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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  October 18, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> today on foxing news morning health care reform. lawmakers reaching tentative bipartisan deal to extend health insurance exchanges connect todd affordable care act. >> travel ban blocked. hawaii temporarily stops government from enforcing the travel policy. >> and live look outside. we're expecting slight warm-up this afternoon. right now at 5 a.m. it's cold out there. 48 degrees as a matter of f fact. you may want to grab a jacket before you go out the door. meantime, saying good morning to you thank you for joining us. i would say you definitely want a jacket before you head out the door. wednesday, october 18. >> gary mcgrady i
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about cooler temperatures. erin como has her eye on the roads and gary, man, it is a cold start to the morning. >> another morning with chilly conditions out there. frost advisory in place for just about everybody. you know what, warming trend through the weekend. how warm will we get? >> i'll take the warming tr trend, gary, chilly out there this morning and big problems in virginia already. 66 eastbound crash problems a right lane by fairfax county parkway causing delays and hyattsville 50 inbound 410 we got you covered. >> got you. thank you both of you it's 5 5:01 if you are just waking up with us we have a story and. >> the remains of army sergeant david johnson arrived in miami yesterday. he was one of four green berets killed in action in the african country of niger. he called the soldier pregnant widow to offer con dole epss and border representative fred rica wilson was in the room for the phone call and
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says mr. trump said to sol soldier's widow that he "knew what he signed up for." >> he was sorry. she had sympathy but he was hoping that even though her husband gave his life for this country, sarcasm sarcastically he said, but, you know, he must have known what he signed up for. >> the family confirmed that mr. trump added, but when it happens, it hurts anyway. >> on capitol hill common ground between democrats and republicans after they reached a deal they could revive federal health care subsidies. >> and they wanted to end subsidies. live on the hill with the l latest to help sort it out, melanie alnwick. >> mel. >> good morning, guys, rare show of bipartisan
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days after president trump tried to dismantle affordable care act. subsidy payments to help some 6 million americans afford obamacare, those may continue for two years. that is part of the deal struck between senate democrats and republicans 234 exchange states have more openings to shape their own insurance markets and consumers will be able to buy new, low-cost, catastrophic coverage plans. >> talking about two year extension on the cost sharing payments and then -- >> more meaning full flexibility to states the. >> chairman alexander and i were able to find come on ground on a number of steps to stableize the office and spike as a rut of sabotage we've even seen from this administration. >> murray and alexander were discussing ways to stabilize insurance markets teetering after repeated gop failures to repeal and replace the affordable air act.
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no companies that want to sell insurance plans in the states and premiums were set to spike after cost subsidies stopped. president trump signaled approval this deal. though there's some resistance in the house and senate. it appears legislation would probably come together on paper sometime next week but they would probably be folded into larger must pass spening bill or hurricane relief bill. those sorts of things in order to get it to pass. live on capitol hill i'm melanie alnwick. "fox5 local news". >> thank you mel, 5:04. president trump travel ban was said to go into effect today involving limit tas from travel of eight countries that will not happen at least for awhile. a familiar judge in hawaii block the ban and the judge is granting request to temporarily block the federal government have enforcing policy. state calls ban a promise to exclude muslims from the u.s. >> overnight a prince george country police needing you
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1-year-old miara fletcher last seen october 16, 6500 block of hill moore drive in district high. if you know her you're asked to call prince george county police. >> 5:05 three people plead guilty to killing a 15-year-old girl from montgomery county. and investigators say her deaths with a revenge killing and ms-13 gaping members believe she lured a man to his death weeks earlier. and all three suspects made plea deals in exchange for testimony against three other suspects. and meanwhile a jury indicted man accused of stabbing bowie state university to death on a hate crime charge. shawn is accused of stabbing richard collins to death in may days before colin was set to graduate from college. security camera that is recorded murder urbanski was member of racist facebook group took
