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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  October 13, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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11:00. >> right now at 11:00, courtroom drama. the family of a murdered teen comes face to face with the daughter's killer and emotions boil over. >> this baby boy was just born in a local church parking lot. tonight we're hearing from the family and the complete stranger who helped delivery him. >> plus, new details about the timetable of the las vegas massacre. and we're live in california as firefighters struggle to contain at the raging wildfires. your news starts now. >> ♪ >> we are continuing to follow a developing story in seat pleasant maryland tonight. police are investigating a deadly accident involving a pedestrian. it happened shortly before 9:00 in the area of central avenue and old central avenue. we're told the man was in the middle of the street when a car hit him. the driver did stay on the scene. right now part of the area is still shut down while police
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investigate. now to fairfax county and an emotional day in court for a family. a man accused of killing a 17-year-old muslim girl appeared before a judge today. >> the hearing spun out of control when the victim's parents had lashed out at their daughter's accused killer. fox5's evan lambert has more. >> reporter: the outburst happened during a preliminary hearing for nabra hassanen's accused killer. a lawyer says that her parents became distraught when they saw him for the first time in court. extra security had to be called in from the fairfax county sheriff's office. they were called to the courthouse after the outburst. you're looking at video of that and friends of 17-year-old nabra hassanen who came to the courthouse to show support for her family today. there are several reports that say the parents of the murder victim started yelling at the accused killer, 22-year-old darwin martinez torres. according to witnesses, they heard nabra hassanen's mother shout she would kill martinez torres and saw her throw a shoe at him. th
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office confirms after the chaos martinez torres waived his right to a preliminary hearing the case will go to a grand jury as a felony case. her family says they want the accused killer held responsible. >> we're looking justice for nabra, all of us come here today, justice for nabra, all her friend. >> reporter: martinez torres stands accused of attacking hassanher with a bat. ice officials have said the suspect is believed to be in the country illegally. attorneys for nabra's family and an imam spoke outside the courthouse after the outburst stopped proceedings. >> we have seen how hard it feels to lose someone's daughter and to
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suspect of the murder in front of their eyes. we were overwhelmed by the emotions. >> their pain is our pain. their loss is our loss and we're here t to stand with them through this difficult time. >> reporter: and that grand jury proceeding is monday at 9:00 a.m. reporting in fairfax county evan lambert fox5 local news. >> now to montgomery county and new information in the murder of laue laura wallen. the pregnant teacher was found shot to death and buried in a shallow grave. police say her boyfriend tyler tessier killed her and today the state's attorney says he will not prosecute tessier in the death of wallen's unborn child. fox5's lauren demarco joining us with the details. >> reporter: sarah, despite the fact that laura wallen was nearly four months pregnant her boyfriend tyler tessier has only been indicted on one count of murder. the montgomery county state's attorney explains why under state law he can't
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tessier accountable for the unborn baby's death. >> her child was autopsied. medical team established at the time of miss wallen's murder, the child was 14 weeks old. based on medical testimony, the child was not viable -- not viable independent of miss wallen. based on those medical findings and as a matter of law in maryland, as a result, the defendant is not chargeable with a second count of murder related to the child. >> reporter: the popular social studies teacher had been missing for several days when police held a news conference and asked tyler tessier to attend. at the time investigators had not disclosed publicly he was a suspect but her parents knew and had to play along. tessier was arrested a few days later and we then learned while he had been dating laura wallen he was engaged to another woman.
