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tv   Fox 5 News 5  FOX  October 17, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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collins simply because he's black. here's the states' attorney. the evidence in this case again was of a digital nature. there was lots and lots of digital evidence, including a phone in this case, other evidence and after analyzing all of that evidence we are comfortable now that we have enough evidence to file a hate crime charge many the murder of lieutenant collins set off a fire storm of anger after the campus police chief revealed that sean your ban ski was involved in a facebook group that postedded racist and other inflammatory material. it tooks month's to analyze the university of maryland's comments by the fbi and other law enforcement before os
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calling the murder a hate crime your ban ski is white and collinses is african-american. collins who was about do graduate from bowie state was on campus visit iting friends and waiting for an uber driver beer when police say your ban ski approached along a sidewalk, step left, step left when you know what's good for you and when your ban ski said no, collins pulled a knife and tabbed him. it was recorded on a inner by surveillance camera. here again is the state's attorney who says the hate crime evidence will not be revealed until trial. those are details that we prefer to leave for trial, not to talk to t much about what will be presented but we are kferltable at this point that the motive in this case was raisin that's what's require. again this daiment he is not a speaking indictment. there's no narrative in there. so again we're not going t
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evidence until this case goes to trial. one other note, we reached out to a friend of the collins family to see if they have a comment about this new charge today. at this hour we have not heard back. live in upper marlboro, paul wagner fox5 local news. >> new tonight, one of two suspects is now in custody in h the shooting of a university of maryland student in l college parkment police say 26 year old yeah nair marriott was arrested and chargedded with attempted murder, rememberry than a i a sawvment a second person was assaulted during this same incident on saturday night. it happened on rhode island avenue near an area off campus known as practice interpret row. both victims are expected to be okay prince george's county police say the students attacked apparently got into an argument with the suspectses during a drug deal. we have some breaking news right now we need to get to. single tracking on the redline we are hearing on met re. of let's head down to evan lambert now for
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>>reporter: we're just getting this information from metro transit police. they tell us now that they have cleared the scene. this scene apparently at a the forest glenn metro station where there was a suspicious package found. we understand again that just within the last few minutes, this coming from twitter, from metro transit police that this scene has now been clearedment they did a sweep of the the station and are now giving an all clear to this station. we had a crew on the way there. we may be able to turn around some video of that in a few minutes here, but right now again all clear. there was an interruption as you mentioned to service between silver springs and wheaton, but it look s like that service has been restored. again that coming from metro transit police. back to you. thank you ef after. police and first responders. they got on an active shooter. how did this all
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>>reporter: it came from multiple calls made not only to d.c. police, but howard university police as well. we're here the especially epicenter where all of this police activity started and where we saw a lot of tactical units. this is georgia avenue right here, a fairly busy intersection and then right up geps it is howard place and this is where units were closing down this road earlier today as well as several roads right at the entrance of howard university. now, metropolitan police got their first tip about noon. a report of an active shooter at or near administration billing. at the saip time campus police received a call at the college of medicine on w street. authorities evacuated those buildingses as well as surrounding ones and everything turned up empty after their sweeps. we're going to do a real, real good investigation because this is only the beginning. we have found no evidence, no
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that supports that there was a shooting on our campus at any location. there will be always be some concern and nervousness about incidents about this. they're not normal. they're not something that he we take lightly at all. and that was howard university's president speaking. that's on the university's response deament now, some students expressed concern over how long it took the university to reach out to them for that communication. but howard university's president says that they were communicating as quickly as possible as soon as they realized that they had multiple reports in different areas around campus. they say it's a balancing act between getting the accurate information and getting it out as quickly as possible. also, remember this comes on the heels of howard university's home coming which is coming up. when asked about that president police campus police said they will continue to have their event as florm al but they will have stepped up securement we also know that classes were canceled today. they will resume right here at howard university tomorrow. police continue to investigate
