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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  October 5, 2017 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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next several days. that includes the weekend. erin your turn. >> i like the sound of that. it's finally a morning, it's friday eve, the day before friday and i have no crashes to tell y tell you about so i'my today. >> right now at 4:30 let's get you caught up on what's happening in the news. this morning investigators are still evaluating the crime scene in vegas. a process that could take four to five days. they're urging people who knew the shooter to come forward to help police better understand stephen paddock. paddock's girlfriend marilou danley is cooperating. her attorney read a statement from his client saying paddock unexpectedly bought her a plane ticket two weeks ago to visit her family in the philippines. danley says she was there during the massacre. >> while there, he wired me money which he said was for me to buy a house for me and my family. i was worried that was a way of breaking up with me. it never occurred to me
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way whatsoever that he was planning violence. >> danley's lawyer reading a statement from her. danley says she knew paddock as a kind, caring quiet man and she's devastated by these deaths and injuries. >> secretary of state rex tillerson is disputing reports that he's on the verge of resigning saying he never considered leaving his job when asked about an nbc report that he called the president a moron tillerson didn't deny it instead saying he doesn't deal with that kind of petty nonsense. a state department spokeswoman later denying that report. >> tens of thousands of young undocumented immigrants are racing to extend their protected status under the daca program hours before the government begins phasing it out. >> melanie alnwick is live on capitol hill with the details. >> reporter: good morning, guys. so, this is supposed to be what they call a orderly winddown of the program but president trump has put the fate of these dreamers into the hands of congress.
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in the next six months, that means that some of these young people could begin to lose their benefits as early as march of next year. now, democrat senators rallied on capitol hill this week showing support for the so-called dreamers who they say serve in the military, attend college and hold professional jobs. president trump announced daca was ending. those with current work permits set to the expire by march fifth can renew for two more years as long as those applications are in today. some organizations have stepped in to help filers with the $495 fee and there's a lot on the line for these young immigrants. >> being a single mom with a four-year-old that has autism is really hard. knowing that it could be the end of this for me. it's leaving my autistic child behind it's really hard. so, i just, i don't know, it's really hard. seeing, watching
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my dreams coming downhill. >> reporter: now, president obama began the program in 2012 by executive order to protect children brought illegally into the united states by their parents. so far two republican senators have introduced a bill called the succeed act that would provide a path to citizenship and replace the daca program. we're told that president trump does support some kind of legislative solution. live on capitol hill, i'm melanie alnwick, fox5 local news. >> all right, mel, thank you for that. >> meanwhile in fairfax county this morning a jury acquitted a man in the death of a wedding caterer. kempton bonds was accused of murdering tyonne johns at a park in chantilly. bonds was park employee trying to clean up after a wedding. the verdict was the result of a retrial. a judge declared a mistrial in the first trial after jurors failed to reach a verdict on the murder charge. >>
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you saw first on fox5 a state audit under way in prince george's county schools after allegations of grade fixing to boost graduation rates. hotline and e-mail has been established for whistle blowers but the district hasn't sent that out to staff. a school district spokesman says the coverage on fox5 and a few other outlets is enough to alert staff and there are no plans to put anything out. board members ed burroughs says he doesn't understand why sending an e-mail is so difficult. >> when dr. maxwell was defending himself saying this wasn't happening he sent out several e-mails to the county wide list serve. this isn't a difficult thing. we send out county wide employee e-mails on a weekly basis almost and so i think this is a very reasonable request. >> in response the district spokesman says the state's investigation has been well publicized in our county and we have followed all of the firm's directions and process. fox5's annie yu will have a live report on this coming up
