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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  October 17, 2017 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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osstrek. >> an alleged gang member behind bars after accuses of kidnapping a girl. and they are look too sew if he was in the country illegally. >> new heat for the white house. during a surprise press conversation the surprise comments about calling family members of fallen have some calling him a liar. >> also ahead a "fox5" exclusive d.c. tour bus driver beaten it front of the white house and right in front of bus load of tour its. more if a man that captured suspect arrest on video. >> and if you just wake up this morning how about this. first live look outside on this tuesday morning october 17. >> beautiful tart to day. let get a quing start on weather and traffic. chilly mike. >> rj gous sunrise there. chilly outside. 0s and 40s to starts the day here in blentsty of sunshine.
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temperatures up to 60s later this afternoon. with no rain in sight. erin. >> well, right now we have traffic backingp on 295 northbound beltway to 11 street bridge. no surprise there. also overturned tractor-trailer blocking off ramp south of mixing goal adds you get to 95 southbound and off ramp 644 shut down and crane out there trying to turn it up right. breaking news from look at sky fox. metro is on time. steve and allison. >> new this morning prince george county police are looking for this man. 45-year-old david white. police put out alert for him overnight. now, white was last seen the morning of october 6 in the 1200 block of nally road in landover. he is described as 5' 10", 200 pounds. if you have seen him you're asked to all police. >> new this morning a person dead after what has been a standoff in montgomery county. happened home far covt lane gaithersburg police got a call 10:40 for welfare check at home and brought
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officers back to get inside the home. neighbors said they heard a gun shot. waiting on details from po police. >> new developments this morning in murder of northern virginia teenagar grand jury indicted day darwin martinez torres on capitol murder in rain charges in death of nabra hassanen. martinez torres is accused of kidnapping and killing 17-year-old last june. this new indictment has sext crime charms against martinez torres. he's expected back in court on thursday. >> well this morning we're police say the man claims to be a member of notorious ms-13 gang. >> and believed to number in this country illegally. live in woodbridge with the latest. melanie. >> immigration and customs enforcement officials confirmd to "fox5" they lodged immigration detainer against the suspect. that means that he could
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case here is all wrapped up. it started saturday night into early sunday morning. it involved this one 21-year-old roberto antoni medrano-segovia and 16-year-old sinahi aguilar-cruz. they went to a house party together in woodbridge. they got into an argument that turned physical. then he had a knife and claimed to be ms-1. he returned to house late were others slashing tires enforcing the girl into his car. that set off area wide amber alert sunday morning. the two were located sunday afternoon at another house in woodbridge. police say both initially gave false identification. the girl was unharmed and reunited with her family. egg meg faces charges of abduction, gang participation, construction of property and providing false name to law enforcement. there are gang intervention resources
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resources for teens if families and teens want them. >> we understand and empathize with parents what they're going through and see 'top of kids like that in juvenile courts throughout northern virginia and again i would say just because they're involved doesn't mean there aren't services out tlvrmingts i know wherein jurisdictions teen centers run programs for kids who are beginning to show those early warning signs of gang involvement. >> and they also tell us that any kid who wants help can also go to their school. school counselor or school resource officer to try to access resources. the suspect is being held here in prince william county without bond. live in woodbridge i'm melanie alnwick, "fox5 local news". >> shocking allegations this morning involving former virginia youth shot of ball coach. 57-year-old kathy rothgab is behind bars. she was softball coach.
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two female players under the aim of 15 during the 1990s. she's expectsed in court on thursday. >> happening today federal raw officials nroob announce a major mile stone of the fights against fentanyl and other opiate drugs. leaders from u.s. immigration and customs will join in a press conference detailing law enforcement actions in the deadly opiate is crisis. president trump man's to declare the crisis a national emergency next week. >> surge for the oil rig worker who disappeared during sunday nights massive blast on hugh lieu oil platform has been suspended. the explosion injured at least 7 people three are still in critical condition and the cause of the explosion is still under investigation. >> crews in california timely getting upper hand on deadly wildfires. several were burning more than a week now. mopping the dozens of deaths a firefighter whose truck rolled over in nap avalley monday. officials say he was transporting watt to fire crews. still 10
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and as evacuees come home they hopscotch through neighbors, mraingtsing some and leaving others untouchd like right there. all right. michael thomas good morning. >> good morning to you guys as well. >> happy tuesday. >> happy tuesday. >> you have a little chill fall chill. >> okay. >> it will get better. >> it's time. >> it is time. >> it is time. >> we got -- >> we're at one with the season change. >> we are coming into our own here. >> mid october feel out there today for sure. 37 gaithersburg and 35 now in mannasas and cold spot 37 dulles and here in d.c. 47. 44 quanitco and fredericksburg and cambridge 45 this hour this is about 16 colder than this time yesterday. 22 colder than gaithersburg and dulles and 24 in mannasas and 22 cooler in westminster. again much cooler than yesterday
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jacket weather for sure out there this morning. satellite and radar showing crystal clear skies. beautiful sunrise a couple minutes ago and skies will be sunny, bright, warms things up. upper 50s to low to mid 60s around the region today. lots of sunshine. you have any outdoor act activities today maybe soccer practice in or soccer season right? soccer practice, football practice, any practice at all. >> practice. >> you're good. >> practice, practice. >> all right. >> thanks, mike. >> okay. >> morning, erin. >> good morning. 7:07 we're still tracking overturned tractor-trailer crash. sky fox is over the scene. this is at the mixing bowl where 395 turns into 95 southbound an off ramp to 644 old keen mill road blocked completely. you can see all that activity. i can continue southbound and take franconia springfield parkway or use beltway. we have several crew members out there working with crane to get that overturned tractor-traile
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way. we'll let you know when the scene is clear. and off ramp 644 blocked. let's switch it for a look at cameras. you can see traffic on 95 moving fine despite the big scene. as we take a look in maryland now up in nydia hanover. route 100 westbound crash blocking right lane and shoulder. because of that speeds are 7 mile an hour average between 97 on 100 westbound and 295 bw parkway. look at all that backed up traffic from the camera waiting patiently to get on bw parkway. give yourself extra time there you may want to avoid 100 if possible and take 2 westbound the yellow zone there bailout traffic as well. once you get to bottom side of beltway traffic looking good. 95 northbound through dale city 0 minute trip date city to beltway and prince william parkway you can see the volume once you cross the mixing bowl 395 northbound from beltway to 14 street bridge 22 minute trip and gw parkway backing up spout run parkway inbound
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and also 66. it's a 48 minute trip to get from 24 sutly road to belt we. earlier crash cleared and then as you make the way to 270 crash cleared 28 and trachbling is still heavy by west montgomery avenue right now 30 minute delay beltway college park things backing up as well on topside of beltway and friendly reminder for you this is fun. caps taking on maple leaves capitol one arena. watch for metro and secondarys through the district. met row on time right now. back to you guys. >> white house defending president after surprise in free wheeling press conference at the white house yesterday. >> it was a question about fallen service members creating new heat for the administration. and "fox5" bob barnard is live at the white house this morning with what the president said and why people are now up in arms. bob, good morning. >> hey allison and steve. good morning to you. yes the president was asked why he had not yet reached out to families of four u.s. soldiers killed earlier this month.
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the process of doing that and had written letter and they were going to be sent out. but while he was psing the question he also took a swipe at his predecessors. >> nobody knew what to expect when president trump walked to the rose garden for a hastily called news conference. with still stunned reporters rushing over. >> thank you very much. >> what followed was 40 minute exchange with reporters initially to try to lay to rest reports of friction between president and senate majority leader mitch mc con sglel my relationship with this gentleman is outstanding, has been outstanding. >> the president and mc connell touched on topics ranging from tax rel form to judicial nominations to drug policy. and but it was one question about u.s. troops killed in niger almost two weeks ago that generated perhaps most surprising response about the president calling families of fallen service members. >> so the traditional of
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presidents most of them did not make calls a lot of them did not make calls. i like to call when it's appropriate and when i think i'm able to do it. they have made the ultimate sacrifice. >> that drew a swift response from former obama staffers. one of whom former deputy chief of staff explicatives followed by to say president obama or past presidents didn't call the family members of soldier killed in action he's de ranged animal. the response from press secretary sarah huckabee sanders the president was not criticizing predecessors but stating a fact. >> also lighting up with people critical of the president and defending kormer commanders in chief one a woman who says her brother was killed in after began stan or iraq and during the bush presidency and president bush stood there and she screamed at him and he hugged her while she sobbed. guys. >> bob barn
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bob at the white house this morning. meantime arizona senator john mccain calls out nationalism and celebrates democracy while ak senting liberty medal award hon owe ors his contributions. it's given to men avenue women of courage and conviction that strive to secure the messings of liberty to people around the globe and mccain's acceptance speech he appeared to take a dig of president trump's foreign policy. >> to fear the world we have organized and led three-quarters of a century, to abone ban done the ideals we advance around the globe, to refuse the obligations of international leadership and our duty to remain the last best hope of early for the sake of some half-baked sphereious nationalism cooked up by people who would rather finds escape goats than solve problems [ applause ]. >> served country as a war hero. >> arizona republican appeared to
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nationalists in speech saying we live in hand of ideals not blood and soil. blood and soil was phrase presidential chaed by torch wielding in charlottesville. >> finding common ground on kneeling during the national anthem. >> and mana tacked tour bus driver from the white house hear exclusively from a witness that recorded aftermath.
