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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  October 7, 2017 11:30pm-12:00am EDT

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it's tough to win against teams that are undefeated like washington state. >> tim: 29-yarder, try to get to 4-4, he does. patting his stats it's 33-10, now time for our progressive performance of the game. >> spencer: a great performance by number four, he pitched and caught all day long. look at the touch on that ball over the top. eight different guys he's thrown the ball, he may have gotten a couple more, a little houdini efforts off the side of the helmet there. luke falk, cool hand luke was executing today. >> tim: he's something special, 25 career games with one crew completion, ten or more different players. no other active fbs quarterback has more than seven of those. that says a lot.
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man who coaches that young man. that's quite a group. >> spencer: that's strong right there. >> tim: that's something special. >> tim: eight different wide receivers making catches, 31 in total in his time. >> spencer: he just stacks those performances, a touchdown, zero interceptions. at some point in time, it's no longer an upset. >> tim: more on an upset. >> last chance for the wolverines failing michigan state. a hail mary, not answered.
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spartans when the paul bunyan trophy for the eighth time in the last ten years has number seven goes down. >> tim: it wasn't a blocked punt to this time but they were running on empty leaving on defense far too much. they were really challenged by purdue for three and a half quarters by beating the boilermakers on the road. that's darian felix number 22 carrying it for the ducks. >> spencer: purdue is another one of those big ten teams, it won't take them long to get that program turned around. >> tim: more and more of those, ohio state has a loss, the big 12 is up to tcu now. we are barely into october and if you are looking at anyone coming out of any one of these power
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undefeated record, it's going to be difficult. >> spencer: i'm an advocate for everybody gets a mulligan, there's going to be at least one. >> tim: the notion of this was something that chris petersen spoke too early in the week. these guys in this league at playing as late as they sometimes do don't get the recognition they deserve. tonight in prime time on the east coast the world found out about washington state and about luke falk as a quarterback. >> spencer: one of the most underrated quarterbacks in the nation. how don't we know more about these guys? we certainly know more about the issues of time and so forth. >> tim: off and rpo look and he gets it down to the 20 one-yard line. he's been really good when rolling out, getting out of the pocket. >> spencer: that's what he's finding out about the skill set of the
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that accentuates his skills. >> tim: as the clock begins to wind down, this would look to be in a position to be picked off but was not. george hicks -- we've got time for one more play. i can't wait to hear what the mad scientist had to say after the game. >> spencer: he's going to be sullen. >> tim: i think holly will bring out the best in him. >> spencer: i have no doubt about that. he's got to be play a spirit of as i said you look at this schedule the rest of the wake him up four of the left six are on the road. the games that they get to play at home are big. final play incomplete, it was intended for its cooler and that will do it. washington state comes on the road and comes away
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the last time washington state was in the top ten was in 2003, the final poll. outstanding defensive line coac coach. comes right over to mike leach and that's the third straight win now over oregon, they have had their number. the that young men will grow between now and next week when we see them on the farm against the stanford cardinal. this is a very meaningful victory not just for washington state but for the pac-12 in a lot of respects. >> spencer: the defense of performance, this whole stop unit facilitated and accentuated what luke falk and his offense did tonight, it was impressive. >> tim: let's go down to holly saunders.
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>> holly: for the first time since 2001, washington state has started the season 6-0. talk about what your team did to get ready. >> i thought we had a good week at practice because we played on friday and came out, i thought we were good on tuesday i thought we got better on wednesday and we were sharp on thursday. i'm proud of our guys, i thought we played real hard. offensively i thought the first half we didn't execute as well as we might have. we got in sync the second half. >> holly: held the highest scoring offense to only ten points, what was the key defensively? >> the quick answer is running to the ball, i thought everyone played hard. ran to the ball, that was helpful there. >> holly: it doesn't look like was stuck around here tonight, does it? >> this is after the rain came down and it got all and everything. >> holly: for back to
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>> tim: we have life pac-12 after dark action as we speak. undefeated utah tied with stanford 10-10 if you want to go over there, make sure to check it out. i've got it on dvr because we have stanford next week. >> spencer: how sweet is that? >> congratulations. i'm wearing pink tonight in honor of that color, you out kick your coverage. we came on the earlier tonight talking about the best team, arguably the best quarterback that most of america knows the least about. what do we find about them? >> spencer: we found out they could win different ways,5%
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it's a lot less than we would expect. we've seen games were his rush the ball five or seven times. he ran at a lot more, 25 rushes tonight. that balance was created for them to get a decisive advantage and ultimately to solve the giveaway. >> tim: speaking of cool hand luke, holly saunders cut up with him. >> holly: how did you find a way to distribute the ball to so many different guys? >> it's the way our offense works, designed to get the guys open and get them out in space. i was a little slow to start the game off, guys helped me out and we got a great road victory in a tough place to play. >> holly: with this victor you guys will move into the top ten how do you continue to stay focused just taking it one game at a time. >> ignore the noise, we have to get one week better.