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shortly. >> the white house has sent congress a $29 billion request for disaster aid. the proposal would provide 16 billion to play flood claims. another 13 billion is being requested for the federal emergency management agency. >> expect major changes to the district's parking zones in the coming weeks that will likely impact night life in northwest. from 10:00 p.m. thursdays through sunday morning at 7:00 a.m. specific pickup and drop-off zones will replace parking zones. transportation officials say the changes address concerns over traffic and pedestrian safety in that area. that program begins on october 19. >> 4:35 is the time. let's get to gary mcgrady and talk about the weather. good morning, gary. >> hey, guys. listen, it stays really nice today and we start some 80's going and it looks like the 80's are going to stick around right on through the weekend. let me show you right now. we're looking at just satellite. there's a few high clouds this morning but a big moon out there, too, s
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nice. lots of 50's and lots of 60's. you notice back out to the west clouds. we'll see some of these today mainly in the form of some high clouds. i think even at times today we'll see a few mid level clouds i would say we're just going to see more clouds today. still a lot of high pressure for these high clouds and mid level clouds to overcome so expect a lot of sunshine today. we start off in the 50's. we warm up today into the low to mid 80's and again, sticks around for awhile. here's erin como. >> thanks, gary. 4:36 crash free around the dmv. some overnight construction clearing. you can see tr traffic on 395. earlier construction zone between king street and shirlington and again traffic flowing in the main and local lanes. not seeing any problems in the hov lanes. southbound looks good to and from the beltway this morning. top side of the beltway overnight construction zone still on the outer loop out by georgia avenue. traffic is getting by just fine
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slow down just a little bit. other than that metro service does pick up at 5 o'clock this morning. no reported rail line delays yet. i'll let you know and we'll take a look at some of those drive times in virginia and maryland next. any questions at erin fox5 d.c. on twitter. wisdom and maureen. >> coming up on fox5 news morning morning a debate about funding led to the end of a program to provide healthcare to nearly 9 million american children. >> where you can go to get one dollar margaritas through the end of the month. >> 4:37 is the time, 60 is the temp. back in a moment. >> ♪ >> ♪♪
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>> ♪ >> time right now is 4:39. we're back with what's hot on the web. these are the stories you're engaging with the most this morning on social media. >> here's holly with what's trending and good morning. >> good morning, everybody. first pup republican lawmakers pushed a bill to extend the chilen
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program known as chip. but democrats butted heads with republicans on how to pay for the popular program. the program provides health insurance for 8.9 million low income children. federal financing for chip expired over the weekend. the equifax hacking is serious business. or it was until rich uncle penny bags showed up. the prankster photo bombing the banking committee. penny bags twirled his mustache fiddled with his mon monacle. >> washington redskins receiver terrell pryor is defending himself after tmz showed the athlete flipping off a fan after their loss on monday night against the chiefs. pryor responded and said he flipped off a fan
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several times. pryor says that's the reason why people are kneeling during the anthem. he apologized to the league and his teammates for his actions. five former presidents will headline a concert at texas a & m the deep from the heart concert will feature alabama gatlin brothers lyle lovett and others. tickets are on sale at bush all proceeds will benefit the victims of the recent hurricanes. cheers to this. applebee's is offering a one dollar margarita all month long. the pro mot promotion is a remir that applebee's is bar. the chain says they're done trying to win over millennials and will focus on their traditional customers instead. maureen i know you're looking up the closest applebee's to the station.
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actually there is one on college park, college park. >> college park. >> yes. >> duly noted. >> i love how we're like girlgiving up on millennials. let's deal with these old fart that is buy our dollar margaritas. thanks holly. parents in virginia raise the red flag after they spot a series of threats on a online began. >> scholarship fund beefed up thanks to a two $200 million donation. >> 4:42, 60 degrees. we're back after this. >> ♪ hey, guys. where are the cookies for the... bake sale? bake... bake sale? need to bake in a hurry? use new country crock buttery sticks with sunflower oil.
