of affordable housing. we are creating an intra structure academy focused on d.c. residents. last year alone, 2500 infrastructure jobs went unfilled and we know those jobs pay an rav much $48,000 per y year. two people making $48,000 a year can make it have a great life in dc on him mum wage two people making the minimum wage will make $60,000. and they can make it in d.c. and that's hugely important. focusing -- >> one person is definitely going to be pushing that issue hard, happens to be in ward seven and that's councilman vince gray former mayor. now, he is not yet thrown his hat into the ring but having talk to with him i t
10:08 am
question not if he challenges you. how do you stay ahead of that game now knowing that might be the challenge you're up against in order to make sure entire city moves forward? >> he'll have you had the great opportunity to serve the residents for ten years in elected office. i've had five campaigns all of them competitive i've been challenged of single time. we're going to build our campaign to be ready for any and all challenges. any challenger specialsly one with a record of having been in public office will also have to say, what have we all done collectively to make sure as our city grows more washingtonians can part pate in that progress? >> what work does need to be done, mayor, if you do within this re-elect what is the real work that does need to be done? the council gray did talk about the hell disparities as a matter of fact. other things making sure that all of our kids are headed to college or into jobs or into wherever they're going after graduating high school. what's that real work? >> let me talk about the sch
10:09 am
first. we hired chancellor antwan wilson who has come in, hit the ground running, visited every single dc public schools. has announced a new five-year plan for d.c. ps. also, several weeks ago we were abe to announce that our kids our dc public charter school -- d.c. public schools even out pace the growth of our d.c. public charter schools. both have been terrific. so the two sectors are working in the way that we envisioned. we focused on our boys and our boys doing better. we opened the brown school for example toed to exactly that. we are connecting kids. we're focusing on kids that haven't improve as much and we're also focusing on the middle grades. we know when we change the middle grades our kids will be ready. a better more ready for high school, college and career. and that's hugely important. but how we connect d.c. residents with jobs is also important allison, and we have in the last
10:10 am
out how to more diverse foy our economy. you know, we are have been known for years and years as the federal government town. we're so much more than the federal government town. in fact we've grown more private sector jobs and a lot of those jobs have been in tech. you hear we're trying to also recruit 50,000 more tech jobs with amazon coming to washington d.c. so we have a plan to diversify more in tech and train our d.c. residents to protect jobs. >> i want to switch gears and talk about the politics and sports which president trump put front and center this weekend specifically as it relates to d.c. golden state warriors diss invited from the white house. you jumped into it and said, hey, come on to d.c. we'll make it happen for you. why did you decide to wade into this? >> it's important for this issue for a lot of reasons. but it's important in general that people don't associate washington, d.c. only with the president and the congress. we're so much more than that. we're local
10:11 am
we have great neighborhoods, 680,000 residents and we want people to come to our town. last year, we had 20 million visitors to d.c. and it's grown for the tim year in a row. little bit later today, i'll be traveling with governor mcauliffe and governor hogan to canada to talk about attracting more visitors from canada. so it's important that we send a strong message that d.c. is open to everyone and on the matter of the president atta attacking an american citizen in -- who has expressed his rights, um, is just unconscious schenn alible to me. >> where do you stan on the kneeling controversy? >> well, i think that the president jumping has crystalized it for lot of americans. either you stand with the first amendment and players or anybody else's interest in expressing his first amendment rights or you stand with the president who's going to attack a fellow american for doing that. and for
10:12 am
now, for me, i want to be able to and i do stand up and i sing the national anthem because i think that's important, but i think that the issues that the players raised we should focus on that. and figure outweighs that, um, the nfl and the players can go to american cities and really get involved in the issue that is were first raised. how can communities and police come together. >> is there room for, though, people to also understand why people also take offense at people's kneeling? i'm not defending that. i'm just saying if we really try to look at it from all the an guess, if there has to be room for people understanding why people are kneeling, then there has to be room for the other side to understand why people might get offensed at that. >> no, i abso absolutely think a plated issue. i think what's interesting, holly, the president switched the conversation from should y
