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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  October 4, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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did you get fios too? no. mr. peterson, fios is a 100% fiber optic-network. what does that mean? think about it. if you got an awesome new car you'd put the best gas in it, right. so why hook up your awesome technology to anything other than a fiber-optic network? i got to go. peterson. peterson's wife. counting on you guys. your internet deserves the 100% fiber-optic network. and now get our fastest internet ever plus tv and phone for just $79.99 per month. >> right now at 10:00. president trump visits las vegas in the wake of mass shooting. this as the gunman's girlfriend is questioned by the fbi and her lawyer is speaking out. >> professor nan hua: disturbing messages of hate that targeted a local college and tonight the man accused of threatening to call african americans at howard university finally under arrest two years later.
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>> tonight we're asking why school leaders are not helping employees get in touch with investigators. the news at 10 starts now. >> and we have new details tonight in the las vegas shooting investigation and we now know first shots began 10:05 sunday night and ended ten minutes later and suspect stephen paddock had 1600 rounds of ammunition and several containers of explosive that totaled 50 pounds in his car. marina marraco joins us with more on the update, marina. >> we just received update from the las vegas employment and the latest numbers out of vegas death toll 58 fatal victims and final injury count 489 people. 137 of those injuries remain in the hospital tonight. now the sheriff for las vegas police department putut
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there was ten minutes of gun fire that came sholly from the suspect 32 floor suite. total of an hour and 15 minutes elapsed between first shot fired to -- from stephen paddock observed by police dead. the body of the las vegas las vegas police officer shot and killed along with 57 other fatal victims was escorted to the cemetery he will be laid to rest tomorrow. in the meantime the investigation continues into stephen paddock and his girlfriend marylou danley was questioned for hours. her sister spoke publicly and said she had no idea what was planned by paddock. this was her attorney earlier today. >> i knew stephen paddock as a kind, caring, quiet man. i loved him and hoped for a quiet future together with h him.
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or took any action that i was aware of that i understood in any way to be a warning that something horrible like this was going to happen. >> president trump also vi visited las vegas today. the president and first lady traveled to a local hospital to visit with patients and medical staff. they also met with civilian heroes and first responders who helped others that night. president trump offered a message or this message rather to comfort a city and country in pain. >> our souls are stricken with grief. for every american who lost a husband or wife. , a mother or father and a son or daughter. >> we know that your sorrow feels endless we stand together to help you carry your pain. you're not alone. we will never leave your side. >> reporters attempted to
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the president if mass shoting warranted taking a tougher look at gun control laws but he did not answer questions, sarah. >> breaking news from africa. three u.s. army special forces soldiers have been killed in an ambush in any gear. a military spokesperson says the three green bar as were on patrol today with any gearian troops when they came under hos file fire. we'll share morethon as we get it. it was a big scare howard university nearly two years ago. a person posting online threatening to murder african-american students there. today an alexandria man was arrested for the threats s and is now in big trouble with the feds. live at howard university with more on how at rest finally came to be. it took quite sometime, kristin. >> reporter: that's right, tony, it's an arert like you mentioned almost two careers in the making here. the suspect,
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edgar russ also a convicted sex offender was on probation during the time these threats were made. now, howard university also releasing a statement today on twitter acknowledging his arrest and very much relieved that the fbi now has him in custody. >> and it was a post that went viralal fwhoingt years ago. >> first online threat against howard was posted on web site. >> and a post that scared many students at this historically black university. according to court documents on november 11, 2015, 24-year-old john edgar rust posted on a web site called, while that local panera bread in alexandria. he was upset with racial tensions taking place at the university of missouri at the time. the feds say russ used n word repeatedly in
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howard university after a certain time would be the first to go. and he also allegedly posted how he wanted to "put stupid out of its misery and before that saying, sure, i know the popo will take me down but i'll go out a hero knowing i made the world a better place." >> shortly after that post, russ's roommate mentioned threats on read it saying just consider yourselves warned within days of of those threats federal investigators were quickly able to trace the post to the wifi at the panera bread and then say to russ's laptop. forensic teams have worked since then to make the fbi's case. >> now, tomorrow, rust will appear in court for his arraignment in federal court that is. if convicted he faces five years in federal prison. of course we'll let you know what happens there. for now live at howard university tonight, christine leon
