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tv   Fox 5 News 5  FOX  October 24, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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unknown injuries. all are conscious and breathing, but this latest shooting has neighbors on edge and even city leaders calling for more help here in ward eight. this is the same block of pomry where a 16 year old was shot and killed in september and where a puppy was stolen at gun point earlier this month. coming up i spoke with city leaders. we'll have that at 6:00 and details on what they want to see done here in the neighborhood. we're live in southeast, corey coffin, fox5 local news. >> and also breaking, nine people were injured, two of them seriously when a drove car drove through the side wall of a tamp the driver says her brakes failed. fox5 says is live with the story in upper marlboro tonight. >>reporter: wait until you hear her story and how this happened on the old crane highway and marlboro pike in upper marlboro she
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miles an hour down old crane highway when she came across the median strip here and she says she suddenly lost her brakes. the police department reconstruction team put down this orange paint to show the direction that she comes, up this hill and then take a look at this, those yellow metal barricades were protecting an air-conditioning unit. the driver had to run over those metal barricades, run lieu the air-conditioner and then through a cinderblock l wall to get to where that car is now. let me show you over here. there's a rollback crane right over here. he's waiting to take that car out of the restaurant. however he's told that the building is not safe right now and so he's waiting for an engineer to tell him it's okay to pull the car out. we spoke with the driver relevancier today. here's what she had to say. do you know what happened? >> i was coming the out of this old
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slowing down oon my brakes went out. i was going 25, something like that and then i quaim over this little hump right here and this car, of was over to the side. i kind of panicked. and your brakes went out on you. >> brakes is out totally. >> the lunch hour was just coming to a close when veer nel robinson said her brakes failed and she crashed into the side of the tavern. the airbags deployed and she's okay, but a number of the patrons are not. some first responders were already inside the establishment and began treating the injured, including a judge and a number of county government employees before paramedics got on the scene on treat the rest of the people that were i'm side. seven people were transported to nearby hospitals, two in serious condition. mark brady, the spokesperson for prince george's county fire and ems says in the immediate few seconds after the
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confusion as to exactly what had happened. here's mark brady. >>reporter: talking to some of the patrons and employees inside they sounded and felt like a bomb had hit the building. that much percussion. the ceiling shook. some of the panels fell, additional brick and mortar all over the place inside. everybody was able to evacuate rather quickly and safely and fortunately there were some public safety people here on the scene already enjoying lunch with the the rest of the crowd that wanted to take control of the scene until other officials arrived. >> these orange stickers have been put up on all sides of the building saying it's unsafe and what we understand as they're waiting for an engineer to come back and examine the building before they'll even take the car out of the building. we talked with the owner of the tavern a little while ago. his name is c j
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way that that woman was going 25 to 30 miles an hour to do the damage that she did. we're going to have what he had to say at six. live in upper marlboro, paul wagner, fox5 local news. >> to prince george's county now where an off duty volunteer fire chief is facing several traffic charges after a traffic stop turned into a whole lot more. when matthew foul other was threatening to slash the tires on his gave's car. when they arrived at the scene he tried to pull over. volunteers later found out he's the chief of the silver fire department. he's charged with 22 traffic violations, including reckless driving. >> the debate over illegal immigration continues. just over an hour ago another rally from those who were demanding local authorities not assist ice agents with their operations. but the justice dep is taking a hard line approach on illegal immigration especll
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comes to those committing violent crimes. the violence from ms13 gang members has been a focus of ice and it has been talked about in the current virginia gubinatorial race, too fox5's matt ackland is live where a rally just wrapped up there. what's the latest. >>reporter: the rally did wrap up,s it's fairfax for all. that's what the group calls itself. they gathered out there and now several of them are coming here to the board chambers. this is fairfax county headquarters and they plan to testify. you can see the meeting take place here. we're told this could be a late one. it could happen after 7:00 . there are a lot of people signed up. and they plan to pro test about basically keeping ice and the county government separate from each other. they came with signs and a message for leaders. we're looking to not be profiled as some ads have shown us just as members of ms13 . we're just here to really fight
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fearful right now to come out of their houses to fight for themselveses. this rally comes as the frum p administration pushes forward on enforcing immigration lawsment especially targeting violent gang members in the country. this was the head of ice back in july. targeting, arresting and re moving violent street members such as ms13 sends a clear message. you are not welcome in the united states. the chief of police in fairfax county showed up at the rally tuesday to make it clear. your fairfax county police department is not an arm of the immigration police. we do not assist in administrative razor. we do not deport you. our job is to protect everyone in our community. >> the chief says his office will cooperate with ice agents, but only as they go after criminals together like those connected to ms13. we partner with ice from the criminal aspect so if we're working gang crime for instance and someone has committed a crime