10:13 am
should you be able to express your first amendment rights would you the president attacking you? it's so it has been an interesting switch. i think all of the players recognize there are consequences to their decision to exercise their first amendment rights. but i think that the conversation is really changed. >> let's talk about first amendment rights you mentioned standing up. you're in the unique position the president is living in your city at this point. >> yes. if the president called you to the white house and said i want you to do this differently about washington d.c. would you stand up to him? >> the president doesn't really have anything to do with how we run washington d.c. >> say it again. >> yet. >> yet what. >> we don't know at this point because we get tweets about every other as spec of public enterprise, private enterprise. things about the nation and the president's pin out there suggesting for example that the nfl owners do things to their private business. when it involves players. i'm just saying hypothetical physical the president said, i want you to do something different in washington, d.c., would you do it? >> i work for the residents of the district of
10:14 am
that's -- those are the only people i report to. my job is to work with all as specs of the federal government. i've met with the president twice. i've met with members of his administration. there are things we need from the federal government and we will go and we will fight for them and we demand them. the same is true for the congress of the united states. >> mayor bowser thanks so much for joining us today. i can't let you go, what does the shirt say? >> native. >> my native washingtonian shirt i call them dc pride shirts. from time to time you'll see me with different emblems with dc flag and messages about our t town. >> we appreciate you taking the time out to talk with us here on good day and sharing with the viewing audience your thoughts on why the raging issues. we thank you for that. >> thank you. >> welcome back. come back my time and share your thoughts and break some news for us here. >> thank you. >> anything you got to say right now? nothing. okay. >> okay. >> just trying. >> 10:1
10:15 am
blade runner coming back with a new sequel set in the future 2014. kevin a little a amped, he'll jn us later he's in los angeles right now just sat down with harrison ford and ryan gosling. maybe a little la la land conversation. >> first though we've been keeping up with the kardashians for ten years. sorry mayor that you have to hear all of this for now there may be one more kardashian to keep up with. we'll have the details in the dish neck. it is 10:15. ♪
10:16 am
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[music playing] across the country, we walk. carrying flowers that signify why we want to end alzheimer's disease. but what if, one day, there was a white flower for alzheimer's first survivor? what if there were millions of them? join us for the alzheimer's association walk to end alzheimer's. register today at
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♪ >> all right. 10:18 it's time for to serve up good day celebrity dish. >> i love it. okay. so this might be a little nutty but we've been keeping up with the kardashians for fenn years and now there are reports broke this weekend that we might be keeping up with one more. a little little kardashian. if you believe the growing number of media reports the answer there will be another kardashian. several media outlets including people magazine, tmz all rep reporting that kylie jenner is expecting a child with her boyfriend travis scott. now some fans are speculating that maybe keeley is jim's surrogate we've shot that down. >> i don't think so. >> reps for kylie haven't confirm the pregnancy but she did post h f
10:19 am
listings or postings since the news broke. um, which one is she right there in the front, right. >> sure. >> baby bump or no baby bump. she's on the left. i mean if she's really newly pregnant she's 20 so she's not going to show until she's like seven months. >> any way, congratulations if so i suppose. >> yeah. we'll be speculating about it for the neck how far months. >> i did hear kendall -- these are the jenner girls. >> the younger ones. >> kendall is saying she's so young i wish she had waited. >> oh, she said that. >> well that's the most evidence yet. more to come. aaron carter the singer is quote disappearing for while to work on myself. that's what he says. carter's reps have confirm he has check into rehab. he tweeted his stressors have not subsided with family and he needs time off. carter clarified that his troubles saying his family has nothing to do with this trip to rehab but thahe
10:20 am
