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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  October 12, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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this is fox5 local news at ten. right now at ten, some scary moments for a mother and a child when a man held them up the at gun point. new details in a fox5 exclusive, parents join an outraged woman to protest this disturbing video of bullies targeting her daughter in school . plus, the fbi asks for help in a murder mystery, yellow jackets attacked local students
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you to know following the boy scouts historic announcement. the news at ten starts right now . and we gin with two stor ies you saw first on fox5. hundreds of prince george's county school pleems were on leave. tonight there are new developments following fox5 extensive reporting on this story. lindsay watts live in upper marlboro now with that update. lindsay. >>reporter: shawn and sarah, we have learned the numbers are significantly down when it comes to prince george's county school county employeeses on leave accused of child abuse and misconduct. here's the latest. as of last week there were 40 employees on leave accused much misconductment compare that to 299 when we did our initial report on this in april. and then for all of last school year there were about 850 employeeses on leave accused of
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have done multiple open records requests to get all of this information and we found out the district spent $10 million payit school year and nearly 1500 percent increase over the school year before that. this all stemmed from strict new policies put in place after some high profile child abuse cases in prince george's county. school officials said something had to be done to correct a culture of underreporting abuse but staff members told us what resultedded was teachers being pulled from classroomses, sometimes for months for minor incidents like accidentally touching a student or breaking up a fight. now the district i admitting those new policies did go too far. doing all of that swung the pendulum completely to the other side so now we sneeded to bring it back to the middle and to t where we think it rightfully belongs. anything you you would say to staff members who were put on leave unnecessarily with the pepped lum
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in that other direction mpts i would say to them we recognize in some cases individuals went through a pros and unfortunately they had on go throug that process. >> the vast majority of staffer members who are under investigation did end up cleared es. this was discussed at a school board meeting tonight and what we heard is that there has been new training for staff so everybody understands what constitutes abuse and also power put back into the hands of principals so they can deal with situations in the school without involving child protective services. we're going to be continuing monitor these numbers as the school year here goes on. we're live in up upper marlboro. now to another story, accusations of grade fixing in fraud and in prince george's county to boost the graduation rate. we have an update about the state audit underway, the private firm conduct the investigation established a tip line
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whistleblowers. last week we reported the school ceo's declined to september out the information. an e-mail went out to staffers today, but some says it's too little too late. i'm glad the superintendent finally made the decision to to do the right thing. i wish he would have done it two, three weeks ago. now there's only a couple weeks left. i am disis pointed that it took him so long. the media was notified of the hot line more than a month go. they just asked this morning the hot line be sent out to stamplet you can find the number on our website, >> new details tonight in a fox5 exclusive, a northern virginia family says bullies targeted their daughter because she wore her natural hair to school. in a radio posted on social media you can see a student throwing a pencil into the victim's hair and then laughing bit.
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story. >>reporter: tonight there are more than a million views of the video on social media than a it shows a white pencil like a dart and throwing it into a black student's natural hair. that student is a freshman at brents ville high school in prince william county. we spoke with the student's mother who says the school dragged their feet in responding to the incident. they thought it was funny that a girl who has hair that was not like theirs. they thought it was funny if something was going to stick in her hair. as soon as we saw the video we e-mailed the principal we waited for a responsible. when she did respond on sunday saying that she saw what happened and that they would talk to my daughter on monday. and tonight the school held a parent meeting where the bully ing was addressed. i can't watch the video anymore. it was disgution and unacceptablement people are coming together for the school board meeting next week as well, but this is so we can all come together as one and discuss
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come up and identify solution, things that we can prevent to the powers at be in prince william county schools. a school spokesperson says the incident is deeply concerning, but could not say how the school was addressing the incident say ing it is confidential and could not be discussed. an attorney insists the actions were not racially hoat investigated or bullying. >> new tonight, a 16 year old virginia high school student is facing multiple charges after he allegedly attacked a school administrator and a school research officer. it happened today at west potomac school. what you're seeing is cellphone video of that incident. i was sent to fox5, but it doesn't show what happened before the video. however, fairfax county police when epa assistant principal and school resource officer tried to question the student about his role in some kind of illegal activity, the student assaulted both of them. in a letter sent home to parents today, the school says they are investigating.