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>> a fax country jury today found a man not guilty in death of wedding caterer. kemton bonds was accused of murdering tyrone bonds in chantilly. he was a park employ 'he trying to cleanup after a wed being. he stabbed bonds during an argument between the twox the situation has been difficult for his client. >> these are really hard things to go tluvrment you know, for 16 months he was in jailment for three, three and a half weeks before we're able to get bond set and he was under very grate restrictions which have been loosened over the last year. and he has been attacked viciously in social media being called a racist and all sorts of things that border on down right threats. >> today's verdict was a result of retrial. in the original trial a judge declared a mistrial after jurors failed to reach
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>> we have new information tonight about the man accused of sexually assaulting multiple people along fairfax county trails. police say 21-year-old jeremiah talli is held without bond. investigators believe he's responsible for at least eight sexual assaults in the area when we went by his home we spoke to a man that said he he is like a former step father to talli he recently let him move in with him to tolly could get back on his feet and one of his neighbor's said he was shocked by the news. >> police were around and looking for the man. i don't know is it him? but i think two days later, and then he was arrested right here at the parking lot i would say about ten police car arrested him. he was arrested. yeah, i think so. >> and what do you think when i tell you that he lived right there like -- >> it was scairy, i thought maybe he not the one who live here.
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believe there could be more victim. if you have information or recognize the man contact police. new developments on a story you saw first on "fox5". state audit is underway in prince george county schools after allegations of grade fixing and boosting the graduation rate. a hot line and email was established for whistle blowers and the districts still has not sent that out to staff. and "fox5" lindsey watts asking why tonight, lindsay, what did you find out. >> sarah this investigation is going on more than a month now and supposed to be finished in a few weeks and to this point prince george county school administration has not notified staff about how to reach investigators. just for background, months ago, several school board members contacted the governor asking for this investigation. telling him there's widespread fraud to boost the high school graduation rate to the detriment of students that didn't erin their diploma. they have been pushing to
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hot line and email to investigation firm to teachers and other staff and asking where was it sent to media outlets like us not directly to staxt ed burrows school board member. >> i'm still meeting teachers today, to this day that don't realize the hot line number has already been made public and is available for them. >> tonight the school district is saying it believes the coverage on "fox5"and i few other outlets is enough to alert staff. they're not planning to put anything out. school ceo dr. kevin maxwell continued to deny ales of systemic fraud and according to emails we obtained he did send out all staff emails about that. >> when dr. maxwell was depending himself saying this was not happen anding he sent several emails to countywide list serve this is not a controversial thing or difficult thing. we send out countywide employee emails on a weekly basis almost. and so, i think this sa
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reasonable request. >> and in response a district spokesman says the state's investigation has been well publicized in our country and we have followed all of the firm's directions and process. with the school's ceo refusing to send an email board members tried to get once and out through a school board liserv that has community members and staff on that. the board chairman initially said no and changed his mind this week and did allow that email to go out with the information. so this is the contact information on your scooeb to reach the investigators who are con ducking this audit. we'll have this on your web site and the investigators are supposed to be finished with their investigation by the end of this month. lindsay watts, "fox5 local news". >> coming up disturbing threats made by high school students in northern virginia. >> shocking plan that targeted another student through an app your kids might
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>> and aid for hurricane victims the billion dollar row poseal from the white house tonight
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alex: when i was 11 years old, a man broke into the house and he sexually assaulted me. thankfully, in my case, the police caught him, but there are so many survivors that live knowing that their attacker is still out there. ♪♪ thank you mark herring, for taking this seriously, and for making this a priority, for all of the victims out there.
