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tv   The Final 5  FOX  September 25, 2017 11:30pm-12:00am EDT

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nothing ben on today except president trump versus the nfl puerto rico saying it needs federal aid after hurricane maria, susan collins dooming gop's healthcare bill, north korea and the primary election. that's all we have. but we have a lot to catch up on. i'm sure everybody had a nice quiet calm weekend watching your favorite team avoiding politics entirely. right? well the protests continue tonight with monday night football. the cardinals and cowboys meet before the anthem then stood up for the song
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debate rages on after sunday's game where we saw a lot of players kneeling. others locking arms and several teams not even coming out for the national anthem. came after the president said this. >> wouldn't you love to see one of these nfl owners when somebody disrespects our flag to say get that son of a -- off the field right now. out. he's fired. he's fired. >> why do we bleep that, it was the president of the united states. protester in anthem started more than a year ago with colin kaepernick who's not even in the laying, at first kaepernick sat during the game in protest of police brutality and equality in the beginning, know even noticed. "new york times" explaining the protest read said he wanted the protest to be as respectful as possible and after lot of thought and discuss he and kaepernick decided to kneel rather than
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compares to a flying flown half mast to mark a tragedy. to military personnel. plane of nfl see it as disrespectful the american legion end call it misguided >> this isn't about the president being against anyone this is about the president and millions of americans being for something, honoring our flag and national anthem and honoring the men and women who fought to defend it. it's appropriate for president of the united states to defend our flag, to defend the national anthem and to defend the men and women who fought and died >> so far we're not seeing major responsers drop threats. but a car dealership pulled the tags that featured vaughn miller. they
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felt the president's remarks were an assault on their free speech. that seems to be the big confusion. lost is why kaepernick did it in the first place, they sent a message but also had harsh words for the president from the he podium and in the locker room, i'm not going to have this platform to have this individual, no matter the power, no matter the impact that he should have or she should have ever view sport as platform to divide us >> people say it's unpatriotic. it's unpatriotic of the president respecting our rights >> my family fought in a war. it's not about the flag. it's not about anything like that. it's not about black and white. it's about what we're being faced with now. being teared down from in the white house. >> other
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roethlisberger said he doesn't believe the anthem is the time to make a protest. the entire steelers team except for el had on dra stayed in the locker room. roethlisberger said he was unable to sleep after the team's decision. neava sort of apologized for looking like the team was divide but respected his team mates's rights to protest. what's been happening, what's going on in puerto rico right now, this is what really deserving our attention, let's talk about the u.s. territory. it was devastated by hurricane maria, a lot of people saying federal aid is not coming fast enough. the govern call on the pentagon demanded more humanitarian aid. president must have heard the criticism we started getting
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tweets, puerto rico which is suffering from broken infrastructure is in deep trouble. it's the grid was devastated much of the island was destroyed with billions of dollars owed to wall street and the banks which sadly must be dealt with. food, water and medical are top priorities and doing well, #fema. the white house sit its response in puerto rico has been anything but slow. >> there's been an unprecedented push-through of bills of dollars in federal assistance that the administration fought for, tom bosser and brock l are on the ground to do a more thorough and deeper assessment of what needs there are. our focus still continuing to be on the life saving efforts and the immediate disaster response efforts. and those funds have been secured and are available. marco rubio visited puerto rico
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tremendous damage, potential for serious crisis in areas outside of issan juan. remember when all five living presidents joined together? the fund effort called one america appeal is allowing donors to contribute funds to puerto rico as well as the u.s. virgin islands. let's talk healthcare. susan collins was the latest to come out against graham cassidy. even though the gop's latest attempt to repeal and replace. couple of hundreds showed up on the hill asking them not to vote. police responded by taking some away including some me wheelchairs. of we heard about a protest. protesters going down constitution avenue the center for disability rights organized this protest. they mean they've saying
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medicaid cuts will be harmful to people with disabilities >> in any of the versions that have been presented went through, there would be 10s of thousands of individuals with disabilities that would either end up institutionized or dead >> they came out projecting millions would lose coverage. agency didn't give a specific number because it has little time to do the analysis. over the weekend, there were changes made to graham cassidy to try to get more senators on board and that included sweetening the pot for senators like lisa murkowski. murkowski hasn't said how she's leaning and they still don't have those votes >> do what i think is right for the people of maine and that those country. that's what led me to my decision to today. >> senator collins joins ran paul and mccain
