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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  October 18, 2017 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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we'll get you around the maryland mess on 50. >> thank you both of you 4:29. we'll start with developing story involving president trump and controversial phone duel widow off fallen green bar a. >> sergeant johnson arrived in myia mccurdy yesterday green berets killed in action this month in african country of nigeer. his wife woke to the casket and broke down. the president called her and a woman with the widow said he was insensitive and he knew what he signed up for. when asked about the phone call the president's conversations with military families are are are private. believe it or not, democrats or reps made a deal. and it could breathe life back into federal healthcare subsydneys your insurance premiums. >> it
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action to end the subsidies. on the hill with the laidest. >> good morning, guys, yeah, indeed a rare show bipa bipartisanship on capitol hill five days after trum started dismantling affordable care act. in this deal it seems as though subsidy payments to help 6 million americans afford obamacare those continue two more years. that's part of the deal struck with senate democrats and republicans and in exchange states have more openings to shape own insurance markets and consumers will be able to buy new low cast catastrophic coverage plans. talking about two year extension on cost sharing payments and more meaningful flexibility to states. >> chairman alexander and i were able to find common ground on a number of steps to stabilize the markets and help protect families from premium spikes as a result of sabotage we have seen from this administration
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discussing ways to stabilize markets. many consumers were in danger of having no companies that wanted to sell government insurance plans in their state. premiums were set to spike after the cost subsidy sharing stopped. oddly enough, president trump signaled his approval of this deal. there's a lot of resistance on capitol hill in the house and senate. legislation probably wouldn't come together until sometime next week and probably be attached to some sort of larger spending bill. live on capitol hill i'm melanie alnwick "fox5" local any. >> 4:32 the time and "fox5" is following the latest on president trump tax reform. senate vote todd move forward on republican budget plan a big step for party's goal to cut taxes and simplify the irs code. president trump tax plan corporate rate from 35
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reduce tax brackets and double standard deduction. he says his tax plan is once in generation opportunity to revitalize economy and businesses and the american drem. let's give our country the best christmas present at all. massive tax relief. get our tax cuts through the house, through the senate, and to my desk for signature. >> critics warn the president tax plan will mroon the federal budget deficit. the bill will need almost every gop vote to pass. >> president trump travel ban was set to go into effect today limit tion travel from eight xwntyes. that will not happen for a while. a federal judge in hawaii temporarily blocked the ban. judge is granting state of hawaii requests to block the government friend forcing policy. state calls the ban a promise to exclude muslims from the
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u.s. >> time 4:3. prince george country police need your help finding missing 13-year-old. fletcher was last seen on october 16 in the 6500 block of hill mar drive in district heights f you know where she is you are asked to contact prince george county police. >> and three people pled guilty to killing a 15-year-old girl in the co county. damaras was found. all three suspects who pled guilty are association of ms 13. they played plea deals in association with reyes death. >> a man accused of stabbing a bowie state student to death on a hate crime days before collins was set to great from college. security camera recorded the
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took the fbi months before prosecutors were able to comfortable all call the murder are a hate crime. >> backlash over abortion clinic scheduled to open in bethesda. protesters gathered outside the property last night. they say leroy car hart provides late term and partial aare portions. he wants to open a facility old town road. she's writing to operate without a license. clinic workers are working with maryland to be licensed. >> 4:35 is the time. time to bring in gary mcgrady and talk about the weather. no mistake about this one. straight up cold. >> it definitely is chilly out there this morning a lot like yesterday. temperatures in the 0s and 40s. we'll have lots of sunshine again today. so temperatures will warm up. we managed up to 60s yest yesterday, 64 was the high in d.c.. i think we get warmer than that today perhaps up to 7
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for a high temperature. i'll show you that in a se second. 48 right here in town and annapolis 47. out in the suburbs there gaithersburg 39 and dulles 38, call preponderanceer and mannasas down to middle 30s this morning. frost add sciencery in place for just about everybody. again this morning there's even a freeze warning back out to the west along i 81 further southwest. nothing but clear sky here. we might see a cloud or two today. i'm seriously just like one or two. that's just about. it it's high pressure continuing to dominate for highs. 71 degrees. a lot of upper 60s to low, low 70s out there this afternoon. so we will continue this gradual warm-up that take place right on through into the weekend. and it does look like it continues to stay dry right on through the weekend. next week, a little bit more unsettled. there's the forecast. let's get traffic and see if erin como has her jacket on. >> 4:36 i had coffee t
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the jackets and warmed up enough. still tracking a serious crash in hyattsville. 50 use make your way west westbounded in the beltway 4 10 crash blocking several lanes. traffic getting by. no major slow downs yet. if you need to detour hop on the beltway and take that to different point of entrance to inside the belt we. as we forward along to 70 southbound side disabled vehicle near 124. caution needed there. other than that look going in virginia and keep you updated on the morning commute. back to you guys. >> thank you very much, erin, coming up on "fox news morning" learning more disturbing stories about alleged harvey weinstein sexual assault. >> about to begin a chapter on never ending legal battle over ezekiel elliot susp suspension. >> 4:3 back in a moment. >> 4:3 back in a moment.