cut them off. >> yeah. >> carter also said he is stepping away from social media for little while. but he will have new music soon including a candy girl remix. >> before aaron carter came into the lot of a couple months ago remember when he was here with us, i don't think i had heard aaron carter news in the last three years. now, every week. >> every other week he's in the dish. >> it's another headline. >> he came here because he was doing something with music trying to get back on track. >> he's making news. >> yeah. >> getting attention. >> we wish him the best. >> i hope so. >> the double talk is always hard. like the stressor for my family haven't subsided so i have to take break but it has nothing to do with my family. >> wing an nod it has to do with his family we wish you well. >> yeah, we do and sometimes you have to cut people off. >> oh, yes. >> not you. don't leave me. >> musicians with puerto rican roots are urging support for rick sims of hurricane maria in puerto rico. so jennifer lopez joined new york governor andrew cuomo yesterday to announce an aide
10:21 am
pledged $1 million of her own money. so that's not all. her ex-husband mark anthony also asked fans to join the first lady of puerto rico beatrice roselle low in a campaign for donations at united for puerto there are only two of the many celebs asking fans to help during this crisis. it's so hard because we have so many areas of our country that need help. we have houston, louisiana, florida, puerto rico, some of the, you know, islands in the carribbean. it's just there's a lot and a lot of people are being asked but it's nice to see a lot of people stepping up as well. >> they'll need the help. >> oh yes. >> so madonna's son dave can sing in celebration of his 12th birthday she posted instagram video to her 10.2 million followers of her belting out his mom's 1983 hit single "holiday". >> do we have it? >> ♪
10:22 am
>> i can't hear it. >> i can really only here madonna if i'm being honest a little bit of him. but i love that he's rocking out to his mom's song. >> mom's car, mom's rules. >> that's right. >> i love that she went all the way back to holiday. >> i do too. >> this is where we begin. >> he's all in it, too. >> exactly. >> right. >> here we go. there you go. >> imagine if madonna is your mom. >> man. >> you cannot imagine,. >> would you have to know every word of her songs all the ly lyrics. >> i'll bet. >> do you think she plays her own music all the time. >> all the time. >> i think so. >> like mariah. i think they're on that -- i was the i'm. >> you will sing my songs. >> yes. >> holiday. >> that's the dish for monday, gang. >> all right. delicious. >> 10:22 is the time. coming up our empire countdown continues. we're keeping it all in the family. little later rumor willis is joining us live. first tuck is back with a look ho
10:23 am
will be around. back after this. 10:22 now. ♪ ♪♪
10:24 am
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y2i1vy y16fy ♪ >> or open friday. >> any day. >> or saturday. >> how come there's only like three cars out there. >> because it's a monday and people just don't really want to go anywhere this morning. >> or perhaps they're enjoying a bout full monda
10:26 am
not a manic monday. a sunny and slightly humid monday perhaps. >> yeah. going to be hot one again today. >> feels like summer. >> it does feel like summer. few more days of it a big cool down by the epp of the week. in fact, our average high temperature is 76. it will not feel like for a few more days. yesterday we hit into. can you believe that. warmest day august, beginning of august. >> since august 22nd. >> whew! >> there you go. another hot one this afternoon. we'll probably dial it back a degree or two. upper 80s to about 90 later today. we're already 80 degrees at 10am and again, we'll well above normal here temperature wise both in early morning for overnight lows and for our daytime highs keep it going for few more days. big feature on your map that is ma row ya. yeah, minimal hurricane at this hour. it's getting shredded. which is good news. it will not impact directly land areas of the united states. >> good. >> we are going to get cloud associated witness and will help tropical moisture in time for a double more days. um per 80s
10:27 am
some of that high cloudiness will be compliments of maria quickly let's go to the seven day. notice we keep the warm temperatures around both tuesday and wednesday. but then by thursday with a cold front coming through big change in air mass lower dew points, lower humidity and overnight lows even here in the city back in the 50s great time of year we can open the windows in the afternoon high temperature 72. >> friday looks like a winner. sunny and 76. >> perfect fall friday. >> cool at night when you go to the football games the high school games friday night. >> i like it. >> is that the plan this weekend? >> that's not my plan but yeah unless you got a game forme to go to. yeah then it will be my plan. >> thanks for asking. 10:27. we'll send it back to you ladies in the loft and the headline if you missed it right off the top from tucker, you will be air to wear your fall sweaters in few short days. >> oh yeah. >> we were listening. >> thanks fellas. >> 35 years since rick deckert faced off with republicans in blade runner clearly i've
10:28 am
seen the movie. next month he's back alongside all new agent, yes, coming up next kevin sitting down with stars harrison ford and ryan gosling to talk about the new sci-fi thriller. 10:27. i can tell you that. i can tell that you, too. ♪ [music playing] across the country, we walk. carrying flowers that signify why we want to end alzheimer's disease. but what if, one day, there was a white flower for alzheimer's first survivor? what if there were millions of them? join us for the alzheimer's association walk to end alzheimer's.
