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tv   Fox 5 News 5  FOX  October 4, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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not be in the u.s. >> she doesn't know anything as well. she was sent away so that so she would not be there to interfere >> danly is philippino by birth, but an australian citizen, she met paddock while working as a casino host he is into reno. neighbors describe her as sweet and friendly and say the two traveled frequently. in reports suggest the shooter may have considered targeting another music festival. according to the daily beast, a law enforcement source said paddock rented condo overlooking the life is beautiful festival, which took place, which was set to take place or did takes place in late september. the concert was headlined by chance, the rapper and lord. meanwhile, two las vegas hotels temporarily stepped up screening of bags after the attack.
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encore had their bags checked with metal detecters starting early monday, a hotel inspection man said they've since returned to normal. president trump spent the day comforting victims' families visiting the wounded and praising first responders, it came one day after his visit to puerto rico. let's bring in tom fitzgerald he has latest on the trip. >> reporter: it's been an emotional day and the president has been urgent in trying to get to las vegas, he announced this on monday a short time after learning of the shootings. las vegas is a city donald trump knows well but one he traveled to today as president to comfort both a city and a country in pain. the president in the first lady took off from andrews air force base in maryland touching ton in las vegas shortly after 12:30 this afternoon, the president and the first lady traveled to a local hospital where
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with doctors, nurses, medical saff and patients. the president thanking them for eforts in saving lives. >> it makes you very proud to be an american when you see the job they've done and people that would not be around today are up there and they will be leaving the hospital in a week or two weeks. >> reporter: from there, the president went on to meet a group of citizens heros, the white house called them. first responders, firemen, policemen, emergency medical technicians and average ordinary citizens who were at that concert in las vegas and then sprung into action to save others. later prepared remarks, the president declared the united states a nation of mournings >> our souls are stricken with grief for every american who lost a husband or a wife, a mother or father, a son or a daughter. we know that your sorrow feels ends
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carry your pain. you're not alone, we will never leave your side. >> reporter: the president said today, he has been fully briefed on the suspect in this case. he said he described him as a sad and di meanted man. when asked about the growing gun control debate in this country, the president responded, we are not going to talk about that today. live in northwest tonight, tom fitzgerald fox 5 local news. protesters marching from immigration and customs enforcement headquarters to mayor muriel bowser office right now. has to do with controversial arrests made in the district >> ice made in dc where officials took 14 into custody, flee immigration fugitives, three reentries and nine at large undocumented immigrants in dc. five of the 14 had criminal convictions >> matt ackland joins us from the march are protesters are demanding mayor bowser denounce
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targeting sanctuary cities like right here in dc. matt? >> reporter: yes, we're in the march right now heading down 14th street, we got about another two blocks until we get to the wilson building, where mayor bowser's office is. i want to introduce to you catherine johnson, catherine, you're not only upset at what happened last week with ice, and the raised here, you're concerned about the statements that have come from the mayor as well. >> i'm actually concerned for the lack of the statement from the mayor, i expect mayor of my city to stand up for all of the residents of our city. no matter what the immigration status is. and the silence from the mayor is really concerning. >> reporter: the ice reported today that five of the 14 were convicted criminals that have immigration issues here and that's why they were detained. what do you have to say about that? >> it doesn't matter what their criminal history is. i don't think anybody should be gortated. we have a
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system and suddenly deportation should not be a punishment for anybody, that's he can say cycle from our country. >> what do you want the mayor to say >> first of all i want her to say these have to stop, stand up to ice and say, no raised in our city, i want her to demand the release of the 14 people detained. we actually heard of ice activity yesterday at the courthouse, today, actually where we were near the office there, and so everybody is been reported in this city to be released and we want the city to provide them with legal representation. >> reporter: by the way we caught up with mayor bowser a little bit earlier and asked her about these raised last week, she really didn't have much information. take a listen >> i asked the chief if we had been alerted by ice or aware of any unusual raid activity, and we are not. of so what w
