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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  October 24, 2017 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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damp and wet morning drive. crash 270 northbound we'll look at roads. >> thank you both in a bit. 429 right now if you are are just waking up with us we'll begin the latest hurricane recovery efforts. u.s. will tackle disaster aid. it's given preliminary approval to 36.5 hurricane relief package with puerto rico with recovery efforts. a final vote is expected and provides 18.7 billion to replenish fema emergency disaster sglkts meanwhile this morning 100 soldiers from maryland national guard are headed to u.s. visual inislands. governor hogan said soldiers will help the efforts. they requestsed the additional help in the virm inislands. military police companies will be deployed up to 30 days. last week governor hogan author writinged members of the national guard to help with water purification efforts in puerto rico. >> lawmakers from
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are calling on the white house to provide more answers on deaths of four u.s. troops killed earlier this month in any year. ambushed during a french led mission in calf an. military investigation continues and details are still murky. questions remain why it two took two days to recover his body and how they got sep separated in the fight. >> we owe you information and more importantly we owe the families more information. and that's what the investigation is is designed to identify. >> calls are growing for separate congregational investigation. some experts say lawmakers should have known the except of u.s. involvement in niger and surrounding area. >> in two weeks voteers in virginia will go to polls and elect a new governor. ralph northham and ed gillespie are in a tight race. today we'll talk to ralph northham on "fox5"and address his issues
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safety, education and overall plans. northham joins us live on "fox news morning" liver at 7:30. >> police say the man that went on deadly shooting rampage at workplace in maryland will be tried in delaware first. 37-year-old prince killed three co-workers and injured two others at a business lasts week negligent wood. after a ten hour mane hunt he was arrested in delaware and will be dried before trial. >> a man facing new sex assault charges after breaking into a maryland's woman home and attacking her. >> there's questions araising how the man was on the streets in the first place when not even a month ago he was charged with sex assault. "fox5" christine leon is live from northwest d.c. with the details. good morning. >> good morning, wisdom, holly, that's right the man edwards we're referring to her supposed to appear in court this friday for allegedly sexually assaulting a woman at a southeast.c
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this is a man we're referring to here right here on your screen now. 23-year-old kerry edwards you see walking. first incident september 25 fearly a month ago. police say he sexually assaulted a woman he was giving rides to and from work. according to tort court documents in the case edwards grabbed the woman by her neck and bent her over saying "you're going to take this" sxlestive. he was charged with first degree sexual abuse and prosecutors asked for him to be released until his hearing this friday. he was under high intensity supervision with gps monitoring for this case and then this recent one, now edwards is accused of trying to rain a woman at her home in prince george county. police say on saturday morning arrived to the victim's house oakland way on camp sprengz and that's when they say they saw edwards running from the house naked. they later caught and
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and near off road. and again, right now he is charged with trying to sexually assault that woman. he ended up taking off from the house. police say he assaulted her and took offer with a few belongings of hers. now, as to why he was let out on to the streets in the first place, we did ask the prosecution that and they have not given us a definitive answer here. back to you. all right. christine leon thank you for that report. time 4:34 turning focus to monday nights football. redskins on the road in philadelphia kirk cousins versus car on wentz. he did his best to keith them in the game wentz and eagle koz not be stopped. he fired four touchdown passes later in the first half n naching momentum away from washington. cousins 303 yards and three touchdowns but final core most is important eagle maybe 4, redskins 24. >> 4:34 now the world series kicks off
