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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  October 12, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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>> this is fox5 local news at 11 . right thousand at 11, new details about two fox5 investigations, hundreds of school employees accused of abuse and other misconduct anal gas stations of grade fixing. and a mother out for a walk with a child came face to face with a gunman. we'll have reaction from the neighborhood. plus, a swarm of yellow jackets on the attack and what the girl scouts want you to know following the boy scouts historic announcement . your newses starts now. we begin with two stories you saw first here on fox5, up first more than
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hundred prince george's county school employeeses were on leave last year accused of child abuse and miss con dungt but now there are new developments following fox5 extensive reporting on the the story. lindsay watts is live tonight in upper marlboro with the update. >>reporter: we've learned the numbers are significant down when it comes to prince george's county school staff on leave accused of abuse and misconduct ment here's the latest ,s as of last week there were 40 employees on leave accused of misconduct. compare that to 299 when we did our initial report on this back in april and then that huge number of 850 employees on leave accused of misconduct for all of last school year. we have done multiple open records requests to get the numbers on this. we found out the district sment $10 million paying staff on leave last school year, a nearly 1500 percent increase over the school year before that. this all stemmed from strict new policies put in place after of some high
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cases in prince george's county they something had to be done to correct a culture of underreport ing abuse. staff members told us what resulted was teachers being pulled from classrooms for minor incidents like accidentally touching a student or breaking up a fight. the student is admitting those new policies did go too far. dog all of that swung the pendulum completely to the other side so now we needed to bring it back to the middle and to where we think it rightfully belongs. anything you'd say to staff members who are put on leave unnecessary with the pendulum as you said swinging too far in that other direction i would say to them that we recognize in some cases individuals went through as press and unp fortunately they had to go through that that process. and the vast majority of staff a members who are under investigation did end up being cleared. this was discussed at the school board meetings tonight and what we heard is staff
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so everybody is on the same page about what constitutes abuse. also power has been given back to principals to handle minor incidents win schools instead of involving child protective services. we will continue to monitor these numbers as the school year goes on. >> to another story you saw first on fox5. accusations of grade fixing and fraud in prince george's county public schools to t boost the graduation rate. we have an update now on a state ud audit that's underway, the private firm established a tip line for whistleblowers last week. we reported the school's ceo refused to sent out that information despite requests from several stafferrers. i'm glad that the superintendent finally made the decision to do the right thingment i wish he would have done it two, three weeks ago when we first request ed. now there are a
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investigation. the media was notified of the hot line a couple months ago. they just asked this morning hat the hot line be sent out to staffers. if if you are a staffer and you you want the information p and you don't have we've posted information on our website, pox five >> a northern virginia family says bullies targeted their daughter because she wore her natural hair to school. in a video posted on social media you you can see a student throwing a pencil into the victim's hair and then laughing. fox5's marina maracco has more on this story tonight. >>reporter: there are more than a million you views of the video on social media. it shows a white student using a pencil like a dart and throwing it into a black student's natural hair. that student is a freshman at brentsville high school in prince william county. we spoke with the student's mother who says the school dragged their feet in responsibling to the incident. they thought i was funny to find a girl who has hair that
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and maybe they thought it was funny to he see if something was going to stick in his hair. as soon as i saw the video my husband and i decided to e-mail the principal. we waited for a response. she did respond on sunday saying that she saw what happened and that they will talk to my daughter on monday. tonight, the school held a parent meeting where the bully ing was addressed. i can't watch the video anymore. it was disgution and unacceptable. people are coming together for the school board meeting next week as well, but this is so we all can come together as one and discuss solutions and try to come up and discuss solutions to the powers to be at prince william county schools. the incident is deeply concerning but could not say spicily how the school was spicily address ing the incident saying it is confidential and cannot be discussed. the girl highlighted in the video insists her actions were not
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bullying. >> in the district now some frightening for a mother out walking with her young child in northeast. a man robbed her at gun point. the child is right there. >>reporter: the robbery happened here on bily street just one block from the busy h street corridor. maybors tell us that it was her mother and her child who were targeted. the attack happened so quickly after it the suspect said to her , turnaround and walk in the other direction and then he took off. take a large audience at the video. it happened two and a half weeks ago, a young child out on a bike, her mother close behind when a man walks up, shows the mother a gun and robs her. police have just now re lease the security camera video and it got chief peter newsham's attention. he tweeted who does this and in front of a child? he's asking for help identifying the suspect along with a black sedan that it appears the man pulled up in and another person of interest, presumably the person driving it
