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tv   Fox 5 News 5  FOX  October 6, 2017 5:00pm-5:59pm EDT

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female student. the two new each other from montgomery blair. we reached out to officials and they tell us he has been on administrative leave since these allegations first surfaced. according to police, that happened some time at the beginning of september. that's when they began their investigation s into these allegation, at the end, they learned mr. boatman apparently had a sexual relationship with the 16-yea-old and apparently it took place at his home. of he's being charged with sexual abuse of a minor, we understand that he's assistant is it possible coach here in montgomery blair and was also a substitute, has been worked for the district for several years. according to the district, he has been placed on administrative leave when those allegations first surfaced. that was at the beginning of september, according to police report. we understand that boatman
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today again this information coming from montgomery county police. he is charged with sexual abuse of a minor. and police are asking if parents know of any other victims to come forward. they want to know if there are other victims, if boatman has been involved with any other students here on campus. we also understand that boat man played college football for syracuse university. that information coming from syracuse university's own website. but he's been a coach here for some to him. we'll be talking with parents, there's a football game tonight and we'll have their reaction coming up. live in montgomery county, evan lambert. a man long suspected of killing pamela butler and hiding her body more than eight years today admitted he was involved in the crime. jose rodriguez cruise pleaded guilty to
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and promised to show police where the epa computer specialist is buried. paul wagner broke the story this morning, joins us with the latest. paul. >> reporter: there were many tears in the courtroom, as jose rods cruz final admitted what pam's family had suspected all along. he killed her inside the house on 4th street northwest punching her in the face and strange link her and under the did you ever of darkness and out of the view of pam's many surveillance cameras slipped her body out a side window and put her in the ground. >> thelma and derrick butler mother and son sat in the courtroom as prosecutor deborah signs read the evidence against rodriguez cruz. the two stood in the well of the court and confronted her x boyfriend letting them know exactly how they felt after all these year >> felt very good. a little relief coming in now speaking instead of holding
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in all these years. >> derrick butler told the judge he didn't care if cruz got any time at all as long as he tells us where the body is. >> it was important to the family because if she's laying out. we wanting to bring her home and know where she is >> he make a good faith best effort. he doesn't help, then we're back where we started again. >> reporter: prosecutors deborah signs and glen cursener say the process is recover her body is underway >> 2009 was a long time ago. we'll see. >> reporter: from day one, derrick butler and his family thought pam had been murdered inside the house and her body taken out of first floor window. something derrick demonstrated to fox 5 inside of the house in the weeks after her disappearance, today,
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cruz admitted they were right all along. but it wasn't until detective michael fulton took overtime case in january of this year that the puzzle pieces finally fell no place. >> i don't think there was a dry eye in that courtroom when jose took responsibility and pam's mom got to hear what happened and get answers. for that matter, it was satisfying. >> reporter: derrick butler never stopped looking for his sister. hopefully in the next few days, the search will come to an end >> the 12-year sentence for second degree murder may not sound like much, but the prosecutor pointed out it is within the sentencing guidelines >> arlington police are still actively investigating the disappearance of rodriguez's cruz's first wife who vanished in 1989. in the fox 5 newsroom, paul wagner.