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if it was, the source of those calls may face some severe punishment. live at howard university's campus. >> tonight, montgomery county officials scai the gang problem in the county has become so bad they have to try something new. that something a police surge aimed at expanding the police gang unit targeting gang leaders ers and having more officers in the schools. tom fitzgerald joins us live from rockville where this agreement was just signed, i understand reporter roar that's right. numbers don't as you give you you an idea of a problem. but in this case the dollar figure here that will show you you how seriously they're talking about this h, half a billion dollar, folks, in fact, more than that, $836,000 moving from the county kowbs ill budget into the state's attorney s ofs office, why, they're siding a bank problem that is so bad right now they need to do something different and if the
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different they say it will get worse. john mack cart he think speaking just a few moments ago. >>reporter: when you see the recent rise in crime at the level and the extent to which you see it, new strategies are called for and new approaches are called for when you see this and i think what we're doing here kea is trying to respond to what our recent changes in trends, particular again in the homicide rate. how bad is this gang murder rate? well, consider this, montgomery county police chief thomas major tells us tonight about two years ago they'd average anywhere from one to two gang murders a year. now they are looking at 20. we still have two and a half months left in this year to go. this new surge is going to focus on the bank hot spots, places like germantown, gaithersburg, silver springs and wheaton. there is also a new team of what they're calling special response officer s. these are sors who are going to be deployed in the schools \am\many that
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they say these gangs are doing the recruitings as that is where they say they need to cut them off where they begin. now, keep in mind here, county officials a all through this a announcement today stressed what they have what they call a very good relationship with their federal part nemplets however, it is also noted that the immigration and customs enforcement right now has montgomery county on a list of jurisdictions that do not cooperate with their ice detain ersment we spoke to the police chief about p this today we said wouldn't this effort also mean reaching out to federal partners? he says instead of ice they're cons straighting concentrating. wouldn't this foster a better relationship with ice. they still have montgomery county on a list of jurisdictions that do not follow ice detainer requests es. i think that what we're talking about when we talk about our federal partners are u s attorney's office. where we rely on
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prosecutionses and there are times when a federal prosecution is going to be p more effective than one we do the at the state levels. so that is what the police chief is saying here tonight. this is what is is say ing just a few moments ago responding to fox5 inquiries tonight, ice montgomery county doesn't consistently requests. and deny officers to jails to interview vialsorses without ice coordinating with the jail ahead of time and the jail granting permission. of course many law enforcement officers will tell you you tonight that the rise in gang-related crime they say is directly on the rise in the illegal immigration in the d.c. metropolitan area. tom fitzgerald fox5 local news. >> coming up a call to recall. ford is offering
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but one group says that's not nearly he new. hey, mattment reporter roar it's fall so you're he going to hear a lot of this. can you you believe some people find this really annoying , so annoying that they write in to their local leaders and now one local leaderser is saying that these leaf blowers hewed be faced out. we'll have more on that coming up. you look like you've got great experience with the leaf blower ment i have to say i'm one of the people that doesn't like them, either. why because they start them up at seven in the morning and the second shifters are still trying to get a little shut eye. they're all over the place april the leaves are coming down. you you know what elses coming down, the temperature tonight. if you had frost on the wipped shield tonight, you're likely to he see it again tonight am another frost advisory has been issued and even more widespread than last night. we'll have another look the your forecast when fox5 local news returns. ns.