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to everyone is that we have trained all of our people about how to respond, for example, if ice shows up as one of our building, the school building, shelter or hospital, to make sure that everybody knows how to respond. but we haven't been notified about any specific action by i ice. >> reporter: we're passing constitution on 14th almost at the wilson building, we talked to a spokesperson with ice and they told us that it's not uncommon for their not to be a communication between the city and ice. when i asked her in statement to something about it, they said they won't really talk about the communication that ice move with local authorities. so it's the latest, they're headed to mayor bowser's office about two blocks away, we'll have more at 6:00. back to you guys in the studio. >> thanks. coming up, a local wed caterer killed on the job t
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guilty in a second trial. an alexandria man is arrested for threatening to murder african-americans at howard university. first, let's check in with sue. we've been talking for awhile about the fact that today is the 21 it's day in a row that we have not had rain, that may be changing and it may be changing in a tropical way. tropical depression 16 is soon to become nate and looks like on its current path it may have an impact in this area, we'll be checking in on that story coming up after the break. we'll be right back
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. in a retrial of fairfax county jury found a virginia man not guilty in the death of a wedding caterer. he was accused of murdering jones last august. bonds was a park employee trying to clean up after a wedding, bond stabbed johnson following an argument, a judge declared a mistrial in the case after jurors failed to reach a verdict on the murder charge. preservation experts with the national park service are working to clean up a monument to stonewall jackson tonight. it was vandalized overnight at manassas national battlefield. someone poured white paint over the base and then spray painted the word dead on one side of the base. park o
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whether there's security cameras at the battlefield that may have captured the vandals. in alexandria man is under arrest charged with threatening to kill african-americans at howard university almost two years ago. federal prosecutors today announced charges against john edgar rust, he posted an anonymous online statement using wifi at a time pen nra are a restaurant. rust is due in federal court tomorrow. new tonight, the dc police officers who went to help the storm ravaged island of puerto rico arrived back home today. all of them exhausted but full of gratitude for the opportunity to give something back. fox 5 paul wagner has the story. >> reporter: the plane touched down at joint base. peter newsham
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them. to be able to go back to help was deeply rewarding and emotional. seven days after leaving dc, the exhausted officers stepped off the plane. getting a hug from the chief of police. carrying their bags and a whole lot of memories. some of them quite emotional. the officers said they worked from sunrise and long into the night. helping out where they could directing traffic, delivering food and water and checking on the welfare of people on the island. one officer broke down as she described coming upon an elderly woman who had not seen help in days. here are some of their stories. >> police officers so we asked if she needed something. we had water in our vehicles and she was like, she opened her eyes, yes, i need water. she opened the door without knowing what was going on. she just
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it was late. and we asked her about her husband and she started crying. and hugged me and she said he's dying. so we stepped in the house, and we saw him but water with no food >> a lot of emotions involved. go back home and see the destruction, but house satisfaction being able to help people >> people who shake your hand and looking straight in your eye and said thank you. put your heart in your throat. >> it was, it's emotional. you know? we hope that police department and a lot of people that i knew. >> reporter: one of the over attended the funeral of a state police officer who had drowned in the storm. chief nourish sham said it was nerve racking to know his officers were on the island and not knowing what they were up against, he jokingly said he'll givehe
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putting them back to work. at joint base andrews, paul wagner fox 5 local news >> what a beautiful shot at the potomac >> like what we're seeing sue palka, i heard you say something about possibly rain in the forecast. is that right? >> i sure did, sarah and marina, i almost hit to report we have a new tropical depression but season runs until november 30th and it is not you uncommon to see development down here, tropical depression 16 is close to becoming tropical storm nate and here's why we have to continue to watch this thing, because it looks like as it goes probably right across the coast of nicaragua tomorrow maybe into honduras, it will emerge back to the southeastern caribbean and eventually head ongoing the gulf of mexico as early they say week. interest in the gulf of mexico from louisiana to florida will have to
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it may become a category 1 hurricane, winds 75. check out this and check out also our wide cone, which is so important, by monday, the remnants of what may have been a hurricane nate will be approaching our area and could bring badly needed rain to our area, but we know that sometimes that rain comes down in a big hurry. we're going to introduce rain likely into our forecast on monday. we expected that we'd get some tropical rain, and it could begin as early as sunday, and again, interest, if you have travel plans, like i do, to louisiana or to florida, you're going to have to watch the progress of this storm. several days out, and you know what? that track will still change and may wiggle just a little bit. short term enjoy the wonderful weather we're having this afternoon and evening and we're back in the 80's tomorrow. i just wanted to show you that while we were at 76 to about 80, a gorgeous day, we're going to be warmer than that tomorrow, get ready for mid 80's to be back in the forecast, the summer feel is back for thursday and hang aroun
