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tv   Good Day DC  FOX  October 17, 2017 9:00am-11:00am EDT

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♪ straight ahead, a self confessed gang member behind bars accused of abduction ago teenaged girl. police still looking for answers in the kidnapping case including whether the suspect should have even been in the country. we'll have a live report. president trump sparking a new controversy after he explains why he hadn't yet reached out to the family members of four green beret's killed in africa earlier this month. i'm bob barnard at the white house. we'll have the story. take a stand against taking a knee? today the nfl will meet with the players union to talk about the on field protest that
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controversy around the league. and that could mean big side line charges starting next season. i'm not paying for it. i'm not paying. >> and later, they may call him king james but when it comes to the purse strings, the former nba, mvp might share some traits with someone we know and love right here in the good day loft. we'll have more on the cavalier star's confession coming up. good day at 9a starts now. ♪ i do. >> you don't need a million dollars to be happy. you just need to turn into good day dc. we'll brighten your spirits. >> for free. >> oh, okay. >> won't cost i was thing. >> yeah, okay. >> you like that. >> fiscally conservative joining us here on the couch as he always does. gang is all here and we say good day dc on this tuesday, october 17th. >> ahead this morning the moo too movement adds a
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voice. reece witherspoon now sharing her story of sexual harassment and assault in hollywood. what she revealed emotional speech last night an lot of actresses and actors adding their name to this list. america ferrare talking about assault at nine years old. >> more and more coming forward. >> yeah. all right. right now it's 9:02 and first at 9:00, we want to talk about the weather because we woke up to some of the coldest temperatures so far this fall. and they could get even lower tonight. for details let's bring in gary mcgrady because he joins us live with all the scoop. >> good morning, gary. >> all you you had to do to putt picture back up that it all. that's the forecast for the next several days. thanks, guys, for doing that. i didn't even expect it but it's just so great out this morning. we've been down in the 30s, in the 40s. you see all that blue sky the sun is up. let's check on temperatures now to see just how far we've come up. 50 degrees here in town. a couple of degrees off our low. manassas you're out of the 30s. culpeper out of the 30s, too. 46 degrees now.
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41 degrees. you can look at the temperatures regregionally and it's very very nice up and down the east coast. chilly in new york right now at 45. the same for boston. binghamton, sunshine up there but cold. still sitting at 35 degrees. look, satellite/radar there's no rain around. there's really no weather systems around for that matter that are going to cause us to have any type of awful weather or even bad weather at all for the neck several days. high pressure will be around and it will keep lots of sunshine in here. gradually our temperatures will be warming up over the next few days. you can see that big blue h out to the west of us much that's good place for it, too, because it gives us really nice comfortable weather when that happens. it's going to be pleasant afternoon expect some temperatures to get up into the upper 50s and the low 60s. i think most of us around here will at least make it to 60 and then we'll have numbers getting newspaper the low 60s here in town 63. annapolis 61 perhaps still in the 50s for leonardtown northwestern suburbs
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morning lowering up into the lower 60s here's what it look like through the day today. nothing but wall to wall sunshine. 57 or so at 11am. 62 at 2:00 o'clock and then we cool off a little bit from our high by 5:00 o'clock. 61. we're cold again tonight, guys, it will be another chilly start tomorrow morning. i expect just as many 30s and 40s what we had this morning and we'll continue to gradually warm up a little bit as we progress into next weekend. that's the forecast whether you like it or not. >> all right. thank you gary mcgrady. 9:04 is the time. the big story at 9:00 the white house defending president trump after he made some controversial comments at a surprise press conference yesterday. >> started with question about fallen us service members and the president's response creating new heat for the administration. our bob barnard live at the white house this morning with what he said and why people are now up in arms. quite the controversy, bob. >> reporter: indeed, holly. president was asked why he hadn't yet reached out to the families of four green beret who's were killed in africa
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the president said he was in the process of doing that. had written some letters hadn't sent them yet. and in the process you get the sense he was kind of caught off guard and didn't really have solid answer. he said i'm only doing what former presidents have done. former presidents haven't stalled called these families either and that's what touched off the fire storm. >> nobody knew what to expect when president trump walked to the rose garden for hastily called news conference with still stunned reporters rushing over. >> thank you very much. >> what followed was a 40 minute he can change with reporters initially to try to lay to rest reports of friction between the president and senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. >> my relationship with this gentleman is outstanding, has been outstanding. >> reporter: the president and mcconnell would touch on topics ranging from tax reform to judicial nominations to drug policy. but it was one question about engineer almost two weeks ago that generated perhaps the most surprising response about
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fallen service members. >> so the traditional way of you look at president obama and other presidents most of them didn't make calls arc lot of them didn't make calls. i like to call when it's appropriate. when i think i'm able to do it, they have made the ultimate sacrifice. >> reporter: that drew a swift response from former obama staffs one of whom a former deputy chief of staff tweeted an expletive followed by to say president obama or past presidents didn't call the family members of soldiers killed in action he's a deranged animal. the response from press secretary sarah huckabee sanders the president wasn't criticizing predecessors but stating a fact. >> of course, social media has lit up with many blasting the president for what he said and defending the former commanders in chief for how they handled this delicate sub. guys? >> bob, how did the former administration's handle
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people but do you know directly what they did? >> reporter: well, sure. in some -- if we have this i can show i was tweet from eric holder long time dc resident former attorney general for president obama. he tweet add photograph from the tarmac at dover air force base in delaware and in the picture you see some service members but also president obama and eric holder and saying that we went up there to greet the fallen when they came back to the united states when their remains were returned to the united states. president obama went to dover and not only welcomed the remains back but greeted the families, and there was a tweet from a lady named did he legal ya oh mal who'll says this and it was written to president trump. when my brother was killed, president bush listened while i screamed at him and then held me as i sobbed. so there you know president bush going to walter reed in bethesda and president obama going to dover air force base in delaware and their
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saying, hey, guys, they stepped up and so far they're kind of saying don't lump into what this president has done or hasn't done and again what i think was an adlibbed answer to that question and he later said, you know, i'm only saying what i've been told. that these former presidents didn't really reach out to the family members of those killed in action. >> which creates the biggest problem, bob, when the president says, i'm going off on what i was told but considers that to be a fact without vetting that and then when other people say, no, this is what actually happened, that becomes the non-fact in the president's opinion. >> reporter: i know. he talks about fake news. well i mean whose telling him this? are these intelligence briefers giving this or just someone, you know, just randomly telling the president, oh, your president says source never did that. others told me this what he will really means you wonder. >> it's interesting sarah huckabee would stand up there and say he's stating fact as well.
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>> it's mind boggling. >> we don't know what she was referring to as the fact. if the fact was that the president did write letters to these -- the families of of these four fallen soldiers if that's the fact she's referring to sounds like that's a fact. the fact other presidents never did this, some doesn't sound like a fact. >> are we really arguing about the president greeting the remains of a fallen soldier? how ridiculous is this argument right now? i don't care where you fall on this political argument, what side democrat or republican, what are we really talking about. >> that our empathy so lacked we're date hog did and didn't greet a fallen soldier? it's ridiculous. this is the kind of controversy that's created that distracts from the real facts. i keep saying this. keep your eye on the ball. we have things we need to worry about not this. this is just -- it's maddening. it's so maddening to me. >> the facts are out there. i mean. >> yeah. >> okay. we're going to switch gears maybe a little bit although blood boiling on this one, too. >> holly. >> i'm in the so
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switching gears. >> let's keep this going. >> i think we're going from one controversy to another and talking also again about respect. nfl players association will meet with the league today to discuss players protesting the national anthem. the issue is taking center stage in new york, and the touchy topic sparked protests nationwide. nfl owners and players need to discuss how to handle the anthem protests. they're not expected to be -- there is not expected to be a vote i should say to change league policy today. last week commissioner roger goodell sent a letter telling owners to order their players to keep their political protests off the field. some are apparently on board with requiring players to stand. as for the ratings, week five leadership was down 7% during week six cbs, nbc and fox chose to stay in commercial break during pre-game presentations which includes the anthem. now, hate has been a hot button topic since colin kaepernick began kneeling during the anthem. like we told you yesterday the
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is now suing the nfl over what he says is collusion to keep him off the field because of his political protests. kaepernick's legal success will likely depend on how much evidence he uncovers during the discovery process. fox legal analysts say he has to find an actual agreement that he -- that he was harmed to get anything from the arbitrator. meanwhile many are calling on the green bay packers to pick up kaepernick after they lost their qb this weekend. so my take on this which i think is kind of interesting is, again, it doesn't matter where you stand on the aisle i just wonder how many people are just tired of it. just don't want to talk about it any more. >> here's what's not helping the nfl. making we watch tennessee summers indianapolis on monday night football. used to be highlighted best night of the week. monday night football can't miss matchup. >> i think people are missing that when they talk about the ratings are down they want to tie it into this. nfl has lot of -- >> thursday night games.