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>> roadways still trying to clean it up. and springfield and 95 southbound and
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southbound and and cooler morning to go here and coldest one of week. so to speak. each day will get pro progressively better. and 80s. >> humidity in place. >> some good news. >> it was nice. >> and west of chicago 50. and wavrmer than thus morning. rare for october. there on the other side of this area in high pressure is is thing on top of us. they are getting return flow out of south. eventually this area of high pressure again is coming right over us this morning and scotting off to east. and then they will help return southern
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and this is the first we seen you in effect for the north and wet. that should expire here shortly coldest time pier vd day now through. satellite and radar showing careers skies in d.c. all the way back to the west. dealing with quiet weather paten here and tropics active and not really. tropical waive he south vl per mud a. cold front that came through yesterday rip ago part yesterday. >> after school 58 to 65 should be a pleasant in the washington. and 64 for call preponderanceer later today. and plenty of sunshine. tonight is another chilly night temperatures back in the upper 0s and more 40s than 0s overnight tonight and 7 day forecast swi
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you missed 70s you get them back tomorrow and we kind of keep getting a couple degrees warmer each day through saturday and sunday. and by sunday afternoon we would start watching for cloud cover again and next monday chance of showers. >> okay. >> pretty good week actually. >> not bad at all. >> thanks, mike. >> good morning, erin. >> 7:18 want to start off with incredible video from mixing bowl. 35 turns to 95 southbound. look at overturned tractor-trailer completely blocking off rampp an they have the crane out there they're working to get that crane out. there. >> ep as mu of over to cameras they were noyment packing traffic ob 95 and quite a scene on off ramp there. look at nasty
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ramp to river road and par partially blocking right lane and slow down on upper loop past that point and outer loop dealing with rubber neck delay as well and dealing with you earlier crash this cleared 100 beb and bw parkway and however we still have very big delays. actually look at camera. that five will jump up. things looking good in hanover now that the crash cleared. outer loop however out by coalsville road that's where the camera is. red zone from 95 over to to 270 spur. all metro rail lines are on time. back to you guys. >> heads up the next time you ply out of bwi marshall airport new security rules for carry on items phased in and that means all electronic devices including cell phones, readers, ipads have to be put in bin now. part of nationwide effort to beef up airport security big warn
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public wifi until a major security flaw is fixed. almost every of wifi enabled device use it's bug known as krack this vulnerability not only lous hacker to steal information and spreads malicious software and google and apping work on patch. >> nation largest survey to document skeernsz of transgender people showing results to transcommunity in the district. survey taken in 2010 and broken down state by state. among findings in district more than 40% of transgender people in d.c. reported bad experience from healthcare providers. more than half say they avoid public bathrooms to avoid conflict and more that 60 mrs say they feel uncomfortable going to police for help. >> 7:20 let's get to "fox5" sdlusive now
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tour bus driver it happened on sunday night right in front of the white house. and a man came running up from across the street and on to the bus. and "fox5" korey cover spoke exclusively with a witness that shot the video. >> in craig ludwig cellphone video you hear them addressing the suspect. and who was down there and what was going on. >> ludwig tells us none of the tourists on the bus saw the actual attack and everyone was on the top level taking pictures and when the bus stopped in front of north side of white house the driver opened the door to get fresh air. >> we heard the bus driver starting to yell that there was somebody attacking her. >> that driver that didn't want to go on camera told us jackson began yelling at her to get off the bus while beating her. >> tour guide ran down immediately and said he grabbed the guy. >> two other trauma nurses who happened to be on the bus came running down to help. >> there apparently was
7:22 am
police that happened to be driving by right when it happened. >> within minutes d.c. police arrested jackson on attempted carjacking of tour bus and he pleaded not guilty in d.c. superior court and was released on own recognizance. big bus the tour company says they're thankful authorities responded so quickly. >> well the driver by the way was okay taken to the hospital and treated for bruises. >> a major bush for violence in montgomery county to end. >> and a closer look at what is rolled out today to combat gang violence. we'll be right
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ralph northam: i'm ralph northam and as a doctor, nobody ever asked if i'm a democrat or republican. they just want my help. so if donald trump is helping virginia i'll work with him. but donald trump proposed cutting virginia's school funding, rolling back our clean air and water protections, and taking away health care from thousands of virginians. as a candidate for governor, i sponsored this ad because i've stood up to donald trump on all of it. ed gillespie refuses to stand up to him at all. what are we missing here, ne
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>> the nfl players association will meet with league today to discuss players protesting national anthem. there's not expected to be a vote to change lel league policy but there's growing pressure. last week commissioner roger goodell cents a letter to owners tell them to order players to keep political protest off the field and some team owners are on board with requiring players. and west virginia is going viral for powerful rendition of national anthem. >> he bested it out before head
7:26 am
here's a little bit. >> were so galantly st streaming♪ ♪ and rockets red glare♪ ♪ the bombs bursting in air♪ ♪ >> there he s trying to see which person was doing the singing. that is a fellow coal miner showed him sharing his pipes and post today it has more than 10,000 shares. ♪ >> 7:26 a check on forecast. michael thomas. >> incredible voice there. >> all right. guys dealing with cooler temperatures this morning. feels like fall out there. 47 in washington. we have a lot of suburbs northerly wind bringing in cool air out of north and west. it's okay eliminate out there. high pressure dominating weather pattern which means calm conditions and bright, beautiful sunshine. stun currently rising as we speak. today planet features lots of sunshine. cool temperatures for this
7:27 am
average highs 68. we'll be about 6, 64, 57 by 11:00 and 5:00, 61. again just pleasant fall afternoon. breezes will be light. erin airport is back with traffic. >>. >> and getting worst of it for eastbound commute.
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vo: john adams' prescription for health care would be a disaster for virginia families. adams supports letting insurance companies deny coverage for pre-existing conditions. seniors would be charged thousands more. 685,000 virginians would lose their health care. and adams is against medicaid expansion - denying coverage to thousands of veterans, children and the disabled. john adams: higher costs, less coverage, hurting virginians. mark: i'm mark herring, candidate for attorney general, and i sponsored this ad. ♪ beautiful. of course in my mind it's like here comes the sun, right.
