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tv   Fox 5 News 5  FOX  October 20, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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shot in the back, he was found in an apartment when first responders arrived. it's not clear if that's where the shooting took place. at first, there wasn't much information on how many suspects there may be but we just learned via twitter, dc police just putting out they're looking for two suspects, described as two black males wearing all black clothing with twisted hairstyle and they're driving a gray colorado honda bearing virginia tags. so that's a look-out this happened about 4:07 p.m. 1900 block of 3rd northeast, that's right up it says with. street, right where mckinley tech high school. we'll bring you an update when we get one. more breaking news in washington county maryland. one person dead after either falling or jumping from a cliff in harper's ferry national historic park around 2:30 this
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investigating right now. we're still sure if that person was a climber. it has happened once again. tonight, federal officials are investigating another case that could be a hate crime. a rope in the shape of a noose was found at a federal facility. this time a post office. over last year, there had been nooses found across the region, american university r the national museum of african-american history and culture. a construction site and croft ton middle school. matt ackland is live in gaithersburg with more on this recent case. >> reporter: sarah, i just talked to an official not five minutes ago. he tells me that postal inspectors are working this case. it happened on monday, that's when the discovery was made to give you an idea we're in gaithersburg you can see this is where the customers go over here, this is shady grove road. that might give you an idea of where we are. it's a large postal facility.
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piece of rope that was kind of in the shape of a noose was found. it is the maintenance facility. the person i just talked to on the phone, who represents the postal service says it was placed on a piece of equipment. here's the thing. they don't know if it was actually a noose, representative of a hate symbol or if it was being used for something else within the facility. they say they're talking to people trying to figure that out. also, i spoke with the fbi a little bit earlier today. they have been involved in this as well. when it comes to a hate crime at this point, federal agencies are not saying that they believe this is a hate crime. they're simply saying this happened on monday. they have been investigating it, they're talking to folks here at the facility, they don't believe anyone is in danger. but they're still trying to get to the bottom of this. we'll keep you updated on this one live in gaithersburg, matt ackland fox 5 local news.
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prince william's county, a high school football game is being played now incentive later tonight for security reasons. >> the change is reportedly to allow greater security after an anonymous threat against one of the football coaches. tisha lewis is live in woodbridge with the story. what's going on? >> reporter: well, sarah and jim, police tell us they have no reason to believe this is a credible threat but just in case, you can see behind me as people go into the game, there is an enhanced and stepped up police presence. now, we're told that moving the game to daylight hours will, in fact, help police keep a better eye on the situation. and whatever it is that may unfold. game started at 5:00. potomac high school is playing freedom high school here at potomac, no backpacks, no purses or bulky items are allowed. these are extra precautions being taken to help everyone feel safe at this game. the game was initially as scheduled to start at
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before this threat surfaced. school district's top brass made the call and did not want to take any chances. >> i was just talking to my husband about it and i think it's absolutely ridiculous, you know, two high school teams get together and, you know, yes, someone is going to win, someone will lose, but i just wish that things weren't like this in the world today >> the concern that somebody would actually do that. i mean, part of me think some idiot kid is doing a stupid thing, i think they're doing what they need to do and that's a good thing. >> reporter: well, attendance has picked up, noticeably absent from tonight's game are the droves of fan that is typically attend these friday night high school football games, at least i can remember growing up here in prince william's county. the games would be so packed there would be cars lined up along the curbs and you'd
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cars, you're not seeing that, most of the people are either involved or participating in some way, shape or form. it's important to know that the district again made this call, made this decision police say they did not make the call to move the game up two hours, the district, the school district made that call. just as a precaution. tisha lewis fox 5 local news. to the district now starting this weekend if you live, work play along one stretch of connecticut avenue you'll have to find different parking. here's what's going down, parking will be prohibited on connecticut avenue all the way particular rhode island to dupont circle. a lot of people going out there on the weekends and the reason they're doing this is they're setting up pickup and drop off zones, corey kauffman is out there live right now. what's going on? >> reporter: it is a bit of the calm before the storm. they started implementing this