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>> donald trump that game thursday night. >> i don't want to see jac jacksonville -- >> some bright green uniforms. the hypocrisy from roger goodell trying to talk about -- i want all ya'll to stand. isn't this a country based on freedom. roger goodell running an organization he's the supreme ruler and punishing people on whatever he feels like. are you kidding me right now? >> i think the nfl is dictatorship. >> clearly. clearly. he thinks -- i don't think he can get away with this i really don't think that he has the ability to pull this stunt where owe now tell them all to stan. i don't think it will work. what are you going to do kick everybody out of the league if they don't stand. >> they never used to broadcast the national anthem. >> i know. >> come to the game after it was over. take commercial break during it. >> maybe they'll just do that. >> go right back to doing that again. >> maybe that will be it. >> you can't say that was a change because of this. that's the way it always was. >> exactly. >> the players used to not have to be out there during the national anthem. >> correct. >> people need to -- p
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situations before they jump top conclusions and make all these crazy judgments about what's going on. they don't know the facts. it hadn't always been where they come out and stand up for the national anthem. it hadn't been that way. >> stop making sense. >> it's crazy. >> give us better games, too. >> yeah, how about that? >> how about we just play football? >> real football. not tennessee versus -- >> you have the right totient off. back here at home following story of a man charged in connection with an abduction it had and in woodbridge, virginia. >> police say the man claims to be a member of the notorious m ms13 gang and believed to be in the country illegally. fox5's melanie alnwick is live in woodbridge now with the latest. mel? >> reporter: good morning, guys. i don't know about you but i definitely was one of those that got that amber alert on sunday morning. many people got that. it was an area wide amber alert. now immigration and customs enforcement officials confirmed to fox5 that it has lodged a detainer against the suspect. that means there's pretty good indication that they believe he's in the country i
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and he could face deportation if he is charged with this crime. after all of the charges here are finish. let's take you to the facts of the case. this all happened sometime saturday night into early sunday morning. 21-year-old robert antonio medrano-segovia and 16-year-old sinahi aguilar-cruz went to house party together in woodbridge. the two said to be acquaintances got into an argument there was a physical altercation other party goers separated them. witnesses told police robert antonio medrano-segovia had nice and claimed to be ms13 he left the house and returned with others slashing tires and forcing the girl into his car. that's what set off the area wide amber alert. the two were located sunday afternoon at another house in woodbridge. police say both initially gave false identification. the girl was unharmed and reunited with her family. now, robert antonio medrano-segovia faces charges of abduction. gang participation, destruction of property and providing a false name to law enforcement. now as you can
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in that area were very concerned about what was going on in that house about possible gang activity. my colleague evan lambert talked to one mom who says her 14-year-old son was at that party, witnessed all the events and she said she was very concerned about how to keep him and other kids away from the influence of gangs. we put that question to a member of the northern virginia gang task force who said there are resources if the families and the teens want them. >> we work with kids to try to put themselves in a position where they can distance themselves from gang activity. there's no doubt a lot of oh onus is on the individual and they've got to be dedicated to. the services that exist not only in fairfax but throughout northern virginia if kids are serious about wanting to distance themselves, we will provide an avenue and we will provide the help they need. >> reporter: and we're told that students can also go and seek help from the counselors at their school if they so wish. still trying to ascertain if and when
9:16 am
country. or was he here illegally as child. we just don't know that point yet trying to figure out all the contacts. we can tell you right now he's being held without bond here in prince william county. live in woodbridge, melanie alnwick, fox5 local news. >> mel, thank you. 9:16 is the time. virginia will elect a new governor in just a few week the two candidates are breaking on the the big guns. we'll have the latest on what could be a close race coming up next. >> later on, is horror saving hollywood just in time for halloween kevin will have a good look why it's been a good year for scares at the box ross. it's 9:16. 9:16.
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>> 9:13. three weeks away from major governor's election in virginia and it's being shaped as referendum on the trump presidency. now with time running out in close race organizers on both sides are bringing in the heavy hitters. >> in a year we're coverage of president trump has consumed much of the political oxygen. >> the fake news i call it. >> november 7th virginia governor's off year election between rnc chair ed gillespie and lieutenant governor ralph north am gasping for attention tension that may change this week as both c
9:20 am
heavy hitters. george w many bush attending two gillespie fundraisers. president obama campaigning on north ham on thursday. that following weekend appearances by vice-president pence. >> i stand for ed gillespie for all virginians. >> the thing i've admired about ralph and you can feel it, you can taste it, is the authenticity. >> unknown yet is whether president trump will campaign for gillespie. >> remember when the president, um, tweeted his endorsement of gillespie, gillespie did not exactly jump at retweeting that. >> to the contrary it was gillespie's opponent retweeted the president's attack. i've been expecting this. donate here. >> old school republican gill messy stepping on trauma's coattails not fully embracing the man but generally supporting his policies. >> those voters see more agitated than ever before and they're willing to come out
9:21 am
the candidate who appeals to them. >> in this race president trump's outside ego is mag any tied given both candidates and known for under stated tone. that tone not reflected in their in your face attack ads. >> ralph nor ham cast the deciding vote in favor of sanctuary these let illegal immigrants who commit crimes back the street. >> i'm listening carefully to donald trump. and i think he's a narcissistic maniac. >> the latest poll shows north ham with a lead of six-point 8%. but gillespie is confident that's wrong. based on his experience. in the 2014 virginia senate race polls showed gillespie well behind incumbent mark war then but he closed in the final days losing by less than half a percentage point. so this right here percentage of error is like 5% in this one, i think it's a close call. so it's not over until it's o over. >> all right. big margin. 9:21. coming up halloween costumes have a bad habit of pushing the boundaries of good taste
9:22 am
every year we talk bow just one. why did someone think that's good idea and put it on store shelf. it's happening again. we'll have the head scratching details a little later. >> let's check in with allison and see what she's working on. hey, al. >> good morning, everybody. mixed news in the fight against those california wildfires. also netflix taking a big risk on original content. what happens when a drive gets road rage in the middle of a high speed race? we've got a check on what else is making had he lines next. ♪ ralph northam: i'm ralph northam and as a doctor, nobody ever asked if i'm a democrat or republican. they just want my help. so if donald trump is helping virginia i'll work with him. but donald trump proposed cutting virginia's school funding, rolling back our clean air and water protections, and taking away health care
9:23 am
as a candidate for governor, i sponsored this ad because i've stood up to donald trump on all of it. ed gillespie refuses to stand up to him at all.