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wagner. now to a fox 5 exclusive. investigators are still trying to figure out what happened to ashanti billie. her body was found last week in charlotte north carolina hundreds of miles where she lived and work. she graduated in prince george's county and moved to virginia beach for culinary school. she vanished after going to work at a sandwich shop on a military base. matt ackland has the exclusive interview with her parents. >> reporter: this has been story that has shocked the area. it's being talked about nationwide. let's take you back to when ashanti went missing. >> this is one of the few clues authorities have released. video capturing ashanti's car coming and going from the military base where she worked. days later, her abandoned car would be found 12 miles away from that base, her cell phone found tosse
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dumpster, her parents rushed to virginia beach and used social media hoping to get clues that would lead to their daughter. >> please pray for ashanti billie be a be our daughter, my baby. >> reporter: a week ago the parents got the news they feared. a body was found in charlotte north carolina by a grounds keeper who had been working behind a church. that body turned out to be ashanti. ashanti's mother spoke directly to anyone who played a part in the homicide. >> to the person or persons that decided they want to take our baby away from us and away from everyone that loved her. you're a coward. you don't deserve to breathe the air that she breathes at all. >> reporter: brandy and tony billy join me now. i know this has to be a very hard time to speak. we appreciate you talking to his. so many are wondering how you're doing tonight >> we're maintaining. of
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place right now. and together we're maintaining just trying to move forward. >> reporter: let's talk about the investigation. there is so many question outside there. so many people wondering what's going on. i talked to the fbi today. they said they're working hard but they won't have any new information. i there anything that you can offer on what may have happened, tony? >> not really. for us pretty much, we, you know, as much as i was guys know, we know that she went to work, was headed to work. got on the base. basically they saw her id. was visually or, at 4:46 that morning. and that was the last time someone had visually eyes on her. >> reporter: do we know of any type of suspect? have they talked to you about that and forgive for asking, but do we know how your daughter was killed? do we know any of those things yet >> we do
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we don't even know the method or what is on the death certificate yet. >> reporter: is that being kept from you? is that why or have you not found out? i mean >> hasn't been released yet. >> reporter: what are authorities telling you behind the scenes about what they're doing? >> they're working diligently. still working on the case, more tips are coming in, more so now that everything has incurred and to have 100%, 200% from the fbi and the ncis and the local norfolk police department as well. >> reporter: i know there was frustration in the beginning. she went missing on the 18th. then her car was found many days later and it seemed like it took some time for this search to get going. didn't it? is that frustration still there? >> somewhat. somewhat. because of the the fact of the matter is we had this missing pieces, i can say, the phone was found one day, the car one day. and she was f
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definitely frustration because when you don't have those answers, you know, and as a parent, you know, you just try to figure it out. you figure it out and you're trying to figure out, ok, what can i do that they're not doing? not saying they're not doing their job, talking about the law enforcement agents. of you try to link things to make sense out of what's happened. >> reporter: is there any idea or hunch of who a suspect might be or do you think it's just somebody out there that maybe your daughter didn't know at all? >> i honestly believe it may be someone she's come in contact with simply from passing. maybe they came into her job or passed a gas station. i think it's someone who seen her before. i don't think she knows them, per se. i think she definitely has seen her. >> reporter: let's talk a little about the ongoing, i know that that's all planned, and it will they can place a week from now. tell me what you have planned for that >> we have something to take place at ebenezer ame
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fort washington maryland, friday, october 13th because that's a special day to ashanti, it's her birthday, may 13th, at 11:00 a.m. visitation and viewing from to 11:00. unfortunately. she won't be able to be buried until following monday, the 16th. >>reporter: you said this is not just about your daughter, you want people to look at this, you even kind of spoke out towards president trump and your comments last week at the press conference. saying there needs to be more of a focus on missing people out there. can you talk about that a bit? >> yes. we truly feel that we been placed on an assignment from god to not only find justice for our daughter, but there are -- it's an epidemic and we talk about it's like when you buy a car until you buy that car, you know, then you start saying, man, wow, that car again. so
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home, to hear this, our daughter came missing and we started receiving things, started seeing, missing signs. i was frustrated because i feel we focus on a lot of nonessential things. you know, young people, people have been coming up missing and one of the things that, brandy and i come in agreement with, it's not that good one or it's not that that bad one, it's the fact that it's someone that has come up missing. and yeah, we talk about doing the kneeling during the anthem national anthem is a minute and 23 seconds. how many people are coming up missing during that minutes and 23 seconds. >> instead of addressing the fact that we're kneeing, kneeling down, let's go out here and look for these young folks, i'm a veteran. we're both veterans. the flag mean as lot to us but lives mean more to us. >> reporter: as we wrap this up,
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again, tell us what you want that we haven't heard yet? so many people have said so many wonderful things. mom, you first >> she was giving, loved everybody. had never met a stranger. you know, not like ashanti was not liking a puppy. who doesn't like a puppy? that's her. >> reporter: tony >> i like that. for her, a stranger could become a friend instantly. that was her personality. you talk to her, you gravitate to her, from her bubbly personality. >> reporter: randy, tony, billy, thank you for making time and we're thinking about you. >> appreciate it. >> reporter: send it back to you. coming up, we're learning more about the massacre in las vegas and getting a look at new video from that night.