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mean it was horrible anyway, but 11:30, 11:00 in the morning. people were still in church up the street. it was amazing. according to the police report, the victim says the man told her give me that money. she asked what money? he pointed to her purse and then pulled a gun out of the waste hand of his pants. she handed it over. several neighbors have cameras mounted outside of their homes and the people who recorded this video tell us they were happy to help the \police\policement anthony green lives a few doors down and says this type of crime in the area meedz to stop. we have been talking to councilman l alan about it and the commander of this police district and they've been very responsive, i have to tell you. the one thing i would really like to see is -- are the police officers on bicycles who patrol up h street on go on the back streets and to be riding around and have that
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reward of up to $10,000 available for information in this case. it happened on september 24 #-rbgs right around noon. p if you you know anything about it or you recognize that suspect or vehicle, police want to hear from you you. in northeast, lauren demarco, fox5 local news. >> the maryland man acts rested in connection disappearance of his girlfriend has been indicted . tyler test yair was in indicted in court today. her family reported her missing after receiving a text message from her on labor day that was later described as troubling by police. her body was found nine days later in demasses cuss. she was four months pregnant. wallen was a beloved teamer at wild lake high school in colombia. a federal grand jury indicted a her sedan man. william weaver the second is charged with two counts of threatening to assault and murder federal officers and three counts for sending threats to injured people. weaver used
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threatennenning tweets. police in college park are asking for help after another racial incident at the university of m it's the third one in recent weeks. last monday someone scrawled shats particular as on the dining hall. the most recent case remains unsolved. they're offering a $2,000 reward for information that leads to an areunion. it's kind of growing and festering and getting worse and worse and we had to do something to p sto it. just last week they arrested a campus employee for painting swaths particular ass on a garbage tan the fall out continues, find out why disks in the us and oversees are taking a fresh look into sex assault issues against harvey weinstein. coming up on the final five tonight, yl is breaking down the president's new executive order on
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mean for the future of obamacare . plus how russia used pokemon go to try to influence the election. catch the final five tonight at 11:30.
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>> new tonight, the girl scouts are responding to the boy scouts announcement that it will admit girls beginning next year. corey kaufman spoke with the girl scouts. >>reporter: while they do see this latest development as new competition she also says they're not worried. the organization says even with this new choice girls need a space dedicated specifically to them. in a statement today, quote, we know girls thrive in an all girl lead environment. 75 percent of women senators were girl scouts 70 percent of tech leaders are girl scouts. we have a long tradition of serving this community and making sure that girls can learn in an environment that really sort of givers them a safe space to be girls, which is what we would like to continue to do. in addition to allowing girls in next year the boyco
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develop a program for older girls and also allow a pathway to eastern the girls organization of eagle scout starting in 2019. sotto hartmann believes there is a mis conception what is available in the girl scouts. girl scouts also offer several outdoor badge s as well as batches for stem, signs technology and math and even cyber security. the boy scouts has undergone quite a few changes in the last five years, accepting openly gay members and adawlt volunteers as well as transgender. maybe admitting boys and she said simply no, their mission will remain dedicated to girls. >> tonight there are new reports that the hollywood producer paid off sexual harassment accusers for decades. some 30 women have come forward claiming sexual misconduct and now harvey weinstein himself is speaking
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out. fox's jane mets letter is following the latest development s. >>reporter: with a growing number of section allegationses being leveled against harvey weinstein detectives in new york city and london are taking a closer look of allegations. he's a predator. with some 30 women coming forward with accused you youizations against the movie producer, the u.s. justice department now has opened an investigation. we all make mistakes, a second chance i hope. weinstein himself now is in ads for rehab admitting he's not doing well. i'm not doing okay. i'm trying. i got to get help. on thursday actress rose ma gow and publicly accused weinstein of raping her. weinstein has been fired from the film company he founded which release a statement claiming the
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him come as a quote, itser surprise, but the new york times reports the weinstein company was aware of settlements being made with women as far back as 2015. this is hardly you unique in hollywood. it's very, very common. politicians also are distances themselves from weinstein. a long-time democratic party don'ter. this disgusting behavior at least on the part of harvey weinstein has been brought to t an adupt and justifiable end. hillary clinton will be donating hundred s of thousands of dollars given to her by weinstein to charity. at this point he he denies any allegations of non consensual sex as well as acts of retaliation against any women . jane mets letter, fox news. more than 30 quince orchard high school students had to be treated important yellow jacket stings after the insects attacked them. it happened at a
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street. the students were heading to class. montgomery fire and ems evaluated students for multiple stings. three went to the hospital. a bug expert toll us this time of year those yellow jackets can be extra aggressive over their nests which are often buried underground. they're changing over from production of workers to production of queens. so right now that nest is working at a fevered space. those work ers and those guards are going to be highly agitated. they're going to be very vigilant and if anything comes and disturbs that nest they're going to pay a price and i think that's what happens to the students today. if you get caught up in a swarm, experts say your best option is to run. you you you won't have to tell me dwies. exactly. those things are square i. yes, they are. >> the up