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investigators of ice with the fbi and other the agencies to ar rest the criminals. these are people committing murders against other young people in our community, around this region than a all up and down the east coast. by the way a spokesperson for eyes sent us this chart today. take a close look. you can see the numbers here dating back many years of all the people arrested connected to ms13 gangs. you can see at the bottom if you look closely 6656 so far this year. once again back live here in fairfax county, this is the board room behind me. we're told about five or six of the people who were out front today involved in that rally will then testify in front of the board of supervisors a little bit later tonight. we're told it could go late into the evening. for now, live in fairfax county, matt ackland, fox5 local news. >> on the other side of the
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trump administration. how the family of us soldiers killed in in jer are demanding answers on the ambush. how president trump is honoring his word to a gold star family. it's turned out to be a beautiful tuesday afternoon . we're got our rain over with early today and now the skies have clear out. a warm southwest breezes means temperatures have headed to the low 730sment big change essay head, though, including your overnight temperatures. they're going to go a little bit south. we'll talk about what you can expect coming up in just a few minutes. we'll be right back. k.
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>> some breaking news out of hollywood, robert gee omahas died. his widow sayses he died this morning in loss angels after battling prostate cancer ment he's best known for his series on soap. he was the voice of raised tonight fuck i in the the lion king. he was also the first african-american to sing the title role of phantom of the opera. he was 89 years oal. >> the controversy continues now surrounding the deaths of four u s soldiers in niger. lawmakers and the families are demanding more information on the ambush. >>reporter: lawmakers on capital hill still asking tough
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four us service members in niger . a day after of general joseph dun man, the general of the joint chief of staffs re lease more details about the attack. there's a bipartisan push for a congressional investigation separate from the one already being conducted by the upon the gone. the chances of them finding themselves in combat were supposed to be nil. that wasn't accurate. how did this thing go wrong and how was it handle? we need to learn from that. a dozen us soldiers joined. they came around fire from around 50 militants described as well trained and well equipped and it was over an hour before they exawld for help . experts say the tackic ts were similar to those used by isis affiliates in north africa a. they start out with a small engagement. the commander on the ground thinks he can take it with the force that he has and then that turns into a much larger ambush. but lawmakers
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troops were in that area and what went wrong when the shooting started. with some democrats comparing the incident to the benghazi attack of 2012. to try to compare the two is s simply just a cheap attempt by the the disems to try to tank this president. there are around 800us troops stationed in niger. the pentagon says he they are not taking part in any combat missions with government informs. at the pentagon, jennifer griffin, fox news. >> the family of a fallen soldier has received a check from president trump. corporational dylan ball drij died while serving in afghanistan in june. during a condolence call the corporation pal's father said he was frustrated with military benefits. on the call mr. trump promised to write a $25,000 check. his family confirmed they received it yesterday. i hope this will make things a bit easier, butting
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place your son, dylan. it's been hard. there's been a lot of negativity ands that he ' really unfortunate because the whole goal in this pursuit is kindness. dylan's parents say they plan to use the money to start a nonprofit foundation in their son's name. >> let's he take a look at the weather outside right now. 71- degrees, a gorgeous day here. i'll tell what, though, the world series kicks off tonight right here on fox5. the first pitch out in la, 99-degrees. it's going to be a hot one. new record, in can pennsylvania, i think the previous high was probably a game in mean phoenix in 2005. it may have been in the 90s. it will be triple digits, santa a and a winds blowing out in loss angels. we've got the forecast coming up . itself it's going to be so hot, even houston didn't have to pitch in a game this hot even in the the regular season. i think the hottest day was like
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tail of two seasons. this morning we had some early morning rain that went by. the second strojer front is going to come through later tonight jim and sarah a. that's producing some mountain showers. it will come through our areas with a drop in temperature and a change in the wind direction. we got off easy in terms of storm reports but they got hit hard through the carolinas. lots of trees down, maybe even a funnel cloud reported near the northern neck and a lot of trees down as well as reports of damage to roofs, especially in north carolina. it went all the way up into new england. the storm iness is over for pu now. we bask in the dplorrive the southwest breezes. it's still 72-degrees in d.c. it will get cooler later on tonight. we cecum beer lander dropping to 6n culpeper. that's a pretty common number as we look around the