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part of the weekend as well. sending the back to marina and sarah changes coming to the parking zones, >> two weeks the department of transportation will prohibit parking along a commander and chief of connecticut avenue. tisha lewis joins us live from northwest with more on the story. very busy route to be doing that on. >> reporter: that's right. what a difference few hours can make, as we know, the evening hours approach, this is a busy strip, when you combine parking, cars along this roadway and pedestrians and people going in and out of bars that can get very congested, we're near connecticut near dupont. one of the areas that will in fact be impacted by the new parking plan by ddot, they're implementing these restrictions to address car and safety concern, under the new plan, specific pickup and drop-off zones will replace parking
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on connecticut avenue, these zones will go into effect during the night life hours. so mark your calendars now, 10:00 p.m. thursday through 7:00 a.m. sunday, now, this new project is ajoint plan between ddot police and also local businesses. as for the start date for when this will get started and kick off, we're told thursday, october 19th will be day one, now, what's important to know is that it's not quite permanent just yet. they will evaluate and see how this plan goes over the course of a year. and again, in terms of the area that will be impacted the most, it is on connecticut avenue starting at rhode island avenue to dupont circle. they will prohibit parking in this area from 7:00 p.m. on thursday until 7:00 p.m. sunday, that's the latest coming from ddot. they will be evaluating to see how this works and this is a joint effort
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ddot, also local businesses and police. tisha lewis fox 5 local news. coming up, a controversy brewing online. >> the clothing item involving eating disorders causing concern on amazon. back after this. back after this.
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ralph northam: i'm ralph northam and as a doctor, nobody ever asked if i'm a democrat or republican. they just want my help. so if donald trump is helping virginia i'll work with him. but donald trump proposed cutting virginia's school funding, rolling back our clean air and water protections, and taking away health care from thousands of virginians. as a candidate for governor, i sponsored this ad because i've stood up to donald trump on all of it. ed gillespie refuses to stand up to him at all. medicaid
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. we're giving back to the community for 21 it's century fox impact week. fox 5 is getting involved with efforts across the dmv >> lindsay watts is at the humane rescue alliance making toys for rescue animals. >> reporter: sarah and marina, we have a great group from the 21 it's century fox volunteering the human rescue lined is an
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we're making toys for the rescued animals using a few items, i want to bring in david smith and tell me about your little friend here >> this is vesa, two months old, found by animal control officers. she's ready to be adopted looking for her forever home >> i note animals need something to play with, especially in circumstances like this and these are expensive to go to the store and buy it. >> absolutely. we have to get them enriched. we can't with them 24 hours. that's why we need so many, one toy for each animal is great. >> reporter: how many animals >> several hundred, we adopt out about 445 animal as month. here at the human rescue realliance, we built families and we have a wide variety of programs to support those relationships, it's grt.
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a pet, this desperate place to come. what are volunteer opportunities people coming and doing things like that >> that's what we have tonight, almost every day we have corporate organizations, individuals walking dogs and all sorts of things, a great volunteer program. >> reporter: what better way to friend your time? everybody wants to adopt as many as they can. you can't take them all home but you can come here and spend time >> we have nats fever, max fever ready to go for the playoffs. but we have wonderful animals ready to be adopted. >> reporter: he's getting a little frisk key. impact week will be continuing tomorrow, we'll have people out on the anacostia river doing clean-up there and friday more crews at the national mall,
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great opportunity to get out into the community and give back. live in northwest, lindsay watts fox 5 local news. >> super cute >> great initiative across the country and our fox stations and bringing it here to the community new details about a man arrested for several sexual assaults. >> angelie is working this. >> reporter: we've learned the man accused of assaulting several women along fairfax county trails actually lived in this neighborhood less than a mile from his alleged crimes. what we have also learned about his criminal past. >> how many more dead bodies will it take to wake up this congress? capitol hill becoming the battle ground for gun control in hopes of preventing the one like las vegas.
