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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  October 24, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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this month. no word on a suspect description in this lat est shootingment police in the district need your help find ing a man wanted in an armed assault. take a look at this surveillance video. you can see the suspect crossing the veet, approaching someone and then opening fire. before fleeing the scene. this happened saturday along the 3800 block of minnesota avenue northeast. if you recognize that suspect, call police. a d.c. man will spend more than three months in jail for illegally riding an atv in arlington. a judge sentenced williams to four years in prison and suspended all but 105 days which he will have to serve. he is part of a large imreup of dirt bike riders who drove along arlington road last april. williams dropped his cellphone during that ride and that is how police tracked him down. new tonight, police are searching for the man who attacked and sexually assaulted a person on a trail in buyy maryland. the attack happened yesterday around four
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a man came out of the road along a jogging trail. the victim fought him off. anyone with information about the incident is asked to call police. mont police are hoping to call newly release s surveillance video will lead to an arrest. it happened earlier this month in kes incorporation ton. two people broke through a sliding glass door, stole some items and then took objection to the form see if you recognize the people, if you recognize anything about their clothingment p if you do, call mont police. the debate over illegal immigration continues right. protestors rallied in fairfax tonightment they don't want local authorities to help with their operations. the group called fairfax for all wants the group to stand up for immigrants instead of targeting the community. the rum p administration is pushing forward with-.gj enforcement of tough enforcement immigration lawses especially when it comes to gangs and those who commit violent crime. we're looking not to b
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have showns us, as members of ms 13. we're here to fight for those that are too fearful to come out of their houses to fight for themselves. sends a clear message to criminal enterprises around the world, you're not welcome in the united states. >> fairfax county police chief was also the at the recall intermittent he says his department is not an arm of the immigration police and his job to protect everyone in the community. now to a developing story, according to fox news rgs the hillary clinton campaign and the democratic national committee helped fund research that resulted in the infamous does say containing allegations about president trump's connections to russia. mark he list as is a lawyer who repped the clinton campaign and the dnc . he retained the firm fusion gps to do the research. and then they hired
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steel to do the job. fusion wasn't retained on behalf of the clinton campaign until april 2016, before that the research was being funded by a still unknown republican client during the gop primarieses. it's unclear how much of information from the does air was shared with the clinton campaign. a security lapse at the capital today. a man heckled president trump as he walked through the cap l toll. police tell t us ryan clayton of sterling, virginia managed to get in without proper credential sment he got just a few feet from the president and started yelling at him and throwing tiny russian flagsment client on gained access to the capital by using an expired visitor's pass and blending in with the mediament here's fox news producer chad program who witnessed what happened. i've been told that he's not been very cooperative with authorities. i've also been told that senior capital security officials are
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upset with this. a term that was used a few minutes, is that there was egg on their face and this was a failure. clayton was arrested and charged with unlawful conduct. it's unclear tonight what, if any, action will be taken after the security failure. i mean that is very dangerous and surprising that someone could get that close to the president. >> absolutely. you notice we were talking about h this earlier. it didn't look like they flinched when it happened. i had an interview with mitchell mcconnell earlier and it seems closer from the video. he said he didn't realize what was going on until later. still, very scary. q. need a reason to dress up for halloween. well, p if you love chip to pot lay he they will may have it for you. transformed pumpkins into boats. are you kidding me? i got to see this. plus, corey coffin, what are you you working on tonight? >>reporter: hey, guys. we still have lots of runners out here. we're right at
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ing line where all of this happened. the high heels race in d.c. we'll be right back with that. i think it's my favorite event of halloween, no doubt about it. my habit is off and my shoes are off. we're going to see the temperatures dropping later tonight. still comfortable now, but you're wak ing to 40s and the feel of october is back in a big way. we'll have your seven day forecast just minutes away. we'll be right back.
