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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  October 14, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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update from investigators here with prince george's county police department. they tell us two university of maryland male students were injured in this incident that they call a shooting. of i'm going to step out of the way so you can see the scene, this house is what investigators have been focusing on some time now. this happened about 8:20, according to police and they say they do not believe that this was a random crime. we understand that one of those male students was shot. another was assaulted. both with nonlife-threatening injuries, officers say they were taken to the hospital. as i just mentioned we shall got an update from the prince george's county police department. a spokes woman giving us information here. take a listen to what she had to say. >> this is not appear to be a random incident. our detectives are working to establish a suspect in and a motive in this case and at this time, they believe that the suspects left the area and the
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public, there's no threat to the public at this time. >> i just want to mention this is just off campus at the university of maryland east of route one and pretty close to the college park metro station and that is where officers say a suspect or suspects went in the direction of the metro station. they do not have a description of those suspects at this time. they are asking anyone with information about this crime, the shooting, to give them a call. and information is eligible for a reward that leads to an arrest, two university of maryland male students injured in a shooting and assault here on rhode island avenue in college park, we'll be following this and have the latest in the morning. back to you. >> thank you. we're also following breaking news from petersburg virginia. right now, virginia state university on lockdown because of a shooting on campus. we don't have a lot of details but we're told police
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scene, no word who may have been shot or if the attacker is in custody. we're told this was the home coming weekend, it's unclear if the shooting is related to that event. we're following another developing story out of virginia. investigators say they've now found two suspicious devices at a civil war reend actment at the battlefield in middletown. one of the devices has been detonated. they were evacuated and told they will be allowed back in at 2:00 a.m. since many are camping overnight. several roads in this area are closed while police continue to investigate. there are no injuries to report. all of this comes after the cedar creek battlefield foundation posted this message on its website saying it received a written threat. organizers had beefed up security in response. >> also tonight, the maryland native who was shot in the eye in the las vegas
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making major progress. tina frost was shot in the eye and until recently was in a coma but her family says she's awake and even took her first few steps. she's also breathing on her own for hours at a time. meanwhile, friends and maryland organized a fund-raiser at a irish pub. >> we don't know how much the medical bills will cost. so we just want to keep raising money. just show her that we're fighting on over here for her and showing our support. >> first we didn't know how serious it was. it was awful but we were like she's going to be ok, and as more details came out it got worse, it was a nightmare. obviously, this is a horrible event but there's this much good going on. it's the light in all of it, i guess. >> all the proceeds made today from food, drink are you familiar else and auctions go towards the gofundme created to support tina frost and the family. community raised more than half
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it's now day six of those massive wildfires in northern california. about 100,000 people have been forced to leave their homes. the fires are to blame for at least 38 deaths and they destroyed nearly 6,000 home and businesses. fox's will carr has the latest. >> reporter: strong gusty winds spanning california wine countries threatening homes and wineries in sonoma forcing thousands to evacuate. this body cam video shows sheriff's deputying pulling off a daring rescue of a sonoma county couple trapped by flames. >> she's disabled. >> let me get her feet. >> firefighters and officers in santa rosa putting their lives at risk. >> normal will take a
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meaning in napa as we see our way out >> painful times for thousands of californiaians who have lost their home, like bill and janice, their place reduced to ashes >> in this moment i'm realizing you don't put your boots on and gloves on and sift stuff. >> reporter: authorities say conditions have improved. the situation is still dangerous. >> we're under red flag currently for wind and low humidity, we have work to do. >> we have taken 224 reports of missing or unaccounted for people since the beginning of this incident. we're currently looking for or investigating the cases of 74 people. >> reporter: cadaver dogs will continue to pour through neighborhoods like this that have been decimated by the fires. the number should continue to go up with so many people still missing. in santa rosa, will car, fox news a
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charged with murdering her husband inside johns hopkins hop yesterday afternoon, investigators say anita jones was alone in the room with her husband christopher while they're son was under going a procedure. jones alerted hospital staff that yancy cut himself, doctors could not save him and jones left before police arrived. detectives say they learned the couple had been arguing and the injuries, in fact, not self inflicted. they believe jones stabbed her husband, police arrested her today and charged her with first-degree murder. traffic moving now along ridge road in demascus. it was quite a different story this morning. three vehicles collided between route 80 and penn shop road. firefighters tell us one person was trapped in the wreckage and had to be freed. overall, eight people were hurt in the crash and taken to a hospital for treatment. two of those injuries were serious. the cause of the crash remains
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under investigation. we learned the identity of a pedestrian killed, tony davis of suitland, he was attempting to cross capitol street around 7:30 when two cars collided. the driver of the car that struck davis stayed at the scene but the other vehicle left. investigators say earlier reports do not indicate the driver of the striking vehicle contributed to the pedestrian accident but police are still searching for the driver. and we're just weeks away from voters going to the polls in virginia to choose a new governor. earlier, two vice president pence, one sitting and one former campaigned in the commonwealth for the candidates who hope to succeed governor terry mcauliffe. former vice president joe biden campaigned for ralph northum in reston. he appeared at a round table discussion about the economic plan. he said it's critical to elect at the state level since the federal government is letting people down.