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prosecutors were comfortable calling the murder a hate crime. it's five past 5:00 this wednesday morning, gar fwar, man, it is cold. >> temperatures keep dro droppin, too. let's go to suburbs to see how cold it has gotten to far. mannasas and culpeper 35. frederick dropped to upper 3 30s. westminster still lower 40s in town we bottomed out so far at 47. tech if i cannily the frost advisory come across on the eastern side of i 95 this morning. so he definitely could be a little frost question out in spots. before school for kid owes 0s to 40s. chilly morning to prepare for that. still school after school as bell. but better with sunshine and there's no wind today really. winds south 3 to 5 miles an hour. relatively light. 65 to 70 there and clear skies this morning and clear skies today and little cloudyness out through kentucky this morning and we may see a f
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holds together. otherwise high pressure keeps us real, real sunny. 71 for high today. we continue with the slow warming trend towards the weekend. erin como. >> all right. 5:07 now we're seeing improvements as you head to hyattsville, maryland, just left lane blocked in prince george country exit 5, 410 veterans parkway and that big crash that had overturned vehicle blocking several lanes again in process of clearing and traffic moving better now. just a minor delay. as we move over to vir ver not the same case in fairfax. we're dealing with the crash 6 eastbound fairfax county. september are lane previously blocked and moved over to right shoulder and lane and seeing a 10 minute slow down past fairfax county this morning. be prepared for that one. other an that drive times looking g i'll let you know if anything pops up you need to be aware of. any questions, erin, fox d.c. on twitter. >> 5:07 co
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whine country back in the line of new wildfire. >> and meeting between nfl players and owners ends without either side reach ago real agreement on the anthem protest. >> we're headed to break. a live look ais cot d.c. region, 5:07, 4 degrees.
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>> welcome back. firefighters are battling new fires and 6,000 homes and businesses are he destroyed and dozens of people still missing. the air quality is to bad that schools in nap accounty will be closed until next week at the earliest. >> the situation still is involving act of fire throughout the region and we have a lot of equipment and resources moving along round and we know that we have some continual red flag and fire weather conditions. psychologists in california are asked to kol veer to talk to evacuees to help them cope with the deadly impact of the wildfires. >> fire fighters in anne arrundel working to put out a fire in lauer. two or three storage trailers caught fire behind
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commercial building 8300 block of brock ridge road and another fire in silver spring injured one person and forced families out of four story apartment building and broke out skylar road near flower avenue just before 9. firefighters say the fire started because someone was smoking and that reached two alarms and caused 100,000 in damage. >> backlash over abortion clinic scheduled to open in bethesda. protesters gathered outside the property last night. dr. leroy car hart performs late term and partial bertha portions his place on germantown road closed and now he's trying to open another clinic. they're working with maryland to be licensed. >> dozens of protesters gathered outside nfl owner meeting in new york city as player owners and union reps helped talks. main issue players kneeling. roger goodell says it was
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from president trump the league will not demand players stand. >> we did not ask about that we spent today talking about the issues that our players have been trying to bring attention to. about issues in our xhup ties to make our communities be better. >> we talked about how the owners could come along side us and we can collectively, collaboratively work together to actually create change. >> both sides agree to continue discussions and work towards a positive solution. >> coming up on "fox5 news morning" attorney general jeff sessions prepared to head for a grilling to the senate committee. >> and number of packer fans began campaigning for colin kaepernick. >> and ahead to the d.c. region you're probably getting up and going and headed to work, work, work♪ >> 5:11, 4 degrees. "fox news morn
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back. back. ralph northam: i'm ralph northam, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad. narrator: ed gillespie wants to end a woman's right to choose. ed gillespie would put the government in charge of a woman's personal decisions, not women and their doctors.
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uld like to see abortion be banned. if ed gillespie would like to see abortion banned, i would like to see i would like to see i would like to see that ed gillespie never becomes governor.
