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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  October 16, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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this is fox 5 local news at 10:00. right now at 10:00. a fox 5 exclusive. >> we heard the bus driver starting to yell that there was somebody attacking her through the window >> a dc tour bus driver beaten right in front of the white house. more from the man who a captured the suspects arrest o
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the big chill, sue palka with while you'd need a jacket. a coach indicted for sex crimes, the tip that led to her arrest. we will bring you that story in just a moment. first we begin tonight with a fox 5 exclusive. we want to show you the aftermath of an attack on a dc tour bus driver, this happened last night in front of the white house. >> the suspect is in jail. fox 5 corey coffee spoke exclusively with the witness who shot this video. she joined us with a latest. corey? >> reporter: well, good evening, to both of you, we're told that the driver is doing ok. she is a bit shaken up, taken to the hospital, she said she's definitely soar after the or a digital this unfold lid here at 16th and h street, the tour
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house as tourists were trying to take pictures when the man came running from across the street from this direction here and on to the bus. in craig lud wig's cell phone video, 24-year-old tyler jackson was being arrested he tells us none of the tourists on the bus saw the actual attack because everyone was on the top level taking pictures. when the bus stopped in front of the north side of the white house, the driver opened to door to get fresh air >> we heard the bus driver starting to yell there was somebody attacking her. >> that driver who didn't want to go on camera told us jackson began yelling at her to get off the bus while beating her. >> the tour guide, he ran down there immediately and said he grabbed the guy >> two other trauma nurses who happened to be on the bus came running down to help >> there apparently was metro police that happened to be driving by right when it
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happened. >> within minutes, dc police arrested jackson on attempted carjacking of a tour bus. he pleaded not guilty in dc superiorier court. was released. friends tell us he's a sergeant in the marine corp based out of quantico r the driver said she has no idea what provoked the attack, but big bus the tour company are thankful authorities responded to quickly. lud wig tells me the scene was fairly calm because of that. authorities were able to get the man over to the curb quickly and that the secret service along with police were both here, and so that's how everyone were able to ram calm and feel like they weren't worried about the situation. we're live here in front of the white house, corey coughlin, fox 5 local news. we have an update on the murder of a northern virginia teenager, darwin martinez torres was indicted on murder and rape charge on the
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hassanen. he's accused of kidnapping and kill her last june. it's first time prosecutors brought charges against him. the ms 13 gang member accused of kidnapping a teenager girl over the weekend is believed to be in the country illegally. u.s. immigration of custom african airstrikes arrested the man after police found the girl safe. evan lambert is live with latest. >> reporter: ice confirmed to us they lodged a detainer against the suspect essentially asking local lawsuit to hold him until they can get custody and begin removal proceedings. i want to show you a picture of that suspect, 21-year-old roberto tony madrono, sagovia, facing kidnapping and gang participation charges. essentially, what happened according to prince william's county police, they say on
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got into fight with a 16-year-old girl to at a house party on danville road in prince william's county county in woodbridge. witnesses tried to break up the fight. suspect took out a knife. said he was a member of ms 13. eventually left the party, came back and according to police, kidnapped that 16-year-old, and amber alert went out for her and 12 hours later, authorities found both the suspect and the victim, the girl, was unharmed at the time and eventually was recovered by police. i should say we talked with some people in that neighborhood where the house party was going on. they were extremely afraid to talk with us on camera. one mother told us that her son, her 14-year-old son, was at that party. she had no idea that anybody in the house or that was at the house that night allegedly is connected with m
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and that brings up what you do in that situation. that parent telling us she had no idea what to do. we took that question to a northern virginia gang expert, and he said parent have to be able to ask for help. listen. >> we work with kids to try to put themselves in a position where they can effectively distance themselves from gang activity. there's no doubt that a lot of the onus is on the individual and they got to be dedicated to that, but again the services that exist not only in fairfax but through the northern virginia, if kids are serious about wanting to distance themselves we will provide an avenue and we will provide the help had that they need. >> reporter: the expert said you can always ask for help through the school and through law enforcement and they will get the parent in touch with resources for that child that they're worry asked having connections to anyone in a violent gang. evan