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>> this is fox5 news at five. well, it is fall. >> and of course that means the leaf blowerses, they can be heard all over the area. but one d.c. council member has heard so many complaints about them she wants to ban the loud est blowers altogether. matt ackland live in northeast tonight. there's your
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leaf blower right by you. >>reporter: every time i do my lawb he i always wear a shirt and t. this is how i dress to do my lawn work. it is serious business keeping everything clean. a lot of people take pride in their lawn but this noise real he i gets on the nerves of a lot of people and in d.c. for several years now one council member has heard so many complaints, especially in the fall that she has proposed legislation basically to face out a certain type of leaf blower. this is an electric one . she wants to get rid of the gas blowers. d.c. is a city filled with loud noises but one particular noise has some residents complaining during the fall season, the noise from
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powered leaf blowers. council member mary cheh knowses the complaints are coming. it's been kind of light, but once it gets started and the leaf blowers are out there in force i will be getting he e-mails. several years ago council member cheh proposed a bill that would face out gas powered leaf blowers by 2022 leaving only electric and battery power which she says produce less noise and pollution, but it's going nowherement it's not moving in the council because it's not in my committee and committee chairs they decide what moves and it hasn't been p moving. just to give you an idea of how loud a gas blower is, one right here. take a look at the december bells pick p peaking out at right about 111. there is a group called quiet clean d.c. on its website it sayses just say no to gas blowers. but george
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better. who would enforce this ban, it would likely be the police or the d.c. ra. but george he sayses there's more important things out there for leaders to deal with. be for real, a leaf blower, of all a things to deal with? come on, man. so we wanted to try this out. this is an electric one here, joe. you want to test out how loud it is. we're standing about as far away as we were from gas one. it's registering a little bit lower. hit it one more time. we're real close now , about 100 decibels, about the same, not much difference. by the way, there was a similar law that was passed in the boston area. and apparently once it wases passed, the police got so p many complaints that it actually had to -- they had to change the way that they responded to these quawls. they said they increased
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because would hear one of the leaf blowers, he would call police than they'd have police responding to this l you a the time. by the way, this is just a propose l a at this time. so far mary cheh is on her own when it comes to facing out these leaf blowersment live in northeast, matt ackland, fox5 local news. matt speaks the truth there. like he said there's not much difference in the noise, either. i i feel bad for his photographer who just got a face full of autumn. >> the people who are really serious about the leaf bloarks they have the noise blockers and the mask, have you you seen that >> he i ' seen them. i prefer a rake. >> i'm glad fall is here no matter what, even if i means raking the leaves. >> now doubt. we're going to see the leaves continue to come dowfnt they could use a drink of water. cold nights we're going to bring them on, frosty cold, not only last night, but tonight again. we have a widespread frost advisory area
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include the district and prince george's county all the way down to lower southern marylandment it doesn't include the counties that border the west side of the bay, buts that he's bit. where you see big gaps, that's because there h was such a big freeze last night that there's no reason to continue. this is a bit more widespread. last night dulles dropped to 36-degrees. oam dropped to 37. if you you had frost last night you you will likely have it again tonight. it's a little cooler day as well. only six of two right now, but plenty of sunshine, no breeze at all. so it's just been a dlitful tuesday afternoon. but we will get cool pretty quickly down to 60, if not 59-degrees by seven under clear skies. 9:00, 57-degrees. by 11:00 down to 54 \am\many last night at # 11 we saw a the lot of places well into the low 40sment get ready for thatment leakily head hing for mid 30ss like we did last night to about 45-degrees here in the district that is going to b
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to give you some idea once again if they were chilly at the bus stop they'll be chilly tomorrow morning. thirty-seven to 47. no shortage of sunshine throughout the entire day. after school, though, this is a little bit of a change. we are going to be warming up likely to close to 70-degrees in many areas tomorrow afternoon. a gradual slow warming interpreted is going to continue as we t continue on in this week. one thing we don't have in the forecast just yet is any rain, but though there is a chance of a pretty rainy system but not until next week. >> thank you, sue. on the way, a big drug bust. the department of juts advertise announces the arrest of two big drus traffic kers who have been selling illegal versions of event nol over the internet. where police found the long distanc dealers. >> what the tv is showing you,s it's the north korea exactly what happened. it was a lot
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vegas shooting are returning hope. would deputies who responded tell their side of the story. if you have a story idea please fall the fox5 a tip line 202-895-3000 or you can he e-mail your tips at as we head to break if you're expecting anyone home who takes the redline, when, we had some earlier problems at forest glenn after a suspicion package was found. the. q. news is it's back open. there are still some slow downs again, expect some delays on that strep of the redline. we're back after this. we are the tv doctors of america,