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register today at
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♪ you're a
10:31 am
i did your job once. i was good at it. >> i know. >> what do you want? >> i want to ask you some questions. >> the future is finally unearthed. >> bring it to me. >> they know you're here. >> seen it. >> that's clip from the thriller blade runner 2049. it's a s a see of the sci-fi masterpiece. ryan gosling plays lapd officer kra yes who discovers a deadly secret that could bring an end to humanity and the discover leads him to
10:32 am
that name slowly former blade runner who disappeared 30 years ago. kevin got a chance to see the movie hang out with the cast over the weekend. he joins us live with details. kevin, i feel live like i've seen this movie all right. maybe i'm wrong it feels like scene it, done that. move on. >> oh, no. i mean this is -- this is incredible. that they've made this film. growing up blade runner one of the most iconic films of all time. 1982 sir ridley scott it changed quote unquote science fiction. it was a way ahead of its time. it is surreal to think that i'm watching the film like that in high school and then years later i'm sitting down with harrison ford to talk about one of the most iconic characters in movie character in the film world. i had chance to sit down with ryan gosling and him and this is a continuation of sir ridley scott's film directed by, he directed rifle, he directed
10:33 am
yo enemies one of the greatest film makers working today to take on project like that and continue iconic film like blade runner. briefly, here's all you need to understand. in the original blade runner film, harrison forward's character is -- he's lapd trying to track down and retire rec applicants. rec applicants are basically android they look exactly like humans and talk like humans but they're not human they don't have soul clearly that's the purpose of a blade runner supposed to retire or kill rep applicants there's been a debate over the 30 years since the first film came out whether or not harrison ford's character was rep applicant or not and the director sir ridley scott thought that he may be a republican and harrison forward's couldn't testified that throughout the years. ooh wanted to speak to him playing a character you don't necessarily a have full understand of what it is and also ryan gosling speaks on that as well it's a fascinating story. i'm looking forward to sharing this.
10:34 am
gosling and harrison ford. >> so i think it's fascinating over the years the debate of deckert being a rep applicant or human. i know you've been asking the question i'm not going to ask you did he fin a any ofly what that is. when you first saw the original script there was that ambiguity. it makes it so great because nothing is tied up in a bow for you. the conversation you had with sir ridley scott you couldn't testified that. was that complicated to become a character you're not 100% sure it was in i was a hundred% sure. i pursued my understanding. and -- and still, you know, we're still talking about it. usually try and hold off till a couple -- second or third drink it's a question for the audience to ask. my feelings are on record about the first one. it's a movie.
