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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  October 14, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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the las vegas massacre left her in a coma and she lost an eye >> this woman is showing signs of improvement. what her family saying and reaction from the funds razor >> video of rescues from the waging wildfires in california >> changes are coming in your forecast, see you at 10:00.
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. a death of a bowie woman shot and killed while celebrating her 22'nd birthday in miami >> people coming back in mind homes reduced to rubble. the view is devastating. >> this was a threat conspiracy to commit a felony. anything less than arrest of these children is a gross misju misjustice. >> is there a it's like a nightmare for me.
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. an incredible update on the maryland woman shot in the med in las vegas. the latest on her condition as her friends rally behind her at a fund-raiser developing out west the battle against the waging wildfires tonight we're getting a look at video of daring rescues from the flames. we begin at 10:00 tonight with breaking news. however, out of maryland, right now, police veteraning a shooting in college park. evan lambert arrived at the scene, what can you tell us? >> reporter: right now, we're in the 7500 block of rhode island avenue and anyone who's family with umd's campus this is toward the back side of fraternity row. i want to step out of the way. prince
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here on the porch of this home right here. again be, in the 7500 block of rhode island avenue. we've been watching going in and out of the house. they appear to be talking to several people inside of the house, possibly students. we've been talking to witnesses out here who are saying that this is an area that's largely populated by students in rented houses, here's what we know so far. we understand that this is a nonfatal shooting. that is according to prince george's county police, and we do understand at least one person was injured. some witnesses we were talking to said that they actually saw a male walk out of that house injured and then eventually get taken to an ambulance to be then taken off to a hospital. there are also suspects at large. this is coming from the police as well. we understand those suspects were last seen heading toward the college park metro station and that's really just a few blocks
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at this point, we do know at least one person injured according to police here in college park. pretty close, just a few blocks from the university of maryland's campus, witnesses telling ace large population of students live in this area, it is unknown at this point whether that at least one person injured is a student. we're told a spokesperson for the prince george's county police is making their way out here and we should learn new information as soon as we have that. we will share it with you. for now, live in college park, evan lambert, fox 5 local news. more breaking news out of virginia. suspicious package an explosive device has been found at a civil war reend actment in frederick county >> it was found at the cedar creek battlefield in middletown, we're told the reenactors and spectators were evacuated. there were reports it may have been a pipe
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have not confirmed that >> several roads are closed while police continue to investigate. so far, we have no heard of anyone being injured in this. >> it comes after the cedar creek battlefield foundation posted this message on its website saying it had received a written threat. organizers said they beefed you security in response. this one from petersburg virginia, right now, virginia state university is on lockdown because of a shooting on campus. they won't have a lot of details but we're told police are on the scene. no word on who may have been shot or if the attacker is in custody. we're told this was the homecoming weekend and it's unclear if the shooting is related to that event. we will continue to follow this and all of the breaking news stories we're bringing you, we will bring you the latest as we get into the newsroom the maryland native who was shot in the eye in las vegas is making major progress. tina frost was shot in
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until recently way in a coma, but her family said she's wake and breathing for hours at a time. in the meantime, they organized a fun razor. >> we don't know how much the medical bills will cost. we just want to keep raising money for her and just show her that we're over here for her and just showing our support >> first we didn't know how serious it was. it was awful but we were all like ok, she's going to be ok, and then as more details came out, in any just got worse. it was a nightmare. obviously, this was a horrible event. there's this much good going on. it's the light in all that, i guess. >> the fund-raiser happened. all the proceeds made from today's food and drink and raffles and auctions will go toward the gofundme page created to support tina and her family. the community raised more than half
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via a gofundme page. it is now day six of those massive wildfires in california. about 100,000 people have been forced to leave their homes, the fires are to blame for at least 38 deaths and destroyed at least 5700 homes and businesses. fox's will carr has the latest. >> reporter: strong gusty wind winds in california wine country threatening homes and wineries in sonoma forcing thousands to evacuate. this body cam video shows sheriff's deputies pulling off a daring rescue of a sonoma county couple trapped by flames. she's disabled. >> let me get her feet >> firefighters and officers putting their lives at risk as they go, door evacuating the area >> normal will take a very new meaning here in napa