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off here on "fox5". coverage begins at 7:30. astros are in los angeles game one against the dodgers, pi pitching battle dallas k kershell verse es clayton. >> this is the first they faced each other in the postseason since 19 81 sti tuned after the game for "fox 5 news" and final 5. all right. 4:35 is the time right now. rainy start to the day. i mean real rain too. >> well, real rain but to be totally honest with you it's calming down if a lot of locations here. cleared rather quickly through the morning hours. even by sunrise most is out of here. 32 mile an hour wind gusts through annapolis. it's gusty. from time to time we have winds that gust around 30 mile an hour mark. 30 baltimore at this hour. and 3 stevensville and eastern shore. reagan national 65 at this hour. it's actually down 5 degrees from last hour
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bwi in the 70s. mild start even with breeze around. what i mentioned satellite and radar you can see the batch of showers moving through and heaviest of the rain already out of here on the eastern shore. and look how fast we're doing the clearing just ought to the west. again, today is actually looking like a sunnier more sun than clouds type of day here as we continue to roll lieu the day. we'll call it partly sunny by 11 and probably more sun than clouds, 69. by 2:00, mostly sunny, 73. and same deem at 5. temperatures in the 70s and cooler air moves in tonight. that's a check of the forecast over to erin como with traffic. >> 4:36 we have flooding reported. and it has since cleared. and things back open 6 street in virginia avenue and southeast. i'll let you know in figure else pops up to be acquire of in the district. as you you make your way bement way to branch avenue we have a crash. branch avenue southbound before the beltway we're seeing a lot of green on the road because volume is light. use caution this morning. roads are wet. and
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so you definitely want to slow it down this morning and give yourself extra time to get around. we're dealing with a crash headed to frederick. 270 northbound xwr 80 we'll keep you updated on the crash as well. questions, erinfoxdc on twitter, back to you holly and wis. >> steven hawkins thesis crashes web site at cambridge university. >> and bizarre device that can make you smarter. >> as we head to break a live look outside across the re region, 4:37, temperatures 64 degrees. back in a
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>> we start with study on breast cancer found a new combination of genetic various yen increases risk of getting disease. team of researchers found 65
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breast cancer 4 prosecution on own and combination of them increased by 20% and this will help doctors know when they should provide more intense screening to certain patients. >> and yesterday we announced justin timber lake will head the half time super bowl show. they're demanding timber lake not perform unless janet jackson joins them. jackson faced more scrutiny for infamous wardrobe malfunction at 2004 super bowl then he did not # justice for janet now the # justice for janet is trending on social media. >> and for the first time ever the steven hawkins doctorial thesis about expansion of universe is now available to the public. but oly if you can get the web page to load it the thesis was published on the university of cambridge web site yesterday and so many people logged on to read it and that the full site simply crashed. >> and sign night india brewed up amazing invention
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will still give you a buzz. tech company claims they developed a compound ntx that protects liver friday damage caused by alcohol. liver damage was 93% lower in people who drank ntx booze and regulators are still skeptical on that claim. >> and finally u.s. military debuts head band that will make you smarter. head band applies current to brain that changes connections to different areas of brain. testing shows that people who wear the head bands increase their learning by 40%. >> uh-huh. what elz happens who is controlling you. no way. >> in addition to all the electrodes going into your body. >> that is a bad scifi movie just saying. >> coming up, charlottesville police are serving for ten people wanted for assault the same day a white nationalist rally erupted. >> and local sports analyst arrested for assault which allegedly happened at his home. >> as we head to break we take a live look across the
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the time now is 4:41. we're at 64 degrees. damp out this morning. mike says we dry out later today. "fox 5 news" staying with you don't go
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hey, guys. where are the cookies for the... bake sale? bake... bake sale? need to bake in a hurry? use new country crock buttery sticks with sunflower oil. there's no softening required. so baking is delicious and easy. ooh, cookies! ah, ah, ah! (laughter) ooh, cookies! >> back now, 4:44. let's check the top stories on tuesday.