10:35 am
confronting about the original there's really no difference. the only difference how they their made. >> yeah. >> so it makes you sort of, you know, it's not like they're robots or cyborgs or ai. they're biologically identical. they're just made -- they're not made in fun way. that's it. [ laughter ] >> i'm curious, though, sir ridley scott at a genius. going back to the 80s film when you walk on that set for the first time, there's these brilliant map paintings and doing miniature work very much like lucas did with star wars. can you talk about what it was like to walk on that set for the first time and hen then how it was to walk on this set for the first time he wasn't a sir in those days. [ laughter ] >> yes, he had done remarkable work. remarkable production design, um, but he still -- i mean, the process of
10:36 am
ideas very complex ideas on the screen was challenging for everybody. we were all struggling with, um, with giving the best expression of the ideas that we could and sometimes they were disagreements about that, but it doesn't matter. it was just -- it was just a great challenge. >> way ahead of its time. if they thought they were going to see science fiction they probably were a little bit or challenged, over challenged. >> it's surreal to just sit across from someone moo played that character, you know, in 1982 and then just to be talking to them about that and i had the opportunity to sit down with him for star wars two years ago for the force awakens and ask him very similar question about walking on to the star wars set in '77 and then walking on to the new one. but if you haven't seen the first blade runner it is one of
10:37 am
film history. it's brilliant and the new one comes out objection sixth i'm excited to talk about it and review it. i can't say much about it. that was the hardest interview i had to do in long time you can't talk about anything in the mo movie. it's all spoiler. very very cool. >> so your love for movies goes deeper than anybody else and you membered characters and character development. here's my question for you this morning, kevin and i love doing this to you. your idle dinner party, you may pick three other movie characters to have dinner with, not actors but three movie characters to have dinner with. who do you choose? >> can i just do all harrison ford, rick deckert from blade runner. >> if you choose much it's your party. >> rick deckert from blade runner. hans so low from star wars and indiana jones from indiana jones. having dinner with those three guys would be pretty insane. it would be cool, man. harrison ford is one of the most iconic actors of all time. look at the rol
10:38 am
it's insane. >> hate president in air force one. in don't forget that. >> good choices, kevin. >> regarding henry. [ laughter ] >> that was the more gentler side after his incident. >> all right, kev, thank you. >> have you seen the first one. >> i have not. but i feel like i have and i bring it back how i've started i feel like i've seen these movies before. if you're saying it's good, i'll give eight shot. >> this is one of the most -- first 11 of the most unique films of all time. nothing like that had ever been done before. >> fair enough. thanks, kev. >> just remind blade runner hits theaters next friday. >> all right. very cool. time to break out the bibs much there's the info for blade runner 2049. but this is 2017. on this monday, it also happens to be national lobster day. so the rock lobster is playing and coming up next erin is not playing around because she's taking a new take on the traditional lobster role with help from the team at mastro's lobster mac and cheese, grilled lobster, stuffed lobster
10:39 am
lots of lobster. ♪ ♪♪
10:40 am
ralph northam: i'm ralph northam, candidate for governor and i sponsored this ad narrator: ed gillespie says dr. ralph northam doesn't show up? dr. ralph northam was an army doctor and a volunteer medical director at a children's hospice. he passed the virginia law requiring concussion standards for school sports. the smoking ban in restaurants. and dr. northam is working to connect veterans to good paying jobs in virginia. ed gillespie is a washington dc corporate lobbyist. he shows up for whoever pays him.
10:41 am
♪ 10:41 right now. you know we love a good meal here on good day this morning we are celebrating with world' finest delicacies and erin is so lucky to be in the kitchen with all the details for us this morning as we cook with como. >> i don't think i can be in better place right now t
10:42 am
we're celebrating lobster day mastro' social security here with and with lobster inspired dishes. so many to talk about. mastro's executive chef from northwest location chef scott. thank you very much for being here today. >> my pleasure. let's first before we make these great raw towers tell me about different entrees you brought if because they're awesome. >> fortunately at mastro's we offer quiet bit of lobster varieties. lobster sushi role, lobster tails can be added to any steak that you want. >> that looks so good. >> one or two depending on how hungry agree you are. two and a half maine lobster. >> lobster mac and cheese. >> what kind of cheese. >> five different types of cheese. we have the oven going it will be heated up after the segment. we have lobster bisque. lobster cocktail. we have our signature lobster mashed potatoes when it's all done we have our warm butter cake. >> got to have dessert after all the lobster on national lobster day. raw seoo