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>> perfect star filter on the sun. >> gorgeous. 7:29 on tuesday morning. 46 degrees out there. a little chilly. but the sun is certainly bright. have a good day, everybody. let's check our headlines right now. ♪ top stories at 7:30. virginia man accused of using a spray paint can as a flame to throw at the white supremacist rally in charlottesville two months ago is due in court to today. he is 23-year-old corey long. he was arrested last week for assault, battery and disorderly conduct. now long's involvement in the violent rally was captured in this photo that went viral. future of the weinstein company remains uncertain. according to reports the company is in talks to be sold. the firm said to be leading those in negotiations real estate invest many firm colon kneecap tal headed by billionaire tom barrack close friend of president donald trump. meanwhile the producers guild of america has gun termination proceedings for harvey weinstein on disciplinary grounds. >> steve? >> gang violence
7:31 am
dmv continues to spread, and many of the headlines connected to it are down right shocking. >> all surveillance video from that day shows four hispanic men holding knives chasing the two victims through the mall parking lot. you can see a suspect in a gray sweatshirt swing a large knife and establish one of the vic victims. investigators say it was medina who spot thed the two men at the mall wearing red and assumed they were members of a rifle gang. >> montgomery county has jumped from less than one gang related homicide to 18 in the last two years. a spike that's hard to ignore yet prosecutors say their hands are tied when it comes to conconvicting gang members thans to complicated criteria. >> those stories coming out of montgomery county over the past year. today a step forward to try to combat what's happening in the communities and in the schools. joining us this morning from police headquarters in gaithersburg police chief tom manger and montgomery county states attorney john mccarthy. good morning to both of you, gentlemen. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> chief, i want to start with you. you
7:32 am
place. so how does this change assist that, how does it help restructure things basically what does it do to help your department? >> we've expanded our unit a little bit. i mean we've expanded the analytic capabilities we've got folks doing more gang analysis. it's going to increase our ability to work regionally as well. and we really split it in two ways. one we're going to have, um, part of the unit go after gang reader ship and more coordinated effort, and then we also are going to have gang detectives in each one of our police districts. one of the good things about this is that we really only have gang violence in certain areas of the county. it's not a county wide problem. so if we can put folks in germantown and gaithersburg, we can put folks in silver spring and wheaton that's real wrl we ne
7:33 am
that's where we're sign these gang detectives to work. >> john let me you bring you into this. something uni have talked about numerous time in the past when it comes to combating gangs and you've been asking for the power to i'll bore wrote words from the chief there to try to attack the gang leadership. will this help in those efforts at all to try to cut things off at the top? >> i think the answer is yes. i think the only logical way to go after the leadership -- go after gangs is to go after the leadership. look, we've seen this happen at federal levels before there was an eight person indictment only recently some of those cases coming out of the federal indictment three weeks ago. our cases we investigated right here in montgomery county. three homi homicides. but in any instance i think only makes logical sense not to go after some young kid just recruited in the gang but find out how who is calling the shots in these particular areas and target them for removal from the community. >> what is i'll put t
7:34 am
question to either one of hugh chooses to answer. what is the involvement when it comes to the partnership witness schools? how might that benefit things now dealing with the schools and how the schools will be involved with the police department and other vest gathers? >> you know, our focus is and has always been prevention. where we really made our invest many over the years in montgomery county is trying to prevent kids from joining gangs in the first place. we've also put a lot of focus on, you know, young kids that are -- begin to get gang involved. we have folks that can intervene in their lives and hopefully get them out of the gang life. so focus partnership witness schools is strong as ever. the one place where a lot of these kids we know we can find them and we know we can help them is in the schools and so working with, um, counselors at schools, working with the partnership between our school resource officers and the administrave
7:35 am
educate these kids, to show them that there are alternatives to unhealthy choices that some of these kids are making. getting gang involved and so that work will be as strong as ever. >> chief, just to -- >> i think the -- john, hang on one second. a quick follow up for the chief, john, i'll let you finish out. chief, the question when it comes to the schools you talk about is the young people in the community and we've heard from some parents who say, i don't even know my kid in gang. i find out when the too late. first of all, chief, are the number of kids in gangs in montgomery county, is that number growing and second of all, how young are some of the youngest gang members that you are aware of? >> well, we're start to go see kids at 12 and 13 years old, um n are beginning to become gang involved but we really -- i mean we don't want to write those kids off. at that age i think that -- kids that age can sometimes make unhealthy choices and if we can catch them early i think we have the opportunity to steer them in the right
7:36 am
that's -- we're putting a lot of focus on that. i know this morning we're talking about some of the suppression efforts and adding police officers, gang detectives and enhanced prosecutions, but really our focus will always remain trying to prevent these kids from joining gangs in the first place. >> i think the reason that we are actually having the presentation today where we're signing the mlu, this is a balanced approach to addressing gangs on multiple levels. i agree 100 purse with tom. i think we've always been in union any son in terms of how we think this thing should be addressed, and again, we've been work wig our school people. superintendent of schools is going to be there. this is part of an on-going conversation. we're signing updated mlu involved for many, many years with our public schools trying to engage kids to prevent them from joining gangs but we want to renew our efforts and we're going to be announcing a couple of new strategies specifically between my office and the schools today at our press
7:37 am
>> any details you want to give in advance of the press conference today, john, as we give you the final word what those policies might be? >> well, let me say. we are going outline how we're going to use the money that's been appropriated to us, tom gave you an outline, i have three senior lawyers handling the prosecutions of these major cases. again, i think there are some will gentlemen today things we've not had the resources to mine as close al wes possibly could. social media being used by gang. we've got to definitely into social media, use that investigative tool to find out who is in gangs. i think -- i will tell you i think we shall be using wire taps at the grand you've lobbying the legislature for better legal tools to help us more effectively target the leadership. all of those things i think we can do with that money, and lastly, we'll sign the mlu. tom and i are both cigna tours along with the other local chiefs and the superintendent of schools to signal we are not retreating from our for most dedication towards intervention and prevention from kids
7:38 am
involved in gangs particularly at the middle school level because tom is exactly correct. it's around 12 or 13. if you're going to get in gang high school is too late to intervene weevil got to get to our middle school kids in the targeted area that tom discussed and that's what we're going to do. >> gentlemen, appreciate you joining this morning. states attorney john mccarthy and police chief tom manger. thanks, guys. appreciate and best wishes today. >> thanks. >> combcombating the gang probln montgomery county. >> thank you. let's check in with mike thomas get a check of our forecast. temperatures as we check out our three airports this morning. 47 in washington. bwi39 and lots of locations waking up to temperatures in the 30s. look how quiet it is. not just here in the east coast big picture showing not too much storm activity across the united states for the most part this day, and that means it will be quite week ahead featuring lots of sunshine. here's your two hoy day for forecast. 63 degrees today. plenty of sun. yes, we have the chilly start but it will getet
7:39 am
afternoon. tomorrow even little bit warmer highs in the lower 70s. all right. that's a check of the forecast. over to erin for traffic. >> coming up on 739. we have a metro alert for you. red line silver spring bound red line train off loading at van ness with equipment problem. because of that expect delays to glenmont due to disable train at van ness much as we move things along we also have this incredible picture that you're taking a look at we've been tracking this for several hours. 95 southbound right at the mixing bowl is 395 turns into 95. the off-ramp to 644 old key mill road is block. it's hard to see through the trees. we had better view from skyfox earlier. tractor trailer completely on its side they have a crane out there. they're trying to turn it up right to get it towed looks like this off-ramp will be shut down for the rest of your morning commute. franconia springfield parkway that off ramp is in much better shape. earlier crash blocking the shoulder on the outer loop by colesville cleared. we'll take look at your other roads in virginia, maryland, as we connell. fox5 will be right back.
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and career training, because virginia's families need more results, not more politics. ♪ ♪ stepping into the unknown, it can be difficult to find the way. but with the compassion and strength of a name, and the security of the cross and shield, obstacles... become openings. as we have for more than 75 years, we'll continue to light the way. using our knowledge to create new healthcare solutions giving you the power to shine forward... to whatever awaits tomorrow. carefirst blue cross blue shield. live fearless. facebook is working to build its popularity with younger users. social media giant has purchased the tbh, to be honest. >> i hate --
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>> sometimes when they say -- they'll be like a tbh day on instagram or snap chat. tbh. i never really liked you. any way. >> okay. >> yeah. it's a polling app too. you know. but it's -- okay. teens have been flocking to the app since it launched in august. tbh already has 5 million users who sent more than billion messages and like 900,000 to be honest your hair is ughly. >> i don't like it it's anonymous. >> you should always be honest. why do you have to make a point saying to be honest. >> that an him empty peace, tbh. >> google photos expanding facial recognition to your furry friends. >> the company announcing yesterday the service will be able to recognize and label your pets in photos and automatically organize them into their own folders just like does it for people. >> wow! >> did you ever use the facial recognition. >> i do actually. um-hmm. >> tbh i don't the service will -- >> it pops up sort of
7:44 am
normally on some of the apps like on facebook it will give you little guest. >> you can make movies for them for the pets would be amazing new update can distinguish between differnt breeds. i would hope -- >> the faces. a lot of york keys look a like. >> sesame street foodie. look at cookie gets his own cooking show. cooking monster will have this own cooking segment it's about time tbh. it will feature cookie and his new friend gungier getting calls from kids who want to order a meal from their food truck. they'll help kids learn about healthy eating habits. now wasn't cookie one of the original cast members? >> yeah. >> what's taken -- it's like 50 years. some we've heard of bromances but is that relationship taking the romance with an r away from the women in the bros lives? >> tuesday talkers with fraser next.