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in late august and according to a court document asked for a meeting woman to woman. today the state's attorney announced detectives have a video showing tessier and wallen together at a safe way the night of september 2nd at around 8:30 p.m. just hours later the pregnant 31-year-old was dead, shot in the back of the head and buried in a field in damascus. if tessier is convicted for the murder of laura wallen the judge at sentencing may be able to consider the death of the unborn fetus. the state's attorney also says he's considering filing a notice that would make tessier eligible to be sentenced to life without the possibility of parole if convicted. tony. >> [inaudible] out of the iran nuclear deal. the president announce his refusal to recertify iran's compliance with the deal. now while the move does not kill the agreement, the responsibility now falls on congress which must decide whether to impose sanctions on iran or attach new conditions to
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>> we will not continue down a path whose predictable conclusion is more violence, more terror and the very real threat of iran's nuclear breakout. that is why i am directing my administration to work closely with congress and our allies to address the deal's many serious flaws. >> lawmakers now have 60 days to decide whether to reimpose u.s. sanctions on iran. developing news from toronto tonight. an american and canadian couple that spent five years in captivity in afghanistan are back in canada tonight. caitlin coleman and joshua boyle arrived with their three young children. they were all born in captivity. coleman is from pennsylvania. boyle is from canada. during their flight to toronto, boyle handed over a written statement to an associated press reporter expressing his disagreement
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with u.s. foreign policy. >> ♪ >> new tonight talk about perfect timing here. a mom about to give birth pulls over into a church parking lot in silver spring. a doctor who witnessed those frantic moments came to the rescue. fox5's corey coffin spoke to the family tonight. corey, i think perhaps a little bit of divine intervention here. that's exactly what all the parties involved had to say and they say they really feel connected now because of this. the famly of the woman who gave birth, the young family said they really wanted to tell this story because not everybody would come to the aid of somebody -- you know, you've got your things you're doing throughout the day, you're busy sitting in traffic not paying attention to what's happening around you so they feel she was just an angel to help them out. [laughter] >> reporter: marnique young was all giggles when we visited her in the hospital. she's just so happy little anthony jr. is healthy. it was yesterday morning that young and anthony watkins headed to holy cross hospital in silver
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home in district heights. it's a one hour drive and they found themselves stuck in traffic. >> all of a sudden right in the middle of traffic my water breaks. >> reporter: that's when watkins pulled off the beltway and ended up in the seventh day adventist church parking lot from there it was only minutes before little anthony jr. made his debut. >> the baby head was already out. >> reporter: watkins had 911 operators on the line and was trying to flag down help. >> we saw a -- a man running around the car screaming and i mean, he was real animated. >> reporter: dr. yvette hebron and her husband had changed their routine that day to meet a patient. >> this happened for a reason and we believe this little one was brought into this world that way for a purpose. >> the doctor tapped him on the shoulder and said i'm a doctor. >> reporter: dr. hebron caught anthony jr. as he came out. she advised the new dad to get something to cut off and tie the umbilical cord. >> and he took off his shoes and took out his shoe string
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happened he had a pair of scissors in his car. >> reporter: now these two groups of strangers are her family. >> that's one of god's angels. >> reporter: it really is and they say that they can't wait to reunite. they say they're definitely going to stay in touch after this and get this, this is the amazing part about this whole story. this parking lot is where this happened, right, this is the seventh day adventist church parking lot. going over to the seventh day adventist church we found out that the hebrons were actually married here 25 years ago. >> wow. >> reporter: they just celebrated their 25th year anniversary. very cool, sarah. >> so many different things that are they interconnected. it happened for a reason like she said. what a great story and they're doing okay. >> reporter: exactly. >> mom and baby look great. >> reporter: they're doing great. >> all right, thank you corey, appreciate it. >> ♪ >> still to come tonight it's one of the most destructive series of wildfires in california history. we're live out west as
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firefighters work to contain the flames that have destroyed nearly 6,000 homes and buildings. also ahead investigators shed new light on how the las vegas massacre began. >> and tonight at 11:30 on the final five, jim lokay breaking down the politics that surround the sexual harassment and abuse scandal that also surrounds hollywood mogul harvey weinstein. back after this. >> ♪
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>> new details about how the las vegas shooting happened. in a news conference today, the sheriff cleared up the time line of when the gunman opened fire on the crowd attending the music festival. he says the security guard in the mandalay bay hotel was shot around the same time paddock started firing on the crowd below. initially there were reports that six minutes had passed between when the guard was shot and the assault on the crowd took place. >> there's no conspiracy between the fbi, between lbmpd and the mgm. nobody is attempting to hide everything in reference to this investigation. the dynamics and the size of this investigation requires us to go through voluminous amounts of information in
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order to draw an accurate picture. >> the sheriff was not able to shed any more light on what motivated the shooting. the medical examiners didn't find any abnormalities during the autopsy on stephen paddock but they will perform an additional examination. >> ♪ >> developing in california nonstop battle against the massive wildfires. the flames have killed at least 35 people, destroyed at least 5700 homes and businesses and have chased an estimated 90,000 people from their homes. fox's brooks giroux is live in santa rosa with the latest. there's another amazing picture. the images are so moving and disturbing. tell us what you see there. >> reporter: it's one thing seeing it. it's another thing to breathe this air. i just took my mask off for a few minutes and they're telling everyone they need to be wearing this and it's not just here in santa rosa, it's across the bay area.
