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tv   Fox 5 News 630  FOX  September 26, 2017 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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>> happy tuesday, the gop's lat est attempt to repeal and re place the affordable care act is dead and the president isn't so happy bit. so what now? you can see the run down on the side of your screen. this is what we're talking about tonight on 5@6:30. let's go. we were very disappointed by a couple of senators, republican senators i must say. we were very disappointed that they would take the attitude that they did we don't know why they did it. you can sort of figure that. but we'll see what happens. you know, it's going along. at some point there will be a repeal and replace. that was president trump hours before the announcement from the
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that this would not come up for aette volunteer. he placed a the look of blame for the bill's failure on senators rand paul and john mccain. in can pennsylvania, he tweeted out video of the arizona senator for his past comments and not supporting this latest gop bill whats was clear all along and on mccain and he has said this in some regards, the opposition is not because of the bill itself. he said it's the process. and we heard very early on that lindsay gram said we're the not going to get support from the democrats, we're going to move ahead with. john mccain when it comes to senate rules he's a guy that is a bit of a stickler. the big question moving ahead is , so this is over and done with. how do you make it better ? next time this comes around, how do you make healthcare better for people out there? this is a time for conversation, so let's start this conversation right now. i want to bring in dr. michael tissue letter, he is joining us live via skype. good evening. give us a sense here. you
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some of the concerns when you have patients and you deal with them? nowadays with healthcare, on all facets of it there's a lot of concern out there. what do you hear from your patients. >> as a dentist one of my concerned is dentistry is not really being brought into the healthcare topic. i've been wap ping all the debates on this and, you know, medicare and the affordable care act doesn't cover adult dental care and when you really look into it dental care really affects overall health in a big way. as we move forward here, i mean certainly you know we're going to he see this process happen again. what are some of the things that you want to see in addition to talk ing about dental care, some of the other things that need to go into this plan? so we get something that both sides and americans can be happy with. >> as a dentist i'm not really going to comment on the nuances of the general medicine aspects of this, but my perspective is that there's such a
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health that i'm just -- i'd like to see more event dentistry included in adisult care. one of the things that we poa cuss on in our practice is dental implants and we're talking about baby boomers that have to make big decisions as they get older and how does that affect their over all health and how are they going to afford that? >> what i noticed, too, in my healthcare and my dental care it seems like through the years that has been diem pennsylvania sized quite a bit. if i have healthcare, there's enormous out-of-pocket expenses when it comes to even just your typical checkup, cleaning, that are the some of thing. that's that major component of it that i think a lot of people tend to forget about long term. luckily the afford affordable care act and dental a insurance even covers basic dental care especially for children, thank god, and for adults for basic care. the problem is that dentistry has an endpoint and as
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qur how are they going afford better dental al care for long-term survival in their 606, 70s and 80s. when you talk about the departmental profession as a whole, i mean is there any sort of lobbying on that end that you work with the greater healthcare profession? is there a lot of interplay play between the two to try to encourage this to be the norm moving forward nrntle i'm certain the ada, the american dental ascoarks certainly is making strides to bring dental care more relative to healthcare . after watching this debate, healthcare alone without dental al care is already such a big issue and there's so many nuisances to it, we're in the back. it's not really a top end topic right now. the good news is we have sometime to talk about it going for. and hopefully they were paying attention to our interview today . dr. michael th
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thanks for joining us. our own ronica cleary is out tonight getting the pulse of the em p. what is the word on the street. >>reporter: i'll tell you a lot of people we spoke with, they seem in a way relieved, but also eager to see changes s still occur. it's not that they are necessarily thinking that the system currently is perfect, but maybe the way that this was being -- the way that republican s were going about this is where people seem to be frustrate and if you will maybe pleased that this process wasn't going to continue. why don't we let the people speak for themselves, though. take a listen to the pulse of the people. for them getting together and coming up, how to fix what they have is better than them trying to trt off new looking out for whatever party they support. i guess with a lft the reports that the republicans didn't have support anyway, it doesn't surprise me they didn't vote. it kind itself of of surprises that
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they reintroduce this bill all of a sudden. i think it is likely there will be a moderate compromise when the threshold is raised 60 votes. that doesn't mean they won't try. i'm happy about that, i don't think it was the right bill to do something progressive or constructive. i think it would have just been tearing something apart without a real good replacement. so i'm happy about it. >> i think with what that second woman had to say that it kind of surprised her that the gram cas disi bill even was presented i think that was a sent sentiment of a lot of people. a lot of people said what just happened because there were so bipartisan talks after the first attempt failed and then republicans seemed to put the bipartisan efforts aside and give this one more go. but with this no before september 30, as you know it doesn't like likely that thel eastbound able to do it in the method that they want to because now