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♪ 9:24 right now. we between get right to. check with allison seen the other stories making headlines on this tuesday. hey, al. >> hey holly. first up the latest on those massive wildfires in northern california. fire crews are finally finally d of some of the flames as some vac weighing orders have been lifted. more than 170,000 residents in wine cull tree were toll they can return home overnight. the fires have been raging for more than a week now leaving more and -- more than 40 people dead and hundreds more unaccounted for. there's developing news from the white house this morning. president donald trump announced that his nominee to head the office of national drug control policy has withdrawn from consideration. we are talking about representative tom marino. a report boy cbs 60 minutes and the washington post revealed that marino back a bill that made it dull for
9:26 am
after big drug companies that pushed the opioid that is have led to the national addiction crisis. today officials in montgomery county are taking steps to fight gang violence. the county will roll out its first dedicated gang unit in the police depth. it is adding six positions to the existing gang unit. the unit will also share information with local prosecutors and montgomery county public schools. well, keep feeding the be beast. net flick says its future lies in exclusive original content. into content next year. the news comes as competitors like apple and amazon also moved to invest in exclusive content. netflix is aiming at releasing 80 knew unless next year. 80 and the company now has more than 109 million subscribers up from 86 million just last year. and finally, competition got a little out of hand for two race car drivers in indiana. so much so a police officer
9:27 am
break up a fistfight. take look for yourself much the to drivers accidentally crash the driver of the black car rams into the orange car. now one of the drivers then gets out and you're seeing it right there. a fistfight breaks out. once again police had to break it up they used a stun gunned to that. the driver arrest received a ticket for disorderly conduct. as far as the driver of the black car, he is charged with criminal recklessness. >> your car on top of mine i got problem with that. >> they got confused, steve, they thought it was demolition derby. >> that's crazy. >> thank you, al. >> he's only 12 years old but he is getting ready to represent the united states in front of the world. in jam 96 nass tick. our mike thomas is going to introduce us to the future gold medalist in training. >> first though fall's first frost. see that three times. gary mcgrady is with a look how the temperatures could get
9:28 am
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nothing's more important than keeping them safe and helping them prosper. as your lieutenant governor, i'll work to grow the economy and invest in schools and career training, because virginia's families need more results, not more politics. >> welcome back. 9:30 is the time. let's turn our attention to baseball and the alcs right now. game three in new york city and the yankees well they knock it out of the park for the home crowd. they crush the houston astros last night. todd fraser and
9:31 am
belted three homeruns. cc sabathia work six scoreless innings giving the yankees an eight to one win. astros control the series with two-one lead. game four is this afternoon in new york city. so they showed up big time last night. i wonder if new york is going to surprise people and come back. it will hard to come back two times in a row. >> exactly. >> that's what they did last time. they win tonight at home it's tied up. >> whole new ballgame. >> nats are out. i don't care. [ laughter ] >> it's tough to watch. >> i'm just like -- >> we're moving on. >> haven't watched any since. >> move on to the next season. >> dodgers are winning too, whatever. dog owners in prince george's county take a look around make sure your furry friend is still in the house because this little guy showed taupe county foyer house this morning in fort washington. station 832, eighty seven 8709 allentown road. if you live in that area and this is your dog or you recognize it as neighbor's dog, the dog right now is at the
9:32 am
firehouse and you are probable until a state of panic right now, but if it's your dog, the dog in good hands with the firefighters. >> pick up your dog and go get some dog tags. >> look at that. right? >> yeah. >> get some dog tags or micro chip unless he runs away again. >> super sweet. super sweet that's what this week' forecast looks like. >> that dogs name is not gary mcgrady just so you know. did you see they put my name tag up. >> oh, i was too bizzy looking at the dog' face. [ laughter ] >> cutie,. >> cutie patutie. >> look like my dog but she doesn't have that long a tail. beautiful week in store for us. the fall temperatures are going to be just great around here. we will get up into the 70s. i think by the weekend we're talking upper 70s and some of you may be close to 80 if this whole thing cooperates on su sunday. okay? today we're 63. tomorrow 71. lower 70s on thursday and then by friday we're up into the middle 70s and it looks like lots of sunshine, too is basically coming our way
9:33 am
next several days as high pressure is in control. we're up to 50 now we started off in the 40s. dulles is still in the 40s. bwi marshall still in the fours too. i did check around the region looks like everyone is out of the 30s now but we did have lot of mid to upper 30s out in the suburbs this morning much that's why that frost advisory was in place i think we'll be right back there again tomorrow morning. buffalo is 44. here in the city of course we're 50 down into wilmington it's 52. nice little wedge of cool air for the northeast. very very fall like. little bit warmer now. it was super cold out in the pacific northwest and the mountain region there but that's warming up just a little bit and high pressure is bringing some warmth up from the gulf of mexico off to the west of us. so here's the setup now. warmer conditions back out to the west. ridge of high pressure building out there. we temporarily have this trough of low pressure which keeps us cool at least the next couple of mornings. we'll be on the cool side. but again as we start getting into the middle, latter part of the week, we will warm up as jet stream starts building up even at the upper levels that will
9:34 am
he real real nice, too. so again, we are trending towards the 70s. not today, though. plenty of sunshine. pleasantly cool out there. 63 for a high temperature. maybe you see a cloud or two. it will be almost perfectly sunny. winds out of the north at only . overnight tonight, another chilly one with temperatures, f you were in the 30s this morning, chances you'll be in the 30s again tomorrow morning. fredericksburg at 40. quantico 42. we'll be down to about 47 degrees here in town. then lots of lower 40s and upper 30s back out to the north and to the northwest. seven day forecast looks like this much it's a good one, too. probably going to be the best week we've had in a long time and the best week we probably have all fall. hopefully not but it probably will be. 63 today. then we gradually warm up that was the middle 70s or so. 77 on saturday. close to 80 on sunday. we will have a few clouds on sunday and right now the way it looks pretty good little frontal system coming our way on monday and that could end
9:35 am
us our next chance of some showers around here but again that's, what, six days away. so enjoy this good stuff while it's here. it always goes so fast when we have great weather like this just like that. it's over and we're dealing with our neck storm. you guys? >> thanks, gary. today we are meeting a champion. we sent our own mike thomas to dynamite gymnastics center in north bethesda maryland to meet tomas ming a young boy who has been selected to represent team usa at the 2,017 worlds competition. which is the highest level of youth elite competition for double mini trampoline the competition will be held in bulgaria in november and to learn a little bit more to you tomas' journey mike joins us live now. now, mike, don't hurt yourself. leave it to the champion. >> yeah, i'm not worthy of his presence right here. guys. his resume writes itself it's incredible. imagine being a state c
9:36 am
and correct me if i'm wrong if i'm wrong on this state champion at the end of. >> yeah. >> regional champion at the age of nine. >> yes. >> a national champion at the age of 11. >> yeah. >> now you're going on the worlds at age 12, almost 13. >> yeah. >> as mentioned guys tis tomas ming he's an extraordinarily athlete. he's represent the united st states. the world games coming up next month. tomas let me ask you this. what got you into gymnastics and specific wal got you into doing double trampoline here? >> so i was like -- high nothing to do so my mom put me in cam and when i was like three years old, and then they thought i was so they put me on like pre-team and then from there, i just did trampoline and stuff. >> so talk about, i mean, i did gymnastics when i was kid. it's tough and tough to be very good. what kind of got you to the next level. what made you what you are today, this elite kind of athlete at the age of only 12. >> i saw people that are better than me
9:37 am
that's really cool. i decided i was like i tried to push myself to be gas as them. >> okay. now i know he's doing the gofundme to be able to fun the trip to bulgaria you can find him look him up on gofundme tow mace ming going to bull yeah fort worlds. you got an instagram. >> tomas and flips t-m-o-m-a-s-. >> you'll show off some flips. >> yeah. >> while he's -- getting yourself set up. he'll show what you might be able to see the to worlds this year. i'll bring in his coach gale walker. hi gale. you've been coaching him for how long now? >> six years. >> okay. as i mentioned before, i mean there's lot of kids out there who do jim nat ticks but only a few reach this level of elite. what sets him apart from the pack so to spec. >> he's in the afraid anything and he works all the time. when he's in here, he's working. he comes five days week. >> five days wee
9:38 am
growing up did a lot of gymnastics and she was a level ten athlete. how many hours because it's hours every day. >> we dorks, tumbling and trampoline isn't quite as stressful as artistic gymn gymnastics. he's coming in three and a half hours five times a week. >> can you do one more. >> yes. in he'll do one more for us. you have the worlds coming up in -- next month. >> in november. >> how do we expect he'll do? >> no idea. haven't seen the competition really exempt for us. i think he'll do well. he doesn't -- he doesn't get stressed about things. >> i think based on what we're seeing right here i think we got gold level athlete right here. what's the future like? can we be talking olympics. >> this is -- well, they don't do the olympic for double mini. they do it for trampoline. so but they only do one for the us for the olympic, so we'll s see. >> he can keep going here locally. >> absolutely.
9:39 am
elite level which is more international competition he can't do that until he's i think 16 or 17. >> wow. >> he's got a lot to go. >> guys he'll mention the competition the the age group he's at 11, 12 was not enough. he's actually competing above his age group that's how good he is. tomas absolutely amazing man. we had popular request before i left today that was i had to try it. i not going to do what tomas is doing because he's a little too elite for me we'll send it back to you with my best impression here. so guys i'll zen it back inside. wish me luck. >> oh, my gosh. i'm praying -- oh, god. >> call 911 already. i'm afraid if he just jumps up he's going to hurt himself. >> you have to do at least a flip. >> pretend like it's a lacrosse goal. >> here we go. >> if this is goes right we can go viral. [ applause ] >> wasn't there to be supposed to be double. >> oh, my gosh. >> yes. no. thumbs up, mike thomas. >> no. >> wisdom, mike, that was terrible. >> mike, that was s
9:40 am
awful. >> mike dork it again. >> one more time, mike. >> do it again. >> do it again, mike. >> he can't hear us. he needs to tell tomas when he brings to bring his hardware in the loft so we can see his gold medal. >> mike did a nose dive. >> here we go. this is going to be the dual of tomas and thomas. >> the whole thing was a trampoline. >> yeah. >> there you go. >> now we know that mike failed. >> oh. >> mike didn't quite nail the finish. >> yeah. so much better. >> exactly. mike doing another one. >> i hope not. >> he might pull something. >> it's all about tomas, guys. follow him on instagram. >> well done, mike gm thank you mike. it will be interesting in they, f you pull up videos of that double trampoline unbelievable. i wonder why it's not in the owe em limb pick. you would think that would be fun event to watch. >> entertaining for sure. maybe it will be and if so i think we know who our favorite is going to be. >> we got a ringer. he hasn't been the best year at the box office unless you're a horror movie. ke
9:41 am
horror hits in 2017. why it really can ring up the money for a studio. the interview with breathe star andrew garr feel. did he stunts with spiderman. >> that's the old spiderman. three spidermans ago. >> he's old. >> two ago or however many. ♪ ♪ ♪ hey, buddy! heard you had a hard day. so, i brought you a snack. i had a bad day too. i forgot my briefcase. it had my laptop- all my papers in it.