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can you you imagine, record heat . hottest ever for series game one or any game for that matter. right here on fox5. we hope you'll be joining us. 7:00 treatment 67. by 9:00, 65 and by 11:00, 63. here's what you want to get ready form. i liked the way the temperatures have all disappeared, but let me tell you you, 52 for d.c. everybody else will be in the 40s tonight as the sign says it will be getting chilly as we get lieu the later hours tonight and the stronger front causes us toward morning. prepare for a temperature adjustment. it's heading downward just a little bit. >> back to you. coming up a young boy shot playing outside of his d.c. home. will police bring the killer to justice 12 years later. that's ahead. president trump on capital hill, interesting day for him. de tails on his meeting with senate republicans to discuss the fall agenda. if you have a story
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line, 202-895-3000 or you can e-mail your tips to fox5tips@wttg.
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y2kqoy y16fy ralph northam: i'm ralph northam, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad. narrator: they call him enron ed. because washington, dc lobbyist ed gillespie represented the worst of the worst. lenders trying to keep student loan rates high. corporations sending jobs overseas. and of course the enron scandal. now, enron ed is lobbying for donald trump's agenda. like cuts to virginia school funding, and taking away healthcare from thousands of virginians. enron ed gillespie. he's not lobbying for you.
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the shooting of a little l boy playing outside his gc apartment 12 years ago really touched a nerve here in the city t. the police chief at the time was so angry he offered a huge reward and it's one that still stands today. the murder of dan take you manning has never benzolled but the lead detective says he became awfully close. paul wagner with tonight's rewind to the crime. >>reporter: this is where dan take you manning was shot back in 2005. it's a story he we covered stens tively. the re ward shot up to $125,000. here's what happened.
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me. we have the worst situation , you know, an innocent bystander who is imlit boy nine years old shot in the the head while playing. he's breathing on his own right now is my understanding, but he's in very critical condition. he took a shot right to the face and it's lodged in the bask the head. about nine:55 this evening we had a loan blackmail that was on the corner right over here and there was firing from a handgun down the block. i don't know at this point who he was shooting at. we're going to put incredible pressure on these little lugs around here until somebody gives something up president we still need help from the publicment we've gotten some calls but we don't have enough coming in to be able to piece together enough to find out who is responsible for this we
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at this time everything is focused on dan tai. we want him to pull through. we're praying for him. i'm devastated. he fought for his life for more than a month. but tonight a tragic ending to a young man, the nine year old died four kays after being taken off life support. we every case i've been involved in an arrest was made without a problem and this is the only case that i've been involved in that neighborhood where an arrest has not been made yet. i believe we were close in making an arrest. do you believe you you know who was standing on the corner down here that night shooting at someone up the street? >> based on the information we gathered yes, i do. and you know who that perp was shooting
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at? >> yes. i do remember receiving the call. the individual telling me they had information about the murder. i talked to an officer in virginia and yes he was a witnes in the case. a lot of information did check out . but i couldn't find aette s of eyes to help me confirm some of the things he was saying that occurred here that particular night. >> he said once he stole the weapon, one day that he responded to the area at abc building where dan tai manning was murdered. he went there to buy drugs. while he he was buying drugs he was robbed of a particular gun. he said the guy laid him down, took his municipal, took his gun and he left the area and never
5:24 pm
back. at some point later he found out the guy who robbed him was in front of his building where the murder occurred. he told informant he came up here, saw the gian he stood on the corner and fired shots at him. at that time he did not know until later on on the news that a kid was shot during that particular time and the gun was later recovered in the same area in the third district which was three blocks from where dan tai manning was shot. the two people that you have come to the conclusion at least that were probably involvedded, they're not walking the streets. >> no. based on all the information that i gathered during the investigation, those are the two people who, at this particular point will bring some type of closure to this particular case. and one is going 40 years plus. the other one is doing life. i've never met sedan tai. a the look of people used t
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to come down to the boys and girls club. i never met him that i can recall. it always is just why. why it occurred. for me to be the detective on the casey couldn't bring closer to it in a neighborhood where i'm rooted, where i know everyone. it's going to haunt me for that one. it really is ands that he ' the truth. >> so out there if you have any information give police a call. coming up, a war of words with h tatuming tonight. the tweets and the tweets back flying between president trump and a tennessee senator. hey, fits. remarkable day up here on capital hill. one senator says he's leaving, another stops just short of calling the president a liar. we'll have it all for you coming up. .