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>> dow hitting all time high topping 23,000 yesterday morning before retreated. analyst say the rally was driven by financial rarity and xheekz in every corner of the globe picking up. >> jeff sessions set to testify before the senate judiciary today and expected to be routine oversight hearing and first time sessions testified on capitol hill since june when senate intelligence committee grilled him on the russian investigation. questions could include dealings with president trump. daca program and treatment of lgbt people. >> checking in on baseball news. game three of national league conversation series la dodgers pushing chicago to bring of elimination. a strong perform abc on mound by
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7 strikeouts and jansen struck out final out of the game dodgers winning 6-1 for 3-0 series league. >> yankees showed up at home and tied the siri 2-2 against astros. highlight of the night aaron judge ignited tie of the night with home run and four run eighth inning leading to 6-4 score. series tied two games a piece. game five tonight at 5:08. >> it's 5:15 now and looking outside on this wednesday morning. traffic moving really smoothly right there. but, it's only 5:15. gary mcgrady. he's talking about weather though and how it's pretty cold out there. >> wash, rinse, repeat. that's where we are. in terms of our forecast. hospital in only -- next several days right through the weekend it looks like we will be in really, really nice comfortable conditions. lots of sunshine too. and it's depending on where you are this morning i mean it's cold out there and especially suburbs where we
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upper 30s. dulles 38, bwi marshall 40 in reagan national 47. just to show you the national picture here you have a few showers down across florida. that's really it. we're dry and calm with high pressure in control central planes to midwest to mid atlantic. north east too there's a frontal system coming in pacific norm west. that's a long way from getting here. it will affect us. part of that epener jury will affect us latter part of the weekend and hoping the weekend looks good it's really next week we have a chance for showers. 71 the high today. gaithersburg 70. upper 60s. low 70s warmer than we were yesterday. yesterday high temperature in city managed up to 64. lower to mid 60s there were a lot of it. slow trending towards warmer highs next several days 'we take to you the weekend warming mid to upper 70s.
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morning will go until 9:00. notice all the way through d.c. over towards southern maryland not for anne arrundel county and not for calvert county and up to southern sections of baltimore county but just about everybody else. temperatures in suburbs this is where there's frost advisory. 47 now. 35 mannasas and you have milder temperatures back out to the west of us. again on other side of high it bring up the southerly winds and that's going all the a up to canada with 50s this morning. next couple days look like this sunny skies, 71. tomorrow, sunny, 73. it's trend. give me one second to show 7 day forecast here. real quick. reel quick. there you go so you see upper 70s through the weekend and next week unsettled here's erin. >> beautiful ending to the week who doesn't love a beautiful weekend. >> i took six seconds of your time. >> that's okay it's nasty for 5:17, 6 eastbound fairfax county parkway crash blocking
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center lane moved to right shoulder. all lanes are open and right lane previously blocked there's a slow down leading to that leex. if you try to get to the beltway be mindful you will hit that slow down. earlier crash did clear on 50 hyattsville maryland by 410. that traffic is back to no normal. rest of drive times looking good. inner loop problem free leenlon bridge and 395 at speed as well as you make your way inner loop topside is twelve minute ride 270 spur to college park and same story outer loop. quiet commute. things on gw parkway looking good and problem free the entire stretc of beltway. maryland drive times 270 qu quiet. i'll keep that in mind. i'll let you know what that slows down. holly, maureen. >> thanks, erin, 5:18 now. let's look at stories you'reen gaming with most on social media with realtime news troker. >> what is trepingd. hey, wis. >> good morning to you fist up harvey weinstein brother bob
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own female show runner that worked on spike tv with bob weinstein last year said he repeatedly came on her to despite refuse always he's denying allegations but it is investigating bob weinstein spoke out against his brother calling him de praived and saying he has no remorse for his action. >> and appeals court threw out the claim that talcum powder contributed to a woman's ovarian cancer. jacqueline form of birmingham, alabama, filed a lawsuit claiming bade powder and other johnson own johnson products played a role in her diag diagnosis. >> packer fans whant colin kaepernick as their quarterback. more than 1,000 people soond a petition to get him into a rt stag role.