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short of the 50 votes it needs. they have to pass the bill before the end of the month, end of the week at this point, right now they can pass it under budget reconciliation. mike pence comes in votes yes, it's law but the opportunity expires september 30 north korea stepped up things accusing president trump of declaring war. north korea's foreign minister claimed the tweet that the north won't be around much longer constitutes a declaration of war. >> we will have every right to make measures including the right to shoot down the united states strategic bomber >> we've not declared war on north korea. the suggestion is absurd. >> and the constitution says you can't declare via tweet. you say bombers flew an international air space off the north korean coast. military doesn't appear to be backing down saying u.s. has the right to fly in that air space, there's an election coming
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tomorrow that a lot of people are paying attention including the president. when he went to off about nfl players kneeling friday, that was actually a campaign event to drum up support for luther strange or big luther as the president calls him because the dude is 6-9. it's? rare that you see a president getting involved in a gop primary. runoff is tomorrow. tonight was vice president pence campaigning >> thanks for the land slide victory that alabama gave president trump last november. we're making america great again. i'm here tonight to say i stand with luther. >> strange's opponent in the primary is roy moore. shows him leading strange by about 11 points. if you want oh a sense. you have the strange camp, strum and pence and
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♪ ♪. ♪ ♪. busy weekend at the intersection of sports and politics from the invitation that wasn't to the golden state wars to the protests in the nfl. is there a long r long-term effect? joining me to talk, this is eric shipper welcome back to the show. good to see you. >> good to see you >> this was a busy weekend. we'll put the question out there. this is your wheel house. are there going to be long-term effects pro or conto
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after all these protests we saw >> very interesting question. i think many people on both sides look at the nfl differently after what has gone on. 's and i think that it seems they have sided with the players, and that likely, for host of reasons, many conservatives view them taking this position in support of players who are against standing for the national anthem as being lacking in respect for the flag, lacking in respect for being -- an american. and being unamerican and doing it. and then you have the other side. you have people that are very supportive of the players being able to exercise the first amendment right, and really standing up for what many believe on the left is injustice.
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nfl begins to become poli politicalized to this level, it's a big problem. i think they will lose viewers. i would imagine most of the viewers they will lose will come from the left. i believe the left is going to be -- excuse me, from the right. i'm sorry, the conservatives. >> when you look at this, again, long-term and you mentioned why these protests started in the first place. i got to tell you from everything i heard, nobody is talking about the reasons. seems. we're going back to a debate over whether this is patriotic or not. we talked about patriotic displays. seems like this is just a slippery slope that show knows end. >> well, it's a problem. and looking partisan politics is a big problem.
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all over america and i think it's been exacerbated by the tweets and some of the conduct by the president despite the fact that he has the right to do what he wants in terms of the positions that he takes. there are implications and many people, certainly conservatives view the country as more divisive than ever before, and i think that's what donald trump doesn't get. i think what he would actually serve the country by helping to bring people together, and it's a problem. so i think you're going to see more of it. i think you'll see more of it across the board, not just with the nfl. you'll see it with other big institutions. i wouldn't surprised to see it across the board, nba, nfl and more >> let's talk about nascar and nascar they put out a statement. there were team
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if anybody protests we'll fire them. then you had -- in fact, there's a tweet from the president on the screen, when you talk about nascar and let's point out, their ratings are down too. i think it's worth mentioning but they're very perceived as patriotic then you have dale earnhardt saying i respect the right to protest. it tran sends sports from football to basketball to the hockey or whatever. >> look, sports are -- is made up of people. so when you have divisive elements and partisan politics and things which people feel strongly about, where deeply meaningful, and it's a strong principle to them, you're going to see it exhibited throughout the life. whether it's the personal life or certainly sports, and this is the time, this is a big point in our country in which it gets leaked everywhere. and
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the same because look, these are private enterprises. so they can ultimately dictate. right now, they're going certainly the nfl is going towards the players, but i would imagine, if the earnings start getting a big hit from the ticket sales standpoint, i wouldn't be surprised to see them begin to curtail that because at the end of the day it's a private enterprise and dollars dictate >> i want to ask you this. we heard there's group saying veterans day weekend, do some sort of protest. i think of the grand acidemia. when you're talking sports these are short lived >> fans will be passionate. then their team does well, go to the super bowl and all is forgiven. >> i don't think this is going away in the short term. i think medium to long-term perhaps, right now the focus intensified, amplified by president's attacks. people
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what their brands stand for. i believe you're only depose this get a lot more heated and far more people participating in the short to medium term >> we're back with more after this. er this.