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>> here's a look at your headlines now. d.c. police need your help finding a person of interest in an armed assault. take a look at surveillance video on the screen. you can see the suspect crossing the street and approaching someone and then opening fire before run ning away from the scene. this happened saturday along the pl hundred block of minnesota avenue northeast. a virginia woman is under arrest. marilyn morton reported her two kids were missing. both children eight and 11 left the home in the morning and were later found in a playground unarmed. when police went in the home they discovered swallowed conditions inside. a man will spend more than three months in jail for illegally riding an
5:30 pm
years in prison, but then suspended all but 100 days will she will have to serve. williams was part of a large group of atv and dirt bike riders last april. williams dropped a cellphone during that ride and that's how police tracked him down. developing right now from capital hill, republican senator jeff flake of arizona said he's had enough of politics and he won't stand for reelection next year. he he was critical of president trump when he spoke on the floor today even though he never mentioned the president by name. it is clear at this moment that a traditional conservative who believes in limited government and free markets who is devoted to free trade, who is pro immigration has a narrower and narrower path to come nation in the republican party. it is also clear to me for the moment that he we have given in or given up on the core principles in the favor of more
5:31 pm
raleigh satisfying anger and resentment. sarah huk bisays he would have faced a tough re election fight in arizona. senator flake isn't the only republican member slashing out at the president. the senator visited capital hill to sell his tax reform plan. >>reporter: good evening, high drama up here in the united states senate today. all of us, tax reform, that cut may have been in danger today by just one word and that word is incompetent. that is what president trump called senator bob corker, a republican n and chairman of chairman of the senate foreign relations commit he's. it is no secret in this town, president trump and bob corker have been going at it for weeks, but that ticked up a step today when the president saw bob corker on the morning
5:32 pm
programs saying how he would not vote for any tax cut that added to the deficit. as this escalated, the speaker of the house tried to play piece maker, but corker himself stopped just short of calling the president of the united states a liar. you guys can easily check and see what has occurred. all of it is untrue. he's federally untruthful. bobbies going to vote for tennessee, vote for america, going to vote for tax reform because he knows it's in the best interest of americans. >> and this was the scene at the senate today as the president arrived. this had nothing to do with bob corker. this was a pro testor that somehow got into the press area of the united states senate as the president and leader
5:33 pm
were walking by. he threw russian flags into the air. he called out trump traitor. he's been identified as ryan clayton present virginia and has been placed under arrest by us capital police. the reason the president was up there today is because they're trying to work out this tax cut deal. there is still disagreement within the republican party of how this is going to work. the president again said they need to get the corporate tax rate down because that he says will create jobs. we're going to massively reduce the corporate tax so the companies stay in america, move to america and higher right here in america. in other words they stay in america and they don't fire their workers. that's what we're about. our plan can be summarized in three simple words , jobs, jobs, jobs. but all anybody was talking about today
5:34 pm
arguing, for the most part democrats have been content to stay on the sidelines of this, let the republicans fight it you out. so far no details have emerged on exactly what this tax plan will look likement for more in this day in politics we'll send it over to ronica cleary. in spite of all of this gop in fighting as uf ' said the goal really is supposed to be tax re form. i spoke with grover nor quits about this, he's the president of the group americans for tax reform. i want to understand why he believes this is so important for the economy even though the stock market is booming. take a listen. i know the stock market is up. i know it's better thannette it used to be. it still sucks. we were growing at 2 percent a year for ate and now of a sudden we're growing at 3 percent. oh, how, we can breathe again. we should be at four. we should be higher . while we're doing better than during the obama