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our way out >> painful times for thousands of californiaians who have lost their homes like bill and janice, their place in napa reduced to ashes >> i'm realizing you don't put your boots on and your gloves on and go sift stuff. >> the situation is still dangerous >> we're under a red flash we're not out of the woods and have work to do >> we have taken 224 reports of missing or unaccounted for people since the beginning of this incident. we are currently looking for or investigating the cases of 74 people. >> reporter: cadaver dogs will continue to pour throw neighborhoods like this, they will be combing through the rubble for victims and that the number should continue to go up so many people still missing. in santa rosy, will carr, fox news. turning to the
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we take a live look outside, after a gloom me after thisly few days, we saw the sun today and can only hope it will continue. but there's abutment of there may be a few more changes coming our way. gwen joins us with a first look at your forecast. >> hi there. welling you know, we'll have really warm weather tomorrow. it's going to feel like summer all over again. can't believe it. it's october. mother nature not getting it right. today's highs were in the low 70's across the board. we had drizzle and clouds but you know what? it still wasn't too bad. it was mild outside for surely right now, 66 kicking in the capitol. winds from the south southeast at seven miles an hour and we'll continues to see clouds for the night as well as a chance of seeing patchy fog overnight into the early morning hours. 60 degrees at gaithersburg, 62 at baltimore, cooler at winchester, 59, same at culpeper. 58 at martinsberg and 59 at frederick. satellite and radar showing you that the clouds contie
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in and that will be the story for overnight hour, we'll see increasing clouds tonight. and as we take a look at the overnight numbers, expect to see overnight lows under those cloudy skies to be in the low 60's and to areas of our west and northwest into the upper 50's. still a pretty mild night. we got a lot of low level moisture in the atmosphere. you'll feel a bit of humidity. as we get ready for a warmer weekend. we'll see the temperatures rising but we have an abrupt change coming at the beginning of the week. once we get into sunday, mid 80's, cooling down into the 60's. full forecast just ahead. a woman is in custody tonight charged with murdering her husband inside johns hopkins hospital. it happened yesterday afternoon, investigators say anita jones was alone in a room with her husband christopher george while their son was under going a procedure. jones alerted hospital staff that
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doctors couldn't save him and jones left before police arrived. detectives say the couple had been arguing and the injuries got self inflicted. they believe jones stabbed her husband. police arrested her today and charged her with first-degree murder. traffic moving now on ridge road in demascus but it was different this morning, three vehicles collided between route 80 and penn shop road. firefighters tell us one person was trapped in the wreckage and had to be freed. overall eight people were hurt in this crash and taken to a hospital for treatment. we're told two of those injuries were serious. the cause of the crash remains under investigation > we have n. council member vincent gray making a plea to end so-called grocery gap in the district. dozens of people gather to do the giant store in alabama avenue and walked to show the hardship people face when it
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ward eight has only one full service grocery store for the nearly 70,000 residents. nearly half of those people don't have a personal car. and there's a brand new site to see in the district. the city's largest mueller was unveiled earlier today in the tenleytown neighborhood in northwest. it's called celebrating tenleytown's history past and present. it's located on the corner of wisconsin and grant road on the oldest commercial building in dc. mayor bowser was on hand for ribbon cutting. she said the latest is a nod to the commitment to the arts >> we have the real resources in the commitment of dc taxpayers to make the investments in making our city better. so because of that, we've been able to make robust investments in our schools, libraries, and in the arts. >> here's a robust investment. mayor bowser announced an $11 million
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the arts and all eight wards. 2000 people turned out in rockville for the annual light the night walk. it raised about $600,000. the event benefits the leukemia and lymphoma society and it's a cause that fox 5 has been involved with for years now. some of the people participating tonight walked in honor of loved one whose died from the disease. survivors also took part. yesterday, a similar event took place at the reston town center. the final walk across our region takes place saturday, october 21 it's, next saturday. it will be held on the national mall in the district. all proceeds from the three walks will benefit the leukemia and lymphoma society's efforts to battle blood cancers. coming up few big names hit the campaign trail in northern virginia >> the harvey weinstein downward spiral continues. the latest fall-out from the sexual abuse scandal surrounds the a hollywood star run
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heros. of highlights from the first ever veterans run at the national a cathedral. back after this. this is fox 5 local news at 10:00.