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reaching out to "fox5" with concerns after details of threat were posted owe on facebook. lauren demarco has more. >> this is some disturbing stuff the fauquier county school system called in sheriff's office after learning about our threats apparently involving students at liberty high school. a concerned parent posted screen shots if a gaming site and thread operation will to kill comments including can we just kill him already. espionage was always the plan lynching him was the end game. and edge
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and rights before he dies we take them off. we've been taking calls and receiving emails from some parents concerned about sending their kids to school in the morning. liberty high sent a letter home from parents saying they have taken action to ensure safety of all parties inv involved. sheriff office says they were actively vehicleing and interviewing people since monday when notified about this. >> we're on the backs of the tragedy in las vegas and everybody is on edge. understandably so the statements and posts made if you will are disturbing. but we're trying to determine at this point exactly what you was behind all of this and what the intent was. >> we can't give students specific information and what i can say was we have taken active affirmative steps tone sure that there are no safety risk in the school. >> again comments were made within a group chat in gaming app. now officials acknowledge it's tough but thesa
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of what your kids are doing on all forms of social media. we have a to wait and see if any criminals charges will be filed they say there's no current credible they at liberty high. fauquier county, lauren demarco, "fox5 local news". >> and well this was another beautiful day. says here could rain be on the way. >> we had to get to sue saw aand sue you said we could use some of the rain. >> sarah, tony, day 21 with no rain and it's been too long. rain we are expecting would be four or five days away. but it's important piece of puzzle that we need up to date you on tonight. because new tropical depression formed. tropical depression 16 is far away from washington southwestern caribbean and this could be our rain producer into sunday, monday, maybe even tuesday time frame. and we're probably getting another update here from the national hurricane center and before the top of the hour. but, right now, it's got winds
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producing heavy rain towards central america and expected to make a land fall against nick rawinging what and hundred dures tomorrow. it's what moves north we he have our eye on. tropical storm to category hurricane gulf of mexico saturday from louisiana to florida will have to watch and we'll have to watch in the morning time frame because remnants may ab approaching the washington area and sometimes that can have a lot of heavy rain with. it we need rain. maybe we don't need tropical storm type rain we need to watch that. if you have travel plans taking you to the gulf coast between law lieu and west florida watch it as well. short term here back in 80s tomorrow. we were 77 today we'll be about 8 tomorrow and humidity will be noticeable. tonight we're seeing temperatures back down into the 50s and 60s. i don't think it will be quite as chilly as the past few night have
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cool side, 5 3 to 52 western suburbs to 60 overnight and quick look at the bus stop tomorrow morning. 58 to 64 and we climb 80 do 85 after school for the real feel of summer. and we'll have another update from the national hurricane center on that tropical depression at 11 which may become tropical storm nate when it gets a little str stronger. and we don't want to hear about nate, do we? sarah, bark to you. >> absolutely not. thank you, sue. new tonight, the white house sent congress a 29 billion request for disaster aid. this comes after hurricanes as we were talking about hit puerto rico, texas and florida and proposal would provide 16 billion for the flood games and 1 billion requested for the federal emergency management agency. >> and the d.c. police officers who wentz to help hurricane ravaged puerto rico arrived back home today. 7 days after leaving d.c. the exhausted officers stepped off their plane joint base andrews thisft
10:20 pm
from sunrise to long into the night helping out wherever they could. they directed traffic and delivered food and water and checked on the welfare of people on the island. and one officer broke down as she described coming upon an elderly woman who had not seen anyone in days. >> so we asked she needed something and we had water in the vehicles and she opened her eyes yes i need water. she opened the door without knowing what was going on. >> people shake your hand and look straight in your eye and say thank you. it's emotional you know? >> d.c. police chief peter newsham said it was nerve wraking to know they were puerto rico and not knowing what they were up against.
