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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  September 30, 2017 11:30pm-12:30am EDT

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throws that way. caught. washington finds a crease and rudolph put it on him. >> joel: if you're going down, you go down with your best. i love the play call. i love the decision from mason rudolph. a great ball on target for a first down. >> joel: a gain of 20. first and 10. rudolph out of the pocket. dumps it off. complete to hill. he goes down immediately. >> gus: texas tech wanted a hold on marcus keys, the left guard. looks like broderick washington was the man bearing down on mason rudolph in the backfield and made him exit the pocket. >> gus: 17th career game with 300 or more passing yards. 7 and 8 at the 34.
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rudolph, the throw. over the middle. caught again. first down. a flag on the play. mccleskey makes the reception. >> joel: the flag away from the play. bottom of your screen, near side. >> referee: prior to the pass, holding, defense. number 3 on an eligible receiver. that flag is declined. the result of the play is a first down. >> joel: take the first down. what has been
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the in cuts. whether it's a slot receiver or a slant receiver. the routes over the middle. that's where oklahoma is making all of their money right now. >> gus: first and 10 at the 23. rudolph running the ball. another first down as he falls at the 10 in front of dorsey. >> joel: he's just thought of as a nonthreat as a runner that texas tech's defense is not respecting him. he gives the fake and wide open. hill cuts it back. dragged down inside the tech 5. what a great series for oklahoma state. >> joel: a couple of great passes by mason rudolph in big situations including long third down conversion. they're primed here for a score. >> gus: second down and goal at the 4 after the six-yard
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hill. cuts it back. falls at the 1. dakota allen with first contact. third down and goal. >> joel: here you go. this is the snap here. this will tell you everything you need to know about the will of your football team on either side. if you're oklahoma state, you have the will to keep this season alive potentially your playoff hopes alive. >> gus: the texas tech defense was made for big plays here. high snap. rudolph runs it. he won't get in. so now the cowboys have a decision to make. here's the field goal unit. six
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>> joel: remember, gus, the center, brad lundblade. he left the game with an injury. this is a backup. now in his second game. he's in at center. that's what caused that play to go awry. >> gus: and ammendola, 2 for 3 tonight. this one from 19 yards away. off the edge of the upright again. he missed it from 19 yards. unbelievable. texas tech will take over, 5:30 to go.
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elated on the texas tech sideline. oklahoma state can't believe it. that's the reason that if you're mike gundy, you take a delay of game. remember, we've seen kliff kingsbury twice tonight about that spot on the field take a delay of game in order to get a better angle for the short field goal. there ammendola is forced to kick the chip shot and he missed it. >> gus: texas tech first count and 10 at their own 20. stockton king in the backfield. here's the hand-off. king. backwards running room. texas tech adopted their team slogan,
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texas tech versus everybody. people not giving them a chance to be good in the big 12. kliff kingsbury said we have 12 chances every year to prove everybody wrong. >> joel: darian daniels down for oklahoma state. this is born out of being picked to finish 10th in the big 12. daniels, the junior from dallas. been a strong contributor on that d-line this year. his first year as a starter. this place has been magical for texas tech throughout the years under the lights. 4-1 record versus a.p. top 15 teams in night games here in lubbock. that ttve, they brought
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new faces between the signing class and the transfers. 18 different transfers. some from four-year schools, lots from junior colleges. i believe 13 was the number. >> gus: coming into this season, kliff kingsbury on the hot seat. >> joel: and he knew it. didn't shy away from it. >> gus: second down and 5 at the 25. 34-34. shimonek. drops it off in the flats. stockton looking for the first down. he has it. >> joel: those backs have gotten loose several different times as they come out of the backfield. the linebackers for oklahoma state have lost coverage a few times. that's where shimonek has made up yardage and gotten easy conversions. >> gus: first down.