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now cars are able to be out here of right now, they shouldn't be out here, because of the heavy traffic hours right now. but we're talking about the district department of transportation and they're doing this for safety. because typically, right when you get people from uber and lyft and attacks where they drop off will be wherever they can along these roadways here because of this parking lane where all of these cars and trucks remain. so from rhode island all the way to dupont is where this will be in effect from now on from 10:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. and these are the signs you'll be looking for right here. there are no parking tow lane restrictions and these are the new signs the city put up. 10:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. thursday through sunday. this is an experiment by district department of transportation to see if they can help out with some of these safety concerns from the pedestrians who are dropped i was along the
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trying to run over to these businesses. as these businesses grow, you know, it does become an increasing concern during the night life when it gets very, very busy. so this experiment going to last about a year, we'll talk to businesses and residents, see how they feel about it because the nighttime parking is necessary for a lot of these side streets here in these homes and stuff. we'll chat with them. we'll come back to you guys at 6:00 and let you know how everything is going and how people feel about this. guys back to you. >> you have been warned. if you go out there, you know. coming up a woman accused of beating her boyfriend to death with a bat over a two-day period returns to court >> details on why she says she did it. new sexual assault accusations against harvey weinstein. oscar award winning actress comes forward sharing visit details of weinstein's disturbing behavior. it's easy for them to manipulate when you have nothing >> a forr
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trafficking speaks out about years of abuse she suffered at the hands of other sex workers, they're able to manipulate girls and make they will feel pressured to continue in the sex trade coming up. we got fall coming and going, coming and going, can't quite make up its mind but the weekend, we got a warmup, i'll have the details coming up in a bit. stay with us, back after the break. break.
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. a dc woman has been sentenced to ten years in prison in the beating death of her boyfriend. 68-year-old thomas i in a bennett was charged with voluntary manslaughter for killing 63-year-old walter clark in her epa. clark was found unconscious in a closet with trauma to his body. according to court documents, bennett told police she beat clark way baseball bat over a two-day period because he made her smoke a street drug. there's more fall-out in the sexual abuse allegations against harvey weinstein, yet another major hollywood actress claims she too is a a victim >> lupita nyongo said he gave her an ultimatum for sex. >> evan lambert better is live with more. lupita nyongo joins a long list of women to come forward with allegations against weinstein in an op
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she said she met the mogul in 2011 when she was a student at the yale school of drama. she said weinstein invited her to a screening of a film in his home in connecticut. she claims weinstein told her they were going to have the watch one of his competitors film. she said he tried to take off his pants in front of her. the actress said weinstein's children were in a nearby ram the whole time. lupita nyongo goes on to say she told him she felt unsafe and was eventually able to leave. few months later, the actress says weinstein invited her to another screening in new york, she thought there would be other people there. but when she arrived, it was just her and weinstein. that's when she said he gave her an ultimatum for sex. saying, quote, if you want to be an actress you have to be will go to do this sort of thing. lupita nyongo declined and quickly left. lupita nyongo is the latest actress to publicly accuse weinstein sexual assault. other
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angelina jolie, gwenneth paltrow, ashley >> udd, kate beck insail. the fbi conducted a nationwide sex trafficking to rescue dozens of under age boys and girls forced into prostitution. the annual investigation is called operation cross country. fox's ray, bow began is more. >> 84 under age boys and girls forced into prostitution are safe after a nationwide fbi sting. it led to the arrest of 120 human traffickers. one of the victims was just three months old. >> a way for them to make money, they can turn them into prostitutes and it can be a lucrative business for them and it's a pretty horrific business. >> reporter: one trafficker was arrested after making a deal with undercover
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a 16-year-old girl in texas was rescued after a woman told an undercover agent they both have sex with him for $200. >> it's not to arrest her but it's to help rescue and give her another opportunity and identify the circumstances that she's in. >> reporter: this operation took place in casinos, hotels, truck stops and street corners around the country. the rescued victims are offered counciling and other services to help them get back on their feet >> you're not in trouble. >> reporter: a former victim known as ali had a master's degree but used heroin and found herself on the streets of philadelphia. she said pimps can make girls feel pressure to continue in the sex trade because it's their only source of income and shelter. >> in the beginning, it's easy for them to manipulate you when you have nothing and they're literally providing you with everything. >> that was ray bogan reporting, this is the 11th operation cross country which now runs internationally in canada, the