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we've got to move on to cal now. high grandpa, high grandpa, stomach. >> tim: he'll be home tomorrow to celebrate the anniversary. for our entire crew, this is tim randle along with spencer tillman and holly saunders, washington state is going to be in the top ten, along with washington, good night, everybody, .
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>> first tonight preparing for another hurricane. nate makes land fall. >> how it affect us here at home police are trying to figure out how it happened. >> another car crashes into innocent people overseas and was it terrorism or something else. the news, it starts now. >> and first tonight, storm warnings by effect up and down the gulf coast as people brace for the full impact of hurricane nate. hurricane nate is made land fall at the mouth ever the mississippi river as category one storm. louisiana, mississippi and alabama are all understate of emergency and low lying areas are under mandatory evacuation orders and many people staying in shelters, louisiana governor john bell edwards has
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administrator of fema as well as president trump who assured him the federal government is ready to help with any storm damage. one of the biggest threats, the potential for flooding. >> also, the water that we're going to see will be because of storm surge. and, obviously, no one should take this storm lightly. it's proven to be deadly. we're very concerned and no one should be complacent. >> cincinnati expected to not down power lines and streets in lake charles louisiana to the florida pan handle. >> nate will impact our area this weekend. >> rain and clearing out there now however. look at the stap toll dome and we'll have more from gwen. >> plenty of rainfall from the storm system. we need the rain. that's one thing. and we'll get some tomorrow. but it will be from a frontal system. nate will start to impact us sunday night into monday. nate currently category one hurricane. winds sustained 85 miles an hour and
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see exactly how it will start to move its way up our area. you mentioned all the warning and watch as long the coastal region and also tropical storm force winds extending out some 125 miles from center of this system and so, as we take a look at cone of uncertainty we see it moves its way straight up to the northeast. that pits us in the line of fire for this with the remnants of what nate is in getting a fair amount of rainfall once we get into sunday night and monday. definitely, it does bare watching and in the meantime, tomorrow, we have chance of thunderstormsp in the afternoon from a frontal system so we're keeping you're eyes on that as well and another warm day and expect to see nate bring us plenty of tropical moisture with humidity b. back to you. >> see you in a bit, gwen, d.c. police are helping victims of puerto rico recover from hurricane maria people dropped off clothes and canned foods on columbia road northwest. police tell us they collected 13,000 pounds of food and supplies.
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fredericksburg virginia and loaded on to a plain and delivered to those in need in puerto rico. weeks after a white nationalist rally turned deadly in charlottesville, virginia, another rally was held in the city today and demonstration comes days after a judge ruled a lawsuit involving the statue of a confederate leader robert e. lee could move forward. the statue has generated controversy some want it removed and others say it is part of city's history and should remain. >> in fairfax county first responders training on how to respond to a passenger train derailment. >> the drill happens once every few years and ensures fire and rescue departments are equipped to handle real rail emergencies. and "fox5" evan lambert shows us the operation. >> here's the scenario a train derailed in springfield. firefighters have to get through the woods, get to the victims and bring them out
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possible. >> in fairfax county firefighters have to be ready for anything. tonight their mission is derailment of virginia compress train in springfield. it's a mock scenario producing real results. >> there's passenger trains every day and we like to practice and be ready for whatever happens. >> fire fight anticipates emts took part in the drill to be as real as possible. -- next was triage and treating a variety of injuries from the walking wounded to the most critical. >> one of the things we're always trying to factor in and improve is safety. most of the responding to emergency
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we want to get practice so we can better access the fairfax fire rescue says they're be critiqued on response to the drill. that will help them for nult tour real life situation. in spinning field, virginia, evan lambert "fox5 local news". >> a sheriff deputy in anne arrundel county is recovering after a car dragged him some distance. we're told the deputy spotsylvaniaed a woman passenger wanted for several outside warrants and pasadena this afternoon. while the deputy was able to pull over the car and began to arrest the suspect melissa day of saverna park that's when the driver sped off with the deputy hang on to the vehicle. he suffered numerous injuries and is expected to recover. day and the driver got away. tonight,