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man prosecutors called a patently bogus contractor was sentenced to ten years in fred prison, michael rose bar was convicted in june of destroyig self homes he worked on and since then dilling people out of more than millions of dollars. at least two homes he worked on were condemned. in others prosecutors say the work was done poorly or not at all. >> i gave him an exceptionally, a large you amount of money and he just walked off with it. and left my house condemned. >> one victim was an elderly retired pharmacist. he swindled her out of more than half $1 million. she had to return to work in order to make ends meet. prosecutors say rose bar also stole money from welfare while he was stealing from his clients. i want to get to the weather, it is -- it's chilly out there now, it's
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colder >> i'm glad, you know what? it doesn't matter, if you're on the capitol wheel it's fine because it's climate controlled inside. might be a little chilly standing outside. but sue palka, it's fall. >> shawn we've been waiting awhile for this. haven't we? finally showed up today it definitely has been quite a dramatic seasonal change in the last 24 hours, and yes, chilly might not be strong enough to describe tomorrow morning, certain in comparison to where we have been, and the big headline tonight is that we have our first frost advisories issued for this area. that includes most areas west of interstate 95 including western montgomery, western howard, all of loudoun county, fauquier, culpeper and points west afrost advisory mean temperatures may be falling into the mid 30's and that could be cold enough to damage sensitive plants, where you see the freeze warning there that the elkin's area that will put
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45 winchester, it's 46 in culpeper and gaithersburg, dc a 57, manassas down to 49 and so is fredericksburg, on the eastern shore, calm bridge down to 46. obviously, we'll have a cold night. check this out. this is how much the temperatures changed in 24 hours. anywhere from 16 degrees colder to 27 degrees colder in the last 24 hours. very dramatic indeed. >> overnight, likely heading for mid 30's and places like winchester, martinsberg, hagerstown may be colder, frederick 37, gaithersburg 47, dc about 46, what should the kids expect at the bus stop? hood dewarning in effect and maybe hood deisn't enough. after school 58 to 65. the feel of real october without the humidity enjoy it because we have a warming trend on the seven-day forecast. more
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later. tony and shawn back to you. a former virginia youth soft coach being held without bond tonight. accused of sexual assaulting young children. >> she's charged with dozens of child sex crimes in orange county. lindsey watts has the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: kathy was arrested recently but according to court documents, the crimes she's accused of date back to the 90's, she was a softball coach here at orange county high school and according to police, she coached several softball teams around the region in the 1980s to the early 2000s. virginia state police say their investigation into this began last year when a woman came forward alleging sexual abuse by rothgeb during the time she was a coach. rothgeb was indicted on 34 counts of abuse, we've been going through the court filings and we'll warn you these charges are disturbing. forceable sod dome, s
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penetration, indecent liabilities with children, crueltity to children and aggravated sexual battery. the dates participant 1990s. from the documents, we know the accusers are both females and at least one was under 13 when the alleged abuse began. rothgeb now lives in substantial virginia, north of where we are. but she used to live in orange. in the 90's rothgeb lived next door with her son. the nightmare said she was friendly well regarded in the community and could not believe these accusations. rothgeb is now being held without bond, she's going to be in court later this week. virginia state police are continuing this investigation. they have a number that you can call if you have any information. it's one eight eight eight-3 zero zero, 0156. tax reform is up next on president trump's agenda, we'll take a closer look what he expects from congress >> the big pu
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announce the four locations in dc's bid to lure amazon to the east coast. we'll tell you where they are and why they were selected. in the midst of you all the devastation of the california wildfires, a story of hope will share an unexpected reunion after the break.
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ralph northam: i'm ralph northam, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad. narrator: ed gillespie wants to end a woman's right to choose. ed gillespie would put the government in charge of a woman's personal decisions, not women and their doctors. as governor, ed gillespie says, i would like to see abortion be banned. if ed gillespie would like to see abortion banned, i would like to see i would like to see i would like to see that ed gillespie never becomes governor.