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presidents set to be a concert. it will raise money for victims of testimony text and other areas. the five former leaders also launched the one america peel last month in the wake of hurricane harvey which made land fall in texas in late august. >> and still ahead interesting story we have later tonight. is your smart phone bringing you down? >> why all those notifications could actually make you depressed. >> aand amazon under fire. controversial sweatshirt that makes light of eating dis disorder. >> and on at agenda "fox news morning" abby wambach shows skills in a scash course and dry bar is in the building with new hair product for fall. that's ahead 4:25 5
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a new study shows your smart phone could be bringing you down. a third of notifications trigger negative emotion and some of the things we hate seeing are alerts related to work. >> well yeah, phone updates and wifi veil bit. when it comes to social notifications those apparently make us happy. the study is from nottingham trent university in the uk. >> maybe defend who is. >> the company is called irresponsible for selling a hoodie that describes anorexia as like bulimia except with self-control. one woman with anorexia said
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those. several pieces of pro anorexia and pro he bul leemia apar rel included in the amazon selection. >> i'm surprised that clothing made today through. >> me too. >> "fox 5 news" at 10:30 coming up next. >> did secretary of state call president donald trump a more on. what the president is saying about the owe of coursesations. >> symbol of home in midst of tragedy one man's hand craft gift to las vegas to honor those killed in the shooting. .
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threaten howard university students an arrest is made. >> each one is a family member. >> pouring of love and support threw woodwork in the wake of las vegas massacre. >> it's funny to hear a female talk about routes cam newton trending tonight for all the wrong reasons after the press conference. news starts now. >> with us here at 10:30. >> here's a check of ton tonight's big stories. "fox5" kristin leon live outside howard university. >> tope, sarah, it was an arrest made almost two years later. a man allegedly threatens to murder african-american students right here at howard university. take a closer look at that man now on the screen. this is 24-year-old john edgar rust. fbi agents say november 11, 2015 he posted
10:31 pm
ou he wanted to kill african-american students and put them out of their misery. they traced the polingts b backing to the wifi panera restaurant. he he is do in court tomorrow. >> now update on story "fox5" led the way on for months. grade fixing allegations in prince george county. lindsey watts now. >> how say state audit is underway in prince george county schools. allegations of grade fixing and other fraud to boost the graduation rate. more than two weeks ago a hot line and email was established for whistle blowers and the district still has not sent out that information to staff. >> board members who asked for the audit say to this day they're still running into staff members that don't know how to reach investigators. they're asking why was the information only sent to media outlets not directly to staff. tonight a school district spokesman says -- coverage
10:32 pm
"fox5"ob few other outlets are enough to alert staff. there are no plans to put anything out on their end. >> from las vegas now a new time line of when the sunday's massacre began and ended was revealed tonight. investigators say steven paddock began soot shooting 10:05 p.m. and fired last shot as 10:15. first officers arrived on 32 floor of the mandalay bay at 10:17. also new tonight a lawyer for paddock's girlfriend said she knew nothing of any plans for the mass shooting. >> secretary of state rex tillerson today slammed reports he threatened to resign offer the summer. state department spokes woman also denied tillerson called the president a more an. tillerson addressed reporters earlier today in a surprise news conversation. >> there's never been a consideration in my mind to leave. i serve at the appointment of the president and i'm here for as long as the president feels i can be useful to achieving his objectives.