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u.k. and several countries in anywhere live look down the national monument. >> this is october 20 and, ten days away -- 11 days away from november at this point. so you're saying if i mention it, fall comes quickly >> you just never know, jim, we don't want him to jinx us. everyone is enjoying this wonderful weather. beautiful sunshine, where else can you go and it's october and 75 almost towards november that month. well, right here. we've got wonderful weather, you go out for beautiful walks, whatever you like, definitely the weather was cooperating. we have a northwesterly wind that's going to change, we'll see more of a southerly flow. it will get warmer. he will where, we are currently at 76 at culpeper. same at fredericksburg, 74 at dulles, 75 at frederick. and 75 at martinsberg and 77 at cumberland, the winds are now moving in from the north, a little cool and you'll
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tonight as a result of that. but we're talk a wind flow definitely going to change as we get into the weekend, we'll get a southerly flow and that's going to help to boost our temperatures. right now, satellite and radar showing you we got clear conditions and mostly clear skies for tonight. we'll see a few high clouds, other than that, we've got major system coming our way. and here it is. all the way over to the west right now. but it will eventually make its way towards us and that's going to really give us quite a different weather pattern once we get into the early part of the week. in the meantime if you're heading out, your evening forecast at the 7:00 hour, 66, 62 by 9:00. 59 by the 11:00 hour, so that all translates into take a jacket or at least a warm sweater for anywhere you're going to go. so the weekend is warming up. we got temperatures heading into the mid to upper 70's, unbelievable for this time of year. i know we're wondering how it happens. it won't last and temperatures continue to be above the
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details in that all important seven-day forecast just a bit. president trump a stand on nfl players who kneel. what he hopes >> it's too easy to defraud the system right now. >> attorney general jeff sessions discusses his plans to uphold president trump's immigration priorities including the implementation of a new internet based system to verify that employees are legal. back after this.
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ralph northam: i'm ralph northam, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad. narrator: ed gillespie wants to end a woman's right to choose. ed gillespie would put the government in charge of a woman's personal decisions, not women and their doctors. as governor, ed gillespie says, i would like to see abortion be banned. if ed gillespie would like to see abortion banned, i would like to see i would like to see i would like to see that ed gillespie never becomes governor.
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. demonstrators taking the streets in texas to protest jeff sessions. he was in in austin to talk about plans to enforce president trump's immigration policy. protesters say the policies including
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funding for sanctuary cities go against american principles >> the administrations plans will fix it. >> the president proposed hiring more than 10,000 ice officers, 1,000 new ice attorney, 300 new prosecutors. and nearly 400 new immigration judges to deal with the backlog we're facing. the president supports mandating the use of the verified system, which is an internet based system that allows employers to verify that those they hire are legally authorized to work in the united states. under the plan, it would be illegal to discriminate against american workers in favor of foreign workers. and the president is also confronting the state and local jurisdictions that have immigration laws through so-called sanctuary
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>> sessions also saying president's immigration reform plan includes building the wall on the u.s. border. a federal judge said arpao's guilty record will stay on his record. >> president trump pardoned him, ar pio wanted the it dismissed and prevent it from being used in future cases as an example of a prior bad act. but the judge says a pardon does not erase a conviction. president trump stepping up pressure on the nfl over protest by players >> the president is launching a petition asking people to show support for standing during the anthem. the position on the rnc website doesn't indicate how many people assigned but asks for people's zip code and e-mail. it comes after roger goodell's rejected the president's calls to punish players. milania trump
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inaugural ball to the smithsonian. >> the dress will be placed in the national museum of american history's first ladies exhibit. it will be showcased alongside several others worn by first ladies in history, including jaclyn kennedy and michelle obama. >> what i would ware to the inaugural ball was the last thing on my mind. in fact, by the time i got around to thinking about my war drobe choice, he was only given two weeks to design and produce this piece. >> and the smithsonian said the first lady's collection has been one of its most popular attractions more than a century. everybody loves to come and gather and look at those beautiful gowns. >> it's a big deal. coming up, have police worn body camera made an impact in the district >> paul wagner is working that story tonight.