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i would like to see abortion be banned. if ed gillespie would like to see abortion banned, i would like to see i would like to see i would like to see that ed gillespie never becomes governor. ♪ i know this isn't going to make any sense but i have already
9:44 am
no new york city, believe me i know it sounds totally crazy. but this is happening to me i swear to god. >> tree, i'm sure it feels like -- >> okay. you made nia cupcake. for my birthday, right? >> clip from happy death day it's new slasher thriller number one movie in the nation right now. latest example horror movies may be saving hollywood in 2017. kevin joins now with this sleeper hit much this movie making a lot more money than they put into it. >> it's fascinating the horror films this year have been inn say. i'm go through some of the ones that have done really happy beth day cost $4.8 million from blum house productions they're just genius at marketers they do film the like the purge. >> i never heard of it. >> right. essentially the idea behind the film she's reliving the day over over and over again. >> like groundhog day. >> my wife put it best. mean
9:45 am
meets groundhog day. it's repeating itself until she find out who the killer is. >> who knew it was in movie theater. >> oy didn't do any press for this film. i didn't cover the junk junket. four pointe million dollars. 26.5 weekend. it puts an 80 of what's going on with horror films this year. let's go to it for example. it was a $35 million budget. that film has made 630 -- $30 million worldwide. 318 of that is in the us alone. and the opening weekend of film ws $123 million the second largest r rated horror opening of all time. i mean this is a big year for horror. next up is split. film directed by m. night shymalan. $278 million. $40 million opening. get out which was a massive success on four and a half million dollars budget which made
9:46 am
$33 million opening. >> they're cheap to produce. >> what's going on here. >> i think there's something to be said about going to the movies and being scared. a lot of horror films have been well done so get out was very different type of horror movie it was incredibly well done. these films are actually really good. that's the thing. >> i did also hear two things i thought was interesting. one, 65% of the audience for happy death day was 25 years of age and younger. >> yes. >> i want to come back to that when you finish your thought. the other thing they said horror movies and comedies ones that people feel the need to see in the theater. >> right. >> in the dark as a group experience but also you want to see it in the movie before it all gets revealed. >> horror and comedy are the exact same thing in the sense they get extreme reaction from the loadens laughing or scaring. get out jordan peel went from comedy to horror. >> horror and comedy you can go to the theater and forget about everything happening in the outside world. i want to bring
9:47 am
chris back to your point holly you just made with millennials and also to your first question you had about why are so many people going to see this movie when nobody has been talking about this movie because chris, where did you say you saw all the advertising for this movie? >> before my youtube music vi video. >> really they're doing the direct to internet advertising so you catch the millennials attention there. >> i got to watch youtube. >> super cheap to promote which goes into the budget and the millions of eyes on it every time you go on youtube or on online. >> happy death day was p. good 13. a lot of audience is younger. the other films were r except for split. mow moving on movie opening friday probably will no have the numbers called breathe but directed by andy circus first directed film you probably know him playing goal lamb in lord of rings as well as caesar the plan nest apes. the film deals with gentleman a true story whose diagnosed with polio given three months to live at the age of 28. he died
9:48 am
so i spoke to andrew garfield about how the breathing actually work in the film and not making it look like he's really breathing. watch this. >> breathe. >> you inhaled a polio virus from droplets in the air. the result is you can breathe for yourself. >> really must leave me. >> i can. >> apparently i can. >> how were you making it look like you weren't breathing on your own and still keeping yourself alive? >> i think that was the hardest part. that was the hardest part that and the voice for me was the hardest most challenging part of the experience was making that as authentic and truthful as possible. and forgetting about it and playing scenes like just being present. >> yeah. >> having that second nature was really really tricky. there's a scene which actually got cut from the film where, um, i'm
9:49 am
the pond on a property. it's post polio so i'm paralyzed and my son accidentally falls into the pond, and starts kind of flailing around and drowning so cut from the film. and obviously i can't move and i can't shout either, and on the, wonderful nanny is inside the house and i have to somehow get her attention. i ring the bell but the instinct is to scream ton shout and it was very very hard especially on close up to not start breathing like you would breathe. so instead of like -- it was a strange very very difficult thing to keep that breath going in the same rhythm and put all of that breath panic breath in the face and in the only place where i could express it was really really weird. it was like panicking without panic hemoglobin made it even more panicky. it was really strange. >> like you held yourself like a certain way in a sense of like is there a
9:50 am
from your stomach going up and down? >> he didn't hold himself. he didn't hold himself. >> so that's the cast of breathe that's collar ya foy and andrew garfield. movie itself opens up friday. again diagnose at 28 with polio. three months to live. lived till 64. >> that remain me of like the theory of everything steven hawking. >> true story. >> similar. >> but -- steven hawking and him very similar story line it's actually very similar in the sense someone is given a horrible diagnosis and then they end up living. >> he was also a big champion for the disable help people get out of the hospital and live their lives even though they were disable. it was evident thering. there thank you kevin. 9:50 is the time. coming up lebron james couldn't philadelphia international airport ago rumor more swirling around the nba it could call into the question, the king crown he crowned himself with. we'll explain coming up next. p . ♪ ♪ stepping into the unknown, it can be difficult to find the way.
9:51 am
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9:53 am
>> you had the salmon. fourteen dollars. >> what are you doing, man. >> you had two coax. >> dude, rue trying to split the bill? >> look i told you those refills weren't free. >> no, no new york city we're no
9:54 am
pick up check. >> what do i have to pick up the check? >> because you're lebron james. don't look at me motively now because i got little money money. i don't know how long this could last. anything could happen. >> right. >> i'm not going to end up like mc hammer. >> you owe $32 and 43 cents. >> you know what, i'm pay it because but you got to pick up a check every once in while. >> don't pay the whole thing. just pay your part. it's better for our friendship. equals forever. >> fine. all put my credit card n put a credit card in. we'll split it. >> that's what i'm talking ab about. bleep. bleep. >> i think i left my wallet bleep, bleep, it's just in the car. >> been there, done that. i'm just saying. ain't nothing wrong with that. that's clip from the movie train wreck and it may be based on real life because despite the fact that king james is a multi millionaire, apparently, he's also one of the cheapest men in the nba. now it's been a long running joke that lebron james is frugal or as i like to say fiscally conservative with his money
9:55 am
too. >> big difference. >> even though he's one of the world's highest paid athletes in fact last year alone lebron earned horniak million dollars between his salary and endorsements. >> in one year. >> right. >> in one year. yesterday lebron finally ad admitted to his cheap ways in interview on espn with rachel nichols and his buddy dwayne wade. check it out. >> lebron james. >> true or false? >> that is so, so, so, so false. i mean true. [ laughter ] >> that is so falsely true. >> it is so falsely true. >> using his phone if ain't wi-fi. >> no, i'm not doing that. >> i'm not turning on data roaming. i'm not buying no apps. it still got pandora with commercials. so i'll be listening to great music at home and during the commercial you want to win three tickets to come to the cavs game meet lebron, dwayne, kevin love right now. >> you know you're rich,
9:56 am
i'm not paying. >> lebron is or is not jealous. >> here's the deal. lebron finally says that he can be cheap but how cheap is he? let's take a look at those numbers. lebron says he never using roaming data unless he's connected to wi-fi he has sponsorship deals from verizon and samsung which exceed $100 million combined. charges which is more than 2700 years. lebron says he won't pay for commercial free pandora. commercial free subscription is 4.99 a month which is less than 1% of his current monthly salary of about $2.8 million. if that's not enough to spell it out for in you 2008 lebron left a ten dollars tip on -- >> stop it. >> that bothers me. >> in other words, less than 2% gratuity. >> that's the worst. >> more than 86 million. >> i don't have problem with anything else because he can choose how he wants to spent his money. if he doesn't want to give his money to the app
9:57 am
fine. but the tip, you got to tip. >> maybe he got bad service. >> no, no, no. >> he may have been a have been in boston and got bad service. >> no. i doubt that. >> i was going to defend you and say wisdom is fiscally conservative because it's all about value for you but you are not cheap when it comes to tipping services. >> that's right. >> 5%, right? >> see. oh, my gosh. >> see? you tip -- >> it's a joke. >> i'm not defending him any more. i'm not defending him any more. >> lebron is cheap much he's cheap. >> it's a joke. come on. laugh along, people. >> laugh along. >> hey, we got -- >> laugh all the way to commercial. ha,-ha. we'll be back because commercials pay bills around here. we got to get to one. >> good day next.