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here's the blitz. shimonek. throws under pressure. incomplete. that thrown high. t.j. vasher was open. >> joel: here's part of the problem. texas tech doesn't normally rotate wide receivers. the same four guys out there. now with coutee out of the game, they have to go to their depth. and now vasher is getting time. gus, on the last snap, the timing was a bit off. vasher was not out of his break. coutee on the sideline there. injured earlier in this game. >> gus: second and 10 at the 31. shimonek. underneath. caught. not enough for the first down for antoine wesley. tech trying to get to the
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of scrimmage quickly. faced with a third and 4 at their own 37. >> joel: an effective play on second and 10. creates a shorter yardage situation where a dump down to a back or a short wide receiver you can get the conversion. >> gus: oklahoma state with trouble on third down last week against tcu. >> joel: couldn't get the frogs off the field. gave up 11 of 13 third down conversions. >> gus: third and 4. shimonek. underneath. again. incomplete. nobody even close. >> joel: that's the miscommunication. that's the issue when you don't rotate as a wide receiver. vasher hasn't had the remembers in this type of situation to understand the coverage to drop out of his route. shimonek expecting something from vasher that he was not getting. now tech will have to punt it away. >> gus: vasher a
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wichita falls. and panazzolo, the last time he attempted a punt, it was blocked. he'll get this one off. and fair caught at the 20. 3:22 to go. let's recap it for you. here's how we got to this point. >> joel: the first series for oklahoma state was so impressive. 21-17. they came down to field. mason rudolph gets in there. texas tech just quietly started clawing back. here's the biggest play. the field goal. they gave tech a chance. oklahoma state, have to give them credit. stopping that series and giving their offense a chance. >> gus: from the 21. rudolph. all day to throw the football. dumps
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caught by keenan brown. and brown picks up three. >> joel: great coverage from jordan brooks. he made the tackle. fast player. just a sophomore. played all year last year as a true freshman from houston. 6'1", 240 pounds. he will be in the cross hairs now. they have worked the middle of the field all day long. >> gus: second down and 7 at the 24. they'll run it. hill. and knocked out of bounds. gilmore knocked him out-of-play after another three-yard gain. clock stopped at 2:44. >> joel: third down opportunity. we led were the defense coming in for texas tech. they've been pretty good tonight. as advertised. not a great defense but good enough at times. a chance to get off the
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>> gus: they make it third and 5 at the 26. washington, the receiver at the top. rudolph. fires down the field. a man -- what a catch! ateman ripped the ball down like he was a rebounder. a gain of 26 and a first down over octavius morgan. >> joel: that's what 6'4", 220 pounds will do for you. a 50/50 ball. mason rudolph just gave his player a chance and ateman came down with it. >> gus: ateman, six catches, 114 yards. first down at the tech 48. play fake. rudolph. far side. caught. washington. stiff-arm. dragged down from behind. that might be a flag if it's a horse collar. >> joel: yeah, i thought it was. fields who has played a terrific game out there
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position a red shirt freshman as he was trying to get washington down to the ground clearly had a hold of that back of the jersey. that neck area. >> referee: personal foul, face mask. defense. number 23. 15-yard penalty added to the end of the run. first down. >> joel: i didn't see the face mask. he had him on the back of the jersey. either of those could have been called. >> jenny: so already oklahoma state in field goal rank or are they? ammendola has missed a 22 yarder and a 19-yarder. 2 for 4. will mike gundy trust him is the big question if he has to. >> joel: they're
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clock bleed a little bit. they get it away. rudolph. quarterback draw. he will go down at the 16. texas tech called a time-out. they have two remaining. 1:19 to play. >> joel: you'll see how much faith mike gundy has because of this. two field goals off the right upright for ammendola. and this sequence of play calling is going to let you know exactly how much faith gundy has in running matt ammendola out on the field to attempt a field goal here inside of a man.
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. >> gus: second down and 8 at the 16. rudolph. runs it. gets to the line. touchdown cowboys! the second rushing touchdown of the game for mason rudolph. oklahoma state takes a 40-34 lead. >> joel: you'll have four texas tech players that get stuck with their eyes in the wrong direction. you have corners in man to man. the defensive end goes way down with the running back. the safety gets stuck with his eyes in the backfield. and there's nobody left for mason rudolph. >> gus:
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point. it's good. 41-34. 1:12 remaining. here's texas tech. they'll get the football back with two time-outs.
