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tv   Fox 5 News 630  FOX  October 3, 2017 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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remembering the rick times and unraveling the mystery behind the las vegas massacre. plus president trump visits puerto rico. as you can see from the run down on the side of your screen this is what we're talk ing about tonight at 6:30. the president touched down on the hurricane rav vaijed island this morning. he met with local s and met with government leaders, including the mayor of san juan who has been critical of how the trump administration has been handling efforts. he also took a swipe at the cost of
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to tell you, puerto rico, but you're throwing our budget a little out of whack because we've spent a lieutenant of money on puerto rico and that's fine. if you look at the -- every death is a horror, but if you look a at a real contact tas troa fee like katrina and you look at the tremendous hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of people that diane you look at what happened here with really a storm that was just totally over bearing, nobody has ever seen anything like this. maybe not exactly in fair comparison, he we want to bring in niles standish, column isabella for the ill. it didn't seem like a lot of people responded the same way. >> there was a little bit of laughter, but i think more broadly it seemed a curious comment to plik and not the sort of thing that we could anticipate others making in a place that's been hit by a natural disaster.
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was a little touch and go how the president would be received once he got down to puerto rico because as we know the mayor of san juan had a lot to say, other officials did, as well. overall what was the feedback of how this visit met with the president. >> i think the comments, some of the peculiar ones are getting the head lients. it seemed largely positive. there wasn't any of those is ses that gives politicians nightmares when they're sort of assailed by somebody who is in a tough situation. none of that pped that. i think a lot of the reaction from the handling of the natural disaster, for the administration's part has been pos tivment he had a good work ing relationship with the governors, rick scott and greg abbott, this again still seemed like it was not handled as well as the previous two. i think that's a fair comment and i think president trump is definitely feeling that as well one of the interesting things is that he kept emphasizing a
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in a positive t way. do you think the president, i don't know, maybe he doesn't get it because he also said, you know, they're not doing enough to help themselves or implied. they are the united states. the same as, you know, texas or bl florida. do you think there's a disquek or disconnect. the idea that people in puerto rico are american citizens that it is seen as removed and less politically vital. it looks like the mayor of san juan without out a tweet, not necessarily backtracked, but said she's happy, it seems the officials of administrations have an idea of what the obstacles have been. that's important for theoverall effort it seemed like bash after bash. there's lives at scaik here. th
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yourselves. you don't want a repeat of hurricane katrina. the governor of louisiana did not end up running again. there was a little, a few uncomfortable moments, though. she introduced herself and said hello and told the president it wasn't about politics and he sort of brushed her off and went on his way. it is nice that eventually we heard him and in talking to some of the folks that there were saying the mayor had done a good job. i think there's definitely still tension there and you mentioned the peculiar exchange where she was trying to put a good gloss on it and he didn't seem to reciprocate. he isn't prone to forgiving people who he considered to have slighted him and i think that's part of the whole deal. not exactly apples to apples compa
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you talked about contact trin actioner it wasn't the hurricane itself, it was the flooding and the levies breaking, that's why the death toll was significantly alleger. i think that was in the a fair comparison to make it seemed today. the comparison politically is a recovery effort or goes wrong or is too sluggish . i think that has hunt ed presidents ever since hurricane that trin a and that is what president trump is so eager to avoid, partly for his own political purposes. what is the plan? what are we going to see next with regard to puerto rico and the voir virgin islands . they're saying that things will pick up pace. they've already tressed the logistical difficulties they've encountered so now they're say ing it will get better. fingers crossed for the folks of puerto rico certainly. niles, always good to see you. happy tuesday. >> any day is a happy day when i'm wh
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from puerto rico to las vegas to the latest on the russia investigation, fox news contributor juan williams joins us now to break down the political knews of the day. let's talk about what we've seen over the last couple of days from the president in puerto rico, a lolt of focus on that. there was a lot of buildup to there prior to what we've seen in las vegas. how did you think the president handled himself today. the idea that he wants to suggest that somehow they're expecting everybody else to bale them out while they're in the middle of crisis is a little insulting and then of course his tweets about the mayor and the mayor saying she wasn't righting to start anything or suggest that he was the problem. she was talking out of need and trying to represent the needs of her people which is a legitimate function for a political leader so i think that goes on as a political problem in terms of the level of response, the effectiveness of