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into a deadly pedestrian accident in north east continues. it happened along tenth and h streets just after 11:00 this morning. and police say a woman was hit by a car. her identity has not been released yet and but we do know the driver of the car who hit her, remained at the scene. no word yet on the cause of that crash. >> authorities in london say that a car that drove into a crowd outside of a city's natural history museums with an accident. it was not a terror attack event. 11 people were hurt in the crash however, fox's benjamin hall reports. >> reporter: scary moments on the streets of london saturday when a car jumped the curb. . >> in the middle of the afternoon on a day when central london museuisis
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tourists. a man is in custody and witnesses say he was laughing as he was being detained. newspaper of the injuries are expected to be life injuring offer change. witnesses noticed how calm the proceedings were. >> the police are very -- to keep people away from there and get people out of the area and out towards that sort of play in south london to safety i guess. >> there have been five terror attacks
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three involving vehicles and general feeling of calm is a relief. knowing that this could have been a lot worse. in london, benjamin hall. fox news. >> vice-president mike pence is in las vegas tonight nearly a week after the deadly mass shootinging there the vice-president met with mayor of las vegas after arriving this afternoon. the vice-president motorcade passed mandalay bay resort and casino where 64-year-old stephen paddock opened fire on people attending a music concert. it's been a day of prayer and unity in las vegas a week after the awful shooting. they took part in a city wide walk that called for unity. he called sunday's massacre a tragedy of unimaginable proportions and said the horror of the day also brought out the good in so many americans. >> and we find hope in the every day
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whose heroic actions in the face of unspeakable evil inspired nation and among the heroes known and unknown, a mom who shieldeled her 4-year-old daughter with her own body, a father who helped guide others to safety even though he had been shot not once but twice. >> 58 people were killed when the suspect gunman stephen paddock opened fire on the crowd attending the country music festival. investigators have not figure outside why he carry out that attack. >> and growing teptions in northwest and korea, in tweets he talks about attempts of previous administrations to negotiations. presidents and administrations have been talking to north korea for 25 years. it has not worked. and he goes on to say sorry, but only one thing will work. it's unclear exactly what type of solution he is reforing to and this comes weeks after he referred
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rocket man and as the country continues to test its nuclear weapons. >> coming up tonight two people on anne arrundel country shot dead in the of okay ar and police released identities. >> and a fight to change columbus day a push to replace it by one d.c. law maker coming up
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ralph northam: i'm ralph northam and as a doctor, nobody ever asked if i'm a democrat or republican. they just want my help. so if donald trump is helping virginia i'll work with him. but donald trump proposed cutting virginia's school funding, rolling back our clean air and water protections, and taking away health care from thousands of virginians. as a candidate for governor, i sponsored this ad because i've stood up to donald trump on all of it. ed gillespie refuses to stand up to him at all.
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>> we're learning new details about the army ambush in west africa this week. pentagon con furmz a fourth soldier died in naj ear. they were on routine broll local force when's attacked. no group as taken responsibility for the killings and sources tell fox news united states suspect a local branch of islamic state responsible. there are are 800 u.s. troops stationed in niger. >> we know the identities of two people killed in anne arrundel county earlier this week. police initially thought they were responding to car crash on patrick
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brooklyn and later determined the driver and passenger in the car were shot multiple times. the victims are darryl and tony blow of dunn dock and kiesha page baker of baltimore. police are pursuing leads in the case and are asking anyone with information to contact them. >> we now know the cause of town home fire in montgomery county and the fire started in second floor bedroom along peble hill rain in potomac last night. fire officials say a laptop charming cord is to blame. it caused 250,000 in damage. two families now without a home and thankfully no one was hurt rjts here in the district, thousands of young people gathered on the mall for what was dubbed a youth peace march. organizers reached out to the youth of the world and similar marches were scheduled to take place today in liberia and gun a. the goal of marches is to demand peace and tone courage young people not tone gauge in violen
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>> it is youth that are coming together that gal vanizeed all generations to join them and to make a difference in this community or a difference in this nation. >> several cities in the united states also participated including san diego and jacksonville, florida, organizers hope young people will take a stand against violence and speak out against bullying and racial profiling. >> monday is columbus day. if one d.c. council member has her way columbus day will be replaced with indigenous people day. anita barnes introduced the legal holiday sell rate second monday in october. tisha lewis has more. city, schools and states across the can'ty adopted indigenous people's day and the nation's capitol may be next. >> i never supported columbus day.


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