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his quarterback. people are calling for kaepernick to be given another chance he's been a free agent this season and many believe national anthem controversy got him black balled from nfl. >> if you work out and wake-up even workout you better listen to this too much exercise can kill you. research hers and chicago studied exercise paterns over 25-year period white men that work out 7.5 hours a week are 86% more likely to experience buildup of plaque in arteries. that's not the case for black men. >> star wars fans yesterday ready because upcoming hans solo movie officially has a title. ron howard posted a video tuesday saying the spin-off will be called solo '"star wars" story. the movie arrives in theetser maze 25. and of course when we talk "star wars" this is my perfect opportunity do this. but lord vader we
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>> i've altered the deal pray i don't alter it any further. ♪ >> predict i believe you are. >> you too should go on the rode this thing. >> i love it. >> i love it. >> music on que and everything. i love it. >> that was teamwork. >> i'll give it to you guys. >> thanks, wisdom. >> that was g pretty good. >> all copy wednesday. >> 5:21 now m coming up your late-night deliver delivery from pizza hut may have compromised your card. >> headed to break right now. live look across the d.c. reeming don't, it's 5:2 1, 48 degrees back after this♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ do you want to do a monster check? yes. no monsters. ♪ ♪ how about the drawer? ♪ ♪ no monsters. nightly monster checks are how grant makes home his. and homegoods is what makes it all possible. amazing finds. always great prices. make home yours.
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>> pizza lovers check financial statements. pizza hut suffered a data breach on october 1 and there's a bit of controversy stirring about this pizza chain waited nearly two weeks to let customers know. 60,000 people are affected and hacksers reportedly made off with credit cart dad a, names, billing zip codes and billing addresses. >> partnering with spint prince george county schools to give free internet access. kickoff event today for joining sprint 1 million project. the project is meant to close digital divide by giving students free mobile devices with internet access and
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students with access to online information at home. google photos will now be able to pick pets out of furry l lineup. it will announce detecting photos of pet using facial recognition. feature works on cats and dogs grouping them togethers in your photo scroll. the way it does with photos with people only problem here if you have more than one of the same type of dog or cat, could be ansh u. google may have issues differentiating went pets. amazing. >> right? >> technology, man. >> all right. >> hey, gar bear. >> what's going on out there. >> listen step turz this morning are pretty chilly. that's my nickname in the morning if you don't know. i have all nicknames around this building most are good. >> oursen deering. >> i have no problems with it. >> we can say it on tv. >> right. >> maybe a couple of them you cannot i don't know. >> 5 degrees. for culpeper i'm sure i have nicknames i don't know about too. 38 degrees fredericks
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43 quantico and 45 annapolis. washington is is 47. before school, 0s and 40s. chilly, with sunshine. after school 65 to 70. we start this kind of gradual warming trend. here's the weekend. how nice is this looks warmer for saturday. 6. a few clouds around for sunday and still i think the weekend at this point really, really nice. and i have good any don't know about erin here he she shaz a lot of traffic out there this morning. >> all right. we're catching up on traffic just getting everything seted 5:26. we're still dealing with crash on 50 just left lane blocked now overturned vehicle inside beltway 50 westbound exit 5, 410. previously lanes blocked they ajust the camera to look like everything was clear. delay is minor and left lane left shoulder blocked inside the beltway. you want alternate around this beltway to 295. good news we're not seeing any major delays just yet from the beltway
5:27 am
inbound.e as we forward things along a mess in virginia. 6 eastbound. crash blocked right shoyrd out by fairfax country parkway slow down leading to location. all metro rail lines on time. back to you. >> thank you, erin. >> only coming up. many moms to be heard the expression they're heating for two now. doctors say, not so fast. >> and we continue to follow developing story about president trump phone call to widow of slain green bar a. >> let's go to break and look at the d.c. region wednesday, 48, chilly morning, folks, 5:27 is the time and we're back
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at ikea, we believe that your dream bedroom, from a bedframe with storage,
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to the softest linens, to a cozy mattress, can be yours for less. and we believe... that cozy should never be costly. and we believe... >> travel ban blocked. hawaii stopping travel policy and record milestone the dow breaks through 2,000 mark highlighting growth in international sectors. fox "fox 5 news morning" starts right now. >> good morning to you thank you very much for joining us. it's wednesday, october 18. >> airport airport watching roads and gary mcgrady talking weather, good morning. >> chilly start out there this morning. back in the 30s again. frost possible too. erin has a lot of traffic. >> i'm trying to take off jacket