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the ongoing effort at rebuilding and rescuing people in puerto rico. juan, let's talk also a little bit about the story that's dominated the headlines for the last 36 hours or so, the massacre in las vegas. what is the latest that you're hearing out of the white house? we know the president is headed there tomorrow. what are we expecting from him? >> well, i think this is an opportunity for the president to be the comforter in chief. i think people liked what he said the other day in the immediate aftermath of the shooting and now he's going out to nefer and he will again have the opportunity to demonstrate his capacity to unify people. and of course that's a l difficult one. most people are accustomed to president trump punching back quickly, arguing with people, starting disputes with people. here i think he needs to demonstrate that he can be the political leader of the nation. and so that's what people are looking forward to. meanwhile, of course, lots of reports about money being sent from the alle
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philippines and his own gambling debts. let me ask you real quick, you mentioned kferlter in chief as relates to president trump. some of his critics said he struggled there when we look at other situations. when he went down to texas he was criticized for not spending any time with the victim. we did see him with the victims today in puerto rico. what does he need to do tomorrow in las vegas . well, typically what happens, shawn, is that, you know, you you have people go to the president and the president have private meetings with families. of course right now in las vegas, you have a number of families coming in to recover the bodies of the slain much that's the principal thing and then have the president again make the kind of speech that doesn't suggest any kind of anger or, you know, political agenda and i think on that score , by the way he's got to say something about guns even though, even though he didn't say anything about that in the previous statement, the whole
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is heated up to the point where you can't say it's not the time to talk about gun control in the united states. how many massacres do we have to have? especially, too, considering the fact after 9/11 how do we keep this from happening again. when we talk about the financial melt down, we talk about how do we stop this. if not now, then when regardless of what your stance on the issue is. >> i think that's right. what you thattive to do and this is a critical issue because again there's so much politics involv ed. just look at the race in northern rav vaijed, nra had to pull ads that they had plan to run for ed gillespie in that state. now you have the question about is this going to energize people who are big second amendment gun rights owners because they'll fear maybe there will be some backlash. this has a huge political footprint, talk about what the silencer bill
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house and senate proposed again by republicans allowing conceal and carry ross propers ticketed event to go from state to state a lot of that agenda now is going to bubble to the top. i don't see how you can avoid the conversation at this junk your t . it's going to be interesting to see how this all plays out in the next days, weeks, months. juan will yarnlings it's always a pleasure toive that you you on the e show. go nats. >> as we continue to talk about the events in vague actioner it is the deadly in moarnd us history. the death toll tonight remains at 59, but three of the victims -- excuse me all three of the victims have been positively identified. sharon larson join us with an update. any new information that has come in? what's the latest in. >>reporter: what we can tell you right now, handgun, is that we are on the south side of the strip where this massacre took place. if you take a look behind me you'll see that this area is still karnerred off and it's going to be
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be a long, thorough and meticulous investigation. we did see the fbi -- actually there's an fbi agent right there . they're gathering evidence. i want to who he you some powerful images. if we look over there to the command lay bay resort and cuisine ', you can see the two windows that the gunman steve paddock smashed out to start his terror. here a long the trip that we're notic ing along some of the hotel marqise there's a plea to donate blood and there are so many people who are answering that call. they're going out and they're lining up to do what they can do to help out in supplant a tragic situation. jim, shawn. sharon, as we look at the video right now, again, with nobody out there, i've seen vague as before. it's striking. q. us to see a day where it would be bustling out there and you see absolutely nothing. very
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about that earlier, too. this is a city known as a party town there are people who come out here. there's a lot of energy, excitement when you come out here. that's not the case. at least on the south side, the moodies a little bit more somber , a lot of sadness and people really still in a state of disbelief that this actually took place in their city. i know a the lieutenant of people have been asking questions about the gunman himself. a at this point have police have any idea on what led him or drove him to do this? >>reporter: well, you know what , if you knew the answer to that you'd probably be a millionaire, because i think is that exactly what they are trying to figure out. the gunman, he had no violent tendencies allegedly according to his family. he had no crime l nal history and no connection, no ties to any terror groups. so this is going to be a very meticulous investigation. the fbi i
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go and map out, see what's going on with his past and what actually prompted him to unleash this reign of terror. all right . hard on larson reporting live from las vegas. thanks so much for the up day. we appreciate it. on the way, a mission to terminate how quongs al district are gone. did you want to say that like arnold sharts nationer. >> on the way, a miix to terminate how congressional district are drawn. we're going to tell you how arnold schwartz nationer is going to put an end to jerry man dering. you did great.