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for a mother walking outside in northeast with her young child. she says she was robbed. fox5's 's lauren demarco is lier in the neighborhood where it happened. >>reporter: it happened here a long bily street just one block away from the bus s situate h street corridor. this is a residential street, but it's pretty busy as well. and this attack happened so quickly the mother, according to neighbors out there with her child, the suspect approached when it was over he told her to turn around and walk in the other direction and then he took off. take a look. it happened two and a half weeks ago, a young child out on a bike, her mother close behind, when a man walks up, shows the mother a gun and robs her. police have just now re lease a security camera video and it got chief peter newsham's attention. he tweeted who does this and in front of a child. he's asking for help identifying the suspect along with a black sea district attorney that it appears the man pulled up i
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presumably the person driving it . neighbors are shaken. it was horrible anyway, but at 11: 30, 11:00 in the morning and people were still in church up the street. it was amazing. according to the police report, the victim says the man told her give me that money. she asked what money? he pointed to her purse and then pulled a gun out of the waste babd of his pants. she handed it over. several neighbors have cameras mounted outside their homes and the people who recorded this video tell us they were happy to help the police. anthony green lives a few doors down and says this type of crime needs to stop. we've been talking to councilman alan bit and the commander of this police district and they've been very responsive, i have to tell you. the one thing i would l really like to he see is, are the police officers on bicycles who patrol up h treat to go on the bac
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riding around and have that kind of vigilantes. there's a re washed of up to $10,000 available for information in this case. it happened on september 24 right around noon. if you know anything about it or recognize that suspect or vehicle, police want to latter from you. live in northeast, lauren demarco, fox5 local news the boyfriend of a pregnant maryland steech teacherrer found dead was indicted on murder charges. tyler test yair was. nine days later police found her body. he was engaged to another woman. wallen was a social studieses teacher at wild lake high school in colombia. she was four months pregnant when she was kill. the fbi is now offering a reward for information leading to an arrest in the murder of a prince george's county woman. ashante billy was found dead behind a church in charlot
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carolina, hundreds of miles from her home in virginia beach. they are doing a media push hoping to find clues in this case. funeral services will be held tomorrow. >> a swarm of yellow jackets attacked nearly three dozen gaithersburg students. after the break an expert weighs in on what may have contributed to the insects overly aggressive behavior. the boy discounts announcement got a lot of people talk. today the girl discounts are talking. i saturday with the chapter ceo. that's next.
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ralph northam: i'm ralph northam and as a doctor, nobody ever asked if i'm a democrat or republican. they just want my help. so if donald trump is helping virginia i'll work with him. but donald trump proposed cutting virginia's school funding, rolling back our clean air and water protections, and taking away health care from thousands of virginians. as a candidate for governor, i sponsored this ad because i've stood up to donald trump on all of it. ed gillespie refuses to stand up to him at all.