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. harvey weinstein's fall from grace a may have hit rock bottom tonight. the academy of motion picture arts and as soon ass rescinded his, in in essence kicking him out of hollywood for his allege transgressions. >> reporter: the academy of motion picture arts and sciences its board voting to he can say pel harvey weinstein, the academy saying the move will quote, send a message that the era of willful ignorance and workplace harassment in our industry is over. it's the latest fall-out from allegati
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harassed or assaulted at least 30 women over the past three decades. >> it's the abuse of power and entitle for sexual acts. that is just got to stop. >> reporter: he was outsided a week go from the production company he co founded with his brother. bob weinstein calling his own brother, a predator, but hollywood insiders say this scandal isn't just damaging to harvey weinstein, it's rock the industry >> obviously things need to be reevaluated at a ground level and you know, level of great power that these production companies and studios and individual producers have. i think it's really up ended hollywood in way that is rather unexpect ed and dramatic >> weinstein denied the accusations. currently in arizona seeking treatment for sex addiction. in new york, brian
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news. locally we're weeks away from voters going to policy to choose a new governor, one sitting and one former campaign in the commonwealth who hope to succeed said terry mcauliffe, joe biden campaigned for ralph northum in reston biden appeared at a round table discussion about northum's plan, he said it's critical to elect leaders at the state level since the federal government is letting people down >> it's only hope for leadership we have now is that the state level. i mean, it really is. it really is the only hope we have. >> vice president mike pence attended a rally in abington this evening for republican gubernatorial candidate gillespie >> i stand with president trump, i stand with ed gillespie for all virginians. >>
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trailing northum by as much as seven points. world leader are praising and condemning president trump's refusal to certify the iran deal and in tehran, the president's actions sparked new war of words between the two countries, iran is lashing out at the president's actions saying it violates the spirit of 2015 agreement. the president is not pulling out of the deal just yet but demanding that congress strength it >> we're learning new details about americans and canadian in catch the in afghanistan of the family had been held captive until five years until pakistan knee forces freed them on thursday based on intelligence from u.s. author
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his cap tors raped his wife and murdered their infant daughter. >> dozens of veterans lace up their running shoes for a good cause this morning, the national cath hosted the event for first time to honor those who fought four our country, krysten leon was there and she has the story. >> reporter: they're running their hearts out in the crisp fall air. all 50 veterans and military wives from team red, white and blue. this morning be the local veterans chapter gathered in front of the national cathedral for the first ever veterans run that started on the grounds and ended at the top of the bell tower. way gorgeous view overlooking our nation's capitol. the run not only brings together all branches of the military but showcases team spirit and honors those who have sacrificed for our freedoms. and the cathedral will
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events like this one with our local military chapters in the near future. at the national cathedral, krysten leon fox 5 local news. why president trump is heading to south carolina and a heads up for netflix subscribers. larry flint's $10 million offer that's running in the washington post. we're back in a few. we're back in a few.
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ralph northam: i'm ralph northam and as a doctor, nobody ever asked if i'm a democrat or republican. they just want my help. so if donald trump is helping virginia i'll work with him. but donald trump proposed cutting virginia's school funding, rolling back our clean air and water protections, and taking away health care from thousands of virginians. as a candidate for governor, i sponsored this ad because i've stood up to donald trump on all of it.