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. this is fox 5 local news at 5:00. learning more about the man arrested for several sexual assaults. jeremiah toldly is currently being held without bond, investigators believe he's responsible for at least eight sexual assaults in the area. >> angelie hemphill is live in fairfax county where she spoke to someone close to the suspect. angelie? >> reporter: we've learned the suspect, jeremiah toldly was living in this town home development, which is less than a mile from where police say he was targeting women. we've learned one of his victims lives near him. we did witness a fairfax county police officer come to the home on avondale drive where he has been staying with a family. who tells me they're shocked and ashamed at the charges he's facing. 21-year-old jeremiah tolly is accused of assaults at least eight women in recent weeks while exercising along nearby
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trails, he grabbed the women from behind and groped them. we spoke to a man at tolly home. he did not want to go on camera but he's like a former stepdad who reached out to him in june asking if he could come stay with him. he wanted to get a job, start a life, get back on his feet. this man let him move in. things seemed normal and that's why his recent arrest came as a total shock to him. meanwhile, neighbors here are also concerned about everything, because they tell me one of them was a victim and some even witnessed tolly arrest. >> the police around, looking for the man. i don't know, it's a him? but i've seen this two days later, and that he was arrested here. i think about ten police cars arrested him, said he was arrested. i think so. >> reporter: what do you believe, when i tell you that he lived right there, like >> i thought maybe he's not the one who live
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>> reporter: toldly is not from here. he's actually originally from delaware where we have learned he does have a criminal record. we've learned back in april of this year, he was convicted of endangering a child. right now, he's in the fairfax county jail, being held without bond, his preliminary hearing is scheduled for december, meanwhile, fairfax county police do believe there could be more victims. if you have information, you should give them a call. live in fairfax county, angelie hemphill fox 5 local news. how many more dead bodies will it take to wake up this congress? but there's no number is there, no amount of blood of pain, of deaths >> i'm angry that we are here yet get again, angry that sandy hook and 20
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change. house democrats demanding action on gun control act fire repress conference in the wake of the las vegas attack, diane feinstein announced plans to introduce legislation to plans what are called bump stocks like those used by the las vegas gunman who killed 59 people and injured more than 500 others. the device allows a semiautomatic rifle to function like an semiautomatic weapon, senator said passing tighter gun restrictions should be the highest priority >> some said we shouldn't do this now, we should wait. now is not the time. ladies and gentlemen, when is the time going to be there? there is no better way to honor the 59 people who were slaughtered than to take action to prevent this from happening yet again. >> republican leaders pushed back on democrats's calls for tightening gun control after the
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shooting, calling them premature, mitch mcconnell is more pointed in his words saying democrats are trying to politicize the shooting. the house just passed an anti-abortion bill that bans abortion after 20 weeks of pregnancy, they would face a fine or up to five years in prison. the bill allows exceptions in cases of rape, incest or to save the life of the mother, the white house endorsed the mother but still faces an uphill battle. the vacation remains open says to russia coordinated to sway the election. they said they have not determined if the campaign colluded with the kremlin, investigators investigated more than 100 witnesses and comb through more than 100 pages of documents. the committee discovered russian hackers tested the
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vulnerabilities, and focused on russian efforts to push out social media efforts, examining more than 300 russia linked ads on facebook that ran around the same as the 2016 election. let's check in with brody logan at nats park. brody logan. >> reporter: you know, we're a couple days away from game one of the post season for the nationals, there's a pep recall today with a bit of a spook key side. there's a haunted house and you got trick or treating going on for the youngsters, we'll talk to them coming up. how you can take steps to end blood cancer by lighting the night. plus a new event experience, new location, we've got all kinds of details next on that. first, kaitlyn >> a lot of outdoor activities this time of year, it's fall, baseball headed. our dry streak continues, that makes it 21 days in a row, including today, that record 34 days set back in
5:34 pm
think we'll get there, because there's tropical moisture headed from what she don't become tropical storm nate impacting us next week, a warm few days ahead in the seven-day forecast coming up when fox 5 news at 5:00 returns. returns.