9:58 am
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♪ >> must see moments coming your way at 10a. >> serving up a red hot celebrity dish. justin beiber has a bizarre rifle. rei nan is just like us, plus gordon ramsay is that you? just wait. from office space to swingers and sex in the city. hollywood seen steeler ron livingston stars in new comedy with twist. he's live to tell us all about it. >> plus youtube super star who has millions of followers. t penndel live in the loft and in town for first of its kind festival at howard. >> let's do this in three, two, one. good day at 10a starts right now. ♪ >> like a big pizza pie. that's amore. >> wis some food right here in the kitchen. >> and it doesn't matter what i'm saying because i'm looking at all this food right here. this is l
10:02 am
row -- by the way we have a guest karen lopez here. from olive garden. we do want to acknowledge the guest in addition to the food you brought. >> food is very important. >> food is very important. >> it's national pasta day. what better way to celebrate does why karen is here with all of this food. >> can't go wrong with pasta. everybody loves pasta. little bit of everything for everybody. >> you get to make your bowls. we'll talk about the never ending pasta. bowl. i'll make my dream ball. kevin mccarthy has volunteered to graciously help out. >> kevin can't come back in here. we'll deal with that later. >> it's my favorite salad in the world. >> in the world. >> in the world. >> okay. so good. >> okay. all right. >> karen and erin ya'll do your thing over here. i'll go out here and hang with out with my friends over here on the couch. don't open this. >> i'll drink my bottle before the segment. >> don't open that. >> just kidding. >> little bit of everything in one bowl. that will be my dream bowl. throw it all in there. >> did kevin volunteer or did he demand to be part of. >> i think it was part of a demand. >> the push started at 5:00 o'c
10:03 am
i heard him. >> campaign. signs. >> welcome good to good day at 10a. before we check what's trending allison is back with a check of what's making headlines this morning. good morning again to you, al. >> good morning, maureen. we begin with breaking news from the white house on this tuesday. the secret service says a person jumped the concrete barrier along e street just a few minutes ago. that's on the south lawnside of the white house near the ellipse much the south fence line is closed for the time being that person is in custody. we understand d.c. police are now responding to the scene to investigate a suspicious pac package. so of course we'll keep you updated. next up let's head out west and those wildfires blazing through parts of northern california. crews say that they are finally beginning to get those massive flames under control. several people listed as missing have been located, and some evacuation orders have been lifted. more than 170,000 residents in what's known as wine country out there in northern california we're told they can return home last night. the fires are being blamed for
10:04 am
destroyed 6,000 homes. the white house is defending president donald trump this morning after some controversial comments in a surprise press conference yesterday. the president said that his predecessors did not call the families of fallen soldiers or service members to offer condolences. his claims sparked outrage on social media the white house backed the president though saying that he wasn't crit criticizing his predecessors but he was stating a fact. a major push to bring amazon to the district. thursday is the final day for cities to summit their bids for amazon's second headquarters. ma'am son will epp vest $5 billion careen 8,850,000 jobs in the winning city. but the competition is fierce. stone crest georgia proposed changing its name to amazon so amazon georgia. the mayor of kansas city missouri brought a thousand amazon products and reviewed each one of them. folks are getting creative. hey, 50,000 jobs on the line and
10:05 am
finally, who better than the cookie monster the master to perfect -- the master of perfect chocolate chip cookies his recipe who better to have his own cooking show? ♪ can you tell me how to get to sesame street ♪ >> after like 50 years the sesame street favorite is getting his own cooking segment. it will feature cookie monster getting calls from kids who want to order a meal. he will also explore locations like cranberry bog, a pasta factory and avocado farm. it's just not about cookies. pbs says the goal is to help kids learn more about food and cultivate their healthier eating habits. >> i like it. >> yeah. >> i thought it was going to be oscar the grouch at first. >> ew. >> that would be an oxymoron oscar the grouch in the trash can and then cooking. >> cooking with cookie as opposed to cooking with como. they really stole the idea from us. >> gotcha. thanks, al. >> all right. 10:05. that means it's
10:06 am
what's trending. >> first up, mo, you may have noticed to words on your facebook or twitter feeds. moo too. actress alyssa milan started me too on sunday asking the words to post the words on social media if they've ever been sexually harassed or assaulted more than half million women poposted the hash tag me too online. milano says the idea was to elevate the harvey weinstein conversation placing emphasis on the victim rather than the perpetrator. he's been accused of harassment or abuse by three dozen women. 41-year-old actress reece witherspoon is breaking her silence. she says she was assaulted by a director when she was just 16. that was the first time. but she says it wasn't the last. according to people magazine witherspoon made the revelation during a speech at the elle women in hollywood in event. she's had multiple experiences of harassment over the course of her career. she also says she hopes that speaking up will become
10:07 am
normal. and that she's never felt less alone. she says she's been inspired by all the women who have come forward this month to talk about their personal experiences witherspoon went on to say i wish i can tell you that was an isolated incident in my career but sadly it wasn't. i've had multiple experiences of harassment and sexual assault and i don't speak about them very often ". that's a sad state of affairs. i mean we've heard and heard people talk about the culture that exists in hollywood but the more you hear about this it doesn't get any easier to listen to. all these people who go to hollywood with these big dreams and then they end up in situations like this. >> when you look at reece witherspoon as a very young actor when she had these issues when you saw the carrie fisher story from years and decades ago, it just shows you how often -- how far back this has been a problem and how long it's been swept under the rug. >> these are the ones we're hearing about. >> the next wave people are talking about the sexual harassment of men
10:08 am
particularly little boys and some of those stories coming to light under the me too banner as well. they're disturbing to see and if you look at some people's timeline story after story. one of the good things also happening with this schools now people who are perhaps abused by former teachers are also now start to go come forward and you know helping to make difference at least validating victims and they're claims of abuse that sometimes wasn't believed in the past. >> just like reece said at least i feel i'm not alone now. >> absolutely. >> that's important for any victim. >> 10:08 is the time. it happens around this time every year. a controversial halloween costume gets pulled off the shelves. this ann frank outfit for young girls was featured on halloween the website described frank as world war ii hero and an inspiration saying quote we can always learn from the struggles of history. a tweet by one customer spark dozens of complaints. the site has removed the costume and apologized saying, it not on sells costumes for halloween but for school projects and plays as well. >> hahn neverly no
10:09 am
>> absolutely falls into under what you initially said. every year you think, who thought this was a good idea. >> right. somebody actually ran by this is bosses and they said this would be great idea. >> write up a description. post it online. 10:09 we talk about this with sarah fraser earlier this morning if you missed it here it is could your night out with are in broast bro talking to you guys be killing your romance with your lady and it just be a new light shining a light on new friendship titled men and masculinity. researchers in the uk interviewed straight undergraduate men. those 30 men said bromances are more emotionally satisfying and rewarding than romances with women. the men also felt less judged by their bros and found it easier to open up and resolve conflicts with their mail friends than with their girlfriends. nearly all of the 30 men interviewed for the study said they and this is where it gets a little turns a
10:10 am
little plot twist they also cuddled and often slept in the same bed. >> okay. >> as their mail friends i told it was i was plot twist. >> that's not a bromance much that's something glimpse not only that, they perceived women to be the primary regu regulatof behavior and thought women held long grudges and were too emotiemotionally unpredictable. >> are we going to call this study for what it is for real. they interviewed 30 straight men. >> 30 people and they're making their judgment. >> it said 30 straight men. but they're not. >> what i'm saying it's very small number to begin with. >> yeah. >> and if you're dating such a shrew that you find your mail friends so much more satisfying, you're dating the wrong woman. >> you haven't found the right girl friend. >> are you cuddling with your guy friends, steve. >> that doesn't happen. >> exactly. what are we talking about? >> allison is like nope. >> i agree. 30 straight men who have neither had a girlfriend or never had good girlfriend and that far they keep going back to their guy friends. can't find a girl friend let's hang out. >> 30 straight men that really aren't straight. >> right.
10:11 am
cuddling involved. >> you know what i mean? there's nothing wrong with that. don't do a stud. >> you got to be honest about it. >> right. >> okay. it sun like a plot of movie prince meets a regular girl, falls in love, marries her she becomes a princess it actually hammed right here in our area. this is ariana austin and joel mc then. he's great-grandson of the last emperor of the ethiopia, yeah, the couple met 12 years ago on the dance floor of pearl nightclub here in d.c. this story is amazing, right? they got married in a really lavish ceremony last no in maryland. the groom was born in rome where his family lived in exile after 1974 military coo. so i guess -- you can find -- they're wrong. you can't find love in the club. >> look how gorgeous they are. what a fun story. >> i think they're both lawyers. i know he is. i'm not sure what she does. here's what we're missing. before he came over to this country and found her in the club was he cuddling with his friends over in -- in rome or
10:12 am
>> it shows the can you do bromance sorries can which youly find true love. >> he found the woman who understood him and wasn't judging him. >> they have to come over to the united states to find them. >> you have find love in the club. >> that's where 50-cent came up were it that song. you can find me in the club. whatever he's talking about. >> one dollar bills for all. no played po office drone better than ron living ton. well now the actor have coming to the small screen with a new comedy about getting clean it's called louder milk but it's hard to not see similar between the two characters. coming up later he'll join us live to talk all about it. >> first maryland manson reigniting his future with justin beiber. gordon ramsay keeping fit at 51. and we'll have a first look at the first full length black panther trailer. 10:12 is our time. time. ♪ >> bromance did not have this.