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>> gus: welcome back to lubbock. mason rudolph scored two rushing touchdowns. you take a look at the drive. six plays, 79 yards. just over two minutes. rudolph with the big run. ammendola sends it away. he kicks this one deep for a touchback. texas tech will start from the 25 for nic shimonek. >> joel: all the chips in the middle of the table. you have a great series from the oklahoma state defense. the offense came out and answered the bell with everything on the line. two losses, you're not going to the playoffs. nick shimonek will led his red raiders back on the field. he's had a terrific second
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over 300 yards passing. they'll have to get this thing going very quickly. the tempo that we're using to seeing from texas tech. 1:12. texas tech has a couple time-outs. >> gus: from the 25. shimonek. in trouble. throws. out of bounds. 1:06 to go. joel, quickly. when he looks to the line after breaking the huddle with the play, what is happening there? >> joel: he's looking over to the play caller, kliff kingsbury. he's trying to get them to the right play. the problem is that shimonek keeps looking to vasher, the most inexperienced wide
11:49 pm
what did mason rudolph do? he went to james washington. dylan cantrell has to be you featured receiver. >> gus: shimonek steps up. wants to throw. does. its caught by wesley. 58 second to go. texas tech close to midfield now after the 25-yard gain. >> joel: a lot of time left. two time-outs. >> gus: first down. shimonek. lets it go. and out of bounds. >> joel: great coverage by oklahoma state. the defensive linemen trying to get after shimonek who is buying time. that was to osborne, number 91 that was a playing the pressure to shimonek. he had no where to go with the ball. >> gus: texas tech with two time-outs left. oklahoma state has
11:50 pm
second and 10. at midfield. shimonek. dancing. shimonek. looking. he throws it out of bounds again. good coverage by the cowboy defense. darian daniels with pressure. that makes it third and 10. >> joel: you have to think about running that ball if you're nic shimonek and try to stay out of this longer yardage situation. the coverage right now for oklahoma state, they're rushing three and dropping eight in coverage. that's why there's no where to go with the football for shimonek. >> gus: third and 10. shimonek.
11:51 pm
with time. bouncing around. throws. incomplete. willies the intended receiver. tre flowers got a hand on it. fourth down and 10 with 23 seconds to go. >> joel: in is where the injury to coutee is so big. he's the guy that understands space more than any wide receiver in the game. the wide receivers are not understanding which zones to hook up in. this drop eight coverage is confusing them as they make their way down the field. >> gus: fourth down and 10 at midfield. a time-out called by the red raiders. >> referee: second charged time-out texas tech. that is a 30-second time-out. >> gus: one left for tech.
11:52 pm
>> joel: kliff kingsbury and the texas tech red raiders are seeing the same coverage snap after snap after snap. on the last play, it looks like oklahoma state before they took that time-out was going to pressure, which is why kingsbury took a time-out. he wanted to take it over. at this point, the first down is paramount. they got a time-out. you can't worry about the clock yet. right now this is one snap for the game. at that point, you have to call a play where every wide receiver is at a minimum at the sticks. when you're facing zone coverage like they've seen this entire series, we used to have a play all hook where every single guy would run straight ahead and turn around at the sticks. i'm going to as a quarterback choose the best ratio and go to the place where i have the best mismatch and dylan cantrell, the most experienced wide receiver for te
11:53 pm
fourth and 10. >> joel: looks like they're going to bring the pressure. force it out of his hands quickly. >> gus: tech trying to stay alive. they need this one. here's shimonek. under pressure. broken up and incomplete. flowers breaks it up. and texas tech turned it over on downs with 18 seconds remaining. >> joel: what a stand from this oklahoma state defense. flowers that drops the interception will get down and give the rest of the dbs 10 for the dropped ball. a great stand for this defense. shimonek trying to go down the seam there. oklahoma state brought the blitz. flowers in perfect position to bat it down and win the game for the oklahoma state cowboys and keep the season
11:54 pm
hopes alive. >> gus: a happy mason rudolph has thrown three touchdowns. he ran in another two. rudolph. snaps it. takes a knee. with 13 seconds left, that is your ball game. oklahoma state will improve to 4-1 as they defeat texas tech on the road 41-34. the ninth straight time that the cowboys have defeated the red raiders. >> joel: talk about surviving
11:55 pm
the road if you're oklahoma state. matchups always close. last year, came down to a one-point game. a missed pat. kliff kingsbury has to be disappointed. for mike gundy and the cowboys, they're still alive. >> gus: 41-34 the final. mason rudolph, 27 of 38, 376 yards passing, three touchdowns thrown and he ran in two more. right now our jenny taft is standing with coach gundy. >> jenny: coach, it wasn't always easy but you found a way to get it done. how pleased are your with your team? >> with all the ups and downs, i was proud the way we finished. defense made some stops. they were rolling good on it. we made a couple adjustments. the offense put a drive together. it's always this way when oklahoma state plays tech. we have to
11:56 pm
they played a good game. we were able to overcome quite a few mistakes in the kicking game. >> jenny: what can you say about the leadership from mason rudolph? five touchdowns. he had two on the ground. what did he do for your team? >> he overthrew the out cutterly and threw the pick. he didn't let it face him. i was proud of our coaching staff and the resiliency with our team. it's a good win. on the road here, wins aren't easy. >> jenny: what improvements do you still need to see? >> we have to be better on kickoff and cover better. ammendola got fine. he got shaken there. in the end, he came back and made the pat. >> jenny: thanks for your time. >> thank you. >> gus: thanks, jenny. time for the expectations shattering drive of the game sponsored by buick. >> joel: it was all about mason rudolph and huge plays down the field. none bigger than that.