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i sponsored this ad because i've stood up to donald trump on all of it. ed gillespie refuses to stand up to him at all. for years schwarzeneggerer said corruption animal fees event were like twins. that's no lie that's the absolutely truth. schwarzeneggerer is in d.c. and on a mission how congressional district are drawn. despite
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having historically low approval numbers, 98 percent of congress gets reelected each election. let's talk about jerry man der ing, fits. >>reporter: heard your impression, jim. wait, before you start your report, i need to know what grade you give him. i gave him an a minus there. it was pretty good, i thought. the justices came down and we're all trying to figure out if that was schwarzenegger error hans and france. i do what i can. i hope this report will be a tote l al recall? a. it was enjoyable nonetheless that was good. the business at hand is this, everybody says they hate congress, but they love, love their own congressman . why is that? >> people who are talking about jerry man dering in this city today, they're saying t
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and republicans are getting together, working with each other to form these district maps that guarantee these members of congress get voted right back into office every two years when their terms are up. that's what jer man dering is. that's at the root of this case here's what they were working on today. this argument before the us supreme court. this is a case called gill versus whether it ford. this comes out of wisconsin and basically what the court was being asked today was to look at these maps and figure out whether this practice of writing these maps with democrat s and republicans getting together to form these district is constitutional. so why should you care about how wisconsin draws up these district? well, here's why, because if the us supreme court decides wisconsin's maps are un constitutial
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guess what, then the rest of the united states, and all 50 taits including maryland and virginia they are probably going to have to change the way they write up these congressional district. into this fray today, the govern or, arnold sharts nationer he comes to washington, stands in front of these steps and calls on the supreme court to take action. he puts it pretty plainly. you can't leave this up to congress. he wants the court to rule against thesier i man dering district. congress will never, ever fix this problem because they have one interest and one interest only is to stay in power. this is a shame to protect the incumbent. when you protect the incumbent, there's no economy advertising. no competition. that is the bottom line on this. so where do we stand? you got four liberals. you got four conservatives. you've
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before. this is going to come down to one man and one only, justice anthony kennedy. he is the middle swing vote on this. we expect a decision to come before the end of this term in the winter. but who knows, it could come down soon. it could come down late. that's the thing with the supreme court. they do these things when they want to do them. i'll tell you you what, i think about this. remember right after arnold sharts nation ergot elected as governor. there was this massive pushment we're go to give non citizens the chance to run for president some day and everybody thought they were going to pave the way for schwarzeneggerer to run for president. now he is, he's suddenly the outsider. a lot of what you see in schwarzeneggerer right now is some of the conservative republicans nightmare. they look at president trump and they saw an
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office in california, replacing the governor out there as a staunch conservative t. schwartz nationer drifted over his term and that is of concern that that could possibly happen to donald trump traumas he continues in office. i know schwarzeneggerer has been in politics and pushing this for a while. what is he doing? is he leading other groups like this? i thought he was going back to films. well, he is. and he's doing both. one of the advantages of being a former california governor is that you are always going to have this platform. jimmies right there. he can't run for president even though he might want to without a change in the united states constitution, but he can speak out and i guaranty you this, any time schwarzeneggerer is going to stand on the teps much the united states supreme court he is going to get attention, media coverage and camera, not movie
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and he'll get his point out. in every movie he says sit down. i thought he was going to say i'll be back. well, testimony from the former ceo of equifax after a massive data breach. are people starting to trust the media more? please? what a new polys revealing tonight.
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richard smith testified before a house energy and commercial committee today. smith is set to testify on cam tap hill. lawmakers want to know about the data breach and the timing. in his prepared papers smith says it was the act of humaner ofers and they a apologized. senator elizabeth warren went after him we saw republicans and democrats go after
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>> yahoo, they disclosed that three bill accounts, pretty much every yahoo account was breached a couple minutes years ago. the trump administration decided to expel 15 cuban diplomats from the united states. the decision followed the us embassy staff in havana by more than havment the us is trying to protect its diplomats from unexplained texts that have harmed 21 americans in cuba. the 15 cuban diplomats being expelled from the us have seven days to leave the the cunt requirement americans are becoming more and more confident in the news media. that is according to a reuters poll that came out today. people are less confident in president trump's administration. the shift in trust was not a part san reaction. maybe if you recall a couple of weeks, into mid february the media was down at the bottom of the list. i'm happy to
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up to the top. well, it is a sweat milestone for our former president and first lady. how michelle obama paid tribute to her 25 years of marriage. when we come back. mark herring: my mom always worked hard to provide for our family. at one point, she got fired for of all things -- getting married. that was a lifelong lesson for me: when people are hurt, you need to stand up and do something. and i've never forgotten that as your attorney general. whether it's protecting veterans and seniors from shady debt collectors, or cracking down on gangs and drug traffickers,
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i'm mark herring, candidate for attorney general, and i sponsored this ad.
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>> i'm so in love with you. jennifer hudson there. everybody in the studio -- nobody wants to admit it, de spite we're all dancing just a little bit. the former first couple celebrating 25 years of marriage. they tied the not on october 31992. the couple met at the wind ticketed event city when michelle was assigned to mentor. a quarter of the century later you're still my best friend and the most extraordinary manny know. i love you you. she looks amazing . she still looks amazing. he's aged. he still looksma
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gray hair. you age a little bit when you're the president. >> some ims too. shawn is back at eight. she built the greatest guest bathroom ever. did she expect to get so much bang for so few bucks? no. but great things happen when you choose surprise.
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announcer: today on "tmz" -- harvey: sadly as we knew, tom petty died last night. and the tributes have been pouring in. and coldplay did a nice one last night. ♪ >> i think it's a tibute to how much everybody loved tom petty. that kidrock and lin-manuel miranda tweeted about how much they loved him. >> it was cool. >> his hollywood star says tom petty and the heartbreakers. did paul mccartney have one that said paul mccartey or paul mccartney and the beatles. >> the beatles had a separate one from paul mccrtney. >> we got john cena out. there are reports bradley cooper has been tapped to play vine mcmahon in a biopic about his life. >> do you think bradley cooper is too cuteto play vince mcmahon? >> and they're going to sensationalize it. harvey: so it is not authorized? >> it is authorized


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