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alex: when i was 11 years old, a man broke into the house
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thankfully, in my case, the police caught him, but there are so many survivors that live knowing that their attacker is still out there. ♪♪ thank you mark herring, for taking this seriously, and for making this a priority, for all of the victims out there. mark: i'm mark herring, candidate for attorney general, and i sponsored this ad. >> this is fox5 news at five. ford motor company offering free car repairs for its explorer suv s, about the center for auto say ticketed event sayses it's enough. pull more than 1.3 million exploressers off the road. the bigus
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recall follows a fire storm of concerns over carbon monoxide poise onlt you may remember this involving local police departments as well across the kupt requirement the auto maker is offering free repairs to give motoristses piece of mind. the recall for all explore ers made between 2011 and 2017. suv sur viefers of the las vegas shooting are returning home and reflect on the event. this is husband and wife, lori and todd cammerment the two deputies with the sheriff's department were at the country music festival in las vegasment they were helping others to get to safety when lori was shot in the pelvic area . several surgeries later she is now recovering at the hospital. what the tv is showing you,s it's not exactly what happened. it was a lot worse. literally all hell broke lose and that's when the it was rapid succession and it was just
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down. we started watching people fall around us. the at first p it felt like a big sting er that hit my side, my hip area and he i went to the ground and he was like -- i said i think i got shot. i said let me check it out. i said we don't have final for it now. the bullet that hit lori lodged itself right near her append six . she has no plans to reof month it. she will be able to walk again. crews are making progress on the massive fires. so far the fires have killed at least 41 people and destroyed you thousands of homes in wine country. several people listed as missing have been located. some evacuation orders have been lifted. people with homes at least ones to return to are now processing the shear volume of the damage. i can't believe total destruction 50 feet away and
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standing here. it's heart breakingment i'm trying not to have survivorror's guiltiment i'm devastated for everyone. truly. i can't sleep anymore. he i don't know. it's just so strange. we have no power or water at our house and our panel box completely just melted to the ground. many californians are now moving into the recovery mode and they are on the ground helping victims with financial aidan temporary housing and mental counseling. >> ed video shows firefighters raising raising a flag that somehow remained unscathed in the fires. the flagpole was found last thursday lying in a tree that had been torched by the flames, but somehow amazing ly the flg was spared. it's he so interesting. the randomness of tornadoesment a house right here is fine, the one next to it disee stroid. just amazing. coming up a federal judge blocks president trump's third travel ban. ronica cleary is on
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tonight. ronica? >>reporter: hey, jim and sarah, this news brek of after the reporters and press had a chance to speak with the president today. let me tell you you the white house wasted no time to respond to what they think of the newest problems with the travel banment we're going to tell you all about it coming up the nfl team owners meeting today about those controversial protest. will there be a change on the way? we're heading to new york live right after this.
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>> he was once a fears critic of president trump when mr. trump was running for office. today at the white house there appears there has been some fence pending between greece's prime minister and the president. ronica cleary live at the white house with more. >>reporter: hey, jim and sarah, if i can paint the scene for you today in the rose garden completely different from the chaos that we saw yesterday. rveg
5:31 pm
the book. these events are usually briefed with very limit ed questions from the press . most of the the american press they focused on the future of the affordable care act in americament i'll tell you one question posedded to greece' prime minister it caught the president's attention. well, before the president was elected greece's prime minister said he hoped we would not experience the evil that would exist under a president trump. so he was confronted about those remarks today. now that we do have a president trump. he scaid that now he is optimistic and president trump joked that he wished he had known the prime minister made those remarks before they met. but then he took a very serious moment to address those comments. take a listen. the reason they were concerned was because i will not allow our country, the united states of america to be taken advantage of by so many other countries all over the world. if you look at our trade
5:32 pm
s, massive trade deficits with virtually every country. now, i'll tell you this, timing is everything and as you may have heard, the trump travel ban , the you newest edition has been stopped by a federal judge in hawaii, but that news broke after the press got to ask questions of the president today . now, the newest ban, it restricts travel on a handful of countries, including with new travelers from chad, north korea and venezuela. the white house respondedded with a statement, they called this judge's order quote dangerously flawed april they fully plan to appeal. i'll be back on 5@6:30 tell you a little bit more about the comments covered today on the future of healthcare in america you don't want to is in it. reporting live at the white house, ronica cleary, fox5 local news. president trump's nominee to head the office of national drug