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ralph northam: i'm ralph northam, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad. narrator: ed gillespie wants to end a woman's right to choose. ed gillespie would put the government in charge of a woman's personal decisions, not women and their doctors. as governor, ed gillespie says, i would like to see abortion be banned. if ed gillespie would like to see abortion banned, i would like to see i would like to see i would like to see that ed gillespie
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>> it is 7:47 right now. we're looking i was towed good day d.c. what great show on tap today. >> all right. kevin goes one-on-one with actor andrew garfield. we'll talk with actor ron livingston about his new comedy series. >> then several youtube sensations are about to hit a local college campus and we have one of the biggest here with us. t penndel will be in the loft today. >> and we're digging in for national pasta day. olive garden will stop by the kitchen today. never ending pasta
7:48 am
>> loving it. 7:47. hi, mike. >> hey, guys. >> hello much what's your favorite part of fall? >> the pumpkins like pumpkin decorations. not to eat them like the decorations. the fall die core. >> don't eat your decorations. >> well, if they're real you can. >> if they're real you can. >> but the fall decor that's my final answer. >> how about nature's fall decor. >> i like the colors. >> i like the colors. let's do some colors. latest updates from the foliage report showing low color around our region. we're a little behind schedule i guess you can say as far as color goes. do have more moderate color as towards the mountains more typical we've been little warm here witness exception being this morning. typically we see our peak color late october probably early november this year. again just because we've been warm up to this point but now we're seeing some more seasonal temperatures out there. leaves are a changing that's for sure. your tweets thank you so much. alice zen this in aka at lucy fan four. she had first windshield wiper scrape of the year today. temperatures reached 38 degrees. she sai w
7:49 am
yup, you can see frost on the windshield there this morning. if had frost send me a picture, love to see them, love to share them. thank you so much for that. high pressure in control. 30s and 40s to start the day. good news later on this afternoon under sunny -- under sunny and bright conditions. we'll warm it up a little bit. um per 50s to low to mid 60s around the region today. should be very gorgeous looking afternoon. pleasant feeling as well. sunshine had help give you kind of that warm feel even with temperatures little blow seasonal average later on today. 47 in d.c. 47 for gaithersburg. manassas 35 degrees this morning. chilly definitely jacket weather to start the day. but you can see we'll be sunny and bright because nothing going on on satellite/radar maybe a couple high thin clouds passing through think afternoon but that's about it. accu better seven day forecast 63 today. 71 tomorrow. we get the warmer temperatures back the end of the week. 10 degrees below normal with highs in the mid to upper 70s. watch out for our next chance of showers next
7:50 am
a check of the forecast. erin is back with traffic. >> problem on the rails and roads mike. we'll start you off with metro update. red line residual delays improving to glenmont earlier train malfunction at van ness the rest of your metro rail lines on time. hov lanes this is 395 northbound stall in the hov lanes before the 14th street bridge. right lane is blocked. we do have tow truck on location. be careful because the back end that vehicle slightly obstructing the center lane so traffic is kind of going into that left shoulder as well. this is causing a backup on the hov lanes and look at the main lanes. main lanes on 395 northbound it's a 39 minute trip just to get from the beltway to the 14th street bridge. you can see the backup in the hov lanes leading toward that stall. this is out by washington boulevard completely parked traffic just really heavy commute. sun glare as well get an early start if you're heading past the pentagon this morning. 95 southbound a tractor trailer crash we've been tracking all morning long at the mixing bowl in springfield blocking the off-ramp to 644 old keen mill road. use franconia springfield
7:51 am
back to you guys. >> erin thank you very much. time right now is 7:50, and guess what it's time for? tuesday talkers. good friend sarah fraser is here. could night out with your best bro be killing your relationship with your lady? guys? >> did you say with your lady? >> i did. [ laughter ] >> all right. and what do -- excuse me. and what qualities do likeable people not have? >> fofox5 contributor sarah frar is here in the love. >> hi guys in what shall we start with. >> he said your lady. >> i read this story i feel like this is such a small percentage of men. essentially the study says that more guys are hanging out with that are bros with their buddies and that's interfering with their relationship with women the story goes on to basically say 30% of those guys admitted some point they sleep in the same bed as their pros and complain that women nag them too much, that then women held a grudge. >> that part doesn't surprise me. >> why they sleeping in the same part with their bro. >> that part s
7:52 am
friends, yes. >> right. exactly. so i thought that's where the story kind of lot of me. i'm sure you can do that and that's fine and all of that. >> sure. >> i think in general that's not people's -- >> it just goes along with friendship. your friends. the people you choose to be friends with you have an taj many to because you are similarities. i've heard this from guys over the years. guys have said that it's almost like a side from the physical part of it, i relate more to other guys because we have a lot more in common. >> don't you feel like that about women? i feel like women are the same way? you feel like -- >> flag on the play. um-um. because i think and i'm seeing it now from a teenage perspective. >> ooh, okay. >> like it's -- it's hard for whatever reason now for men to start in relationships or to hold on in relationships. i don't know what it is. i don't know if everybody is just more distracted today by all the social media or, upping, whatever. >> what do you mean by that? you mea
7:53 am
taking any initiative. >> they just do not, to, maintain a sustainable relationship it's easier to do something else. so, you know, give me break. it's hike they can't talk to -- they're on the opening up maybe why you can talk to your girlfriend or your wife or whatever versus, you know, i can sit around and talk my guy friend and how really deep do those conversations go. >> a lot of those guys feel they will be judged less by their guy friends on their girlfriend. >> that's insecurity. get over your insecurity good i'm not saying that's right or wrong. if you want to know how guys think that's how guys think. i'm not trying to cricket. if you want to understand them more realize that's the way they are. >> my line of thought you have to be like, look, you can talk to me. i'm not going to judge you. maybe women need to do a gut check, too. that's fine. >> that's fine. >> what i'm saying is, if you are in a heterosexual relationship a man an woman, then men at some point have to let go of all the -- and talk to somebody and open up and be
7:54 am
that's all i'm saying. >> i'm just saying if a guy does that then the woman judges the guy will go right back to his bros and tell them everything. >> the guy is being insecure. >> no, because she said -- >> the woman -- >> it's equal blame. >> we have to work together for a commonality and that's why i'm saying i see it young the end goal, what's the end goal here? maybe you don't want a girlfriend and that's fine. you don't want to work for it is what i'm trying to say. >> i think we right now it's kind of this obviously this funny period where, you know, we are in society. i think nobody learns how to emotionally speak to somebody. >> exactly. like whether it's in a boss/employee relationship or romantic relationship. you know what i'm saying? no one is ever taught how to really -- >> that's let's talk about how to make people likeable. >> i thought you wanted to have emotional chat. okay. [ laughter ] >> so this list is great put out here the things likeable people never do. and i don't have these in particular order. so you can jump in with your list, steve. they
7:55 am
they don't interrupt. they don't, um, place blame on other people they sort of take blame and ownership on themselves. >> don't live in the past. >> they don't live in the past. they don't clinic. >> don't preach and war the other ones. >> i love they don't try to impress. >> yes. >> i also feel like -- >> that can be everything from -- >> people are always trying to -- >> the car you watch and the watch you wear want you say you've done with your life. don't brag on yourself. just be yourself. >> do you know people in your life that pose, n really live by these? the list is terrific. check it out. >> i think it's definitely something to set your goals by. >> it really is. it's tough to achieve all of those. >> not to live in the past. >> it's tough to achieve all them but you can start with some of them if you see something on the list that you know that do you say, okay, i'll real that one back in a little bit and maybe not talk about myself so much. >> no whining, don't let fear hold you back. i really like that one. >> go for it. >> traits of people that might ma
7:56 am
likeable. >> absolutely. i love those. >> all right. >> and don't judge. >> i'm in the judging, steve. just to be clear -- >> i understand what you're saying. >> you made yourself perfectly clear. >> what i'm trying to say i'm seeing it young people don't want to work for anything and he they don't have the commitment stay and work it out. she doesn't listen or -- when you're not really opening up any way. >> a lot at that age you don't want that commit many. you're doing it because you feel like you shall. >> guess what do you what happened when you're that age? i'm telling the young ladies out there, if you can't get somebody to talk to you about your feelings. >> right. >> don't hop to another phase that is more mature. that's what i'm saying. >> because you're right. when you good aetna your 20s and 30s you do want the commitment you need to know how to be with that person. >> i blame all this. i blame no more phone calls like you have to learn to talk. >> you have to talk. >> hi, mike. good morning. >> good morning. waiting patiently. good points. that's a quality. waiting patiently. all right. nice day out there.
7:57 am
very quiet here. nice dip in the jet stream bringing us cool air today. it takes a jog back north starting tomorrow afternoon and it will bring 70s back into the forecast. wednesday, thursday, friday, even through the weekend. temperatures going to be rather warm for this time of year. again average high should be in the mid to upper 60s. we'll do mid to upper 70s by the end of the week. all right. that's weather. erin is back with traffic. >> 7:57 right now. and we're going to start you off with metro delays on the red line earlier malfunction at van ness. stall this is on the hov lanes 395 northbound before the 14th street bridge right lane blocked. tow truck on location. causing big delays in the hov lanes and just heavy traffic in the main lanes. look at that. park in the hov and main lanes, 46 minute trip just to get from the beltway to the bridge. keep it to fox5 news morning. we're going to be right back, guys. ♪ ♪♪
7:58 am
7:59 am
that's good. lica misses you. i'm over it though. (laughter) that's fine. i miss her more than you anyway. ♪ ♪ ♪ hey, my window is closing. yeah that's okay. alright miles. i love you. (phone hangs up) ♪ ♪ ♪ yeah i love you too. ♪ ♪ ♪ we salute those o
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your biggest fan, it's ok. we understand. there's a little klutz in all of us. that's why we made clorox splash-less bleach... ...splashless. shine on, klutzes. shine on. ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. good morning. thanks so much for joining us. >> it is 8:00 a.m. on this tuesday morning, october 17th, 2017. here's what's on the fox5 news morning menu. first up all new overnight investigation underway after a brief standoff in montgomery county ends with one person d dead. growing questions this morning as investigators work to figure out if an alleged gang member accused of kidnapping a teenaged girl was in this country illegally. taking no chances. florida's goverr
8:01 am
county ahead of a speech by white nationalist leader richard spencer at the university of florida. live look outside right now. really bright, pretty day out there though it is chilly. still stuck in the 40s on this tuesday morning. we'll have weather and traffic for you on the 5's. first at 8:00, though, and new this morning, a brief barricade overnight ends with one person dead. montgomery county police tell fox5 that they were called to home on far croft lane in gaithersburg around midnight. family members wanted police to do a welfare check on man at the home. officers including members of the swat team got on that scene. they say they heard a gunshot before going inside that home where they found the man dead. no one else was hurt. >> also happening today virginia man accused of using a spray paint can as a flame 34 at the white supremacist rally in charlottesville two months ago is due in court. 23-year-old corey long was arrested last week for assault, battery and disorderly conduct.