10:43 am
make it into mastro' and make it at home you said it's pretty easy. >> very easy. crush ice whatever type of lobster seafood anything that you like at home you can do t that. always matross poes 100ers cut mommable. one of the things we do for dramatic effect, we have our dry ice we smoke. get dry ice much that is awe awesome. you serve that it way. >> absolutely. >> that make it look so fancy. i love the way the shrimp looks and you guys were saying earlier if you can get the sea we'd put parsley on the ice to make your own tower. >> absolutely. we were saying wear gloves are don't have wet hands handling the dry ice. >> if your fingers are wet and you touch the dry ice it will burn. >> you put the will be story& clause and make it look perfectly beautiful and ready to seat. >> yes. >> they can find in you northwest at mastro' if's they want to come in and don't want to do all the work at home. >> we're right at 13th f. >> i love you get celebrity guests. i heard when ed sheeran were here he came in for dinner. >> he came in and too
10:44 am
the kitchen. he was saying he was it was one of the best steaks he ever had. had a glass of red wine. pretty awesome. >> ed sheeran approved lobster day here. i want to try something we were saying how the best thing would probably to be try the shrimp cocktail because lobster can be messy. what do you suggest is the best way to eat the lobster. >> me? i like shrimp cocktail with cocktail sauce. i'm pretty natural when it comes to that. >> what about the clause, butter or traditionalist with butter. >> also cocktail sauce with those. >> is it okay if i try the claw. >> of course. >> it would be wrong to try the shrimp first and not the lobster claw. i'll dip it in the butter here. you can squeeze a lemon on top as well. oh, my god. that is so good. and just came right out of the claw no mess so you can get the clause if you don't wanted to the whole lobster that's intimidating to me. >> absolutely. that is something i would do eating out not at home. >> absolutely. >> for sure it looks like lobster roll looks like a nice entree if you want to have lunch. >> surprising our sushi selections at
10:45 am
phenomenal this is one of many different varieties you can get. >> i vacation on the cape and this lobster is like anything you get up there i'm pretty impressed. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. >> go enjoy national lobster day. guys on the couch, i'm going to put that mac and cheese in the oven for you and we'll get it nice and heated up so right as soon as the show is over, ya'll can come have lunch with me. how does that sound. >> sounds perfect. thank you. it is tone 45:00. coming up all in the family, last hour demi moore talked about what it's like starring on the same show as her daughter. well, rumor gets the last word because she's going to join us live next. we'll be right back. you're watching number one good day at 10a. >> i'm going to see erin now. i'll see ya'll later. ♪ ♪♪
10:46 am
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♪ >> that is clip from last season of the fox hit show empire, and when the show returns on wednesday, so will torry ash. >> rumor willis plays the singer on the hit show and this morning she joins us live from new york with a look at what to expect this season. what it's like working with her mom, and how that premier party was over the weekend. good morning to you. >> hi. >> so rumor, i'll start with the fact that one of our colleagues was actually up in new york at the premier party this weekend schenn was talking to your mom and your mom said that she had to help you keep your apartment clean. is that true? [ laughter ] >> she's amazing. we literally have been working so much we barely had time to even get it organized. i barely have any furniture. >> and our erin como also said you were
10:50 am
how was the party? >> it was lot of fun. it was so great just having both of the casts altogether and it's nice because we are all working so much sometimes even people in your own show in your own cast you don't so get to see that much. >> a chance for you all to hang out and kick off this next new season. tell us what we can expect from you and your character. >> there's -- i feel like always a kind of wave chaos following behind torry ash but this season she's really just trying to figure out who she is. i think she's really trying to stay sober and figure out what that means for her as an artist, and trying to repair some of the friendships that she kind of set a fire last season, and just making a lot of great music. >> so speaking of great music, man, when you like that last seen when we realized you were team lucious and came out playing the guitar or the electric
10:51 am