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>> new tonight, we have newly re lease surveillance video of a car plowing into a prince george's county restaurant. this is extraordinary. that crash left nine people injured. fox5's lindsay watts joins us now with that new footage a. >>reporter: shawn and tony, we just got this video into the news roomment take a look at this. you can see the car enter ing the
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people are standingment people are franticment we'll give you a closer look at this video now, just devastatingment this happened in upper marlboro. the car yashed through the wall of a restaurant. there was about 30 people inside. around one:15 today at babes boys' tavern. people inside said it felt and sounded like a bomb went off. prince george's county fire seven of the nine people injured were taken to the hospital and two of those victims have serious yourself. the fire department says there just happened to be some first responders in the restaurant having lunch when this happened so they were able to start giving people medical attention before paramedics arrived. fox5 spoke to the woman that you can see come crashing in here. this isód$ what she says happened. o you you know what happened? coming out of this and i was slowing down and my brakes went out. i was going like 25, something like that and then i came over
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went over to the side and i kind of panic and my car went. your brakes gave out on you. >> the brakes went out totally glt owner of the restaurant disputes the descriefer's claim that she was only going 25 miles per hour. he notes that she ram med through metal barricades and air-conditionering unit and a cinderblock wall and you can just see some of the devastation to that building. the building is now going to be assessed by engineers. obviously it is considered unsafe and unstable with that gaping hole we'll be continuing to followup on what's nextment back to you. >> thank you, lindsay. that video is incredible. when you see that, i'm just amazed that it wasn't worse. >> and i can't believe no one was killed. that's not 25 miles an hour what we're seeing there that's pretty astounding there. in other news and in a different vein, in the district tonight, the streets were full for this
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year's high heel descrief ways. that's right, the annual event on 17th street attracts thousand s of people every single year, including fox5's corey coffin who is live in northwest tonight. corey, this is -- you're new to d.c. so this is your first experience with the high heel race. >>reporter: it was my first experience and it was the best experience i could have possibly asked for. i've seen similar events in other cities. this was done the best way. i'm actually 17th street opening back up. we were first to the site as officers were still on scene. a lot of people still out here tonight. the action is happening. it's going to be happening all night, i'm sure. this unique lgbt empowering d.c. brought out thousands for it's 31st year. people just packed the sidewalks. a groove i going dancer won the race. more than 100 contestants dressed in anything you can imagine, to the
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fears. you can imagine the kind of pandemonium that would bring at the sound of the bell. everyone is backed up. once you get out there there are cracks in the street and people are till with you. i'm trying to dodge past people. that was actually his second time winning . he's quite talented. he also won in 2014 and back to you guys in the studio. all of our police officers and first responders t to have to work this event every year love it. i talked to police chief, mpd's police chief and he says they enjoy it every year and it's so much fun. no actual issueses when it comes to such a crazy event, which you you you would expect there might be some. but there aren't anything. unless yo
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falling. we haven't seen any go away on stretchers. that's good news. the winner's heels seemed a little lower than we've seen in past years. is there some sort of a rule here about how high your heel has to be? >> i heard because it's all in good fun there's absolutely no rules. you you keep it low and safe and win the raise or you can be as fabulous as possible and hey the one foot heels that i saw. >> that's a right of passage in itself. you you you got that right. >> thank you very much. that's a blast. what a great night they had for it, too. >> great weather out there. i know it's going to change. >> it is going to change, much cooler tomorrow tonight. i think they'd still run in that weather tomorrow. where it is not cool and that is in loss angels. first pitch, do you know what the temperature
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90 something degrees. >> 1304. >> 103 was the first pitch temperature. but the actual high was 104 and that is a new record. we thought it would be closer to 99. 103 at first pitch. tomorrow is going to be in the upper 930ss. santa and a winds are blowing out there. talk about throwing some heat, right. that's definitely what they're doing. way to get through it, guys. i'll bet everybody lost ten pounds watching the game tonight. come to think of it maybe i'll fly out for game two. we have a beautiful evening, but acetone any and shawn mentioned we expect colder air to come through. not too cold, not frosty cold, just cooler air coming in a little bit later. you may have noticed a bit of cloud cover. is that the leading edge of the cooler and dryer airs that he ' going to come in and replace the interprets in the 606s that were around late theng. it's much more like an october day tomorrow with a mix of sun and clouds. it's
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stretch of weather even as we get on into the first half of the weekend. we've got rain back in the forecast. we had a little bit of rain late last night and early on tuesday. we need more and our late weekend rain chance is sunday during the day. probably not what fans of the redskins and the cowboys matchup want to hear right now, buts that he ' when our next chance of rain is coming into town. these temperatures are not in the cards for a few more days. we're going to swap the low 70s that we had today for 630s tomorrow. we think it will be about 656-degrees here in d.c. a mix of clouds and sun as the cooler air comes in allot loft, some ims too it builds up a little bit of cloud cover. thursday still, heads up gardeners, thursday night into friday morning it could be frosty cold, if not freezing cold in some areas. it looks like it has potential to maybe see some freeze warnings issued if you you have plants outside that you you don't want to lose, you you may want to start dealing withth