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60 votes. they may have to compromise the way john mccain says it should be done. >> jeff sessions spoke out in favor of free rights speech. he spoke a the georgetown university law center today. he shared the justice department's plan to intervene in campus disputes like the ones that broke broken out at uc berkley and middle l bring college. there are those that say that free speech isn't but the right of free speech doesn't exist only to protect ideas upon which most of us a agree at a given moment in time. during the attorney general's speech he criticized college speech policy , also defended president trump's criticism of nfl players for kneeling during the national anthem. the attorney general sparked some, tape
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mowfts with big signs protesting what he had to say. mark levine , a member of virginia's health of delegates. i want to throw this out here first, we're talking free speech on l college campuses. georgetown is private . it's not a public university. that was the first thing that stood out to me here and the nfl is private as well. but there are certain spaces where we're expected to allow free speech even in private places. in fact, a mall is private. but people can hand out literature in some places in a mall and i think that generally free speech is welcome in these public spaces even in private universities. let me ask you real quick, during his speech today, the attorney general said universities are churning into who he monday just thought, a shelter for fragile egosment he criticized forgiving into the protestors demands to rescind invitations for certain speeches. is he right. >> he spoke not before
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georgetown university law center , but a specific conservative wing that didn't allow will i bal students to even enter the room. this guy is saying we need to have all points represented and the very people who invited him kept liberal students out. a little bit of hip rock situate. we heard from the attorney general, this has sort of built up. one line that i saw popping up a lot on twitter he said in america we don't tell people what to do and what to think and a lot of people are linking that to president trump's comments about football players saying they shouldn't be allow to take a certain stance toward the flag. that seems to be a little bit of a mismatch there. i believe we have a little bit of the attorney general talking about that today. let's listen real quick. >> well, the the president has free speech rights, too. he sends soldiers out every day to defense this country under the flag of the the unite
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under the national anthem and the unity that those symbols are calling us to adhere to. so i a glee that it's a big mistake to protest in that fashion. dave you pointed out the mix messag ing there. a the look of people were surprised to hear that on one under that, but on the other hand saying we need to allow free speech. maybe we don't understand it all. basically what he seems to be saying there is maybe the athletes have free speech to act the way they want to, but the president has free speech to say , you know, i don't like the way they're exercising their free speech. it's a couple layers there and i think, you know, he was having a difficult time sort of making the two statements reconcile. i think it's kind of a difficult spot. here's the thing, the president of the united states like any private citizen can say whatever they want. but donald trump trump is not understanding his w
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the president of the entire country, not just his country. donald trump is still tweeting like he's still a private citizen. as we look at the role on college campuses of free paid space. when you bench shapiro coming on congress, these areas, if you're triggered by something somebody may say on campus. you have to admit it does seem to be a level of fragility to some extent on college campuses these days. let me express to you the difference free speech public issue and to a public person. if you come on a hate group and say terrible things. that's protected by the constitution. if you call out an individual student or talk about them in a specific way, that can be harassment. that could be a threat. that can be legally
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what about when we see a lot of times what happened at uc berkley or these other schools where they want to bring in -- certain groups want to bring in speakers but there's another group who says we don't like what they have to say, isn't that a problem in you can't have it both what is. you want free speech but you can't have it both what is. it hasn't been especially controversially. when quon dangerous deliveries lease a rice was going to speak on her position over the iraq war. i've spoken to conservative s who are very upset about this idea that if you're a conservative and you want to go speech at a university you're going to shot down. if you're he a liberal no matter what your beliefs are itself -- kay. the best way to respond with speech is speech. let the person speak and go out and protest, not shouting someone down. you can't condemn a protestor when you're saying someone should have a right to speak. they both have a right to speak. would i be
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said we're out of time. >> we don't have free speech anymore because we must pay for the commercial breaks coming up thanks. we appreciate it. today the trump administration imposed some new sanctions taking aim at eight north korea banks. china, russia, liberal and the uae comes a day after north korea's foreign minister said that a tweet by president trump that the north quote won't be around much more is a declaration of war. the president heading to puerto rico next tuesday to survey the damage. his administration came under criticism for its response after the hurricane hit. during a press conference today mr. trump said the country is do ing a good job in puerto rico. dave and mark are still sitting here and you can see in their eyes, do we go yet? a. the president appears to be a big factor in the
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governor's race. tom fitzgerald ,. >>reporter: a big impact on who virginia's next governor is. we're going to talk about it as the 5@6:30 continues. we're back right after this. mark herring: my mom always worked hard to provide for our family. at one point, she got fired for of all things -- getting married. that was a lifelong lesson for me: when people are hurt, you need to stand up and do something. and i've never forgotten that as your attorney general. whether it's protecting veterans and seniors from shady debt collectors, or cracking down on gangs and drug traffickers, i have one guiding principle: do what's right for people. i'm mark herring, candidate for attorney general, and i sponsored this ad.