10:13 am
potential here between these t two. >> leave it there. >> that should lead our celebrity dish. >> that's coming up next. ♪
10:14 am
10:15 am
♪ i tell was i mean it's time for good day dc and this
10:16 am
day celebrity dish much that's what i mean. >> we cannot serve up on a tuesday without sarah fraser. >> hi. my gosh i really do enjoy celebrity dish. >> we really enjoy you. >> i real dollar. it's loo people that, i don't know, we can comment on their lives and there's very little repercussions. >> sounds like winner to me. >> it doesn't always work like that in real life. >> we should call this gather to gossip. >> i like that. >> let's do what you just talk about. marlon manson. justin beiber -- i'm staning over manson and justin beiber. they're going against each ot other. marlon mansonia cushion the pop star of joining religious cull. marilyn and justice had struck up unlikely friendship but fell out earlier this year after justin beiber released 195-dollar shirt featuring marilyn manson and maryland marilyn said it was without his per mig. they appeared to be good terms again that's what he told
10:17 am
stern. justin beiber apologized to him for that whole shirt business without his permission so they were good. they were talking to another radio host and this is what he said. he said that justin was in some sort of consult, religious cult and that -- the guy doesn't wear a shirt but i don't like to fight with girls so i don't want to fight with justin beiber. that's what he said. he also referred to beiber as having a mind of a squirrel. >> oh. >> beiber has been, um, atteattending the hill song chuh in los angeles. that's where things stand he and his former friend marilyn manson. >> i don't know. i feel like their beef really is dead because i think lots of times at radio stations they're prodding to you get something they can work with. >> right. >> so i think marlon manson was just having fun with that and i say they're still good. >> he said he had the mind of a squirrel and called him girl. >> when we had those pictures up, this guy is saying this guy is in a cull? [ laughter ] >> right. >> right. yeah.
10:18 am
okay. >> you're not alone. you are no the a lone. >> great. shoe, i feel better. the next serving in todays dish is for all you girls out there who have ever had a fat day. >> yes. >> oh, my gosh. two hands up. >> just yesterday. >> exactly. this week. well guess what? so has rih rihanna. the 29-year-old there are days when she can't fit into her skinny jeans. i actually have had the pleasure of a fluctuating body type where one day i can literally fit into something that is body con the next week i need something over size the i need a little crop here an high waste there and to hide that part. she went on to say, i really pay attention every day when i go into the closet about what's work fog my body that morning. i feel like that's how everyone should go after fashion because it's an individual thing. if you take it further it's like what week are you having, skinny week, are you having a fat week, are we going arms this week? we doing leg this week, we doing oversized. >> oh boy. >> riri is just like us. >> that's awesome. i think it's great she's honest.
10:19 am
>> you know what my favorite part of that story was? she said i have the pleasure of having a fluctuating body type. like she puts in a positive spin. like it's a pleasure to be able to feel different ways and wear different things and accentuate different things whenever i need to. >> nothing wrong with that. >> i think it's great. >> love that statement. >> how about this? recently beyonce' blue and jay-z they were in new orleans and they were at they are friend's wedding basingly hit up nuptials five-year-old blue i've ivy had on 5,000 children's dress. >> what. >> beyonce' showed off new picks from yet another wedding the ceremony for her creative director todd torso. this is picture right here. >> that dress is $5,000? >> that dress is a $5,000. >> that's right. the wedding took place -- >> oh please. make in august. beyonce' just posted clips and photos of that event. bay and boo did mother daughter dance as well and the choreographer to all the single ladies. all the single ladies with other wedding guests as well. they went in the
10:20 am
together. >> if all the single ladies and beyonce' goes on the dance floor do you really good out there with her. >> right. >> i guess so because you can win. >> i'd let her do it. >> you're not going to win. >> you can just stand there. >> this is the move you're allowed to. >> go out there and stand like this and she got her daughter with you. nobody will see you. >> i didn't know they mate made $5,000 for young girls. >> i could have found that for her in target. >> when you're rolling in the dough, that's what do you. >> that's now how lebron james does it. >> let's move on to this because gordan ramsay is about to turn 51. you sure wouldn't know it by the looks of this picture. take a gander. >> okay. >> not that picture. >> not that picture. all right. he put up a recent instagram post of himself that i hope we have. it's very impressive. to say the least. there it is. >> okay. >> hello, 51. >> whoo! >> even though he knows his way around the kitchen ramsay also a well-known fitness if nat tick much he's dedicated himself to an iron man competition. when he's
10:21 am
quality meals or roaring profanity as the restaurateurs and reality television ramsay actually trains like something of a professional athletes. he credits his father's passing at the age of 53 as the scare that he needed to keep him healthy. his training regimen totally legit in fact listen to this on sundays which is most up tense day he is known to work out foreclose to eight hours. >> what? >> in total after waking at 4:00 a.m. >> eight hours? >> yeah. >> he work all day? >> that's just on sunday. >> on the seventh day you're supposed to rest. >> when he was younger he was almost like a professional soccer player, football over there. >> right. >> he's always been super fit. >> wow. >> clearly still is. >> that's an amazing -- he lock great. there's no way i would do eight hours. >> i don't have time to do eight hours of workout. >> i don't do eight hours in week. >> exactly. >> he does it in one day. let's wrap it up. director ryan kugler and the cast of the black panther that movie from marvel they came to comicon in international and showed a trailer for
10:22 am
movie set to he had cep curricula march dna it created buzz and lot of anticipation for the february release of the movie. marvel never released that particular trailer but they did release this trailer sent to vince staples. back back. >> we are home. my son -- >> up like previous marvel movies that were set in new york black panther takes place in a fictional african nation where the hal la is the king after the death of his father and of course stars chadwick boseman, michael b. jordan, lupita. marvel knock it out of the park when they come up with this. dc has some duds but marvel always manages to get the done. there's michael b. jordan right there. so yeah. >> all right. >> this is going to be awesome. i think this is going to be great movie. >> another super hero movie. [ laughter ]
10:23 am
>> hooray! >> that's right up my alley much that's are the ones i'm all in on. >> that's the dish, gang. >> thank you. >> you have some time holly it's not coming out till february. >> still to come,. >> first ever youtube black fan fest is coming to howard university this week. what is it you say? we'll tell you all about it social media star t penndel live in the loft with a sneak peek at what to expect. >> first though some of the cold deaf weather that we've seen this fall as a matter of fact this is coldest morning since may. settled in overnight. gary will be back with a look how low we can go before the neck warmup comes around. sunny at least. it's 10:23. ♪ eam bedroom, from a bedframe with storage, to the softest linens, to a cozy mattress, can be yours for less. and we believe... that cozy should never be costly.
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ralph northam: i'm ralph northam, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad. narrator: ed gillespie wants to end a woman's right to choose. ed gillespie would put the government in charge
10:25 am
eir doctors. as governor, ed gillespie says, i would like to see abortion be banned. if ed gillespie would like to see abortion banned, i would like to see i would like to see i would like to see that ed gillespie never becomes governor. at ikea, we believe that your dream bedroom, from a bedframe with storage, to the softest linens, to a cozy mattress,
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and we believe... that cozy should never be costly. ♪ picture postcard of the white house, right? with the weather being as gorgeous as it is. >> just about anywhere you turn to look today it will feel a little bit like a postcard. >> i'm just going to make the best of this week because you said it will be our best fall week ever. >> i think so. i mean i can't proper miss that but it just seems like it's so great. we don't get many weeks like this. so statistically you got to think about -- you took statistics. >> i took statistics. >> yeah. >> that's what you learn. thing like this. got to be the best week he ever. reagan national 53. dulles 51. we're warping up a little bit. chilly chilly start this morning a lot of 30s early now we're up into the 50s. sunshine doing the trick. now we're not going to warm up a lot today. i still think we'll end up with upper 50s and some low
10:27 am