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bit of a question and answer here from the deputy mayor for public safety as to whether this program should continue. i'll have that story straight ahead. back to you. >> i'm let you go on a warrant and you're giving me somebody else's name. dramatic video on screen showing a suspect pulling a gun on an officer during a traffic stop. we'll show you how this one ended next. vo: john adams' prescription for health care would be a disaster for virginia families. adams supports letting insurance companies deny coverage for pre-existing conditions. seniors would be charged thousands more. 685,000 virginians would lose their health care. and adams is against medicaid expansion - denying coverage to thousands of veterans, children and the disabled. john adams: higher costs, less coverage, hurting virginians. mark: i'm mark herring, candidate for attorney general, and i sponsored this ad.
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this is fox 5 local news at 5:00. ♪ ♪. those videos i think are game changers.
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it's for the purpose of airing out the facts at trial. ♪ ♪. ♪ ♪. no doubt seen a lot of body camera footage. now a long awaited study on dc police body worn cameras has come up with surprising results >> they get the same number of complaints as those who do not ware them and the same goes for use of force, there's no discernable difference >> paul wagner joining us live from dc police headquarters with more on that story. paul? >> yes, some last couple hours, we've been talking to officials in the city from the mayor's office and chief's office, i can tell you they were surprised with these results. both the police chief, his officials as well as officials in the mayor's office, let's show you some of the police body camera footage that we've had for a few months now. just a give you an idea on what has been recorded here over the
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the two year long study involved 2,220 police officerses and sergeants and compared those officers' interactions with the public. half had the cameras and the other half did not. quoting from the study, it says the author came up with this, that what did we find when we compared the treatment and control groups? we found that body worn cameras had no statistical significant effects on any of the measured outcomes. now, what does that mean? turns out officers wearing body cameras reported using force about as often as the officers who were not. in addition, citizen complaints against the 2,200 officers with and without cameras were about the same. results surprised official in the police department. law enforcement agency considering adopting body wonder cameras
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peter newsham said our comprehensive body worn camera program is one of the ways we can continue building on the trust we have with the community. not only does it offer greater transparency. let me bring in the deputy mayor for public safety. kevin donahue. this is a multi-million program. does the city continue with this program knowing these results. >> it will. we have to think about what originally drew cities around country to get body cameras, there were moments like ferguson, here in dc where you had police community interactions where there was legitimately unanswered questions and police and the community wanted to know what happened. body cameras we know do that and have done that here in dc. but this study looked at other questions. in addition to that, does it change how police and community
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does it reduce use of force? and at least for dc, we found cameras didn't do that. but the original purpose for that clarity and transparency is why we got them in the first place and we'll continue to use them. >> reporter: i can tell you one place in particular was the shooting on christmas day, where you had a family saying there was no knife involved. of however, the police body camera video showed specifically that there was a knife involved in that shooting. so one of the reasons why these cameras are going to continue to be used by mpd. live, paul wagner fox 5 local news. dramatic new video released by the utah police department shows a suspect jumping out of a car with what appears to be a gun pointing at an officer. >> they be
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him a fake name. >> officer sill toe is talking. the video is from corporal vance body camera >> one is a vet and one the other one swat officer ethics are both two technically sound guys. >> watch how the situation turns in a moment >> i'm trying to work with you guys, you're giving me somebody else's name. >> are you kidding me? are you kidding me? stupid. put your hands on your back. put your hands around your back. >> let's take it second by second. door opens and the first click of a trigger pull happens in less than one second. the suspect steps out of the car, vance is raising his hand and sill toe behind the door on the left drawn his gun. the suspect's gun clicked everything else more times, only two seconds passed. next, vance slaps the suspect's gun away. sill toe's gun is aimed and
5:33 pm