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recorded worse than air in beijing china. take a look at this. this is one of the homes that has been destroyed. many people haven't been able to come back to them but we can only find things intact like this coffee cup, that's about it. you can make out where a garage may have been or over my shoulder there's a washer and a drier and a hot water tank. i mean, there -- it's just unbelievable. it's like a bomb fell right here. and it's not just homes. you have blocks and blocks of homes but then you have these cars that are sitting in driveways. you can barely make anything out. there is a steering wheel, it's gone. there's no seat cushions, nothing like that. you can't even probably make out the make or model of this thing. and there's no tires, there's no wheel rims. and these fires burned so hot, they actually melt the engine and other pieces and this is all you're left with. and so people are coming home to find this and it's very sporadic. you'll see blocks and block
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and then you'll see maybe a line of houses that's okay. so, people are wondering is my place okay? and as you mentioned, deadliest fire ever recorded wildfire in california history, 35 people are dead. the search and recovery mission is only in the early stages but a sign of resilience, look over my shoulder. >> yeah. >> reporter: the american flag flying above the rubble there, just very, very powerful. we've heard some positive stories. you know, like a cat being saved, even some people who were -- jumped in their neighbor's pool weren't managed to survive and those are the stories that are starting to emerge. >> hey, brooks,. >> reporter: firefighters still have a long way to go. yeah. >> just want to ask you a quick question. we're hearing hundreds of people missing. that does not necessarily mean those people have perished because a lot of people fled the area and they maybe are staying with family and
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friends, correct? >> reporter: that's right. the other big problem is we've had cell towers down in many areas. so, communication and figuring out where people are at has proven very difficult and with so many road closures and power poles down, trees down, everything destroyed, it's hard to get from that point a to point b, even for people like us who are trying to show you these things so, yeah, there's a lot of people that aren't necessarily perished as you mentioned but just missing. >> all right, brooks jarosz startling pictures coming to us from santa rosa. thank you brooks. >> it's wild to see him talk about that. we've had the hurricanes, too, where they also talk about trees down, cell towers down, people can't get around. it's like in some ways they have some parallels, the -- >> yeah. >> it's crazy how bad it is out there. >> they're two totally different natural disasters but they have the same outcome, same effect and people will -- their lives are forever changed. it's just -- its a war zone, that's exactly how i described
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off. >> that's right. >> it's really terrible. the other thing with the wildfires, you know, there wasn't the type of notice that maybe you get when a hurricane is coming and you have time to evacuate. >> right. these were in particular very sudden. >> yes, unusually and they just really got out of hand very quickly so we feel for everyone in northern california. >> and i'm not going to complain about the weather. >> right. >> got to stop. >> this is when we could actually say here, take our rain, please it. it just seems so unfair, yeah and, you know, the effects will go on for awhile there with the smoke reaching miles and miles to the south. yeah, the whole bay area dealing with the smog and the poor air quality. so, poor air quality here but of a very different variety. that's just low visibility due to the persistent clouds and drizzle we've had from onshore flow. just a marine layer overhead. we've had that for the past couple days. that should slowly erode during the day tomorrow and wheel well come in a warmer weekend. going to feel like summer by tomorrow. not today, though. it was very cool. 66 was the high at reagan, 64
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raw wet type of cool day. you know, when you have 66 and sunshine, that's very different than 66 and persistent drizzle. so, chilly out there right now, 63 d.c. these are current temperatures. 61 baltimore, 61 dulles, 59 out in winchester, 60 in martinsburg. we'll kind of stay right around where we are during the overnight hours and the showers have stayed far off towards our east, really east of our coverage area, just some overcast skies and we'll have that all night tonight into tomorrow morning like i said. so, through the day saturday, we'll see the clouds slowly give way to some late day sunshine. as that warm front moves north, it kicks high pressure out which has been thanksgiving the marine -- delivering the marine layer and wheel well come sunshine for sunday. along with the sunshine it will bring warm temperatures. normal high in that mid october about 70. we should be in the upper 70's late day tomorrow and well into the 80's so just crazy, another october day and we've had many this month that is going to be so far above normal. if you're heading to fedex field redskins in town with