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maybe. (vo) the best things in life keep going. that's why i got a subaru, too. introducing the all-new crosstrek. love is out there. find it in a subaru crosstrek. >> thises wild, more than 30 high school students had to be treated for yellow jacket stings after a swarm of insects attacked them. it happened at a shopping as the students were heading to class. they evaluated 32 students for multiple stings. three were taken to the
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expected to be okay. a bug expert told us this time of year those yellow jackets can be extra aggressive over their nest s which are sometimes buried underground. they're changing over from production of workers to production of queens. so right now that nest is working at a fevered pace. those worker s and those guards are going to be highly agitated, very vigilant and if anything comes and disturbs that nest they're going to pay a price and i think that's unfortunately what happened to the students today. if you come across a nest or a beehive keep your distance. if you get caught up in a swarm experts say your best option is to run. the boy scouts announced it will admit girls beginning next year, but new tonight the girl scouts are responding. gory coffin spoke with the ceo with the girl scouts of d.c. they say they're not worked. they say the organiza
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new choice which she even called a competition, she says girls need a space dedicated spic there i to them. in a statement today we know girls thrive in an all girl lead and girl friendly environment. 75 percent of women senators were girl scouts, p 0 percent of tech leaders are girl scouts. we have a long tradition of serving this community and making sure that girls can learn in an environment that gives them a safe space to be girls, which is what we would like to continue to do. in addition to allowing girls in next year, the boy scouts will develop a program for older girls and a pathway of the highest rank of eagle discount starting in 2019. they believe there is a misconception about what's available in the girl scouts, the highest honors, the gold award similar to t an for example l discount. they offer several outdoor badges for stem a
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you may remember the boy scouts has under undergone quite a few changes in the past five years accepting openly gay youth members as well as adult volunteers and transgender boys i asked if the boy scouts will begin admitting boys and she said simply no. their mission will remain dedicated to girls. if gory looks brand new to you you out there it's because she is. we would like to welcome you you you to the fox 35 family . we're glad you are here >>reporter: thank you. >> targeting children in one loudon county neighborhood. the sheriff's department has release sced sketches of what they may look like president the sheriff 's office just release these images just a short time ago. two alleged incident happened in the bram elton area in both of the cases a woman appears to be targeting childre
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. the incident happened on oak el thorp court in ashburn . a few days earlier a woman told police she was approached by askedded her children's names and asked to be their nanny. let's take it outside tonight. guess what, cool, drizzly kind of yik i day outside. you know what i say about tomorrow, rinse and repeat . it hasn't been very wet today. weed had a pretty good swath of moisture come through late night that deposited quite a good amount of rain in many areas. tomorrow it's a drizzly repeat. we're not seeing that much out there tonight. there are a few spots. certainly we are seeing a lot of clouds as the winds continue off the atlantic ocean and that means temperatures haven't really changed very much in hours. as a matter of fact, it'
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degrees at reagan national for the last five hours. temperatures will be slow to budge. they'll stay right around this range. but that is significantly cooler than 24 hours ago by anywhere from six to about 10-degrees and we will keep this kind of temperature regime going tomorrow as well. look at those winds coming in off the atlantic. it does loads us up in the clouds, a little bit of fog, a little bit of drizzle and keeps the cool temperatures hanging aroundment for your friday, not a very bright day. at eight in the morning, chance of drizzle. patchy fog around. i don't think we'll see much sunshine at 5:00 with a temperature of 66- degrees. in terms of highs around the region tomorrow afternoon, maybe a couple of spots get close to 70 greece. most places are going to be stay ing in the 630ss, yes, maybe you keep a hood handy in case you get caught in some of the areas of mr. dries. but generally it will be hard to measure the kind of ra
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tomorrow. we do brek out of this pattern but it's going to take us halfway flu the weekend we'll talk about the weekend forecast in a few minutes. this weather didn't stop the grand opening of the whawf. shopping, diner and entertainmentment earlier this week's d.c.'s mayor unveiled two new transportation options to get over to the wharf . it's expected to produce nearly 6,000 permanent jobs and provide about $94 million to the revenue to the district. it looks fantastic t. they're in the quite finished with it. if you you can actually make it down there in traffic. >> take the water taxis. that will actually be fun. coming up tonight see how a local sixth grader with a really big heart is helping out the hurricane victims in puerto ricoment as the deadly wild fires in california, dramatic cellphone video is out of a woman driving through her neighborhood as it's
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morning on fox5 our college tour continues at howard university. plus some local kids are still playing on turf that is too hard for them. what does the district plan to do about those fields? and holly morris goes on one on one with kevin bacon. it all kicks off beginning at 4679. 25 a.m. alex: when i was 11 years old, a man broke into the house and he sexually assaulted me. thankfully, in my case, the police caught him, but there are so many survivors that live knowing
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r is still out there. ♪♪ thank you mark herring, for taking this seriously, and for making this a priority, for all of the victims out there. mark: i'm mark herring, candidate for attorney general, and i sponsored this ad.
