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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  October 16, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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>> i'm saying i have no excuse not to do it now. if he can do it. >> he really wanted. it was on his bucket list. >> good for him. that's cool. >> that is the news tonight at 10:30, i'll see you at 11:30 for the final five. fox news at 11:00 starts now this is fox 5 local news at 11:00 a former virginia coach accused of dozens of child sex crimes. tonight, we're learning disturbing new details about the investigation and who tipped off the police. >> we heard the bus driver starting to yell that that was somebody attacking her >> a man attacked a tour bus driver near the white house tonight here exclusively from a witness who recorded the aftermath. plus, a contractor sentenced after swindling dozens of people. dc's push to land the new amazon headquarters and the city's rat problem. your news starts
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virginia youth softball coach accused of squalling young children >> charged with dozens of child second crimes in orange county that span decades. lindsey watts has the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: in craig lewd wig's cell phone video, you can hear officer addressing the suspect tyler jackson after being arrested >> we didn't know who was down there what was going on >> ludwig tells us none of the tourist saw the actual attack when the bus stopped here on the norths of the white house, the driver opened the door to get fresh air >> we heard the bus driver starting to yell there was somebody attacking her >> that driver didn't want to go on camera told us jackson began yelling at her to get off the bus while beating her >> the tour guide ran down immediately and said he grabbed the guy. >> reporter: two other trauma nurses who happened to be on
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bus also came running down to help >> there apparently was metro police that happened to be driving by. >> reporter: within minutes dc police arrested jackson on attempting car jacking of a tour bus. he pleaded not guilty in dc superior court, released on his own on a recould go enhance >> friends tells he's a sergeant in the marine corp based out of quantico. the driver said she has no idea what provoked the attack. ludwig tells me that scene was fairly calm as far as the tourists because the authorities were there quickly. they say they didn't have time to worry. because within moments, everyone was there police were there to make sure the situation was calm. live in front of the white house, corey kaufman, fox 5 local news. our apologies, we kind of jumped the gun on that package. we do want to go back to the lead story. the former virginia softball coach who
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sexual assaulting young children >> she's charged with dozens of child sex crimes that spanned decades. lindsey watts will have that coming up in a few seconds. as you can imagine that was certainly a shock for the community when they heard about the allegations against this former virginia youth softball coach accused of sexually abusing a number of different children we have an update on the murder of a northern virginia teenager, a grand jury indicted door written martinez torres in the death of nabra hassanen. martinez torres is accused of kidnapping and killing her last june, the indictment is the first time prosecutors brought sex crime charges guns martinez torres, he's due back in court on thursday. new tonight to your the
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accused of kidnapping a teenager girl over is believed to be in the country illegally. ice arrested him yesterday after police found the teen safe. evan lambert better is live at prince william's county police headquarters with the latest. evan? >> reporter: tony, ice confirmed to us tonight that they did lodge a detainer against robert 0 madron, sagovia. they're asking local law enforcement to hold him so they can take custody of him to begin removal proceedings. i want to show you a muggy shot of that 21-year-old. here it is, robert 0 who is facing kidnapping and gang participation charges. prince william's county police say early sunday he got into a fight with 16-year-old sanahi, cruz had a house party on danville road in woodbridge. witnesses tried breaking it up. according police, sagovipull out a
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saying he was in ms-13. left the party but came back and forced cruise into a car according to police. they, youed an amber alert until police found both the suspect and victim 12 hours later. the girl, cruz, was unarmed. we spoke to neighbors he reportedly took the girl from. one woman said her 14-year-old son was at that put party, she had no idea anyone who was there had gang connections and worries for her son's safety. we went to a northern virginia gang expert to get tips for parents who believe their children are getting involved with gangs. he said parents cannot be afraid to ask for help. >> we understand and emphasize, we see a ton of kids like that. just because they don't want to get involved that doesn't mean there aren't services, a lot of the teen centers show
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early warning signs of gang vo. >> reporter: they say parents can reach out to schools and law enforcement for help and they can be referred to those resources to keep their kids safe. live in woodbridge, evan lambert, fox 5 local news fox 5. a former virginia youth softball coach accused of sexually assaulting young. >> reporter: the crime she's accused of date back to the 90's, she was a softball coach at orange county high school and according to police she coached several softball teams around the region in the 1980s to the early 2000s. virginia state police say their investigation into this began last year, when a woman came forward alleging sexual abuse by rothgeb during the time she was a coach. earlier this month, rothgeb was indicted on 34 counts of