11:57 pm
marcell ateman gets it. james washington makes a catch, a penalty on that drive. it was the feet of the quarterback and the quarterback that doesn't run often found himself in the end zone twice tonight leading his team to a victory. quite a performance overcoming mistakes and walking out with a victory. >> jenny: the final score here 41-34. oklahoma state beats texas tech. we'll have more postgame coverage from lubbock after these messages. ve up, skeletor! you're finished! curse you, he-man, you interfering imbecile! give us one good reason we shouldn't vanquish you to another dimension! ok, guys, hear me out. switching to geico could save you... hundreds on car insurance. huh, he does make a point... i do like to save money... catch you on the flip, suckas! geico. because saving fifteen percent
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>> gus: 41-34 the final. oklahoma state defeats texas tech here in lubbock. gus johnson along with joel klatt. texas tech gave them a run for their money. >> joel: they did. >> gus: in the end, the best player had the best game. >> joel: he did. mason rudolph is a guy, he's going to have a long nfl career. he's a great player. in the biggest moments -- i said it with eight
12:02 am
when it comes down to a quarterback making plays down the field, the quarterback that made the plays is mason rudolph. he did that to some very good and big wide receivers like james washington and marcell ateman. the second half started with a bang. they went down the field. established some dominance. texas tech fought back. they got an onside kick. a couple of miscues from oklahoma state that allowed tech to get in this game. the second missed field goal of the night. that's when you thought the magic was there. what happened? some huge throws on a series and the feet of mason rudolph gets in the end zone and they put it away. great teams have to find ways to win in league play on the road. that's what happened. tech is a better team. they came in 3-0. that was not a fluke. they beat a very good houston team and hung with oklahoma
12:03 am
when the chips are down, that's when you have to make a throw. third down, big situations, bang. he made great throws. >> gus: jenny taft had a chance to catch up with mason rudolph. >> jenny: mason found a way to get it done. you called last week's loss a hiccup. is this the response you were looking for? >> yeah, collectively we didn't play great. it was me, the offense. we wanted to make a statement and get back on the right track. defense created turnovers. scored in clutch situations. hats off to the new guys. mixing and matching them in there and ran the ball well. >> jenny: showed poise. five touchdowns. three in the air. two on the ground. where did the run come from? >> i told them give me the option to pull it. we'll convert. he tries to keep me safe.
12:04 am
game. it worked out tonight. >> jenny: a lot of goals you have for the team. what else you want to see? >> we're taking it week by week. we have an off-week next week. we'll do our homework on baylor and get everybody healthy. it's a one-week season. a day by day approach and we'll take baby steps. >> jenny: best of luck. >> thanks. >> gus: if you close your eyes and listen to mason rudolph, you hear peyton manning. >> joel: i didn't think of that. >> gus: that is good. he gave all the right answers. i love the fact that he's like, i told gundy i want to run the football. hey, he did so in big moments in the red zone and he made great decisions and got himself in the end zone. a big win for oklahoma state. bouncing back after the loss to tcu. now their goals are ahead of them. they want to go to the playoffs. the goals still in play. >> gus: big credit to justice hill. 164
12:05 am
washington ties his high with nine receptions. oklahoma state wins the game on the road. a big win for the cowboys. 41-34 the final. there's more exciting college football going on. flip over to fs1 to see cal battling oregon in eugene. 41-34 the final. oklahoma state 4-1. they bounce back from the lost last week at home to tcu. the red raiders lose their first game of the year, but they look better, especially on defense. that wraps it up from here in lubbock. for joel klatt and jenny taft, i'm gus johnson saying so long and good night.