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. larry flint is offering up to $10 million to anyone who produces information that leads to president trump's impeachment and removal from office. he offers in a full page add in tomorrow's edition of the "washington post." no comment from the white house during last year's campaign flynn offered $1 million to anyone who could turn over video or audio
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basing in an illegal or sexually demeaning manner, that followed the access hollywood video in which the billion air bragged of imposing himself on women president trump is set to head the road again next week. fox's rich identify son has those stories and more in the week ahead. >> president trump will kick off the week by visiting the state of south carolina on monday. the main focus of the trip is to campaign for henry mcmaster who is seeking another term as south carolina governor in 2018 be this is the second trip to the state since taking office in january. also on monday, world food day global action against world wide hunger. basketball fans will be glued to the television sets. tuesday is the official start of the nba regular season, two games scheduled on that day with the
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the nba golden state warriors facing off against the houston rockets. netflix users be prepared to dish out more cash. starting thursday, netflix will be raising its prices on two of its three subscription plans, they announced as they look to pour more money into developing original contents. >> former presidents barack obama, george w bush, bill clinton be george h bush and jimmy carter are gathering together to headline deep from the heart at texas aand m university, it will feature performances from rock and country artists. all proceeds going hurricane harvey in the state of texas. that's a look at the week ahead. rich dennis son fox news a woman in labor couldn't make it to the hospital, ended up having her baby
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curch parking lot. we're going to hear from her and the complete stranger who jumped in to help. we'll be right back. we'll be right back.
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. this is fox 5 local news at 10:00. we are continuing to follow breaking news in college park, we are in the 7500 block of rhode island avenue here where prince george's county police tell us that there has been a shooting. they say that the shooting is not fatal but we do understand that there are injuries. right now, it is unclear if more than one person has been injured, but witnesses say they saw a male l
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then get taken into an ambulance, presumably to the hospital. we understand too, that there are suspects at large and they were last seen heading toward the college park metro a few blocks east of here. where we are right now, is just a few blocks east of fraternity row. just off campus here in college park. a spokesperson for the prince george's county police department is headed to the scene, we're expected to learn information, i can tell you within last few minutes, we saw several undercover officers go inside that house, we don't know exactly what that means. we will be here and we will update you as soon as we have more information. >> other big stories, a maryland native who was shot in the massacre in las vegas showing incredible signs of improvement, tina frost was shot in the right eye. the bullet traveled through her forehead. frost has been in a coma since the shooting but her family now says she's awake and took her first few steps. a
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tonight in gamble's maryland. firefighters are still working to gain the upper hand on these destructive and deadly wildfires in northern california. fires are to blame for at least 38 deaths and they destroyed at least 5700 homes and businesses. about 100,000 people have been displaced or forced to leave their home. nearly 75 people are still unaccounted for. >> devastating. here we've been so fortunate. we went for awhile with no rain and we needed the rain, then we had some rain. it looks like summer is continuing tomorrow. >> definitely. we'll kind of back step a little bit rewind i'm calling it. our temperatures will head right into the mid 80's and it's really unbelievable for this time of year. we're thinking, you know, the leaves changing the beautiful fall foliage, pumpkins and all those things and football games. but the weather is the opposite. at least it will be
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there's a live shot out there have not we're seeing clouds rolling in partly cloudy skies to mostly cloudy for tonight and also, looking at some fog developing in the overnight hours, got low level moisture to deal with. tomorrow plenty of sunshine and tomorrow night we'll start to see clouds once again, but a really warm sunday, we'll have conditions that are bringing temperatures right up into the mid 80's and i can't believe i'm even saying that this time of year. but once we get thought week, fall will make its return. actually, it will end up being pretty abrupt when it does show up. we'll talk about that when we see the seven-day forecast. in the meantime here's a look at the highs for today, low 70's across board. and right now 66 at dc, the same at quantico, 62 at baltimore. we have 61 at dulles. 61 at frederick, 58 at martinsberg and 57 at winchester. overnight lows tonight, expected to be into the low 60's. it will be a little warme
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annapolis, 66 there. but the clouds will be in full force and continue to increase throughout the overnight hours. winds will be fairly light. satellite and radar showing you that we do have cloud cover, but as i mentioned the clouds will continue of we have a frontal system to our north as well. and we're going to go see a little bit of change once we get into the next 48 hours or so. so a nice warm low starts to kick in. tomorrow, temperatures with plenty of sunshine will rise into the mid 80's. it will be a hot day. what will you do? share that with us. what would you be doing, 85 in october? that's what we want to know. here's the highs for tomorrow, cooler to the west, but we are going to have an amazing day, here's your planner to help you with it. by midday, 77 degrees. by the 5:00 hour, we're talking 79 degrees. now, early morning hours tomorrow, some of that fog, if you're heading out to morning services, be aware of that.