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if you've been a dupont circle recently you know there's a rat problem there, it's been well documented. there's video to prove it. this isn't going to come as a surprise. orkin ranked dc number five on its list of rattiest cities, that's down two spots from last year. chicago and new york took at the top two spots. the company ranked cities by the number of rodent treatment it performed from last october to this september. orkin said fall is the start of rodent season and as the weather gets colder rats and mice look for food water and she would to survive. baltimore ranked eighth on the list. the district is
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to become the home of amazon's second headquarters. the mayor bowser tweeted the locations included in the district's bid to attract the retail giant's they are, the anacostia river front, capitol hill east, shaw howard university and noma union station, all four locations can provide amazon with the greatest opportunity to create a world class headquarters that supports the company's need for decades of growth. the headquarters will employ up to 50,000 workers in up to 8 million square feet of office space. the deadline to submit the proposal is this thursday. tax reform is the next big thing on president trump's agenda. during an improperty too press conference he said he's optimistic that congress will get it done, first the house and senate need to pass a budget. president is confident that will happen too. >> we have been working together long and hard, we think we're in good shape for the budget. we
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good shape with, again, the largest tax cuts ever passed in this country. it's going to spur business. you look at other countries what they've done and healthcare >> the president addressed several other issues including the border wall. he pleaded with hillary clinton to run for president again. >> a major showdown in a courtroom in maryland threatens to up end president trump's latest travel ban, this afternoon a federal judge heard arguments in three separate challenges to the tramp latest version on what opponents call a muslim ban. latest version is due to take effect wednesday. after two previous versions challenged in court, the trump administration had the department of homeland security draft a recommendation to insure the ban could not be interpreted as a religious ban. the lawsuit filed today asked the judge to issue a restraining order to make sure the ban does not go into effect on wednesday. >> turning on the
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about. the values of welcoming each and every person from all over the world. welcoming them to come and build the dream and to build a life. that's how we all came here. >> the new ban involves eight countries they are chad, iran, libia, somalia, syria, yemen, north korea and venezuela. government lawyers argued if this was a religious ban on muslims, it never we don't have included countries like north korea and venezuela because they're clearly not muslim majority countries. maryland attorney general brian frost today joined a collusion of 15 attorneys general in filing a brief opposing the trump administration's plans to ban open military service by transgender individuals. the brief filed today in dc district court argues that banning transgender individuals serving in the military is unconstitutional, against the interest of national defense, and heavily to the
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community at large. maryland joins 13 other states and the district in that lawsuit. to california and latest on those raging wildfires. tens of thousands of people returned to their homes to assess the damage. at least 17 large fires are still burning in northern california. two of the three most destructive were more than half contained. the fires have killed at least 40 people and destroyed nearly 5700 buildings. forecasts say temperatures will remain hot and dry in some of the hardest hit areas, much needed rain is expected thursday we've certainly seen the devastation caused by those wildfires in northern california. tonight, a story of hope. a day and a half after flames forced the weaver family to evacuate their santa rosa home, two brothers returned to search for the remains of the family dog and then this happened. >> is he is here. >> can you imagine? such a wonderful feeling >> the family dog expected the
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came running towards them. >> it was one of the greatest moments of my life. it was elation, we came walking around the corner, didn't expect to see her, we were there to video the house for my parents and see what we could find and praying that she might be there, and she came bounding out, and it was relationship tears, happiness >> the family took is he to the vet, she's doing just fine, her thick coat likely protected her from the flames intense heat. >> that's wonderful. >> it is. >> look at that. >> my goodness. >> iz zy is coming out like where have you guys been? you missed a big fire. the iconic capitol wheel at national harbor brightens up the skies's to mark breast cancer awareness month >> how one family is beyond a reasonable doubt is being forced to get into the halloween spirit. tomorrow morning on fox 5 the new steps that montgomery county leaders are taking to combat violent
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plus, doctor mike is examining the impact of marriage on your health. a live interview with ron livingston about his new tv series, starts at 4:25 in the morning.