8:02 am
rally was captured in this photo that went viral. he is schedule to go before a judge in charlottesville at 10am this morning. also, learning new details about the woman killed at that white supremacy rally. chief medical examiner in richmond ruled thirty four-year-old heather hires cause of death blunt force injury. a car crashed into a crowd of pedestrian striking her. florida is preparing for protests at the university every florida as it hosts white nationalist leader richard spencer spoke to speak at the schools campus in gainsville florida. the governor declared a state of emergency in that county. he's preparing for possible violent protests and count protests. spencer has history of violent protprotesting at some of the ps he's gone to in the past including charlottesville. developing news in the murder of a northern virginia teenager. news back home a grand jury has dined darwin march
8:03 am
torres on capitol murder and rape charges in the death of nab bra hassanen. he's accused of kidnapping and killing the 17-year-old last june much it is the first time prosecutors brought sex crime charges against martinez torres. he's expected in court on thursday. >> this morning we're following the story avenue man charged in connection with an abduction in woodbridge. police say that man claims to be a member of the notorious ms13 gang. >> he is also believed to be in the united states illegally. fox5's melanie alnwick is live in woodbridge with the latest. mel. >> reporter: steve and allison immigration and customs enforcement confirmed to fox5 it has lodged a detainer against the suspect and usually that's a pretty good indication that they do believe that a person is in the country illegal. the it also means they would be subject to deportation if found guilty of a crime. now saturday night into sunday morning when this all happened. police say 21-year-old roberto an tony
8:04 am
party in woodbridge together. the twoseater said to be acquaintances got into an argument which turned physical. witnesses separated them told pohehad a knife and claimed to e ms13. left the house then returned with others slashing tires and forcing the girl into his car. that set off an area wide amber alert sunday morning. the two were located sunday afternoon at another hours. police say both initially gave false identification. the girl was unharmed and reunited with her family. police say there are gang intervention resources if families and teens want them. >> we work with kids to try to put themselves in a position where they can distance themselves from gang activity. there's no doubt that a lot of onus is on the individual and they've got to be dedicated to that the services that exist not only in fairfax but throughout northern virginia if kids are serious about wanting to distance themselves we will provide an avenue and we'll provide the help they need
8:05 am
>> reporter: roberto faces charges of abduction, gang participation, destruction of property and providing a false name to law enforce. we're still trying to determine through immigrations and customs enforcement if this is the first contact that they had with the suspect or whether they had any prior contacts or any prior immigration orders against him. still no information on that just yet of course if we get it we'll be sure to bring it to you. for now he's being held without bond here in prince william county. live in woodbridge, melanie alnwick, fox5 local news. >> mel, with the jacket on this morning. mike thomas it's chilly out there. >> absolute. cool this morning since may. that's how -- >> early may. >> really. >> yeah. fall feel is back. definitely chilly this morning. but this afternoon feeling a little bit better. even if it's cooler feeling day the bright rays of sunshine will help warm you up. 14 degrees cooler this hour than yesterday here in washington. 20 for gaithersburg. 20 degrees cooler at dulles. 22 degrees calmer i
8:06 am
this hour. temperatures still in the 30s in some of the suburbs. gaithersburg 37 degrees. they've been there all morning. 37 at manassas as well. 38 at dulles. here in d.c. bubbled between 47, 48 degrees. it's 50 in annapolis. 41 in baltimore. satellite/radar super quiet and we may see cloud or two across our path today. that will be about it generally speaking bright blue skies to today, tomorrow and thursday and friday it looks absolutely gorgeous and quiet this week. plenty of sunshine today. pleasantly cool. 63 degrees your daytime high very pleasant fall. >> sunshine should make it feel nice. >> absolute. feel perfect. >> very nice fall day. >> thanks mike. >> you need to eat a lot of pasta erin, later. >> all the carbs in the world are coming to my belly. okay it rue we're excited for national pasta day. red line delays to glenmont earl earlier malfunction at van ness. 395 earlier stall in hov lanes have cleared. however, we're still seeing backups main and hov lanes on the way to the 14th street bridge. take look at these drive times. this
8:07 am
boulevard. 43 minute ride from the beltway all the way up to the 14th street bridge heavy traffic across the bridge. key bridge jams rosland in georgetown. tweets from d.c. police traffic. look at the red zone 295 northbound there's some debris reported in the road near exit one navy research ladder in the middle of the road. use caution and avoid that lane. now we're seeing red line bottom side of the beltway through oxon hill. inner loop jams branch avenue to the wilson. take look at that overturned tractor trailer it's been shut down for hours the off ramp to 644 old keen mill road from 95 southbound. this is right in springfield right in the mixing bowl area. use caution you can take franconia springfield exit to get around that one. outer loop remains heavy in college park. 36 minute trip from 95 over to gentleman georgia avenue by colesville road very sluggish out in southern maryland 301 crash after cedarville road. a crash on braddock road just before the beltway. that's your traffic, guys. thanks, erin. federal law officials plan to announce
8:08 am
today in the fight against fentanyl and other opioids. leaders from u.s. immigration and customs enforcement ice will join leaders from the us department of justice in a press conference later this morning. they plan to detail new law enforcement actions in the deadly opioid crisis. meanwhile, president trump plans to declare a crisis a national emergency next week. >> there is new action today in one local county's efforts to fight gang violence. montgomery county rolls out its first dedicated gang unit in the police department this afternoon. they are adding six positions to the existing gang unit. the unit will also share information with local prosecutors in montgomery county public schools. earlier this morning we talk with police chief tom manger and attorney john mccarthy about working with school officials. >> the one place where a lot of these kids -- we know we can find them and we can help them is in the schools and so working with, um, counselors at schools, working with the partnership between our school
8:09 am
officers and the administrative staff at each school we're hopeful again to educate these kids, to show them that there are alternatives to unhealthy choices that some of these kids are making, getting gang involved and so that work will be as strong as ever. >> chief manger says they're start to go see kids as young as 12 years old involved with gangs so the focus is on prevention. hopefully to steer kids in the right direction ain't way from gang activity in middle school. ♪ well the threat continues. some saying nuclear war could break out any minute. that warning coming from north korea's deputy ambassador to the united nations. he told un committee on monday his country has been subjected to quote an extreme and direct nuclear threat from the united states. the deputy ambassador also warned that all of the north american mainland is within their firing range. the president has ruled out talks with
8:10 am
tillerson said a few days ago diplomacy will continue quote until the first bomb drops. vice-president mike pence did his part to assure japanese representatives that the united states is ready and able to stand up to north korea. >> the united states of america will continue to bring the full range of american power to bear on the regime in pyongyang as we hope achieve through diplomatic and economic means a peaceable solution. >> all this comes as the u.s. and south korea begin joint military exercises off the korean peninsula involving fighter jets and war ships. still to come this morning new heat for the white house. the president's comments about calling the family members of the fallen under scrutiny. >> a day of fall fun takes a terrifying turn when a bounce house goes airborne with several children inside. 8:10. ♪ ♪♪
8:11 am
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♪ mike, bring us good news right now. >> yes. >> little chilly outside we'll -- >> warm up fact. >> warm our hearts. >> aww. >> time for fox5 first five photo of the day. check out this young man. >> what's up christopher. >> this is christopher. today is a very exciting day, because -- >> okay. >> christopher's fifth birthday. >> awesome. yay ! >> happy birthday. >> happy birthday, mr. handsome. >> looking good at five.