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rain overnight caused serious damage south. north and south carolina hit hard by severe storms with a force of 7 tornadoes. trees and power lines were knocked down across both states leaving 100,000 customers in in the dark. >> u.s. senate tackles disaster aid. a final vote due on 36.5 billion hurricane relief package to help puerto rico with recovery efforts and provides 19 billion to recover fema rapidly dwindling sglkts headed to the u.s. virgin islands to help with hurricane efforts there. members of okay tons ville will be deployed 30 days one week after hogan auto approved to help with purification efforts in puerto rico. >> last week's deadly workplace shooting freddie prince will be charged with murder. it carries possibility with life without possibility of pa
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after delaware case prince will be tried in maryland. >> former charles county school aida caused of sexually abusing students is facing more charges. grand jury indicted carlos bell on 119 charges and yesterday indicted on more charges of abusing 28 identified alleged victims. and 14 unidentified alleged victims. >> and good morning to you. we're happy you're with us. >> tuesday, october 24, airport erin is here and so is michael thomas. mike starts us off talking about rain. >> guys we had a little bit of it move through overnight. needed rain honestly not enough of it and if you don't want to deal with it this afternoon the good news it's on its way out and clearing. nice day. future cast 5 a.m. 15 minutes from now showing a couple showers left. watch it move out quickly h here. oops skip together two day forecast. let's go back. there with go. moving through the afternoon. lunchtime hour it's partly cloudy out there. a little breezy time to time. maybe not the best outdoor day
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temperatures this afternoon should be warm for one more day. there we are 10:00 tonight a couple left yoyvr clouds. generally speaking dry and a decent amount of sunshine. clearing skies for morning hours going up to 75 later this afternoon. tomorrow, feeling much more like fall. cooler air will finally make it across the mountains. waking up to temperatures in the 40s tomorrow most of us and then the afternoon highs right where they should be middle 60 szs. let's check the forecast with erin. >> 4:47 and it's a wet start to tuesday morning dealing with a crash on branch avenue southbound side near the beltway. we're seeing a line of yellow backing up a few miles there. give extra time to get around that. beltway now quiet upper and outer loop coxen hill no slow downs i'll let you know if that changes. topside of the beltway this is a crash involving tractor-trailer. upper loop off ramp 95. crash moved over to shoulder and as you can see based on green we're not seeing slow downs surrounding that area. i almost tripped over my own foot
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coffee. hope you're driving better than i'm standing at the traffic wall. 50. inside the beltway. all green, all good. 202 to 95 and out on 66 take a look at that. wide open as you make way gainsville to mannasas and centerville. again watch slick spots. not really potential to hydro plane yet. use caution and road spray can cause issues. metro picks up 5 a.m. we have you covered. holly and wisdom coffee time back to you. >> i hear you grab a cup for us as well. >> 4:3 a d.c. moon accused of attacking a woman lost month is acing new sex assault rnl chaz breaking into a maryland woman's home and attack her. >> the man was on the streets in the first place when not even a month ago he was ch charged with sex assault. "fox5" kristin leon is live in northwest d.c. with the details. good morning. >> and good morning, holly, wisdom, that's right, edwards is supposed to appear in court this friday, matter of fact, for
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assaulting a woman at a gas station in southeast d.c. now this is the man owe on your screen. we're talking about here. 23-year-old kerry edward you see. there the first incident happened a month ago gone september 25. police say he sexually assaulted a woman he was giving rides to. he grabbed the woman by her neck and bentz her over saying you're going it take this sxlittive. he was charged with first degree sexual abuse and prosecutors asked for him to be released on the streets we learned he was under high intensity supervision for this. edwards is accused of trying to rain a woman at her home in prince george country. it happened saturday morning when they arrived to the victim's home on oakland way and camp springs. they saw edwards taking off naked from that scene there. again, why this man was allowed back on the streets is the big question here this morning. and when asked prosecutors
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again why he was released here they did not give us a definitive answer. for now, we're live at d.c. superior court. christine leon. "fox5 local news". >> thank you very much. 4:50 is the time charlottesville police is serve for ten suspects wanted in connection with an assault that he interrupted in violence. tlees are look for two women and eight men that assaulted a by standers. the bystanders suffered minor injuries. >> this morning washington nationals television analyst ray knight face aggravated assault and batsry charges. fairfax county police say knight got into a fight at alexandria home early monday morning with acquaintance. he did not want to talk about what happened and den oozes witness accounts hat the two men fighting wring drunk. >> m coming up, nfl ink as i deal with the transportation security administration. >> and scientists now believe super storm similar to sanldy are becoming a norma cross the blobe. >> as we head
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look across the region 4:50. 64 degrees. back in a moment ralph northam: i'm ralph northam, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad. narrator: they call him enron ed. because washington, dc lobbyist ed gillespie represented the worst of the worst. lenders trying to keep student loan rates high. corporations sending jobs overseas.