10:33 pm
some who try to sow distention by tearing others apart. in an effort to undermine president trump's own agenda. i do not and i will not operate that way. and the same applies to everyone on my team here at the state department. >> the president also responded saying he has "total confidence in the secretary of state." >> the investigation remains open tonight whether russia coordinated with the trump campaign to sway the 2016 presidential election. today leaders of senate intelligence committee said they have not determined ft. campaign coluded with the kremlin. investigators have interviewed more than 100 witnesses and combed through more than 100,000 pages of documents and during the investigation the committee discovered vulnerability in 21 states and there's no evidence of any votes altered. >> there are concerns that we continue to
10:34 pm
committee continues to look into all evidence to see if there was any hypothetical of you could lution. the senate panel was pushed on russian efforts to push social media efforts and linked ads on facebook that ran around the time of the 2016 presidential election. >> gop congressman tim murphy is at the center of sex and abortion scandle. as a results he plans to retire at the end ever his term. the news comes a day after i pittsburgh newspaper published text messages that show the congressman asking miss tress to terminate her pregnancyy. purr murphy is strong opponent of abortion. back to tragedy in las vegas 'retired carpenter
10:35 pm
of miles away in illinois hoping to bring comfort in a devastating time. he's building wooden crosses to honor the victim's of the shooting rampage. >> elizabeth matthews as a look at his special tribute. >> i don't have any answers and i wish this -- i could never do it again. >> the call comes every so often. >> sometimes more often than not. >> if i'm looking here and each one of these is a family member. >> retired carpenter is tat again building wooden crosses for the victims of las vegas shooting he builds them from scratch inside aurora workshop and gives them a fresh coat of white paint and attaches a big red heart to the front sometimes has helpers like enrique pa dea. >> he was working by himself and need help. he had a visitor of
10:36 pm
crime screen cleanup they donated gas money for the 1700 mile trip to las vegas. >> day-to-day deal with families that have undergone horrific circumstance substances and we want to help in the community. >> with a community supporting him zanas continue to build working through his own grief of his murdered father in law. he takes compassion on the road sharing cross displays sceepz of mass shootings around the country most recently orlando pulse night club shooting 'lean last december downtown check check for hundreds shot and killed in 2016. >> last year 757 people killed i made all those crosses instead of 25 these family have them in their homes. i know how important it is. >> that was elizabeth matthews
10:37 pm
and amazon you have competition. >> announce front google on new devices they're set to release, sue. >> tony, sarah, it's another summer rerun in the weather department. look at temperatures we're expecting. today 77 degrees. tomorrow we'll be closer to 4. friday the same. all these days dry especially as we get to saturday. 85. can't guarantee sunday will be dry but we keep warm air around and as you know we're tracking a new tropical depression. we should be getting another update from the national hurricane center within the next half hour and we'll see if we have a new named storm. it may be bringing us tropical rain here in our near future. that's the 7 day forecast just ahead. . . the job market taking a direct hit from harvey and irma. private businesses adding 1 135,000 jobs in september fewest number in nearly a year. report from payroll company adp says sure capes were a big reason
10:38 pm
month. all eyes will be on government jobs report which comes out early on friday morning. and well some welcomed news for folks that already have a job. median household income in the u.s. chopping 58400, $80 more than the previous month and meanwhile stocks keep rocking on wall street. dow, nasdaq and s&p 500 closing at all time highs on wednesday and fewer guests might be saying i do to wedding invitations. this would be why. survey from lend edu finding average cost for a person to atnd a wedding is now nearly 1400 that includes frevring travel kloming and, of course, the gift. ouch. that's a look at business. i'm david asmodnd. smodnd.
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alex: when i was 11 years old, a man broke into the house and he sexually assaulted me. thankfully, in my case, the police caught him, but there are so many survivors that live knowing that their attacker is still out there. ♪♪ thank you mark herring, for taking this seriously, and for making this a priority, for all of the victims out there. mark: i'm mark herring, candidate for attorney general, and i sponsored this ad.