singing, how much of that is really all your talent? and how amazing it must be to share that with the world. [ laughter ] >> um, it's all me. >> oh, good. >> and, yeah, and i think -- i feel so grateful to be able to have a platform to be able to put that out there and put that side of me out there the musician part and be on show that helps that to flourish. >> you brought up the character torry and her so before i are the you have have been very pub look about your so bribe 80 this past summer posting on instagram that you're six months sober and that's the most proud you've been of yourself. how much do you personally pull on your own experiences for your character? >> it's very different. differe. personal life has never
10:52 am
quite gone i think down the road of torry ash, but i think at the bottom of it anybody who, yorks want to speak for everyone, but i think that there's usually a baseline that is quite similar but, um, i don't know. i think that the majority of the time that there's, n people don't just act out with that kind of behaviorist to act out. i think there's usually something underlying. >> right. let's get back to the show and the fantasy of all of it. so tell me about, do you get to work with your p.m. in any of her scenes as a nurse working with lucious? do your characters cross paths? >> sadly, no. i wish we did. but, um, so far not so much. but it's empire. you never know. >> you know, you obviously have two of the most famous parents on the planet. everybody knows who your mom and
10:53 am
could you happen to tell us do you have locate a favorite movie of your mom's or favorite movie of your dad's? >> oh, yeah. i would say my mom definitely gi jane definitely up there. i think she was just so fierce in that, and with my dad i would say definitely fifth element is one of my favorites. >> oh wow. >> i love it. and tell us about your new mu music. >> you know, i've been so bizzy honestly with the music and shooting empire that i've put that on hold a little bit. >> oh, okay. >> i have to say, i'm almost kind of happy about it, because the music that i've been doing on empire has almost shifted i think the view and the idea that i had for my own music. so it's kind of nice. i've been getting a lot of inspiration even for my own stuff during the show. >> i'm guessing that means you probably put your dancing on hold as well. so, um, but you can tell me where you put the meara
10:54 am
trophy? >> it's in my living room. >> i love it. >> your mom is dusting because going all the way back she said she said she needs to clean your apartment? just joking. >> she's just trying to sell story. >> alastor on her. you get the last wore. we talk to your mom earlier in our show. you get the last word. give us a hell something on your mom. >> you know what, she -- next time you guys have her on ask her about her little bag of candy that she brings with her everywhere. [ laughter ] >> i love it. >> little bag of canny. >> work out good when you were young i know. you're so wonderful. thank you. you look lovely. you sun great and we're looking forward to you on empire on the new season which starts on wednesday. thank you. >> thank you. >> thanks, rumor. she look so much like mom just now. she has dad in her, too. i think she's a good combo. >> beautiful girl. again just reminder you can catch empire all new season on wednesday at 8:00 i think that's a new time. right here on fox5
10:55 am
all right. so you guys joining us for tweets. >> of course. >> as always we ask you to join in on our conversation. hot topics today. let's see what you're talking about via twitter. >> all right. let's throw them up on the board and see what we can see right here. i take offense for people having morey spec than the an they will and the flag than human lives in general from ed thomas 535. >> bulldog mimi while i appreciate the fee peaceful protest of other nfl i wish they'll they'd use other forums during the anthem. >> flap see lou says when child has tantrum you ignore them and they eventually stand up. do the same towards the knoller. >> all right. do we have another? >> we do. housewife of maryland good day dc your anchor reported stevie wonder he woke, please collaborate as this -- >> is this a common understanding. >> to be socially conscious to see what's going on in society to,
10:56 am
what you believe if you think there's a social injustice you woke. you're awakened to new ideas and what's going on. that's what it is to be woke. >> break it down. all right. mayor b spoke of two family incomes able to live in d.c. what about singles living alone at minimum wages? >> lots of challenges to keep it running in the diss trek for the next couple of years. >> where is the location to debt the dna testing. >> wisconsin and m in georgetown it will be get there early there will be lines. >> that is awesome. >> thank you for engaging. we always appreciate it. >> i am surprised there's any lobster left whatsoever. >> it is delicious. erin is couldn't to go guard what's left. >> she's not guarding she's sharing. >> look key what's arriving now. >> look at that. >> hello, erin. >> the presentation is mazing. >> there you go. >> that's amazing. thanks to mastro's for coming in today with all the
10:57 am
photo of of lobster. lobster. it's everywhere. >> everybody eat lobster. celebrate. >> national lobster day. >> bye ya'll. >> we'll see you tomorrow.
10:58 am
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