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>> this is fox5 news morning. >> time is 4:45 and here's a look at the stories we're following for you today, thursday october 5th. new details in the deadly las vegas shooting. police say the shooter may have had help and he had an escape plan. the shooter's girlfriend has talked to authorities and she claims she had no idea he was planning this attack. meanwhile, president trump and first lady melania trump were in vegas yesterday. >> secretary of state rex tillerson disputing reports he was on the verge of resigning saying he never considered leaving his job. when asked about an nbc report he called the president a moron tillerson didn't deny it instead saying he doesn't deal with that type
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nonsense. >> a key deadline for young immigrants brought to the u.s. as children known as dreamers. it's their last chance to apply for an extension of daca. the trump administration announced the cancellation of the program last month. today is the deadline to apply for an extension. good morning to you. thank you for joining us. >> today is thursday october 5th. erin como watching roads, gary mcgrady though talking about the weather. hey, gary. >> my goodness we've had such a nice fall run the last several days. now i think we turn a little bit of a corner. we're going to feel more like summertime around here as temperatures will be warming wag up. let's move back in time just a little bit. i guess we won't move back in time just a little bit. so let's do that. we'll show you the high temperatures for today . it looks like it's going to be really good out there. temperatures in the 70's, lower to mid 80's is what we're going to top out at. more clouds along the front,
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the north today. later on this afternoon up into pennsylvania i think there will be a few showers there and a real quick look at your weekend forecast. it's warm. 86 on saturday. and then some showers coming up here by sunday. temperature a little cooler. we'll back it down to 84 degrees. a last little peek of summer time erin como. >> 4:47 right now and taking a look the a our thursday morning drive. traffic is quiet all around the beltway. we're looking really nice on 395 and 295. problem free through arlington right now. as we take a look coming up from fredericksburg into stafford 95 on the northbound side 14 minute trip between 17 and quantico. all your secondaries looking good. quiet ride through dale city. 66 not seeing any prob else will. it's a 21 minute trip between 234 and the beltway. any questions at erin fox5 d.c. on twitter. a look at your maryland commute next. >> sounds good erin. 4:47 is the time. we continue to follow a story you saw first right here on fox5. a state audit is under way in prince george's county schools after allegations
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fixing and fraud to boost graduation rates. >> a hotline and e-mail has been established for whistle blowers but the school district still hasn't sent that information out to the staff. fox5's annie yu live in upper marlboro with the latest. annie. >> reporter: good morning to you maureen and wisdom. school ceo dr. kevin maxwell has continued to deny allegations of systemic fraud including grade fixing first brought to life by four school board members and the state audit is happening now in hopes of putting an end to this controversy but as you mentioned some very important information has not been shared with staff and that is this hotline that was created for staff members to get in touch with the investigators involved. it was created more than two weeks. it's a hotline as well as an e-mail and many are wondering why hasn't this information given to staff or been issued by e-mail including one of the board members who called for this state audit. >> i'm still meeting
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today -- to this day that don't realize that the hotline number has already been made public and is available for them. when dr. maxwell was defending himself saying that this was not happening he sent out several e-mails to the county wide list serve. this isn't a controversial thing, this isn't a difficult thing. we send out county wide employee e-mails on a weekly basis almost and so i think this is a very reasonable request. >> now, in response to this school spokesman john white says "the state's investigation has been well publicized in our county and we have followed all of the firm's directions and process and with the school ceo refusing to send an e-mail outboard members tried to get one cent out through their own list serve which includes parents community leaders as well as some staff and the board said no to this. just this week he said okay to that so an e-mail with that information has been sent out. now, this investigation we're told is supposed to be wrapped
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meanwhile we have posted that contact information on our web site at that's the very latest here from upper marlboro. annie yu, fox5 local news. >> time is 4:50. new this morning parents in fauquier county reached out to fox5 with concerns after details of death threats were posted to one local high school. authorities say the threats were made within a group chat in a gaming app aimed at students attending liberty high school. the sheriff's office says they are actively investigating. liberty high sent a letter home to parents saying they have taken action to ensure the safety of all parties involved and do not believe that there is any current credible threat to the students. >> the university of maryland college park announce, it has received its largest gift in the state flagship university's history, it's $219 million that donation coming from the aj and alice b. clark foundation. the money is expected to provide more scholarships new spaces for students to collaborate while also