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withdrawn his name from considerationment we're talking about congressman tom marina. a few days a report by 60 minutes and the washington post revealed that marino packed a bill. no word yet on who the president will nominate nextment the us department of justice has disiet ed two major chinese nationals on charges of making illegal version of fentanyl and selling the highly addictive drug to merps over the internet and through international male. officials say i is the first indictment of its kind where they have busted major chinese traffickers. us officials are telling us fentanyl overdose death has been skyrocketing in recent years. some 20,000 deaths reported in this country in 2016 alonement justice officials say the two alleginged traffickerses are not in custody and will not likely face rugs here in the us. they say the cases highlight
5:34 pm
more awareness about the dangers of the powerful drugs. the the nfl once again in the spotlight as the league holds an annual meeting in new york. the owners there trying to attack controversial issue, the players taking a knee during the national anthem. this started when collins kaepernick did it to protest police brew brutality . it gauged team after president trump weighed in. get that sun of a blip off the world right now. he's fired.s he's fired. and they should be treat ed with respect and when you get on your knee and you don't respect the american flag or the anthem, that's not being treated with
5:35 pm
family, friends that have gone and fought for this country. they fight for freed objection to the form they fight forth people. they fight for liberty and justice, for everyone. and that's not happening. i'm not anti american. i love america. i love people. that's why i'm doing this. i want to help make america better. i hate you you you. if i don't stand, who will in everybody should be standing for democracy. they've gone through this journey to achieve this platform. it's their right to have something to say. what we had is unprecedented dialogue over the last year, with our players, our owners, with our community leaders, law
5:36 pm
enforcement. >> back to those meetings, fox's stacy delicate is live at nfl. what did we see today? i know they're outside 345 park. what went on up there today? >>reporter: well, good evening, jim. let me tell you we are standing outside nfl headquarters and this is where players, members of the players union, representatives of the league and several team owners met this morning presidnt we spoke to several players after the meeting. they said it was very positive. it was a good first step forward. they said this was the first time they really had an opportunity to sit down with team ownership and express how they feel. they say they really want to use their status as famous football players to be able to affect social change to speak out on the issues that matter to them. the issue of the national anthem , one of the players told us, in fact, specifically only really came up for a
5:37 pm
do feel like their side was hurt and they look forward to ongoing discussionsment they couldn't give any concrete details tails as to whether any resolutions had been reached. also, in terms of whether the league might change the rule about players having to stand or the policy rather about the players having to and during the anthem they tell us it doesn't seem like a rule change will happen. the guy that got this all star red was colin kaepernick. they invited him, right? but we didn't see him there today. we heard two different things, yes, colin kaepernick was invitedded, but his attorney says he wasn't invited by league officials or team official. the players did want him there and his attorney says kaepernick would like to be present in future discussions particularly as you know he he just filed this grievance against the league yesterday urnlging collusion against him. did we see any kind of protest outside today? were there people for or against thisho
5:38 pm
issue. >> so, jim as i mentioned at the beginning, we're outside nfl headquarters. downtown from us in the financial district is where the owners are holding their annual l fall meeting and that's where we did see protest ors, a group of about 60 people didding go outside the front of that hotel april they all got down on one knee while someone sang the national anthem to show their support for the players. they say the team owners and the league need to also have the backs of the players. fox's stacy delicate thanks so much for joining us. obviously something we're talk ing about here and you may be talking about at home. sarah , back to you. coming up a new app hopes to keep real estate agents safe, the crimes it ames to protect them. an artist that can remember every detail of a city using his photographic memory. what a gift. i sometimes struggle to remember what day it is. >> i know. it's tuesday and it's chill he i and we have another frost advisory in effect overnight. we'll talk about
5:39 pm
what you can expect on the seven day forecast. we'll be right back. back. ♪ ♪ ♪ it feels good to be back. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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vo: john adams' prescription for health care would be a disaster for virginia families. adams supports letting insurance companies deny coverage for pre-existing conditions. seniors would be charged thousands more. 685,000 virginians would lose their health care. and adams is against medicaid expansion - denying coverage to thousands of veterans, children and the disabled.