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hearing a crackle when you use your iphone 8. apple releasing software update that gets rid of sounds after users reported hereing it on phone calls and face time. noise described as high pitch buzz that came through earpiece. update is free and fitchs issue opening attachments in encrypted emails can be downloaded through phone settings member u. >> first apple then amazon and now google turn just in time for holidays. >> fox news correspondent brett larson joins us with new information from new york. >> it was not just a new phone announced by google wednesday. the crowd was dazzled with a variety of brand new digital devices. there's a less expensive google home speaker pint size
10:43 pm
colors don't let the little size fool you. it's a google minimum of software, hardware and artificial intelligence. >> we believe next evolution of smart home is to bring intelligence to the home. >> google showed up laptop they're calling pixel book high end version of chrome book that has hefty price tag $1,000 but features to back up the price like ten hour battery, style us and ability to instaptly tether to pixel smart phone when no wifi around. that's the other device they unveiled. two new pixel smart phone pixel 2 and pixel 2 xl both with update to last year pixel smart phone and beefed up camera google promises will take perfect picture they come in two sizes and four colors. google is also targeting apple's new home pod with their google home max. smart speaker said to be designed for sound and access to
10:44 pm
your tunes are just a request away. the products are available for preorder now and start shipping in the next few we weeks. just in time for the holidays. in new york, i'm brett larson, fox news. >> panthers quarterback cam newton facing wrath of twitter tonight. brody is back with that next. >> a look what you will hear when you download episode of true crime pod cast the mansion murders. back
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>> you have been on twitter tonight. >> cam newton is trending and not for a great reason. brody logan is here with more on that, hey, brody. >> there are moments we progressed beyond 1957 when it comes to sport and female journalists and then something like this happens and it's like we're just back there once again. well the old boys mentality
10:48 pm
resides in locker room. women face an uphill bat frl fans who think they don't belong in locker rooms or press box covering teams for reporters. after years having women cover games in high school, college, and 7 years if pros you think he would have respect for female sports reporters apparently he doesn't. listen to reaction of this question from panthers beat reporter jordan rodri good you. >> see a lot of pride in she refer playing well. devon embraced making extra yards and does that given joyment to see him with people out there. >> it's funny to hear a female talk about routes it's funny. >> jord an rodriga responded to his comments and saying this afternoon i did any job as nfl beat writer and asked a about one of his receivers. was dismade by
10:49 pm
who belittled me and women be side me in similar jobs. she sought out newton a few moments after his comments and he did not apologize to her and nfl released a statement saying the comments are just plain wrong and disrepicture is full to exceptional female reports and all journalists that cover our league. >> wow. >> you cannot do this. >> and didn't apologize. >> he didn't apologize. >> she sought him out and he -- >> like hey man what was that about. >> fine, exactly, apologize. >> it's very odd because you make a good point. he's been around female reporters his whole career. >> she's beat reporter for the local paper. she covers the team all the time. >> wow. sxwli don't know. >> maybe we'll see apology coming tomorrow after all the coverage. that's usually whether it happens forced apology. >> that would be my forecast he'll apologize tomorrow. >> thanks, brody, crazy. >> that is. forecast for tomorrow. >> i was going to say you mentioned earlier tonight people are tweeting us pictures ever the moon.
10:50 pm
tonight. >> and we had sky fox out in fauquier county and this is not the full moon. it will be full tomorrow but it's a preview of the full moon and we wanted you to see what are you in for tomorrow night it's harvest moon full tomorrow and it's called the harvest moon whatever moon is closest first full moon closest to equinox typically it happens in september why this is special be is because it will rise 7:04 tomorrow night and you'll get a lot of that orange with it because atmosphere is thicker at the lower levels and so our eyes see more red he and the moon has nice orange tint to. it moon rise tomorrow for harvest moon 7:04 and thank you that is a georgous shot. we got a lot of great picture on twitter tonight and we thank you all so much for t that. harvest moon because bright enough by that moon to harvest crops that's what the native americans said about that first full moon closest to the
10:51 pm
we may number fall but a warming trend is back in the forecast headed for 80s tomorrow. low an mid 80s would be do doable. dry street as you know running for a number ever days, 21 to be exact. that may end saturday or sunday and we think we will keep it going longer, thursday, friday, and maybe all of day. showers are in the forecast on sunday. maybe later in the day. and it's about a 50/50 chance we think rain is likely now on monday and that rain may be tropical in nature coming from what is is now tropical depression 16. if we have not had an update from the national hurricane center here in the last couple minutes since walked here. 84 tomorrow with minimum of of sun and clouds. it will be cloudier tomorrow afternoon. but even through those clouds that will be out ahead of the frontal boundary 4 degrees. same deal on friday. that fronts will lurk nearby 84 with a minimum of sun and clouds. and clear enough tonight though that we have had a