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>> this is my neighborhood in flames, completely in flames. gosh it almost looks like a movie set, but this is real. emotional cellphone video, a woman cannot bear the site as she drives through her neighborhood where wild fires are rolling through. the fire is so intense, the sky is a bright orange \am\many those massive fires continue to tear through northern california and tonight the death toll is now a
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still unaccounted for. right now firefighters are battling a total of 22 firings, 45-mile per hour wind gusts are fueling the flames and show no signs of slowing down. some firefighters shall having to balance the risk of running into the fire to save lives while putting their own lives at risk. it's to be on the helping side and once you're on the receiving side it's a whole other set of emotions that i'm not used to office limit i'm used to helping people, not having people want to help me. more than 170,000 acres of land have been destroyed as well as thousands of homes and buildings . however, fire crews are making some progress. otion s say a wild fire in so noam a county is now 10 percent contained, but that could easily change. gusty winds are forecast to it h the area tonight. president trump's early morning tweet about puerto rico race quite a few
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we not keep fema and first responders who have been amazing in pr forever. many critical of president's words because 99 percent are without power and waters is unsafe. it is facing a growing health thought of disease. hospitals are running short on medicine and business is incredibly sploa because tourism is down and businesses are still closed. i am a six grader. yep, that's a little sixth grader from prince george's county with a big heart . instead of gifts for her birthday she wanted to give back . she started project give back 500 to provide 500 cases of water for the victims in puerto rico the sixth grader from north forestville elementary school surpassed her goal. now she's looking for help delivering all that water down to the island. if you're much whatting
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way that you can help her out give us a call at fox5, 202-895-3000. so we can connect you you with her family.s she's one of the little entrepreneurs really getting things done. coming up next at 10. 30eus jim . we have a lot coming up tonight, but that's such a great story. and american woman and her family freed from captivity how did the us secure their he release. plus the president sign the executive order on healthcare. what does it mean for the future of oh bm a care? we're back for the 10679. thirty.
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>> this is fox5 local news at ten:30. right now at ten:30, an american women and her family freed after five years in taliban captivity. what we're now learning about their re leessments then it wasn't just facebook and twitter. how russia used
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an attempt to influence voters in the 2016 election. the president takes action on healthcare. we'll explain what his new executive order could mean for your insurance. the news continue ts now. a mother outside her young child robbed at gun point. it happened in northeast d.c. more than two weeks ago and the suspect is still on the run. lauren demarco is live with the latest on the investigation now. >>reporter: sarah, jim, it happened here on bily street northeast one block away from the busy northeast corridor a long h street. take a look at this, the video just release today. you see the mother targeted by a man with a gun as her child is right there on a bike. he shows her the gun and then makes off with her purse, police looking for that suspect and a black vehicle and possibly the person whos was driving that black sedan. police chief peter new sham put out a tweet saying who does this especially with a child there and they're ask
10:31 pm
identify these sus pickets. to a northern virginia where a family says bullies targeted her daughter because she wore her natural hair to school. video is spreading on social media. tonight there are more than a million views on social media. it shows a white student using a pencil like a dart and throwing it into the girl's hair. we spoke with the the student's mother who sayses the school dragged their feet in responding to the incident. a spokesperson says the incident is deeply concerning but could not say how the school is addressing the incident saying it is confidential. more than 30 students had to be treated for yellow jacket stings after a swarm attacked them. it happened at the shopping center across the street from the hospital as the students were heading to class. they evaluated 32 students for multiple stings. three students
10:32 pm
they are expected to be okay. after republicans and congress failed several times to repeal and replace the affordable act the president took matters into his own hands signing an executive order. mr. trump says the order will provide oh bm a relief by giving people what he believeses will be more competition, more choices and what he claims are lower premiums. this is promoting healthcare, choice and competition all across the united states. this is going to be something that millions and millionses of people will be signing up for and they're going to be very happy. this will be great healthcare. so congratulations. that executive order is based on association health plans. what hees do is allow small employers to team up and buy insurance across state linesment the idea is to bring in more competition which would lower prices \he\ement