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>> time now 4:39 we're back with what is hot on the web. >> holly morris is here now with what's trending good morning. >> good morning, everybody, first up, more women are coming forward with stomach churning details of their encounters with harvey weinstein. actress lauren holly and leapa heady are the latest to break silence. weinstein disrobed and used bathroom in front of her and showered and asked for massage. "game of thrones" star said she had twoen counters. one venice film festival he ask her to walk to the beach and another at a hotel he asked her to her room. she said both times she felt powerless. >> nfl will not force players to stand for national anthem. league team owners and players met in new york today to discuss the anthem contr controversy. president trump criticized players that neal being
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flag. they're wrong they're not protest the flag they're protest racial injustice and police brutality. they plan to oo have another meeting in the near newt tour. colin kaepernick was not invited to the meeting who started the movement. >> the saga continues for dallas cowboy ezekiel elliot once again cleared todd play this sunday. last week appeals court allowed nfl to reinstate six game suspension over domestic violence allegations and now a judge temporarily blocking suspension once again. and finally, pole dan dancing. could become olympic event in the next ten years now that it is formally recognized as a sport. pole sports federation can apply to the olympic national committee. it's being practiced in more than 80 duntyes. >> we're arguing here because i'm like a lot of pole dancers
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>> i don't go to strip klukz. here's the things i want to know international pole dpsh whatever that organization is in are they located in washington d.c. i want to know you. >> want to check them out. >> i want to know who is running the organization. >> you want to know who is in contention to win the gold. >> exactly. >> holly, i've already told you i am not a fan of strip clubs. >> but in all fairness. >> when you see some of the tricks these pole dancers do it takes a level of skill you. >> don't have to go to a strip club they have pole dancing classes people do for exercise. don't -- think outside the box wis. >> say what you want to say is each their own not my think. >> deacon martin spoken. good morning, holly, by the way. see i you later. >> good morning. >> dow hits a new report good and attorney general jeff sessions prepares to head for the hill for senate grilling. >> headed to break across the d.c. region, 4:42, 48 degrees. they play this song at pole dancing classes. i'm poking
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>> time now 4:45 here's a look at stories we're fol for you today, wednesday, october 18, yesterday was a big day for new york stock exchange. dow hit an all-time high and topped milestone of 23,000 ye
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wall street watchers say the rally is driven by financial rarity xheez in every corner of blobe picking up at the same time. >> jeff sessions set to testify today. it's expected to be routine oversight hearing and first time sessions is testified on capitol hill since june when snats intelligence committee grilled him on russian investigation. questions could include dealings with president trump. daca program and treatment of lgbt people. >> checking in on baseball news. game three of national league conference series la dodgers pushing chicago to brink of elimination rigly field. and strong performance by darvich. and then kenly jenson seals the deal tryinging out final of the game a dodgers 3-1 series league. >> in new york yankees delivered tying championship series against the astros. highlight of the nig
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judge ignited come back of home run and hit a i doing double you do you remember a 4 run eighth inning. series tied two games a piece and game five tonight at 5:08. >> good morning to you thank you for join ising us. >> wednesday, october 18, erin como on the roads and gary mcgrady talking weather. >> what's going on chilly start out there this wednesday morning gradually warming things up over the next several days. wow, we start off again this morning with a frost advisory comeing across i 9 a5 here. it's 48 degrees. and this is the national temperature by the way. winds are barely out of the southwest 3 miles an hour and we have clear skies. little quick look at bus stop forecast here to show you that it, again, will stay chilly out there this morning. lots of sunshine. sunshine all day long today and temperatures will be warming up into the upper 60s and low 70s for highs today. there you government pretty easy forecast. here's
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look at the forecast. >> beautiful forecast, there gary, 4:47. not so beautiful roads. breaking to 66 eastbound in fairfax. right now just before fairfax county parkway center lane blocked with crash. arrow board out there right lanes impacted as well. a mess of parked traffic towards beltway. allow ten extra minutes now slowing down any volume we have on stretch of interstate. we'll keep you updated on that one. any questions erinfoxdc on twitter and also tracking a crash 50 inside the beltway 4:10 as you make your way inbound you can tate beltway 295 to get around that. we'll keep you up boated on both crashes guys. >> 4:48 president trump getting backlash over controversial comments he made to widow of slain soldier. >> coming one day after president was criticized for saying pred sore sore did not call members of fallen service members. annie yu is live at the white house with more, annie. >>