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. if you spend a little time at national harbor, you may notice the iconic capitol wheel is lit up in pink to help mark national breast cancer awareness month, since the wheel debuted, it's been all sorts of colors sometimes to mark a special occasion. halloween is a couple weeks away, one family in utah is being spooked not by ghosts or goblins but by people who keep calling their house. just got a new phone and lately he's been getting a lot of calls, not for him. the callers are trying to reach a
10:25 pm
dozens of miles away. they discovered know what's number is the same one listed as the haunted house >> we got sometimes 20 plus phone calls in day now. and as halloween is approach, it's getting more and more. >> whoa. here's the scary part, the mcfarland's have tried receiptedly to reach the house but without luck, it's become a bit of catch 22, the house does not have a working phone number. they've got the how's phone number. >> it's strange >> as halloween approaches this costume is raising eyebrows, party city is selling its adult wall costume, while it doesn't specify it's about president trump's immigration policy, social media is responding to the idea. of some criticized the costume meanwhile others are taking the idea in strides, some people think the costume isn't about the president's policy at all but instead, a veiled reference to pink floyd's famous album the
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it actually looks more like that than anything else to me, it's kind of like the pink floyd logo of >> kind of looks like michael jackson's the wall too logo >> we're dumb struck. we have nothing else to say. >> hi, jim and sarah. >> hello. >> some people are easily offended too. >> straight ahead at 10:30, the show house of cards may be used as a training tool >> we're learning it basically used the political drama as a u.s. civic lesson. >> one of albert einstein's protections come true. >> he did it again, that man has been amazing and continues to be amazing. hi there, jim and sarah, coming up at 10:30, talking about the big change in our temperature, it's about 15 to 25 degrees
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ld you know what that does, starts to bring on the color of the leaves, cold nights get it all done. they're not much color yet. but give it about ten more days and we should see foliage coming into its own around this area and cool nights get it going for sure. we got one underway with frost advisories north and west. coming up next. fl
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. this is fox 5 local news at 10:30. right now at 10:30, after allegations of misconduct and abuse and lots of funding a prince george's county county is getting its head start program back on track. amid rumors of infighting the president insisting his relationship with congressional republicans is strong. how a cosmic crash in a distant galaxy far away has led to a major scientific break through here on earth, 10:30 starts
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softball coach shined bars tonight. accused of sex crimes against children. lindsey watts with the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: these charges date back to the 1990s. when kathy rothgeb was youth softball coach at can orange county high school, the 57-year-old sexually and physically abused at least two female victims over the course of a decade. one of the accusers only came forward to police last year. launching the investigation, rothgeb was indicted by at grand jury on 34 counts of abuse including forceable sod dome, decent liabilities with children cruelty and aggravated sexual battery. she's being held without bond and will be in court later this week. a grand jury has indicted darwin martinez torres on capitol murder and rape in the death of nabra hassanen, martinez torres is accused of kidnapping and killing her last june. today's indictment is
10:32 pm
crime charges against martinez put torres, he's due back in court on thursday. we're learning more about man charged in connection with an abduction in woodbridge. the 21-year-old is forcing a 16-year-old into his car and driving off. the pair were allegedly involved in an argument at a party over the weekend. witnesses told police the suspect was armed with a knife. the victim was later found unharm and reunited with her family. after the shooting massacre in las vegas, gun control advocates are once again trying to get congress to act. this afternoon, prince george's county police chief hank, maryland attorney general brian frost and maryland senator brian car done attended a round table to talk about reducing gun violence, chief said one way is to get high powered weapons all the streets >> high capacity magazines saw weapons have to be eliminated. they pose a huge threa
10:33 pm
enforcement who are those who will respond to those calls for service and will be on wrong end of that equation once they arrive. opponents say there are enough gun laws on the books and more legislation wouldn't have prevented it. more after a year after losing federal funding for the head start program, prince george's county got much larger gift because of maryland's two u.s. senators, here's bob barnard. >>reporter: these are very competitive funds. we're talking $25 million in federal grants over the next three years. they're not easy to get. for prince george's county public schools, specifically to help recruit, retain and further develop the best and brightest teachers >> if you have motivated dedicated teachers, that is what make a great school. >> reporter: in a school district forced to hire about 1,000 new
10:34 pm