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we've been going through the court filings and we'll warn you, these charges are disturbing. forceable sodomy, i went sexual penetration, is indecent liberties with children, cruelty to children and aggravated sexual battery. from the documents we know the accusers are both females and at least one under 13 when the alleged abuse began. rothgeb lives in stanley virginia north of where we are but used to live in orange, we spoke to her former neighbor, who says in the 90's, rothgeb lived next door with her son, that neighbors said rothgeb was friendly, well regarded in the community, and she could not believe these accusations. rothgeb is now being held without bond, she's going to be in court later this week. virginia state police are continuing this investigation. and they do have a number that you can call if you have any information, it's one eight eight eight,
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a maryland native severely injured during the las vegas massacre has been transferred to johns hopkins hospital in baltimore, tina frost was shot in the eye and had been in a coma. her family says she's making major progress. relative says she's awake and took her first few steps since being shot. meantime, her friends in maryland organized a fund-raiser this weekend to help cover her medical bills. >> let's take it outside tonight. guess what? the temperatures are dropping. changing dramatically, in fact, some parts of the region are under a frost advisory tonight's let's check in with sue palka for a look at what we can expect. >> those temperatures are dropping so fast, i can hear them planking outside. at clinic, alert. it is really chilly. as a matter of fact you need to be ready for quite a chilly start tomorrow morning or maybe even the furnace to click on overnight. not only is it chilly, but it could be frosty in many areas
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advisories first one of the season have been posted for the northern and western suburbs generally west of interstate 95. so that would include western howard, northern and western montgomery, all of loudoun and all of fallier. but it does not include the district, fairfax county, prince william or the southern portion of montgomery county. what you want to do when there's a frost advisory, temperatures could call into the mid 30's and there could be damage to plants. if you haven't brought them in, maybe you want to cover them up or let them go because we may be doing the frosty thing again tomorrow night. it's cold in winchester, 43, culpeper is 44 and gaithersburg down to 46 already. even here in the district, we're at 56. and this is quite a dramatic change in the last 24 hours, look at that culpeper, winchester, you're 29 degrees colder than you were last night at 11:00. here in the district, we're 17 degrees colder. fr
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overnight, look at those 30's, north and west to mid 40's. here in dc. and it's just possible we could be almost as cold tomorrow night. get ready for two of these nights, warmer weather on the seven-day coming up in a few minutes. the district is pushing hard to become home of amazon's second headquarters, mayor muriel bowser tweeted the locations in the bid to attract the giant, anacostia river front area, capitol hill east, area around shaw and howard university and the noma union station area, the headquarters will employ up to 50,000 workers and up to 8 million square feet of office space, the deadline to submit the proposal is thursday. virginia and maryland are also offering possible locations. we've got a developing story coming up next. find out what may be to blame for a giant oil rig explosion. plus, people hired him to improve their homes but instead, he was con
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their cash. >> they're common around city, how bad is dc's rat problem? where an extermination company ranks the nation's capitol. of >> coming up on the find five, the president is ready to pass tax reform but congress might not be able to stick to the timeline, what does this mean for you? catch the final five tonight at 11:30.
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. here's a quick look at some other stories. the search continues for a missing man after an oil rig exploded near new orleans, the blast was heard and felt several miles away. at least seven people hurt three critically fire is out. investigators say there's no signs of pollution in the water. the cause remains investigation, cleaning chemicals are a possibility. tens of thousands of people returning to their holes as the threat from the california wildfires begins to taper off. at least 17 large fires are still burning across northern california. two of the at least most destructive more than half contained. the fires have already killed at least 40 people and destroyed nearly 5700 buildings. army sergeant
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guilty for leaving his post in afghanistan. he was charged back in 2009. the taliban captured him and held him captive nearly five years, he was released in a controversial exchanges for five guantanamo detain knees he's facing life in prison. now, he'll spend the next ten years in federal prison. michael rose bar was convicted in june of destroying several homes he worked on and swindling more than 40 people out of more than $1 million. these are just some of the photos of his so-called work. at least two oh of the homes over a ten be year period were condemned and in other homes, prosecutors say the work was done poorly north done at all. >> i gave him money an exceptionally, a large amount of money, a large amount of money and he just walked off with it and left my house condemned. >> one
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retired pharmacist he swindled her out of more than a half million, she had to return to work in order to make ends meet. prosecutors say rose bar stole money from the welfare system while stealing from his clients. experts advise you to do your homework before hiring a contractor. in an unprecedented move, the producers guild voted to institute termination on for harvey weinstein on grounds of disciplinary action, this comes two days after the academy of motion picture, arts and scientists revoked his membership. the move, of course, comes after dozens of women accused weinstein of sexual abuse and harm. melissa millan know started a hash tag with the words me too, she wants women to share their story, for thousands of women have responded so far. take a look at some responses that people are tweeting out tonight. #me too