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gunman purchased a month before the shooting and how it may have impacted the attack. president trump will make it easier for employers to stop covering birth control, a new revision he's making to an obama era rule >> it should be shocking this man bragged about sexual assaulting women >> a women's group is marking the anniversary of the release of president trump's tape. it's unusually warm. hot early october. we got temperatures in the 80's, it will be nice and warm and dry for the nationals game. what about the rest of the weekend? we got tropical storm nate to contend with. it will be impacting our area before the weekend is over, a look at your forecast coming up when fox 5 news at 5:00 returns. :00 returns.
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we just moved in about four months ago, but the living room's pretty blank. it's really nice when clients come in
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and have done some of their own research. working with a bassett designer was really easy. alex: when i was 11 years old, a man broke into the house jand he sexually assaulted me. thankfully, in my case, the police caught him, but there are so many survivors that live knowing that their attacker is still out there. ♪♪ thank you mark herring, for taking this seriously, and for making this a priority, for all of the victims out there. mark: i'm mark herring, candidate for attorney general, and i sponsored this ad.
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stephan paddock opened fire, he targeted an unsuspecting crowd attend, t
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harvest festival sunday, investigators now say that paddock bought 1,000 rounds of ammunition a month ago. tracer bullets contain a pyrotechnic charge that illuminates the path of fired bullets so shooters can see whether their aim is correct. 58 people were killed in the attack, more than 400 others injured. today, officials said they still don't have motive. tre mcauliffe said he will introduce new gun safety legislation, saying it must be a walk-up call. the governor announced his public safety team will put together a bill for the next assembly that will ban assault weapons, bump stock devices and high capacity magazines. the governor hopes it will keep virginians safe from the violence that has become too common in the nation. the white house is allowing more employers to the opt out of providing free birth
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women for religious moral reasons. obama rules require most companies to include birth control at no cost. under the affordable care act, preventive care is supposed to be made available to employees and dependants free of charge. the revision expands a religious exception that had only applied to houses of worship, religiously affiliated nonprofits and closely held private companies a demonstration took place at lafayette park. >> organizers of the group ultra violent arranged the event could were within side with the hollywood is a access tape showing mr. trump years ago bragging about his mistreatment of women. the tape is being shown continuously 12 hours on a large screen near the elipse >> it's been one year since the access hollywood tap
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public and out here to reminder american people who trump really is. self professed proud sexual predator >> it should be shocking that he's now sitting in the white house and is president. it should be awake-up call to america >> ultra violent wants to printing r bring attention to the problem of sexual assault and the group said someone sexual assaulted every 98 seconds and it's calling on americans to join the fight against the problem and resist the trump administration. we've had a lot of downer news stories today, but we got a little ray of sunshine here. beautiful, kind of warm we were talking about a little bit ago. kaitlyn? . totally. temperatures ten to 15 degrees above normal. for early october if you're fan, you're loving this and this weekend maybe making up for some of those dreary weekends we've had in end of the summer because we've got a
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it. rain by the end of it, today and tomorrow for both nats games looked dry. 81 in dc, 81 in baltimore, 82 westminster, 83 dulles, 82 hagerstown and 82 in martinsberg, normal high in the low 70's for this time of year. it's nice and warm, couple of clouds streaming from the north, got the same cold front stalled off towards the north, probably warm boy now, that we had yesterday and it's bringing showers across pennsylvania, light and widely scattered. we shouldn't see any here, if you're heading out to game one of the division series with the cubs in town here and the nats, first pitch at 7:30. temperatures will be back into the 70's. 78, you think of post season baseball and it's bundled up and you need your winter coats, certainly not as we begin this series, it will be nice and warm and dry, it's going to be warmest for tomorrow's 5:30 game. pretty unusual start to the baseball season. let's get back to the
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transportic, nate on the move strengthening, winds sustained at 60 miles an hour, 21 miles for a tropical storm that's pretty speedy in the western caribbean where it's been strength and approaching the unique tan where it is expected to make landfall along can't cuban coast tonight. also some tropical storm warnings and watches as well. so the whole gulf coast gearing up for a landfalling tropical system this weekend. here's the projected tracking still a tropical storm by this time tomorrow, however, it is expected still to make a landfall as a category 1 hurricane somewhere along the gulf coast between
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and the remnants of the nate will set sight on us and bring us rain before the weekend is over. it's warm, then it's wet. that's our weekend forecast. i'll go over the numbers what you can expect hour by hour sunday into next week. of and this very beneficial rain. lauren and sarah, back to you an unexpected drug bust at an elementary school, a fifth grader caught with cocaine in class, where he told officials it came from. should prostitutes others be arrested for their job of choice? one law maker says no. a huge hazmat situation at a maryland high school, why students and staff had to be evacuated because of a pumpkin spice scent. we'll tell you more when we come back. we come back.