10:33 pm
will draw young healthy people away from the obamacare markets which would cause oh blood pressure a care premiums to go up. democratic and republican leaders are threatening to work more hours to come to an agreement over tax reform. house leaders are talking about working on fridays and over the holidays to try to get a deal over the tax plan. half this country is living paycheck to paycheck and if that means we've got to stay here until christmas too give them the relief they need and deserve, then, tough we'll do that. speaker paul ryan says congress must fix the tax code by the end of the year nancy pee lowe's i fired back with keeping the house in on friday instead. speaker of the house said keep us in until christmas. why don't we stay in tomorrow and get moving on some of this so we can have a bipartisan discussion. last night president trump sold his plan
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council of economic advisors estimates that this change along with a lower tax rate would likely give the typical american household a $4,000 pay race. >> the president emphasized he wants a major tax deal with fox 's sean hand ticketed event. you can get as much as a who percent tax reduction. one issue that could syringe the tax package is the controversy over eliminating the state and local tax deduction. it allows people in high tax states like new york , new jersey and california to save on their federal tax bills. some lawmakers are concerned about the impact slash ing the writeoff of would have on the middle class. the numbers are really powerful here today and you might want to think of of it this way, 44 million households that represent more than 100 million americans derived this middle class benefit. weighs and means chairman republican kevin brady and
10:35 pm
ways people in high tax states can get rele as well. that's the fun part of my job. we've been doing this for a while now i actually roomed with kevin brady, the chairman of the ways and means committee. this morning they tried to rally. when that army comes we must be able to count on the foot soldiers of the conservative moment to see this thing through . the house has passed its budget with tax reform language in it. the senate is expected to he he that it up next weekment so there is some more time for some tax reform fine tuningment on capital hill, mike emanuel, fox news. an american women and her family have now been freed after five hands. this is a diplomatic rescue. the woman caitlyn coleman and her husband who is canadian were hiking out in cobble. at the time
10:36 pm
pregnant. last night the united states government working with the government of pakistan secured the release of caitlyn coleman, joshua boiler and their three children from cap taift from the ha can i network with ties to the taliban. there are two other americans who were also being held. last year navy seals were prepared to rescue them but when they arrived they had been moved. kiss ergs and misbehavior for working off his post in afghanistan in 2009. bergdahl will enter the plea at forth forth brag. the mis behavior charge carries a maximum penalty of life in prison while the dis certification charge is punishable for up to five years october # 23 is expected to b
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states is pulling out of the united states education cultural and signs. advocate for freedom of the press and promote education around the dploab. the state department anti israel bias. israeli benjamin national in yahoo is praising the deis. x up next here at ten:30 facebook coo speaks out about her company's role in the high temperature 2016 election. how russian linked trols used pokemon goal to try to manipulate voters. i can't believe this story i'm about to tell you. we have a category two hurricane. oh fill yeah is far away from the united states and in fact, it's in eastern atlantic setting a record for strongest hurricane this late in the season so far east in the atlantic. wait until you see where it may be tracking between now and monitord the british is
10:38 pm
going from a hurricane to a preet sti strong noreaster. quite an unusual storm. we're in a bit of an unusual weather pattern and on our seven day forecast we have a little bit more drizzle. we also have summer temperatures and the feel of fall all of that coming up in just a few minutes just ahead. millenials are saving more for their golden years than their parents. young adults are stash ing ten percent of their annual income for retirement and according to the new survey from nerd wallet that's much more than generation x and baby boom ers. pairns of any age listen up. dno is recalling more than half a million convertible car seats and booster seats. apparently the safety belts on several models may not fully protect kids during a crash. meanwhile with a holiday season closing in, a amazon son is put outing a lot of hiring signs.
10:39 pm
planning to add 120,000 seasonal jobs this year. that could nearly double its current warehouse workforce. looking for a lower tax bill you may want to look west because wyoming is getting named the most tax friendly state. the main reasons are no state income tax or inherent hert answer tax and low property taxesment that's business, i'm gerri willis.