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the other side of the mountains you you can see the sharp drop off to 46 in pittsburgh, 45 in h chicago and eventually the 40s will work their way into our area. as of 10:00 it was still pretty comfortable. we have 60s and 50s around the region. that's a significant change in temperature from what we had last night at 10:00. from ten to as manyúvu as 19-degrees col we're just getting started. overnight temperatures head to the mid 40s to low 50s to d.c. and points south and east. that's described as chilly. we'll keep the cool air aloft over the north yern us and the mid add atlanticic and even the northern \plain\planes through mid week and then see a little bit of a warm up as we get on into the weekend. the 60s are going to feel great. this is typical of where we should be for this time of year in october . with that area of low pressure still carving out that trough overhead we head tornado watch the 60s tomorrow. fiftys to our north, a mix of sun and clouds and it's mentioned we drop tt
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enjoy these temperatures. low to mid 60s around the region. our fox5 accuweather seven day forecast. friday is a little bit of an up tick again to 66. saturday 70. so the better weekend day right now looks like it will be saturday if you have outdoor plans. a rainy sunday tapering to showers in the evening. 67-degrees on sunday and it looks like we're cooler still monday and halloween. at least halloween is dry. tony, over to you you. >> thank you, coming up on fox5 news morning, most halloween candy is unhealthy, but which once are really bad for you? some of them are okay. you can seat eat them. interviews with singer brian mack night and act or kevin solo. it all starts at
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in case you need an excuse to dress up at halloween, chip pole take you may be what you're look ing up, the fast food chain is offering up 3-d burritos to anyone who comes in with a costume. you you might want to pull out all the stops when you you get dressed up because the staff has the sole discretion if your costume qualifies for a discount. forget the typical jack lanterns pumpkins have been transformed into boats. those are actual pumpkinsment the raised tonight digs started 14 years ago. four races were held last weekend, one for growers and also for sponsors, police officers, firefighters and members of the public were chosen through a lottery. even though it was raining, thousands of people came out to check out the event. i didn't know what it
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was fun. pumpkin slime was hanging all around. some pad letters wore customs during the race. there were waldau, captain america and even santa claus. it looks like they had a lot of drag. that's it
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ralph northam: i'm ralph northam, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad. narrator: they call him enron ed. because washington, dc lobbyist ed gillespie represented the worst of the worst. lenders trying to keep student loan rates high. corporations sending jobs overseas. and of course the enron scandal. now, enron ed is lobbying for donald trump's agenda. like cuts to virginia school funding, and taking away healthcare from thousands of virginians. enron ed gillespie. he's not lobbying for you.
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the final five, trump versus flake, trump versus corker. it wasn't at all awkward at the national gop lunch with the president. the does air was funded in part by the clinton campaign. the refugee program, the opioid epidemic announcement . let's do
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dent mess with america. some people were messing with the president at least it seems like that or was it the president messing with some senators. either way we woke to some a tweet storm. bob corker is not seeking reelectionment he sayses he's going to retire from the senate after his term is up. he's he's been very critical of the president in recent weeks. remember the comment calling the white house a daycare center. well, the twitter continued with more insults. let's take a look . bob corker who helped us couldn't get elected is in tennessee is now fighting tax cuts. he dropped out of the race when i refusedded to enforce him and now is negative on anything trump. look at his record. isn't it sad that lightweight senator bob corker who couldn't get reelected in
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will now fight tax cuts. and now senator corker is president of the foreign releaseses committee. he he doesn't have a clue. next tweet, the entire world was laughing and taking advantage of us. people like little l bob corker have set the us way back. now we move forward. can you imagine if the president has 280 kaicters per tweet. the insults on the president came after corker said the president should leave diplomacy to the profltion of professionals. alert the daycare staff when he was asked about the ongoing freud on capital hill. you you called the president utterly untruthful . are you saying he's a liar. >> we just haven't used that word in our family. he obviously, all of you you guys can easily check and know that's occurred and know that much of what he said is untrue.
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utterly untruthful. >> corker isn't the only nor in the president's own party with harsh words for the,sdé commandn chief. flake' announced he will the not be seeking reelection. he gave a speech on the senate floor that was clearly aimed at the president. i have children and grandchildren to answer to, so i will not be complacent or silent. i will be better able to serve the people of arizona by freeing myself of the political consideration that consumes far too much bad it with and would cause me to compromise far too many principles. it is clear at this moment this a traditional con servant who believes in limit ed government and free markets, who is devoted to free trade, who is pro immigration has a narrower and narrower path in the nomination of the republican party, the party that
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