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a have to say the same. >> also here's another one, the past will not define me. another me too because even though it's been 11 years since the last incident with my first abuser, it still haunts me. far too often and often in spaces if you can't speak yet, that's ok, we will shout loud and clear for you. the #is me too that women around the world are using. tonight is, it is already pretty chilly out there. and it's going to get downright cold >> i think people will be surprised tomorrow morning. it's almost one of these, whoa, it is one thing to see it another to feel it and we haven't had to feel this in all of the month of october. >> i feel one of these talks in the morning, sue palka says you need to wear a coat >> i think jacket might come in very handy. also wanted
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are thrilled to see the capitol wheel has gone pink. hello october. that's another thing we love about october. breast cancer awareness month. and we see lots of people acknowledging that and wearing their pink in the capitol wheel look terrific in pink. down you agree? as shawn mentioned you can still ride the wheel because they're climate controlled. i forgot about that. get out there and enjoy. you know what else? not only is it finally chilly here, days are getting shorter the sun going down so early. total daylight hours, sunrise will be 7:19 tomorrow, 6:26 on tuesday, we're getting closer to falling back to standard time. these chilly fall nights are getting longer, sun going down earlier and while investigative a frost advisory tonight with a temperature of 46 for the district, not in the frost advisory suburbs will head for the 30's and i think we do it again tomorrow night. don't be surprised if another frost advisory gets issued for the northern and western suburbs tomorrow
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probably be back in the 30's in the suburb tomorrow night. wednesday night about 50. maybe we escape the frosty conditions that night. what we had most of the day, gusty breezes out of the north, while wind are a lot lighter in a few spots we're picking up sustained winds to 12. as the winds get lighter it's easier for the temperature to continue to drop and that's why we're going to go see mid 30's if not low 30's in couple of spots. tomorrow morning for the kids at the bus stop, at chilly start. 37 to 47 full sunshine, no breeze. after school, that will feel great, 58 to 65 degrees. so finally, our first below average day in quite some day for this week, it will feel like fall, 64 tomorrow, 70 wednesday, thursday, 73 and friday 74. after that, we're back in the upper 70's. i wanted to show you the futurecast. for the next two days look how much of the country is free of rain, a little bit of rain as we look down towards florida. badly
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the pacific northwest that she don't should begin to affect california and help out with the wildfire situation, but few of us will be seeing rain for us, i don't think there's any on the seven-day forecast's we certainly do have our cool temperatures though. 30's and 40's will be with us overnight as high pressure continues to settle in and park on top of our area bringing us a comfortable afternoon after that chilly start and temperatures heading back to the 50's and 60's. planner, 8:00 a.m. temperature in the district, 47. by noon, 61, and by 5:00, 63 degrees. looks like it will be quite a glorious tuesday, follow closely by wednesday, thursday and friday, all of these days dry, yes, we could use more rain, it's not in the cards this time. but a warmup is, and that gets going around here for the weekend with upper 70's and 50's at night. 77 saturday, 78 on sunday, and monday about 77 with once again no rain on the seven-day forecast. but at least two seasons in
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week. that's your seven-day forecast. tony over to you. >> thank you. if you been in dupont circle lately, this won't come as a surprise, the extermination company orkin ranked dc five on its list of rattiest cities. now, believe it or not, that's actually down two spots from last year. chicago and new york took the up to two spots. the company ranked cities by the number of rodent treatments it performed from last october this sent. orkin said fall is the start of rat season as the weather gets colder, rats and mice look for food, water and she would, baltimore ranked eighth on the list >> you see all those rats running around, when we were doing that story once and sarah simmons was there in dupont and they were just running around on live tv. it was disgusting. let's get this under control. coming up next, the halloween decoration featuring a big movie character >> tomorrow on good day dc, the new sps
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halloween is becoming increasingly allergy friendly look for the teal colorado pumpkins. houses participating in the teal pumpkin project are promising to provide allergy friendly treats on halloween. teal is the color for food allergy awareness. the project is in its fourth year of letting trick treaters with allergies know which households they can safely visit >> take a look. a homeowner in utah built a giant version of king kong in front of his house, it's quite an attract by day
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believe it or not, the homeowner says, kong was built on a budget >> we probably spent like $90, i think on the whole thing so far which is mostly just fabric for his body. actually his chest is a trash bag, i take a lot of wood that i have mostly gotten from spring clean-up piles because it's free. >> creative. the homeowner tries to build a brand new attraction every year, he's created a dray gone, skeleton, and a pirate ship >> some people spend hundred and thousands on that stuff. >> that's it for us >> jim lokay is up next with the final five >> have a good night.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪. let's go another week of the final five, i'm jim and the president is ready to pass tax reform but congress may not be able to stick to it. repeal and replace never happened but according to president trump, obama is dead, nominees are accused of signing drug companies, north korea is not happy about it. last minute legal challenge as the president's latest travel ban is set to take effect. let's start talking tax reform. they keep pointing to kneel gorsuch is a big one but policy wise nothing big, president wants his tax plan passed by the end of the year, the window is act is closing quickly under 30 days left on the legislative calendar >> i believe that we have a very good chance and i think mitch feels the


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