5:35 pm
started the economy. >> of course not everybody believes or agrees with the idea that tax reform would affect or create 4 percent growth, but it is certainly surprising to hear a conservative, you know, so forcefully say that the economy needs us especially when the president seems to regularly take to twitter to tout the success of the stock market. keep in mind only about 50 percent of americans are even invested in the market. i asked press secretary sarah hug bi sanders about this big picture idea and of course the comments from grover nor quits about the state of the economy. take a listen. earlier today i spoke with grover nor quits, a conservative voice prn r pushing for tax re form. he characterizes the economy and he says, quote, the economy itself still sucks. what's your reaction to that and for those who people who aren't benefiting from the success of the park the right now? i think there's also a lot of other things beyond ju
5:36 pm
that the unemployment levels have dropped, it's certainly a big fact. the fact that 1.7 million jobs have been createdded since trument was elected. those are all positive things in the economy. we didn't say it was completely fixed but we're moving in the right direction. i think we've been more successful in the first nine months than obama was in the last eight years. they're touting this attack at tax reform. they say he it will affect you, they say it will affect all of us so we want to know what you think. we're going to be back on five at six thirty with the pulse of the people if the republicans get this done do you think your life is going to change come april 15 . use the hashtag, you know i live to hear from you. >> a major change coming down from the federal government that could make it easier for law enforcement to track down threatening phone calls. the
5:37 pm
rule that will allow police to can a zest caller id information . the fcc says while it respects the privacy of consumers allowing to block caller id information could help organizationses stay safe when they're threatened. >> a massive sweep on domestic violence. closed off 79 warrants in a week-long investigation. the prince george's county sheriff office lead the 12 team county wide operation that started last wednesday. most of the arrests were domestic violence, first and second degree assaults. this was the 15th annual nationwide domestic violence sweep. a man wanted for threatening to bomb his x girlfriend's \apartment\apt has turned himself into police. twenty-one year old garret perkins is suspected of making the threat. perkins is also facing misdemeanor charges for stalking. coming up, tune down the tunes or get a ticket. one man's jamb
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into trouble with the law. caitlyn, a beautiful afternoon after we had all that rain last night, too. still mild with high temperatures in the mid 70s s, but cooler air is on the move. it's going to be arriving tonight, much childer and then for tomorrow back to some october-like temperatures. how long will it last. i'll have another look at forecast that's coming up on the other side of the break he when fox5 returns. today we're going to talk about trucks. which of these truck brands do you think offers best in class hd horsepower and the most capable off-road midsize pickup? i'd go ram. i would put it on ford. let's find out. noooooooo. chevy. that's right, it's chevy. they look amazing. wow. chevy's killin it. yeah, definitely. trade up to this light duty silverado all star and get a total value of over ten thousand four hundred dollars. or during truck month, get 0% financing for 72 months on our
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>> here's a look at what's trend ing right now. first up, turn down the tune ors get a ticket. one montreal man said he was driving to the store when the great 830s hit pump it up. i feel like if i read, everybody
5:42 pm
tell the story. that came on the radio. obviously that comes on the radio, he has to sing around, but then police surrender his car. his singing was mistaken for screaming. he was given a ticket for singing in the city t. and they think it's screaming. singer kid rock officially hanging up his political ambitionsment he announced he will not be running for the us senate seat in michigan. he told howard stern that he has decided to stay out of politics adding that a run was the worst advice. it was hyperfor his new album out next month. billy yoal is now a father of three. today the singer announced the birth p of his third daughter recommend rem ma ann. she was