real johnly this is all down through the northeast, the temperatures have gotten quite cool. nice little cool snap i see another one coming, too, in about eight days. we'll get pretty cold around right before we get into halloween just so you know thought i'd throw it out there. 39 degrees for binghamton. clear skies thank goodness this high pressure will stay with us for several days. it keeps all the weather systems from coming across and bringing us anything that's unsettled. as a matter of fact the next chance for any unsettled weather i have to think is going to be late sunday and into monday. beautiful today. lots of sunshine. cool start obviously and we'll warm up into the upper 50's and low 60s another chilly over overnight. i see a lot of 30s out there especially in the suburbs overnight tonight. certainly some more frost is possible. >> all right. thanks gary. sounds perfect. >> that was easy. >> weather, check. back over to you guys. >> all right. thanks guys. if you thought that ron livingston was ticked off in the movie office space he was the main character in office space just wait because the star of the new should you
10:28 am
about the parallels between his dark in office space and his new comedy where he gets clean in an interesting hate me but love me way. 10:28. be rye back. your internet deserves the 100% fiber-optic network. with fios gigabit connection, you get the fastest internet available with download speeds up to 940 megs. it's your last chance to get fios gigabit connection with tv and phone for $79.99 a month online for the first year. plus, your choice of hbo or multi-room dvr service included for 2 years, all with a two year agreement. and verizon wireless customers can stream tv on the fios mobile app, data-free. hurry and switch now, this offer ends november 4th. go to
10:29 am
vo: john adams' prescription for health care would be a disaster for virginia families. adams supports letting insurance companies deny coverage for pre-existing conditions. seniors would be charged thousands more. 685,000 virginians would lose their health care. and adams is against medicaid expansion - denying coverage to thousands of veterans, children and the disabled. john adams: higher costs, less coverage, hurting virginians. mark: i'm mark herring, candidate for attorney general, and i sponsored this ad. ♪ ♪ do you want to do a monster check? yes. no monsters. ♪ ♪
10:30 am
how about the drawer? ♪ ♪ no monsters. nightly monster checks are how grant makes home his. and homegoods is what makes it all possible. amazing finds. always great prices. make home yours. ♪ louder milk is off the sauce and i'm super duper excited. >> yeah. >> i'm counseling for people who abuse drugs and
10:31 am
ideal with people who stack lies on top of lies all day. >> i can come over until i cleaned up. >> you smell like a spicy sausage fart. there's no reason to have beards like that in this day and age. are you lumber jax. >> living is hard. invest in yourself you dumb bleep. ♪ >> that is clip from the new tv show louder milk the series centers on sam louder milk recovering alcoholic and substance abuse counseling with an extremely bad attitude about everything. but although he has his drinking under control, he learns when you're live is a mess getting clean may be the easy part. louder milk played by actor ron livingston who you might remember from a few scene stealing rolls in office space, swingers, sex in the city, et cetera, and this morning he joins us live good morning. ron, how are you this morning? >> great. how you doing, steve. >> doing fan tase tick. i thought one of the fun yesterday thing in the trailer, ron, when somebody else says, you're not exactly the most warm and fuzzy guy as the character. that might be the
10:32 am
statement of the year. >> yeah. no. this guy is, um... i compare him to like guy that walter mathau would have played 35 or 40 years ago. you know, there's something about him that's kind of rum pelled and falling apart. he's aggravated by everything. everything potters him. he take it out on the world around him but there's still something about that guy that is, you know, you believed deep down there's a heart there. even though there's no evidence in site that you are ever going see it. >> he's the loveable grump. how long does it take, though, to find that heart. we are going to have to wait until episode ten or fine it early on? >> season four i think. [ laughter ] >> it's going to come through. well, it's pete farrowly. um, something about married, dumb and dumber. along with bobby mort and something about pete, man,
10:33 am
his energy is like it's a little bit like a 15-year-old with a glint in his eye that's kind of pushing the buttons that you're not supposed to push. >> i feel like he likes to pull the comedic fire alarm, um, and that's part of the fun of this show is that it's sort of careens, you know, we're crashing into sacred cows everywhere we turn, um, even though it's -- you know, i don't believe there's a mean spirited bone in the show's body. it's really kind of about celebrating the, um, just how goofy we all are. >> but i think you nailed it, ron, that's pete's movies when we see them it's -- we fell like we shouldn't be laughing at this but at the same time we fine it absolutely hysterical and we can't stop laughing at it. you probably felt the same way when you watch his movies. >> yeah. absolutely. absolutely. i me,
10:34 am
with the hair gel? >> exactly. >> which was shocking and agregious but there was something -- somehow there's something like, i don't know, it just feels all american about it when pete does it. it doesn't feel icky, you know, and you know, my hope is the show albeit dark, you know, we go to some dark places, my hope is that it doesn't -- it doesn't get icky. >> well how about you now because when you play a character like this where you get to bring all the full grump out and go full grump here, but you probably want to be loved at the same time, right? i mean you're going in this kind of with that maybe a little bit on the inside that wants to be l liked? >> that's great thing about being an another is that we're all sort of narcissists. so as long as we're convinced that we're great, it doesn't really matter what anybody else think. [ laughter ] >> you know. because i can -- i can really override that. you know, i'm old enough
10:35 am
that it kind of doesn't matter as much as it used to. no, to me it's just been -- it's been a lot of fun to be able to -- because of the way this thing is built, because we're -- we're allowed to be sort of off color week not regulated by the fcc. we're on cable, um, we have kind of carte blanched to whatever we want. you know, you get to do things and make jokes and explore some territory that people used to get really nervous around. if sure. if you think of all the other, you know, all the long line of comedies that we've had about addiction and recovery, you know, you can see that not all of them were able to navigate that. so, you know, so hopefully this is -- this one we're going to have some fun with it. >> i do want to ask you, ron, gnaw real live obviously everybody has that
10:36 am
there's the other side the negativity of those who like to dislike and make their voices heard. have deal with critics as an office and i know that your sister made headlines as a news anchor just like we are here in washington and she got great reviews for the way she stood up against a viewer who had been bullying her. do you go to her for advice, does she come to you for advice when it comes to dealing with negative thoughts and words that come out of either one of you? >> not really. um, i go to her for inspiration. um, she certainly doesn't need my help. i remember when that,, when that went down, having this sort of older brother thing of like, i need to protect her, i need to talk to her. she's going find herself in this media circus. i got to give her -- and then, you know, i saw the way that she handled it and it was like, oh, yeah, she's -- she's handling this better than i ever would. [ laughter ] >> if anything, yeah,
10:37 am
anything i'm trying to bring a little bit of that into my own life. >> well, that's good to hear rocks and. personal val a soft spot for office space my anchor and i i can tell you how many times we made jokes around the office. for that. that lives on in the news industry as well as many other places. >> well, thank you. i appreciate it. >> absolutely. can't wait for louder milk. thanks so much for joining us this morning, ron. we appreciate i. >> all right. through see the see the info behind us. the premier of louder mill many at 10:30 on the tntt audience network. maureen. >> steve, thank you. some of the youtube biggest stars are cup to go howard university this weekend for the first youtube black fan fest. what is it, we'll tell you all about it. one of the featured guests that guy right there live in the loft we're sitting down with social media star t penndel for a look what to expect at the big even next. it's 10:37. what's up t? ♪
10:38 am
ralph northam: i'm ralph northam and as a doctor, nobody ever asked if i'm a democrat or republican. they just want my help.
10:39 am
mp is helping virginia i'll work with him. but donald trump proposed cutting virginia's school funding, rolling back our clean air and water protections, and taking away health care from thousands of virginians. as a candidate for governor, i sponsored this ad because i've stood up to donald trump on all of it. ed gillespie refuses to stand up to him at all. kelly! we're out of body wash! what are you doing?? i thought you had a cold?? i don't need all this. mucinex fast-max is powerful enough to handle pretty much every symptom. name one. how 'bout 9? sore throat, cough, even... yea--i can read, you know. we're done here. ahhh! boogers to betsy! mucinex fast-max. 9 symptoms. 1 dose. max strength. start the relief. ditch the misery. let's end this. and for kid's multi-symptom relief, try #1 recommended children's mucinex.