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♪ ♪. ♪ ♪. ♪ ♪. let's get a different perspective. for years olivia skype and brit you said this is the first time in 15 years you didn't spend a weekend in front of a tv watching football >> i did not and that's truly saying a lot from when i was growing up. watching miami dolphins fans, games with my father, from florida to covering redskins here locally the
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the country covering all 32 teams. i have never taken a sunday off. it isn't a boycott. i'm not that type. i do believe in freedom of speech. it's just that with these protests, it sort of hard to not feel like it's being imposed upon you i'm a daughter of a lieutenants colonel in the air force and for a lot of conservatives and military families it strikes a cord that flag represents something different for you to see players kneeling. you'll others saying it's not a protest about the flag. the flag is involved, and i was just sick of the negativity on social media, so i was out in california and i enjoyed the beach for day. that alternative >> when you look at what happened, it started with colin kaepernick. the president said i believe he said these nfl owners aren't
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me to send a mean tweet about signing him in the first place. it intensified last week. the president was in front of a crowd. he knows how to rile a crowd up. suddenly it blew up >> i believe it was convenient red meat, because we have two ratings in the nfl for the sunday night football game it was the worst ratings since 2008 and for cbs earlier it was the worst ratings since 1998. now, so far this weekend, they haven't factored in monday night football. cowboys usually get a good turn-out but ratings are down 4%. some pregame saw a spike people wanting to see what's going on. in a city like nashville the heart of america, country music for the tines to not come out on the field. of we saw the same behavior with the pittsburgh s
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having to come out and apologize for his team mates for not sticking with him. it strike as cord with like you said the red meat conservatives i think moderates are feeling it bit >> when we talked to a previous guest. he said the biggest x factor for these ratings could be conservatives who were tuning out. we know there's some sort of protest planned. by the way we're looking at him. as you looked at that protest, i thought at first, because i grew up a steelers fan, covered the steelers. of i felt like if you're going to make a stand you're not doing it in public view. you pointed out these players are required to be on the field. 2009 a rule came down that said these players have to be on the field for the anthem. that's a league rule >> it wasn't always like
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policy, so this is where i would ask commissioner roger goodell if you want to have this for advertisers as part of the viewing experience, then perhaps there needs to be a conduct policy. yes, there is free speech, i'm a proponent of the first amendment but we have employers, you can't just go protesting on the job. maybe you could at fox 5. i don't know. but >> no, we can't. >> so that's inherent in society for the every day americans. so maybe they should be like u.s. soccer, which really just got out in front of it after megan was doing her protest and kneeling and they changed the bylaws, they got flack at the time. now they don't have to deal with it. i believe the commissioner needs to come up with a better solution. this on top of the domestic violence cases on top of deflate gate. it's a lot that added up with
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e >> we could talk about this, brit please come back we appreciate you joining us. we're back after this.
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there's really not much more you can say about puerto rico. a picture say 1,000 word, bottom line is they need help and however that effort comes. we need to be part of it. many charities out there offering help to the people of puerto rico,
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americans too. may not be a bad idea to throw a couple of bucks their way. we're back tomorrow at 11:30 tomorrow night. morning drill is here tomorrow. you know the drill. gun. good night
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announcer: today on "tmz" -- harvey: dond trump has triggered a nascar war. nascar owners are saying fire him. >> one owner says if anybody on his staff were to protest, he would send him on a greyhound bus and send them out of here. >> that is awful. >> the greyhounds? i know. [laughter] travis scott and kylie jenner stepped out for the first time since the pregnancy news came out. harvey: trav scott's told people the kid is airl. those kardashians, they're all girls. >> you have nathan, you have rain, you have faith. i love how everybody's forgotten rob. >> "narco" star pedro pascal. we talked to him about the location scout that was killed in mexico.


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