5:43 pm
saturday night. he says his wife alexa i and baby are doing well and everyone is thrilled. i should point out billy joel is 68 years old. >> the photo of an adorable rescue dog in texas is going viral. let's take a look at this one. everyone has fallen in love with this little guy because of his adorable tooth i grin. his name was cheech and he was brought into the shelter last week. they posted these photos of him smiling for the camera. since then thef \he\e ' received tons of messages of those wanting to adopt him. any time we run a story about a dog up foray doption, even if you can't get cheech, they'll love you. >> you'll have a forever friend and companion. this is one of the rare times we'll say we're glad we're not on the west coast en yoiing the sun because it's terrible. game one world series tickets in la,
5:44 pm
excited, but the temperature is 100-degreesment you'll you're in the sun. it will set an hour into the game or so. is at least the dry heat. anyone from houston can probably tell you you that makes a difference. it is a dry heat. humidity is very low. 100-degrees is 100-degrees . look at the tops of the res. is that the sunlight or maybe some leaves changing? that's a good question. >> i think it's the sun. that's my bet. i'll tell you what, so many leaves on the ground. >> they're coming down. it's like a race against time because this is usually our peak color time, late october but we've had such whacky weather that the leaves have been coming down. i fear we're missing out on our fall foliage season although i definitely noticed today we are starting to see some of the leaves change. i'll bet it will be a beautiful weekend. the at least sunday will be beautiful. they're at peak. we're almost there. we shoul
5:45 pm
decent color probably until we get into next week. we need the cool, crisp mornings which we haven't had too am of, october has been so motorcycle warm. nice weather to end the week, but talking about rain for second half of the weekendment it looks like a very soggy day out at fed ex field, it could be a washout. we're just saying rain chance \he\es at this moment. seventy-two in d.c. right now. seventy-four in annapolis, 69 gaithersburg, 730 out at dulles. we ditched the muggy weather of yesterday. but it's still very warm, at least warm for late october. you can see the cold air waiting in the winnings. a huge disparate up and down the eastern seaboard. it's only 58 in pittsburgh, 48 in columbus, ohio. forty-seven in chicago. some really chilly weather. it will moderate a bit by the time it reaches us, but changes are coming in. satellite and radar showing we have painly
5:46 pm
afternoon. it has been beautiful. the heavy pockets of rain and the vee severe weather up towards the north and east back up to portions of new england. the actual upper level low. so that upper level low will continue to dictate our weather with the cooler air building in to tomorrow. it will probably still be a nice day, sun and clouds, but definitely cooler with high temperatures around d.c. only in the 630s. if you get up into northern parts of pennsylvania only in the 50s and probably for our mountains in western maryland 50s as well. tomorrow 's planning forecast 55. a much cooler start, six of 2- degrees, the dry crisp air, 656 by 5 p.m. and tomorrow afternoon we're looking at temperatures seasonable in about the mid six 30s. 616 in hagerstown, six of one in martinsburg. those will spend most of the day in the 60s. rebounding on a
5:47 pm
saturday. the showers second expected for sunday. another cold front comes through which is going to usher in cooler weather. tuesday i'm going to have to add the pumpkin to our tuesday forecast. that's halloween, it's already almost over, october. right now it looks cool, seasonable and really nice. that's a look at your seven day forecast. >> coming up, a controversy is brewing over halloween customers . every year act limit the argument over whether a custom is a compliment or a cultural slam. gary. you're right, sarah, every single year this happens. we're at party mania in bethesda. we talked to some folks, a lot of folks in here last minute shopping. by the way, your last minute shopping for a custom. you need to give it some extra thought we'll have more thoughts on that coming up in just a couple of minutes. fox5 news at five will continue. continue.