5:31 am
as we look live dealing with backup fairfax county eastbound. 50 westbound crash 410 we have the latest for you. >> 5:30 is the time now. >> if you're just getting up here's a check on top stories. police there tell us would be thieves took out a wall of a shell gas station in clinton, maryland. and they tried to steal atm. that station is on wood yard road soux joint base andrews. they apparently did not get away with money machine and left behind a lot of damage. we have a crew on the way to the scene and we'll share updates when we get them. >> we're also following developing story that has many people talking. it concerns president trump and controversial phone call that he made to the widow of fallen green bar a. >> remains of army sergeant johnson in miami one of four green berets killed in after condition country of
5:32 am
they called the sergeant pregnant widow to offer con dole epss and fred rica wilson was in the room for the phone call and said the president was sarcastic and insensitive. >> he was sorry that she had sympathy but he was hoping that even though her husband gave his life for this cou country, sarcastically he said, but you know he must have known what he signed up for. >> the family confirmed the president added, but when it happens it hurts anyway. time now is 5:3 2. president new travel ban was scheduled to go into effect the day it would have involved limitations on travel to eight kuptyes and that will not hanen at least for a while. a federal judge in hawaii temporarily blocked the ban. judge is granting state of hawaii request to temporarily
5:33 am
from enforcing policy. >> 5:2 now there could soon be a deal to extend obamacare health insurance exchanges for another two years. democrat and republicans agree to revive something president trump killed last week. federal funds for insurance companies that offer certain obamacare plans known as cost sharing reduction payments. however this agreement is not a done deal. even if it squeaks through senate may face nor resistance in the house. >> also in the news this morning three people pled guilty to killing a 15-year-old girl from montgomery country. damaras reef he questions. was found dead in springfield in february. her death was revenge killing, ms 13 gang members believe she lured a noon his death three weeks earlier all suspect made deals in skaiching for their testimony against other us is expect a man indicted of stabbing a person to death on hate crimes. shawn
5:34 am
death collins before he graduated from college. presidential he was a member of racist facebook group. it took fbi months of examining evidence before prosecutors were comfortable calling the murder 'a hate crime. >> 5:34. baseball. dodgers are one game away from going to world series. they pushed chicago to game of elimination rigly field. dodgers 6, cubs 1. game four tonight at 9:01 and game four american league championship. in the bronx. yankees, houston astros, aaron judge knocked back a homer in the 7th. tied up in the 8th with a double. new york wins this 6-4 that series died up 2-2 game five at 5:08. >> all right time now to talk weather with gary mcgrady. i'm amazed this is how yankees keep finding those guys. >> i've moved on from baseball let's talk basketball wizards
5:35 am
>> i want to say one thing about baseball then get to the forecast there's so much to talk about. can we leave a starting pitcher in for for more than six innings. >> we want to keep it exciting. >> astros put in reliever. >> aaron judge is a beast. >> i can think the out of the park if you give me a meat ball over the plate. i really can't. >> i know. >> all of a sudden you're aaron judge. >> i chase the high balls that is what i do. >> solve them on the baseball field. >> 65 to 70 after school sunshine and please somebody beat dodgers one game. that's it. i'm done. i'm done. i'm off my soap box. sunny skies all day long and wisdom says it's cold out this morning, it is too, it is. trending warmer, right on through the weekend, temperatures by the weekend will be in the mid to upper 70s. it really looks like the weekend looks good. next week a little unsettled and next week, monday, tuesday, showers around here and we start
5:36 am
for some colder air coming in towards the end of month closer to halloween. it will you know it will be the coldest air we had so far and this season look at satellite and radar. it's void of any weather system. few showers down for no day and way out in pacific north west and today's high upper 60s and low 0s and warmer than yesterday. we were 6 today and we get up to 71 or so. here's erin como. just trying to stay warm this morning. trying to stay warm. >> i'm trying to stay warm, too, gary. chilly out. there grab your jacket. as you make your way 66 eastbound we have a crash that blocks right shoulder you see flashing lights before fairfax county parkway. again slow moving sea of traffic crowding lanes once you pass that point to beltway things open up. as we move over to a look in maryland now we are dealing with a slow down that is starting to build from the beltway to 295. we're dealing with crash involveding over turned car. it is blocking left shoulder and lane out
5:37 am
watch for delays excite five. you with take the beltway 295 to get around that. crash 5 northbound after 301 causing delays in southern maryland blocking shoulder metro on time. questions erinfoxdc twitter, wisdom. >> 5:37 is the time coming up on "fox news morning" result of new study revealing just how bad the nation's on yat epidemic has gotten. >> if you're first time mom to be don't believe expression you're eating for two. >> live look across the region 5:47, temp 48. back in a moment.