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ralph northam: i'm ralph northam, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad. narrator: ed gillespie wants to end a woman's right to choose. ed gillespie would put the government in charge of a woman's personal decisions, not women and their doctors. as governor, ed gillespie says,
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if ed gillespie would like to see abortion banned, i would like to see i would like to see i would like to see that ed gillespie never becomes governor.
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>> we are now learning more the role social media played in russia's online meddling leading up to the election. facebook co o cheryl
10:43 pm
the first time about the company 's role. sand ^berg told objection yoas that facebook is fully committed to helping congressional and will backed the three russiabacked adsment we want to give them the material. we want the full picture to be understood. we don't want this kind of foreign interference and none of us should want this foreign interference and in order to prevent it, we're all going to have to cooperate with especially other with government across the board. the company is planning on hiring 4,000 people. she met with top lawmakers who are investigating the russian efforts. a public hearing will come on november 1 russia used the popular pokemon go app. a russian link campaign used pokemon go to pose as the black lives matter. the campaign posted on its tum bler
10:44 pm
of a contest and encourage users to find pokemon where police brutality happened and rename the pokemon after the maker. it's clear that the game was misused by third parties without their perking missing. lawmaker s in florida have a serious warning about oranges juice. the state needs help, the lawmakers say if they don't get funning americans better get used to drinking oj from brazil lawmakers are looking to add two and a half billion dollar for agriculture relief for the state >> ex which fax says itself arrested on an outstanding he ' systems were not compromised in a brand new cyber scare. this comes after the huge breach that compromised the information of one that million americanss. it was set up to help victims of the mega breach. the page was removed out of a quote, abend answer of caution.
10:45 pm
breach took place between mid may and july and hackers accessed everything from social security numbers and birth dates to driver's license numbers. a twitter account used to criticize the media and defense the nfl commissioner was apparently run by his wife, the wall street wife says jane skin ner goo del has been using the twitter for argument under the fake names joan smith. it has sparred over coverage of commissioner roger geu del in recent months. skinner confirmed the account was herself, and she says it was a silly hinge to do but it was done out of frustration and love >> it won't be the last. up next, making shopping from home or really anywhere easier. they're trying to make it easier to spend fredericksburg money from anywhere. to help you get what you need even faster. aster.
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listen up, jim, the luxury brand gucci will no longer use fur p in its clothing designs starting next year. the ceo said it's move to be more socially responsible. it will start with the spring/summer collection. it will sell off the remaining made with animal fur in a charity auction. well, i can sleep sound lie tonight. yes you can. target wants you to call in your shopping list. they are getting into voice activated shopping as it deep ance its relationship with goog. they're going to sted steady. the new shopping will be available at the end of the year. the service he will offer thousands of items found in the store such as things like perish ables or things that
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can only find in walmart. they're also going to abandon their fur line. good for them. you get that at tar get. it's the faux at target. we have had a weird night of clouds april a little bit of patchy drizzle and spirits starting to sing a little bit down toward the navy yard. we'll keep the focus on fox5, where it belongs. we're welcoming you all in. tonight it's a little bit easier to see out there. last night we had a big batch of heavy showers that were getting ready to move through. skies and visibility were a little poor. mostly it's just a little bit of drizzle l, light areas of drizzle overnight and i think that's what you're going to find tomorrow morning. a little bit on the dreary side, not much sun, patchyri
10:51 pm
. it is a very slow climb to get to some late day sunshine on saturday. i would not be surprised if there is still some drizzle lingering on saturday morning. wait for i, the feel of summer on sunday, we could approach record high temperatures. playing baseball on a night that feels like very late fall and we're going to play football in summer-like conditions. i wanted to he show you that the east flow continues . we build up a very low batch of moisture. it can sometimes be hard to get rid of we've had some batches of very light presip tonight. it's been a dryer day than yesterday. this treatment at 62 has been there for five hours. it's also a very stable air mass. temperatures don't budge very much and overnight thel \he\e ' stay in the upper 50s to near 60 . tomorrow we're right back on where we were today.