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ralph northam: i'm ralph northam and as a doctor, nobody ever asked if i'm a democrat or republican. they just want my help. so if donald trump is helping virginia i'll work with him. but donald trump proposed cutting virginia's school funding, rolling back our clean air and water protections, and taking away health care from thousands of virginians. as a candidate for governor, i sponsored this ad because i've stood up to donald trump on all of it. ed gillespie refuses to stand up to him at all.
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is. light the night walks are a celebration of life and you can see how beautiful those evenings are. the drive out the darkness of cancer. benefit the leukemia and him
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lymphoma. >> great to be here. we'll get to the event in just a second. tell me first about your story, you're heavily involved with this, and how you became involved with light the night. why it's so special >> april of 2016 completely out of the blue. i was told that i had kate milo leukemia. i was completely healthy up to that point, four months of additional chemo and one day short of six months, i was told i was in remission. the problem with blood cancer is they're hard to get rid of. fast forward nine month, july of this year, i told i had a relapse and it was back with a vengeance, i spent 44 days in the hospital. i have a very close connection to it. and last fall, i got involved with light the night and leukemia and lymphoma society. prior to that, five years ago i had a great nephew that was diagnosed with acute milo leukemia. and lost his battle with it, and i am very
5:39 pm
leukemia and lymphoma society. i believe today, knowing what lls has been able to today, ryan would still be with us. >> talk a little bit about that, there's been just the normal must amount of progress in that field of treatments. >> lls is absolutely the leading organization for blood cancer research in this country, and really in the world. their job is to knock out all blood cancers and make life better for the families, they've sent over put a billion dollars since the formation on research. the fda approved five new drugs for treatment. it really true is revolutionary and lls spent a lot of money funding that. it actually takes the patient's own immune system and reprograms that to fight the cancer cells. breakthrough technology >> so much progress. also, som
5:40 pm
people are familiar with, light the night. we saw video there. but it's a little bit different this year for the one in dc. explain that. >> it is. and when we talk about light the night. i smile all the time. i i went to my first event last fall after getting involved. and it truly is a tremendous event. it's a whole lot of people. thousands of people walk to with lanterns of different colors to bring the light to the darkness of cancer. and folks use red lanterns if they're supporter and white if they're a survivor and yellow if they're walking in someone's honor >> we just -- maybe we can put it up again, the full screen of the different events be days going on, the one in dc is october 21 it's. the first one is october 13th at reston town center. >> the one thing i want to point out is there's
5:41 pm
supporters. >> you're not letting a day go by where you're not celebrating life. you just got engaged >> in the hospital >> i have a picture right there. tell me how that came about. >> well, after my first round of retreatment for the relapse, they hadn't gotten all of it, which is fairly typical second time around, we started another round of chemo and decided i wasn't going to let her go, bought a ring from my hospital bed and proposed from the hospital. you need to treasure every and single day >> a corporate chair for light the night. thank you for coming in. let's turn to sports, it is time to celebrate the nationals. we're celebrating the nats here in less than an hour, the team will host fans for a special event. brody logan is live at nats park with more. are you scared yet? >> reporter: not quite. i'm not close
5:42 pm
zombies. that are on the other side of this gate. if anyone is wondering there's a pep rally. the post season gets started friday, the excitement is today. there's a pep rally for friday's game, start of the post season and a spook key element to it. we have the zombie zone, which is basically a haunted house, i'm here with a couple of nats fans, michael connor. first i want to gauge what is your excitement level going into the post season for this team >> i think they have a really good team this year >> better than last year because they have instead of end strawsberg. >> he only has one, maybe if we can keep him healthy, you'll do the zombie run we have going here? what's scarier? the zombies in the zombie run or the cubs lineup >> the cubs. >> the cubs are scarier? i agree, thank you good luck. good luck through the run, i know it
5:43 pm
they're trick or treating going on, we have young centers dressed up, who are you dressed as >> darth vader. >> now, darth vader, do you think the nationals are more of the rebel alliance or the dark side? >> dark side >> well, didn't go so well for the dark side in the movies, but maybe it goes better for the nationals on friday. so a lot of people will have fun here, marina, but who knows? maybe this time the dark side wins. of >> mom was like my goodness, what did he just say? are we doomed >> brody thank you so much. let's get a check of the weather now, >> super cute. >> you know, what a pep rally. >> absolutely. hopefully the weather will be perfect for the weekend. >> it will be, but the different will be you'll be wearing shorts and t-shirts going out to the nats game, maybe the customs will make you hot. ha