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vo: john adams' prescription for health care would be a disaster for virginia families. adams supports letting insurance companies deny coverage for pre-existing conditions. seniors would be charged thousands more. 685,000 virginians would lose their health care. and adams is against medicaid expansion - denying coverage to thousands of veterans, children and the disabled. john adams: higher costs, less coverage, hurting virginians. mark: i'm mark herring, candidate for attorney general, and i sponsored this ad. dear suspicious snackers, it's time for you to pick up your big spoon and try new hood cottage cheese. it's a whole world of smooth, sweet and savory flavors, packed with satisfying protein. yours truly, always good. always hood.
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ralph northam: i'm ralph northam and as a doctor, nobody ever asked if i'm a democrat or republican. they just want my help. so if donald trump is helping virginia i'll work with him. but donald trump proposed cutting virginia's school funding, rolling back our clean air and water protections, and taking away health care from thousands of virginians. as a candidate for governor, i sponsored this ad because i've stood up to donald trump on all of it. ed gillespie refuses to stand up to him at all.
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welcome back to "fox 5 news morning" today is wednesday october 18, a:40 you need a jacket or sweater to head out this morning. it's cold. dar gar packing four minute or so. >> 5:40 is the time now. talking health news. staggering new report says more americans were killed by opiates in 2016 alone than in the entire vietnam war which lasted for 19 years more than 64,000 americans died of overdose last year and more than 58,000 were killed in vietnam and report was done by police executive reserve forum and researchers are now calling for immediate action on overdose epidemic. >> if you're expecting a bundle of
5:41 am
doctors even though eating for two you should not double caloric intake. it doesn't mean having two or three helpings. women helmy weight should gain between 5 and 35 pounds and over waikt women should gain 15 to 0 pounds and. >> recent study and some had to stay in the hospital for longer period of time and had significantly higher chance to return to the hospital within 30 days. >> coming up on "fox news morning" prince george county leaders getting ready to unveil new help for victims of domestic violence. >> about to begin a new chapter in never ending legal battle over ezekiel elliot suspension. >> a live look outside 5:4 1. 48 the temp. back in a moment.
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>> 5:44 time. welcome back. cold outside. says it all right? >> yeah but you know what it's a fabulous fall week. >> oh, my gosh i don't reason a week this nice and it takes us right on through the weekend, too. >> you do that green thing in the sky. >> mist. >> misting okay. >> watt a minute, gary, before you go. >> we might have to see that. >> i was trying
5:45 am
it was. >> wizards tonight open up against the sixers i have to turn that way. >> they open with a victory against the sixers. >> championship reason now. >> is that your size. >> it is. >> is that the your size. >> it happens to be that yeah. >> wizards tonight against the sixers sixers are young and up area coming but they still stink. >> whatever. >> so -- >> they do. >> we don't care about young and up and coming we wants old and established on the road to victory right? >> wizards are good why do you say that about the sixers? >> i'm good. i'm good. just funny. >> those are fact they do stink washington next team to break our heart. >> well, he they are in the same conference with lebron james. >> right. >> it's okay. >> it's okay. >> everybody has a shot. >> everybody is champion at the beginning of season. that's what i love. >> that's right. >> it all starts level playing field. here's where we are with the frost this morning. p potentially frost. i don't think frost so much in the city even though frost advisory does include d.c..