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s. police have confirmed an elementary school student bought drugs to class >> officers were call to bell grove elementary school in brooklyn park wednesday, the principal reportedly confiscated a bag of cocaine from a fifth grade student, the student claims the drugs were in the pocket of a new pair of pants and the student didn't know what it was. police are still investigating. meanwhile a pumpkin spice emergency led to a school evacuation in baltimore. >> apparently real. students and staff were evacuated from chris tell ray high school after complaints of an odd smell. a hazmat crew was called in and that smell turned out to be a pumpkin spice anywhere freshener. >> four people were taken to hospital for symptoms related to the smell. >> people who don't like pumpkin
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spice >> some maryland are considering staying open on two jewish holly days next september. >> reports say school district around the region are finding that fluctuations in next year can that school calendar will make it difficult to accommodate both spring break and the jewish holey day, that mean it could be open on rosh hashana and yes, ma'amky par >> knee at a bonds wants to change the name of the federal holiday to indigenous people day. >> a number of other cities, including los angeles, denver and seattle already have holidays that celebrate columbus in clue of columbus day. carjacked at knife point at a local mall.
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police are looking for these two suspects. we'll be right back. how's it going down there? that's good. lica misses you. i'm over it though. (laughter) that's fine. i miss her more than you anyway. ♪ ♪ ♪ hey, my window is closing. yeah that's okay. alright miles. i love you. (phone hangs up) ♪ ♪ ♪ yeah i love you too.
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♪ ♪ ♪ . this is fox 5 local news at 5:00. a teen is missing in loudoun county and the sheriff's office is asking for help to find her. 16-year-old my la abanda went missing wednesday, she was last seen yesterday with a friend in silver spring. the sheriff's office is asking anyone who may know where she is to please give them a call. fairfax county police want you to take a good look at pictures needing help identifying two suspects wanted in connection with a car jacking at the springfield mall. the vehicle is tan honda crv with virginia tags, if you have information, police wants to hear from you investigators search add home in the wilderness shores area on wednesday, they found more than 40 pounds of
5:32 pm
marijuana, several marijuana plants and 19 firearms. 38-year-old james cooper of custody. he'll face drug and gun charges at a later time. a griessly discovery in anne arundel county. three bodies and the deaths are gun related >> one week after law enforcement announced an all be out assault on gang members in the county. tisha lewis reports. >> reporter: suspects have been arrested. police are tight lipped if there's any connection to ms 13 nor will they disclose where the bodies were discovered. they will say they're urging residents to come forward and call them. >> if you're in fear, if you think a gang wants to hurt you, i'm begging you to come and talk to us. but as chief of police, the sliding scale in the last 24,
5:33 pm
36, 48 hours has slid and i need to talk t them safe versus keeping my mouth shut to keep them safe. i think fear is a large part. whenever gangs rear their head. i think that we have people living in fear in anne arundel county and it's going to stop. >> reporter: police chief would not disclose the age or gender of the victims, repeatedly urged anyone with information call police and insisted gangs will not take over anne arundel county. residents are also being asked to call the county's gang tip line at 410-222-4700, if they suspect gang activity. so far, we're told there have been a reported 13 homicides in the county so far this year and police say they came forward and made this monument and warning to residents to prevent more. tisha lewis fox 5 local news a district heights maryland man will spend the rest of his
5:34 pm
life in a judge in anne arundel county hand that day out to joseph petite. a jury found him guilty of murdering his girlfriend. the court released surveillance video from the day she was killed in october 2016. she crashed her car in district heights. when rescuers arrived and pulled her from the car, they determined she had been shot. residents were thrown into a panic because of it. >> a car is through my apartment >> a ka? >> a car ran through my front apartment window. >> video showing petite jumping out of the car after the crash and running off. it's still unclear why he shot wims. the judge said he tooks into account his basket criminal behavior saying, quote, they're not anything glowing in here about you. state prosecutor angela also
5:35 pm
brook said she sentence sends a powerful message >> we're able also to bring healing to the family. they're here today in number, they came out today to express their love for marquee ta, but this was another horrible incident involving what we believe was likely domestic violence >> potite's lawyers asked for leniency saying he was hooked on pcp, he apologized to her family and his own but denied he was responsible for her death. developing news in the case against army sergeant bowberg da he plans to plead guilty that he deserted his post instead of going on trial. he's expected to enter the plea some time this month and will face sentencing.