10:52 pm
why we're in this pattern. clockwise flow around it brings the flow in off the ocean, traps the clouds especially because of the mountains there and the on shore flow will continue for another 24, p if not 36 hours. that results in a few spotty showers. we have a little bit of a trigger that will be coming through, but not a real wet day, but murky, cloudy, kind of dreary looking as you can see. futurecast is not seeing much in the way of mesh measurable rain and this is just a little bit of light dotting the screen here. as we get into saturday morning we're also dealing still dealing with it. i may take until later in the day on saturday before we begin to see skies trying to clear out . sunday the brighter day. that will bring us into the warm air, the
10:53 pm
what we're expecting with temperatures maybe in the mid 830s. really kind of hot for this time of year when you you consider the average high is p zero. saturday we're going to go 78-degrees. maybe some morning drizzle around and clouds hang tough through much of the afternoon the way things are looking right nowch the sunnies back on sunday so is the heat as we head to 84-degrees, as the 49 ers come in to town. the tailgates will be mighty warm. 80-degrees is what we think the game time interpret will bement a sunny warm day as we look ahead next week, it starts out warm, but a stronger front comes through and is that bringing in a real feel of fall much l cooler by the time we get to tuesday and wednesday of next week. down, up and then even higher on unsment we drop our temperature on monday to 730 with a couple of showers around and then we bring in a real nice run of october days, sunny, less humid, treatments climbing
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next week is looking really beautiful much that's your seven day forecast. jim and sarah, back to you you. >> horse stables in new jersey coming together using horses. foxes jessica for most a has more with veterans deal with posttraumatic stress disorder. it's very calming and very soot ing for me. i could be in the worst mood and the horses make me happiment a stable with beautiful hoarse, but they're not just any horses. they bring trang quilt to most who need it the most, our veteransment i feel warm inside. i feel gcht it's like safe. i feel safe around them. these military vets spent a few hours at atlantic highlands in uj in. most all suffer from ptsz. this helps me to re cover from my pts d and tbi that i've received while i was
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the program from combat to calm was founded in 2015 by renee stone. her father was a disabled veteran who suffered from ptsd. she knew she had to help those who fought for our country and n some way and he quien therapy was the answer. the horse just goes along with how you you feel. if you're tense and not relaxed the horse will tend to be the same way. they pick up on the emotion and particularly the oneses that people have trouble modulating. mark otto served two combat tours. he's the vice-president of the you united war veterans council, an organization helping vets integrate back into society . he find these horses to be very therapeutic. horses can really feed off of your emotions, so if you're one of these people that walks around with a big smile on your face all day long, but on the inside more is going on, the horses are going to pick it up and mirror it back to you. for some this is the first time coming into contact
10:56 pm
have had a session before and say they noticed the benefits the minute they start to interact with these animalsment they comfort you you. it's really quite an experience. this program is complete completely free for veterans. nie anyway stone who runs it is in desperate need of donations. if you you would like to help her, log on our website, certify sent stables. coming up next, fox5 news at 11. coming up tonight, a fox5 exclusive, a local family says bullies target terred her daughter because of her natural and video of the incident is spreading on social media.. yeah we're ' going to tell you how the school is responding to this. then sex abuse and harassment allegations continue to grow against harvey weinstein. prosecutors here and oversees are looking into morale gas stations. we'll eye have those stories and more coming up tonight at 11.
10:57 pm
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(butch barks at man) butch is like an old soul that just hates my guts. (laughs) (vo) you can never have too many faithful companions. introducing the all-new crosstrek. love is out there. find it in a subaru crosstrek. ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪
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>> this is fox5 local news at 11 . right thousand at 11, new details about two fox5 investigations, hundreds of school employees accused of abuse and other misconduct anal gas stations of grade fixing. and a mother out for a walk with a child came face to face with a gunman. we'll have reaction from the neighborhood. plus, a swarm of yellow jackets on the attack and what the girl scouts want you to know following the boy scouts historic announcement . your newses starts now. we begin with two stories you saw first here on fox5, up first more than


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