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now, enron ed is lobbying for donald trump's agenda. like cuts to virginia school funding, and taking away healthcare from thousands of virginians. enron ed gillespie. he's not lobbying for you.
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>> time now is 4:5. new study says new york city could see catastrophic flooding every five years. national academy of sciences conducted study and found that hurricane sandy caused search a dramatic rice in sea level that flood risk increased. researchers say within three decades it happens once every 50 0 years and it will start to happen every five years. fifth anniversary of super storm sandy is thursday. >> and costing u.s. taxpayers billions every
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costs expected to rise as devastating storms, floods, wildfires and droughts become more frequent. they've spen 750 billion over the last couple years and that doesn't include costs from this year's disasters. >> tsa and nfl teaming up to help passengers get through the airports faster. signing up for precheck program at perspective stadiums while they tail get gate. the program is expected to expand to other stadiums. the precheck program costs 85 and is good for five years. >> it's the season for wine and candy. hm, sounds like party. wine review site released halloween candy and wine p pairing chart this is news you can use, wis. you can complement your candy with appropriate glass of w wine. some rego with jame jamy
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lesser known wipe, moscato pairing especially well with pink star university. >> i'm glad now he i know all that. i'm a better man for it. >> that's what we strive for here. >> all right. rain this morning. dry this afternoon. right? >> absolutely. in fact, dry really by second half of morning. if you're a late commuter 8:00 hour i don't think you see much rain at all. good news there. better afternoon coming our way. all right, guys, let's get to the it broozy today. that's one thing you will notice. from time to time. not overly windy day but wind of change blowing once again. another mild afternoon today and cooler air comes in tonight and it will feel more like fall by the time we get to tomorrow afternoon. winds sustained 18 annapolis here in d.c. nine. 50 miles an hour quantico and 10 fredericksburg and cambridge 21. not overly windy day and occasionally gusts up and over 22 around
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and cooler air pushs in today. 55 to 66 for the kids before the bus stop. i'll leave isolated shower in there and most of the region dry by then. after school 68 to 76. partly cloudy. again occasionally breeze. that's the only worry this afternoon. 75 today. look at that down to 65 tomorrow and then thursday really feeling like fall, 61. we go right back up to 70 by the time we get to saturday. let's check the forecast. erin is back with traffic this morning. >> 4:56 right now dealing with a crash involve ising tractor-trailer and car. it's blocking right shoulder. and that's 9 aa5 on the northbound side after 6:10 as you come up through stafford. traffic is moving okay since all lanes open. no red on the map yet. i'll let you know if that cases major slow down. branch avenue southbound before the beltway we have a crash. yellow zone is about a five minute delay leading past the beltway northbound side clinton still looks good and beltway itself nice and quiet. metro pibz up at 5. no ror
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we have a tractor-trailer crash upper loop off ramp 95 topside of beltway maryland blocking no shoulder. 270 northbound crash blocked shoulder 80 headed to frederick at well. holly and wisdom. >> m coming up on "fox news morning" a round of storms levers behind a path of destruction in the southeast. >> delta is in the midst of massive hiring wave. >> and let's go live as we head to break on this tuesday morning. there you go. ♪ that's what the roads really look like. one of our crew members out and about this morning. little damp out there. be careful. allow a 4reu8 ca time. it will dry out and turn into a nice day. "fox news morning" after this♪
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>> today on "fox news morning" a man arrested and charged with sexual abuse less than a month ago in the district is arrested in prince george for attempted rain. many wondering why was he f free. >> not bad and not good oomer. redskins offense stumbles and defense struggles. "fox 5 news morning" starts right now. >> and let's look live outside on this tuesday morning as we get up and going. if are you headed on the roads already this is what it looks like out. there not a lot of traffic. roads are damp.


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