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♪ >> shucks. all right. 10:40 is the time. howard university kicked off 2017 homecoming week yesterday and true homecoming fashion event will be taking place all week and weekend long. but tonight howard teaming up with youtube for one of a kind event. first ever youtube black fan fest hash tag youtube black fan fest an exclusive life sent event that brings together you be tube stars, emergg
10:41 am
and. alonso, tray, random structure, tv our neck guest comedian actor producer triple threat that's what he is t penndel. his youtube channel reaches over 2 million people and he's over 200,000 followers on instagram. tonight the dmv native serve as hot for the event. before he hits the stage he joins us live in the loft. welcome t penndel. >> yes. thank you. my goodness. >> can i get some of your followers,. >> we can share. >> just -- sharing is a caring. >> tell me about this. so excited i heard about the hash tag. youtube -- right. what is it? >> youtube fest, youtube black youtube fest going to be huge event and going to be ever everything. have music, 67 comedy, stand up comedy, going to be some drama, so it's going to be pretty much everything. >> okay. >> we have a special guest co coming in to. i can tell but it will be live streamed at
10:42 am
being invited to take part in, is that how this works? i'm -- something like that. >> if you're huge on youtube this is the forum and always great as a creator to be around like minded individuals. >> absolutely. >> there's not too many people that kind of direct, write and edit and create their on content for a living. what do you do for a living. i make youtube videos but what do you do do? >> this is it. >> the more you learn about this it is viable. lucrative and now you guys on howard's campus during homework week that gives legitimacy if it didn't already have it riata what. in this is the big anniversary so i think it's awesome. it's great opportunity and great for of one to come out and actually see some of our viewers orphans and meet them in person. because nothing like running into a person that you never met before but they're so excited to see you. that's great feeling always. >> you've got tons and tons of fans. they're used to your videos on youtube obviously. tell us about yourself. how did this come to be? >> well, um, i've always been
10:43 am
center of attention like making people laugh. so i went to college. i was making people laugh. i went off and played canadian football league. i was a student athlete in college. >> you look like you might work out. here and there. >> i got cut i came back and i was like what am i going to do with my life? so i started substituting teaching and putting videos online it got so -- >> you were doing videos when you were substitute teaching. >> i was doing sketch comedy and parodies and the views grew even got so big i didn't have to work a regular job any more. >> wow. >> i was able to go full time with creating content. >> you come up with content and put it on your site. >> right. wright, direct, edit it myself. everything was pretty much self taught. if i didn't know how to do something i would research how to do it and invested in myself buying cameras and lighting and different things like and that it took off. i think like the first year or two i did like 100,000
10:44 am
my job and went full time i did million. >> this is so fascinating to me. where does it go now from here? you've got millions of people watching you. you've got 200,000 people who subscribe w does it go from here. >> i think the awesome part is, i own all my content. i've sat down and had talks with actors and what you guys are doing it's awesome because you create your own content you put it up when you want to. when do you movies and tvs they tell when it's coming out they tell when it's going on tour and i own all my stuff. i want to keep creating couldn't at the present time and dab into short films a little bit, and then just broaden my horizons and not be but in box. >> what your advice be anyone thinking about doing this? you have a lot of kids who go to school for journalism then want to get tra dig al news but they also look at youtube as a venue to get their talent out there. what would you say they need to do or be doing. >> can you tent see is key. keep on pushing through. and the thing that hammed with me like my family loves me but once you graduate from college, they don't want to see
10:45 am
be load youtube video. get a real job. what are you doing? so the supporters will come from strangers before the family and friends. like at first get a job. don't send me any more videos. that's my brother. that's my cousin. now they're claiming you? >> just be consistent. work hard, and find something that you enjoy doing. youtube and the internet and social me immediate do you care make up, hair, it's a realm of things you can do whatever you want. find something that doesn't feel like work and that's what i'm doing. >> the event at howard is it free or do you have to buy tickets. >> they gave tickets away to students and open it up to the public. i think it's pretty sol out right now. but that's why you can stream it live at fest. he will it will be a pack house. we're going rock that place. >> are you hosting because you're a big name. >> we got tray mal vin, amber, miles jay, some people are huge not even on youtube but on instagram. so they have their own spoken reasons they have their own thing going on
10:46 am
i'm happy i'm hosting. it's my hometown i'm from annapolis. so, um, i'm happy to be here and rocking it out at howard especially for homecoming. >> absolutely. man, that's huge. i know you don't live in the area right now but whenever do you come back because you do come back to is he your family come in here and do a little something something for us. >> i'm looking forward to it. i've her from it my mom. she seen it on the news. she seen it before i had the opportunity to tell her. how do i not know my son is going to be on tv. aretha, i love you. >> hi miss aretha. you're welcome in the loft too. >> she said i'm coming next time. >> tell mom to come on through. we're all family here. >> weep ya'll posted and looking forward to. t opinion dell hash tag black fan fest at howard. >> thanks for explaining all this is good i have question. >> you struck me funny when i didn't know how to do my youtube video did you do your research on youtube. >> that is correct. >> that's where i. >> youtube how to do youtube. >> it's do it yoursf
10:47 am
toes all over that place. >> i'm telling you're wealth of information. there's so many people who want to get into this and have no clue. go out and tap into this man's knowledge. >> thank you. >> absolutely. >> thank you. >> the answer is right there. >> all right. 10:47 is the time. coming up, national mom day with a special place in erin como's heart it involves food. this morning we're celebrating national pasta day in the good day cafe and the team from olive garden has turn the kitchen into a pasta bar to mark the occasion. going to check in with them for the details coming up next. ♪
10:48 am
10:49 am
10:50 am
♪ of all the national days we've celebrated here in the loft, a few well they hit close to home. erin is excited you can hear in the background. today is national pasta day and this morning the team from olive garden is here cooking with como. good morning, erin. >> good morning to you. what better way to celebrate pasta day with never ending pasta bowl. oh, my goodness we have quite
10:51 am
the special deal and some of the endless combinations you can create with help from olive garden manager karen loupe. this is one of my dream holidays all the carbs national pasta d day. >> absolutely. >> like i said little bit of everything for everybody. >> this is an impressive spread. >> whether you like marinara or alfredo, rigatoni or spaghetti there's options for everybody out there. that's making it so much fun. everybody loves it. >> the price point at 9.99 it starts. >> starts at 9.99 and you can add protein for 2.99 extra and of course you can forget our salad our garden fresh salad. >> the bread sticks and the soup. >> absolutely. our soup we have various options available this is our pasta if a joel one of my favorites. >> i love all the cheese. >> yeah. >> endless mys of m me san cheese you can add to the salad, soup or if as bowls. good we're celebrating national pasta day so calories don't have. you have gluten free pass san
10:52 am
whole grain pastas as well. >> absolute. this whole grain pasta right here and rotini pass today, gluten free rotini. options available for everybody. >> i'm going to make my favorite pasta bowl. we'll grab the fettucini. i love the feta chino. what kind of chicken is that. >> fried chicken of course right next to it we have the shrimp freda something you can do at home. >> i'll try slim, too. >> very easy for you had to. you can make it in advance and a great way to get your guests interacted and involved with, so they can create their own dishes and have fun. >> if you can make it in olive gore den you can have it cater the. you have pasta stations people can order. >> we have our create your own pasta station it's available online. pasta stations for ten on up and there's so many options available for them. the pasta station includes our top three pastas sauces and proteins. >> you can also -- hey, you're a good cook you can do orien pasta bar that would be great after bask
10:53 am
martin if the kids are cup basketball practice and was ton put up a pasta bar for that are friends. somebody waiting patiently to come join us segment. >> i'm joining this. >> he is an olive garden -- >> oh, no, it's actually scary. >> specialist. >> it's very scary. it took me for years to convince me wife to go to olive garden with me and 33 years to convince my parents. it is the greatest salad in the history of salads. >> love our salad. >> what the she can in that dressing because -- >> the dressing is mazing. >> we can't give away our seconds. >> i wanted to shots of a dressing. i wanting to bar and ask for a shot of the dressing i do extra croutons, extra olives. no onions, no tomatoes and get the ravi crowley with marinara sauce. >> cheese ravioli is wonderful. >> what was the gluten free option. my wife does gluten free. >> grew teen free rotini. >> so mazing. it's an option for everybody much that's why so many people love pats pasta. >> would you be offensed if i skipped the pasta and got salad. >> help
10:54 am
get whatever you want. >> national salad day. >> i have to ask for everybody watching a home. erin using missing it where are the closest olive gardens to dc. >> i need more dressing. >> absolutely. >> absolutely. my side of maryland we have bowie, laurel, waldorf. i in california, maryland. so shout out to everybody in southern maryland. awesome. and there's lot -- new one opening in capitol heights in a few months so it's going to be -- we're going to be loading it up with olive gardens. it will be wonderful. >> i love the soup, salad and bread sticks and you can't go wrong with the pass t create or own pasta bar at home for national pasta day. i'll dig into the feta chino. >> it's so good. >> nothing in the world better than this. >> can i just drink out of this? >> take a shot. >> do it. >> i'm joking. i'm joking. >> kevin, do you realize this was a cooking segment and not your kitchen, right. >> erin invited me in. >> he was waiting so patiently. >> did she. >> did you invite him in? >>
10:55 am
tv. he'll just doing -- >> he's living the dream over here. >> yeah. if you had to choose between olive garden and taco bell. >> i do both. i go to olive garden first on the way home i get two tacos. >> can i just tell you guys this is really good. i promise i'll save you some food when you want to head over when the show is over. >> i believe you'll save us food. i'm not sure about kevin. >> please make sure he doesn't put his lips on that salad dressing. >> make them keep talking. they want to stop talking so they can start eating. >> i don't think kevin is worried about that right now. >> i think you're right. >> wow. kevin it's like the last salad he's ever had. >> did you eat today before you came in here. >> i do five or six bowls of salad and then i have, g how many bread sticks. >> i usually do bowls and dip the bread sticks in the salad dressing and take the pasta home. >> um-hmm. >> allison seymour said safe me a salad so i'll put the dressing aside. >> can you buy that dressing. >> there you go. >> there's
10:56 am
>> do you sell it for real? >> don't negotiate with kevin. >> you do want to negotiate with kevin. >> get the upper end of the deal. ten dollars. i'll pay 100. all right then. >> are we doing tweets today or no. >> see what folks are talking about. put tweets up we do appreciate your feedback good, bad or otherwise whatever is on your mind we enjoy sharing them with you when we can read them. let's take a look. if we can pop it up on the big screen. erin we need a fox5 staff cook cook sell one to raise money for particular cause or charity. it might have five cress piece in them. we can all contribute one. >> maureen i fell had in love in the club 14 years ago. i know it is. >> congratulation. look at her smile. that love is real. [ laughter ] >> okay. holly look at holly and her color. color blocking body contrast love the blue and black. thank you reading vixon. appreciate that. >> all right. gary real quick check of the forecast. >> beautiful
10:57 am
beautiful three perfect words for the weather forecast. >> we'll love it. >> you're not color blind. >> let's go eat. >> ain't no love in the club. don't believe that. >> happy pasta day. your internet deserves the 100% fiber-optic network. with fios gigabit connection, you get the fastest internet available with download speeds up to 940 megs. it's your last chance to get fios gigabit connection with tv and phone for $79.99 a month online for the first year. plus, your choice of hbo or multi-room dvr service included for 2 years, all with a two year agreement. and verizon wireless customers can stream tv
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not all fish oil supplements provide the same omega-3 power. megared advanced triple absorption is absorbed three times better. so one softgel has more omega-3 power than three standard fish oil pills. megared advanced triple absorption.
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