5:46 am
and down through southern maryland, st. mary country even with frost advisory in place until 9:00. 39 degrees in gaithersburg and sorry leonardtown still i think there's something wrong with the site and it's not giving us current temperature. so, temperatures down there probably in low 40s. annapolis 45. quants co4. fredericksburg 8. again western and southwestern suburbs in mid 30s this morning. couple days look really nice. sunny skies today. temperatures warm up. 74 for a high of upper 60s. low 70s. tomorrow we add a couple degrees. ben we stay sunny high pressure nicely in charm. look today nothing but sunshine. 69 by 2:00. weep top out 71 for high temperature. this is future cast. obviously not a lot going on for is u high pressure remains in control and it will take a while for the high pressure to get off to the east of us. and as the high pressure does try to get off east of us it does
5:47 am
it will try to warm us up a little bit and opens the door if you will for more weather systems to get here and the high pressure still in control through the weekend. and by next monday and tuesday, that's when we'll have our next chance of getting a few showers in here and then much colder temperatures come in looks like latter part of next week. with this type of pattern, we say sunny, dry, and well gradually warming the next several days. 71 today. 73 tomorrow. we had a couple of degrees basically each day as we get on into the weekend. next week, a little unsettled, here's erin. >> 5:47 we have police activity in northwest. canal road and fox hall road you can see the police car vehicle directing traffic out there and volume light enough not cause any delays i'll let you know if it changes and southern maryland through brandywine this morning route 5 northbound after 31 brandywine crashing to shoulder and is causing a delay as you head up north past that
5:48 am
at 66 earlier crash fairfax county parkway. it cleared. right now we're just dealing with a little heavy volume leftover towards the beltway not enough to cause major delays on drive time this morning. pretty much speed gainsville to the beltway. if you skip roads and take rails all metro rail lines on time. still can't give up the jacket it's a little chilly, wisdom, holly. >> 5:48 is the time now. we want to go back to breaking news we told you about a few minutes ago. we have live pictures coming n take a look at this. from clinton, maryland where thieves tried to steal an atm from shell gas station. they didn't get atm you can see they left a large hole in front of store. this is shell at 822 8 wood yard road south of joint base andrews. sharing more details as they come in. picture say a lot there though, wow. >> 5:48 the time. "fox5" update on the deadliest hot air balloon
5:49 am
u.s. history national transportation safety board says pilot skip nickels had enough over the counter aunt histamine benadryl in his system to mimic blood alcohol level of drunk driver and was on valium and oxycodone. it's recommended balloon pilots submit same medical checks as airline pilots. >> 5:49 happening today state attorney gavrping la a alsobrooks said to announce a new fund to assist vicks till of domestic violence with housing when they are attempting to leave a vie lant situation. the this is the first time a kupty received funding for this type of house ago signature answer. >> hundreds of people are expected to march from u.s. capital to trump hotel to demand a plan from congregation on recovery efforts for those battererred by hurricane irma, harvey and maria. the damage from three monster stomz is in the
5:50 am
trump administration has been facing backlash for response to three hurricanes especially puerto rico where maria left the island in despair. >> 5:48 back with what is hot on web. stories you're engaging with most. >> pawr mature is back with what is trending. >> more women are coming forward about theiren counters with harvey weinstein. actress lauren holly and liina henne are latest victims to break silence. weinstein disrobed and use bathroom in front of her and then showered and asked for massage. "game of thrones" star lema heady had twoen counters one venice where he asked her to walk to the beach and another hotel he asked her up to the room. meantime whine strain brother bob weinstein is accused of sexual harassment. tv producer said he made several unwanted advancing to her last year. >> nfl forces players to stand for national anthem. league team owners and players net new york yesterday to discuss
5:51 am
discuss the anthem controversy. president trump criticized players that neal saying they're disrespectful to american flag and u.s. military members. but players say trump is wrong they're not protesting plaque they're protesting racial injustice and plan to have another meeting in the near future. free agent colin kaepernick that started the movement was not invited to the meeting. >> saga continues to for dallas cowboys ezekiel elliot he was cleared to play this sun. last week they a judge is temporarily blocking the suspension once again. >> pole dancing could become olympic event in the next ten years now that it's been formally recognized as sport. international pole sports federation can apply for membership of international olympic committee. there's 5 million people taking part in pole sports and practiced in more than 80 countries. those are trending headlines. >> i'm not saying
5:52 am