>> the problem of teacher retention particularly in urban school district is not unique for prince george's county. this is a state-wide and national challenge. >> reporter: dr. kevin well is ceo of a school district rocked by allegations of grade fixing to boost graduation rates and a year after the federal government pulled six and a half million after allegations of misconduct and abuse >> this grant is working with adults not working with kids and so there's a pretty significant difference there. but the fact that we have co investigators and presignificant milestones we have to meet, doug anthony is a talented leader in our district and her man james and they're the buns that will be responsible for direction and supervision and monitoring. >> reporter: how will senators chris van holland and ben car done insure those $25 million are
10:35 pm
>> we have a good team in prince george's county and they put together a very good proposal >> it's not a leap of faith, i would call it more an investment. we know that our future depends upon educating our children, the great equalizer. >> reporter: a whole lot of new money heading this way, in green belt maryland, bob barnard, fox 5 local news. mayor muriel bowser kicking off something made shop made in dc, stocked with things made in the district. the goal here pretty simple to encourage people to buy local and support small business. some would call it a moment. prop and senate majority leader mitch mcconnell announced their relationship is strong and the republican party is stronger than ever. the men met for lunch then held an impromptu press conference to dispel media reports that they
10:36 pm
after the senate faileded to pass healthcare reform >> my relationship with this gentleman is outstanding, has been outstanding. we are working very hard to get the tax cuts. we will continue to work hard to get >> mcconnell said tax reform tops the agenda but healthcare still remains a goal. it has to approve a budget bill some say is needed to clear the way for tax reform >> the fbi released documents suggests former director james comey began drafting his july, 2016 statement about hillary clinton's private e-mail server months ahead of time. the document was titled drafts of director comey's july 52016 statement regarding e-mail server investigation, nearly all of them were redacted but they do show the first was sent by comey titled mid year exam unclassified, he was fired with the president citing the clinton investigation is part of that justification. e'
10:37 pm
voters going to the polls in virginia to choose a new governor. depending on your political views, some believe this election will be a referendum on the trump presidency, doug mckelway has more. >> reporter: in a year were coverage of president trump consumed much of the political oxygen, the november 7th virginia governor's off year election between republican ed gillespie and ralph northum has been gasping for attention, that may change as both campaigns pull out heavy hitters, president george w bush attending two gillespie fund-raisers and president obama campaigning for northum thursday, that following weekend appearances by vice president pence. >> i stand with ed gillespie for all virginians >> and former vice president >> the thing that i've admired by ralph and you can feel it, taste it, is the authenticity. >> reporter: unknown is whether president trump will campaign
10:38 pm
>> remember when he tweeted his endorsement, he didn't exactly jump at retweeting. >> it was his opponent that retweeted the attack that northum is fighting for the ms-13 gangs, northum added i been expecting this, he been stepping gingeringly on jump coat tails, generally supporting his policies in campaigning in ruler counts where his base is strong >> those voters seem more agitated than ever and willing to come out for the candidate who appeals to them. >> reporter: president trump's out sized ego is magnified given both candidates are noted for an under stated tone, not reflected in their in your face attack ads. >> ralph northum passed the deciding vote in favor of sanctuary cities that lead illegal immigrants who commit crimes back on the street >> i'm listening carefully to donald trump and i think he's a narcistic maniac. >> reporter: the latest average
10:39 pm
polls shows him with a lead of 6.8 but gillespie is confident that's wrong, in the 2014 senate race, polls showed gillespie well behind but he closed losing by less than half a percentage point. >> it was a deadline to register. if you didn't register, no luck. up next at 10:30, using the hit netflix hard of cards as training tool how russian impressive allegedly used it to learn about american politics >> i'm glad i brought my coat. it is really chilly out there and these chilly nights will continue. we have frost advisories north and west. i would not be surprised if we have another one tomorrow night. tonight's low in the district not frost worthy but 46 degrees tomorrow night about 47. wednesday night, 50. more on our 7-day forecast which also includes a warmup coming up in just a few minutes. ust a few minutes.
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. toyota unveiling a new contempt car that analyzes a driver's facial expressions to predict their move. and even if they're getting sleepy, the vehicle could then shake the driver's seat to make them more alert or adjust the seat to calm them when they're feeling anxious. no anxiety on wall street, the dow hitting another record, 44 points shy of 23,000. the nasdaq and s & p 500 hitting new all time highs, and shares of netflix jumping to their own record. the company saying that it's signed up 5.3 million new subscribers in the latest quarter way more than expected. it appears that rodents are not that shy in china. a new report naming chicago the rattiest city in america based on the number of rodent treatments conducted there. don't ask how they do the survey, that's
10:41 pm
neil cavuto. neil cavuto.