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>> coming up, a former star of the hit show glee pleads guilty to child porn charges. >> wendy's and wing stop engage in a twitter rap battle. >> live across the region, 4:50 is the time. back after this. >> ♪
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so don't half-wash it. downy and it's done. >> ♪ >> it's 4:53 right now. developing this morning preservation experts with the national park service are working to clean up a monument to confederate general stonewall jackson. overnight someone poured white paint over the base of the monument located at the manassas battlefield. the vandals spray painted the the word dead on the side of the basements unclear if the monument is equipped with surveillance c
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>> mark sol lon is facing 35 years in jail after he pled guilty to possession of child porn. he has been ordered to pay approximately $50,000 restitution to each victim registered register as a sex offender. after serving him time he'll be under supervised release for 20 years. >> panthers quarterback cam newton facing backlash for his comments ton a female reporter that. incident happened during a post practice press confe conference. some say newton made fun of her for asking questions. >> does that give you a little bit of enjoyment to see him. >> that's funny to hear a female talk about routes like, it's funny. but fun has come along, man. we going to -- this is a big game for him. >> really? the reporter later tweeted out about the incident saying "i don't think it's funny to be a female and talk about routes. i thi
4:55 am
some on social media are calling his comments sexist of the the nfl released a statement calling it just plain wrong. >> wendy's twitter handle is at it again. this time squaring up with wing stop for an epic rap battle. the beef started, you get it, the beef started when wing stop tweeted a verse from the song bad and bougi leading to a back and forthright here. the lyrical skills were on point. the yes session who won. if you're not sure we can judge by the stamps to see how long it took each to reply. a beef between a burger joint and a wing joint. >> wing stop and wendy's although i got to say the wendy's people they're on it. >> right. >> i think it goes over a lot of people's heads but bad and bougie, that's what we are, me and wisdom are bad and bougie. he's bad, i'm
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>> i don't have a clue what you're talking about. that doesn't surprise anyone i'm sure. clouds headed our way. we haven't had clouds in awhile. we've had so much blue sky. fallback-like weather around here. today more clouds. we're not talking about cloudy, a lot of sunshine today, a few high clouds, mid level clouds possible. we're going to warm up and we'll have more humidity, too. temperatures out there right now quite cool out depending on where you are. westminster is 61, baltimore is 57, here in town it's 60 degrees and we are warming up today. lower to mid 80's. warm, a little bit more humidity out there but still not bad. a little taste of summer. here's erin como. >> all right, right now at 4:56, we are dealing with a water main break in arlington this morning. it's lee highway and north beech street. we're seeing lanes blocked in either direction. traffic still getting by but that cleanup will be out there for sometime this morning. in bowie things looking really nice average speeds 60 miles per hour or so as you make
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beltway. you can see traffic moving in our camera just fine. we'll keep you updated on your morning commute. any questions at erin fox5 d.c. on twitter. back to you. >> coming up on, researchers say a new test could predict which troops are vulnerable for ptsd. >> d.c. fire crews rescue two people during an overnight crash. >> a live look across the d.c. region. it's 4:57, 60 degrees. this -- is this bad and bougie? idon't know. >> this is it. >> ♪ [laughter] i'm too old for this. [laughter] oh, my gosh.
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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. >> today on fox5 news morning, las vegas massacre. investigators revealing more information about the shootings including the suspect's plan to survive and escape. >> daca deadline. more than 154,000 dreamers rush to file their paperwork in order to extend their protected immigration status. >> looking live outside, summer in october trend continuing. another cold morning will gave way to a beautiful afternoon with temperatures in the 80's, people. good morning to you. thanks for joining us. >> it is thursday, october 5th. >> all right, gary mcgrady is talking about this glorious weather, erin como is talking about the roads and we want to get headlines from both you. gary you first. >> you said it. we're cool this morning and we


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