8:14 am
he tunes into fox5 every single morning with his mom and dad while getting ready for school. >> awesome. >> he might be watching right now? >> i will tell was. my favorite day at school when i was growing up was my birthday you got to bring in cupcakes and share them with the class. >> that's right. it's a win/win. >> happy birthday cutie pie. have a super day. have a great day. >> keep that smile forever. that's great smile. >> yes, it is. >> hope you have a wonderful fifth birthday, christopher. can't wait for number six. to send us yours child's picture go to fox5 facebook page and post your picture below the birthday boy boy's. >> you know what else is cool about being five, put your whole hand out, i'm five. >> fabulous. >> happy happy birthday. all right. christopher, you headed outside today take the jacket this morning. 48 degrees in washington. many suburb waking up to temperatures in the 30s. 35 at pittsburgh. 35 west virginia. chicago at 50 that's a little bit of a milder air mass that will be heading our way as we head into the latter half of this week. so a little bit warmer
8:15 am
up, say, by tomorrow afternoon. satellite/radar very quiet. we'll have lots of sunshine. in fact i'll run future cast all the way through here. see if you can count the number of clouds there come across dc. just absolutely quiet weather pattern here just nothing going on all the way through the end of the week and even into the weekend it looks like we keep the quiet weather around. 63 degrees. no shortage of sunshine. beautiful afternoon. tonight will be chilly once again. not as cold as this morning but still colder in its own right. 47 in washington. 49 in manassas. 37 at culpeper. again another chilly evening coming up. up to 71 tomorrow. 73 on thursday. more sunshine 75 on friday. we'll keep the sun rolling right into the weeknd with temperatures getting back mid to upper 70s. >> quick birthday shout out my mother-in-law miss jackie has a birthday. evening they watch in takoma park. hello, see you later. >> big day to celebrate today. >> okay. happy birthday. >> beautiful birthday. >> great day. >> right now
8:16 am
red line delays to glenmont earlier problem in van ness good news is all of our rail lines on time. forwarding things along to look at parked traffic in the main and hov lanes on 395. even though a stall cleared out of the hov lanes, main lanes are seeing about 45 minute delay from the beltway to the 14th street bridge. as we move things on, 295 northbound problems debris out by exit run. ladder blocking one of the middle lanes. use caution. delays from the beltway up to the 11th street bridge and southbound side just as slow. inner loop jams from branch avenue to across the wilson bridge. and then look at this overturned tractor trailer it's been out there for hours. closing the ram from that southbound knife to 644 old keen mill road that's right in the mixing bowl area. 395 turns into 95 south of the beltway. continue south and take franconia springfield parkway to get around that. outer loop delays linger from college park to the 270 spur. we have a 270 southbound delay it will take you 48 minutes to get from 121 to the beltway. that's your traffic. back to you allison and
8:17 am
>> ♪ other presidents did not call. they'd write letters and some presidents didn't do anything. but i like -- i like the combination of -- i like when i can the combination of a call and also a letter. >> comments started in media controversy after the president made them yesterday in surprise press conference. the president saying his predecessors did not call the families of fallen soldiers which led representatives of every other recent administration to say that's not true. >> comment creating some new heat for the administration. fox5's bob barnard live at the white house this morning with how people responded. bob, good morning. >> reporter: hey, allison and steve, good morning to you. you get the sense the president was just kind of adlibbing his answer but his press secretary sarah huckabee sanders says he wasn't criticizing his predecessors, he was stating a fact. as you mentioned that's touch off a fire storm especially on social media and we can show you some of the reactions. first of
8:18 am
obama's attorney general eric holder. d.c. resident he tweeted this. stop the dam lying you're the president i went to dover air force base with 44, president obama, and saw him comfort the families of both the fallen military and dea and he attached this photo nighttime photo on the tarmac there at dover. you see the president obama one side and eric holder on the other with members of the military greeting the fallen as they were brought back to the united states through the delaware air force base. someone who was less diplomatic was president obama's former deputy chief of staff, she wrote, that's a blanking lie. to say president obama or past presidents didn't call the family members of soldiers killed in action. he's a dee ranged animal referring to president trump. well, o'malley took to twitter and wrote this to president trump. when my brother was killed, president bush listened while i
8:19 am
as i sobbed. that has been retweeted a number of times in the past 12 hours or so. and then this from general martin democracy. he was a former chairman of the joint chiefs of staff under president obama. he wrote, potus 43 and 44 bush and obama and first ladies cared deeply worked tirelessly for the serving, the fallen and their families. not politics, sacred trust. just some of the reaction from this latest thing that president trump said during a news conference when he later said well that's just what i've been told. so at one point guys he's saying that the past presidents didn't make calls, didn't write letters, didn't visit the families, when he was pressed on it he said that's what i've been told. that's the latest guys. >> here's where it gets confusing f the press secretary responds it says he's stating a fact. which is the fact that he's stating the fact other presidents didn't do this or the fact that he wrote letters or called and/or
8:20 am
from night engineer who died? which is the fact she's stating here he referred to? >> reporter: well, i'm not sure if she was saying it's a fact that he's been told this or that he's done this. what president trump said the initial question was, why haven't you reached out to the families of those four green beret's killed in night engineer on objection fourth and he said well i'm in the process of doing that. he said he wrote some letters over the weekend over this past weekend and that they were going to be sent out, that they hadn't yet been and that he may call as well. so that's where this all sta started. the president being criticized for not either speaking publicly or directly himself reaching out to those families of the four soldiers killed in africa. >> all right. it goes on. bob, thank you very much. the nfl players association will meet witness league today to discuss players protesting the national anthem. not expected to be a vote to change league policy, though, but there is growing pressure on team owners. last week the commissioner of the nfl rog
8:21 am
letter to team owners telling them to order players to keep political protests off the field. some team owners are apparently on board with requiring players to stand. the league has been under pressure of course since the president went public with his criticism of the protests. frightening moments at a farm in upstate new york. six kids and two adults were inside an inflatable bounce house it when suddenly lifted off the ground. the strong winds dragged that bounce house nearly 50 feet striking and dragging a 76-year-old woman. that woman was taken to the hospital for non-life threatening injuries. none of the people inside was hurt. that's isn't scary business. we always seem to report -- >> seems like every year. halloween two weeks away and that means costume contro controversies. we'll share you the latest kids outfit to be pulled from store shelves. >> a big phone number forces them to get into the spooky spirit. we'll talk about it. it's 8:21. 's 8:21.
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
costume company under fire after offering a ann frank out for young girls. featured on halloween cos it described frank as world war ii hero. we can always learn from the struggles of history. a tweet by one customer spark dozens of complaints.
8:25 am
costume and apologized saying it quote not only sells costumes for halloween but for school projects and plays. >> okay. halloween haunting for family in utah. the mc far lands say they are being spooked by people who keep calling their house. the family just got a new phone number and they say they've gotten hundreds of calls from people trying to reach asylum 49. haunted house i should say that is more than 30 its 30 miles away. >> we got sometimes 20 plus phone calls in day now and as halloween is approaching it's getting more and more and more. >> the family looked online then found their phone number listed on the haunted house's website is their phone number. no luck contacting them to get the number fixed. it's my phone number. >> what a pain. >> not halloween spirit you want to be in, mike thomas. >> how can you contact them because maybe i'll call them. you go to the website. >> call from the other
8:26 am
>> clever. >> all right. ask and you shall receive. business viewers in the war. nancy keller in bunker hills i got frost this morning. windshield covered in frost in the mountains of west virginia this morning. so again lots of cold air in place. coolest morning since may. we are going to see some frost and we had frost advisories in effect off to the north and w. here in d.c. no frost. 48 degrees. too warm for it just yet. we'll get there eventually. no hurry to get there i'm sure. winds out of the north and east at 9 miles an hour.r. there. high pressure just dominating the weather pattern here and it will keep things very quiet this afternoon. sun filled day ahead. it will help it feel comfortable even though temperatures will be a couple degrees below normal. 57 degrees by 11:00 o'clock. lots of sunshine by 2:00 o'clock 62 degrees. by 5:00 o'clock 61 degrees. we're heading for a high today of about 63 degrees. again just going to be all around gorgeous fall afternoon much there's no way erin's traffic is better than that weather forecast. erin over to you. >> they've been bad all morning. you are coasting you and
8:27 am
beautiful weather reports. unfortunately if you're taking the red line we have alerts for you. we've been dealing with delays to glenmont because of earlier malfunction at van ness. right now, glenmont bound red line off loading at rhode island avenue. grosvenor red line train off loading the farragut north with a brake problem. next train at metro center. take look at our top monitor because skyfox has made their way back to tractor trailer crash. they've got it up right look at that make something progress. it was completely on its side blocking the off ram from 95 southbound in springfield to 644 old keen mill road. still want to use franconia springfield parkway to get around that. they have lot of debris to clean up. they've been working hard for several hours and they're making progress. that's your look at traffic. keep it to fox5 news morning. we'll be right back with your 8:30 half hour. hour.