5:36 pm
he faces up prison for the di desertion. the winner is the international campaign to abolish nuclear weapons, a collusion of nongovernmental agencies. winning the peace prize sends a message to nuclear armed states. making extortion a crime >> how new legislation aims to put stiffer penalties on people who obtain sexually explicit images and use them as bribes, more on that coming up. brody? >> reporter: it is game one of the nlds, nationals facing the defending champion cubs and i'm here with a special guest. he has a forecast now, it will rain here.
5:37 pm
we're hoping the nats rain begins tonight. >> i want to work w obvious. beautiful weather locally it will be are a great couple of days, by saturday, the weather headline nationally tropical storm nate will be impacting us. b sunday really we'll start to get the rain showers. but tropical storm is strengthening. landfalling hurricane is expected around new orleans, i'll have the details in your seven-day forecast coming up next. we just moved in about four months ago, but the living room's pretty blank. it's really nice when clients come in and have done some of their own research. working with a bassett designer was really easy. just kind of ties in very well. we love it! alex: when i was 11 years old, a man broke into the house jand he sexually assaulted me..
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thankfully, in my case, the police caught him, that their attacker is still out there. ♪♪ thank you mark herring, for taking this seriously, and for making this a priority, for all of the victims out there. mark: i'm mark herring, candidate for attorney general,
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and i sponsored this ad. strengthening. game one sick kicks off in less than two hours, dozens fly into the park as the nats take on the chicago cubs. brody, there must be major skycam in the air. >> reporter: definitely. i noticed you mentioned that thousands of people are starting to file in. the gates just opened. we've seen a lot of nats fans and characteristically, they travel well, we've seen a lot of
5:41 pm
cubs fans for break down this game. he does this to get on tv. captain, what is the obvious answer for what's going to happen in this series and especially in game one >> this is a baseball game and this is nats park. we're going to watch a baseball game. they will be hits and runs. and then the nats will win in three. i don't usually do predictions. >> reporter: how do you think steven straws berg will do? will he shine under the bright lights? he never gets this chance in the post season >> not in the post season but i was here for the first start against the pirates. those were big lights. that was his first game. what did he do then? he struck out 13, 14.
5:42 pm
showed up. he'll show up here today too and so will signs, let's go through some of the best we have here? >> this is usually the cubs like to fly a w, when they win, a real w is curly. so when they >> you fly a w, you fly the killer w in dc >> that's the only w to fly. then they also have an l. i haven't seen them fly this too often but this will fly three times in this series >> they flew that l, 108 years. >> it's not 2016. >> reporter: that's true. it is not their time. is it the national's time? >> it's 2017. >> reporter: do you think this is the year that dc gets a championship? baseball >> absolutely. we'll go back to back to back. >> reporter: you're calling the next three world series?