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within a few hours or so. by 1:00 tomorrow it's kickoff for the 49ers. redskins are hosting that game. 80 degrees mostly sunny skies with a pretty hot day for football. wrapping it up. 63 degrees is our overnight low for tonight under partly cloudy skies, becoming cloudy and for tomorrow, once again, we're talking a summer rewind headed to mid 80's, unbelievable. now, really big changes coming up in my seven-day forecast. you'll notice how abrupt they are, 85 on sunday to the 60's on monday. that's because we have a cold front coming through. on the back side of that cold front with got the cooler air, so it kicks in, so monday and tuesday, it's going to be along the cooler side, but still we'll be into the 70's once we get past that into hump day later in the week to where we should be temperature-wise. maryland family welcome add special delivery this week, but it may have had a different ending had
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total strange >> monique young delivered a baby boy in a silver springs parking lot and jump ongoing help was a doctor who happened to be nearby >> fox 5 corey kaufman has the incredible story. >> she's so happy little an anthony is healthy. it was just yesterday they headed to the hospital from here home in district heights. they found themselves stuck in traffic >> we're in the middle of traffic and my water breaks >> that's when watkinses pulled off the beltway and ended up at the church parking lot. from there, it was minutes before little anthony junior made his debut >> the baby head was already out. >> watkinses had 911 operators on the line. and was trying to flag down help >> we saw a man running around the car, screaming. of and
10:38 pm
animated. >> the doctor and her husband had changed their routine that day to meet a patient >> this happen for some reason and we believe this little one was brought into this world that way for a purpose. the doctor taps him on the shoulder and said i'm a doctor. >> the doctor caught anthony as he came out. she advised the new dad to get something to cut off and tie the umbilical cord. >> he took off his shoes and took out his shoestring and the weirdest thing he happened to have a pair of scissors in his car >> that's one of god's angels >> what an incredible moment and story there. >> we were talking we both had babies in past year, year and a half. and it's to think that she was in a parking lot going through that and a doctor comes by. you can't ask for anything >> it's a miracle. >> steven colbert, a hockey team helping a 10-year-old boy live out his dream
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his dad swag. back after this. back after this.