8:28 am
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8:30 am
♪ 8:30 now on a tuesday morning. looking nice and bright and sunny out there. though it is chilly. don't be fooled by the sunshine. it's 48 degrees on this tuesday. >> i feel like i should when bruno is playing. >> i do want to have moment. >> you get lost in your element there. >> are we going to make it three for three. >> he's coming back to national harbor. start saving now, my friend. >> my goodness. >> it's an obsession. >> might be. i might need
8:31 am
>> you're to the going take girls this time. >> just me. okay. no more distractions. all new this morning, heads up the neck time you fly out of bwi thurgood marshall airport. new security rules for carry on items are now being phased in. that means all electronic devices bigger than your cell inn you had clog e readers or tablets will have to be put in a bin. the changes are part of a nationwide effort announced in july to beef up airport sec security. 8:31. over the decades the impact of marriage on your hell has been debated many times over. the latest research shows risk factors for heart health are impacted in part by the ups and downs in the quality of marital relationships at least when it comes to the guys. >> joining us with more dr. mike cirigliano. dr. mike, others support the health benefits of marriage. which one is right, does it have to be good marriage? >> makes sense. >> yeah. all of the studies show and my grandfather used to agree with this that if you're in
8:32 am
marriage, you will live a long, healthy life, if it's bad, you will die young. so that was his opinion. the bottom line, though, is, that in this study they found that it was the ups and downs in a relationship that led to decreased health especially in men. so if you're in a cons constantd relationship surprisingly your body kind of gets used to it and you say well i'm in bad relationship. it's not as bad as if you're in a good relationship and it goes through a bad time. so the key is to really keep that work the marriage steve you listening to me work it, man. you got to work it. so that that marriage stays healthy. i'm going write a book some day called hot monogamy and that's what you do to keep it going for a long period of time. like lifetime. >> it makes sense. >> this is a theme a
8:33 am
you've got to commit to it and if it's terrible get out of it but if it's not, make it work. i love it. >> doesn't this also tie in, doc, you hear emotional and physical health tied together so very closely, right? >> you can separate the mind from the body. and let me tell -- i've been married about 16 years. first of all, i'm glad that anyone picked me. all right. that was the first thing. but the bottom line is is that it's better now, i have to say, i don't know why. but i really feel like it's better now because we both put into the relationship. we put energy in and even though i work like a crazy man, we make it work, and so if you do that, i think you'll find that everything and i mean everything in your marriage is great. you don't have to look elsewhere because it's all right there. and it will lower your blood pressure, get your cholesterol down, and
8:34 am
>> win, win, win. >> marriage it's debated like if it's good, is it great for your health and all of that. also debated milk the study shows that milk good for your heart, but dr. mike, there are also studies that say perhaps we shouldn't be drinking cow's m milk. what's the truth here? >> well, this study looked at calcium levels, and basically if your serum your blood calcium level was low, it increased your risk of sudden cardiac death. that's where your heart goes into a bad rhythm and you go down. it's not a heart attack. so the key here is how do you get your calcium up, and the take home message is, we're trying to get people away from calcium supplements. we wanted to get the calcium and the diet. and there are plenty of ways to get calcium in non dairy products. i have nothing against milk
8:35 am
cheese and all of that. but if you're on watching your cholesterol you want to get sources that are healthy for you that are non dairy low fat. and they're out there. there's kale, bock choi, sardines you name it you can fine it. >> i'm hearing kale, bock choi makes me think of salad. i want to end on this note. i was never a big salad person myself. >> i eat salad every day. >> i don't like the heavy dressings i'd go with oil and vinegar some people would say not a good idea. you're saying actually the oil can be beneficiary here? >> you have to. you have to have a little bit of that wonderful olive oil. study found and this is again old news that if you have little bit of oil with your salad and i don't mean a sea of oil with one leaf of salad i mean one or 2 tablespoons on it, you will improve the absorption
8:36 am
find that not only does it taste better, but you will be healthier, and this study proved better absorption with a little bit of oil. i'm a big fan of olive oil. i think olive oil is wonderful. it has antioxidants. good for you. but in moderation. not too much. >> sea of oil with wasn't leaf, mike, that's how i have my bread when i enjoy my bread. you don't need to hear that p part. [ laughter ] >> well, come see me, steve. we'll check it out. >> make sure you're okay. >> over lunch would be fant fantastic. thanks, mike. always great to see you. >> thanks dr. mike. >> love you guys. >> love you. >> right back at you. 8:36. from mike cirigliano to mike thomas. good morning, mike. >> if morning guys. tracking cool temperatures this morning h our first frost advisory kind of the fall season off to the north and west just dropped a couple minutes ago. so we're done with that. but still have the cool temperatures. 48 in washington. 30s remain to the north and west but with all the plentiful sunshine and bright blue skies to start the day
8:37 am
be warming things up this afternoon into the 50s and then eventually into the 60s as well. in fact 63 degrees after very chilly start here. should be very pleasant afternoon. tomorrow you missed the 70s they're coming back. lower 70s tomorrow. and then as we get into, say, thursday and friday, we'll have mid to upper 70s coming back full seven day forecast coming for you in just few more min minutes. all right. that's the latest from the weather department. erin has a latest on the busy morning on the roads. skyfox there over 95 southbound off ramp to 644 old keen mill road closed. this tractor trailer was previously on its side. it's been out there for several hours. they were table to get it up right. you can see the top of it is almost completely gone right now and a lot of the load that that tractor trailer was carrying is off to the shoulder there. they have lot of wood and paper it look like they're working to clean up. it looks like that off-ramp will be shut down for some time. we'll keep up it dad on my twitter at erin fox5 on d.c. take franconia springfield to get i was wasn't that one. let's move over to look at our maps much southbound 2
8:38 am
you can see by father hurley boulevard and the camera it's slow. a lot of backed up traffic. 52 minute trip 121 to the beltway. as we take look right now at the bottom side of the beltway in oxon hill the inner loop from branch avenue over to past 295 jams. 295 northbound slow because of debris there's latter blocking center middle lane there so please use caution. jam on the freeway 695 in both directions. 395 still jams up as you try to cross the 14th street bridge and red line dealing with delays as well by glenmont. allison and steve. >> still ahead this morning forget your morning buzz because experts say your coffee beans could soon be fueling more than just your body. and it's a fall favorite but it turns out pumpkin spiced craze could be eating your wallet. you don't need to us tell that you but we'll explain right after the break. ♪ ♪♪
8:39 am
8:40 am
ralph northam: i'm ralph northam, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad. narrator: ed gillespie wants to end a woman's right to choose. ed gillespie would put the government in charge of a woman's personal decisions, not women and their doctors. as governor, ed gillespie says, i would like to see abortion be banned.