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>> first tonight a tragic ending in search for a teen. the direct words her mother had for the person that took her daughter's life. >> and president trump lashing out at officials in storm-ravaged, puerto rico, what he's saying about claim the feds were slow to respond. >> and here's a live look outside. i hope you're having a nice saturday evening. it has been a cool saturday. but, what will tomorrow bring. the news starts now. a homicide investigation is underway tonight after a teenager missing for nearly two weeks was found dead the body of 19-year-old
12:10 am
shante billie was found and the search continues for her killer. >> tonight her parents spoke out after learning the ow full news. evan lambert reports. >> as a news conference tonight ashan it e billie's parents prepared as they had prepared for the worst scenario. they thanked volunteers that sevrpd for their daiingt and spoke directly to the person that is responsible for her disappearance and death. >> we were notified yesterday that a body had been found in charlotte and we were finally notified today that it was identified as shante billie, our daughter. >> the parents of 19-year-old shante billie officially learned the news so many
12:11 am
true. investigators said a body found friday morning behind a church in west charlotte is billie's. she attended high school in prince george countsy and was missing since september 18. when she was last seen is entering a military base in norfolk, virginia, where she worked on base at a sandwich shop. her parents spoke to reporters saturday afternoon. >> this is not one of the outcomes that we all were seeking. but yet and still once again there's other young people missing out here and so, our desire and our prayers were answered and she's home, she's home with god and we are okay with that. >> aaccording to a statement from the charlotte mecklenburg police department investigators there are treating billie's death as a homicide investigation. they have got revealed how she got from norfolk to charlotte or if they identified
12:12 am
suspect in billie's disappearances and death. >> to the person or persons that decided they wanted to take our baby away from us and away from everyone that loved her, you're a coward. you don't deserve to breathe the air she breathed at all. >> sasante we love you baby, we love you. we love you. >> a spokes woman for fbi in norfolk area tells me they are working hard to solve this case. they say they need the pu public's help. anyone with information is is asked to contact the fbi. in the newsroom, evan lambert. "fox5 local news". in montgomery county, funeral services were helped today for laura wallen. pregnant teacher police say was murdered by her boyfriend. friends and family gathered luther an church st. andrews to remember wallen. he was well known
12:13 am
loved teacher in howard county. earlier this month they found wallen's body in with a shallow grave. investigate towards say her boyfriend took her to a field and shot her. that man, tyler tessier is changed with murder. >> another memorial service was held in maryland for a man that died in a mysterious house fire. the body was found earlier this month in the basement of a bethesda home he was working this 134er and the homeowner made it out alive. no word on the cause of fire. >> also montgomery country police need your help typing a missing bethesda man. william carter iii was seen leaving walter reed on rockville pike driveing a blue toyota tundra pickup truck with south carolina tags and there's a motorcycle in the bed of that truck. mees and family are concerned about his emotional and physical well-being. and if you do having in on his whereabouts, montgomery county police are
12:14 am
them a call. >> all right. let's take a turn for the weather and hope you're having a great night out there tonight but full shot of the capitol dome on this saturday evening. i guess it is really sunday morning if you want to be technical about it. it was a gorgeous day outside. how about the rest of the weekend. >> is gwen squoyns us now and gwen it is feeling like fall. it was a crisp day out there today. >> definitely. on the windy side. we really fell that cool, northerly wind kicking n as we head now we're past the midnight hour. we're definitely seeing cool conditions. today's highs actually below the seasonal average. 0 reagan national airport. we should be about 74. 67 at dulles and 68 at bwi thorough good marshall. some 6 to 7 below seasonal. there as far as sky conditions are concerned we he have clear skies for you tonight. not much happening, rain northeast. not expecting that could come our way and chilly.
12:15 am
it's definitely chilly. temperatures in the overnight will be into the upper 40s and low 050s. cooler to the far northwest into the 0s and there they could see frost over higher elevations. >> tomorrow is looking fantabulous. temperatures are looking great in the 7 day forecast as well. i'll have all those detail coming up in a bit. back to you, matt. >> gwen, thank you. a little breaking news tonight and it is sad. let's make a deal game shall host monte hall died. he died from heart failure is it a at his home in beverly hills california he hosted popular game show featuring costumed contestants competing for cash and prizes many years. he was 96 years old. the effort to help hurricane ravaged puerto rico is growing. 26 members of maryland national guard will be heading to the island to help with water purification
12:16 am
to 60 days. in virginia the military hospital ship usnf comfort left norfolk on five-day jo journey to puerto rico. many hospitals on island are operating off generator pow and can only care for most critical. they have personnel on board to help from intensive care to deptistry. >> as recovery efforts continue so does political war of wards between president and some expert rican officials. more from san juan. i am begging, begging anyone that can hear us, to save us from dying. >> the situation here in puerto rico is still dire step days after direct hit from the hurricane maria. aid is slowly trickling in and the power is in and out most areas and precedent are complaining about shortages of food and water.