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when come back. tonight there's fresh efforts president trump is a big factor in the virginia's governor's race. a whopping 96 percent of voters for democratic candidate ralph north em disprove of the president, probably not a surprise there. but at the same time 75 percent of the republican approve of president trump. let's bring in tom fitzgerald to break this all down for us. >>reporter: shawn, i'm not formally trained as a political science, but 96 percent is a lot of democrats who say that they are going to go to the polls. remember, these are likely voters because they do not like donald trump. clearly on the face of it this means the
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bit of donald trump problem on his hands as he tries to become the virginia governor. when you look at this poll that was re lease today by the christopher newport university it also shows that there may be some trouble brewing on the democratic horizon for candidate ralph north em as well. a lot of virginia voters who say they are likely voters are at odds with his stand. where does this leave this? virginia as we know is a purple state. threes a lot of red, there's a lot of blue of the both sides have to appeal to the others to get that election tied up. however, some of the experts who have been looking at this poll today, one of them virginia tech's and contact deem and says what she sees are some signs that both republicans and democrats have to pay attention to as they head into this election. there's real strong opposition to trump that's being reflected in support for north a.m. you
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polls as well. that's a really big impact that you're having here. i think the bigger challenge for gillespie does he lean towards trump, lean away? so how does that shake out in the terms of this campaign in well, she says for the democrats they got to be careful not to over play, pardon me for this pun, the trump card. she says deps have to come up with plans for what they want to do if they are able to retain this governor 's mansion, not just the fact that they are the anti trump party. you'll think that that sondz familiar because there's a lot of what people have been saying about democrats on the national level as well. now, for ed gillespie there's a question here, does he embrace donald trump in does he embrace the trump presidency or does he try to distance himself with it that's something they're going to be looking at as they head into the final weeks of this many contact in pennsylvania. we took sometime today and we talked to some people who told us they are going to
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this gubinatorial race. this is what they said about what they think president trump's effect on this race is going to be. >> i think they're going to decide it with trump on trump's issues. i'm trying to stay away from it, honestly. >> why do you try to stay away from it. >> it's such a negative impact. today since he's got into office thrnld is going to have a big effect on this one here. in there is some history at work on this as well, too. it's got nothing to do with donald trump you look at the last four govern os in virginia, terry mcauliffe right now going back to mark warner, tim kaine, only bob mcdonald is a republican. democrats have been very effective in these gubernatorial races and it's going to be on the republicans to
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that cycle as we head into november, jim and shawn. almost sounded like you were rehearsing of a new we didn't start the fire with a virginia governor. i tried that in care oak i one night and it is a tricky song. rchghts thawj for not trying it out on the air. >> we appreciate it. >> if you can think of something that rhymes at ma cullive, tweet us. when it comes to protection from the secret service one member of the president's family said he didn't want it. but is donald trump jr. changing his mind? we're back after this.
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>> you may remember this name, hillary clinton, she's blasting the trump administration following reports that at least six lie level white house officials used private e-mail a crests while conducting government business. in an interview on serious xm she said
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situate her use of private e-mail was a dumb mistake, but she added a dumber scandal. what was the content of the e-mail being change exchanged. >> herself were of more of a sensitive nature. >> last week when donald trump jr. dropped second secret service that didn't last long. he gave up his protection to have more privacy, while, the secret service provides mandatory protection to the president and vice-president it also is for family members. they can decline it at any time there is no word why donald trump jr. decided to deactivate the detail. >> you may hear this and i listened to h interview this morning and it may have sounded a little bit in jest, but none the
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between donald trump and howard stern. stern asked if his other two children were trying to quote, bump off a child and if there was any truth referring to that referring to tiffany. the now president did reportedly say yes. you said you heard the actual interview. >> he was trying to be funny. he made a lot of appearances on the show before he transitioned. >> and it was howard stern. take it for whatever you think it's worth. >> one marine is making history. >> big news from one of those who just completed those difficult courses in the millio try. we're back after this.
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z2fwdz z16fz y2fwdy y16fy >> welcome back. mar remember a is making history as the first of woman to graduate wait from the marine corps infantry course . she wanted to keep her identity private which we can respect. but they did release this video of her training with her fellow marines. since the training course was open to women, 36 h
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have successfully completed it until now. the 13 week officer infantry training course is considered one of the most difficult in all of the military and all i have to say is you go girl. i think she may be the first, but she will not be the last. she will be one of many to come here. >> also sem beer phi. i think that's an awesome accomplishment . tonight on the final five, do you know what guy s are talking about yet in. >> it's funny, everything is always up in the air. but we're going to talk a little bit about the day and the continuing fall out from the nfl, the pro tests and where we go from here. doesn't it seem forever ring ago when it all went down. i wanted to check if anybody found a word that rhymed with mcauliffe yet. >> we'll work on that. maybe we'll come up on a musical version of we didn't start the fire. no comment on any of that .
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joining us tonight on five at six. 3030. news continues on digital. dear suspicious snackers, it's time for you to pick up your big spoon and try new hood cottage cheese. hood is the brand people have trusted for more than 170 years, and it's packed with satisfying protein. new to your local dairy aisle!
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announcer: today on "tmz" -- harvey: so we got tommie lee and his girlfriend out, and tey say they were not having sex on that airplane. >> tommie, you're telling me nothing went down in that rest room incident in the air? >> absolutely nothing. >> she said that she was sick. >> how can you be sick for 1 minutes? harvey: honestly, if you're sick for 15, you don't come out wth an eating grin. >> a what grin? harvey: oh, charlie. >> i don't understand what they're eating in there? [laughter] >> now it's official. we now know kylie and scott are having a girl. we're told she's five months pregnant rigt now. >> yeah, she's pregnant for five and dating for six. >> who doesn't wear a condemn


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