8:41 am
d like to see i would like to see i would like to see that ed gillespie never becomes governor. interesting thought process here. your morning cup of coffee could one day fuel your vehicle. researchers in the uk said they found a way to simplify the process for extracting oil from coffee grounds and they say the entire process is eco friendly and takes less than ten minutes with used coffee grounds. experts believe eventually they can produce nearly 800,000 tons of coffee bio diesel every year. still aways away but it's a thought. pumpkin spice fans, listen up. here's something to scare away your halloween cheer or fall cheer. recent study found that
8:42 am
for pumpkin spiced products. mag if i money look at 200 pumpkin spiced items at star buck, trade joe's and wal*mart they found lattes to cookies generally cost more with the fall flavor. you can also expect to get less. researchers found most of the pumpkin flavored items are sold in smaller packages and perhaps to make matters even worse, a lot of the times consumers are charged more for less product. >> that seems to be the bottom line. >> here's the thing. >> it's a seasonal thing. >> it's a special thing. you pay for it. >> you consider it a luxury. >> right. i'm not mad at it. you know what you're getting. >> all right. well listen, you do know but you never really know exactly what you'll get on good day. you know you'll get something great. it's just it varies from day to day. let's find out what's coming dawn. >> you always get more than what you bargained for. >> there you go. >> that's thing. best value in town. >> our mott tomorrow big talker at the top of good day at 10a and 9a today reaction to the president's comments about calling the families of america's fallen
8:43 am
>> president makes claims about what his predecessors did and do not do and this morning the backlash is growing. >> plus a person in the country illegally once again caught up in a frightening local crime. melanie alnwick breaks down what's next in the case. >> we've got big stars as we calls do on the show today. so let's put up today's good day guest list. >> here we go. kevin goes one-on-one with actor andrew garfield. plus we talk life with actor ron livingston about his new comedy series. >> then several youtube sensations are about to hit a local college campus and we have one of the biggest here with us. t penndel will be in the loft today. >> and we'll be dishing it up and digging in for national pasta day when olive garden stops by our kitchen. >> bottom less, right. >> um-hmm. >> keeps oncoming, wait until you see the young phenom at a local gymnastics center. we'll be there live as he trains for the world championships and our own mike thomas might get a bounce or two in. >> that is worth of the price of admission only on good day d.c. coming up
8:44 am
>> mike just did this look. >> i know. >> what? [ laughter ] >> 8:43. here's what we do know. kevin mccarthy is up next with entertainment news and he's right over there. >> that's right. we have the lead actor from office space and olive garden coming in for good day. i'm going to be watching and i'll be up here eating olive garden pass tan salad. coming up next you won't believe what carrie fisher sent to producer who sexually assaulted one of her friends. reece witherspoon is speaking out about sexually assaulted to at the age of 16. we have the new black panther trailer and it's awesome. stay tuned to fox5 local news for more. for more. ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪
8:45 am
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ant to try all of hood's amazing flavors. don't miss out on delicious. new to your local dairy aisle! 8:47. welcome back everybody. it is beautiful morning out there. >> a little aster rick that says be prepared for a little bit of a chill in the area this mor morning. feeling like fall, mike. >> feeling more like it should for this time of year. we should be doing a couple of these mornings every now and then. don't worry if you can't take the cold we have a warmup coming our waiter later on this week. sunny and gorgeous kind of going to be the headline here. not just today but all through the rest of the work week noon the weekend, too. things look very very quiet. as steve mentioned noticeable fall chill out there. 48 degrees here in washington but gaithersburg, dulles, all are -- manassas, culpeper all of these locations still hanging out in the 3
8:48 am
satellite/radar shows quite and calm conditions you saw the live shot, sun is up. sun shining beautifully there on the potomac river this morning. again we're just not expecting much in the way of cloud cover all the way through the end of the week. high pressure just kind of dominating the weather pattern that brings good clear conditions this time of year also brings us chilly mornings from time to time. we had the 30 and 40s for the next couple of hours things will warm up nicely this afternoon at least pleasantly for this time of year with highs in the upper 50s to the low to mid 60s around the region. it will feel good under the sunshine. latest foliage reports showing leaves are starting to change. low color here. we shall be moderate by this time of year so we're running a little behind. probably early november as opposed to late objection that we see the real good color here in washington. if you want to see some, take weekend trip to the mountains it's looking absolutely gorgeous out there in high color right now. today's high 63 degrees here in washington. 61 for gaithersburg. 59 for leonardtown. 63 manassas, fredericksburg 64 for culpeper. another chilly night
8:49 am
as as this morning was but could still be isolated pockets of frost up in the mountains to the north and west. martinsburg 39. hagues unto 39. 42 for fredericksburg overnight. seven day forecast here. 63 degrees your day tie heim today. 70s come back tomorrow afternoon after another chilly start. plenty of sunshine. just thursday, friday, we're back up into the mid 70s. saturday weekend starts nice may do a few more clouds around the region by sunday afternoon ahead of showers that work their way back natalee john by next monday. that's the latest from the weather department guys. going off to meet this jump nast super star on good day at 10a. >> thanks, mike. >> wear your helmet, mike. >> be careful. >> all right. please. google photos expanding its face facial recognition tool to your furry friend. the company says the new feature can recognize and label your fur babies, your pets, in your photos and automatically organize them into their own folders. google says the new update can ev
8:50 am
suspect we're only talking about perhaps dogs and cats here? >> i guess so. >> yeah. okay. we shall see. >> we shall see. how cool would this be? talk about an office with a view. microsoft jumping on the trend of innovative work space the tech company unveiling this new meeting space 13 feet above the ground. tree house located at microsoft corporate headquarters in washington state. it will let employees enjoy quote the powerful impact of nature on creativity focus and happiness. doesn't loo look like a gorgeous tree line campus for for micro. >> i would just like window. >> you got lots of wip dose right there. >> no windows at all. >> window into nature. kevin gives us a window into the world of movies. >> we appreciate you for it. >> we have a ton to cover today. all i'm going to say wait until you see this blank pan cher trailer coming up at the end of this segment. let's start out on serious
8:51 am
once sent a cow tongue to producer who sexually assaulted one much her best friends. fisher's friend heather ross a very close friend of fisher was doing radio interview recently where she told the story and ross had told fisher she was sexually assault beside producer fisher decided to help. we have tweet from ross about this particular story. ross told the radio host that two week after the incident fisher sent me message online and she said, i just saw blank at sony studios, she didn't name the name and i knew he would probably be there so i went to his office and personally delivered a tiff knee box wrapped with white bow much this is heather ross on her radio show yesterday speaking about this story of carrie fisher and fisher went on to explain to the -- ross women on to explain to the radio host she asked fisher was in the box and she replied it was a cow tongue from jerry's famous deli in westwood with a note that said quote if you ever touch my darling heather or any other
8:52 am
again, the next delivery will be something of yours in a much smaller box. >> hmm. >> carrie fisher, awesome. >> she went straight godfather. >> yeah. >> on him. >> that is awesome. i love that story. >> it is awesome. >> heather ross was telling the story on her radio show yesterday. i just love even though miss fisher has passed away she's little stiffing on. amazing story. read, watch the whole interview if you want to listen to the whole thing. ross was on radio show obviously with the weinstein allegations and coming up latest on harvey weinstein we know that on saturday weinstein was expelled from the motion picture academy. he was the second person ever by the way to be expelled from the motion picture academy. the first was an actress speaking of the godfather in the godfather trilogy named carmine core receipt tee letting people borrow her academy and movie screeners that's why she was -- >> seems like quite the misdemeanor compared to this a and. >> weinstein may be expelled from the producers guild unanimous vote the process of removal haseg
8:53 am
from the producers guild this is systemic and pervasive problem requiring immediate industry wide action. about 18 men and 20 women unanimously voted to have weinstein taken out of the producer's guild, and the actual verdict will happen on nove november 6th. he does have the chance to argue against this. i don't feel that elwyn that case so in my opinion. reece witherspoon coming forward with her own sexual assault story. yesterday she spoke at the he will women in hollywood event. i feel truly disgusted the director who rasuled me when i was 16 years old anger at the agents and the producers who made me feel that silence was a condition of my employment. she also went on to say i wish that i can tell you that was an isolated incident in my career but sadly it wasn't. i've had multiple experiences of harassment and sexual assault i don't know speak about them very often. also reece witherspoon -- jennifer lawrence also had something to say the a this event
8:54 am
pretty -- insane seeing everybody come out also these tweets with the hash tag me too. the library of congress will be hosting very special with christopher nolan coming up november 2. a statement from the library of congress... it will be held at 7:30 p.m. at the coolidge auditorium on the ground floor of the iconic thomas jefferson building 101st street in southeast washington, d.c. i'll tweet out the event details you can get tickets sta startinn friday at 10am. >> are you going to go? >> i'm actually going to be in london for justice league at the time. >> but i know, i know i want to go. >> lifestyles of the rich and famous. >> it's okay, kev. we'll go for you. to london. >> right. we'll go to london. you can go to see christopher nolan. >> i've seen dunkirk five times. the best move vost year. >> i feel like you should stay here. we'll handle london.
8:55 am
watch this. ♪ my son, it is your time. >> me my respect and bow down. >> you get to decide what kind of king you are going to be. dope freeze. >> i never freeze. >> by the way what i love about these trailers ryan kugler directed this movie who did fruit veil station and creed. the music has been amazing. vine staples has a song trai trailer. the first black panther trail her was the run the jewels song. amazing. definitely recommend watching that. and i'm excited about this. >> the movie is not out for while. >> february 9th is the release date for black panther. >> when you come to my
8:56 am
halloween don't be surprised when you see black panther handing out candy. candy. >> i'm doing it. >> is that breaking news. >> yes. >> oh wow. >> i can't wait. i'll there be. >> it's done! [ laughter ] >> chappy boseman will be real happy about that. >> now i got to find one. >> i think we're breaking. bye, guys. ♪ ♪♪ vo: john adams' prescription for health care would be a disaster for virginia families. adams supports letting insurance companies deny coverage for pre-existing conditions. seniors would be charged thousands more. 685,000 virginians would lose their health care. and adams is against medicaid expansion - denying coverage to thousands of veterans, children and the disabled. john adams: higher costs, less coverage, hurting virginians. mark: i'm mark herring, candidate for
8:57 am
>> all right. mike thomas running out. >> bye mike do some work for good day did today. we can handle his part of the heavy lifting. >> yes, we can. >> it's chilly out there. >> and beautiful. >> sunny. how about the roads. >> the track trailer that was overturn turned up right off-ramp 95 southbound 644 but it's still shut down. >> that's southbound, right. >> no injuries reported but there was just a lot of cleanup that they had to take care of. >> most definitely. >> we'll get a check on your forecast right off the top at good day. >> it's national pasta day. stick around. >> eat up.
8:58 am
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♪ straight ahead, a self confessed gang member behind bars accused of abduction ago teenaged girl. police still looking for answers in the kidnapping case including whether the suspect should have even been in the country. we'll have a live report. president trump sparking a new controversy after he explains why he hadn't yet reached out to the family members of four green beret's killed in africa earlier this month. i'm bob barnard at the white house. we'll have the story. take a stand against taking a knee? today the nfl will meet with the players union to talk about the on field protest that


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