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alex: when i was 11 years old, a man broke into the house and he sexually assaulted me. thankfully, in my case, the police caught him, but there are so many survivors that live knowing that their attacker is still out there. ♪♪ thank you mark herring, for taking this seriously, and for making this a priority,
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mark: i'm mark herring, candidate for attorney general, and i sponsored this ad. >> we're just days away from halloween now and choosing just the right custom can s times be a challengement every year there's a story that pops up about what someone wearing what others perceive to tuberculosis an inappropriate kows costume. gary mcgrady live at party mania in bethesda with this hard hitting report. it's kind of crazy. >>reporter: it is. you can start talking about this topic and you can get into a very long conversation and there are going to be a lot of different ideas and a lot of different thoughts about the it. coming up i have a couple of people that weigh in it and it's not cut and dry. this is the second year in a row that disney, million want a, the movie
5:52 pm
with it, it's about a poll knees and princess. the kids love it last year the character maw i, disney actually pulled it off the market because it was so controversial. this year, the costume from ma want a teams to be an issue. it's all about cultural awareness and cultural appreciation much as i said before, it's not cut and dry. we talked to a couple of people just a little while ago that had completely different thoughts on the issue. i think it's pretty ridiculous. if you're referring to the disney thing and and ma want a, let kids be kids. they're not trying to steel anybody's culture and they shouldn't have to be worried about being pressured about it. just let them dress up as whoever they want. we should be culturally sensitive and the not go over the line. a
5:53 pm
example is tough. something that is just a little too much. >> so you can see there, a lot of folks just think let the kids be kids. generally speaking kids aren't trying to interfer with anyone's culture. if you're last minute shopping, there's some great things that can't be culturally insensitive you've got a hammer head shark, a squid, an okay that pus. everybody can dress up like that . even a rubber chicken. if you think about this in terms of having fun. i think commonsense is the way to go. and jim and sarah, i think what a lot of people are saying, it's kind of that line that you you you kind of know when you're crossing over this particular line into something that's culturally not only unaware but maybe a little l culturally offensive. what do you guys think? >> i think it's one of those things that there are certain cuss tooms out
5:54 pm
level of commonsense, but sometimes, too, it offends somebody some way. you can't please everybody. i think it's interesting because this is a kids costume we're talking about . i think a lot of times it's the adults that wear the offensive costumes. if you're going to a party to be a little whacky. when you're talking about a disney character? a. to me, it surprises me that somebody would be offended by it , but honestly i did not see the costume. i saw, you know, the movie, but what is in the costume that makes it so offensive? is it something. >> the whole idea of cultural appropriation. >> there we go, gary. >> a lot of people think when you're a little bit contact lies ing the whole thing that's when you've stepped over
5:55 pm
line. i'm coming back at 6:00. we'll talk about this a little bit more. >> i'm gary mcgrady. we'll talk about this more. >> game one of the world series begins in just a couple of hours , but will fans be up for the final pitch. the push to keep the game from running long up next.
5:56 pm
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ralph northam: i'm ralph northam and as a doctor, nobody ever asked if i'm a democrat or republican. they just want my help. so if donald trump is helping virginia i'll work with him. but donald trump proposed cutting virginia's school funding, rolling back our clean air and water protections, and taking away health care from thousands of virginians. as a candidate for governor, i sponsored this ad because i've stood up to donald trump on all of it. ed gillespie refuses to stand up to him at all.
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>> the world series kicks off tonight right here on fox5 and you may want to grab some popcorn, some hot doings and any other food that you need to sustain yourself. the average length of a nine inning game has been about three and a half hours. this is all in spite of efforts present major league baseball to speed up the games. clearly it's all a work in progress. the league has proposed a 20 second pitch clock and restricting catch ers to one trip to the mound
5:59 pm
ways to speed up the game. you you can watch the world series tonight at 8:00 right here on fox5. as long as you want keep it here on fox5. the news tonight far from over. here's a look at what's coming up tonight at of. high drama a on capital hill. one republican senator says he's leaving, another says president trump is utterly un trussable. we'll have a live report. a shooting in southeast has left three people in the hospital this evening. we'll have a report with what police think happened. nine people are injured when a car plows into the side of a tavern here in upper marlboro. i'll have that story straight ahead. the news at six starts right now. this is fox5 local news at six. we do begin tonight with breaking news. more than half as dozen people are recovering from injuries they suffered when a car slammed into a restaurant
6:00 pm
upper marlboro on. it happened this afternoon at the babes boy tavern on marlboro pike. fox5's paul wagner is live at the scene . paul, i understand you you spoke to the driver of the car. what happened? >>reporter: she said her brakes failed, shawn and we're going to have what she had to say because we were able to talk to her. we're here at the corner of marlboro pike and old crane highway. you can see that there's a median right over here . she says she was coming around the corner doing about 25 or 30 miles an hour and she comes across the median and starts coming up this hill. you can see the orange paint has been laid down by the prince george's county police reconstruction unit. take a look at this. the car is still inside the building. there are three metal yellow barricades that were protecting an air-conditioning unit. she went through those, lieu the air-conditioner and then into the building breaking down the wall which is made of cinderblk.


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