5:43 pm
back to series. >> prognosticate ir. >> reporter: i'm sure you'll be on tv with this whole get-up >> i hope you make it >> i like this one too. we're going to october like a captain. >> reporter: that's the only way to october. you have a team full. i'll let you get in there and i want to state a little bit of the obvious, steve scalise is back and throwing out the first pitch and it's also his birthday. a big day for him. big day for the nationals. obviously, a big day for captain obvious, and all the rest of the fans here, hopefully we get another great outing from steven strawsberg. he has been brilliant. era under one since the all-star break, hopefully he brings it
5:44 pm
tonight on the biggest stage. >> captain obvious is saying i happen. thank you, brody >> obviously, nice night for baseball. >> yes. >> whatever. >> it's like an august night for baseball. >> let's dine outdoors for dinner and stay outside. it's so comfortable. >> tank tops >> let the kids play outside this evening's we do lose the sunlight quickly by about 6:30. sunset at 6:40. yes, a beautiful summer-like night as we take a live look outside. some friday evening traffic. can't get rid of that ever unfortunately. but everyone trying to get where they want be for the weekend which will start off fantastic and end not so much because of tropical storm nate which is cruising real quick through the gulf mexico this weekend and headed inland and bringing rain showers. we'll start out with tonight fantastic for the nats game, beautiful weather, jacket not rider. certainly not for tomorrow.
5:45 pm
high temperatures ten to 15 degrees above average. pushing our h into the mid 80's. tropical showers by sunday. much needed rain next week. we could a period of heavy rain monday into tuesday, which would be very beneficial because our dry streak, 22 days in a row, it will be 23 after day, coming close to that record of 34, not going to hit it because of the rain headed our way, even though 22 days in the row of dry weather, we haven't had anything significant since you have to go back to a month, september 5 and 6. temperatures outside, unbelievable for early october. 81 in dc and for the rest of tonight we'll a fall back to the 70's, 7:00 p.m. 78759:00. partly cloudy skies expected. dry quiet and a nice evening. back to tropical storm nate. here is the center of the circulation still out over the open waters of caribbean, it is about to graze, if not make a close landfall to the ukatan peninsula.
5:46 pm
bringing heavy rain to places like west ward about 20 miles an hour as i hecoast this weekend. much of the mississippi coast and into western alabama. tracking nate's progress on the futurecast. you see outer rain bands start to impact the gulf coast. associated with this rotating storm by tomorrow night. everywhere in this -- everyone in this area will not, the biggest storm that's ever hit the gulf coast. it's still expected to be a category 1 hurricane upon landfall and there will be category 1 hurricane force wind as well as flooding rains and dangerous storm surge. it's a fast moving storm, which mean as lot of storm surge, landfall some time overnight. right around new orleans, hence the hurricane warning, from there, look how this system quickly gets caught up in the jet stream and starts to throw some rain bands which will interact with a front towards the north and bring rain into our area, this is by 5:00 p.m.
5:47 pm
on sunday. but honestly, i think we're getting showers even earlier than that. for the weekend, plan on nice night tonight's plan on a beautiful saturday. 86, this is incredibly warm for early october. but you know, this time of year, you never know when we'll be warm again. enjoy tomorrow, by sunday, i think we have clouds all day. and we've got showers moving in pretty quickly. 78 with heavy rain possible on monday. rain is going to be likely to linger tuesday, wednesday, i even have to put a chance into system coming through.ther smal- by next friday, we're finally drying out. it feels more like fall. fall fans you might have to wait but it will cool down end of next week. that's a look at your seven-day forecast. sarah and lauren >> that's what you keep saying. we're indicating like back with the air conditioning now, the heat was on a few days ago. of i'm so confused. up next here, a woman is sexual assaulted on her way to work. the search for the suspect who she said attacked her at a bus stop and then ran off.
5:48 pm
we've a live report coming up next. ralph northam: i'm ralph northam and as a doctor, nobody ever asked if i'm a democrat or republican. they just want my help. so if donald trump is helping virginia i'll work with him. but donald trump proposed cutting virginia's school funding,
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rolling back our clean air and water protections, from thousands of virginians. as a candidate for governor, i sponsored this ad because i've stood up to donald trump on all of it.
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ed gillespie refuses to stand up to him at all. sexual assaulted a woman at a gaithersburg bus stop early this morning. investigators say the man grabbed the victim while waiting for the bus and pulled her into a nearby wooded area. fox 5 angelie hemphill is live with more details on this brutal crime. angelie? >> reporter: investigators say the victim in this case is understandably traumatized. she told them this man barely said one word to her before he dragged her into those woods behind that bus stop where he sexual assaulted her for more than 30 minutes. fox 5 brought you the breaking news this morning, this is video of the crime scene, not long after police had arrived. they say it was around 5:30 this morning, when it was still dark. a woman was waiting for the bus at this bus stop off watkins mill road and travis lane when man approached her.