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we have is at the state level. it really is the only hope we have. >> on the flip side, mike pence attended a rally in abington for republicans gubernatorial candidate ed gillespie. >> i stand with president trump. i stand with ed gillespie for all virginians. >> recent polls show gillespie trailing northum by as much as seven points across the cmmonwealth. up next, an american woman and her family have been freed after five years in taliban captivity >> the disturbing to details about the conditions the family faced. flush fleshfaced. flush flesh . nor fall-out surrounding harvey weinstein, back after this.
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ralph northam: i'm ralph northam, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad.
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a woman's right to choose. ed gillespie would put the government in charge of a woman's personal decisions, not women and their doctors. as governor, ed gillespie says, i would like to see abortion be banned. if ed gillespie would like to see abortion banned, i would like to see i would like to see i would like to see that ed gillespie never becomes governor.
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fall-out from the heinz a scandal, the academy of motion picture arts and as soon ass revaced him by rescinding his lifetime membership. he's accused of sexual assaulting and harassing women decades. bob weinstein, tells the hollywood reporter he new his brother was unfaithful to his wife but id no idea. we're learning new details about a horrible conditions a family faced in afghanistan. joshua what boil, his wife caitlin and three children arrived in toronto last night, the family had been held captive five years until pakistan knee forces freed them. boyle said his cap tors raped his wife and murdered their faint daughter. >> world leaders are both praising and condemning president trump's refusal to certify the iran nuclear deal and in
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actions has sparked new war of words between the two countries. iran is lashing out at the president's actions saying it violates the spirit of the 2015 agreement. the president is not pulling out of the deal just yet but is demanding that congress strength it. benjamin netanyahu applauded the president's decision while leaders in britain, germany and france condemn the move. first daughter and white house senior advisor, ivanka trump is making a major announcement. she said she's now offering herself as a global man tore to women entrepreneurs. >> i'm creating an opportunity for people in similar businesses at similar stages to be able to talk to their peers around the globe. >> ivanka trump made the announcementur
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that aims to finance businesses owned by women. up next, after few days of gray clouds and drizzle and rain, we finally saw the sun today. >> and what's in store for sunday? you may like it. gwen got everything you need to know. u need to know.
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pre. we have been talking about the weather because it was pretty nice today. and tomorrow, it's one of those break out the shorts. >> will be nicer >> in the midst of fall >> kind of a rewind, we had a little bit of gray skies, drizzle, now we're getting to the heat. and is it really october? it doesn't feel like it >> back and forth, back and forth. that's what we do here >> what do you ladies think about that? are you happy with the kind of swing the weather has been doing lately >> it could be warm tomorrow >> tisha was thinking about barbecuing. because, you know, it will be nice, you don't have to worry about bundling up and everything. >> how about >> someone else make the barbecue. >> how about a barbecue at the pumpkin patch? how would that do? we got fog that's developing in the overnight hours and clouds rolling in, mostly cloudy skies before this night is over. but today, wha
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mixture of everything on the weather buff in any. take a look at the temperatures we hit for daytime highs into low 70's across the board at all three airports. right now, pretty comfortable out there. 66 at dc, 63 at baltimore. 68 at annapolis this hour, to the south, fredericksburg is 64 and 58 at martinsberg, cooler relatively speaking, of course, and that's the same story for cumberland but we got 63 degrees at frederick also. and you know what? you're feeling a little bit of that humidity in the atmosphere. our due points are in the 60's as well. so we've got the low level moisture flow that's kicking in and that's part of reason we're having some fog. mostly cloudy skies for tonight. of overnight lows into the 60's and the upper 50's. sky conditions on satellite and radar showing you that those clouds will continue to move in, and we are talking at least some sunshine when we get into tomorrow, it will be bright skies by the afternoon but the