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. a lot of questions about the athletic director at the university of maryland >> there were reports that he was out and then turns out he's not. he has not been fired. he may -- he's probably put put on administrative leave but he can come back. who knows? there are a lot of different rumors out there >> like a soap before a >> it is and no one knows for sure. but the school says he's in. with all the uncertainties surrounding the athletic department. one thing for certain, the football team will need a great second half if they want to make a second straight
10:43 pm
maryland halfway there but they have games against seventh ranked wisconsin, 17th michigan, 21 it's michigan state and number three, penn state still to come. another tough league test. terps goes dj, did you consistent, fitzgerald has a tough to squad of the third string quarterback max bort end. nice pass here, he's going to do more, take it all the way, 51 yards. that gives the turf a four point lead. the defense could not stop the wildcats on the grounder air, rushed for 238. clayton tossed for another. touchdown, they fall to three and three lose third to seven 21 and next week they travel to madison to take on the undefeated badgers. baby in memphis zach aby warming up
10:44 pm
passing. he's going to take himself running through tackles into the end zone, 19-17. after a rare safety. he hit 149 yards on the ground be three scores, future nfl riley ferguson dive there by a receiver for a touchdown, had he three. navy loses 30-27. other area of football scores of note, look at virginia. the hoops five and one so far. looking good in the acc. they won 20-14 over north carolina in chapel hill. how about the pack league? georgetown. the redskins no josh norman tomorrow. left tackle trent williams will suit up against the 49ers. the redskins coming off, a chance for battered squad to heal up and a chance nor a new father kirk cousins to spend quality time for baby boy cooper. of while being a
10:45 pm
new experience, having dad swag? that's old hat. >> i felt like i had dad swag before i was a dad. i'm the kind of guy in high school who would ware a braided belt and cargo shorts and white socks that came up halfway up my ankles and i was probably one step away from velcro shoes and a advisor and oversized polo tucked in. so maybe even palm pilot on my belt >> starting in less than nine hours we got you covered 7:30 a.m. breaking down the game against the niners, kicks off 1:00 p.m. on fox 5. after the game we'll analyze everything about the home on the fox 5 post game show somewhere around 4:30. college hockey teams helping a 10-year-old boy live out his dream by drafting him as the newest member t john monahan has the story.
10:46 pm
>> the men's hockey team celebrates its newest member, meet coleman walsh a hockey fantastic >> it's so tempting, fun, excitement >> 10-year-old coleman assigned his letter of intent with his mom by his side >> i'm so happy for coleman that he has this opportunity to be part of the team >> it's a nonprofit and coleman who suffers from williams syndrome, a development al disorder >> i bring inspiration to these courageous children >> coleman's smile shows how happy he is and one look at these players and you know it's a two-way. >> once he was drafted, coleman met his team members then suited up. pads, socks, skates, and his new shirt. >> looking good. of >> on the ice, coleman could not stop
10:47 pm
it melted his mom's heart, something she said he has a habit of doing >> he has the ability to make everyone feel special >> coleman, the team's newest member will be here at practices, games, and team dinners as a batson beaver and he can't wait. >> it's really great, i'm looking forward to this. let's go beavers. >> john monahan, boston 25 news. >> i love that, the shirt is the same size as -- >> like in big when he became small. that's a good hockey story, not a good hockey store the caps lost eight to two tonight. >> you didn't have to. >> i know but they haven't lost that bad since 2006 >> did you have to mention that's >> i didn't show it. i spared everyone that. i showed this adorable kid instead >> thank you, brody.
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are you spending more than you're saving? we'll take you a look into the financial trends coming up. trends coming up. ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪
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. fall isn't just about pumpkins and ghosts. it's the beginning of a busy spending season as the holidays inch closer >> are you spending more than saving? if you are, you're not alone. fox lauren simonetti explains. >> reporter: spending is in forefall. halloween purchases are expected to rack up more than $9 billion in sales and trend expected to continue through the holidays with no slowing of buying on gifts, eating out, entertaining at home and travel >> the problem is we're
10:52 pm
too much. nash savings rates is at low levels, pure point financial did a survey of spending survey and found that 1/3rd of purchases are made on impulse. and three in ten americans often spend more than they actually have the funds for. >> who needs funds when you have a credit card? household debt record high of nearly $13 trillion >> everyone puts the purchases unplanned and otherwise on the credit cards and have the holiday hang over after the fact. spending a lot and borrowing a lot. it's the name of the game >> one way people are clearing up debt is getting into the gig economy where businesses hire independence contractors instead of full-time employees, companies like uber and task rabbit pay workers for each individual gig they do instead of by the day or by the hour >> it's the technology that's moving the whole the concept of gigging in a different direction, it's across all sorts of platforms, sector and this is the time of year when you see more people take on those gigs
10:53 pm
so they can actually pay for their holiday debt >> if you must take that special trip this fall, personal finance expert chris hogan said start saving and put money aside >> i don't want people to utilize credit cards so now you'll be paying on the vacation for the next three years >> it's your cash. lauren simonetti. fox business. coming up. holiday tackles the story of the first african-american supreme court justice. plus jackie chan is back starting in an all rated action flick. what did kevin mccarthy think? back after this.