ready. three seconds passed. the suspect is disarmed. the second officer had actually saw the handgun come up and drew his, his gun, and with all intentions on shooting the suspect, but it happened so fast the officer was already up close and personal with the suspect. the second officer was. >> reporter: nine seconds the suspect is on the ground. turns out it was never a real threat >> it wasn't until they went to inspect the gun further it was a be bee bee gun but it had the weight of a real handgun >> in the next moments the suspect shouts what sounds like kill me. no one died, but what if >> what if that gun would have been real? then the realization kicks in as to what could have happened. >> back to breaking news, reports of a shooting in the district involving a 16-year-old
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and t street in northeast >> let's get back to lauren demarco, now live on the scene with more for us, lauren, what do you know? >> reporter: sarah and jim, we just arrived but you can see behind me definitely still an active scene, police are here, they've been talking with people who live in the area, they seem to be coming in and out of one apartment up there to the left. so there's a forensic unit out here as well. what we know is there was a 16-year-old boy who was shot in the back. i'm told he was inside an apartment when first responders arrived but they're not sure exactly where the shooting took place. the good news is that he was taken to the hospital conscious and breathing. but again, 16-year-old shot in the back. as of right now, there's a look-out for two possible suspects, two black males, they're reportedly wearing all black clothing, hair described as a hairstyle with twists, driving a gray honda with virginia tags. that's the
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right now, seems police are just interviewing people in this area, there are a lot of young people around. we're just about a block from mckinley tech high school, and this is the same area here in ward five we've seen two other high profile shootings of teenagers since august. there was sear kelly and sit nar both shot and killed teenagers since august here in this area, we reached out to council member kenya mcduffy's office to see if he's paying attention to think i know it's on his radar, but a 16-year-old, taken to the hospital, conscious and breathing, expected to survive. a look out for the two suspects, two black males wearing all black, hair in twists, gray honda bearing virginia tags. that's the latest in northeast. back to the studio. this next story may be able to help out officers in that situation in the future. police cruiser may be able to help track down
5:36 pm
a new dash cam designed to use artificial intelligence may help officers locate suspects. spot weapons and identify vehicles even before the officer does. the technology sets the table for law enforcement officials to better utilize the information. police departments across the a country have expressed interest in using artificial intelligence to help cut down on crime. this is a huge change for the nationals, once again. >> and a final farewell at rfk stadium. brody logan has the story. >> reporter: hey, sarah, it's probably most hallowed of sports grounds in dc, and there's only one match left. we'll preview everything going on for last match at rfk coming up this weekend. we'll have that in a bit. jim? >> an act of kindness from a 12-year-old girl from maryland. her birthday wish? to collect water for the victims of hurricane maria in puerto rico and man has she met her goal and beyond. now she needs one more favor, we'll tell you what it is. gwen? >> we got a big change c
5:37 pm
our way, take a look, temperature-wise into the 70's but we got warmer air heading our way for the weekend. but cooler air is right behind it to the west coast coming here also, i'll have the details and we'll be back after the break. k after the break.
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. did you have the teat dusty baker is out. the nats say the search for a new manager will begin immediately and we're talking about a guy who's had success with the team at least during regular season, 90 win seasons and back-to-back division titles but dusty baker out as nats manager. dc united pla
5:41 pm
home match at rfk stadium >> the next season the home will finally have a home of its own in southwest dc, brody logan is live at rfk for the big finally i guess you could call it. brody? >> the big finally is this weekend. jim and sarah and this is such a hallowed ground when you're in here, you can feel all of the history in this stadium at rfk. five nfc championship games for the redskins, they won all five. mls cups for dc united, there are still seats where frank howard hit homers, you can see the white seats, in the 500 section, that's where frank howard hit homers for the senators. almost six decades of history in this building and potentially the last sporting event in this building will be this weekend. lindsay simpson from dc united. you've known all year this was coming, what can fans expect from this weekend, even fans
5:42 pm
here and say good-bye to rfk >> when you talk about rfk you talk about the legends, the memories, moment that is have happen. one important thing that dc united are doing this weekend are bringing back the legends. tomorrow there will be open training, last ever training session on the stadium field will be open to fan, legends are coming, they will sign autographs after the session, that's at 10:00 ma'am. sunday is the legends game. we brought these guy back to play one last game. we have some of the biggest names in u.s. soccer history playing on this field one last time. that starts at 1:45. the game will be live streamed and then dc united take on the red bulls trying to win the atlantic cup before the season. >> reporter: that's going to be a great atmosphere because you've had a lot of tickets sold for this match. are there still tickets available >> this will end up being one of the top selling games in dc united regular season history. right now, we're expecting about