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continues. it will get better by sundayment i know you like it bright and warm. and that's your day, sunday. tomorrow not so much. it's going to be another gray, dreary day with a little bit of drizzle. we really haven't had that much rain today. we had a good amount of rain that came through last night. today has been patchy in the rain department. a lot of clouds and a lot of america around. that in ts tonight. temperatures have been very steady for a number of hours and certainly quite a bit cooler. we'll call it a drizzly repeat for friday. although again i think you'll have more clouds than drizzle. we had some moisture try to work its way in from the the atlantic ocean, didn't get too farment a lot of that was not hitting the groundment you have the intermittent wipe going from time to time a little bit of mis . we just at 11:00 dropped at 61-degrees. we have places in the upper 50s tonight. temperates
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overnight, but this is a substantial drop from 24 hours ago. we're about six degrees cooler here in d.c. than we were at 11:00 last night. 10-degrees cooler at culpeper. we're going to see temperatures continue staying in the 630s. the reason we're in this mucker, it is what we call an on shore flow or a marine layer. it builds up the low level moist turks a lot of clouds, a little bit of patchy drizzle here and there. those winds are on the chilly side. some places the wind is a little bit calmer and winds sustained to 15 up at baltimore. your planner for tomorrow, generally a gray day, kind of dreary, 59- degrees at eight in the morning with maybe some patchy drizzle. by noon we're about 6f that patchy drizzle and by 5:00, 66-degrees. you you can see that we're thinking mainly upper 606s to perhaps near 730 with a the lot of clouds. here's
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pressure is up over the northeast this time of year it does bring in that flow over the ocean. oftentimes this is a tough pattern to break out of and we may find that we're still in this pattern for a good chunk of saturday as well. just a lot of clouds around tonight, not much in the way of moisture. same deal for tomorrow morning. maybe you don't need an umbrella , but i would keep a jacket handy. by 7:00 tomorrow night a couple of batches of fog still around. we don't quite break out of it until late on saturday. maybe even after the sun goes down before we see the clouds try to break on outment here's what changes for the even , though, as the high pressure shifts to the south, it starts to bring in warmer air and that warmer air will eventually power through and over come the clouds and that brings us into sunday which will hey the feel of summer. we're going to go from 6306s and really low and mid 630s mt
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day until until a big bounce up and maybe make a run at some record-high temperatures on sun again, a loft clouds around, tough to get rid of this pattern on saturday, a slow climb to right to find some sunshine in the afternoon with a trevment of 78-degrees. the heat is definitely back on sunday at 84 if you're going to be tailgating for the redskins game or maybe you're just going to watch it at home and do some grilling outside it's going to be mighty warm. 80-degrees at kickoff climbing to 84-degrees and as mentioned maybe setting some records. do you want the real feel of fall? it is coming. we see a stronger front that comes through on monday. it vacuums out all the humidity. it pushes the on shore flow away and we're going to see some cooler temperatures by mid week of next week, we're talking 60s with lower humidity. we're up and down, down tomorrow and then up on saturday, even warmer on sun 70-degrees is the change over day on monday with a couple early showers around and then we
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beautiful days. most of next week is looking quite lovely and much more like october. shawn, over to you. the damp misty weather outside did the not stop the thousands of people from gathering in the southwest waterfront tonight for the grand opening of of the wharf. the mile one stretch along the potomac offers shopping, entertainment. two new shopping destinations to get to the destination, the wharf is expected to produce 6,000 permanent jobs and provide $94 million in revenue to the district. i know you're going to want the alternative travel options you because the parking garage doesn't have enough park ing for a lot of people. it might be fun to take the water taxi. up next, a fast food chain is introducing an unusual sandwich. yeah, it is. tomorrow morning on fox5 our college tour heads to howard university. plus, local kids are still playing on turf fields that are too hard. what does the
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the dangers? they'll talk about that and holly morris goes one on one with kevin bacon. it all starts at four:25 a.m. sweet 4k tv, mr. peterson. thanks. i'm pretty psyched. did you get fios too?
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the fast food chain arby's is known for having the meets. but now it's expanding the type of meet it has on its menu. ashley bis will be offering convenient sin sandwiches starting novembes at a handful of rest trantsz. you know who is really happy about that? who. >> could yous. >> could yous and pigs. they won't just be the sole source of meet there. it doesn't work for us up here vegetarian, doesn't eat red meet.
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with the final five, everybody. >> see you tomorrow. alex: when i was 11 years old, a man broke into the house and he sexually assaulted me. thankfully, in my case, the police caught him, but there are so many survivors that live knowing that their attacker is still out there. ♪♪
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>> on this thursday night your final five since congress can't repeal and replace the president takes matters into his own words when it comes to healthcare. fema leaving puerto rico after the president goeses on a little tweet storm this morning. we now know what the good news that the president was hypothesizing about. john kelly says he's not going anywhere. pokemon and was part of the russian interference in the electionment we have to get to some breaking news on dac a the washington post reports that president trump will extend a march 5 deadline to lift protections if congress fails to act much the president gave the six-month deadline


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