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ralph northam: i'm ralph northam, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad. narrator: ed gillespie wants to end a woman's right to choose. ed gillespie would put the government in charge of a woman's personal decisions, not women and their doctors. as governor, ed gillespie says, i would like to see abortion be banned. if ed gillespie would like to see abortion banned, i would like to see i would like to see i would like to see that ed gillespie never becomes governor.
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♪ ♪ stepping into the unknown, it can be difficult to find the way. but with the compassion and strength of a name, and the security of the cross and shield, obstacles... become openings. as we have for more than 75 years, we'll continue to light the way. using our knowledge to create new healthcare solutions giving you the power to shine forward... to whatever awaits tomorrow. carefirst blue cross blue shield. live fearless.
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jackie chan returning to the silver screen >> the first
10:57 pm
supreme court justice and the inspiration behind wonder woman, here's fox 5 kevin mccarthy. >> it's kevin mccarthy i'm here with the reviews this week, including marshal, based on an earlier court case in marshal's career before he became the first african-american supreme court justice, put played by brilliant bows man, he's taking on the road of thur good marshal. he teams up to help defend a man accused of rape played by sterling k brown. there's courtroom drama sequences that have intensity of action sequences you feel like you're watching an action scene. love the chemistry. bows man pulls off very much
10:58 pm
like a super hero. i gave marshal, a four out of five. next up is jackie chan in the foreigner. love scene chan back in an r rated action film, grew up watching films like super cop and everybody obviously loves police story, he takes on a different role as a father in his 60's whose daughter is killed in terrorist attack in london and goes on a revenge mission. it was directed by martin campbell who directed casino royal edge of darkness as well as golden eye which brings us to the pierce brosnan role. the film has a solid plot line. the action scenes are fantastic and i love seeing chan in a role like this. there's a running joke in the film that the 60 something-year-old guy is taking on all these bad guys, they do a really good job of catering the action scenes to the type of stunts that chan can still do, seems pretty real and i enjoyed this and i was surprised how much i liked
10:59 pm
out of five this is the true story behind one of the most beloved super characters, wonder woman. the two women involved played by rebecca hall and bella had he scope. i thought the story of the film was better than the movie itself, i gave it a 3.5 out of five and i'm kevin mccarthy, tweet me your reviews at kevin mccarthy tv. i've kevin mccarthy, fox news. in the news far from over, news at 11:00 starts right now. this is fox 5 local news at 11:00. we begin with breaking news we're following out of maryland. right now, police investigating a shooting in college park, evan lambert has been there. what can you tell us? what do you know so
11:00 pm
update from investigators here with prince george's county police department. they tell us two university of maryland male students were injured in this incident that they call a shooting. of i'm going to step out of the way so you can see the scene, this house is what investigators have been focusing on some time now. this happened about 8:20, according to police and they say they do not believe that this was a random crime. we understand that one of those male students was shot. another was assaulted. both with nonlife-threatening injuries, officers say they were taken to the hospital. as i just mentioned we shall got an update from the prince george's county police department. a spokes woman giving us information here. take a listen to what she had to say. >> this is not appear to be a random incident. our detectives are working to establish a suspect in and a motive in this case and at this time, they believe that the suspects left the area and the


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