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cloudy skies as well as with some of that fog. if you're heading to morning services, just be aware of that for driving. take a look at the national temperature map. this is where the heat is. pushing right at the eastern seaboard for tomorrow, on the back side of this, we have a cold front that will head our way. and that is where that cooler air will start to kick in. look how cool it is now to the west, 30's and 40's, we're really getting a treatment but we're going to go see an abrupt change in the temperatures as we go from sunday into monday, warm front to the north, southerly flow kicks in. tomorrow, we end up getting plenty of sunshine, a pretty hot day as we head to the mid 80's. i can't believe i'm saying this, then we'll see the opposite effect as cold front heads our way. and that will pass through by sunday into monday, gusty winds started to kick in and temperatures take a big drop. tomorrow, temperatures into the low to mid 80's across the board. by midday, we're talking 77
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degrees and sunshine. here's a look at how things will rap up. 1:00 tomorrow, 49ers and redskins will be a hot football game at 80 degrees by 1:00 at kickoff. 63 for the overnight low with cloudy skies and fog lasting the early morning hours as we head to sunshine and 85 by the afternoon. take a look at this, a cool 66 monday. talk about a change from 85. and then we stick in the 60's for tuesday. tuesday morning, chilly 45 degrees when we wake up. bundle up. we'll be back after this.
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♪ ♪ all the uncertainty surviving the turf athletic department is the athletic director staying? there's one thing for certain, they will need a great second half of the season, if you want to make ballgame heading into the teeth of the schedule coming up with games against wisconsin seventh in the nation, 21, number three ranked penn state. speaking of yeesh. dj, did you intaking on northwestern, turfs down three, quarterback max making it look easy. dj moore breaks a new tackles. he's gone. touc
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but the turfs could not stop the wildcats on the ground or through the air. wildcats rush 238 and there's the air of quarterback clayton, fall for three and three on the year, they go to wisconsin they lose 37-21. navy in misdemeanors, quarterback zach warming up his arm. i don't know why he never throws the ball or rarely. more often he does this, takes and and runs it. safety not much longer, navy for the touchdown in the end zone 19-17, had he 149 yards and three scores on the ground but that wasn't enough. future quarterback riley ferguson and the tigers too much. tossed three touchdowns of his own, navy loses 30-27. got to be honest. i don't know how you guys do it. every team in this town gets your hopes up just to let you down with heartbreaking failure after heartbreaking failure. forget about
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dc teams can't even get to conference title series. the nats lost this week, it's been 13 times, the nats caps be skins and wizards had a chance to advance to a conference series and failed. here's how you, the fan, react to the latest sad chapter in the dc sports story. >> desha vu all over again, basically something i've experienced my entire life as a sports fan, it's numbing experience because we're so used to it >> you don't want to see the team win and get further every year, but what can we do >> how are you feeling right now after this loss? >> no comment. >> very difficult because i have spent my entire life following the nats, the caps, the redskins
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and we just do not seem to win any big playoff games. we have good teams, that's the most disappointing thing about it >> this is dc sports, who we are. we're going to -- i told you >> one of these years we'll win and it will be really sweet. we're just enduring. >> we'll get them back. the year of 2018, year of the national. look it up >> he looked so sure. >> you can't get us down. >> keep it up. it is going to make it that much sweeter when they finally win you're going to be able to say >> any of our teams, any. >> just give us a hope, get to a conference. you don't even have to get to a championship game. >> rooting for you. after the break we're talking weather. stay with us.
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. update to breaking news in middletown virginia, investigators are now clarifying some details about a suspicious device at a civil war reend actments at the cedar creek battlefield. just one suspicious item was found reenactors and spectators were evacuated. no one injured. we're told a bomb squad detonated the item as a precaution, k9 units continue to search warrant area >> the foundation says it has cancelled tomorrow's events due
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to safety concern, comes after the battlefield foundation posted this message on its website saying it received a written threat. >> everybody have a wonderful night. see you tomorrow. ♪ ♪ stepping into the unknown, it can be difficult to find the way. but with the compassion and strength of a name, and the security of the cross and shield, obstacles... become openings. as we have for more than 75 years, we'll continue to light the way. using our knowledge to create new healthcare solutions giving you the power to shine forward... to whatever awaits tomorrow. carefirst blue cross blue shield. live fearless.
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