5:44 pm
i'll tell you summer does not want to loosen the grip. 76 in dc, beautiful evening, comfortable 77 in gaithersburg, 81 westminster, you look to the west where the heat is moving in from, 86 in cumberland a sign of what we'll be looking at this time tomorrow. high temperatures in the mid 80's, more cloud cover which could inhibit, satellite and radar showing clear skies, it was another gorgeous day top to bottom, blue skies, you see more clouds along it's front, widely broken scattered showers there across the great lakes, more organized back across the area a little bit further north of there with showers, this cold front will is going to be moisture starved yet again as it approaches us tomorrow. we'll get the nice south westerly flow ahead of the front, more cloud cover, especially in the afternoon, more humidity and high temperatures will be in the eyewitness, normal highs in the low 70's, but more humidity, it will feel like summer tomor
5:45 pm
afternoon. i do want to show you future ca. even though we expect this front to come in dry for baltimore, and yes, possibly thunderstorms along this cold front, this is tomorrow evening at 8:00 p.m. hagerstown, cumberland, maryland, you can see brief heavy rain, just north of the beltway, but for northern communities, northern montgomery county up through frederick county and northern baltimore, you can see showers late tomorrow night. the rest of us stay quiet. we're quiet tonight. 60 degrees overnight. so maybe not as chilly as nights passed under mostly clear skies, for tomorrow, sunshine mixing with clouds, 84. this is a warm one, really, that's shorts for the kids at school tomorrow. seven-day forecast shows we keep those 80's around through the weekend. so even though we got evening game on friday, late afternoon game on saturday, and the sun will set shortly thereafter on saturday, it's still very warm with temperatures in the 80's, lows in the 60's,
5:46 pm
showers on sunday. sue mentioned tropical depression 16 likely to become nate and they run from the gulf coast to our area, the sunday, monday, tuesday time frame looks to be the best call for right now. that's a look at your seven-day forecast. marina back over to you. a murder mystery that shocked the country more than two years ago, a the dc mansion murder mystery and the many unanswered questions surrounding the case, still to this day. come in to havertys furniture and save up to $1000 in bonus discounts - -only through monday. plus take advantage of no interest for 36 months.
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couple, son and housekeeper >> what happened on woodland drive is the focus of a seven-part podcast. the mansion murders >> paul wagner with
5:50 pm
look at the case. >> reporter: the case against darn win came together facst. firefighters knew what happened on a room on the second floor. as the word spread, the chief of police came to the scene along with the mayor >> upon personnel entering the house to extinguish the fire, they discovered four victims in the house. >> we know that there's a porsche, a 2008 blue porsche, 911, that was last seen at this home this morning around 10:30 and has not been seen since, so we now have located that car. >> reporter: that porsche was found behind a church in new
5:51 pm
carlton, where it had been deliberately torched by a man caught on camera running from the scene, a man chief lanier later said was darn went. the fire now extinguished and the victims' names revealed, investigators went to work, quickly finding a key piece of evidence in the case, a pizza crust that prosecutors say contained the saliva and dna of darren went. chief lanier was back in front of the cameras with this >> we believe he was a person we put out in seeking the person of interest released last week. it does not appear it was a random crime. there's a connection through the business of the suspect and the savopoulos family business >> american iron works in maryland where darn went worked as a welder. he was arrested by us marshals who tracked him from new york. who years later, he's
5:52 pm
awaiting trial. >> this is what's left of the savopoulos home here in northwest, just an empty lot, two years ago he came here and carried out a vicious attack, killing three members of the family and their housekeeper, getting away from the process with $40,000, but why did he come here? was this some kind of revenge? how did he get here and into the house? and did he have help? >> it is one of the most baffling unanswered questions, especially since the police were the first to say detectives didn't think the killer acted alone. two years out and no one else has been arrested. what's your take on that >> first off, because no one has been arrested doesn't mean they don't have another suspect. that's one angle. >> they may have from somebody else. they haven't been able to connect them to the crime or they may have a good lead on somebody but they just haven't developed the necessary probable cause.