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right the president receiving backlash on comments he made to the pregnant widow of a u.s. green beret killed in nige re earlier this month. remains of david johnson arrived in miami yesterday and the president apparently called the soldier's widow, a woman expecting her third child. to offer her con dope elings it was during this conversation president trump allegedly told steve hershorn husband "must have known what he signed up for, but i guess it still hurts anyway" wilson heard the comments on speaker hope to as she road with the family to meet the service member's body. according to congress woman wilson the remark was made during a call that lasted many somewhere from three to five minute and comments were insensitive and should never be said to a grieving widow and then tweeted this sergeant david johnson is a hero. president trump does not
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empanely or grace to be president of the united st states. sergeant johnson was one of four soldiers killed by enemy fire on october 4 during an ambush in niger. he addressed the death twelve days later and said on monday he personally penned lateers to the family members of soldier and did come under intention criticism for the nearly two-week delay. white house meanwhile has not commented specific by about the remarks during this anks however a top white house advisor did say the conversations between the president and as well as military families always remain private. that's the latest here from the white house, annie yu, "fox5 local news". >> annie, thank you. coming up. federal investigators reveal more about the deadliest hot air balloon accident in history. >> free tacos anyone. details on the deal when "fox news morning" returns. glorious, glorious♪ ♪
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because at hellmann's, we're on the side of food. >> "fox5" update on deadliest hot air balloon crash in history. the pilot skip nickels had enough over the counter benadryl to mimic the drug alcohol level of drunk driver and on valium and oxycontin. 16 people died in the crash. investigators say balloon pilots should submit to same medical checks as pilots. >> and two involved in forcing a paeshling offer the airlines fight is fired. the man was forcibly dragged down the aisle. in april dr. dr. day-off was removed from a flight aft
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to crew member. the incident had a public back roar and backlash against united it's still struggling to overcome. one officer was trying a cover up and third resigned. >> duke and duchess of cambridge released a statement con irm ifing their third child will be born in april 2018. couple first announced last month they were expected and kate was suffering from severe morning sickness. the bundle of joy will accompany prince george and 2-year-old princess charlotte. >> taco bell ising another perk they are happeneding out tacos in championship series. wednesday never if any player steals a base during game one or two everyone can get a free
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if no one manages to steal a base there will nobody free ak owes. >> someone has to steal at least one. >> at least one. >> gary mcgrady you're in here. we cannot forget to mention this one. >> wizards night opening night for wizards. wizards are playing sixers tonight. >> don't mess that up that's mine. >> wizards playing sixers at home for season opener. >> what? >> go ahead, gary what will the weather be like. >> can't wear this tonight right? short sleeves. >> you can wear something under it you know what i mean. you could go layers. >> always the optimist. >> not as cool as this morning. starting a warming trend out. there frost advisory in place. all the countys in pink. that includes all the way down to st. mary county too. so this is come across i 95. we had it yesterday morning it was western and
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counties and freeze warning inches over into virginia there along i 81 too. this goes until 9 a.m. you might wake up and if you're parking outside it may be frostee on your windshield over the next couple hours or so. temperature here in town we dropped off to 47 degrees. culpeper dropped a degree too down to 5. mannasas 36, winchester 37. obviously coldest of temperatures is back out west of us and real quickly today look how beautiful. slow trend towards warmer h high. >> and before 5:00, 4:56 big problem opt roads. crash moved to right shoulder 66 eastbound before fairfax county parkway crash pre previously blocking center lane delays in maryland and and in hyattsville a crash on 50. westbound side two lanes blocked 4:10 inside the beltway. watch for delays. there and keep in mind if you head to capitol one arena to
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tonight you may want to layer up. it will be chilly later but go washington wizards. back to you guys. >> i like that tee shirt better, v neck. can we trade. >> sure. >> really okay. i'll get you after the break. >> coming up on "fox news morning" california whine country is back. in the path of new wildfire. >> road to world series shaping upton a breeze in national league and alcs is a battle to the end. >> headed to break a live look across the d.c. region, 4:57 now and 48 degrees. got pay bills, make some money, dow is look going actually the whole stock market. money, money, money, money♪ ♪
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>> today on foxing news morning health care reform. lawmakers reaching tentative bipartisan deal to extend health insurance exchanges connect todd affordable care act. >> travel ban blocked. hawaii temporarily stops government from enforcing the travel policy. >> and live look outside. we're expecting slight warm-up this afternoon. right now at 5 a.m. it's cold out there. 48 degrees as a matter of f fact. you may want to grab a jacket before you go out the door. meantime, saying good morning to you thank you for joining us. i would say you definitely want a jacket before you head out the door. wednesday, october 18. >> gary mcgrady i


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