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it's bribe case against new jersey senator bob menendez will move forward, a judge reject add defense motion to throw out the most serious charges against democratic senator, ruling comes days after the judge suggested he could possibly dismiss the case based on a supreme court ruling narrowing the definition of bribe re. after further review, the judge felt the case could go on. menendez is accused of taking bribes from a wealth friend in exchange for influence with government officials. president trump said he will be looking into a report about his nominee for drug cz ar. a new investigation for the "washington post" and 60
10:45 pm
legislation that sided with drug companies which made it tougher for the dea suspected of allowing the flow of prescription narcotics. the law was passed in april, 2016 after the opioid epidemic was well underway. . russian trolls apparently watched the netflix show house of cards to learn about american politics. the reportedly watched the show to help them write messages had he to help influence them. the trolls were required to post about religion, guns and gay rights but could never mention russia or its leader vladimir putin. went to all kinds of lengths. next at 10:30, one of albert einstein's predictions confirmed. how a crash in deep space led they don't a major scientific breakthrough
10:46 pm
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ralph northam: i'm ralph northam and as a doctor, nobody ever asked if i'm a democrat or republican. they just want my help. so if donald trump is helping virginia i'll work with him. but donald trump proposed cutting virginia's school funding, rolling back our clean air and water protections, and taking away health care from thousands of virginians. as a candidate for governor, i sponsored this ad because i've stood up to donald trump on all of it. ed gillespie refuses to stand up to him at all. ♪ ♪ ♪ it feels good to be back. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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clothing company rent the runway is trying to attract more customers with a more budget friendly option, launched a new service called r tr update. the company will provide shoppers with four fashion pieces from more than 200 top brands. it will cost you $89 a month. the other service is a little more price see, rtr unlimited customers can rent for more than 500 brands but that will set you back $159 a month. >> good to know. >> burning questions you had. >> worried all night about it. >> i'll take you on one of my shopping sprees. you can take the girl out of pennsylvania. >> look at this >> i'm a bargain shopper. >> a good deal gets you excited >> rent the runway and so many diff
10:50 pm
it's become a huge industry. >> people swapping clothes. i think we're moving in a good direction. >> there's one for all guys too. >> i guess i haven't been searching >> for the man in your life >> warmer dresses, long sleeves, it's layer time at least about 48 hours we'll be a little bit on the cool side. it is taken us pretty much half this month to get to a place where it actually feels a little bit like october guys. and tonight as we look at the capitol wheel all lit up for breast cancer awareness month, we know it's not that cold at the top of the wheel because it's climate controlled. so you can ride in comfort all the time. i'll tell you what if you're out without jacket you will notice it. it's going to be chilly with a lot of places falling into the 30's north and west of town and 40's for everybody else. each afternoon, we bounce back nicely with 50's and 60's and you know it was pretty breezy today, that's not going to be an issue tomorrow. so that full sunshine eve
10:51 pm
the 50's and 60's will be comfortable. dry and sunny days ahead, i don't have a drop of rain in this forecast at this point. but we do have warmer days coming. mid to late week, really not until about friday we'll see temperatures trying to get back into the mid 70's then eventually upper 70's. tonight it's about the frost. frosty cold for the suburb, frost advisories in effect for many places north and west 95. mid 30's are doable. that could damage sensitive plants, in the mountains we have a freeze warning and that means closer to 32 likely to kill off those sensitive plants. strong frontal boundary came through today, i love the way the clouds kind of reveal the clear skies, the dry air, and that's why we have this setup for frost. also notice this. going by this afternoon, there were actually first flurries in west virginia as the colder air was coming in, that's pretty much average for this time of year, boy this is chilly.