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mark: i'm mark herring, candidate for attorney general, and i sponsored this ad. pizza the hut has sparked a bit of controversy on social media p the pizza chain suffered a data breach on october 1, but waited nearly two weeks to let customers know. hackers reportedly made off with credit data, names, billing zip codes and delivery addresses. about 60,000 people are affected by this and several have already had their bank accounts cleared or suferld other financial damage in relation to the hack. in a new app hopes to
5:43 pm
launched app called forewarn allows clients to get a background check. car, homeownership and other credit datament the app provides information on about 80 percent of callers, but it's only available to licensed agents. facebook is working to build its popularity with younger users. the giant purchased an anonymous polling app called to be honest since launching tbh has 5 million users that have sent more than a bill mess messages ment they continue to expand and build positive sperps es with facebook's re sources. a british artist who has autism has an in yebl talent . stephen will chir is northern for urban sky lines. his sketches are done most entirely from memory. he has what is known as idetic memory. it
5:44 pm
everything from a city from one 45 minute helicopter ride. he sketched one from new york, and the capital. that's phenomenal. >> yes, it is. >> our weather is pretty phenomenal. >> it's gorgeous. we were certainly chilly last night. we dropped into the 30s in many areas. a little l scraping had to be donement we're there tonight as well as well as fall continues and our coldest october nights probably this week although we may rival that late next week as another push of colder air comes in. i like the little hint of pink that you're sealing there on the washington monday up. we're getting ready for another frosty cold night as we hate for the 30 s and 40s p especially most of the suburban areas. the only places that likely stay in the 40s are the city centers and very close to water. meanwhile we'll start to see a little bit milder temperatures each afternoon starting tomorrow
5:45 pm
we'll likely be near 70-degrees the slight warming trend continues each day as we head into the weekend president plenty t t of sunshine and a lot of dry days. we still need the rain. we're not getting it this week, about you some needed rain is possible next week in the form of maybe a pretty wet system, an area of low pressure that could affect us late monday night into tuesday and wednesday . these are the temperatures we bottomed out this morning. dulles 36, 46 for reagan national and 38 for bwi. we're going to be really close to that again tonight and that's why you see these widespread frost advisories and a freeze warning. not as many freeze warnings because once you you get one freeze, the growing season is considered to be over you you see out here in the mountain areas they don't have any advisorieses issued anymore because growing season is expected to be ended there. frost advisory though includes the district. while we think most places will stay in the 40s in the city there will be spots that could get down into the mid and upper 30s so you need
5:46 pm
bring them in. this includeses just west of baltimore and all the way down to southern maryland and central virginia. p if we're thinking about tonight is 45 for the district ment tomorrow night not as frosty, but still chilly at 50-degrees. by thursday night 51. take the edge off off the chill just a little bit as he we go forwardment a gradual warm up as we go forward. we'll jump to 70 tomorrow afternoon. thursday 73, frirks 74 and saturday 75- degrees. so kind of a comfortable weekend ahead. these were the high temperatures today. this is blow average. which is 68-degrees. and we're going to see the temperatures with perfect radiational cooling dropping off pretty quickly. winchester usually leading the pack and they are tonight with 5:00 with a temperature of 59, 662 here in the district and overnight very similar temperatures to what we had last night. mid 30s in the suburbs to mid 40s here in d.c. a
5:47 pm
means it will be frosting in those suburbs that are under the frost advisory with light winds overnight. plenty of sunshine tomplet you'll be hard pressed to find any clouds. we head for about 70 greece and after a chilly morning that afternoon temperatures should feel fantastic. high pressure still in control, slightly farther south tomorrow so that means that warm up is available and and we'll see that continuing as we head through the weekment your fox5 seven day forecast all x-ray die days. even as we get into the weekend, saturday about 75, sunday 77, late showers possible monday from a strong front coming that may have an area of low pressure on it and that could deliver some very helpful rain on tuesday with a temperature of 70-degrees. beyond that we think it starts getting cool again back into the 630s. that's your seven day forecast jim and sarah. thank you, sue, an arrest outside of the white hours, the incident that sparked the secret service into action. a two year old denied a kidney transplant because his father violated probation. we're going to hear from the
5:48 pm
toddler's mom next. ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪
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♪♪ ralph northam: i'm ralph northam, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad. narrator: ed gillespie wants to end a woman's right to choose. ed gillespie would put the government in charge of a woman's personal decisions, not women and their doctors. as governor, ed gillespie says, i would like to see abortion be banned. if ed gillespie would like to see abortion banned, i would like to see i would like to see i would like to see that ed gillespie never becomes governor.