12:17 am
president trump surprise praising federal response while tag a shot at local leaders here dweeting "they want everything to be done for them when it should be a community effort. meanwhile puerto rico's governor and mayor of san juan are trying to keep the focus on saving lives. >> to recognize the important issue it's helping the people. everything else is -- >> meanwhile more federal resources are starting to arrive and army corps of engineers is assessing the long term damage to the island infrastructure. >> we have to do whatever we can whether getting fuel in to get power plants running. >> and many residents say the age is not getting the areas needed. officials blame damaged roads and lack of communication infrastructure. some say they feel abandoned by the government. >> we have received little help and it has affected all uv puerto rico. >> america keeps demonstrating for them
12:18 am
done it throughout hist rain more evident with hurricane maria. >> president trump surprise spending the day in new jersey at his golf course and he's coming tuesday to got a look at the gaj and federal response. >> thousands turn out for protests in the district today. >> two different marches ended up becoming one. dozens injured after it collapses at a soccer day. >> terrifying details next
12:19 am
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>> you have to take a look at this video. scary scene over he seas which a barrier klamsed in a soccer match in france. fans surge forward to celebrate a goal for their team, right here, the front of the barricade collapsed spilling dozens of people on top of each other and on to the field. about 25 people were hurt. four of them seriously. the much was immediately halted and eventually suspended. >> and authorities in georgia have arrested a man in connection with a deadly hit and run that was all caught on camera. we want to warn you some of the video you might find disturbing. 65-year-old murry blackman was taken into custody last night. police say he was responsible for kill ago man that was trying to buy a laptop from him in a parking lot. surveillance video shows blackman driving off with a victim clinking to the side of the car. and he then
12:23 am
brakes sending the victim crashing into asphalt and k killing him instantly. police say black man has a hedge odd of doing craiglist scams while driving off with people's money. >> in ohio two people recovering after a car slammed into starbucks. here's a look at the damage left behind. police say a car jumped the cushion to the pat whoa rear area and crashed into the building. two women were sitting on the patio and were vuk and have been taken to the hospital. the driver of the vehicle was cited for failure to maintain control. >> those are stuff stories, represent they. >> yes. >> another shakeup at the white house. >> secretary of health and human services pays the price after expensive travel was exposed. roxanne noet snoevt snoevt you don't have to put on the red light snoet snoet
12:24 am
12:25 am
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12:27 am
>> now to the latest shakeup in the trump administration. tom price is out as secretary of health and human services and it's after revelations he spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxpayer money chartering private flights. >> several failed attempts repeal obamacare could be at the heart of this move. fox's allison barber has more. >> reporter: there are new protocols if you're a member of the trump administration and planning to travel. on friday, white house budget director september a memo to heads of executive departments and agencies saying in part, any travel on government or chartered planes needs prior approval by chief of staff john telllism the memo came hours after the resignation of hhs secretary tom price. a week an a half ago politco reported on former secretary use of private planes.
12:28 am
they said price used private charter planes at least 24 times beginning in may costing taxpayers over 300,000. price said he would pay back the price of his seat on those flights, $52,000 and after that politco found more questionable nights. he defended flights on special report the day before he resigned. >> these were approved through the normal process. it was deemed appropriate and that was the necessary way to be able to make my only obligations within the department. >> the president expressed disappointment in price. >> i'm not happy, okay, i can tell you i'm not happy. >> price submitted a letter of resignation an hour later and president accept today and now the travel habits of other cabinets members are under a microscope according to ryan zinke took a number of flights on private military planes. one from nevada to a airport
12:29 am
near zinke's home and it cost more than $1,000 for taxp taxpayers. allison barber, fox news. >> tensions are rising between the u.s. and cuba. setting of state rex tillerson is ordering all non emergency american employees to leave the country and he's also warning u.s. citizens not to travel there. this decision comes after american diplomats fell victim to mysterious attacks in their hole tell rooms leaving twhem hearing loss, nashia, headaches and concussions and reman's a mystery who and what caused this tillerson has said us embassy personnel were targeted. cuba insists the government has nothing to do with the attacks and trump administration is currently limiting diplomatic staff and keep americans safe without hurting diplomatic relations. still ahead a full super intend ept under fire. >> after a prayer at a public meeting.
12:30 am
>> more next. re next.


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