5:52 pm
she told police he acknowledged her a her and pulled her into the woods behindstop. police say he sexual assaulted her, possibly even raped her before she could get away and call 911 which wasn't until 6:12 a.m. 42 minutes later. the victim was taken to a local hospital and police believe the suspect ran off. black man in his 20's wearing a dark-colored checkered shirt or jacket. police are asking anyone that was travelling in this area or might have seen someone who fits that description around here to contact detectives. >> this is a pretty brazen crime. >> correct. and the suspect is still at large. we do consider him dangerous and we want to try and identify him as quickly as possible. >> historically strange based rape and that's what we're classifying it because we have no reason to believe they've had prior knowledge to each other. are relatively rare in montgomery county.
5:53 pm
so this is concernin the morning. we're not safe at all if he's in the open >> not thinking this is going to happen. you hear in the news this happened, that happened, when comes close, it's really, really scary. >> reporter: we did see detectives back out here at the scene about 4:00 this afternoon continuing to search that thick wooded area. where they believe the assault took place. if you have information, you are urged to contact police. you can remain anonymous and you could get a reward for any information that leads to an arrest. live in gaithersburg, angelie hemphill, fox 5 local news. coming up, harsher penalties for sex torsion where sexually explicit photos is used as
5:54 pm
bribes >> decriminalizing prostitution. one lawmaker says
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not be arrested in exchange of sex for money. we'll be right back . it's a crime you may not be familiar with. sex torsion is a growing problem across the country, here in the district. there is not a law on the books preventing it. attorney general carl race 18 wants to change all of that. he introduced a bill to makes sex torsion a crime. it would expand the definition of extortion to include sex torsion which occurs when a person receives sexually explicit images of an individual and threaten to release them unless demands met >> councilman david grasso is reducing the reducing
5:58 pm
criminalation bill. grasso said he believes we as a that excessive criminalation is causing more harm than good. president trump welcomed hundreds of hispanic to the white house. >> the president took a moment to address the recovery efforts in puerto rico. >> 60 hispanic americans have been awarded the congressional medical of honor for outstanding bravery in battle. did you know that? 60? that's a lot. it's a great, great metal of honor. did you say we have? oh. wow. that's so fantastic. do you mind if i go up and shake hands? i'll interrupt our speech. i want to shake hands with somebody. >> hispanic heritage month is observed from september 15th to october 15th. it was enacted in 1988 by ronald reagan. tony and shawn are standing by for the news at 6:00.
5:59 pm
starts right now. ♪ ♪ this is fox 5 local news at 6:00. ♪. at 6:00, a maryland substitute teacher and football coach is behind bars. accused of sexually abusing a 16-year-old girl. how police were tipped off to the alleged abuse. the family of a dc woman missing for eight years finally gets justice. pamela betler's ex-boyfriend admits he killed her inside her home. disturbing details he is now telling police about the brutal crime. a fox 5 exclusive. the mother of ashanti billie who was found dead in north carolina one week ago speaks only to fox 5 about her quest to find her daughter's killer. the news at 6:00 starts now. we begin tonight with the arrest of a montgomery county substitute teacher and football
6:00 pm
coach. >> corey boatman is sexual abusing a 16-year-old girl. blair high school where he worked >> evan lambert is live outside the school with more. evan? >> reporter: tony, we are outside the school right now, and in just a few minutes here, there's a football game that will be going on, we're learning all of this from montgomery county police. they say 27-year-old corey boatman was an assistant football coach and substitute teacher here at montgomery blair high school. the investigation, they say, a began in september. when detectives say boatman was sending inappropriate text messages to a 16-year-old female student. then, investigators say boatman had sex with the student later that month. he's now charged with sexual abuse of a minor. police say he turned himself in today in a letter to parents that went out today, school principal renee johnson said, in part, quote, these charges are deeply concerning, and unacceptable.


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