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investigators are still trying to figure out what caused a tractor-trailer to over turn in springfield. sky fox was over the scene this earlier this morning. the tractor-trailer over turned along 95 south on the off ramp to route six h 46789 the whole thing shult down the ramp. it caused major delay s, but fortunately no one was hurt. the secret service ar rested someone for trying to jump over the concrete barrier on the white us who. it happened around nine:30 on the south side on e street. they were called in to check out a suspicious package. they cleared the backpack and no one was hurt trending tonight, a two year old boy has to wait for a transplant because his perfect match is in jail. aj burgess jes was
5:52 pm
father was tested and was a perfect match but rurpd to jail early this month after violating his parole. now surgeons at emory hospital in atlanta say they they won't perform the operation because dickerson is in diskreg. the lady was like we need your parole information and your probation information and he was like what does that have to do with anything? >> we need you to to be on good behavior for three to four month s before you can give your son a candidate kidney and in january 2018 we'll think about reevaluating you. privacy violations bar them from giving secific information about the hospital's patients and how a criminal history can affect an organ's donor can affect eligibility. the program
5:53 pm
has the latest 3d fej. the idea is really to bring it to women that are in their own community those that potentially cannot get to a mammogram center or, you know, to those that really are in the corporate life and they have that lifestyle, that busy lifestyle we can be able to bring the technology to them so that they can be screened. it's really a life saving program glt hospital is itself longest run ning mammography van in the country screening more than 36,000 women, just about 2500 patients a year. this is breast cancer awareness month. montgomery county parks marking the month by redrawing the lines in fields in pink. workers were out today getting the job done ment the county sayses 40 of its parks will sport those ping lines. >> coming up a new mu \see\sea em in the district is bringing to live the living word of god. we have a sneak pink from the mu \see\sea em of the bible. e'
5:54 pm
they came up with the new contents. contents.
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iml we are one month away from the opening of a new museum devoted entire there i to the biblement d.c.'s museum of the bible will be the largest dedicated to the wholly book. it will be located just about three blocks from the us capital . today the museum leaders and panels had a panel to discuss the exhibits and how they kept came up with the content september. figures like december minute tutu and figures like st. joe's feen. not that well known, a catholic saint from sue sedan who was rescued from
5:58 pm
icon today forth the anti human trafficking movement. so i think we've brought balance, re finement andy verse if i education. a heads up, the next time you you you fly out of bwi new security rules for carry on items are being faced in, if you you have anything bigger than a cellphone, that you includes tablets or he he readers, you you used to be able to keep them in a bin. >> now they have to be in their observe bin like laptops. the change is particulate of a nationwide effort to beef you have security. that was one of the early adopters. i know, he i got sent through twice. yet another change that people are going to have to get used to. you thattive to have a score card to keep track of it. tony and shawn standing by for your newscast at six. they join you starting right now. this is fox5 a loc
5:59 pm
now the at six, false alarm, massive police response after reports of an active shoot oater cam us p of howard university. we're live at the scene with reaction. a dwedly attack now labeled a hate crime. tonight why prosecutors believe a man charged in the tabbing death of abu i state student attacked a victim because he was black. combating gang violence, the aggressive approach by law enforcement officers in one local county. fox5 at six starts right now. we begin tonight with the all clear at howard university, but earlier today a massive police presence responded to the the northwest d.c. campus after reports of an active shooter. those reports turned out to be false. fox5's corey coffin is live at the scene with the latest. correspondy. >>reporter: we got multiple calls this in d.c. police say calls came to them as well
6:00 pm
campus police. they say they got calls as well. this all happened at the same time, in fact, and we're here where this started to play out with multiple units, tactical units coming on scene. this is georgia georgia avenue, fairly busy and then if we walk furt over this way, this is howard place. this is one of the main entrances for the university and campus police had this entire road along with several other roads further up closed off to t allow for hem to search and do several sweeps of the different buildings. metropolitan police got their first tip just about noon, report of an active shoot er at or near the administration building. at the same time campus police received a call of a shooting at the college of medicine on w street authorities he evacuated those buildings as well as surrounding ones, but ultimately they turned up empty. we're going to do a real, real good investigation because this is only the beginning. we have found no evidence, no witnesses, nothing that supports that there was a shooting


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