5:43 pm
stands can hold about 46,000, so we're getting close to full capacity, which is phenomenonal. it's one of the largest turn-outs. >> not only close to 40,000, but rodney will be here >> ronnie >> ronnie the racoon who living potentially in rfk? ronnie will be here and i want to show you guy as little souvenir, you can get rfk dirt. this is legitimate rfk dirt. i'll bring it home, it is not hot sauce. it's in a hot sauce bottle. >> don't leave it on the kitchen table. it is not a con meant. >> i wonder if it's related to the pet rock >> shawn was asking me if i had hot sauce in my desk. >> let's see what happens. >> all right >> thank you, brody, big match obviously for sure. >> what do we think >> great weather this weekend, beginning of the week,
5:44 pm
that's what weather is all about. take a look outside right now. we've got incredible weather this time of year. mr. tony perkins is walking up around in here laughing at my forecast but you know what? he's trying to steal camera time from me and everything else. i can't wait till you get to the news desk. pay back. you know what pay back is all about? take a look at the highs today. 77 at reagan, 76 at dulles, same at bwi marshall, absolutely fan it has been lus weather for this time of year and temperatures in the 70's this hour, we're ending into october, the end of october is near, we should be cooler than this. chilly for overnight. overnight lows in the 50's to the north and northwest we'll actually see some of those 40's out there and i can't rule out patchy fog in the overnight hours especially to the west. tomorrow's planner looks
5:45 pm
lots of sunshine. we're warming up to the 70's again. it will be a great day just to get out and enjoy's 69 by the 12:00 hour, 73 by 5:00. ridge of high pressure parks itself off the coast, and going to sit there a few days. of we'll end up seeing a nice southerly flow and that's going to boost our temperatures and it's actually going to be warmer once we get in sunday. so pretty nice day tomorrow then no complaints, things will change into the week. clearer skies for tonight, take a look at the west coast, all of this is heading our way. is it going to be a pretty strong assembly the time it gets to us and we're talking pretty major rainfall, we need rain anywhere from an inch to inch and a quarter. primarily monday into tuesday, tuesday looks like the best day for rainfalls. we're hitting up 77 by the time we get to sunday, really upright skies, the rest of the week cooling down but absolutely is nice and sunny. once again, we need that rain. back to you. thank
5:46 pm
entire community upset after an elderly neighbor was attacked by a neighbor's dog. >> hear why a judge determined that even though the dog went on the attack, it isn't enough to take drastic action, we'll explain when we come back.
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vo: john adams' prescription for health care would be a disaster for virginia families. adams supports letting insurance companies deny coverage for pre-existing conditions. seniors would be charged thousands more. 685,000 virginians would lose their health care.
5:49 pm
denying coverage to thousands of veterans, children and the disabled. john adams: higher costs, less coverage, hurting virginians. mark: i'm mark herring, candidate for attorney general, and i sponsored this ad. elderly man bears it's scars from a vicious attack from the neighbor's dog >> the man said the great dane came after him. fox 5 angelie hemphill is in started county with why a judge recently chose not to put him down. >> reporter: to be classified as a vicious dog, the person attacked must be seriously injured or killed. in this case, a judge decided it wasn't enough to euthanize the great dane. but we want to warn you, the images are graphic. >> we never step out of the house, because the dog, you ow
5:50 pm
him mame to death >> an 80-year-old neighbor had his ear partly ripped off by a great dane who lives next door. his neighbor's dog attacked his other elderly marshal three times now biting him so hard it's broken the skin. marshall did not what about the to go on camera but says every time ike ran over into his yard and started malling him. last month, larry went to court where a judge decided he's vicious and put the dog down, however, a judge labeled him a dangerous dog and allowed him to live. he's not happy with the decision >> the dog attacked him very quickly, bit a big chunk of it off and ate that part of his
5:51 pm
ear. i don't understand if in a zoo, if a lion attack a zoo keeper, you know it's dangerous, if you bite someone it's tasted human blood you put the lion down which is a very expensive animal. i don't understand why it wouldn't apply more so. how much more does it have to do before it's deemed vicious. >> reporter: stafford county sheriff is keeping an eye on the situation, the owners are required to keep him muzzled on a leash and post visual warning signs along his property. if it happens again, ike's owner could face criminal charge? larry still requires reconstructive surgery on his ear but working with local representatives to explore possible law changes that would require a dog to be put down if an attack also causes mutilation. . a maryland sixth grader is pa
5:52 pm
>> a birthday wish to collect water for victims of hurricane maria but her wish became bigger than she imagined. now she needs more help. we'll tell you what it is coming up next. ♪ ♪. ♪ ♪.