5:53 pm
alone and in control. >> think about hijackings before 911, people were trained, do what the hijacker wants, everybody will be safe and we'll get out of this alive. that could very well be what happened here. you got control of one person and everybody else complied until it was too late they know couldn't resist any further. >> reporter: when you look at it from the other side, whether or not he was alone, it could work for the defense. >> if you're a defense attorney, you're asking the government we want to know who this other person is, because our defense could be that guy was the ring leader. he was the guy tell went what to do and he could say i went there to argue with the guy over the fact it was fired, all of a sudden it turned into a robbery, kidnapping, house got burnt down, i didn't have part
5:54 pm
i was there under der res myself. >> a defense is already busy examining hundreds of items, one of the districts most troubling and vial crimes. with fox 5 rewind to the crime, i'm paul wagner. >> episode one podcast is now available. iphone users can download it from i tunes or find it in their podcast ap, android on google play and it's on fox 5 dc facebook page and on fox 5 the controversy brewing online. the clothing item involving eating disorders causing concerned on amazon. a new study is out and claims to know what age you're likely to have the best sex of your life and the results may surprise you. next.
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alex: when i was 11 years old, a man broke into the house and he sexually assaulted me. thankfully, in my case, the police caught him, but there are so many survivors that live knowing that their attacker is still out there. ♪♪ thank you mark herring, for taking this seriously, and for making this a priority, for all of the victims out there. mark: i'm mark herring, candidate for attorney general, and i sponsored this ad.
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woman: so, greg, it's a lot to take in. woman 2: and i know that's hard to hear, but the doctors caught it early. hi, blake! my dad has cancer. woman: and i know how hard that is to hear. but you're in the right place. man: and dr. pascal and her team, they know what to do. they know what to do. the doctors know what to do. so here's the plan. first off, we're going to give you all... (voice fading away)
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♪ ♪. a look now at what's trending consumers calling on amazon to drop a controversial clothing item. it's being called irresponsible for selling a hood de. one woman with anorexia said it could damage the mental health of people with the condition. ordeal opened up a larger discussion about vendors selling on amazon. apparel are included on the novelty clothing section, no word from amazon. what age do people have the best sex. according to an online survey people said the best sex of their lives happened in their 40's and specifically at the age of 46. some disappointed men in here. the survey also found age aside, nearly half of
5:59 pm
was with their current partner. there you go fog the 5:00. tony and marina standing by for news at 6:00. this is fox 5 local news at 6:00. at 6:00, president trump traveling to las vegas, his remarks to the first responders as the shooter's girlfriend returns to the u.s. breaking news in the trial of a wed wedding caterer killed in fairfax county. targeting the district, protesters rallying over controversial arrests in the nation's capitol. the news at 6:00 starts right now. first tonight, we begin with the investigation into the shooting massacre in las vegas >> president trump and milania visited vegas and met with
6:00 pm
responders who were at the scene at the worst mass slaying in had usu u.s. history mary lou danly is being questioned by fbi airstrikes in las vegas, she returned from the phillipines in a wheelchair. of his we want to begin with president trump's visit to las vegas comforting victims' families, visiting wounded and praising first responders. the president's arrival comes one day after his visit to hurricane ravaged puerto rico. >> reporter: it's been an emotional day, the president made it no secret he wanted to get to las vegas as soon as possible, announcing this trip monday only hours after learning of the shooting. it's a city he went to today as president to comfort both las vegas and a country in pain, after leaning join base andrews,


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