10:52 pm
winchester 45, so is culpeper. we'll be feeling that tomorrow morning, that is for sure, as many places will head for low to mid 30's, valley locations will be cooler. again, no frost advisory for dc or points southeast. don't be surprised if this gets issued again tomorrow, we'll be on the cool side, high temperature tomorrow afternoon head for about 64 degrees. then wednesday near 70. by the time we get to thursday, 73. and on friday, about 74 degrees. but again, with high pressure building in tonight, later wind dry air clear skies great setup for the frosty cold night, the pleasant afternoon because high pressure is right on top of us tomorrow means you don't have to deal with the breeze, we will have the 50's and 60's around and these are the projected high temperatures for tomorrow. average about 68. so most places will be below it. also just wanted to let you know there's a reason tropical weather season lasts until november 30th. this area is being watched. it's a few hundred miles east of
10:53 pm
right now only a 30% risk that it would develop into something we hope it will continue moving away but the next named system would be tropical storm fill leap if this happened. later this week, we begin to see the cooler temperatures push out and a warmup is on tap for us. in fact, upper 70's at the end of our seven-day forecast. check it out right here. we go as you know, from 60's tomorrow to 70 and above before most of the rest of this week, but with full sunshine ahead. it looks like upper 70's on saturday and sunday as well as monday of next week. so still a little bit of warmth left in october. but for now, most people seem happy with the chill that has finally arrived in town. jim and sarah back to you. we're learning about a major breakthrough in science >> a cosmic crash happened in deep space and it confirmed a prediction from albert einstein, scientists say they've been able to detect gravitationnal waves as well as the origin of g
10:54 pm
>> a violent cosmic crash in a distant galaxy leading to a major scientific breakthrough on earth >> this result provides elements such as platinum, gold, uranium are actually produced in these collisions >> by closing observing stars in outer space and watching as the stars crashed into each other in august, scientists have been able to unlock multiple secrets, detected gravitationnal waves, the ripples first readdicted by a albert einstein >> his 1915 theory of general relativity. and mark the beginning of a new field. gravitationnal wave astronomy. >> they did this by working with thousands of as astronomers working on every con intent >> the collision itself
10:55 pm
hot dense and unstable debris that came together to form heavy elements like gold, uranium and platinum. >> this is my great grandfather's gold watch about 100 years old. the gold in this watch was very likely produced in the collision of two new tron stars approximately billions of years ago. scientists expected star collisions at the power to create heavy elements. now after witnessing it, they're certain they know where elements like gold really come from. in new york, rick leventhal, fox news. >> fascinating. fox 5 news at 11:00 next. tonight at 11:00, she spent decades as a youth coach >> investigators say she was preying on young children. so what sparked the investigation that led to her arrest? the disturbing details coming up police say this man attacked a bus driver near the white house only on fox 5 hear from the witness who shot this vi
10:56 pm
in front of his family. those story to say and more tonight at 11:00. tonight at 11:00.
10:57 pm
today we're going to talk about trucks. - right on. which of these truck brands do you think offers best in class hd horsepower, and the most capable off-road midsize pickup? i'd go ram. i would put it on ford. let's find out. noooooooo. chevy. that's right, it's chevy. they look amazing! wow. chevy's killin it. yeah, definitely. trade up to this light duty silverado all star and get a total value of over $11,200. or during truck month, get 0% financing for 72 months on our most popular chevy trucks. find new roads at your local chevy dealer.
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95-year-old norwood thomas can cross this off, the virginia beach native was a much younger man, jump out of airplanes while serving during world war ii. he wanted to experience sky dividing once again, he did a tandem jump. he set up a record he becomes the oldest person ever to sky dive breaking a 93-year-old woman's jump from earlier this month. he had to get tha
11:00 pm
>> i'm saying i have no excuse not to do it now. if he can do it. >> he really wanted. it was on his bucket list. >> good for him. that's cool. >> that is the news tonight at 10:30, i'll see you at 11:30 for the final five. fox news at 11:00 starts now this is fox 5 local news at 11:00 a former virginia coach accused of dozens of child sex crimes. tonight, we're learning disturbing new details about the investigation and who tipped off the police. >> we heard the bus driver starting to yell that that was somebody attacking her >> a man attacked a tour bus driver near the white house tonight here exclusively from a witness who recorded the aftermath. plus, a contractor sentenced after swindling dozens of people. dc's push to land the new amazon headquarters and the city's rat problem. your news starts


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