right? >> moving on. >> 5:51. thanks our time right now royal prince george and princess charlotte will meet newest in spring con firping third child will be born april 2018 the couple announced last they were expecting with april due date royal baby number three birthday will arrive shortly before princess charlotte on may 2. >> let's talk taco bell because taco bell welcomes back steal a base steal a taco proposal owe for the world series. assuming someone manages to steal a base november 1 and 7 games you can score free taco. buttock if no one manages to steal a base throughout series you will not get any free tacos. there you go. >> onlt on those dates 2 to 6 p.m. >> 1 to 7 and 2 to 6 there you go. >> 5:52 if you ever lost something in airport and never retrieved
5:53 am
new home. airports auction everything from cellphone charge others to abandoned cars. spokesperson for pittsburgh international airport say people leave behind a dozen cars a year. >> we had to find eye way to get rid of the abandoned cars frankly. >> that's craziest thing i ever heard. at pittsburgh international airport all money from airport auctions goes to charity. >> how do you leave a car at the airport. >> right? >> okay. all right. 5:53 is the time and less than two weeks away from halloween. plenty of people put out decorations and some think this display outside of a house is too scary for halloween. one woman stopped in tracks when should saw fake bodies living from trees. they did not mean to offend anyone. "fox5" wanted to know what other decorations and we got mixed reaction from people. >> i don't think that is appropriate right there. not for my kids. >> people my age think it's funny and certain people scares them. >> people aren't decorating
5:54 am
see more of it you know. i don't think it svr too far. >> homeowner says deck races are not going anywhere and plans to add more this week. a little much for me that my opinion. just me. six is minutes before the hour. look that facebook fan of the day. good morning, jojo. >> jojo wisdom is a huge fox fan. he watches every morning before his walk. >> jojo turned 1 year old on october 11 and little guy has a favorite. he adorz allison see more. >> of course he z. who does not. allison seymour. >> thanks for watching, joxt ojo i hope you enjoy your w walk. >> that picture makes me happy. i love jojo. >> all right. gary. what's up. >> jojo getting in lots of walks this week. >> jojo picture of fall levers this year could be there's a lot of leaves
5:55 am
falling, 30s and 40s for school before the bus stop. chilly. sunshine when it comes up today. after school sunshine. temperatures 65 to 70. trending warmer around here. add a couple degrees each day as we head into the weekend temperatures mid to upper 70s with good sunshine. we're liking that. high pressure is in control from atlantic all the way out to central planes there's a storm system coming in now into north west and that's a long way away. piece of that storm may afengt us as we go into beginning part of next week. sunny today, 71 year. 70 gaithersburg. pick your spots. lots of upper 60s and lower 70s sure to please martin burges to winchester and upper 60s to 70. here yours 7 day forecast. sunny, sunny, sunny next several days. as we start getting into the latter part of weekend on sunday we'll stay dry. i believe we'll get a few more clouds sunday. it looks really, raelly nice.
5:56 am
77 sunday. and chance of shower monday. as frontal system gets close to us and looks like pretty good rain coming up on tue tuesday. here's erin como. she's warmed up a little bit. no more jacket. >> my jacket is on the chair patiently waiting to be put back on. >> up fortunately a lot of things in the dmv. canal and fox road norm west. police aactivity taking out enter is are immediate quaian and officer directing traxing. it could cause slow downs when folks hit the road. volume is light enough it is not causing aproblem. use caution past that officer helping to direct traffic. as you move things over district inbound north capitol crash on shoulder and no major delays just yet we're dealing with delays on 50 inside the beltway inbound side crash involving over turned car still blocks left shoulder and lane this is westbound side at exit 5 maryland 4:10 delays from beltway to 295 give
5:57 am
from beltway to 295 give yourself ten extra minutes rights now a side from that one we have a crash blocking shoulder brandywine and 5 northbound after brandywine road down to 18 miles an hour past the season. all metro rail lines are on time. we have you covered this wednesday morning.
5:58 am
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>> breaking right now 6 a.m. thieves try to steal an at nrxt maryland gas station and police are on the scene and suspect on the run. also ahead this morning. >> sarcastically he said. >> and he must have fwheen he signed out for. >> and president's words to fallen service member. questions now were his remarks taken out of context. >> live look outside on this wednesday morning. it's october 18, weather and traffic coming up on the fives at 6:05. >> well if you just get up at 6:00 let's get you caught unon top stories. break news overnight robbery gone wrong in prince george county, would be thieves try to steal an atm and leave a mess behind instead. >> annie yu arrived on the scene in clinton maryland with the story now. good morning. >> hey, good morning to you allison and steve. station attendant


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