10:52 pm
nights. it's in the mid 50s to 60s long nights conducive for cool conditions in the morning. and we warm out ahead of the fronts -- warm up aend head of the front tomorrow and that front may produce showers north and west especially late at night and along the mason dixon line. and for the rest of us it will feel like summer with warm 0s and check of planner for tomorrow to give you an idea, 64 at 8:00 in the morning and noontime, temperature, 77 and by 5:00, 82. as most places as you can see here don't feel like october. averages in the 70s around here and low 70s at that. some good moisture across the country. you could use more tropical downpours across much of florida tonight and our consecutive dry days again 21 now. record is 34 and we hope that will break with a bit of tropical moisture. i'll have the latest on the track of td 16 which may be nate very soon. couple beautiful days for
10:53 pm
come on to take the nats. let's go nats. chance of showers surprised. that's right jopy i hear and see you. rain likely monday. glad we're not playing baseball monday. we may have a few more showers to dodge tuesda, wednesday, but as mentioned we really need this rain. let's hope it's not over done. because sometimes remnants of tropical systems can pack a punch in this area. we'll have the latest track at 11, tony and sarah. >> all right. we want to tell you about something we think you'll find interesting. mansion murders is "fox5" true crime pod cast first of kind. six part series focuses on murders of savapolous family and housekeeper in 2015. >> episode one debuted today. sarah frazier joins steve chen i have on the morning show to tell you about what you'll hear when you download it. >> first episode titled 19 hours the family and their housekeeper were held hostage in their home for 19 hours
10:54 pm
then of course we all know the result they were stabbed and beaten and house was set on fire. but, a lot changed in two an a half years since this case. this episode is interesting in the sense that marina marraco our own marine 'marraco and paul wagner on on this episode and they worked it since it came out. you think about the chaos. you know you work in this b bids. for people listening you get a sense of what this story and just how big it became so quickly. and then also we really sort of say you through the first week. the first week of this case was really pivotal. first episode gets you caught up and 2015 a lot of information came out which we now know has changed or is different. you'll find that fascinating on this episode. >> interesting what we knew initially. >> right. >> compared to what we know about the same information n now. >> correct. >> one of the cool things you're doing sarah is you're able to
10:55 pm
we're hearing in this pod cast itself with the stories we have donna long the way on this case to show and put visuals a lot of times you hear pod cast and you have to paint the pictures you sell visually. you're putting visuals out there as well by sharing stories we've done and coverage we've done over the years as well. >> yeah, really our team at fox ronnie mccrae a photo journalist and yudibleible airs the three of us put together behind the scenes videos up right now. we actually launched a facebook page called the mansion murders "fox5". if you search that you can be added to the group. we want people to discuss this case it is ongoing and has not going to trial. there is a recap video there. there's a lot of geographic places very, very important and as this six part series goes on you see how geography plays a big part in perhaps convicting
10:56 pm
>> itupz or pod cast app and search for mansion murders and android users can get it on google play and new episode launches every wednesday with extra behind the scenes videos on web site. "fox5" -- click ob pod cast. >> and stay with us. "fox 5 news" at 11 is next. t. >> we're following new developments in the investigation of that mass shooting in loss vehicle arizona fbi winter weather advisory a suspect's girlfriend. her lawyer releases a statement. >> a man is accused of threatening to kill african americans at howard university. what we're learn about his moeingt post made nearly two years ago. o.
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>> right now at 11 the aftermath of las vegas massacre and gunman's girl sfrend grilled by fbi as president trump consoles victims and families. and accused of thaet eping to kill african americans at howard university. how investigators arrestsed this man two years later. >> plus, new developments in the local school grade fixing allegations. and the sickness linked to puppies. your news starts now. >> and off the top we're learning more details in the las vegas shooting. tonight investigate towards released a new timeline of how sunday night massacre played out and we've also heard from the lawyer for the suspect's girlfriend. >> however the motive behind the worse mass shooting in modern u.s. history remains a mystery. "fox5" marina marraco joins us live with more. >> we received an update from the las vegas police department


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