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ralph northam: i'm ralph northam and as a doctor, nobody ever asked if i'm a democrat or republican.
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so if donald trump is helping virginia i'll work with him. but donald trump proposed cutting virginia's school funding, rolling back our clean air and water protections, and taking away health care from thousands of virginians. as a candidate for governor, i sponsored this ad because i've stood up to donald trump on all of it. ed gillespie refuses to stand up to him at all. . nasa astronauts are on a mission in the international space station. the two astronauts are replacing a blurry camera on the new row bask hand just installed two weeks ago. maintaining sharp focus for the stat station robot. an arriving ship is expected in a few weeks, this was the third space walk two weekses and expected to be the last one for the year. a maryland
5:56 pm
paying it forward tonight. >> instead of receiving gifts for her birthday a couple of days ago, she wanted donations of water she could send to puerto rico >> a request that has now blossomed am i something pretty big. >> reporter: it's busy day at north forestville elementary school in prince george's county. there are no classes today. but 12-year-old has a full plate on that her schedule. felicia mcmillon is the principal >> she certainly emphasizes our mandate great by choice. >> she's leading an effort to get water to those in puerto rico >> you use water to wash up be clean your clothes, wash dishes, brush your teeth. >> reporter: it started when dishay's grandmother asked what she wanted for her 12 and birthday >> she said i would
5:57 pm
the people in puerto rico because they had two hurricanes. i said you really want to do that? she said yeah. did we think it would get this big? no, no. but it did. >> reporter: the more people learned about dishay's we shall day risk, the more the water continued to flow >> for one little girl to make that happen is amazing. >> reporter: she said she initially, thought about 500 cases of water would be an achievable goal. her family estimates they've collected more than 3,000 cases so far. >> really doesn't surprise me because dishay played football, danced. of she's a straight a student. so it really doesn't surprise me at all. just wanting his for her 12th birthday is like wow. >> reporter: the water today is being loaded into a tractor-trailer. donated by a local trucking company. the water will be driven to dallas and then shipped to a rural community on the west coast of puerto rico. >> man, it's brilliant. it's brilliant.
5:58 pm
i'm happy for her. put a smile on my face, what she doing. >> reporter: she said her concern for the people of puerto rico was inspired by a visit to the island with her grandparents during a cruise some years ago. then, of course, by what she's seen on tv. >> made me sad because i been there and it was all nice and neat. and fantastic. but now it's all destroyed. >> she's had a real humble person. >> one girl's birthday wish touching a community's giving spirit. >> so many things going wrong, makes you feel good to see things that are going right. >> reporter: bob barnard, fox 5 local news. >> i love that >> it takes one dream, this is my desire, this is what i want and people sign on board's love it >> more than 3,000 case, 500 is achievable. >> i think when we first reported it was 500. then it just grew and grew. so we're proud of her and glad to
5:59 pm
shawn and tony standing by for 6:00 >> it was fantastic, we're proud of her, the news at 6:00 starts now. this is fox 5 local news at 6:00. welcome, we begin with breaking news, a shooting in northeast >> gunfire rang out at 3rd and i streets before 5:00 this afternoon, let's get to fox 5 lauren demarco live on the scene. we understand the victim is a teenager. >> reporter: a 16-year-old boy shot in the back here at 3rd and t streets. in northeast. and the scene still active. there are police here forensic units, i can see them collecting evidence putting it into this man, they've been taking photographs and there are also, at least, three k9 units, three different dogs out here, they're bringing them around as well. we do know the boy was taken to the hospital conscious and breathing, he was in an apartmen
6:00 pm
arrive. it's not clear exactly where the shooting took place. there is currently a look-out for two black males, they were described as twists, driving a gray colorado honda with virginia tags. the shooting happened just after 4:00 p.m. again, about two hours later here definitely still an active scene. and dc police putting the word out the look-out for those two possible suspects. to give you reference, we're about a block from mckinley tech high school. and in september, i believe it was september 23rd, there was a woman who was attack just about a block away on 2nd. i was talking with neighbors and they're very concerned. they say typically they think of this area as pretty safe. there's a lot of family and kids. a woman was attack out of last month. that kind of came out of nowhere but they say within past month or so, they've been feeling a lot of tension, there have been community meetings with police, they were hoping to see more of a


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