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the 49ers, bye week is over back to work here and it's going to feel like the first game of the season, 82 degrees for really that first temperature that kickoff temperature. almost said first pitch but that's -- got to get my brain recirculated. baseball season is over unfortunately for us. seven-day forecast, 84 there on sunday but a cold front comes through more late sunday versus early monday and we'll have some early showers that will quickly give way to sunshine but also to falling temperatures. very cool. look at those lows in the 40's tuesday and wednesday but a beautiful week a ways. this is some nice wall weather to look forward to next week. sarah back over to you. >> we want to highlight a special event, the annual leukemia and lymphoma society's night the light walk. hundreds of people were out at the walk at reston town center. our own steve chenevey was also out there. another walk is tomorrow night in montgomery county at the rockville town center and then a week from tomorrow, the district will hold its light the night walk on the national mall. all proceeds will benefit the society's efforts to battle blood cance
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>> sadly it's become a tradition as consistent as the cherry blossoms that bloom each spring. 13 times since 1998 the capitals wizards redskins and nationals they've had a chance to advances to conference finals. last night the 13th attempt. as the clock struck midnight on the most ominous of days friday the 13th it ended like the 12 that preceded it with a loss. i feel bad for the d.c. sports fans. some say it could be worse, you could be a browns fan. at least browns fans know better than to get their hopes up and browns fans are cleveland sports fans. at least they have lebron bring a championship to their desperate city. d.c. can't even sniff a championship even with bryce harper, the lebron of baseball. washington teams can't get close to a championship game let alone win one. even d.c. united can't get out of the mls cellar. last night a season of hope ended with a swift punch to the gut leaving fans to wonder why they pick themselves off the mat again and again
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heartbreaking defeat. >> deja vu all over again. it was basically something that i've experienced my entire life as a sports fan and it's -- it's a numbing experience because we're so used to it now. >> it's like a chronic illness. >> broken. you want to see the team win and you want to see them get further every year but what can we do? i mean, i'm not in the batter's box. >> how are you feeling right now after this loss? >> no comment. >> okay. >> it's very, very difficult because i have spent my entire life following the nats, the caps, the redskins and the wizards and we just do not seem to win any big playoff games and we have good teams. that's the most disappointing thing about it. >> this is d.c. sports. this is who we are. >> we're going to get em. >> one of these years we're going to win and it's going to be really
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right now we're just enduring. >> we're going to get them back year 2018 year of the national look it up the. >> bottomless wellspring of hopes that is the d.c. sports fan. this entire town is charlie brown. we thick think this is the yeary lets us split the uprights. alas every year we fall for it. lucy pulls the ball away and we end up flat on our collective faces because the hey, tony, sarah, caitlin, the wizards opening night on wednesday. >> see. >> look what you've done to tony. >> and that's -- that's the hard thing, you know, wizards are starting, the caps are starting -- >> why bother. >> back to our bottomless pit. >> when you go through a great year and wonderful and it's very frustrating. >> like i said i think it was you -- is there a local high school team that's breaking records that we can all rally behind. >> weiss won by 50. >> go find somebody. >> all right,. >> all right, stick around. >>
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>> final five is next. >> jim lokay will cheer you up. >> have a good weekend. ralph northam: i'm ralph northam and as a doctor, nobody ever asked if i'm a democrat or republican. they just want my help. so if donald trump is helping virginia i'll work with him. but donald trump proposed cutting virginia's school funding, rolling back our clean air and water protections, and taking away health care from thousands of virginians. as a candidate for governor, i sponsored this ad because i've stood up to donald trump on all of it. ed gillespie refuses to stand up to him at all.
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>> ♪ >> amped up on this friday. i'm jim, your final five tonight. congress now gets to tackle the iran nuclear deal. democrats respond to the presidents actions on healthcare. the people of puerto rico get reassurance fema isn't go anywhere soon. good news, the president says we're allowed to say merry christmas. it's a couple months away though. let's get things started as we talk about the iran nuclear deal. it's been the news we've been expecting, the president saying he will not recertify that iran is complying with the deal. >> i am announcing today that we cannot and will not make this certification. we


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